The Bargain (Chapter 4)

Fiction by Darryl and Julie
[continued from The Bargain (Chapter 3)]

Darryl had trouble sleeping that night. It had been the most humiliating day of his life, and he was dreading the humiliation that would follow the next day when he had to apologize publicly to Stacey Morningstar, but there had been positive experiences too. Leslie had asked him if he wanted to be her boyfriend, and his sister had given him a lesson on how to please a woman orally to improve his chances of pleasing Leslie. More amazing yet was that Julie had given him the beginning of a blow job!

Leslie had imposed a difficult and humiliating condition on him if he wanted to be her boyfriend. He was not to masturbate without her permission or, in her absence, his sister's permission. Moreover, in Leslie's absence any orgasms he was allowed would have to be supervised by his little sister. Until now masturbation had always been a deeply shameful secret for Darryl. He had never imagined anyone knew that he did that. But not only did Leslie and Julie know about it now, they had taken charge of it. Even his mother knew, and had unjustly spanked him for supposedly doing it outside his room!

But there was an exciting upside to needing his sister to supervise orgasms: the prospect of "supervision" taking the form of blow jobs. His cock being enveloped by Julie's warm, wet mouth was the sexiest thing he had ever felt. He blushed as he recalled Julie telling him that Leslie might not be interested in fucking him due to the smallness of his cock. He hoped Julie was wrong about that because he really hoped to fuck Leslie some day, the way jocks in the change room bragged about fucking women. But oral sex would be good too! He imagined licking Leslie's pussy the way Julie had taught him to lick hers, and then being rewarded with a blow job.

He groaned in frustration at the memory of his mother's arrival interrupting Julie's blow job before he could cum. But Julie had said before going to bed that she owed him "a blowie." He hoped she would remember tomorrow because he would be too embarrassed to ask if she didn't. He wasn't even sure he would be allowed to ask. He had an intuition that Julie wouldn't like such forwardness, and he didn't want to annoy her. The paddling she had given him had hurt even more than the one from his mother! No, he would have to hope that she remembered. Being attentive and obedient was his best strategy he supposed.

But he really needed to cum now! His cock was achingly erect, and his aching balls were as hard as two little stones. Julie had ordered him to keep his bedroom door open at all times so as to discourage unauthorized masturbation, and he had obeyed. He didn't want to risk Julie seeing his door closed. He also wanted to obey Leslie's command.

The house was quiet. Julie and his mother must be asleep, he thought. He slipped his hand down the front of his pyjamas and touched himself. He didn't intend to masturbate, but—oh God!—it felt so good. He would just touch himself for a moment then stop. He pulled his hand back out of his pyjamas. He had to stop now! But a moment later his hand was back on his cock.

It felt so good. He felt he could control himself. He could rub himself a bit and then stop. That's not strictly speaking masturbating, he told himself. He considered closing the door, but thought better of it lest Julie spot the closed door and he got into trouble. In the dark he thought he was still relatively safe. He pushed his pyjama bottoms down and raised his knees to lift the top sheet. He pulled his pyjama shirt up to his chest for better access, then holding the sheet up with his left hand to create space between his body and the sheet, he began to rub his cock. Jumbled memories of the pleasures and pains of the day flashed in rapid succession through his mind as he rubbed. He arrived at the edge several times and stopped touching himself just before he came. It would be frustrating, but Darryl had found a loophole!

One more time he rubbed himself, but then disaster struck! His cock leaked just a bit of pre-cum at first, nothing to be concerned about, he just stopped rubbing. But the pre-cum continued oozing out of his cocktip, and at an accelerating rate! He grabbed the tip of his penis and squeezed it in an attempt to stop the flow. It only made it worse! With explosive force he came violently. Cum splattered across his abdomen and chest and ran down over his fingers. Oh No!

At the same time, Julie was using her little bullet shaped vibrator to masturbate in her room. Although she had already had a lovely orgasm from teaching her brother how to lick pussy, she was greedy for more, and the day had provided a wealth of images to heighten her arousal. The memory of spanking her brother publicly was delicious. But just as arousing was the memory of showing off her naked body to him. Oh God, that was so terribly wrong, but the very wrongness of it excited her. Her brother's expression of wide-eyed wonder increased her excitement. He had looked at her like she was a goddess. He was so shy and awkward—so virginal! And his amazement when she had taken his stiff little cock into her mouth. It was not just his cock she was blowing, it was his mind. She convulsed in orgasm, thinking of that.

After recovering from her orgasm, Julie giggled at the memory of Darryl's panicked expression when their mother arrived home. How frustrated he must be feeling now. She had even intended to swallow his cum and suck him dry, something she knew Leslie hated to do. And now the poor boy must be in an agony of frustration, not even being allowed to masturbate without her permission. Suddenly, she had an inspiration. What if she snuck into his room and finished blowing "his mind" while their mother was in the house, sleeping. The danger would make it all the more exciting.

She got up, took a pen light from her night table, opened her bedroom door, and stepped out into the dimly lit hall. She looked at the closed door of her parents' room. Her mother must be fast asleep now, after her long shift. Then she crept towards her brother's room. His door was open. Good boy! He had remembered and obeyed.

Darryl had just had his accidental orgasm at that point. He was lying in bed, with cum cooling uncomfortably on his torso, and his shrinking cock still in his hand. He was annoyed at himself for losing control like that. He searched around for the box of tissues but it was way over at his desk. Just then he heard a couple of floorboards creak in the hall. Shit! He quickly lowered his knees and his left hand, which had been holding the sheet clear of his cum covered torso. He pretended to be asleep as Julie entered his room. He realized that his cock was still in his hand. He wanted to take it away, but he didn't dare move it.

"Hey, big brother, are you asleep?" Julie whispered. "I felt sorry for you, so I've come to finish off your blowjob."

Darryl groaned inwardly at the irony of his situation. If only he had not played with himself! And what was he to do now? Unable to decide, he continued pretending to sleep. Maybe in the darkness she wouldn't notice what he had done.

Julie smiled when he didn't answer. What a treat it would be for him to be awakened by the sensation of her mouth on his cock. She wondered if he would have an erection in his sleep. Slowly, Julie lifted the covers and drew them back. Then she flicked on her penlight.

"What the fuck!" she whispered angrily. For the first time, Julie was really angry with Darryl. She had "disciplined" him twice that day, but she had done that for her own amusement more than anything. But she felt cheated by this disobedience. He had no right to cum without her permission!

"Okay, fine, pretend to be asleep, you disobedient little shit!" she said in a low growl. "I can't deal with this right now anyway. But just you wait. And while you are waiting, you can think about the blow job I was going to give you. See if I offer that again!"

Then she was gone!

Darryl felt groggy the next morning as he went downstairs for breakfast in his pyjamas. He had passed a fretful night, agonizing over the lost opportunity to experience a blow job, and worried about the potential consequences of being caught playing with himself. He had never heard such anger in his sister's voice, and he wondered what she might do. Even worse he worried about the consequences if Julie told Leslie. Would that end his chances of being her boyfriend? If only he could explain to Julie that it had been an accident.

His mother was already dressed for work and making coffee when Darryl entered the kitchen. Julie entered the kitchen a couple of minutes later, dressed in her fluffy blue bathrobe, her skin glowing, fresh from the shower. Darryl remembered seeing her naked the previous evening, and he wondered whether she was naked under her bathrobe now. He quickly reined in that thought, feeling the stirring of an erection, which would show in his loose fitting pyjamas.

Darryl cast a pleading look Julie's way, behind their mother's back, hoping that her anger might have softened. But Julie gave him one witheringly disdainful glance, and then she ignored him studiously throughout breakfast. As the three of them sat at the breakfast table, Mrs. Wright informed them that she had been asked to extend further her already extended hours at the hospital on the weekend. She had accepted, since her services were needed and the overtime money would be good. But that meant she would need to sleep at the hospital between shifts to avoid wasting time commuting. "That means I won't be here overnight on Saturday when your friends are here, Julie," she added. "I'm wondering if that will be a problem."

"No, I don't see any problem, Mom," Julie replied quickly. "We're all adults now. We can look after ourselves."

"I know you can," Mrs. Wright replied. "It's your brother I'm worried about. I think he has a crush on either Marie or Leslie, and I'm worried about inappropriate behaviour if he spends the night alone here with you girls, especially after I caught him parading around naked last night and playing with himself."

"Mom!" Darryl protested, blushing deeply, "I wasn't… doing that."

"Don't you dare lie to me, young man," Mrs. Wright warned. "I know what I saw. Do I need to give you another lesson with the paddle before I leave for work?"

"No, Ma'am," Darryl replied quickly, knowing his angered mother was inches away from doing just that.

"Don't worry about Darryl, Mom," Julie said. "You're right that he has a crush on Leslie. We girls have known that for a long time ever since he actually tried asking her out on a date, if you can believe that? But I don't think you have to worry about his behaviour now. Spanking him in front of Leslie and Marie on Wednesday was a great attitude adjustment. As you said at the time, it's hard for him to play the big man when they've seen him punished like a naughty little boy. He's become much more respectful to me too, Mom, so I don't think I'll have any problem babysitting him."

His little sister's use of the word "babysitting" shamed Darryl so deeply that he had to choke back a sudden surge of pride and anger. Even more shaming was his mother's apparent acceptance of the appropriateness of the word. But he didn't object as he would have a couple of days previously.

"Alright, honey," Mrs. Wright said to Julie, "if you're comfortable having your friends here when I'm away, I'll leave you in charge.

"And as for you, young man," she said, turning to Darryl, "I expect you to defer to your sister's authority while I am away. I expect you to do what she tells you to do, and if she tells me that you have been anything less than totally obedient to her and respectful to her friends when I get home, I will tan your backside so badly with the razor strop that you won't be sitting for a week! And I won't care if Leslie and Marie are still here to see it! Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mommy," Darryl replied meekly, stung by the injustice of it all.

When Mrs. Wright had left for work, there was an awkward silence as Darryl waited for his sister to say something, but she continued to ignore him with an air of implacable coldness. Finally, when he couldn't bear it any longer, he said, "I guess we need to talk, don't we, sis?"

"Don't call me 'sis', you little shit!" Julie snapped angrily.

"I'm sorry. I mean 'Miss Julie'," Darryl replied meekly. When Julie didn't say anything else, he continued, "Shouldn't we talk?"

"About what?" Julie asked, picking up the newspaper, throwing him off balance with her continued disregard.

"You know," Darryl said shyly, "About last night."

"What about last night?" Julie asked coldly, scanning the newspaper. She wasn't going to make this easy for Darryl.

"You know, about what happened?"

Julie lowered the newspaper and finally looked at her brother. "And what was it that 'happened'?" she asked sarcastically.

"You know," he replied, squirming with embarrassment under her harsh gaze.

"Say it!" she commanded.

"I had an accident..." he said, feeling shamed to his core.

"Oh, that's right," Julie said, "you promised Leslie that you would not jerk off without either her permission or mine, and you broke that promise at the very first opportunity."

Darryl began to stammer an excuse about only touching himself lightly and then having an accident...

"Don't you dare make excuses!" Julie snapped. "Leslie's rule, to which you agreed, was that in her absence you can only cum with my permission and my supervision. What does the word 'supervision' mean to you?"

"That I can only do it when you're watching?"

"Voilà!" Julie said sarcastically. She pushed her empty coffee cup towards Darryl. "Get me another coffee and make me a piece of toast with strawberry jam," she ordered.

Darryl hurried to fulfill her command, hoping that quick, unquestioning obedience might soften her anger. She went back to reading the newspaper, consciously withholding any thanks or acknowledgement as Darryl brought her coffee and toast. This was no game. She felt real anger, and she was finding it to be an intoxicatingly empowering emotion.

Darryl stood off to the side, nervously waiting for her to say something. "Aren't you going to spank me, Miss Julie?" he finally asked to break the unbearable suspense. He had been dreading the terrible paddling he felt certain she would give him once their mother left. Now he would have welcomed a harsh spanking to assuage his sister's implacable anger and his guilt in a flood of tears.

Julie left him hanging, drinking her coffee, munching her toast, and reading the newspaper, as though he wasn't even there.

After a couple more minutes of awkward silence, he asked, "Shall I fetch the razor strop?" He hoped that offering to take the punishment he feared most might placate Julie, but she just took another sip of coffee and turned the page of the newspaper. She did, however, find it intensely arousing that her brother was offering up his bum to the strop in an effort to appease her.

After another minute, he revealed his deepest fear when he asked, "You won't tell Miss Leslie, will you?"

Julie lowered the newspaper once more and looked at him with withering disdain. "And why shouldn't I tell Leslie what a disobedient little shit you are? She's my friend."

"Because I'm really sorry," Darryl replied, trembling on the verge of tears. "And I promise never to let it happen again."

"Why don't you show me how sorry you are," Julie said, standing up and pushing her chair back from the table. Darryl's jaw dropped as Julie untied her bathrobe, slipped it off her shoulders, and draped it over the back of the chair next to her. She stood before him now entirely naked, and her smooth, taut body looked even more dazzling here in the sunlit kitchen than it had in the bathroom the night before. Were Darryl not so inexperienced, he would have realized the size and hardness of her nipples revealed arousal. As it was, he could read only disdain in her eyes, and her nakedness made him feel utterly inadequate.

Julie bent forward, leaning her hands on the table, and arched her back, pushing her perfectly shaped buttocks out. "Get on your knees and show me how sorry you are," she growled, looking sidewise at her shocked brother. "Go on, you know what to do," she added, wiggling her bum provocatively.

"No, please, Miss Julie," he pleaded, "I can't."

"Why not? You did it yesterday."

"But that was different," he stammered. "You were wearing panties yesterday."

Julie had to check a smile so as not to break her expression of unyielding anger. She could have alleviated her brother's disgust by assuring him that she had washed her butt crack thoroughly in preparation for this moment, but she didn't want to make it any easier for him. "Go on," she urged. "Get on your knees and show me how sorry you are."

Julie finally allowed herself a smile as Darryl got down on his knees behind her. "If I do this," he said, "do you promise not to tell Miss Leslie I masturbated?"

"I don't promise anything," Julie replied sternly. "I haven't made up my mind how to punish you yet. This is to show me how sorry you are while I'm thinking about it."

Thinking his sister wanted a slow build up like the previous day, Darryl leaned forward and planted a kiss on her right buttock. "Oh, for heaven's sake," Julie said impatiently, "skip the preliminaries! Just get down to it!" With that she reached around and with her own hands pulled her buttocks apart. The sudden vision of Julie's pink little butthole inches from his face both shocked and aroused Darryl. "Go on! Lick!" Julie commanded.

Darryl closed his eyes and willed himself to stick out his tongue and touch the inside of Julie's butt crack with the very tip of his tongue. He couldn't believe he was actually putting his tongue to the spot where… where… He scrunched his eyes more tightly shut, as though that could blot out the feeling of dirtiness. He flicked at Julie's butt crack with the tip of his tongue, licking with as little contact as possible.

Julie's breath caught at the sensation. Since enjoying the sensation of being tongued through her silky panties the day before, she had fantasized about experiencing it with no barrier. The reality didn't disappoint her. She understood that the dainty, cat-like flicks of the tongue on her rosebud revealed Darryl's squeamishness. That excited her all the more, so she let him continue that way for a minute. But soon she wanted more.

"Okay, lick like you mean it now," she growled, pushing her bottom back against Darryl's mouth. "That's it!" she exhorted, as Darryl surrendered to the utter indignity of the moment and began to lick with broad, slobbery strokes of the tongue, more like a dog than a cat now.

Julie enjoyed that for a minute, then pulling her buttocks farther apart to open herself a bit, she commanded Darryl to "stick it in…harder…harder…deeper…deeper." Darryl did as he was told, fascinated at the way the tight, puckered little hole fluttered and pulsed, allowing the tip of his tongue to penetrate. It would have taken little more than a few finger strokes of the clit for Julie to bring herself off at that point, but she resisted the temptation. The combination of arousal and anger made her feel fiercely powerful, and she didn't want to lose that feeling—not yet—to the softening effect of an orgasm. There would be other opportunities for that.

"That's enough!" she said, pushing Darryl's face away with one hand. She turned around and looked down at her dazed brother. Realizing that he was still dressed in pyjamas, she ordered him to pull his pyjama bottoms down for "inspection." She laughed when she saw that his little cock was fully erect and oozing at the tip.

"Are you going to tell Miss Leslie that I had an accident?" Darryl asked, hopeful that his efforts might save him from that.

"Of course I am," Julie replied. "I'm going to tell her you masturbated without permission. She has a right to know, so she can decide how she wants to punish you herself." She paused a moment to savour his disappointment. "But, don't worry, it will be our little secret that it turns you on to stick your tongue up your sister's ass."

Darryl wished he could deny that accusation, but his visible arousal couldn't be denied, so he blushed and said nothing.

"But I will do you a favour," Julie said.

"What's that?" Darryl asked, hoping she might relent after all.

"I doubt if Leslie knows how amazing it feels to have a tongue in her ass," Julie observed. "She's probably never even considered it as a possibility. So I'll plant the idea in her head. She'll probably want to try it once she thinks of it, and once she discovers how good you are at it, I'm sure she'll want it on a routine basis. Won't that be nice?"

Then Julie picked up her dressing gown, ordered Darryl to do the breakfast dishes, and headed for the stairs to get dressed for school.

"Stop by my room before you get dressed, and I'll tell you the punishment I've decided on," she added, turning back momentarily. "Oh, and you might want to brush your teeth and gargle with mouthwash," she added, unable to suppress a giggle.

About 20 minutes later, Darryl knocked nervously on his sister's bedroom door. She was fully dressed and applying her make-up when she bade him enter. She glanced at him in her mirror, and seeing that he was still in pyjamas, she ordered him to strip. Darryl did as he was told, and stood waiting self-consciously while she took her time finishing her make-up.

"Okay," she said, finally turning around to look at him, "I've decided that part of your punishment for masturbating will be to wear these to school under your pants." She held up a pair of pink panties with a semi-transparent floral pattern and a little black bow at the side. "Aren't they cute?"

"I can't wear those!" Darryl squawked, his face turning red.

"Why not?" Julie asked. "They'll be under your pants, so nobody will see, unless your mouthiness earns you another wedgie."

"But I have a phys ed period! I have to take off my pants in the change room with the other guys!"

"Oh, that's right," Julie said, laughing. "That could be embarrassing, couldn't it? I guess this is a better punishment than I thought."

When Darryl asked her how she expected him to get changed, she told him that was his problem. She reminded him of the old saying that "necessity is the mother of invention" and told him she had faith that would figure something out. To make sure he didn't try to cheat, she told him she would check that he was wearing the panties before they left, and she would check as soon as they got home that afternoon.

Julie made him try on the panties before going to his room to finish getting dressed. She made him do a slow rotation so she could get a look front and back, teasing him that he looked adorable. "There are advantages to having a small package," she commented. "Most guys would have more trouble fitting into panties. And I love the way the sculpted edges show off the bottom portion of your butt cheeks. Leslie's right: you really do have a pert, spankable little bum."

As he went back to his own room to finish getting dressed, Darryl was desperately trying to figure out how to avoid utter humiliation in the change room later that day. Maybe he could go change in a washroom cubicle, but he knew he would be ridiculed if other guys saw him doing that, especially considering the near certainty that he was in for much teasing about his cock size after yesterday's humiliation.

As he dressed he thought of another possibility. If he took down the panties together with his pants in one quick motion, maybe nobody would notice the panties inside his pants. Then he could quickly pull a pair of regular briefs on before getting into his gym shorts. And when he had to get dressed again, he could hold the panties inside his pants and pull them up in one motion. It would look like he was going commando, if anyone happened to look at him while he was doing it. That would feel awkward, but it wouldn't be nearly as embarrassing as being seen in panties by the other guys. He practiced a couple of times taking the panties off and putting them back on together with his pants, and decided it was doable…but risky. The risk was something he would have to accept, he decided. He hadn't expected Julie's punishment to be easy.

Julie made Darryl pull down his pants to confirm he was wearing the panties before they left the house. The shuttle bus ride was as mortifying as Darryl expected. There were snickers and giggles and open teasing from other students. One of Stacey Morningstar's jock friends got on at a later stop and nonchalantly greeted him with "Hey, Micro-cock, how's it going?" That provoked open laughter from everyone within earshot.

Even students from the regular community college seemed to be in the loop. The two pretty senior girls from the other college who had taken an interest in Darryl's impending spanking a couple of days previously, got on and asked Julie whether it was really true she had given her brother a bare assed spanking outdoors in front of other students. When Julie assured them it was true, the girls asked her lots of questions, speaking about Darryl as though he wasn't even there.

When they got to the college, Julie reminded Darryl that he had to apologize to Stacey Morningstar and beg for forgiveness on his knees in his French class and tell her in front of any listeners who happened to be there that he had received an additional spanking from his sister for calling Stacey a bitch.

Darryl felt intensely vulnerable. He knew that only a couple of dozen students had witnessed his humiliation the day before, but he didn't know for certain which ones had or hadn't, so it felt as though everyone had. When he got to his French class, Stacey was already seated, surrounded by a group of girls. The way they all turned, looked at him, and giggled, showed they had been talking about him.

Stacey looked surprised when Darryl set his books on his desk, took a deep breath,  then approached her. Sensing some impending drama, everyone fell silent so to hear what he was going to say.

Professor Dubois who was standing behind a podium reviewing her lesson plan also looked up. Stacey's eyes opened wider in surprise and amusement when Darryl went down on his knees in front of her, blushing profusely.

"I want to apologize for calling you a bitch yesterday, Stacey," Darryl said, choking back his pride. "Please forgive me." Hardly able to believe that he would beg her for forgiveness for an insult she had so thoroughly avenged, Stacey's expression changed to one of triumphant scorn. Her amusement increased when Darryl continued, "My sister Julie wants you to know that kind of thing is not tolerated in our house, so she spanked me for it when we got home."

"When you got home?" Stacey asked, laughing and looking around at her audience. "I heard she gave you a bare-assed spanking right there where we wedgied you. Do you means she spanked you a second time when you got home?"

"Yes, Miss Stacey," he replied, provoking further laughter and embarrassing himself further by accidentally addressing Stacey in the submissive manner he was now accustomed to using with his sister and her friends.

"I think I like your sister," Stacey replied with a laugh. "And Miss Stacey? I like that too. But tell me, why are you on your knees, little boy?"

"My sister said I needed to get on my knees and beg your forgiveness," answered Darryl. "Please forgive me, Miss Stacey."

Stacey seemed to sit and think for a moment, and then said, "yeah sure, why not?" and then added facetiously to those around her, "am I not most benevolent?" All Stacey's friends laughed and Darryl stood.

Just then the group was interrupted by Professor Dubois, "quelle bêtise est-ce?" (what stupidity is this?). She informed Stacey, a bit angrily, that she wanted to see her at the lunch period. She asked Darryl to come as well, and to bring his sister. The stern tone with which she addressed Stacey and the gentle tone directed at Darryl sent a ripple of excitement through the class. Everybody knew that Stacey had crossed the line in taking her revenge on Dweeby Darryl yesterday, and figured there might well be a reckoning from Madame. "Stacey's gonna get the strap," speculated one of Stacey's bolder girlfriends whispering teasingly. Stacey shot her a withering look.

"That's enough," Professor Dubois said sternly, cutting off those speculations. But Darryl, making brief eye contact with Stacey before returning to his desk, couldn't mask his anticipation that there might be a comeuppance for Stacey, and that he might get to see it.

When the bell sounded at the end of the period, students shuffled out, casting excited glances at Professor Dubois and Stacey. Though there is nothing intrinsically sexual about a disciplinary strapping on the hands, the idea of a proud, bitchy, hot girl having to submit to a strapping from the hot young French teacher seemed strangely erotic. Had Stacey been a few years older or Madame Dubois a few years younger, the two women might well be rivals.

Darryl beat a hasty retreat from the classroom. When he was out the door and down the hallway he heard Stacey call out, "Hey, dweeb!" Darryl instantly stopped and turned, not doubting for a second that he was being addressed. Stacey walked up to him slowly. "Where's your sister now? I want to talk to her before lunch period."

Darryl suggested she would likely be in the library this next period.

"Good. I'll tell her about the lunch meeting with Mademoiselle Dubois. You run along now," she told Darryl, waving him away with the back of her hand.

Stacey walked over to the library and found Julie there. "Hi," she said, more timidly than Julie might have imagined. "Can we talk?" Julie was surprised, but agreed instantly. Stacey asked Julie if she wanted to go for a walk. Julie accepted. Why wouldn't she? Stacey was one of the hottest and most popular sophmore girls in the school, and this overture of friendship to a freshman girl was quite an honour.

"I really admire your style," Stacey said as they walked down the forested path. "I mean, the way you handle your brother, and how much you have him under your thumb, it's really impressive. Really, you know, sort of hot..." Stacey uncharacteristically blushed as she said it.

"I guess he apologized to you this morning? On his knees?" asked Julie with a smile.

"Yes," said Stacey.

"Did he tell you I spanked him again at home?"

"He did. It made me wet..."

"Oh, are you into spanking boys?" asked Julie, surprised.

"Not really," answered Stacey, stopping dead. "I'm more turned on at the thought of getting spanked, especially by a hot girl..." As Stacey said this, her whole face turned a bright red.

"Well, Stacey Morningstar," said Julie, feeling a bit more confident now. "Are you into women?" she asked, wondering whether that might be the purpose of inviting her to go for a walk.

Stacey laughed. "No, I'm not a lesbian, if that's what you mean. My boyfriend Marcus could tell you that. But I'd go muff diving on a hot girl after a good spanking, if she made me do it..." Stacey glanced at Julie to see whether she was shocked. Julie just smiled outwardly as her head reeled inwardly, and her pussy dampened. The hottest girl, in the entire school, was clearly hitting on her!

As they continued their walk, Stacey asked Julie lots of questions. She asked about her friendship with Leslie and Marie. She asked whether her mother had really spanked Darryl in front of them. Stacey laughed as Julie told her about the bargain they had made with Darryl. She expressed some regret at having been so mean to Darryl. She said that she had a little humiliation fetish of her own under the right circumstances - which rarely present themselves here at college given how in awe everybody seems to be of her - and so she sometimes flips the scripts and gets unduly caught up in humiliating others instead out of frustration. It was a weakness, she admitted. Julie said not to worry about it, as her older brother seems to get off on it himself at the end of the day, given the stiffness of his little dick when he gets spanked by a girl. Stacey did said, though, that she was happy to hear, for poor Darryl's sake, that Leslie was interested in him. "Even small dicked guys deserve love," she joked.

Then Stacey's questions zeroed in on details of the spankings Julie had given Darryl, and Julie could see she was aroused talking about it. "Did you use a hairbrush or something like that?" she asked.

"No," Julie replied. "I used the paddle my mom always uses."

"You mom has an honest to God spanking paddle? Wow! That is so hot!" Stacey replied. There was a moment of silence and Julie sensed that Stacey wanted to ask her something and was thinking of how to say it. Finally, Stacey stopped walking and turned to look at Julie. "Can I ask you something?" she asked.

"Sure," Julie replied, amazed to see that the great Stacey Morningstar was so uncertain of herself.

"Could you paddle me the way you paddled your brother?" she asked quietly. "At your place?"

Julie looked at her in amazement. "Let me get this straight," she said. "You, Stacey Morningstar, the queen bee of the school, want a bare bottomed paddling over the knee of a freshman girl?"

"Okay, it sounds even more embarrassing when you say it," Stacey replied, "but, yes, that's exactly what I want. Will you do it? Please?"

Julie was as turned on as Stacey by the idea, but she pretended to think about it. Keeping Stacey in suspense felt empowering, and that excited her further. "I know Marcus is a boy, but since you're not a lesbian, why don't you just get him to spank you?" she asked.

"I do sometimes," Stacey replied. "But he is terrible at it. Like…fucking terrible. Don't get me wrong. He's hot. I mean, he's handsome, he's ripped, and his cock is a thing of beauty! And when he fucks me in his car in the back seat, I think we steam up the windows. But at spanking he sucks. He's afraid to hurt me, and he thinks my butt is really delicate. It's so frustrating sometimes! I'll be climbing the wall for a nice hard spanking, and I can't get one. Besides, as you said, he's a boy, and it sort of turns me on even more to get it from a girl. A hot girl, like you... So can you do it? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?"

"I'll paddle you, if that's what you want, Stacey," Julie replied. "But I should warn you, when I paddle my brother, I strip him, put him over my knee, and he cries. And that's exactly how I will paddle you. So you should know it's going to hurt for real, and once I start, it isn't over until I say it's over. Do you accept that?"

"Yes! Yes! Oh fuck, yes!" Stacey cried.

"And I might make you do things to me afterwards," said Julie, considerably emboldened, "very, very naughty things..."

"Oh fuck fuck fuck yes," she said again.

Julie held Stacey's chin in her hand and said, "you're quite the little slut, aren't you, Stacey Morningstar?" As she said this, she gave her two light slaps to the face, one to each of Stacey's cheeks.

"It's totally true," said Stacey with a little grin, excited things had gone the way she had hoped with Darryl's assertive little sexy freshman sister Julie.

"Oh, and I need to tell you something else," added Stacey. "Mademoiselle Dubois wants to see me and Darryl in her classroom at the lunch period, and she asked your brother to have you come as well."

"Why?" asked Julie.

"I don't know for sure, but I think she was mad at me for the way I was treating your brother, and she probably heard about the whole wedgie situation and all..."

"God, I hope I'm not in trouble with her also," said Julie.

"I don't think so, not based on the way she asked him to ask you, but I'm pretty sure I am!"

"Tee hee," giggle Julie, "are you getting the strap, now?" asked Julie with a very big amused grin on her face.

"It would be hot if I did," answered Stacey, a bit surprisingly. "I mean, is Madame Dubois sexy or what?"

"Too bad she won't strap you on your ass," said Julie, "to get you warmed up for my paddle."

"I don't know, I have an idea on maybe how to get her to," said Stacey.

"What? On the ass? With my brother and me there to see it?"

"Yeah, I think so. I mean, if she's going to even go there, you know? I know you're into it, but would your brother object to seeing me strapped across my bum?"

"Object? He'd cream his jeans if he got to see that."

"Ok, well, we'll play it by ear. Help me out if you see the opportunity, ok?" suggested Stacey.

"Ok, it's your backside!" said Julie.

They had just returned to the main campus after their stroll in the woods, and they hugged one another before parting ways. Julie's head was still spinning from the revelations of the past half hour, and she found herself very excited at the thought of paddling Stacey to tears...

When lunch period finally arrived, all three of Stacey, Darryl, and Julie made their way separately to Madame Dubois' classroom where she was waiting for them, doing work at her desk as she waved each in. When all three had arrived, Professor Dubois got up, closed the door, and then walked back to her desk. "Let's get right down to this," she said, opening her desk drawer and taking out the strap. Stacey's heart fluttered when she saw that, knowing it's likely intended victim was none other than herself.

Professor Dubois briefly narrated the account of Stacey's bullying of Darryl the day before that she had gleaned from witnesses. She asked Darryl and then Stacey if that account was accurate. Both agreed that it was.

Julie stepped in and volunteered that she had been involved as well, in that she had spanked Darryl in anger on the path, and later spanked him again at home for his disrespect to Stacey. Madame excused Julie of any wrongdoing, saying she was acting in loco parentis, as her mother had put her in charge of Darryl's behaviour while at school. And in fact, she approved of Julie's methods. Julie got a smug grin. Unlike Stacey, Julie had absolutely no desire to be strapped by Madame Dubois!

Turning her attention back to Stacey, Madame said that by contrast Stacey had no right whatsoever to take any punitive action towards Darryl. Stacey admitted that she had been in the wrong on that count, had gotten carried away, and apologized.

Madame then asked Stacey if she saw any reason why she shouldn't be punished by means of a good dose of the strap? Stacey unhesitatingly acknowledged that she deserved it. The teacher then asked Julie whether she and Darryl would like to witness Mademoiselle Morningstar's punishment. Darryl found it strange that the teacher asked his sister to answer on his behalf, but he was satisfied when Julie answered that they would like to witness it.

Stacey smiled at Julie as she got up and approached the teacher. Julie watched in fascination as Professor Dubois picked up the strap and faced Stacey with a stern expression, which Stacey answered with a defiant smile. Julie could see that the air crackled with erotic tension between teacher and student. Maybe Madame was into this as well. "Hold out your left hand, palm up," the teacher instructed.

But then, to everyone's amazement except Julie, Stacey said, "If you don't mind, Professor Dubois, I would prefer taking my punishment the more traditional way, on the bum. I play the violin, and if you strap me as hard as I deserve on the hands it could affect my playing. Would you mind strapping me on the bum instead?"

Madame Dubois looked momentarily surprised, but she quickly assented to Stacey's unorthodox request, and instructed Stacey to bend over the desk and lift her skirt. Darryl's eyes opened wide in disbelief and his cock stirred in his pants. Stacey ignored Darryl, but she shot Julie a smoulderingly erotic smile as she turned towards the desk. Then she bent over, lifted her skirt out of the way and folded it over her back. She then leaned on the desk with her elbows and gave her pretty panties a saucy little twitch.

"This is going to hurt, Mademoiselle," the teacher warned, to which Stacey replied with a low sensual moan. Madame Dubois softly touched Stacey's panties with the strap, lining it up across the fleshiest part of her buttocks, to which Stacey responded with a cat-like arching of the back, lifting and pushing her bottom out as though to welcome the punishment. Darryl stared slack jawed in amazement and Julie leaned forward, watching closely with a savage gleam in her eye.

Professor Dubois raised the strap and brought it down across Stacey's panties with a loud crack. Darryl winced, remembering how his mother's razor strop had felt on his bum, and Stacey uttered a small cry. There followed a slow series of heavy blows. Stacey squirmed under the strap and uttered a series of low, guttural sounds: uh!, ah!, ah!, uh!, oh!, ah!, ow! If not for the percussive cracks of the strap, a listener might well have interpreted those small cries as vocalizations of pleasure rather than pain.

When Madame Dubois paused after about a dozen strokes, Julie noted that her face looked flushed, and she did not attribute that flush to exertion. She felt certain that the teacher's panties must be as wet as hers were at this point. "I hope you are learning a lesson from this, Mademoiselle," the teacher said, resting the strap across Stacey's panties to signal that the chastisement was not yet complete.

"Oui, Madame," Stacey replied breathlessly. "It hurts terribly, but no more than I deserve. I behaved very cruelly towards poor Darryl, and I feel sorry for it now, and I would like to make proper penance."

At this point, Julie saw her opportunity to "assist" as Stacey had requested. "Madame, as you know, what she had done to my brother resulted in him being completely nude in front of a number of students. Would it not be appropriate, therefore, to lower her panties for her remaining strokes?"

"Oui Madame," said Stacey, "this would enable me to feel my debt is fully paid."

Darryl's mouth fell open even wider. Julie smiled in admiration of the brazen sluttiness of Stacey's easy agreement with her panty lowering.

"It is not because you deserve lenience that I have made concessions to your modesty," the teacher said, aware of the irony of ascribing modesty to the brazen young woman bent over her desk. "But you have perhaps forgotten that there is a young man in the room, Mademoiselle."

"You are right, Madame," Stacey replied, "I had forgotten that Darryl was here. I would not want to make him uncomfortable or to damage his innocence in any way."

Darryl wanted to cry out that he would not be uncomfortable to see Stacey Morningstar's panties come down for the remainder of the strapping, but his natural inhibition held him back.

Knowing exactly what her brother was thinking, Julie had a cruel stroke of inspiration. "If I might make a suggestion, Madame Dubois, why don't we send Darryl out of the room for the remainder of Stacey's punishment? He will still be able to hear the strap falling on her bare bottom, but not see anything untoward."

So it was that a very unhappy Darryl had to stand in the hall next to a closed door as Stacey received the rest of her punishment. Had he been there, he would have seen the way a silvery thread of wetness was drawn from Stacey's smooth, hairless pussy as the teacher took her panties down. He might even have perceived, in spite of his lack of experience with women, that an erotic energy crackled between the three women in the room as Madame Dubois applied the strap with great enthusiasm to the bare skin of Stacey's firm and exquisitely shaped bum.

Tears shimmered in Stacey's eyes when she was finally allowed to stand and pull her panties up, but she thanked Madame Dubois for the discipline and gave her a hug. When Darryl was allowed to re-enter the room, she apologized so effusively for humiliating him the day before that Darryl could only take it as mockery, and he wondered that Madame Dubois didn't take Stacey to task for the obvious insincerity of her tone. Even in her apology, Darryl reflected, Stacey was besting him.

Then Madame Dubois dropped a bomb, informing Darryl that it was his turn to assume the position over her desk. "But why!" he cried. He was the one who had been bullied, and he had already been severely punished for calling Stacey a bitch. It wasn't fair that he should be punished again.

Madame Dubois replied that this punishment would be for his inappropriate behaviour towards her. She then reminded Darryl that he had brought the whole incident with Stacey down on his own head by including gratuitous details about his spanking at home in his letter of apology to her. "You were a very naughty boy to use me in as a prop in your humiliation kink," she scolded. "You need to learn that women are more than objects of your sexual fantasies, and I intend to teach you that lesson now."

Darryl noticed that an arrogant, triumphal smirk had already returned to Stacey's face. The teacher's expression was one of calm determination. He looked to his sister for support, but she looked back with poorly disguised amusement, and warned him that he would obey the teacher if he knew what was good for him.

"Take down your pants and bend over," Madame Dubois ordered. "Just your pants. That will suffice," she added. When Darryl glanced at his sister imploringly, Julie remembered that Darryl was wearing girly pink panties under his pants, and it was all she could do to prevent herself from laughing out loud. "Do as you're told, Darryl," she commanded, "or I'll take down your pants myself. And if I have to do that, you'll be going over my knee as well as Madame's desk!"

With trembling hands, Darryl unfastened his belt, and undid his pants. Then he decided that being seen in panties would be more humiliating than full exposure, so he did the move he had practiced at home in anticipation of having to undress in the men's change room. He pushed his pants and panties down with a single motion. There was a second of stunned silence as Darryl's bum and his erect little cock came into view. Then Julie and Stacey burst out laughing.

Madame Dubois had to smile herself, but she quickly reassumed a stern demeanour. "I asked you to take down only your pants, not to bare yourself completely," she scolded, "but you have given proof of the very thing for which I am punishing you: exhibitionism. You are exposing yourself to me, your sister, and to Mademoiselle Morningstar without our permission. That is very naughty! But since you apparently desire to be seen in all your glory, let us indulge you. You might as well turn towards Stacey to give her a good look." Here Madame Dubois took Darryl by the shoulders and turned him to give Stacey a full frontal view.

"Whether you want to expose your manhood out of pride or shame seems unclear," Madame Dubois continued. "Your face is red, but your little penis seems to welcome this attention. Maybe I should indulge you further and have Mademoiselle Morningstar measure it with a ruler? Would you like that?"

"No, Madame," Darryl said, blinking back tears of mortification, as his sister and Stacey bonded through shared laughter.

"Now, don't be modest," the teacher chided. "I think that is exactly what we should do, since you have chosen to force this view upon us." She then invited Stacey and Julie to measure the length of Darryl's erection with a ruler from her desk, which they did with a great deal of giggling.

"Well, what is the verdict?" the teacher asked.

"Just shy of four inches," Stacey replied with a giggle. "Neuf centimetres et demi," she added, since their French teacher would be used to metric measurements.

"A perfect size, given your masochistic tendencies," the teacher teased Darryl. "Small enough to be amusing, but not so small as to be tragic." Darryl, of course, found it less amusing than the three women did.

Then things got even worse when Stacey noticed the panties Darryl had tried to hide, and he was mortified further as the teacher made him pull the panties back up. He looked like he might cry as Stacey and Julie shared another fit of giggles, but the teacher soothed him, rather unconvincingly, that he had nothing to be ashamed of, that wearing girly panties was a habit she was sure he shared with many emasculated males with penises his size.

When Madame Dubois finally bent Darryl over the desk, he was glad of the opportunity to hide his face in his hands. All three women were surprised to see that his bum actually looked quite feminine and sexy, the way the bottom portion of his buttocks peaked out from under the sculpted lace fringe of the panties. In fact, so enchanted was Madame Dubois with the view of a pert little bum so enticingly encased that she did what she had been tempted to do with Mademoiselle Morningstar: she laid the strap aside and spanked him by hand.

When the three students were in the hall afterwards, Julie said to Stacey, "I didn't know you played the violin."

"I don't," Stacey replied with a laugh and a wink.

"You complete slut!" Julie exclaimed with a laugh, feeling certain that, like Leslie, Stacey would take that as an affectionate comment from a fellow traveler. She was right.

Meanwhile, Darryl tried to slink away, but Julie called him back and told him that Leslie would be expecting him in the common room, where she would be reading at her usual place by the window, then sent him away so she could be alone with Stacey.

"Can we cut the rest of the schoolday and go to your place now?" asked Stacey breathlessly of Julie. "Until this morning I was resigned to total frustration, but that strapping from Madame Dubois has opened a floodgate, and I need more!"

"Well, if you're sure your bum can take it, then let's go," Julie said,"but don't expect me to go any easier on you because of that strapping. In my family, if you get strapped at school, you get it even worse at home!"

"Don't worry about me," said Stacey, "that's exactly how I want it."

Stacey didn't have a car of her own, but she led Julie to the cafeteria where her boyfriend Marcus was playing euchre with some other guys and asked for his keys. Marcus and his friends eyed Julie with interest. They all found her hot to begin with, and the public spanking she had given her brother the previous day was now legendary. "Where ya' going, babe?" Marcus asked Stacey as he tossed her the keys.

"Never you mind," Stacey teased. "Girl business." The guys all oohed and ahhed as the girls walked away, smiling at each other. Nobody had any idea what Stacey meant by "girl business," but they were all convinced there must be something titillating about it.

Marcus's car was an ancient Crown Victoria which was only on the road still because Marcus's dad was a mechanic. As they approached it, Julie said, "Man, this must be a gas guzzler."

"Yeah," Stacey agreed, "it's a real boat. But the spacious back seat has its uses," she added with a wink.

Julie felt a flutter of excitement as she got into the car, knowing what they were about to do. The only words spoken during the drive to Julie's house were Julie's directions. Both were anticipating and psyching themselves up for what was going to happen when they got there, and by the time they arrived both were deeply immersed in their agreed roles.

When they entered the house, Julie wasted no time. She led Stacey to the living room and informed her that she would be paddled in the same place Darryl was. Stacey waited nervously, while Julie fetched the paddle from the drawer in the kitchen. When she got back, Stacey was looking truly apprehensive, so Julie asked whether she was certain she wanted to go through with it.

Stacey replied that she was, but she wanted to ask one more thing. "When I try to get Marcus to spank me, I tell him that if I really need for him to stop because it is too much, I will say 'red light', and then he should stop. But I explain that if I cry and promise to be good and beg him to stop without saying 'red light', that means that I don't really want to stop, I'm just getting off on begging. But stupid Marcus always ruins it by stopping the moment I beg him to stop. Can we agree that you will stop if I say 'red light', but that if I don't say it, you will ignore anything else I say and spank me for real?"

"Do you think we're playing?" asked Julie of Stacey. "We're not. Your getting spanked, girl, and for real. Fuck your 'red light'. You're getting paddled until you have a red tail, like it or not."

Stacey melted as she heard that, and was nervous as anything at the same time. Julie then told her that her brother usually starts off by doing some time in the corner with his hands on his head. Julie pointed to the corner Stacey should go to. Stacey had a sudden flash of embarrassment at this, but went to do as she was told.

"Wait," said Julie. "First your clothes come off, just like my Mom does to my brother."

Stacey blushed and began removing her clothes. She started with her blouse, taking it off and exposing her DD white lacy bra. She then slipped her skirt off to reveal white lacy stockings held up by a garter belt and suspenders, with white lacy panties pulled up on top. Stacey was stunning and dressed much more maturely than Julie or her friends did.

"Changed my mind," said Julie. "Go stand in the corner just like that."

Stacey turned to do so and put her nose in the corner and her hands on top of her head, looking like a highly paid lingerie model.

With Stacey standing there, Julie put the spanking chair in place and placed the spanking paddle on it. Not being able to wait, she called Stacey out of the corner. Stacey turned and saw the chair with the paddle across on it and gulped.

"Kick off your heels and take off your bra," said Julie. Stacey did as she was told, exposing large firm breasts with engorged nipples. Julie put the paddle momentarily aside on the floor next to her, sat on the spanking chair, and called Stacey over to her. She reached out and grabbed Stacey's nipple tightly which made the large-breasted girl inhale sharply. Using Stacey's hard nipple, Julie pulled the soon to be spanked girl down and across her lap.

So it was that Julie spanked another girl for the first time, and Stacey experienced a painful, humiliating spanking such as she had only fantasized about. As she had done with her brother, Julie started off with her hand, and she spanked until her palm was numb to impress Stacey with the amount of pain she could inflict without the paddle. So when Stacey pleaded, "No, please, not on the bare!" and shortly afterwards, "Not with the paddle!" her pleading was sincere!

As Julie warmed to the task, her demeanour became stricter and more domineering. She scolded Stacey, calling her a naughty, slutty little girl. She also taunted her, asking to imagine how everyone at school would laugh if they could see her, the alpha bitch of the school, over the knee of a freshman girl, crying and begging for the spanking to stop. She also reminded Stacey of her cruelty to Darryl, and informed her that Darryl would know he had been properly avenged. "And if you are ever CRACK! ever CRACK! mean to my brother CRACK! again CRACK! I will tan your backside CRACK! until you can't CRACK! sit down! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Do you understand, young lady?"

Sobbing, Stacey said she understood, and would never be mean to Julie's brother again. "Good!" Julie said, pushing Stacey off her lap into a kneeling position. "And now you can show me you accept your position, you're going to lick my pussy!" Julie stood up, unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the ground. Then she pushed her panties down and stepped out of them. Looking round for the most convenient place for a good pussy licking, she decided the dining room table would be a convenient height for Stacey on her knees. She placed two chairs with a space between them, and then she sat on the edge of the table and spread her legs, resting one foot on each chair.

Though Julie had never felt much interest in girl on girl sex, the smouldering look in Stacey's red, puffy eyes as she crawled towards her with a catlike motion ramped her arousal up further. "That's a good little slut," Julie teased, grasping a handful of Stacey's hair and pulling her pretty mouth to her pussy. Still enjoying her feeling of power over a girl who should have been her social superior, Julie ground her pussy against Stacey's face, smearing her from chin to nose with her abundant juices. Stacey glanced up, and for an instant the two young women made eye contact. A flash of pride and defiance in Stacey's eyes reminded Julie of the look she had seen on Stacey's face when Madame Dubois had announced her intention of strapping her. She put Julie in mind of some dangerous cat, a leopard or a panther, on a leash.

"Lick me, slut, unless you want another dose of the paddle," Julie commanded again, jerking on the psychological leash. Stacey's flash of defiance having passed, she obeyed Julie's command enthusiastically. Julie leaned back on her elbows, spread her legs wider, and enjoyed the sensations. She wondered whether Stacey's skill was based on previous experience with other girls or simply her feminine knowledge of what would feel good. As she approached climax, a wonderfully naughty thought occurred to Julie. At every future family dinner at this table, she would remember in the midst of her unsuspecting relatives what she and Stacey were doing now. Upon that thought, she cried out and writhed in orgasm.

Stacey remained in place with her face resting lightly against Julie's wet pubic hair as Julie recovered from her orgasm. When Julie sat up and made eye contact with Stacey again, her feeling of dominance was gone, dissipated by her orgasm. She felt they were equals now. "Thank you, Stacey," Julie said. "That was wonderful." Then thinking she should show her gratitude by taking a turn licking Stacey's pussy, she asked, "Would you like to cum now too?"

Stacey giggled and said, "I already came."

"You did?" Julie asked. "When?"

"I had two orgasms while you were spanking me," Stacey replied. Amused by Julie's look of surprise, she giggled and said, "What can I say? You were right: I am a slut."

Julie declined Stacey's offer for a ride back to the school, preferring to spend the rest of the day at home to think about what had happened. "Okay," Stacey said. "Thanks again. I needed that. And if you ever feel a need to be spanked yourself, you know who to ask."

Julie thanked her for the offer, but said she was quite sure she would not like to be on the receiving end of the paddle. "But I wouldn't mind spanking you again, naughty girl," she said, winking. "That was hot."

"I'll probably take you up on that," Stacey said. "In fact, I have a really naughty fantasy that we could role play if you wanted." When Julie asked what it was, Stacey hesitated to tell her. "It's really embarrassing," she said. But Julie insisted, so Stacey said, "Well, I have this fantasy about my mother catching me making out with Marcus. She gets really mad and spanks me in front of Marcus, scolding me that I should be ashamed of my slutty behaviour. But my mom and Marcus both get so turned on by her spanking me that they fuck while I'm standing in the corner with my bum on display."

"Wow!" Julie exclaimed.

"I know," Stacey said, blushing. "I'm terrible."

"So you would actually want to role play that scene, with me in the role of your mother?"

Stacey nodded. "But, I mean, you wouldn't have to actually let Marcus fuck you if you didn't want to. But if you did, I'm pretty sure you would like it."

"I'll think about it," Julie replied. "But, hey, I should offer you something to eat before you go. We haven't had lunch."

"No thanks," Stacey replied. "I want to go back and find Marcus. I need him to fuck me before this glow in my bum fades."

[continued in The Bargain (Chapter 5)]


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    8. The sherpas nearly died laughing at my spanked bum and cold shrunk penis.

    9. "I am interested in your idea that Stacey's fantasy about her mother being fucked by her boyfriend is empowering to the daughter."

      To develop this last aspect, you may find inspiration in « Philosophy in the Bedroom » of DAF de Sade.
      It is a delightful reading written in the form of a dramatic dialogue (although the represented actions are sometimes a bit excessive)
      In the final act, Wiki says, Eugénie's mother, Madame de Mistival, arrives to rescue her daughter from the "monsters" who have corrupted her. Eugénie's father, however, warns his daughter and friends in advance and urges them to punish his wife, whose person and virtue he clearly loathes. Madame de Mistival is horrified to find that not only did her husband arrange for their daughter's corruption, but Eugénie has already lost any moral standards she previously possessed, along with any respect or obedience towards her mother. Eugénie refuses to leave and Madame de Mistival is soon stripped, beaten, whipped and raped, her daughter taking an active part in this brutality and even declaring her wish to kill her mother. Dolmancé eventually calls in for a servant who has syphilis to rape Eugénie's mother. Eugénie sews up her vagina and Dolmancé her anus to keep the polluted seed inside and she is then sent home in tears, knowing her daughter has been lost to the corrupt, libertine mentality of Dolmancé and his accomplices.

    10. yikes marquis! Too rough for me ;-)

  8. The girls' characters are like those of a comic book where girls dominate the world.
    They are manipulative, experienced, and when they are humiliated it is for their pleasure. They know that they are not inferior. Ridicule does not kill them (they have always been trained). Shame is not for them an unpleasant feeling.
    They don't believe in all this.
    Darryl, on the other hand, is often "taken by surprise". Humiliation overwhelms him. He feels ridiculed. If he takes pleasure it is in spite of himself like a little pussy. He feels inferior and obeys because he believes in all that. Don't you think so ?

    1. J. Stern, I can't speak for Julie, but as her co-writer of this story, I think that is an excellent analysis. The girls ARE like comic book characters because the story is pure erotic fantasy, not an attempt at realism. It is like the extended wet dream of a masochist, heightened by the imaginative participation of an actual dominant woman, our wonderful Strict Julie.

    2. I agree. Also total fantasty for a girl like me as well to be able to engage like that in "real life".

  9. would be fascinating to see Madame Dubois ,Stacey and Julie all in a scene outside of school

  10. Hi there Ms Julie, another great read, I've become quite a fan I must admit, your writing is very stimulating to say the least, and I always look forward to more!..xx

  11. Agree with the above that this would make a great comic book. How about “femdom high” or “”kink school”. Make Uncle John the school principal. He might give darryl the sjambok and a good rogering for his “it’s not fair” leftist views. Next he’ll start believing in climate change! Uncle John also thinks Julie is a “damn fine student” and wishes he “had more teachers like Madame Dubois.” He’s a perfect comic book character. Mr D

    1. Mr.D, what makes you think Darryl is a leftist?

    2. Darryl sees small injustices (although he submits to them) and cries not fair to figures of authority such as his mother and now Julie and her friends. This early sense of social justice is the hallmark of the left is it not? It’s the thin end of the wedge for those on the right such as Uncle John who’ll want to beat the socialism out of him before it develops and becomes climate change believing nonsense or worse. Mr D

    3. Julie and her Mom are definitely gun-totin' Trump-lovin' republicans! ;-)

    4. You are right, Darryl is naturally left leaning. Philosophically and politically, he believes in fairness and equality. And he likes the idea of "the little guy" rebelling against authority. It is, therefore, doubly humbling to find himself turned on by humiliatingly unfair treatment at the hands of cruel, authoritarian women with conservative values. In fact, I have a fantasy about a politically liberal husband who constantly argues with his staunchly conservative sister-in-law, and one day when his wife gets tired of the heated political arguments between him and her sister, she decides to put an end to it by revealing their FLR to her sister and handing hubby over to her sister for a dose of the paddle. Can you imagine how deliciously humbling that would be, to be spanked by a gloating political rival?

    5. Yep nip his liberal tendencies in the bud. Julie can get her Ma’s gun out and have darryl suck on it’s barrel. Good cocksucking training for him and a demonstration of the power of the second amendment. Win win. Mr D

    6. I agree Darryl - so delicious to have a wife turn her husband's political views around like this!

  12. On babysitting my then teenage sister was only 18 months older but took being left in charge very seriously. I hated the power imbalance. Once she caught me masturbating when I should have been studying. “Finish it. You’ll never focus otherwise and I’ll tell mum,” she said and stayed to watch to make sure I did. Humiliating but hot.

    1. That IS hot and humiliating, Anonymous. What do you suppose your mother would have done if you defied your sister and refused to "finish it" and she told on you? Did your sister tease you about it subsequently? Did she embarrass you by telling other people about it?

      Here's an embarrassing thing that happened to me when I was about 12. My parents were away for a few days and our babysitter Henrietta who was 19 or 20 years old stayed at our house during that time. I found that quite exciting because she was pretty, so I masturbated quite a bit while she was there. On Saturday my younger sisters and Henrietta got up early and made pancakes for breakfast. One of my sisters knocked on my door and told me to get up for breakfast. I said I would be down "in a minute." In fact, I was in the middle of wanking, with Henrietta in mind. I guess I took longer than I should have because my sisters suddenly burst into my room, followed by Henrietta. It seems my sisters had convinced the babysitter that they should tickle me out of bed, since I was being a "sleepy head". Imagine my horror when they all burst in as I was approaching climax, with my pajama bottoms around my knees! I yanked the covers up quickly to cover myself, too shocked to protest the invasion of my privacy. My sisters acted as though they hadn't even seen what I was doing. They jumped on the bed and tickled me as I desperately clutched the covers to my chest, since my pajama bottoms were still around my knees. But I knew from the amused look on Henrietta's face that she had seen exactly what I was doing. She was taller than my sisters, so she had a better angle of vision when the door had been flung open. After my sisters had tickled me and tried to pull me out of bed for minute, Henrietta told them to withdraw, "so your brother can get dressed," making it clear she knew I was undressed under the covers I was desperately trying to prevent my sisters from pulling off. I was relieved that nobody commented on what had happened when I went down for breakfast. But I'm sure I was red faced because I knew from the way Henrietta was smiling that she had seen me penis in hand. Something that amuses me when I remember the incident is that I remember thinking, with mortification, that Henrietta must have thought I was doing something very strange because I didn't know that everybody masturbated. I thought it was a weird thing that only I did. LOL

    2. Henrietta sounds very desirable. I bet that later she sometimes thought about catching you penis in hand.

      On your question my sister certainly did tease me and ask me how my “studying” was going to which I would reply fine how’s your “studying” going. This remained an in house joke between us although I was always on the losing side of it.

      There was a period when I took to masturbating in her room when she was out. Her room was clean and feminine and it gave me a little thrill. Unfortunately I once left a soiled t shirt behind which gave the game away. She came up behind me and rubbed the t shirt in my face and I got a stern but amused lecture about no “studying” in her room and a lack of control. Humiliating again.

    3. It's why boys need spankings. From sisters and babysitters!

    4. Right, Julie, boys need lots and lots of spankings...from sisters and babysitters and sisters' friends and sisters of friends and girl cousins and... LOL I have an overactive imagination.
      Could there be any humiliation more primal than getting spanked as punishment for getting caught masturbating?

  13. Fun fact the proper way to measure penis size in sexual and urinary medicine is to measure the stretched flaccid length. No erections as these vary depending on the strength of arousal.

    1. Good thing Madame Dubois is teaching French rather than urinary medicine. ;-)
      Thanks for the tip.

    2. For darryl it was "maximum" strength!

  14. It is reading stories like these, when I was growing up, that turned me into a Spanko. Love it so far, can not wait to see what happens next.

  15. On sisters I shared a bathroom with mine. She was always banging on the door telling me to hurry up when I was in the shower.
    “What’s that noise? You’d better not be jerking off in there.”
    “Sure am. Spraying it everywhere.”
    “Ew you’re so gross!”
    cheeky sub

  16. Just love this story -- boys being spanked and humiliated, strap-wielding French teachers, and girls spanking each other. Thanks, Darryl and Julie! TL

  17. Glad you are enjoying it, Anon. It has been fun writing it with Julie.

  18. Time for a school excursion? Madame Dubois takes the class to a French art exhibition to see the work of Edouard Manet whose famous work “Luncheon on the Grass” shows naked women relaxing and bathing.

    While darryl looks at the painting, Julie and Stacey mimic blowjobs and show him a little tit and thigh. Predictably, darryl gets an erection and starts tenting his trousers.

    Madame Dubois sees his little trouser cock bulge and is horrified at such disrespect to the ladies depicted by the great French Master artist! Darryl tries to blame Julie and Stacey for his erect state but they’ve resumed their positions and are studiously taking notes and making sketches.

    Madame declares that as darryl’s offence was public so too will be his punishment. On the way back to school at the front of the crowded school bus, darryl’s pink panties are pulled down to his ankles and Madame Dubois gives his naked backside a hot 100 while he is forced to say over and over “Je dois respecter les femmes”.