The Bargain (Chapter 5)

Fiction by Darryl and Julie
[continued from The Bargain (Chapter 4)]

While Julie was busy with Stacey, Darryl sought Leslie in her usual spot in the comfy chair by the window of the student lounge. Groups of students were scattered around the room, but fortunately Leslie was fairly isolated. The long walk across the lounge towards her reminded him of his embarrassing attempt to ask her out previously. His heart was beating just as hard this time, but for a different reason. He knew Julie had told her of his unauthorized masturbation the previous night, and he had no idea how disappointed or angry she might be. Would she reject him now?

Darryl was encouraged to see that Leslie looked more amused than angry when she looked up from her book at him. "Let me finish this chapter," she said, "then we can talk." Darryl felt awkward standing there when she went back to reading, so he looked around for another chair. When he began to move towards it, Leslie said without even looking up, "I told you to wait. I didn't give you permission to sit down."

"Yes, Miss Leslie," Darryl replied meekly, hoping nobody was close enough to hear. He continued waiting while Leslie continued to read. But with each minute, he felt more awkward and self conscious. He looked around and saw that people in other groups were glancing at him as they talked, and he was sure they must be talking about him. How strange it must look to them, he reflected, that he was waiting on Leslie without sitting down himself. As his self consciousness grew, he wasn't sure what to do with his hands, or what posture would look most nonchalant. He rested his hands at his sides. Then he clasped them behind his back. Then he turned part way around to pretend he was looking at something outside the window.

Leslie was only pretending to be reading now. In fact, she was completely attuned to Darryl's growing feeling of embarrassment, and this subtle exercise of power was arousing her almost as much as a more blatant display like publicly spanking him would. Maybe more, she reflected. Subtlety is sexy. When Darryl turned to look out the window, she quietly scolded him without looking up: "Face me while you wait! And stop fidgeting. And don't slouch."

Darryl hastened to obey, blushing deeply. To be waiting for Leslie to finish her chapter while he stood almost like a soldier at attention felt so unnatural that he couldn't help thinking that everyone must be thinking how ridiculous he was. When Leslie finally closed her novel and looked up after about five minutes that seemed like an hour, Darryl was happy to see that she still looked amused rather than angry.

"You sister tells me you have been a naughty boy," she said, smiling at the way he looked around nervously to see whether anyone had heard.

"Yes, Miss Leslie," he replied shyly. "I'm so sorry. I'll do better in the future."

"I know you'll do better," she said. "I'm going to make sure of that. But first of all, I need to know what I'm dealing with. Tell me, how often do you masturbate?"

Darryl blushed furiously to hear his most shameful secret named in a public place. He was sure everybody must have heard!

"I didn't, exactly, masturbate Miss Leslie," he said, speaking softly, trying to dig himself out. Leslie looked at him skeptically. "I just was touching myself there and all of a sudden it just sort of happened."

"Nonsense," said Leslie, a little louder. "Don't you play games with me. You rubbed your cock and then you came as a result of it. That's masturbation, whether it was an 'accident' or not. Now answer me, how often do you masturbate?" Leslie emphasized that last word, and she caught out of the corner of her eye a few people turning to look, not sure what they just heard.

 "I'm not sure," he said, looking around nervously, calculating if anybody was within earshot.

"I bet you do it every day," Leslie said. "Do you do it every day?" Darryl blushed and nodded. "I figured as much," Leslie observed. "I bet you do it more than once a day," she continued. "Am I right?" Darryl nodded, practically squirming with shame. Leslie nodded and looked at him thoughtfully, her expression inscrutable. He felt she was judging him, and he wished he knew which way the judgment was going.

"I should be very angry with you, shouldn't I?" she finally asked.

"Yes, Miss Leslie," he replied meekly. "I'm sorry. I won't do it again. I promise."

"I don't believe you," she replied, her bluntness hitting him like a blow in the stomach. He felt like he wanted to cry. "But I'm not terribly upset," she added. "Do you know why?" Darryl shook his head. "I'm not upset because I'm not surprised," she observed. "Shy boys like you are not difficult to read. A girl can read from the look in your eyes that you have had shameful fantasies about her." Darryl blushed more deeply, hoping to God that was not true, given the shameful promiscuity of his imagination. "The other reason I'm not angry is that I am going to enjoy breaking your dirty habits and making you into a good, obedient boy. Can you understand that?"

"I think so," he replied, not really certain he did. Darryl was unaware of something Leslie had recently discovered: the existence of male chastity devices. Leslie's long term plan was to have Darryl's little cock under lock and key so as to have complete control over his access to orgasms, and the fact that masturbation was such a big part of Darryl's present life made that prospect all the more exciting to her.

"But I am going to have to punish you, don't you agree?" Leslie asked.

"Yes, Miss Leslie."

"Maybe I should do it right now, to get it out of the way," she teased. "Would you like me to take you over my knee and spank you right now?"

Darryl looked around apprehensively at the groups of students scattered around the lounge. "No, Miss Leslie. Please don't!" he implored quietly.

Leslie smiled, pleased at Darryl's response. She had no intention of spanking him right there. As much as it would have turned her on to do so, she knew that she and Darryl would both be in deep trouble if she did it. But by begging her not to do it, Darryl had implicitly acknowledged that her authority over him extended that far. "Okay, I'll spare you that," she said. "You've had more than enough public humiliation these last couple of days. Besides, I can have more fun punishing you at home. I've got the car today, and there's nobody home at my place."

"But what about our afternoon classes?" Darryl asked. Such was Darryl's natural tendency to submit to authority that he was hesitant about cutting classes even to go home with the girl of his dreams.

Another girl might have been insulted by Darryl's hesitation, but Leslie understood the reason for it and valued that aspect of his personality. "It's okay to skip a couple of classes, naughty boy," she teased. "I'll write you a note if you get in trouble."

Darryl felt shamed by the implication that Leslie was casting herself in a maternal role. Leslie stood up and smiled as she looked him in the eyes. "I hope you never lose your ability to blush," she said, brushing one burning cheek with the back of her fingers. "Your self consciousness is sexy. And now I'll give you something else to make you blush and give people something to talk about." With that, she leaned into him and gave him his first ever kiss on the lips.

The effect of that kiss, Darryl's first and coming from the girl of his dreams, was electric. Darryl caught his breath, his heart skipped a beat, and butterflies fluttered in his stomach as Leslie's lips lingered on his. When Leslie's tongue darted teasingly into his mouth, he almost swooned. Pulling her face back to look into Darryl's eyes, Leslie smiled at the look of wonderment on Darryl's face. His innocence turned her on, such was the power it gave her over him.

Darryl was still blushing as Leslie led him out of the student lounge by the hand. Everyone was looking in amazement at the unlikely couple that had just formed. Leslie met the looks of amazement with an amused smile. Darryl felt too self conscious to make eye contact with anyone, but he also felt proud to be seen in a light that would make many guys jealous.

During the drive to Leslie's house, Leslie asked Darryl questions about his meeting with Professor Dubois, Stacey Morningstar, and his sister. She was both amused and amazed to hear that the teacher had applied the strap to Stacey's bum…at Stacey's own suggestion. She laughed out loud when Darryl told how they had made him wait in the hall, at Julie's suggestion, for the panties down portion of Stacey's strapping. "So you didn't get to see Stacey's bum because of Julie. She's such a bitch, eh?" she said, laughing.

"But I bet you feel good at having been avenged on Stacey," Leslie concluded. When Darryl didn't agree immediately, Leslie glanced at him curiously. "There's something you're not telling me," she said, casting quick glances from the road to Darryl's face. "What aren't you telling me about the meeting? Don't make me ask Julie," she added with a hint of menace.

Thus, with a great deal of hesitation and many prodding questions from Leslie, Darryl revealed the story of his further humiliation at the hands of his French teacher in front of Stacey Morningstar and Julie. "Oh, poor baby!" Leslie exclaimed at intervals, but her expressions of sympathy were accompanied by a great deal of laughter.

"Madame Dubois didn't really get Stacey to measure your cock with a ruler, did she?" Leslie asked, seizing on the most arousing detail. Darryl nodded, his cheeks burning, as Leslie glanced at him. "And what was the measurement?" Leslie asked, unable to contain her amusement. When Darryl told her, Leslie burst out laughing again.

"I'm sorry, baby," Leslie said a moment later, taking in the hurt look on Darryl's face with another glance. "I don't mind that you have a small cock. I think it's cute. I doubt you would be so sweet and submissive if you had a bigger cock. And anyway, the most important fact about your cock isn't that it's small, but that it belongs to me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Miss Leslie," Darryl replied shyly, overwhelmed by feelings of shame and vulnerability that deepened his growing devotion to Leslie.

Darryl expressed amazement at the size and opulence of Leslie's house when she steered the car into her driveway a few minutes later. "Your parents must be rich!" he exclaimed.

"My grandparents more than my parents," Leslie corrected. "My mother's parents' money made this possible. And I'll be coming into a lot of money myself when I turn 21," she added.

Leslie led Darryl through the high-ceilinged hall and kitchen to a bright sun room overlooking a lush garden at the back of the house. "Take off your shirt and pants," Leslie ordered, sitting down in an easy chair to watch. "I want to see you in the panties Julie made you wear."

Darryl looked around apprehensively at the floor to ceiling glass windows on three sides of him. He felt as exposed as he would in a public park. "Don't worry," Leslie said, "it's quite private here," although she was herself excited by a feeling of exhibitionism due to the aquarium like setting.

"But what if your parents come home?" Darryl asked.

"They won't," Leslie assured him. "I'm picking them up at the train station myself later."

Darryl unbuttoned his shirt with trembling hands, looking down demurely, too embarrassed to look into Leslie's amused and appraising eyes. Leslie clapped her hands together and laughed gleefully when Darryl lowered his pants, revealing the feminine pink panties Julie had selected for him.

"I was with Julie when she bought those panties," Leslie commented. "They're sexy on her, and they're adorable on you. You look so cute!" Darryl blushed, shamed to be praised in such feminine terms, and yet excited to be praised at all by such a desirable girl. His cock surged. The flimsy, sheer material of the panties would have been insufficient to contain a larger cock, but his remained prettily trapped. Leslie leaned forward and traced the outline of it with her fingertips, making him shiver with shame and delight.

"It's so cute," she murmured, as though his cock was a kitten. "Does that feel good?" she asked, stroking it through the silky fabric with the backs of her fingers. "Yes, Miss Leslie," Darryl replied, trembling from the effort not to lose control and cum suddenly. "I'm glad you like it," Leslie cooed seductively. Little did Darryl suspect that Leslie was aroused by the prospect of having the locus of such intense pleasure under lock and key so that his own access to it would be at her whim.

"Turn around now," she ordered. Darryl turned away from Leslie, so that he was now facing out the back window. He scanned the cedar border of the yard's perimeter nervously, wondering whether it was really a complete barrier from prying eyes.

"Mmmm. Very nice," Leslie murmured, tracing the sculpted lace fringe of the panties with a fingertip, amazed at how feminine Darryl's pert bum looked, with the lower quadrants of his buttocks exposed. "Very pretty indeed," she cooed. "I can see why Madame Dubois wanted to spank you by hand. Lots of girls would be jealous of such a pert, spankable bum." Once again Darryl felt a simultaneous rush of emasculating shame and pleasure.

"I'm tempted to take you over my knee for a good hand spanking now," Leslie continued, "but that would be more like a reward than a punishment, don't you think?"

"Yes, Miss Leslie," Darryl replied, with a catch in his breath as Leslie teased his scrotum with exploratory fingers.

"Good, then let's get your punishment out of the way," Leslie said in a business like tone. She stood up and pointed at an antique looking armchair. "Kneel on the chair with your elbows resting on the back," she ordered. "Good," she said, when Darryl had obeyed. "Now wait here while I get something to punish you with."

The heels of Leslie's boots clicked as she stalked out of the room, leaving him feeling exposed and vulnerable in his pink panties. In spite of Leslie's assurances of privacy, the glass walls on three sides of him made him feel like he was on a stage. His posture increased the feeling of exposure because resting his elbows on the back of the armchair as Leslie had commanded forced him to stick his bum out. His pantied bum, which Leslie had called "pretty", like the bum of a girl!

Butterflies raced in his stomach as he heard Leslie's approaching boots clicking on the floor. "Look what I have!" she said gaily, as she re-entered the room. Darryl looked and saw that she was flourishing a leather riding crop.

"This was my grandma's," Leslie said. "As I said, my grandparents are rich, and my grandmother used to be an accomplished equestrian. She gave this to me as a family heirloom. She's a strong and bossy woman, and I think she would be proud if she could see the use I'm putting it to now. I wouldn't be surprised if she used it on my grandpa. I know for sure that he always towed the line."

Leslie took position beside Darryl and touched the crop to his pantied bum. She didn't want to bare him immediately because the panties looked so cute. "Arch your back to push your bum out for me," she instructed. Darryl felt even more shamefully feminized as he arched his back to position his bum more prominently. Leslie repositioned the crop so that it was laid across the exposed skin just below the lacy edge of the panties. "I'm afraid this is going to hurt, honey," she said sympathetically. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, Miss Leslie," Darryl replied apprehensively.

Darryl expected the crop to hurt the way his mother's razor strop always hurt, but he was unprepared for the difference. It made a whip like swoosh as it descended, followed by a sensation like a line of fire across the exposed base of his buttocks. He cried out and bucked spasmodically.

"I'm sorry, baby," Leslie said, noting how the crop had left a crimson line across the exposed part of Darryl's buttocks, "but masturbating without permission is a serious offence. You want to take your punishment to show Miss Leslie how sorry you are, don't you?"

"Yes, Miss Leslie," he said, already sniffling.

"Good boy," she cooed. "Stick your bum out again. Like that. Yes. There's mommy's brave little boy. Now try to hold that position."

Darryl had hoped to make a display of manliness by remaining still and taking his punishment in grim, Stoic silence. But each of the four following strokes made him buck and cry out in pain. After the fourth one he was crying.

Leslie went in front of him, bent her face close to his, and wiped his tears away with the back of her fingers. "Poor baby, you're crying," she cooed.

"I'm sorry!" Darryl sobbed, ashamed of his weakness.

"No, baby, don't be sorry," Leslie said, kissing him gently on the forehead. "There's no need to play the big, strong man with Miss Leslie. You can cry like momma's little boy if you like."

Before Darryl could protest that he wasn't a little boy, Leslie took his breath away with another kiss on the mouth. But this time she pushed her tongue into his mouth with a hard, aggressive thrust, as though fucking his mouth symbolically with her tongue the way she had known some aggressive guys to do. It pleased her that he took it demurely.

Drawing her face back, she looked into his eyes. Once again she saw an expression of wonderment on his face, and his virginal innocence excited her. "I have a treat for you," she said. She stood up and peeled off her top. Then she unhooked her bra and let it fall to floor. Darryl's eyes opened in wider wonderment, as Leslie stood before him bare breasted. Leslie put her hand in his hair at the back of his head and guided his mouth to her right nipple. "That's it, baby," she cooed, as he closed his eyes and began to suck. After a moment, she guided his mouth to her other breast.

Leslie enjoyed the sensation of Darryl's hungry mouth for a moment. Then she gently pushed him away. "You can have some more, baby," she said, "but I need to finish your punishment first. Will you take another six strokes like mommy's brave little boy?"

"Yes, mommy," Darryl said. It shamed him to call a woman younger than he "mommy", but he followed her lead, wanting desperately to please her.

Leslie stood next to Darryl again, and he repositioned himself to present his bum to her crop. This time she rolled his panties down to the tops of his thighs to bare his bum completely. Then she finished his punishment with six more measured strokes, giving him time to cry and recover between each one. He dreaded each stroke, but at no time did he consider rebelling against Leslie's authority, such was his desire to please.

When she had finished, she took Darryl in her arms and comforted him. She asked him if he promised to try to be a good boy from now and, and between sobs and sniffles he said he would. She took his panties off completely so it they wouldn't chafe against the crimson welts across his bum. "Poor baby, look at you," she cooed, lifting his now limp cock with a finger, "your little pee pee has gone all limp and soft. Let's go to my bedroom where I can look after you better."

She led him, still sniffling, by the hand to her bedroom. The house was big, so by the time they reached the bedroom Darryl's imagination about what might happen there had been sufficient to stir the beginning of another erection. "Oh my, look at you!" Leslie said with a giggle when she looked down at Darryl's cock upon reaching the bedroom. "What a naughty boy you are! Did you think I would let you fuck me on our first date?"

Darryl didn't answer, but he didn't need to. He blushed guiltily because that was exactly what he had hoped. "Silly boy," Leslie giggled, giving his almost erect cock a flick with her fingers.

She bade him lie down on the bed on his stomach. He did so, worried that she had some further punishment in mind for his exposed bum. But Leslie left the room for a moment then returned with a jar of lotion in her hand. "This should ease the sting a bit," she said. She sat next to him and gently applied the soothing lotion to his welts. When she had finished, she trailed her fingers down the cleft of his bottom, causing him to moan. She smiled and put some more lotion on her fingertips. Then, with the thumb and fingers of her other hand, she parted his bum cheeks and softly applied the lotion into the crack of his bum.

Darryl's breath caught and he uttered a small cry of surprise at the sensation of Leslie's fingers on the most shamefully secret part of his body. "Does that feel good?" Leslie asked, teasing the exterior of his tight, puckered orifice with a slippery finger? "Oh yes!" Darryl moaned. As Leslie continued to pleasure him that way, they had two separate trains of thought. Darryl recalled guiltily how his sister had made him touch her there with his tongue that morning, and he had an inkling of the sensual enjoyment she must have taken from that. Leslie was recalling her fantasy of "deflowering" Darryl with a strap-on on their wedding night. She was tempted to use a hand held dildo on him right away, but she resisted the temptation so as to savour the anticipation and the romance of a wedding night deflowering.

"There, you can turn over now," Leslie said, standing up and wiping her fingertips with a towel. Darryl would have liked to ask Leslie to continue her delightful teasing of his butthole, but he knew better than to ask. He rolled onto his side and watched wide-eyed as Leslie stripped down to her panties. She stopped and appeared to think for a moment. "Hmm, should I take my panties off?" she asked, as though speaking to herself. "Do you promise to be a good boy if I take my panties off?" she asked, directing the question at Darryl.

"Yes, Miss Leslie!" Darryl replied breathlessly, his heart hammering.

Watching the expression of wonderment in Darryl's eyes, Leslie wriggled out of her panties. "Okay, no fucking," she reminded him as she laid herself down next him. "We might want to get married some day, and I want to marry a virgin. I'm an old fashioned girl, that way," she said with a wink. "But you've taken your punishment like an obedient boy, so as a reward you can touch me wherever you like."

Darryl hesitated, hardly daring to believe he had the right to touch such a beautiful, naked girl, and uncertain where to start. "Don't be shy," Leslie said. Keeping her eyes on his so as to enjoy his expression of deepening wonderment, Leslie took his hand and guided it to her breast. "Go ahead, feel it," she coaxed. Darryl felt her breast timidly, as though too much enthusiasm would awaken him from this dream. "Such a shy boy," Leslie murmured, taking Darryl's hand again and moving it to her other breast, and showing him wordlessly how to roll her stiff nipple gently between fingers and thumb the way she liked.

So it continued, Leslie giving Darryl a tour of her naked body, guiding his hand from place to place with hers, showing him how she liked to be touched and caressed. Darryl's shyness, his need for permission, felt wonderfully arousing to Leslie. She would never have dared to do this with any of the other guys she knew unless she intended to be fucked. The feeling of empowerment she got from her total control over Darryl's discovery of her body was as erotic as the power she had exercised in punishing him. The unmasked expressions of childlike wonderment and gratitude on Darryl's face excited her too.

When she finally guided Darryl's hand to her sopping pussy, he was so overwhelmed that he closed his eyes. "Open your eyes and look at me," she commanded softly, as she showed him how she liked to be touched "down there." Darryl opened his eyes and looked into hers. Leslie's smile made him blush again. "Can you feel how wet I am?" she whispered. Darryl nodded.

Once again Leslie gave Darryl a sustained kiss on the mouth. The kiss began with lips caressing lips. Then she made his heart flutter as her tongue darted and flicked teasingly into his mouth. French kissing, he thought. Then those teasing flicks turned to deep, aggressive thrusts, as though she was fucking his mouth with her tongue. When Darryl began to answer Leslie's tongue thrusts with thrusts of his own, Leslie pulled her face away and put a finger on his lips. "Uhn uhn, not like that," she instructed. "I want you to be demure when we kiss. When I French you, I'll give and you'll receive. Do you understand?" When Darryl nodded, Leslie went back to French kissing him with increasing dominance. As she did so, she ran a hand down his back and over his bum. She felt his body tense as she squeezed a buttock.

Breaking off the kiss again, she asked, "That still hurts does it?" Darryl nodded. "Poor baby," she said. "Here, let mommy soothe her naughty little boy." With that she put a hand behind his head and guided his mouth once again to her nipple. "Mmmm," she murmured contentedly, as Darryl began to suck, "that's good. Mommy had to punish her naughty little boy, didn't she? But now he gets a reward."

Leslie found it strangely exciting to call herself "mommy" as Darryl suckled at her breast. What's that about? she mused, as she enjoyed the sensations. Once again, she decided that it was a feeling of power. By calling herself Darryl's 'mommy', she was usurping the power of Darryl's real mother and consigning an adult 'boyfriend' to the status of perpetual child relative to her. Darryl felt even more shocked because for an instant Leslie was juxtaposed in his mind with his real mother, and it felt wrong to be so aroused. But he was aroused, and the wrongness of his arousal seemed to arouse him even more.

Finally, Leslie was so turned on that she needed to cum. She pushed Darryl's hungry mouth away from her breast and whispered, "Do you know what cunnilingus is?" Darryl nodded. "Oh, that's good," Leslie said, somewhat surprised. She had expected Darryl to be as innocent as Marie had been. "Would you like to try that?" she asked. "Would you like to lick mommy's pussy like a good boy?"

"Yes please, mommy," Darryl replied, even more shocked to hear himself using the word "mommy" in this context. Involuntarily, an image of his parents flashed through his mind. He wondered whether his real mother made his father do what Leslie was asking him to do. And then—oh God!—he actually pictured it

Leslie positioned herself on her back with a pillow under her bum and spread her legs to make it easy for Darryl. Then she closed her eyes to enjoy the sensations as he went to work. She had only experienced cunnilingus with one of her previous boyfriends, and his performance had been less than spectacular. In her experience, most guys were selfish about oral sex. They all expected to receive it, but many were squeamish about giving it. It didn't help that, unlike her friend Julie, she hated to give blow jobs. It disgusted her to have guys shoot slimy gobs of sperm into her mouth, so she couldn't really expect guys to go down on her. Well, not most guys. With Darryl it would be different. She felt that from him she could receive oral sex selfishly with no obligation to reciprocate. His reward would come from serving her.

Darryl threw himself into the task with enthusiasm, applying the knowledge he had acquired from his little sister the previous night. As a result, the pleasure exceeded Leslie's wildest expectations, and she had one of the best orgasms of her life, bucking and squirming and grinding her pussy into Darryl's face. For his part, Darryl felt great pride in his success. He rested with his face against Leslie's inner thigh as she slowly came down from her orgasm, her breathing gradually slowing.

When Leslie had come completely to her senses, she patted the bed next to her, summoning Darryl to lie next to her again. "Oh my God, Darryl," she said, "that was wonderful. You must be a natural born pussy-licker to do such an incredible job on your first try."

A look of guilt flashed over Darryl's face, catching Leslie's attention. She propped her head up on her hand and looked down at Darryl intently. "That was your first time licking pussy, wasn't it?" she asked.

"Of course," Darryl replied. His eyes darted furtively to the side as he said that, deepening Leslie's suspicion.

"You're lying!" she exclaimed, punching him in the arm. "That wasn't your first time, was it?" She took Darryl's failure to answer as an answer. "But how is it possible for you to have done that?" she asked. "Julie says you've never even kissed a girl."

The look of guilt on Darryl's face deepened into one of fear.

"Jesus Christ!" Leslie exclaimed as the only possible answer dawned on her. "You've gone down on your sister, haven't you?"

Overcome with shame, and fearful that Leslie would banish him from her sight forever, Darryl began to cry. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," he moaned. "But you told me I had to obey her. You said I had to do everything she asked."

"That's true, I did say that," Leslie allowed. "So you're saying Julie made you do it?" Darryl nodded, sniffling and looking at Leslie through a blur of tears. "But tell me this, Darryl Wright," she pursued. "When she made you do it, did you like it? And don't try lying to me! Your face is an open book."

Darryl nodded. "I'm sorry," he sniffled. "I didn't want to like it. It felt wrong, but I couldn't help it."

Leslie looked at him thoughtfully for a moment. She knew what he meant about being aroused about something that felt wrong. Had she not made Darryl call her "mommy" as he sucked on her nipples and licked her pussy? How wrong was that! And she had to admit that the thought of her slutty friend dominating her brother in such a transgressive way was starting to turn her on.

"It's okay, honey," she soothed, caressing his cheek with the back of her fingertips. "I'm not mad. Surprised. And a little shocked. But not mad. Did she do it just for fun?"

"No Miss," he said, "she said that she needed to teach me how so I wouldn't be a total loser at it if you ever let me do it to you..."

"I see," said Leslie, "a little instruction was it? Did she ever think I might have wanted to teach you how to do it? But you have to tell me everything that has happened between you and Julie now. Everything. And I will know if you are lying or holding anything back."

Thus, Darryl confessed everything to Leslie, answering her questions, with a great deal of hesitation and many blushes. "You what?" Leslie exclaimed when he got to Julie's demand that he lick the crack of your butt. "You licked her butthole?"

Darryl nodded. He was worried that Leslie's disgust with him would be too much at that point, so he was half relieved, though deeply shamed, when she burst out laughing. "And you probably got turned on by that too, didn't you?" she asked. Darryl nodded again. "I hope she was at least clean when she made you do that," Leslie said. "Did she have a bath or a shower first?"

"I think so," Darryl said.

After another moment of thought, Leslie asked, "Would you like to lick my butthole too?"

Darryl nodded. "If you want me to."

"I do want you to," Leslie replied. "I'm tempted to make you do it right now, but I might not be clean enough back there. I'll want to have a bath first. I don't want my potential husband to get sick. But you can look forward to that when I come to your house tomorrow, okay?" Darryl nodded enthusiastically, flooded with relief that Leslie still considered him a potential husband.

"Alright, so Julie taught you how to perform cunnilingus and she made you lick her butthole," Leslie summarized. "Is there anything else you haven't told me yet?" Once again a look of guilt flashed over Darryl's face. "There is!" Leslie exclaimed. "So tell me, what else did you and your slutty sister get up to?"

Darryl then told Leslie about the blow job Julie had begun before they were interrupted by their mother. About getting caught by his mother hurrying back to his room naked and being spanked by her for it. About the reason he had felt an irresistible need to play with himself, and how Julie had caught him when she came to room with the intent of finishing the blow job. Leslie laughed at the comic twists and turns of Darryl's story, exclaiming frequently that Julie was "a real slut."

"So poor baby got half a blow job and was left frustrated," Leslie said sympathetically. Darryl nodded. "Okay, there's something I have to tell you," Leslie said. "You can't expect to get any blow jobs from me." Darryl looked disappointed but he didn't complain. That pleased Leslie. "I know it's unfair of me to expect oral sex from you when I have no intention of reciprocating, but that's the way it is. Our relationship isn't based on fairness. It's based on you serving me as I see fit. Do you understand?" Darryl nodded.

"Now, what else do you have to tell me?" she asked. Then she was struck by a truly alarming thought. "Julie didn't let you fuck her, did she?" she asked.

"No! No! We didn't do that! Honest!" Darryl exclaimed.

"Look me straight in the eyes and tell me you didn't fuck your sister," Leslie ordered sternly.

"I didn't fuck her," Darryl affirmed, frightened but maintaining unbroken eye contact with Leslie.

After scrutinizing Darryl's face for a moment, Leslie softened. "Okay, I believe you," she said. "Just make sure you never do," she added. "My command that you obey your sister still stands. You will do everything she tells you, except that. If she gives you chores, you will do them. If she decides to punish you, you will submit. If she wants you to go down on her or to lick her butt, you will do it. If she wants to practice her blowjobs on you, her choice. Think of it as practicing for service to me. But if she wants to fuck, you will refuse. She's your sister, after all! And as I said, if you lose your virginity, I will no longer think of you as a potential husband. Your virginity belongs to me! Got it?"

"Yes, Miss Leslie!"

"And that includes your slutty sister's ass and pussy. No sticking your dick in either of those, got it? You can mouth-fuck her, God knows why she would want that, but that's it!"

"Yes Miss!"

"Good," Leslie concluded. "Well then, I should drive you home before I go to pick up my parents at the train station.

"Can I ask you something first, Miss Leslie?" Darryl asked shyly.

"Of course, honey. What is it?"

"I understand about you wanting me to be a virgin until we are married," Darryl said. "But I was wondering, does that mean…" He broke off, looking embarrassed at the question he was about to ask.

"Ask your question," Leslie said, seeing where it was going.

"Well," Darryl said. "Does that mean you're a virgin too?"

Darryl looked embarrassed and disappointed when Leslie burst out laughing. "No," she said, "I'm not a virgin. I guess it seems unfair for me to demand that you remain a virgin when I'm not, doesn't it?"

"A little," Darryl said, struggling to suppress a rising feeling of jealousy that some other guy had done with Leslie what he was not allowed to do.

"Oh, poor baby," Leslie said with a mixture of sympathy and amusement, "you're jealous, aren't you?" Darryl nodded. "It's unfair, isn't it?" He nodded again. "Does that mean you want to break up with me?" she asked. "Maybe we should if you're jealous."

"No, I don't want to break up!" Darryl exclaimed. "I don't mind if you've fu… I mean, if you've been with another guy."

"Three other guys, to be honest," Leslie said, smiling at the look of shock on Darryl's face. "Let me show you something, to be really honest with you," Leslie said.

She went to a cupboard, took at out a fancy looking box, and brought it back to the bed. "I'm going to show you something that I've shown to nobody else except your sister. It's a kind of weird and slutty thing I do." She opened the box to show Darryl the contents. Darryl's jaw dropped as he looked in the box and saw three dildos. He had never seen a dildo before. He didn't even know that dildos were a real thing, but the shape of the objects made their purpose unmistakable.

"I'm a weird sort of collector," Leslie said, enjoying her power to amaze and shock Darryl. "Every time a different guy fucks me, I go to a sex shop, and I buy the dildo that most resembles the size and shape of the guy's cock. Look at this one," she said, picking up one of the dildos. "It's only a couple of inches bigger than yours." The word "only" stung Darryl's pride deeply. He had almost forgotten his insecurity about the size of his cock over the last hour on Leslie's bed. "This one, on the other hand," she said, picking up the largest one, "must be twice the size of yours, don't you think? It's the best approximation I could find to the cock of a rock musician I know who goes by the name Blue. I like to pick one of these cocks when I masturbate, so I can remember what it was like when the guy fucked me." She giggled, as though she was revealing an endearing little foible. "Sometimes I feel so naughty that I use all three in one session, and I imagine the three guys are gang banging me. Isn't that terrible?"

Darryl felt as though he might cry. Leslie had made him think of her as a possible wife, but now…

"Oh, poor baby," Leslie soothed, "don't cry." She kissed him. "I know this is hard for you," she said. "But it's good to be honest with you right from the start, I think. I can imagine how jealous you must feel, but look at your little cockette. It's standing up so hard and proud and oozing pre-cum at the tip." She reached down, stroked his cock, then drew out a thread of precum from the tip of his cock with a fingertip. "See? Your little fellow seems to like this." And, indeed, Darryl's arousal was intense.

"We can break up, if you think it best," Leslie said, as she began pumping his cock with her hand. "But if you're not going to be my boyfriend, I should at least give you one orgasm before we separate." Darryl moaned and shivered as Leslie's fingers worked expertly on his cock. "Do you want to break up, baby?" she whispered.

"No, no, God no," Darryl moaned. "I love you," he gasped.

"Ah, what a sweetie you are," Leslie whispered seductively. "I'll tell you what," she said. "When I come to your place tomorrow, I'll bring these toys with me, and we can play with them when I spend the night in your room. Wouldn't that be fun?"

"Yes!" Darryl gasped.

"I'll let you pick whichever one you like, and you can fuck me with it. You can't fuck me yourself unless we get married someday, and maybe not even then, but you can use another guy's cock to fuck me. I love using these cocks on myself, but it would be ten times sexier for me if my boyfriend held them for me. Would you do that?"

"Yes! Yes!"

"What a good boy you are!" Leslie said. "I wasn't going to let you cum today, but you are such a good boy that I want you to. Cum for me, baby! Cum for mommy," she urged. Darryl came so mightily that thick laces of ejaculate lashed across Leslie's breasts and belly. "Good boy," she whispered, sealing their bargain with a kiss.

Darryl was silent most of the way as Leslie drove him home. "What are you thinking about, baby?" Leslie asked, glancing at him.

"Well, I was wondering," Darryl said, "could you not tell Julie that I told you what she did with me? She told me it was supposed to be a secret.

"She did, did she?" Leslie said with a laugh. "No, I'm afraid I'm going to have to talk to her about it, honey."

"But she'll spank me again!" Darryl whined, the childish sound of it making Leslie smile.

"As would be her right," Leslie said. "But since you will be under her supervision tonight, and I won't be there to protect you, I have to lay down some rules for her, so we are all on the same page. Don't you agree?"

"Yes, Miss Leslie."

"And besides," Leslie continued, "I think I would be within my rights to ask your sister to submit to some discipline herself."

"You want to discipline Miss Julie?" asked Darryl incredulously.

"Why not?" Leslie replied. "She's been a very naughty girl."

"You want to spank my sister?" Darryl clarified, feeling his cock springing back to life under his pink panties.

Leslie cast a shrewd sidewise glance at Darryl. "Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?" When Darryl's only response was to blush, she chuckled. "You are such a naughty boy," she teased. "Maybe you need another spanking too. Now, there's an idea! I could make the two of you, brother and sister, bend over the back of the couch side by side with your buns bared for a good dose of the paddle! Can you picture that?"

Darryl could indeed picture it! They rode on in silence, both of them increasingly aroused by the image Leslie had invoked. As they turned onto Darryl's street, he had one more question to ask before they arrived. "If I belong to you, Miss Lelsie," he asked, "shouldn't I be freed from service to Julie and Marie? I want to serve you, not them."

"Ah, that's sweet, honey," she said, smiling at him. "But by serving them, you serve me too. And I think it's good training for you. If we live together someday, I'm going to expect you to serve me in a domestic capacity, as a sort of housewife, and I think your sister is in a good position to give you that kind of domestic training. Agreed?"

"Yes, Miss."

"Besides," Leslie added, "it would be unfair to take away Marie's authority over you before she has even had a chance to enjoy it. She's really looking forward to the weekend. I don't know whether Julie told you, but Marie's looking forward to spanking you with the hairbrush her mother used to use on her. Her excitement about it is so cute! And she has a lot of pent up aggression to get out of her system from all her childhood spankings which were a little on the abusive side, if you ask me. I wouldn't dream of denying her that! So I'll expect you to submit to Marie's authority too."

As she finished speaking, Leslie turned the car into the Wright's driveway. "I'll come in with you to have a word with your sister before going to the train station," Leslie said. As they got out of the car, Leslie spotted Julie looking out the front window. "We're in luck," Leslie said. "She's home. She must have cut her afternoon classes too. I wonder what she's been up to? I suppose that going back to class would have seemed anticlimactic after the fun in Professor Dubois' office."

Leslie went into the house with Darryl in tow. Julie was sitting languidly in the window with a cup of tea looking very pleased with herself. "You two look happy," said Julie to Leslie and Darryl.

"We are. I just took grandma's riding crop to your brother's ass and had him go down on me," said Leslie. "He was remarkably good at it, for a first timer," said Leslie pointedly to Julie.

"Oh, who'd have thought?" said Julie innocently. "Darryl, show me your butt," said Julie, wishing to change the subject.

Darryl looked over at Leslie questioningly.

"Do as you sister says!" said Leslie sternly towards him.

Darryl dropped his trousers displaying the panties he was wearing.

"Oh, I almost forgot about those. So cute!" said Julie.

Darryl the dropped his panties, turned his backside towards Julie, and bent over lifting his shirt fully above his waist.

Julie whistled and congratulated Leslie on the cropping. Darryl's ass had multiple beautiful tram line welts burned into his flesh.

"Stay like that," said Leslie to Darryl. Darryl held his bent over posture, showing off his severely cropped ass.

"You know, your brother is a terrible liar," said Leslie to Julie. "He spilled the beans about his 'lesson' with you, and all the other slutty things you two have gotten up to."

"That was supposed to be a secret, Darryl," said Julie to her brother. "I'm going to make you oil up the spanking strop tonight, big brother," she added.

"Be that as it may," said Leslie, "don't you think you owe me an apology?" asked Leslie.

"Why? I thought you said he did good," responded Julie

"He did, but did you ever think maybe I wanted to train him myself?" countered Leslie.

"Well, I thought I was doing you a favour, but clearly not, so sorry," said Julie, not sounding very apologetic.

"That, and you're a mega-slut, making your brother do those things to you. I have half-a-mind to take you over my knee and spank you myself," added Leslie.

"You must have half a mind if you think you can do that to me," responded Julie with a smirk.

The two girls were both on the water polo team together, and were frequently competitive in friendly ways with one another, and this challenge was no exception.

"Oh yeah?" said Leslie.

"Yeah!" said Julie.

The two girls squared off with one another, both smiling. Poor Darryl was still bent over, showing off his welted ass to the living room, ignored by the two girls in their friendly battle.

Julie and Leslie lunged at one another, and wrestled each other to the ground. Julie proved to be a bit nimbler on this occasion and managed to pin Leslie face down on the floor with her arm bent behind her back.

"Darryl, fetch me the paddle," said Julie to her brother.

"Don't you dare!" hissed Leslie, laughing and struggling against the pin Julie had her in.

Poor Darryl was in a quandary. He did not know what to do!

Julie saw she was not going to win this battle for her lovestruck brother's obedience, so instead she managed to slide Leslie's prone body across the floor far enough that she could reach for the spanking paddle without letting go of the hold. She then reached for the hem of Leslie's skirt and flipped it up her back revealing Leslie's polka-dotted panties which she then proceeded to lower beneath her sexy girl-cheeks, baring them. With one hand holding Leslie's wrist behind her back, and one knee on the small of her back, Julie began paddling Leslie's rear end!

Leslie kicked her legs and squawked and struggled, but Julie's hold on her was too firm, and she absorbed a very healthy paddling that reddened her rear cheeks. Julie paused with the paddle poised above Leslie's bare cheeks.

"Who's first in charge of my brother?" asked Julie of Leslie.

"You are," said a defeated Leslie, "for now," she added defiantly.

"And that means I can do whatever the hell I want with him, agreed?" asked Julie.

"Yes, but you can't fuck him, ok?" said Leslie.

Julie smiled. "Agreed, I won't fuck him."

"Thanks," said Leslie, sulkily. "And no more secrets?"

"No more secrets. And if you marry him, I agree you'll be first in charge of him after that. Deal?"

"Deal!" said Leslie.

Julie let her friend up and they both stood and hugged and laughed. Leslie rubbed her backside and pronounced the paddle a "bitch". Julie handed the paddle to Leslie and said, "here, I think my brother needs a reminder of his place in the pecking order." Leslie smiled and took the paddle from Julie. She walked over to Darryl, still bent over, still holding his shirt up above his waist.

"Did you like seeing me get paddled by your little sister?" asked Leslie of Darryl.

"No Miss Leslie," said Darryl, though he did not mean it as his surging four inches demonstrated.

"Well, in case you get any ideas," said Leslie as she wrapped her left arm around his waist and then used her right to paddle his ass cheeks hard and fast, releasing all the competitive frustration of having been bested by her friend this time.

She finished and went back over to Julie, handed her the paddle and told her she might be needing it later to teach a certain boy how to keep his confidences.

Darryl was left in his bent over posture, holding up his shirt, with his pants and panties at his ankles this whole time. When Leslie left, Julie told Darryl to strip off his clothes except for his panties and go fetch the dreaded razor strop.

"Oh no please!" begged Darryl. "My butt is already so sore!" he whined. But he went to do as he was told. By the time he returned with it, Julie had set out on the kitchen table a cloth and some leather conditioner. She told him to sit and to work the leather conditioner into the strop to make it good and supple for his stropping. She was called over twice after Darryl believed he was finished, and told to do it again.

When he was finally done, Julie had him bend over the kitchen table where he had been working. She lowered his panties to his ankles, took up the strop and gave him a severe stropping. A full twenty hard strokes that had him sobbing big wet tears before she was even halfway through. Once she was done, she reminded him of the importance of keeping family confidences, and sent him back to return the strop to where it was kept. She told him to come up to her room when he was done.

When Darryl returned the strop, his buttocks burned from the extreme bum warming he had just received, on top of the cropping and a paddling from Leslie (not to mention the hand spanking from Madame). He went up to Julie's room. When he knocked and entered, he was surprised to see Julie lying face down on her bed, completely naked. Julie told him to come in and to close the door behind him. Darryl was very worried that Julie would ask him to fuck her, in direct contravention to Leslie's orders, just to prove she could. The problem was, he was not sure he would refuse!

But no, she pointed to the massage oil on her side table and told Darryl that he should massage her using it. Darryl was almost relieved as he took the oil in his hands and began massaging Julie gently. He enjoyed this "chore", especially massaging her beautiful bottom and upper thighs, which Julie specifically requested he do. Julie then flipped herself over and made Darryl massage her tummy, the fronts of her legs, her breasts, and then ended with the lips of her pussy. Julie gave Darryl precise instructions on how to rub her there, and before too long Julie orgasmed from her big brother's ministrations.

Julie sat up and thanked Darryl for the massage. She pointed at his hard little dickette, still trapped in his panties, and laughed. "Awwww! Did giving me that massage excite you, you poor boy? How will you ever control yourself for the rest of the day?" she asked, referring to his masturbatory habit. "Should I help you with that?" asked Julie innocently.

Darryl, of course, believed she was referring to maybe giving him a blowjob, or at least a handjob, or at least supervising his masturbation. Any of those would be a huge relief! He had already cum earlier that day with Leslie, but he was horny and greedy and wanted another. So he said, "Yes Please, Miss Julie!"

"Ok, then, wait here," she said, pulling on her bathrobe and leaving the room. She returned a couple of long minutes later carrying mittens and duct tape! She put Darryl's hands into big woolly mittens and then securely duct-taped them around his wrists.

"There, that should keep you from disobeying Miss Leslie tonight," said Julie, sending an incredibly dejected Darryl away to toss and turn in his bed, imagining what tomorrow would bring.

[to be continued...]


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