The Marriage Counsellor

Table of Contents

1. Trouble in Paradise
2. The Story Gets Told
3. The Hammer Drops
4. His First Session
5. David at Attention
6. David Confined
7. David Paddled
8. David Plugged
9. David Outfitted
10. David Made Into a Woman
11. David Spit-Roasted
12. David Rewarded
13. The Family Lends a Hand
14. David's New Lease on Life

1. Trouble in Paradise

Julie was stressed. Work was stressful. Home life was stressful. Sex life was stressful. Something needed to change. And that "something" was her husband, David.

Now in their early thirties, Julie and David had been married for just over five years. They had met in their senior year in high school and had dated throughout University. David had studied Commerce and she had gone to Law School. They married right after graduation and moved into a small apartment together. Those were happy days for the couple. Sex was passionate and frequent!

Having entered the workforce and now considering starting a family, Julie and David had upgraded to a house in a good school neighbourhood that they could barely afford. Fortunately, Julie came from a wealthy family who helped pay for the house. Julie also had a trust fund from her maternal grandparents. The trust fund contained enough for the couple to live on very comfortably for life, but it could not be accessed until Julie turned thirty-five which was still several years away. So, for now, house and car poor as they were, the couple had to paradoxically struggle to make ends meet.

Despite the imminent availability of the trust fund, being reasonably well established in her career, and the fact that her biological clock was ticking, Julie was yet holding off on having children. While she loved her husband, he was becoming harder and harder to live with, and she had some nagging doubts about his fathering skills. David tended to be lazy and insensitive with Julie. She worried what it would be like if they had children to care for. They could not currently afford domestic help, and so, as occurs too frequently, the lion's share of the domestic work fell to the wife, to Julie. David would barely lift a finger for those sorts of things. If it came to cooking, cleaning up, doing laundry, cleaning the house, he begged off as that being "women's work" as he "jokingly" called it. This despite the fact that Julie had a stressful job as a lawyer and worked long hours while David's job as an accountant was considerably less stressful (and, to add insult to injury, much less well-paid).

David claimed he did his part by doing all the "manly chores", as he called them, which included keeping the cars running, changing the furnace filters, fiddling with remote controls and electronics, and fixing the odd thing around the house. He was supposed to take out the trash, but frequently forgot and so it was Julie that wound up doing even that most weeks. To Julie's way of thinking, she did a heck of a lot more than he, as he sat around watching sports on TV and drinking diet soda.

The stress of the situation (which included the stress of her demanding job) was weighing more and more on Julie, and they started fighting about the chores. But he would be insufferable and always go back to how he did not do "woman's work". She found herself nagging him so much that they got angry with one another and yelled. Directly related, their sex life faltered. Julie was often exhausted at the end of her day, and David would therefore come to bed after Julie, and so they rarely even had sex anymore.

It came to a head when David suggested again that they start a family. He pressed her on her reasons not to, and Julie expressed her doubts about him. One thing led to another and they started arguing yet again. David yelled and shouted and said some very crude things towards his wife. Julie kept her cool, but David became more and more angry. At one point, with David raging and out of control, Julie even feared for her safety. It had been a long road to get there, with a lot of stressful arguments and tears along the way, and Julie was by now at her wit's end. Something needed to change as she could not go on like this. Without another word she got in the car and escaped to her Mom's house.

She had a good cry with her Mom and talked about the situation at length. The "D-word" was discussed. Her Mom was a good listener and only suggested that Julie and David needed to deal with it as a couple, and ought to see a marriage counsellor to help sort out their issues. Julie's Mom knew a very good one: a friend of hers named Dr. Joyce. Her Mom, knowing money might be an impediment, offered to pay all associated expenses. Julie was in despair for the marriage, but was willing to try to save it, and so she agreed to take the help.

Julie went home and sat down with David who by this time had calmed down and was apologetic about his earlier loss of control. She said that they needed to visit a marriage counsellor to get things under control, and then they could talk about starting a family. David knew there was a problem as well, but attributed it more to Julie's inability to cope with the stress of her job, and was thoroughly oblivious to his part in it (other than him having a temper after Julie nagged him to the brink of distraction). He therefore agreed, hoping the marriage counsellor would teach his stressed-out lawyer-wife some much needed coping skills.

2. The Story Gets Told

The couple managed to keep a lid on things until their first appointment with Dr. Joyce a week later. They arrived separately after work (David driving and Julie by transit), and took a seat in the reception area. The receptionist was a stunning leggy brunette wearing a tight pencil skirt and stiletto heels who looked like she could have been a super-model. While Julie was a reasonably fit and attractive woman, the super-model receptionist could put any woman to shame. It did not help that David gawked. Julie thought that it was somehow inappropriate to have such a hot receptionist in a marriage counsellor's office.

The office was very well appointed, and it looked as if Dr. Joyce must charge a fortune as the marriage counsellor to the rich and famous. Good thing her Mom was paying, thought Julie.

Right on time David and Julie were escorted into Dr. Joyce's office. Dr. Joyce was short in stature, in her mid-fifties, dressed professionally in an elegant outfit. She seemed well put together for her age. There was something about her eyes, though. A sparkling, dancing, intelligence that was immediately engaging. She greeted them both, shook their hands, and bade Julie and David to sit next to each other on the sofa while she took the armchair opposite.

Dr. Joyce opened the discussion. "So, I understand there's trouble in paradise?" She used a light tone, as if to send the signal that she fixes more difficult problems all the time. "Let's have you start, Julie. What's going on? David, let Julie finish without interrupting and you can have a turn after Julie is done speaking."

David felt a little put upon with the assumption that Julie would go first and that he was sure to interrupt her, even scolded ahead of time not to. Well whatever, he thought.

Julie thought it was perfect and was prepared for this. She used her legal skills to lay out a complete and thorough timeline of their troubles, including David's unwillingness to help around the house, the nagging and arguing, and their waning sex life.

As Julie spoke, Dr. Joyce observed David rolling his eyes and itching to get in there to give his side.

"Very complete," said Dr. Joyce after Julie had 'laid out her case'. "Thank you Julie. I can tell you're a lawyer. But there's always two sides to these things. David, I saw you rolling your eyes at some of the things Julie said, why don't you tell us your take on things now."

Finally, David thought, he could tell his side. However David was not as well prepared as his wife. He rambled and shifted blame. He tried to list out all the things he did around the house, but the list was short and a few quick questions from Dr. Joyce established that it was in fact quite little. David was flustered. He made mention of "woman's work" (a phrase Julie hated, but had omitted from her account of matters). Dr. Joyce asked a few penetrating questions regarding this concept of "men's and women's work" that demolished the idea. David said he did not understand the problem, that his Mom always took care of the women's work when he was growing up, and did so without complaint.

"Your Mom didn't work outside the home," Julie said, very frustrated at her husband. "I have a full-time job!"

"Well how about me? I work also!" shouted David, effectively silencing his wife.

Dr. Joyce let that outburst pass, and went on to probe more into the state of their sex life. Julie was straightforward and unembarrassed about it. David blushed and stammered at the whole line of questioning. As a result, Julie drove their part of the conversation. She said that when they were still living in the apartment, sex was frequent, at least several times a week, and David was good in bed, managing to bring her to orgasm via oral sex. Dr. Joyce asked if David was satisfied. He mumbled something affirmative. Julie fleshed out that David would always orgasm himself, usually via vaginal sex, but sometimes by means of her hand or her mouth. As Julie dispassionately explained these things, David blushed an even deeper shade of red.

"Anything more 'out there'?" asked Dr. Joyce.

"No," said David, "what do you mean anyways?"

"For example, anal sex," said Dr. Joyce.

"No!" exclaimed David, outraged.

"Him or me?" Asked Julie with a giggle.

"Either," answered Dr. Joyce.

"He's never had anything up there, God forbid," said Julie. "I'd be willing to give it a try... I mean, either way, but... up me... maybe... I mean, I'd be game... to try it at least..."

"Julie!" said David, again outraged.

"What? It might be fun to try something new," responded Julie.

Dr. Joyce noted David's obvious closed mindedness and discomfort regarding discussions of sexual activity, contrasted by Julie's openness and comfort with it, and thinking it may be significant probed into it.

What came out was that while David was no longer religious, he had been born into a very religious family where discussions of sex were taboo. Julie, on the other hand, was raised in an open environment, where discussion of all sorts was actively encouraged. In fact, Julie's family was even casual about nudity, and the family skinny dipped in the pool together when Julie was younger. That was a tradition David was horrified to learn about, and it mercifully (for him) stopped once he entered the picture.

However, to illustrate the depths of David's discomfort with the issue, Julie recounted for Dr. Joyce  an "amusing" incident at her house early in their relationship when David was visiting. Julie's younger sister, Beth, then about seventeen, walked past him towards the pool completely naked (with her family present and nonplussed). The whole family saw David's shocked and embarrassed reaction. Julie joked with David that he should put his eyes back into his head, implying that David was gawking at her little sister (which he was, obviously so). Even Julie's little sister laughed at David's flustered embarrassment, leaned into him with her pert bare breasts at eye level to the hunched and seated boyfriend, and told him she'd wear a swimsuit when he was over from now on, and went to put one on, her cute bare bum bouncing away. David had to stay seated for quite some time after that, his hands crossed over his lap, while the family gently teased him about it.

According to David's upbringing, nudity was sinful and deeply embarrassing. While it did not mesh with the times or with his current situation, nudity and discussions of sex were both things he remained hung up about to this day.

Dr. Joyce further probed if David's religious upbringing included any type of corporal punishment, such as spanking. David blushed deeply at the question, and especially at the word "spanking", but said that his family's religious tradition was pacifist to a fault, and they did not believe in punishing children in that way.

Dr. Joyce stared deeply at David for a few moments, wrote in her notebook, and then asked the couple to continue, and tell her about their current sex life.

Once again, with David being flustered, Julie took the lead in responding. She said that lately, soon after moving into the house, due to all the stress and arguing, she went to bed early and tired and David would stay away doing "God knows what" at his computer to all hours. As well, as they were frequently arguing, they often went to bed mad at one another which was not conducive to love making. This on top of what seemed to be a sharply declined libido from David. On the rare occasions they did have sex, it was uninspired, he could barely maintain an erection, and she faked orgasm from his uninspired oral to get it over with.

David was not good at processing his emotions. Though Julie was very dispassionate and professional with her account, he was shocked and hurt by these revelations. He felt put upon during the whole session, treated like a child, dismissed, and Julie's laughing and exposing his hang ups about sex and nudity was very insensitive. And then to add to it all, she essentially said he was a crap lover who couldn't get it up and that she faked orgasm with him. It was too much. He lashed out. "well you're such a nagging bitch that I have zero desire to do it anyways, and when I do, to please you, you lie there like a cold fish!"

3. The Hammer Drops

As soon as it was out of his mouth, David knew it had been a mistake. Tears welled up in Julie's eyes, and Dr. Joyce's mouth dropped open in shock.

"You fucking shit..." said Julie in a quiet voice between tears. "That's it. I want a divorce."

"I'm sorry Julie," apologized David, realizing what he had done. "I shouldn't have said that. I lost my temper."

"I... WANT... A... DIVORCE!" shouted Julie.

"Dr. Joyce! Please!" begged David. "Say something!"

"I agree with her," said Dr. Joyce.

"WHAT?" exclaimed David. "You're supposed to be a marriage counsellor. You're supposed to help us stay together, not cause a divorce!"

"What I'm supposed to do is recommend what's best for you. With your uncontrollable outbursts, I fear for Julie's safety and emotional well-being," said Dr. Joyce.

"But please..." said David, looking into Julie's eyes, "I don't want a divorce. I love Julie. I want to start a family with her."

"Yet you seem unwilling to change your behaviour in even the slightest way," said Dr. Joyce, getting a bit hot under the collar now. "You have this ridiculous notion of 'women's work' and use that as an excuse to barely lift a finger around the house. This despite the fact that your wife has a much more demanding and higher paid job than your own. Then you lose your temper and use that sort of language with your wife. 'Bitch'. 'Nag'. 'Cold fish in bed'. I have never heard such an outburst in my office. You should be ashamed of yourself. Thoroughly ashamed."

"Please," begged David. "I didn't mean it. I just got angry. I'll change. I'll do better. I promise."

"Hmmf!" grunted Dr. Joyce. "What do you say, Julie?"

By this point Julie had calmed down considerably, much soothed by Dr. Joyce's support and blunt but accurate appraisal of the situation.

"Thank you Doctor. I feel 'heard' for once. It's refreshing. But with him it just never changes, not the way he's wired. You heard him just now. That's typical. Last time we argued, I legitimately feared for my safety, he was so worked up. In a week's time he'll have forgotten all his promises and we'll be back to square one."

"I will change. I promise," said David.

"Dr. Joyce, given what you've seen, is that even possible?" asked Julie.

"As a woman, I might doubt it. But as a professional psychologist, given that there are certain markers in his personality that I observe, coupled with some effective treatment options that would apply, it definitely is possible if he's willing to take on the necessary work, and if you are as well."

"I'll do anything," begged David.

"What sort of 'work' is this?" asked Julie, a bit dubious at the notion of any sort of 'magic bullet' therapy for her out-of-control husband.

"I would recommend an approach called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT for short. It has an excellent track record and I think will be very effective in your husband's case. It's a psycho-social intervention that aims to address his deep-seated issues. It focuses on challenging and changing unhelpful cognitive distortions, this concept of 'woman's work' for example. Most importantly, it directly addresses behaviours, and helps in the development of coping strategies that target solving current problems, such as his abusive outbursts."

"And it works?" asked Julie.

"Yes. Very high success rate, so long as the client wants to change and does everything required of them to change, which I am hopeful is the case here..."

"It is," said David.

"How long will it take?" asked Julie.

"Generally six months to one year is an appropriate time-frame to aim for," answered Dr. Joyce.

"Way too long," said Julie. "I need to see this turned around within a month, maximum."

"That's very tight," said Dr. Joyce, "but not impossible. It depends on how well he responds to treatment. We'll need to move to a more intense form of CBT, of course. A lot of attention from you. Hard on him. No guarantees, but based on what I've seen already, I do hold out hope. The first session will tell the tale."

"I'm willing to put in the work for a month, and I literally don't care how hard it is on him," said Julie.

Dr. Joyce turned to David and asked, "David, are you willing to take this on?"

"Yes Doctor. Absolutely," said David with a sense of relief. He had thought his marriage was over a scant few minutes ago.

"But I'm warning you, David," said Dr. Joyce. "Because your CBT will be very intensive, I'll be asking you to do unusual things. Things you will want to resist. Things that will be embarrassing to you. Because of the short time, we'll have to use your insecurities as therapy vectors. It will not be easy for you, nor will it be comfortable. Quite frankly, it will be extremely difficult for you. Do you commit to carrying out whatever I ask for the next month, regardless of how odd or difficult it may seem?"

David was getting a bit worried now. But it would only be for a month. And he had resigned himself to doing more of the dreaded housework anyways. He guessed his wife did have a point there. But it was humiliating for a man such as himself to have to do women's work. Based on the way the Doctor was talking, it would probably be half-and-half for the next month, but he was confident he could manage that down over time. And then even what little he would have to do to keep up appearances  would only be until his wife's trust fund matured and they could hire a full-time maid, hopefully a cute live-in one, he mused to himself. "Yes, I promise," he said out loud.

"I am going to insist that your wife hold you very strictly to your CBT program. If you fail to carry out the plan as I will lay it out, I recommend that we immediately terminate the treatment and she makes a longer-term decision about your relationship. Julie, do you agree?"

"Oh absolutely," said Julie. "He better stay on plan or it's over, I swear it is."

"Do you understand and do you agree, David?" asked Dr. Joyce.

"Yes Doctor. Yes Julie," said David.

"Shall we get started then?" asked Dr. Joyce. "We'll do twice-weekly sessions here in the office, and Julie, you'll reinforce what we do in the home. Today can be his first CBT session. We can start in right away if you're both willing?"

"Let's do it!" said Julie, enthusiastically

"yes... ok..." agreed David, with not nearly the same enthusiasm as his wife, and not sure exactly what they would 'do' here in the office.

4. His First Session

"Wonderful," said Dr. Joyce. "David, stand up, go to the centre of the room, and remove your clothing."

"w... w... What?" asked David, shocked and, frankly, bemused.

"You heard me," reiterated Dr. Joyce. "Go to the centre of the room. In front of my desk. And remove your clothing. Every stitch. Down to your birthday suit. Chop chop now."

"What? Why?" asked David, incredulous at this turn of events. This was ridiculous!

"Oh my. Already? Julie?" queried Dr. Joyce

While incredibly odd, Julie was delighting at this turn of events. Her 'macho man' was getting the tables turned on him all right. "If you don't, you know what we talked about," said Julie, reasonably. David noted how his wife smiled like a Cheshire cat as she said this.

"No! It's ridiculous. I won't!" exclaimed David.

"The Doctor says this is what we have to do," said Julie. "So this is what we're going to do! You promised, and now you're already going back on your promise."

"But I NEVER agreed to this!" shouted David.

"You absolutely did agree to do everyting and anything the Doctor asked," corrected Julie.

"But this is absurd! It's perverted even! I won't strip in a marriage counsellor's office. It's ridiculous!"

"Well, I guess that's all there is to say then," said Julie. "I'm filing for divorce tomorrow."

"No! Wait! Don't be silly!" begged David, "not over me refusing to strip, surely!"

"I'm not 'silly', you ass", said Julie, visibly angered. "It's your only chance to save our marriage, like you said you would. I don't fully understand it either, but I trust Dr. Joyce, and you promised. If you're going back on your promise, then it's over. That is my last word on it. Period. Choose."


"CHOOSE! NOW!" yelled Julie.

David could not believe what he was being asked to do. This 'Doctor' was clearly a nutcase, but his wife seemed to be swallowing it hook, line, and sinker. Unfortunately, he had backed himself into this corner where if he did not go along, his wife would literally divorce him. He certainly did not want that. Apart from her other qualities, she had this ridiculously large trust fund soon to mature, and so was the goose who laid the golden eggs, so to speak. And he was, quite frankly, lazy, and wanted the lifestyle the money would bring without working for it.

He figured he had no choice, and said "Ok. Jeeze. Relax. I'll do it. You know how uncomfortable it makes me, but fine. But can someone please explain to me how this has anything at all to do with 'marriage counselling' and why this supposed 'Doctor' shouldn't lose whatever 'license' she has, asking me to do something like this?"

Dr. Joyce took a deep breath, sighed, and said, "just this once I'll give you an explanation, not that it will matter to your treatment in the least whether you understand it or not. But this will be the last time. After that, I expect you to do as you are told without questioning me.

"CBT is to change your behaviour. To reprogram your brain out of counterproductive thought patterns through concrete action. You have strong submissive markers in your personality, I could tell from your body language and your speech patterns. Plus there is your unusually extreme embarrassment regarding sex and nudity. We'll take advantage of these things and use them as our treatment vectors. CBT always requires treatment vectors of some sort, and it's unique to every case, but we need to focus on some very potent and uncomfortable ones if we want to achieve a result within a month."

"But... but... I'm not submissive," said David, latching onto that.

"Yes you are, deary," said Dr. Joyce, "but it doesn't matter what you think. In your specific case you need only act in the patterns of being submissive to female authority in order to reprogram your attitudes towards your marriage. Those attitudes and behaviours have become programmed, largely through early childhood patterning, societally reinforced, and self-reinforced through your own behavioural choices, and quite frankly by your wife's tolerance of them, towards an unhealthy level of male-dominance actualization."

Julie looked sheepish at being called out for having tolerated her husband's bullshit for so long, but no more, she vowed silently to herself.

"And so I'm accentuating the reverse programming, making it deeper and thus more effective, in very extreme ways owing to the short time frame. In particular, I'm targeting enforced nudity in front of your wife and myself, a strange woman, which I fully realize is an area of intense discomfort for you. We'll add in corporal punishment, which you have never experienced as a child, but that you reacted to during discussion with embarrassment. In other words, you'll be spanked."

"wha...?" said David, "no..."

"Yes," reinforced Dr. Joyce, "spanked like a child, bare naked across its mother’s knee. It's called birthday suit discipline, young man. It's proven to be extremely effective in situations just like yours, where there is a problem with female authority combined with a submissive personality."

"You're actually going to spank him?" asked Julie.

"We are going to spank him, Julie," said Dr. Joyce. "In this case it's the most direct route for cognitive behavioural re-programming. I know it's extreme, but if you need results in a month, it's the only way I know of that gives us a fighting chance."

"Ok, well I'm game," said Julie. "But is this legitimate therapy? Where did you get the idea for something like this?"

"Things very similar to it are in the CBT literature," explained Dr. Joyce, "but I must admit to being predisposed to this method as this sort of birthday suit discipline was something I once observed my younger brother subjected to while we were growing up to reprogram his behaviour. For shoplifting, actually. Mother sentenced him to a 'birthday suit spanking' in the living room in front of his younger sister and me. It was the first and only time that had happened. He was stripped and made to stand with his hands at his sides facing his mother and us as he was scolded, all his little bits dangling for us girls to see, which was quite a novel experience for the both of us, and extraordinarily embarrassing for him. Then mother sat and took him across her lap and thoroughly paddled his bottom to the point of tears.

"After that it was about one hour of bare naked corner time with his hands on his head until our father came home, threw him across the back of the sofa, took off his belt, and strapped him purple until he couldn't cry anymore. I remember his penis, testicles, and bottom hole winking at us as he kicked his legs frantically under father's belt. Abusive? Yes, by today's standards. Effective? Extremely. He never did anything like that again, and believe me that my sister and I never even considered shoplifting after seeing that. While I didn't know it at the time, as I specialized in CBT during my Doctorate in Psychology, I came to realize this was the essence of CBT, albeit very extreme, which is what I think is called for here."

David listened to the tale in morbid fascination, and audibly "gulped" at its conclusion.What had he got himself into? This Doctor was bat-shit crazy!

"In your case, David," continued Dr. Joyce, "first you'll strip bare, and then you'll go across my knee, then across your wife's knee. And we won’t be playing paddycake. It will be a real spanking. A real birthday suit spanking. It will likely bring you to tears. This will regress you and re-program you to orient more towards the female parts of your personality which you associate with submissiveness, with doing the housework; and to recognize in the females in your life the masculine personalty traits you associate with dominance, essentially being told to do the housework.

"As I mentioned, this is the extreme version of CBT, but it is quick and highly effective. Unlike my brother, you can be thankful there will be no strapping for you this session, however you will be strapped in future sessions. As I said earlier, no guarantees given the short time-frame but I'm hopeful, and this approach has the best chance of anything. We'll know much more how you respond to it after today's session. Now strip."

"Julie?" begged David of his wife. Surely she would not allow this to continue.

"I'm liking what I'm hearing," said Julie. "Hard cases call for harsh action. You heard the Doctor. Strip."

That was it. There was to be no reprieve. A spanking! An actual... spanking. David blushed shades of red and began removing his clothing. For a spanking, he thought to himself, a bare naked spanking, and his knees weakened. He thought it ridiculous that an established man his age was being asked to submit to a spanking, as if he were a child.  He doubted having his bare bum slapped by either his wife or this small old woman Doctor would hurt at all, but it would be incredibly embarrassing. For now, he knew he had no choice.

He first removed his dress shirt. He draped the shirt over the back of a nearby chair. This can't be happening, he thought to himself as he did it, moving as in a dream, or a nightmare.

"No." said Dr. Joyce. "Fold the shirt properly, as if you were packing, or doing the laundry. Right there on the floor. Get down on your hands and knees. Put it on my desk after you've folded it."

David blushed again at being ordered about with his shirt off, which already embarrassed him, but he laid out his shirt on the floor and carefully folded it into a square and then set it down gingerly on the Doctor's desk. His mind returned to his spanking. Oh no, he was going to be spanked. Actually spanked, like a misbehaving child.

"He needs to work out more," said Dr. Joyce to Julie, observing David's soft chest and stomach area and smallish arms. "Do you have him on a workout program?"

"No," said Julie, "but he does need it," she agreed.

"A healthy mind in a healthy body. We'll add an at-home fitness trainer three times a week to his CBT. Female naturally. I have one I work with who understands CBT. She'll keep an eye on his diet and exercise, and will motivate him in line with his CBT. In other words, she'll whip his ass into shape, quite literally, and with your permission and assistance Julie, with a riding crop to his bare bottom."

Was this nightmare never going to end thought David.

"She will definitely have my full permission to go as hard on him as she see fits," answered Julie, "and I'll be more than happy to lend a hand."

"In that case," continued Dr. Joyce, "get ready for a lot of exertion, pain, and sweating, young man, three times a week. The added discipline of the fitness regime will enhance your CBT, and will tire you out and keep you out of trouble. A side-benefit for you, Julie, is that we'll tighten up his body for you, give it a bit more sex appeal."

"Sounds good! I guess Mom is paying?" asked Julie.

"Yes of course," said Dr. Joyce.

As this discussion was going on, David stood still. He did not think he needed his "ass whipped into shape," much less by a strange woman with a riding crop to his bare bottom!!!

"Nobody told you to stop," said Julie, really getting into the spirit of the thing now. "Continue undressing. You heard the Doctor. You need to be bare naked for your spanking," she taunted.

With an audible groan, David removed his shoes and socks. He bundled his socks and put them on the desk and tucked his shoes underneath the desk. With a sigh he then unbuckled his belt, unclasped and unzipped his pants, and lowered them to the ground, exposing his worn tight white underpants. As David folded his pants and placed them on the desk Dr. Joyce said, "oh my goodness, look at those underpants, hardly what any lady would find 'sexy' at all." Julie and Dr. Joyce both laughed as David blushed, standing there in only his underpants.

"Go on," said Dr. Joyce.

David stood there like a deer caught in the headlights.

"He wasn't kidding when he said he grew up in a very shy household," said Julie by way of explanation. "This is very difficult for him, but I guess you'll just have to do it, baby."

"It's intended to be difficult," said Dr. Joyce.

"Can you...," asked David, "at least let me keep my underpants on for my... sp... sp... spanking..." he begged.

"I'm afraid not," said Dr. Joyce, "it would hardly be birthday suit discipline if you were not in your birthday suit. But I'll tell you what. I'll give you to the count of five to start taking those underpants off. If they're not at least down at your ankles by the time I finish counting, I'll ask my receptionist, Cherie, you remember her, to come in and watch also. Then you'll have two strange women in addition to your wife watching you strip instead of just me. And in that case she'll be invited to stay to watch you get spanked. That motivation should help get those pants down, no? ONE... TWO... THREE..."

David's brain went into overdrive. He knew the Doctor was not bluffing. If he didn't pull his underpants down, the hot young receptionist would be invited in as well. She would see him in nothing but his tight white underpants and would laugh at him. On top of that, he was unlikely to be able to escape the humiliating underpants lowering anyways, because of the divorce threat, and all his little rebellion would do would be to get another woman in here witnessing his stripping, and his spanking!


"Ok ok ok!" David said, having completed his mental calculations. He could not risk the receptionist seeing him strip like this and watching him being spanked!

Realizing the Doctor meant that he literally had until the count of five to get his underpants down to his ankles he quickly pulled his underpants all the way down. As he did so he frantically attempted to cover himself up with his hands and arms. Once his underpants were all the way down at his ankles he stood back up to face the two women, his hands covering his genitals. "They're down! They're down!" he cried out desperately hoping he pulled his underpants down in time to avoid the promised consequences.

"Very good David," said Dr. Joyce. "You pushed it right to the borderline there, but you obeyed in the end so now we don't have to invite Cherie in to see you standing there with your underpants pooled around your ankles, or watching you come across my and your wife's knee for your spanking, do we?"

"No Ma'am," agreed David. He was acutely aware that he was completely, utterly, shamefully, naked. He was blushing red from the top of his forehead to midway down his chest.  Only his hands shielded the final bits of him from the eyes of this strange demanding woman, and from his wife whom he silently noted seemed to be enjoying his humbling far too much.

"Do you see, Julie," said Dr. Joyce, "how we're conditioning him to be responsive to feminine authority already? Don't you think a husband programmed along those lines will be more docile towards his wife and more willing to take on what chores she suggests in a spirit of cooperation?"

"Oh, I see it completely," said Julie.

"Take off your underpants from around your ankles, fold them neatly, and place them on the desk on top of your other clothes," said Dr. Joyce. David turned away, covering his otherwise bare bottom with one hand as he slid his underpants off his feet with the other and folded and placed them as instructed, all one-handed. "That was sloppy," said Dr. Joyce. "Use two hands to fold them and place them."

David took a deep breath and moved his hand away from his bottom, showing off his bare buttocks to the Doctor of Psychology and Julie. He hyperventilated knowing his bare ass was on full shining display. He could not remember the last woman, besides his wife, to see his bare backside. Likely his mother when he was a tot. And not only was it bare, it was about to be spanked! "Good boy," said Dr. Joyce. "No reason to be bashful about that bottom. Your wife has certainly seen it before, and I'll be having a bird's eye view when you're draped across my lap for your spanking. Besides, you have a very cute bottom. Very womanly. Now turn back around and face us."

It was not 'womanly' thought David.

"You know, it is womanly," said Julie aloud with a laugh.

David returned both hands to his genitals and came back to his spot facing his wife and this strange older Doctor. As he stood, he gradually folded forward and knocked his knees together for reasons soon to become evident.

"Stand up straight. Hands at your sides," said Dr. Joyce, "why are you slouching?"

David did not budge. He stood there blushing, shaking and breathing heavily. He was currently bare chested, bare backed, bare foot, bare legged, bare tummy, and bare bum. If he moved his hands he would also be bare cocked and bare balled. Bare everything! His penis and testicles would be on show! And that was not even the worst of it...

Dr. Joyce walked briskly over to him, grabbed him by his upper arm with her left hand, and smacked his bottom sharply with the open palm of her right hand.

"Now!" she said, punctuating her words with a slap to his bare buttocks, SLAP. "At attention! Hands at your sides!" SLAP SLAP. David straightened, groaned in emotional distress, and moved his hands to his sides, exposing his testicles and penis to the women's gaze. As he did so, he revealed all of a sudden what he had been trying so desperately to conceal: a quivering, full blown erection, curving up towards the ceiling!

5. David at Attention

"Oh my goodness," said Dr. Joyce ruefully, looking down at David's newly exposed erection, "I suspected as much. Bad boy!" She then raised her hand and with a resounding open-handed slap smacked downwards onto his erect penis. The intensely painful smack from the diminutive older Doctor landed directly onto his engorged and purpled cocktip. David folded in pain and clutched at his punished penis. "Don't touch yourself!" ordered the Doctor and David cried out and once again snapped to attention with his hands at his sides. Julie smiled.

"Ah ah ah," cried David standing there at attention, erection still strong, as his cocktip throbbed in pain.

"Oh David, how embarrassing," added Julie. "Like a teenager getting a hard-on at the drop of a hat. And in Dr. Joyce's office no less!"

David screwed up his face and eyes and tried not to cry. The nudity was already extremely embarrassing for him. The punishment to his penis was excruciatingly painful and humiliating. But even worse, the erection, in front of a strange older woman, that he was being required to actually show off, was mortifying. All his worst nightmares come true.

"Is an erection like this normal?" asked Julie.

"Well, let's just say it's not unexpected," replied Dr. Joyce. "He had all the markers of a submissive male, whether or not he knew it. Being made to strip by a female authority figure subconsciously excites him. Make no mistake, though, he's not enjoying it, and he doesn't even consciously understand why he's so highly aroused."

“Now let's have a good look at his genitals,"  said Dr. Joyce, walking back to stand beside Julie. "Hmmm... Yes... Decently sized... Clean... Attractive in appearance... Circumcised... Very serviceable," she commented, looking them over.

"I have no complaints," said Julie with a giggle.

David audibly groaned at having his freely displayed, fully erect genitals discussed so openly. He would have a long talk with his wife after this session was over!

"Do you see what we're doing, David?" commented Dr. Joyce. "It's behavioural patterning for increased submissiveness and decreased male dominance. Gradually your attitudes will follow our externalized behaviours."

As the women stood and appraised his genitals, an even more embarrassing thing began to happen to poor David. He shook and cried "no... no... nooo". The reason for his distress was soon evident. A slow-moving stream of clear liquid began dripping from his penis tip.

Dr. Joyce rushed to the coffee table and took a couple of Kleenex tissues from the box. She handed them to Julie. "Be a dear and please hold these under his penis tip to catch the drippings. Don't touch his penis though. He's likely on a hair trigger and I imagine even the smallest touch will result in a full blown ejaculatory response."

Dr. Joyce then pressed a buzzer on her desk. Her receptionist's voice came over the speaker. "Yes Doctor, can I help you at all?" said the sexy voice of the leggy super-model receptionist at the other end of the line. "Yes, Cherie, please bring in a bowl of ice water. The larger bowl. Please hurry. We're trying to avoid a major disaster here." The receptionist answered, "right away, Doctor."

"noooo" complained David at the unthinkable thought of yet another woman seeing him in this state. His instinct was to again cover his genitals, but the leaking precluded it, and as a result his hands just sort of flapped around at his sides in the miserable anticipation of the entrance of the receptionist.

"I'm so sorry, David, it can't be helped now," said Dr. Joyce.

The door opened and in walked the receptionist carrying a clear bowl filled three quarters full with a mixture of ice and cold water. She caught sight of David, his erect penis dripping, his wife catching the strand, and smirked.

David was absolutely devastated. He was bare naked with a quiveringly erect cock leaking from its tip in excitement. And all of a sudden the tall, hot, young, slim receptionist, dressed like a sexy fashion model, walks in on him, sees him, and smirks. Actually smirks. His leaking intensified to a thicker stream.

"Oh my gosh," said Cherie, "he's actually leaking, for real. And it's gotten visibly worse since I walked in. Got a little over excited did he? I can see the urgency. Wouldn't want a bigger accident."

"Put that right there on the floor, Cherie. Thank you," said Dr. Joyce. "Now David, kneel in front of the bowl. Yes, Cherie will stay to watch. Good, now lie across it as if you were doing a woman's pushup from your knees and lower your genitals into the ice water. Very good. Now straighten your arms and arch your back, keeping your genitals in the ice water. There. Isn't that better?"

The three women smiled at the sight of the highly embarrassed husband cooling off his over-excited leaking genitals in the bowl of ice water.

"Ohhhh," moaned David, half from the incredible humiliation, and half from the pain of the icy water on his penis and testicles.

"Cool, isn't it? Are you shrinking back down to size?" asked Dr. Joyce.

"yes ma'am," answered David pitifully.

"We'll give it a few more moments," said Dr. Joyce, and all three women waited and watched while the ice water had its effect.

"Stand up, let's all have a good look at you," said Dr. Joyce.

David stood back up and again glued his hands to his sides. His testicles were shrunken into a small tight ball and his penis was positively tiny.

The receptionist let out a little smirking laugh at the sight and said, "good thing I saw him before, he's certainly not at his best now. Look at his little nubbins hiding in there."

"Cherie," said Dr. Joyce, "can you please remove the ice water bowl and prepare a CBT kit for David. I think, in light of his behaviour, size small for the confinement and large for the insertables is appropriate."

Confinement? Insertables?? thought David to himself, clueless as to their meaning.

"Yes Doctor," said Cherie, as she picked up the bowl and sashayed out of the office.

6. David Confined

"David," said Dr. Joyce, "while we wait for Cherie to return we need to drill into something that was said earlier. Julie commented that you do..." she looked into her notebook, " 'God knows what' on your computer instead of coming to bed and having sex with her. What is it, exactly, that you do?"

"Umm... Uhhh.. N...n...nothing really... just read... and stuff," said David, standing there with his shrunken genitals on full display, his hands glued to his sides, blushing up a storm.

"That's a fib," said Dr. Joyce. "You're watching Internet pornography and masturbating to it." She walked up next to David and said, "I'm going to give your bottom a smack, as if you were a child, every time you fib to me. Now I ask you again, what were you doing on your computer those times?"

"Nothing," cried David.


"Again. WHAT were you doing while your wife was in bed, waiting for you?"

"No. I... I didn't. I..."


"Ok, ok. Yes," said David.

"Yes what?" asked Dr, Joyce.

"Yes I looked at porn on the Internet..."

"and..." prompted Dr. Joyce as she smacked his bare bottom again. SMACK.

"and masturbated to it..." said David sheepishly.

"Filthy boy!" said Dr. Joyce. She moved her hand to his front and began smacking away at his limp penis, catching a bit of testicle as she did so: smack smack smack smack.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" cried David.

"Stand still!" ordered Dr. Joyce as she delivered a half-dozen more smacks to his bare penis: smack smack smack smack smack smack.

"Waaaaaahhhh!" wailed David as he wriggled and moved, his cock flying in all directions as the Doctor gave it a proper smacking.

"Do you know why I smacked your penis, David?" asked Dr. Joyce.

"yessss!" cried David.

"You've been naughty with your penis, and so it gets smacked," said Dr. Joyce. "I have another punishment planned for your penis, though, one you'll like even less than a good smacking."

David literally did not want to know.

After the penis smacking and scolding, David's cock started growing hard again. Commenting on it, Dr. Joyce said, "look at that. What did I tell you? Classic submissive response pattern."

"His poor penis," said Julie, "it really got itself punished. But what's amazing is that you got him to tell you the truth about his masturbation in the first place," exclaimed Julie.

"A spank to a man's bare bottom from a feminine hand will regress him to the mental and emotional state of a child that cannot bear to lie to its mother. Basic psychology," said Dr. Joyce.

"I'll remember that," said Julie.

Just then Cherie re-entered the room carrying two small boxes and a replenished bowl of ice water. "I though we might need this again," said Cherie as she put the bowl down on the floor and began opening the first box.

"David. Calm yourself again," said Dr. Joyce. "You know how."

David blushed anew and again knelt in front of the bowl and then dipped his re-excited and now smacked-sore genitals back into the icy cold water.

After about a minute Dr. Joyce said, "that will do. Stand up David. Hands on your head. Cherie, please attach the confinement device."

Cherie walked over to David and knelt in front of him. "no... please... don't..." complained David, seeing what was in her hand.

Perhaps deliberately choosing to misunderstand, Cherie said, "Oh my God. Keep yourself under control. I'm not going to blow you. I'm just going to attach your device."

Cherie roughly manipulated his softened cock and balls as she attached "the device" to his genitals. The "device" was actually a cock cage. A chastity device for husbands!

"His penis tip is very red," said Cherie as she worked, "did he get it smacked?"

"Yes," confirmed Dr. Joyce. "For masturbating to Internet pornography while his wife was in bed."

"Bad boy," said Cherie to David, "this will solve that problem."

"David," said Dr. Joyce, "you're being put into what is called chastity and will remain like that for the duration of your CBT training. The device Cherie selected for you is deliberately a bit on the small size, and therefore serves a punitive effect in addition to a practical one. You're being punished for your frightening and out of control outbursts towards you wife. You're in chastity because you cannot control yourself with respect to Internet pornography."

Cherie clipped the device into place and locked it on with a small padlock. She put one of the two keys on a small chain and handed it to Julie. She kept the other in the palm of her hand.

David looked down with despair. His penis was tightly locked away in a tiny cage!

"Your wife will be your 'keyholder'. She has sole discretion on when, or if, your device is removed. It has no chance of being permanently removed until you satisfactorily complete your therapy. You will not be able to give yourself any sort of sexual release. Your only possibility for sexual release will be insofar as your wife chooses to unlock you and reward you with it. Cherie will be your secondary keyholder, in case of emergency. She will keep your spare key in her drawer, beside those of my other clients that require this approach."

Julie placed the chain around her neck, the key nestling in between her breasts. "I like it!" said Julie.

"Thank you Cherie," said Dr. Joyce, "that will be all for now."

With another smirk at the newly cock-caged husband, Cherie turned on her heels and left the room, closing the door behind her.

"Your chastity device will prevent you from gaining an erection or self-pleasuring yourself. As a matter of fact, there will be negative repercussion if you even think the wrong thoughts. Julie, go over to your husband, look him in the eye, and cup his testicles gently. That's it. Massage them a little."

Julie stared into her husband's eyes and massaged his testicles. David let out a pained groan and doubled over. Dr. Joyce asked Julie to step away and to look at the results of her ministrations. The tip of David's circumcised penis was bulging out the front of his cage, and the flesh of his shaft was pushing out the sides as well. His growing penis caused the ring clamped around the base of his testicles to pull sharply into them, causing a considerable amount of testicular pain.

"As you can see," said Dr. Joyce to Julie, "any erectile response receives an immediate negative feedback. We mustn't leave him in this state for too long. It can permanently damage his penis. Cool yourself off, David," said Dr. Joyce.

Worried at the thought of permanent injury (!) David hurriedly waddled over and knelt in front of the ice water bowl then lowered his caged genitals into it. He sighed in relief as his genitals returned to their normal size and the pressure on his penis tip, shaft, and testicles abated. His sensitive circumcised tip and his testicles were still sore from the Doctor's smacking, and the confinement made it worse, but the icy cold water helped.

"But don't be concerned," continued Dr. Joyce to Julie. "Whenever he is let free, his erections will be harder and more durable than ever. We'll discuss rewards in a moment. But suffice to say his reward will be to be allowed out of his cage, which may include a further reward of an ejaculation if you think he deserves it.

"But for now, we need to discuss punishments," said Dr. Joyce.

7. David Paddled

"Julie, please go into the cabinet over there and bring me the second paddle hanging there to the left. Thank you. I'll send this paddle home with you. This will be his punishment paddle.

I will want you to put him across your knee frequently, and paddle his bare backside for any shortcomings."

Dr. Joyce then turned to David to explain further. "I'm sending this paddle home with your wife. She will use it to discipline you on your bare bottom during the next month. If you fail to obey your wife quickly and without question, or if your chores are done imperfectly, she will put you across her knee and paddle you for as long and as hard as she deems necessary. I'll first demonstrate its use on you as she watches, and then she will practice with it while I watch and make any suggestions. Now, David, let's start in."

"Please... I'll do some of the housework. Ok?" wailed David.

"Some of the housework? All of the housework!" responded Dr. Joyce, exasperated. "And you'll do it well. After you feel the sort of paddling I have in mind for you you'll be very motivated to avoid another like it. Do you believe me, David? Don't answer now. You can't be expected to answer until after our demonstration. Put your hands on your head. Come over here. NOW. Across my knee!"

David placed his hands on top of his head and walked over to Dr. Joyce who had sat on a straight backed wooden chair she had positioned in the centre of the room.

"Across my knee," repeated Dr. Joyce.

David complied and bent himself across her knee submissively. This amazed Julie. How submissive he became! To Julie's eyes her husband looked absolutely ridiculous. Bare naked, having allowed his penis to be smacked and caged, now draped across an older woman's lap, about to be spanked, like a small child, or a misbehaving teen strictly dealt with by its mother. And he did it just because he was told to. She thought this could not get any better. Dr. Joyce began by rubbing the paddle across his cheeks. He involuntarily moaned and wiggled as his caged penis stirred futilely across Dr. Joyce's lap.

"Don't rub that against me!" said Dr. Joyce, and David froze immediately.

"He seems to be enjoying it too much!" giggled Julie.

Dr. Joyce explained the psychology of it to Julie. "Yes, the enforced nudity, the penis caging by my receptionist, the childish positioning across my lap with his buttocks elevated in a humiliating manner, the anticipation of a spanking across a strict woman's knee, the feel of the cold hard wood on his bare bum, the physical contact of his genitals with a woman's lap, his spanker's lap in particular, the woman who will discipline him as if he were her child; all of this subconsciously excites him, hence the involuntary moaning and attempts at humping my leg as if he were a dog in heat.

"It's all highly submissive behaviour. As I mentioned, I had observed the submissive markers in his personality from the first. This is what compels him to obey more than anything else. In fact, he will come to crave the paddle from you. The trick will be to make sure he is paddled regularly over the course of the next month. Find even minor flaws with his work or behaviour and use those as an excuse to paddle his bare bottom. He will become eager to comply in return for the reward of a paddling from you and the possibility of a sexual release. Reserve a much more strict paddling for when he really disobeys or backtalks, or does a very bad job on his chores. When that occurs, make sure he gets a paddling that he absolutely will not want repeated."

"Now David," said Dr. Joyce, turning her attention to the unfortunate nude male draped across her lap. "I am going to demonstrate for your wife a full-on disciplinary paddling. It will not be pleasant, and it will not be something you will wish repeated anytime soon. Your bottom will be very red and may even be blistered or bruised before I am done, and you will walk stiffly and have trouble sitting for the next day or so. This is to give you a sense of what will happen if you disobey your wife or do not put adequate effort into your chores. On each session with me, you will receive the same again as reinforcement. If during the week you do a good job, and genuinely try hard, your paddlings from your wife will still be painful, but they will be much more bearable, and there may even be some intimate contact involved. Do you understand me? Are your prepared to accept this paddling now?"

"yes ma'am," said David from across Dr. Joyce's knee, very frightened now. The little slaps to his bottom from the petite Doctor he imagined he was getting were turning out way differently, he feared greatly.

"I should point out," added Dr. Joyce to Julie, "that this sort of thing is not normally included for CBT. But given we need to make such quick progress, I'm incorporating disciplinary-grade corporal punishment into his CBT. We'll see how it goes."

With that said, Dr. Joyce laid into David with a fury, giving him the paddling of his lifetime that had him shrieking and hollering and begging for mercy and promising to obey.

Dr. Joyce paddling Julie's husband David

Over the course of the paddling Dr. Joyce extracted promises from him to do do all the 'woman's work' himself for the next month and to accept his wife's spankings. However, even when he desperately promised to do all of the housework, she did not stop. Her intent was to completely break the spirit of this insensitive, patriarchal, lazy, eye-rolling male. This she did, coldly and completely, breaking him down to the point there were tears in his eyes.

David had never even imagined the kind of pain that could be inflicted on his bared buttocks! His idea of "coasting through" his month were rapidly changing for the worse. As the Doctor's paddle landed, David would promise literally anything to have it stop. He began begging Dr. Joyce to stop, please stop!

"It stops when I say it stops, young man!" said Dr. Joyce as she continued full-on strokes to his low cheeks, all concentrated to the same two spots. He would not be sitting comfortably for days to come.

Once she considered him appropriately tamed and broken, she switched places with Julie. David stood painfully with big wet tears in his eyes. His ass was badly beaten. David could not believe how his spirit could be so easily and utterly broken from a single paddling. Dr. Joyce stood and handed the paddle to Julie. Julie sat and patted her lap indicating for David to bend over it for part two.

David blushed fiercely as he contemplated going down across his own wife's lap for his spanking from her. It was one thing being paddled by the Doctor. It was another to be paddled by his very own wife. If he did this now, he knew instinctually that it would not end here, that this would be the first of many excruciatingly painful spankings from her, and that there could be no going back. Nonetheless, he draped himself obediently across his wife's lap for the first time ever. Dr. Joyce then encouraged Julie to continue her husband's disciplinary paddling as she made suggestions.

Julie at first went too soft. Dr. Joyce encouraged her to go harder, and to target his low sit spots exclusively for maximal effect. Over and over and over again where it will do him the most good. While across his wife's knee receiving his paddling, David frantically apologized to his wife and promised again and again to obey Julie and perform ALL of the wifely chores. Despite the severe spanking he had previously received from Dr. Joyce, and the consequent sorry state of his buttocks, Julie did not 'back off' at all, and maintained a fierce intensity.

"This is amazing," said Julie. "I never imagined he would ever be like this," she said as she continued dispassionately punishing her errant husband's sorry rear end.

"Yes," responded Dr. Joyce, "he is a natural submissive as he's demonstrating now. A good hard paddling over a woman's knee, especially yours, was all that was required to bring it out of him. I'm very hopeful for his treatment, based on this."

The paddling hurt like the blazes. David could not maintain his composure and became frantic while over his wife's knee. Julie smiled and held him tightly and continued his painful punishment.

"How long should I keep going?" asked Julie as she whacked away at her husband's bottom.

"Until you feel he's learned his lesson," answered Dr. Joyce.

"Have you learned your lesson, David?" asked Julie.

"YES! Oh Yes! Please! I've learned... I've learned my lesson. I'll be nicer. I won't argue. I'll do the housework. I'll do all the housework. Please! Please!"

"Will you have a nice meal cooked for me when I get home?" asked Julie


"Will you obey me?" asked Julie, feeling the power rush as she smacked his cheeks as hard as she could.

"ARGHHHHH! Yes! Sweetheart! Please! I'll obey you. I'll OBEY YOU!"

Julie paused his paddling. "Do you think he's learned his lesson, Dr. Joyce?" asked Julie.

"I legitimately believe that he has," she replied.

"Stand up," said Julie to her hapless red-bottomed husband. David stood up, clutching at his blistered bottom in real agony.

"Turn around. Bend over a bit. Hands on your knees. Let's see the damage," said Julie.

David blushed, turned, and bent over to show the women his severely paddled bottom.


"Just look at the state of that bum," said Julie, admiring Dr. Joyce's and her handiwork, running her hand over his bruises, blisters, and welts. Indeed, David's behind was a deep red, almost crimson all over, purpled in places, and had white blisters in some spots.

"Yes. A very adequate job," said Dr. Joyce. "You're a natural, Julie. You were appropriately strict with his paddling. I believe he'll be feeling the after-effects for quite some time. I expect you'll have little trouble controlling him over the course of the week."

Dr. Joyce then suggested that after a disciplinary spanking he be sent to stand with his hands on his head, his nose in the corner, with his bare blistered buns on display to centre himself. To illustrate, Dr. Joyce took David by his ear and conducted him to an unoccupied corner of her office. She made him put his hands on his head and pushed his nose into the corner so that it touched both walls.

"He should have a 'naughty spot'," said Dr. Joyce. "He should stand there with his spanked bottom on display for one minute for every year of age. A good general rule of thumb is that while not all punishments suitable for a grown man are suitable for a child, any punishment suitable for a misbehaving child is suitable for a grown man."

"What if he moves out of his corner?" asked Julie. "I hear that for a child, you just plunk them right back there."

"Yes," replied Dr. Joyce, "it's the same general idea. If he drops his hands or moves his nose out of the corner you should take him across your knee, paddle him again, and restart his full timeout from the beginning. If that behaviour continues, you will show him that you have more patience than he in this regard, and do it as many times as is necessary for him to get the point."

"Understood," said Julie.

"Now David," said Dr. Joyce, addressing the well-paddled husband with his nose in the corner, "remember that you and Julie will have twice weekly sessions with me for the next month. Whether you have behaved well or not, you will nevertheless be given a punishment-grade spanking, similar to the one you just received, on each and every visit. You will not be enjoying your visits, I guarantee it, but it is a necessary part of an accelerated CBT, whereby you will quickly learn to be obedient and submissive to female authority, and that you can and will be severely punished on a whim, and you have no choice about it, and no say in it. And you will take it, not only because it's part of your CBT and your marriage depends on it, but because you are a natural submissive who is happiest under the female thumb. Correct?"

David let out a small whimper from his corner.

"Other than the stripping, caging, and paddling," continued Dr. Joyce, "there are a few more techniques that we use to enhance the treatment I want to go over now. David, you may come out of your corner."

David turned to obey.

"Stand here in the middle of the room," said Dr. Joyce. "Turn around so that you are facing the desk and your backside is facing the door.  Now spread your legs, bend over, and grab your ankles with your hands."

"no... no more... please!" begged David

"I'm not spanking you again, unless you disobey me. Are you disobeying me, David? I would have thought we spanked the disobedience out of you, for the time being at least."

"No Ma'am," answered David promptly. "I won't... disobey... please!"

"Good. This is for something different. Now go ahead. Bend over. Spread your legs more. Even wider than that. Grab your ankles. Good. Very submissive. Very obedient. I like that. Now stay like that."

"As you can see," said Dr. Joyce, now addressing Julie, "he's been placed in a sexually submissive posture." Dr. Joyce could see Julie looking momentarily confused. "Let's see, how should I explain it? Imagine if he were a female in that posture amongst a group of men. Yes, you see it now. She would be on display and fully accessible to the opposite sex. A woman in that position displaying her bare sex so openly amongst a group of men would be taken, and taken roughly."

"That's for sure," said Julie. "But in his case, it's his bum hole, right?" asked Julie, guessing correctly. "I mean, it's the only hole available and the way he's bent over with his legs spread, it is totally on display!"

"Exactly," said Dr. Joyce. "Submission is deeply wired into humans as a female aspect of our personality. The female receives. The female is penetrated as an act of sexual violence demanding her surrender. In the case of a male it's his anus that risks the indignity of being taken, of being penetrated against his will by the Alpha Male. Of being used and of being spermed into. He risks being the laughingstock of his troop to be sexually available in this manner. Hence how demeaning his posture. Especially given his status as a beta male. What's promising is that he has learned already that he is required to hold that sexually submissive posture or suffer the consequences."

Dr. Joyce walked back to her desk and buzzed the intercom again. "Cherie, can you please come in and bring your medical examination gloves and the anal lubrication with you."

8. David Plugged

"No! Please!" David begged, hearing the words "anal lubrication" and realizing the display he will be putting on for the hot young receptionist when she walks in.

"Stay..." warned Dr. Joyce sternly.

Soon, Cherie walked back into the room, pulling on black latex gloves and carrying a tube of medical lubrication.

David could see her approach upside down between his knees. He could see that his caged penis and testicles were on view dangling between his spread legs. He knew that his vulnerable anus was fully visible to the attractive young receptionist. He was being forced to maintain this most sexually submissive posture of them all for her: bent over, legs spread, unable to move or cover, his anus spread wide for inspection. He was also quickly realizing, as she squeezed lube onto the index finger of her right hand, that she was going to do more than just look at him and laugh or smirk as before. She was intending to penetrate him in the bottom with that slim womanly finger!

"Good job on the paddling!" said Cherie, admiring the husband's well-beaten buns."That must smart. I know from experience he won't be sitting comfortably for at least a week!"

Having lubed her finger sufficiently, she then spread more lube around the entrance to his anus.

"His bumhole is tight," said Cherie

"No. Not in there. Please!" begged David.

"You've never had anything up there? No finger? No toy?" asked Cherie.

"NO!" screamed David.

"Well that's about to change," said Cherie as she plunged her index finger deeply into his bottom hole then moved it around to open him up to the extent she could. David incoherently vocalized a strange mixture of distress, pain, and paradoxically pleasure from the anal intrusion. Cherie removed her finger, re-lubricated, and then inserted two in place of one. David again vocalized, but this time moaned as Cherie professionally massaged his prostate gland. Soon his moans turned to cries, "Ahhhh!" he said.

"Is that an erectile response, David?" asked Dr. Joyce.

"yes!" wailed David, pitifully.

"We'll let you cool yourself down in a moment, after Cherie is done." Turning to Julie, Dr. Joyce explained, "men have a sexual receptor in their anus. The prostate gland. If massaged sufficiently, one can even induce a sort of dribbly orgasm from them, but that's not what Cherie is up to now. She's simply loosening up his anal passage for what's coming next."

Julie actually did not even know this about men's bums. David would never, under normal circumstances, have allowed a woman's finger anywhere near his bumhole.

"David," said Dr. Joyce, "Cherie will now insert a plug into your anus and up your rectum."

"what????" exclaimed David.

"It's to enhance your CBT," said Dr. Joyce, by way of explanation.

Cherie pulled out and went over to the table where she opened up the second box, containing an anal plug. She lubricated it, walked back to David, and said "take a deep breathe." As she said this, she pressured the tip of the butt plug into his anus.

"No! Not there! Please!" begged David.

"This can go in harder or easier," said Cherie, "but it's going in one way or the other. Now deep breath. Hold. Now release." Giving in to the inevitable, David attempted to follow Cherie's instructions. Each time David did this, Cherie pushed the plug deeper and deeper up his bum.

"One more time now. Deep breath. Hold. Exhale. Now push, like you're going to the toilet." David cried out, and pushed as if he was going to the toilet, and then his anus enlarged and seemed to suck the large plug right into his ass.

Julie applauded.

"Oww! No! Please! Take it out! Please! It's TOO BIG!" cried David. Cherie held it in place and pushed it deeper in. "Just relax. Breathe," she said.

Julie was actually enjoying this. She giggled at her husband's embarrassment and discomfort (he deserved every second of it, thought Julie, based on the hell he had put her through this past year). "He's breathing like he's giving birth," joked Julie as David breathed rapidly in and out as if he was a woman going into labour.

"Men are such big babies," said Dr. Joyce, "being plugged in the anus is hardly comparable to what a woman goes through during childbirth. If men gave birth, we'd be extinct as a species."

"Stand up David. Turn around and face us," said Julie. David stood painfully and turned to face all three women. "Awww, your penis is all shrunk back up again. You don't even need your ice bath."

"David, the anal plug is an added element of submission. It will put you in a more submissive frame of mind in order for you to more gracefully accept doing the 'woman's work' as you say. Julie, I suggest you establish a ritual with your husband where before he begins his chores, you insert his plug. After he gets a bit more used to it, it may invoke a sexual response. You should have ice packs in the freezer, or a bowl of ice water on the floor as we have here, so he can relieve the pressure on his testicles and shaft if that's the case. He should be allowed their use at any time for safety reasons.

"Psychologically, the plug fills his anal passage as a woman's vagina is filled by a penis. He will essentially be going around doing his chores in the constant state of a woman with a penis filling her vagina, making him more comfortable with the reality of him doing what he considers 'woman's work'. Now Cherie, please demonstrate for Julie how to put her husband into the seated timeout position."

Cherie walked over to the desk, opened a lower drawer, and puled out a sheet of wax paper. She went to the front edge of the desk and put the wax paper down. "Come," she ordered David. David waddled over towards her. "Sit," she said, pointing to the wax paper. David pushed himself up onto the desk and lowered himself gingerly to sitting on the wax paper, his feet dangling off the floor. "Ow! Ow!" he said as the pressure of his own body weight pushed the plug deeper up his rectum. To relieve the pressure, David kept his hands pushing down against the desk. "Hands on your head," ordered the stern Cherie. "Ohhh. Awww. Oh. Ouch. Ow Ow Oh" vocalized David as he wriggled frantically on the plug which thoroughly distended his anal opening and pushed itself deeply up his rectal passage.

"This is a good punishment for him to spend five or ten minutes sitting like that in timeout with the plug up his bottom," said Dr. Joyce. "Perhaps if he's lazy with his chores you can give him a ten minute 'break' sitting on his butt plug on a high counter-top for example, to rethink his attitude.

"Now, rather than keeping him nude for his chores, which is fine as an alternative, I suggest he wear a particular outfit to enhance his CBT. Shall we show you?"

"Yes, by all means," said Julie.

"Cherie, would you please bring in the CBT outfit and show it to Julie," requested Dr. Joyce.

"My pleasure, Doctor," answered Cherie, who left the room to fetch it.

"Hop down off the table, David, I'm sure that plug is in deep enough now," said Dr. Joyce.

David gratefully hopped down, relieving the extreme pressure that was pushing up his butthole deep into his bowels.

"Hands on your head. Stand straight. Well, are you proud of yourself, David?" asked Dr. Joyce. "Proud to be sanding there naked. A little cock cage on that doesn't at all hide your penis and testicles, just makes them look even more pathetic than they already are? A well-paddled bottom? And with a plug deeply up your rectal passage, as if you were a woman with a permanent penis up her vagina? In front of your wife and two strange women you only met today? Are you proud?"

"No Ma'am," answered David.

"No. You shouldn't be. You brought this upon yourself with your poor attitude, your selfishness, your lack of reasoning ability, your emotional outbursts. And so here we are, aren't we?"

"Yes Ma'am," said David.

"A month of being naked, in chastity, doing housework. A plug up your bottom during it. Paddlings from your wife for disobedience or lack of diligence, Timeouts. Twice weekly sessions here with me where you'll be harshly punished. I very much hope and expect you'll be a reformed man after your month is up."

"Yes Ma'am," agreed David, dejectedly. It was only for... A MONTH!!!

9. David Outfitted

Cherie returned carrying a bundle of clothing and some women's shoes.

"Since David has such a problem with the concept of doing 'women's work', I thought this outfit during housework would be particularly apt."

"Oh my!" said Julie as she saw it being laid out. It was a bra with silicone gel inserts, pink panties, a short schoolgirl skirt, white stockings and suspender belt, a blonde wig, and high-heeled shoes.

"Shall we have Cherie dress him in it?" asked Dr. Joyce.

"Yes!" said Julie. "Yes yes yes. Exactly what he needs! Exactly! Women's work is it? We'll see about that!"

Dr. Joyce and Cherie both laughed at Julie's joyous outburst. David looked shocked and embarrassed, and begged "no..."

"Oh YES!" said Julie.

"Just please, no, not the women's clothes. Please!" begged David.

"Especially the women's clothes mister 'women's work'. Or, I am absolutely serious, we're getting that divorce. Your choice. Divorce, or women's clothes for a month? Choose."

"women's clothes..." said David meekly, making his choice.

"I thought as much," said Julie.

"I'm glad that's settled," said Dr. Joyce. "Now Julie, the psychological, and quite frankly aesthetic, effect is much enhanced without any body hair. Is it ok by you for Cherie to depilate him, neck to toe? She's very quick at it."

"Yes, that would be fine," said Julie, smiling evilly at her distressed husband.

"Cherie, please start in on his depilation," said Dr. Joyce.

Cherie went to a side cupboard and brought out a white sheet which she lay down on the office floor. She also fetched a pair of electric clippers, a razor, a bowl of water, and shaving cream. "Lie down, on your back," she ordered David. David miserably lay down on the sheet. Cherie began in with the electric clippers taking all the hair off beneath the neck. Chest. Underarms. Stomach. Arms. Pubic hair. Legs from crotch to ankles. She made him raise his legs up. Julie came to help hold them back as Cherie did the backs of his legs, the insides of his thighs, and his buttocks and crack. They then put his legs down and sat him up to do his back and shoulders and then lay him back down again.

Cherie started in with the shaving cream and the razor, smoothing out any areas that needed it, especially crotch, inner thighs, and testicles. She had him raise his legs up again into the "diaper position" and shaved his bottom cleft. She momentarily pulled out the plug to ensure a thorough shaving around his anus, and then pushed the plug back in again. As she shaved around his penis and testicles, David became "excited" and moaned in pain as his erection battled the confines of his tiny cock cage.

"You can dip them in ice water once Cherie is done," said Dr. Joyce.

Cherie made David stand and then used a sponge and a clean bowl of water to rinse him off.

"You look red as a lobster, but a lot more like a woman now. What's your body fat percentage? It looks to be in the range of shapely lady," said Dr. Joyce, admiring his depilated state.

"Owwww," moaned David. His penis was straining to escape the confines of its cage, and his testicles were being pulled on dreadfully by his dilating member.

"Poor baby," said Dr. Joyce in a motherly fashion. "Your skin will get back to normal in an hour or two. Now go dip your genitals in the ice water." David scurried to do just that, as the pressure on his penis and testicles was intense after the "handling" by Cherie and his wife in front of Dr. Joyce.

Once he was done "cooling off", he was made to stand back in the centre of the room for his dressing up. Cherie first placed his pink bra across his chest and fastened it behind. She used silicone gel inserts to fill him out to a D-cup. She then sat him down and pulled sheer white stockings up his depilated legs, and fastened them using a suspender belt and stays. Pink panties were then pulled up his legs to cover his sex and his bum. Cherie made David kneel up and put a blonde shoulder-length wig on him and then applied lipstick, blush, eye shadow, and mascara. Finally, Cherie had David stand and step into his high heeled shoes. Cherie turned David to face his wife and Doctor Joyce.

"You look adorable," enthused Dr. Joyce at David in his sexy lingerie.

"He does look good," added Julie. "We'll see about women's work now, won't we David? We have toilets that need a good scrub brushing." As she said that, she pictured David scrubbing out the toilets, on his knees, in his women's lingerie. She laughed aloud at her own mental image.

How Julie's husband,
who believed that housekeeping was "women's work",
was dealt with.

"yes ma'am," answered David pitifully as he blushed fiercely at being forced to dress in lingerie like a woman, and shown off. The stuffed bra was particularly humiliating for him, but the stockings and garter belt, panties, and high-heeled shoes were not far behind. Being made-up and put in a blonde wig was equally as humiliating.

"Look, she doesn't even need any blush," said Cherie, "she's got naturally rosy cheeks."

"Put come clothes on our little lingerie model," said Dr. Joyce.

Cherie added the short plaid schoolgirl skirt, and a white blouse that she tied up exposing his midriff.

"Lovely. Your preferred pronouns for the next month are 'she, her and hers'. And your name will be 'Daniella'. Is that understood, Daniella?" asked Dr. Joyce.

"yes ma'am," David responded sheepishly.

"Pitch your voice an octave higher please, when identifying as a woman," corrected Dr. Joyce.

"yes ma'am," squeaked David, an octave higher.

Addressing Julie, Dr. Joyce said, "for the next month, whenever he is not at work he is to come straight home and change into these clothes. It's called 'petticoat punishment' or 'panty training'. The panties should be worn even to work. He thinks these chores that are in dispute are 'women's work', so to ease his psychological transition we will quite literally have him dress the part of a woman. You must be very strict with 'her' Julie. Make sure you are clear on your expectations for the housework, and punish if 'she' falls short."

"I think I can handle that," said Julie, imagining the scene.

"Now Daniella," continued Dr. Joyce to David, "come across my knee, I'm going to spank you again."

"oh no... please... my bottom is so sore!" begged 'Daniella', clutching her rear cheeks with both hands, but obediently using his higher-pitched girl's voice, fearing even worse punishment if he didn't.

"Ha ha! He used his girl's voice!" delighted Julie.

"Don't look so worried," said Dr. Joyce to David, "I'm only going to use my hand on you and demonstrate for Julie what a 'good girl' spanking looks like, not a 'bad boy' spanking like the one you got from us before that left your bum so blistered and bruised."

'Daniella'  teetered over to Dr. Joyce in her high-heeled shoes and draped herself across the Doctor's knee.

"They become so obedient when dressed like this," said Cherie at the sight of Julie's husband bending across Dr. Joyce's knee for a spanking.

Dr. Joyce smoothed David's skirt down and patted her bottom. "Of course. Little girls are very obedient creatures, not like naughty little boys at all." Then she slowly raised the skirt above her waist exposing David's pink panties.

"Oh oh! Your skirt is up. We can see your little pantied bottom now, Daniella," teased Cherie in a sing-song voice.

Dr. Joyce again rubbed and patted David's pantied bottom. She started spanking the seat of her panties praising her for being "such a good girl". After a few dozen spanks Dr. Joyce reached her two hands into the waistband of David's panties.

"Look like those panties are about to be lowered," commented Cherie.

"Here's a test for you Julie," said Dr. Joyce with a wink. "Should I lower her panties, or leave them up?" asked Dr. Joyce, poised on the brink of lowering them.

"Lower them, absolutely," said Julie, getting fully into the spirit of the game.

"Correct," said Dr. Joyce. "Daniella's panties should always be fully lowered for her spankings in order to maximize her embarrassment. We women know, there's nothing more embarrassing for a young lady than to go across the knee, then have her skirt raised and her panties fully lowered for a good old-fashioned spanking," added Dr. Joyce.

"Been there, done that!" said Cherie.

Dr. Joyce then pulled David's panties down, baring her bottom. Dr. Joyce meticulously arranged the lowered panties just below David's stocking tops, nicely framing her bare plugged bottom between her stocking tops and stays. Dr. Joyce jostled the butt plug in her rear end and began smacking her cheeks gently. "Do you see that when you obey, your spanking isn't so bad as all that, Daniella?" Dr. Joyce alternated spanks with caresses, and then switched places with Julie whom she invited to give her husband a more sensual spanking as well and to tease him sexually during it with her hand between his legs.

"Just look at her wiggle over your lap," commented Cherie to Julie. "Such a little slut!"

Julie finished David's mild hand spanking and between-the-leg teasing and stood him up. The ladies could see David's penis once again straining in its cage. Dr. Joyce directed David to dip his penis and testicles into the ice cold water to shrink them back down to size. Afterwards David stood up, and under direction restored her own panties, and pulled her skirt back down to cover them.

Dr. Joyce then said there's one more thing, regarding bedtime sexual activity, to much more rapidly advance and reinforce his CBT and, as a helpful side effect, to retrain David to be a better lover.

"no... I'm already good.. when I try..." said David.

"Well this will make you try harder then," said Cherie, knowing what was coming to the hapless "male".

10. David Made Into a Woman

Dr. Joyce counselled no intercourse for David for the month, or even being on the receiving end of oral sex. A brisk rubber-glove handjob or being required to masturbate while supervised by his wife should be the most allowed by way of male release, and only as a reward for obedience and diligence in the housework.

Dr. Joyce then asked Cherie to please select an appropriate surrogate for Julie to use on David. Cherie went to a cupboard, made her selection, and brought it back to hand to Julie.

It was a strap-on dildo! Julie had heard of them but had never seen one up close before.

"wha?.... no... no... not that!" begged David. "I won't do it. I won't!"

"Shush you!" said Dr. Joyce. "I'll deal with you in a minute."

Then to Julie Dr. Joyce said that for the next month, every time that the couple has sex, David should be required to give oral sex to the strapped-on dildo, and to receive anal intercourse from it. Dr. Joyce invited Julie to try it out here in her office as she and Cherie watched and gave pointers.

"NO. Absolutely not!"  said the indignant David, looking like a ridiculous teenage girl, the force of his complaints considerably diminished by his delivering them while fully feminized.

Ignoring the sputtering girl-husband, and with Cherie's encouragement, Julie removed her own skirt, and Cherie helped Julie on with the strap-on dildo over her panties.

"Every session from now on will involve a stripping, a spanking, and oral plus anal intercourse for you from your wife," said Dr. Joyce. "Additional witnesses will be invited."

David's fate, twice weekly for a month:
stripped, spanked, and fucked in front of witnesses.

Julie was delighted to have a cock! She stood there and told David forcefully to get on his knees in front of her, and suck her off.

David looked incredulous at this. "No!" he said.

Dr. Joyce moved the straight-backed chair back into the centre of the room, picked up the paddle, and tapped it menacingly onto her open palm. "Girls who don't do as they're told..." warned Dr. Joyce, "and a blistering over top a blistering is a hard way for a girl to learn her lesson. You're not expected to receive anal intercourse right now. Start by just giving it oral sex."

David's eyes grew wide at the sight of the dreaded heavy wooden paddle in the hands of the unyielding Doctor. His bottom was still bruised and aching from his previous paddling. Wishing to avoid the promised consequences at all costs, he whimpered but obeyed, getting down on his knees and crawling over to perform oral sex on Julie's strapped-on dildo. David thought he would just suck the dildo half-heatedly for now to avoid a punishment, but he would very justifiably put his foot down on the topic of anal sex.

"There, do you see how he's already beginning to submit? He just needs a very firm hand is all," said Dr. Joyce.

David was clearly a "newbie" at this. Cherie had to instruct him on how to purse his lips, make a big "O", and slide his mouth up and down his wife's cock. She encouraged David to go deeper, and scolded and straightened him out when she saw the cock go into his cheek rather than down his throat. Cherie encouraged Julie to be a bit “rough” with her husband, so he could better understand the woman’s point of view in regards to oral sex and become a more sensitive lover as a result. As a result, Julie grabbed the back of her husband's head and pulled it vigorously onto her cock, face fucking the hapless husband. David gagged and spat and was given a brief reprieve, but then it was right back to work, enduring a rough face fucking and learning to deep throat the large silicone phallus.

"I love feeding him cock!" exclaimed Julie.

Before long David was drooling and gagging on the cock, and a tear was running down from his eye.

Julie had mercy on him and allowed him to finish up with a required suck and kiss to the tip.

Dr. Joyce then recommended that the ultimate feminization was being required to bend over to receive anal sex from his wife. She asked if Julie was comfortable doing that here in the office. Julie said she was very comfortable with that.

"I'm not comfortable with it!" wailed David.

"Well, you don't have much of a choice, young lady," said Dr. Joyce. "You can either submit to anal intercourse, or go across my knee, get your buns blistered again, and then submit to anal intercourse. Your choice. Anal sex, or spanking followed by anal sex."

"Please Doctor Joyce," said David, trying to sound calm and reasonable, "I've gone along with everything so far, but this is a bridge too far. No man should should be forced to submit to this from his wife."

"Option two it is then," said Dr. Joyce, sitting down and beckoning David over.

He would not move, and said, "there's no point in spanking me. I won't change my mind no matter how hard you spank me!" As he said this, he stamped a high-heeled foot on the ground like a hormonal teenage girl throwing a temper tantrum.

"Hmmm," pondered Dr. Joyce, "How soon they forget."

Seeing David's stubborn recalcitrance, Cherie grabbed him by his ear and conducted him over to and then down across Dr. Joyce's lap. In his high-heeled shoes, David teetered helplessly forward and was unceremoniously dumped across the Doctor's left knee. Dr. Joyce immediately grabbed a flailing wrist and bent his arm high up behind his back, locking it there. She then put her right leg across the backs of both of David's legs. She pulled up his skirt, stripped down his panties, roughly pulled the butt plug out, and handed it to Cherie.

"Actually, Cherie," said Dr. Joyce, "bring me the 'spirit breaker'."

"Good choice," said Cherie who went to the cupboard and removed a larger and more fearsome holed paddle.

Taking the paddle, Dr. Joyce once again laid into David's already messed up bottom. If David thought she spanked hard before, this was like night and day! Every stroke of the 'spirit breaker' paddle was sheer burning fiery hell. He could not contain himself and began struggling with all his might, but was firmly held in place. "No! NO! PLEASE!!!!! NO!!!!!!" screamed the helpless husband after only a few strokes.

"You know how to make it stop," said the determined Doctor.

"Ok! Ok! OK! I'll do it! Please! I'll do it! Only stop. Please stop!"

Dr. Joyce paused his paddling and said, "ask your wife to give you a fucking in your ass as if you were a little lady."

It was not easy for David, but he got it out: "P.. p... please, Julie. Please f... f... fuck me in the... ass... as if I was a... l... l... little lady."

Cherie snorted and thought to herself that the 'ol 'spirit breaker' comes through again.

"About time," said Julie. "You promised to be obedient, remember?"

"Yes Ma'am," said a much-chastened David. He had played out his gambit and had lost. He certainly did not want a divorce, but had thought he could get away with refusing this one thing. When Dr. Joyce threatened him with a spanking (not the divorce), David truly believed he could prove his determination by not giving in. He was wrong. It was a contest of wills, and his was no match for the ladies'.

Cherie pulled David up to his feet as Dr. Joyce released him. She conducted the "little lady" over to a low ottoman in the office and had her kneel on it, face and boobs down, ass up. Cherie flipped up David's skirt anew and fully removed her panties.

"Are you excited, David?" asked Dr. Joyce. "Your wife is about to make love to you, make a real woman out of you."

David only groaned in shame, head down, ass up, waiting to be penetrated and "made love to" by his wife.

Dr. Joyce stood behind David and rubbed the 'spirit breaker' on his bare ass. "Shall I give you one more stroke, young lady, to remind you to be submissive during intercourse?"

"No Ma'am!" yelled David quickly. "Please no!"

"Ha ha ha!" laughed Dr. Joyce as she walked away to store the 'spirit breaker' until it was needed again, "I'm expecting a good showing in that case."

Cherie returned wearing her black latex gloves and the tube of lubrication. She lubed his asshole once again with her fingers. "He's very loose after the plug," Cherie observed, "this should go easily for her." Cherie then put more lube on her fingers and lubed Julie's cock. Cherie directed Julie's cock to her husband's anal entrance, showing the correct angle of penetration. She had Julie gently bump, bump, bump against his anal sphincter, while applying moderate pressure. All of a sudden his anal ring opened up and the large dildo quickly penetrated his greedy ass as he moaned in a mixture of pain, pleasure, and humiliation.

"There, that's not so bad, is it Daniella?" commented Dr. Joyce. "No worse than a woodshed blister paddling, at any rate."

Firmly and deeply inside her husband's ass, Julie took it from there. She instinctively grasped his hips in both hands and began her husband's humiliating anal intercourse.

It hurt. Oh how it hurt! And it made David feel like... a woman being fucked by her man! He looked up and saw his two witnesses, the older Dr. Joyce, and her young and attractive receptionist Cherie, watching his butt fucking intently. Watching his complete and utter degradation. No longer a man. It was too much. He was being butt fucked, by his wife, in front of two strange women! He felt like a woman as his ass was being pumped with cock. Without being able to control it, David began to cry.

Julie continued fucking him as she took the opportunity to reinforce the new regime.

"Who wears the pants in the family now, David?" asked Julie

"You do Ma'am! You do!"

"And who wears the panties?"

"I do!" wailed David.

"I think I want you to quit your job and keep house. Your salary is irrelevant and I need a 'wife' to look after things," suggested Julie between deep strokes of the dildo up her man-wife's ass.

"Yes Ma'am!" said David, surprising everybody.

"And who is the provider in this relationship? Who brings home the bacon?"

"You are Ma'am! You do!"

"That's right I do. I'll be putting you on a housekeeping allowance effective today. If you overspend frivolously, you'll be paddled. Got it?"

"Yes Ma'am!" wailed David as the cock continued to work its magic up his ass.

"Very good," said Julie, genuinely pleased. "Amazing what a little cock up your ass can do for your attitude. If you keep it up, I might even consider having your children."

Dr. Joyce also expressed how pleased she was with David's progress. She then bent down and teased David about his big wet tears and for being required to accept anal intercourse like a little lady from his wife. She commented on how what David was doing now really is the definition of "women's work". She pointed out ironically that David was a bit like a dead fish as he was being fucked, and that he should display more wifely enthusiasm for his intercourse. She insisted David wriggle and moan on his wife's cock as he was being fucked.

With Cherie's suggestion, Julie paused her husband's fucking with the cock deep up his ass. "Go on, work it," said Cherie to David. Cherie grasped David's hips and started trying to move them gently in a circular fashion around the dildo. She whispered in his ear, "do it, please, or she'll paddle you again". This got him moving. Slowly, and with Cherie's encouragement, David began wriggling his skewered bum on his wife's cock on his own steam. Pushing in, pulling back, making circles. Moaning.  "That's it. You work it, baby," encouraged Dr. Joyce at David's bum wiggling antics.

"Beg for more cock, now," said Julie.

"Oh... please, Julie, please fuck me some more," said David, despite his tears.

"Beg for it hard. Really hard," said Julie.

"Please... please fuck me hard," begged David, crying.

"Your wish is my command," said Julie with a laugh. She grabbed his hips again, and then showed him who wore the pants in the family now, with another lengthy session of hip thrusting which shoved the dildo deeply and violently up his ass each and every time.

"For the next month, young lady," Dr. Joyce said to David as he was being fucked hard, "this is the only kind of sexual intercourse you will be participating in. Whenever your wife wishes to take you like this, you will enthusiastically scurry up to the bedroom, clean yourself out, and bend across the bed with your bottom high and wriggling invitingly for her.

How David is now required to present himself when his wife so orders.

Any lack of enthusiasm Julie will be expected to punish with the paddle. Or, next session I'll introduce you two to the strap, which when properly applied can really get a young lady's buttocks wriggling for the cock."

"I know it does mine," said Cherie, perhaps a bit inappropriately based on the stern glance from Dr. Joyce her way. "Oh, sorry," she said...

Partly to change the subject quickly, Cherie asked Julie, "would you like me to make him do oral on another strap-on while you sodomize him? It's called a 'spit roast'."

"Yes Please!" answered Julie enthusiastically as she pumped in and out of her husband's widely distended asshole.

11. David Spit-Roasted

Cherie stripped off her pencil skirt and donned a very large strap-on of her own over her panties. She walked up to the front of the husband, lifted his head by his hair, and made him give head to her strap-on dildo simultaneously with his wife's fucking of him.

The ladies made eye contact and coordinated their thrusting for maximum effect.

Meanwhile, David had the "pleasure" of having his face up close and personal with the gorgeous young Cherie's midsection. His face was literally being pulled onto her pussy, albeit with a giant cock in the way. Meanwhile Cherie's bare legs tensed and moved as her tight tummy smacked against his forehead.

After a very long five minutes, Julie asked Cherie, "would you like to fuck him in his ass? I'd love to watch," said Julie.

"Happy to," answered Cherie.

"No! No please!" begs David. "It's too big. Her dildo is TOO BIG!" complained David, who had just received a mouthful of Cherie's giant dildo and knew exactly how big it was.

"Nonsense," said Cherie, walking up behind David as Julie pulled out of him. Cherie placed the bulbous head of her giant dildo up against his asshole and in a single thrust plunged it deeply in to the hilt. "You're already very well stretched," she said as David cried out in pain.

Cherie grabbed his hips as Julie had done and began jack-hammering his poor abused bottom hole. David feared he would be split in two from the fucking!

While this was going on, Julie carefully removed her dildo and put it to the side, and then slipped her skirt back on. David was meanwhile crying out with every thrust. Julie knelt in front of her husband, getting down to eye level with him. He was still crying. She said, "this serves you right, you know. Now you're starting to feel what it's like to be a woman, aren't you?"

"Yes Ma'am! Yes Ma'am!" cried out David between thrusts.

"Have you had enough cock up your ass for today, David?" asked Julie.

"Yes Please. Yes! Oh Please!" begged David in response.

"Ok then, let's time another, what, two minutes, Cherie? Can you make sure you make a good impression on him in the next couple of minutes?"

"I sure can!" said Cherie, who redoubled her efforts and began plunging her extra large dildo in and out and in out, every time right to the hilt.

"The extra two minutes is for making me afraid of you, David," said Julie, which only served to encourage Cherie all the more in re-doubling her efforts up the poor hubbie's bummy.

"NoooOOOoooOOOOO!" wailed David throughout the next long two minutes of hard and deep bum fucking.

After his two minutes were up (according to Julie's watch), she indicated to Cherie who pulled out, carefully took off her dildo and harness, put them aside in paper towels, and re-donned her skirt as well.

David collapsed in a heap on the ottoman, crying, his nose spewing snot, breathing heavily and sweating profusely.

"Ridden hard and put away wet," said Cherie, "just the way I like 'em."

"My anus!" cried David.

Dr. Joyce went over, spread his rear cheeks, and had a good look at his anus. "It's fine. Just a little stretched and abraded is all. It'll be sore for a day or two. By the time your month is up, you'll be so used to it that this will feel like nothing. I mean, judging by Julie's enthousiasm, you're likely to be on the receiving end of quite a lot of anal intercourse for the foreseeable future."

"How often should I do it, Dr. Joyce?" asked Julie.

"As often as you wish!" said Dr. Joyce. "Before bed, mid-afternoon, first thing in the morning. Four o'clock in the morning if you feel like it. Imagine her waking up to a big cock in her mouth or up her ass at 4am? Ha ha!"

Dr. Joyce stroked David's hair and congratulated him on being so obedient in the end, telling him he had been a very good girl. Dr. Joyce asked Julie if his behaviour throughout warranted a reward? Julie agreed that it did.

12. David Rewarded

The ladies put David into the diaper position on the floor and cleaned him up with baby wipes. Julie used the key around her neck to unlock her husband's cock cage with Cherie's guidance. Immediately David's cock sprung to full erection. The exposed position, the women's eyes on him, the moist baby wipes on his anus, testicles, and penis, and now the unlocking had him very excited already. Cherie suggested re-inserting the plug into his butt, for prostate massage, as part of his reward, which she proceeded to do. It slipped in very easily.

Dr. Joyce explained to Julie how rewards and punishments are both necessary components of behaviour modification. As David had been a good girl, he may be allowed an ejaculation by way of reward. Dr. Joyce suggested either Julie could give him a clinical hand job, or it should be by his own hand. Julie reasoned that even though it was technically a reward, he would still be shamed to have to masturbate in front of three women, but that the shaming would be well-deserved given all the masturbation he had been up to lately. Cherie and Dr. Joyce both concurred with Julie's assessment.

"Please no," begged David. "I've never done this... in front of anybody."

"You shouldn't be doing it at all!" said Cherie, who proceeded to unbutton David's blouse and open it to reveal his bare midriff above his suspender belt. "Right onto your tummy," Cherie ordered. The three women stood and watched as a strongly blushing David began to rub his penis in front of them.

David did not seem to be very enthusiastic. Dr. Joyce again went to get the paddle and held it threateningly in her hand. "You have two minutes to get the job done, young lady, or else I'll have Cherie and Julie hold your legs up and back while I thoroughly paddle your backside, diaper position. Not pleasant."

Suddenly, David spat on his hand and began vigorously rubbing his cock. The ladies laughed at the motivational impact of Dr. Joyce's words.

As he masturbated, he was mercilessly teased by the ladies,

"Look at him rub it just like a little monkey in the zoo!"

"He's rubbing it raw."

"Are you imagining your hand is a hot tight vagina, David? It's the closest you'll be getting to one for the next month."

"Or are you imagining that's a male asshole you're fucking, with your big breasts heaving like that?"

"I think he's imagining our cocks up his ass, or his next spanking across Dr Joyce's knee," said Cherie.

Nearing the two minute mark, Cherie, thinking he needed a little extra encouragement and starting to feel sorry for him, toyed with the top button of her blouse. "Oh David, look here," she said.

Before Cherie even managed to undo a single button, it was immediately apparent that even the mere thought of it had done the trick.

"Oh my, I think she's going to spurt!" said Dr. Joyce, "just in the nick of time."

"I didn't even get the button undone!" exclaimed Cherie to the laughter of the other women.

Sure enough, with a loud yell David spurted his sperm all over his tummy and chest to just below his bra line in a violent series of pulsating ejaculations, as if he had not cum in a year.

"Oh My!" exclaimed Cherie, "I've never seen so much sperm!"

It was true, David could not help himself. The ejaculate positively spewed out his penis tip, coating his tummy in a thick gloppy white mess. After several giant spurts there were a series of minor, even more voluminous ones, followed by a thick dribbling towards the end.

"I'd love to do a sperm motility test to confirm, but judging from the volume alone, he looks to be extremely fertile," said Dr. Joyce.

“Now David,” said Dr. Joyce, “There is an awful lot of sperm on your tummy. How shall we ever clean it up?"

"A wipe, maybe, ..." ventured David. "I can do it myself..."

"No. I don't want sperm hanging around in my office, even in the garbage, anywhere in the building even. No, I have a much better idea. Tell me, if a man, say, ejaculates in his wife's mouth, what’s expected of a good obedient wife? What is she expected to do even if it's a load like that?”

"I don't know," said David pitifully, though everybody in the room knew full well that he did.

“Oh I think you do, young lady," said Dr. Joyce. "And seeing as how you're going to be the lady of the house for the foreseeable future, let's have that mess all scooped up and put into your mouth. Every last drop now. Cherie, get the spoon and make sure she gets every drop into her little mouth. Don't swallow any yet, Daniella. Just hold it in your mouth for now." Cherie fetched the spoon, knelt beside David, and spoon fed him his own cum, scraping it off his abdomen and tummy and transferring it into his mouth.

"There's so much!" Cherie reaffirmed.

As Cherie was doing that, Julie fumbled with his cock cage and eventually figured out how to put it on him herself, locking him tightly back up again.

"Now kneel up here," said Dr. Joyce. David knelt up. "Open your mouth. Show us. What a nice big load of hot manly cum you have in there.” Then to Julie, “after every ejaculation he needs to be made to consume it.” Then back to David, “You know what’s expected of you young lady... down the hatch..."

David screwed up his face and shook his head no, no, no.

Cherie smiled an evil smile and came over and put one hand around his throat and squeezed. And then with the other hand she pinched his nostrils shut. With the constricting pressure on his throat, and his mouth filled with cum, he could not breathe! He was forced to gulp the copious sperm in his mouth all down his throat.

David began crying anew, tears freely falling down his face, his mascara running. As well, there was a small dribble of sperm running down his chin.

"There, that’s good.” said Dr. Joyce as she stroked and patted David's tear-stained cheek.

"May I have some water please," begged, David, crying and sniffling.

Dr. Joyce considered and decided "No. No spitting or rinsing for you, young lady. You’ll go home dressed as you are, with the taste of male ejaculate in your mouth to keep you in the right mindset."

13. The Family Lends a Hand

Just then Julie's phone buzzed. She glanced at it. "It's my Mom," said Julie to Dr. Joyce, "I'm sure she'll want to know how the session went. What should I tell her?"

"Honestly?" replied Dr. Joyce. "I would tell her everything."

"No! Please!" begged David.

Julie looked at David, smiled, and answered her phone. "Hi Mom!" she said cheerfully. "Let me put you on speaker. I'm here with Dr. Joyce, David, and Dr. Joyce's receptionist, Cherie."

"Oh hello dear," said Julie's mother over the speaker phone. "And hello you all. I'll put you on speaker as well. I'm with your sister Beth. How did the counselling go?"

David's eyes were pleading, especially now knowing that Beth was on the line.

"Very well," said Julie. "Dr. Joyce is wonderful, she has this therapy called CBT that is already working wonders on David."

"Yes," said Julie's Mom. "Dr. Joyce explained the technique to me once, and I've already explained it to Beth. I suspected it would come in handy in David's case. That's why I sent you to Dr. Joyce. Is it really working already? What's happened so far? And don't spare any of the details."

"Really?" confirmed Julie. "You really want all the details? Both of you?"

"All the details," confirmed Julie's sister, Beth.

"Ok then. Well, we had a long talk about our issues and then Dr. Joyce suggested we treat him with this CBT stuff and explained how it worked, and David agreed to everything. I mean, I told him he needed to if he wanted to save the marriage. Part of the CBT is that he has to act all submissive, more like his warped concept of a woman. And that was most of the session, just training David how to take on a more feminine outlook, kill the toxic masculinity, be more submissive to female authority."

"Well how did she do that?" asked Beth, eagerly.

Julie continued, "well, Dr. Joyce, believe it or not, stripped him bare naked as part of the CBT, just to get him all submissive and everything, and you won't believe it but David actually embarrassed himself by getting all excited. Just like he was when he saw you at our house that once, Beth. Ha ha!"

"Oh yeah," answered Beth, "I remember how he gawked at my titties and how hung up he was about nudity. He ruined skinny dipping for all us. The stripping must have been super hard for him."

"Ha ha - 'hard' indeed!" answered Julie, picking up on Beth's 'joke'. "And it was hard on him, poor baby, all naked and everything. Especially because his penis was erect and literally leaking out the tip, if you know what I mean? Dr. Joyce had to call her receptionist, Cherie, in with a bowl of ice water so he could 'cool his jets' in it."

"Oh no!" exclaimed Beth. "Bad enough when it's Doctor's orders, but in front of the receptionist no less? Ha ha!"

"Cherie seems to be more than just a receptionist," said Julie. "She's great. She's such an expert at this stuff!"

Cherie looked pleased with herself at Julie's compliment.

"Then Dr. Joyce took him across her knee," continued Julie, "and paddled the living bejesus out of his backside. I took a turn as well and gave just as good! A lot of frustration coming out. Oh he was promising to do all the housework just to get that paddling to end, believe me."

"What, no more complaints about it being 'women's work'," asked Julie's Mom.

"None whatsoever," answered Julie. "But just to make sure, part of the CBT is that he's completely feminized for the next month. Head to toe! Big boobs, stockings, heels, wig, makeup, everything. Not only that, but his cock is locked up in a cage so he can't jerk off, and there's a pretty permanent plug up his butt so that he's reminded of being stuffed with cock while he does his 'women's work'.

"Oh, and that reminds me, I also got to use a strap-on dildo for the first time on him. Mouth and butt. The whole nine yards. Cherie and I 'spit-roasted' him, that's where I'm in his ass and she's in his mouth, and then Cherie finished off in his ass with this giant freaking dildo. You wouldn't believe what he took up there. His bumhole is super-stretched out now, and really sore. That's going to be our sex life for the next month. That and, of course, his tongue... tee hee!"

"He actually let you do that? Take a cock up his ass?" asked Beth.

"He didn't want to," replied Julie, "but Dr. Joyce was very... persuasive."

"Persuasive with her paddle," chimed in Cherie.

"Marvellous and long overdue," said Julie's Mom. "He was getting out of control. David, are you hearing all this? Are you learning your lesson?"

"Yes Ma'am," said David, still a bit teary.

"And did you actually get fucked by my daughter and by Cherie? Two-on-one? Handed off? Fucked like a slutty little girl?"

"yes!" wailed David.

"But he took it so well," continued Julie. "Dr. Joyce and Cherie even made him wiggle and moan on my cock. But after all that he got a reward, I unlocked him and he got to jerk off in front of us."

"Oh my gosh!" exclaimed Beth. "You actually made him rub his dick in front of all three of you? Did he cum?"

"Oh he sure did," said Julie. "You wouldn't believe how huge his orgasm was. Massive amounts of sperm. My naughty little slut was made to put it all in his mouth and swallow it down. And while he was crying before from the fucking, when he swallowed was when the waterworks really started. His mascara is all runny now, and there's still cum on his face."

"Did you really have to swallow, David? Swallow like a slutty little girl?" asked Beth.

"yes..." moaned David.

Julie's Mom was not impressed with David's lack of decorum, and said, "you address your sister-in-law as Miss Beth from now on, young man." She went on, "it serves you right. You've been a very, very bad husband lately. When Julie came to me she was in such a state. She was physically scared for her safety. I'm glad you're going through this experience. In fact, if allowed by Dr. Joyce and by Julie, I have half a mind to put you across my knee myself and teach you my own lesson."

"No problem here, Mom," said Julie.

"It would be a help," added Dr. Joyce.

"Me too!" chimed in Beth. "I want to spank him also. You don't treat my sister like that, David. I am going to toast those buns next time I see you!"

"With my blessing!" said Julie.

"Well that's really wonderful when the family can lend a hand," said Dr. Joyce. "It will absolutely accelerate his treatment and yield improved results in the end when more women participate."

"Really?" said Julie. "If that's the case, I have a pretty close group at work, 'women in law', where we compare notes, mainly about the male lawyers. They would probably LOVE to see David's CBT in action. Doing a little serving and house cleaning all dressed up while we drink Chardonay."

"Is that a good idea," asked Julie's Mom, "to extend the circle like that? What if it gets out?"

"I don't care if it gets out," said Julie, "He doesn't have friends. He didn't like his job. His salary hardly makes a difference now and won't make any difference at all once my trust matures. He's already agreed to quit and keep the house full-time. Mind you, he did promise 'under duress' with my cock up his ass. Did you mean it, David?" asked Julie.

"Yes Ma'am," he answered.

"Very good. Plus," went on Julie, "if we have kids I'm not giving up my career, and I think a parent should be home with them, so why not David?"

"But no," whined David. "Guy's shouldn't... I mean..."

"Tell me you were not about to say that staying home to look after kids is 'women's work'," said Julie sternly.

"no... it's not that... but what about breast feeding and all that?" asked David.

"Nowadays guys can breastfeed," said Beth. "Here Jules, I'll text you a link."

Julie went to her phone browser and clicked the link her sister had sent her. "Got it," she said and looked at it. "Oh yes. It appears that's not even an impediment anymore. I express the milk and you feed it to the babies, David." Julie turned her phone and showed them all the images in the link that Beth had sent her.

"Very fitting," said Dr. Joyce, seeing the photos. "It looks like you can look forward to breast feeding the babies, David. Ha ha!"

David looked absolutely mortified, but said nothing.

Dr. Joyce continued, "Back to the question of extending the circle. Given there seems to be not much downside in inviting a more extended group of women in, then absolutely you should do so. It will definitely accelerate the results of CBT. But don't hold back at all, use the opportunity to maximize his embarrassment."

"So what, spank him in front of them?" asked Julie. "Won't they freak out seeing that?"

"Not at all," said Dr Joyce. "Women have a maternal instinct when it comes to males, which extends to seeing the naughty ones spanked, even bare bottomed. l would strongly suggest that regardless of those present, David's spankings be skirt up, panties down, with bare bottom corner time afterwards. Maintain the feminine framing, and make sure any spankings are good and embarrassing for her."

"Bonus," said Julie, "they'll see her plug and cage during her spanking."

"Yes indeed, which adds to the embarrassment factor for her. Though sometimes the plug gets in the way of a good spanking. But it can be very effective to remove her plug after the panty lowering, spank her, and then re-insert the plug with witnesses watching while she's still over your knee. Having the plug inserted while others are watching will be particularly embarrassing for her. Similar to having several women witness her taking a cock up her bum, which should also not be off the table, I mean, if you want the very best results."

"Oh, nothing but the very best for his treatment," said Julie.

"Well since we're expanding the circle," said Julie's Mom, "I was just thinking, I was going to hire extra help for my women's auxiliary meeting Sunday. Serving and cleaning up mainly. A couple of dozen women from the neighbourhood are invited. Why don't we have David, en femme as it were, be one of the hired help?"

"Delicious," said Julie, "but you know, cute as he is, he won't really 'pass' if you know what I mean. A but too big and clumsy to be a real woman."

"That's fine," said Julie's Mom. "I wasn't planning on concealing anything. I thought I would tell the ladies all about the horrid way he's been treating you and his CBT training. A little show and tell. Maybe on stage with his skirt up and panties down to show off his cage and plug. Encourage the ladies to be a bit 'handsy' with him as he serves, so he can experience that delightful little element of the patriarchy."

"That sounds perfect, Mom. Just one more little thing. I've pretty sure he might get overly excited during some of that. Dr. Joyce said he has naturally submissive tendencies, but his cock is all caged up in a tiny little cage, and it'll hurt him like the dickens if he gets excited. In fact, he can literally hurt himself by being too over excited for too long in his tiny-ass cage. I do want to keep his baby maker fully functional. So can you please have an ice bowl ready for him to dip his junk into when he needs it? You can put it out in the kitchen or something where only the other staff can see. Believe me, if he gets hard in that cage, it won't matter who's there to see it, that skirt is coming up, those panties are coming down, and he's icing his cock and balls for all he's worth. I mean, he did it multiple times in the office in front of me, Dr. Joyce, and Cherie. It looked absolutely ridiculous, but the pain looked super intense so he didn't have much choice."

"We'll have an ice bowl ready for him to use when he needs it," said Julie's Mom, "we do indeed want his genitals functional for the sake of my future grand-children! Well anyways, thank you for telling us what's going on. Beth and I are both very relieved that things are starting to look up for you two. We'll see you soon. Have David over by nine sharp Sunday morning. There's a lot of setup, and I'll want to put him across my knee for a nice long discussion between his bare bum and the back of my stout wooden hairbrush before he gets started, and I don't want to be rushed taking care of that. You should stay and watch that, Julie, to see how your mother disciplines an abusive son-in-law."

"I'd love that Mom. The support from you guys is incredible!" said Julie.

"And I'll come by after the party and paddle him then," added Beth, "and I won't go easy no matter how messed up his ass may already be. I'll make him howl, I can promise you that. I'll drive him home to you afterwards so you won't need to pick him up. I assume he's grounded from driving?"

"He wasn't," said Julie, "but I think that's a great idea. Public transit for you, David, for a month. And your butt is going to be so sore on Sunday. It all sounds great."

"Hey, one more thing, Sis," said Beth. "That thing you and the receptionist girl did with that, well um, strap-on dildo. I've never done that. It sounds... empowering sort of? May I do that to him? With you there of course?"

"No! No! Absolutely not!" wailed David.

"David!" yelled Julie, "that is not your decision. I was initially going to refuse Beth's request as being too embarrassing for you, but given your reaction, I've reconsidered. Of course you may Beth, right after you bring him home we'll bend him over the kitchen counter and I'll let you have at it."

"Ohhhhhh," wailed David, regretting his outburst and starting to realize that any disobedience gets punished one way or another.

"Great!" said Beth, "and if he takes it well, maybe he gets unlocked and I can give him a little rubber glove handy into his face?"

"We'll have to see about that! Anyways. Bye Mom. Bye Beth," said Julie ending the call. "Thanks for calling and for all your help." They said bye as well then Julie hung up the phone.

"Excellent addition to his CBT," said Dr. Joyce. "We'll see you later this week where we'll introduce his bare bum to THE STRAP.

"I also think that later in the month we'll add in diapering as well, to drive home the message that if he displays the emotional control of a baby, as he has with you, Julie, he should be treated like a baby and diapered like one.

"Diapering is particularly effective when a full diaper change is performed in front of a group of same-aged women, such as your 'women in law' group. They all think men are big babies anyways, and they're delighted to see an assertive wife treat her husband as such. No breast feeding for baby though, at least not in public. That's for your private time. Now off you two go. David may want to change before he leaves."

14. A New Lease on Life

"Thank you so much Dr. Joyce, and you too Cherie, you were great with him, or 'her' I should say. Now say thank you to Dr. Joyce and to Cherie, young lady."

"That you Dr. Joyce. Thank you... Cherie," said David, but the tone of his voice with respect to Cherie seemed a bit resentful.

"Miss Cherie," corrected the receptionist, picking up on David's disrespect of her.

"Miss Cherie," said David, sulkily, which made Cherie's eyes flash darkly with anger.

"On your knees!" said Miss Cherie forcefully, pointing to the ground. David complied instantly, terrified of being consequenced if he failed to obey. "Bend over. Kiss the toes of my stilettos. Good.

Now lick my soles. Lick them! Every inch. Up and down. Both of them. Suck on my heels, like you're giving them head. Crawl to Dr. Joyce and kiss the toes of her shoes. Lick her soles. Now your wife. Kiss them. Good. Julie, present the soles of your shoes to her. Lick them. Big swipes. Up and down. Lick them clean, young lady. Good. Stand up. Button up your blouse. Smooth your skirt down. Here's a wipe for your face. Wipe it down. We can't have a cum-faced slut with running mascara in my reception area. Good. That's better. Now gather your boy clothes in your arms and get ready to leave. You're staying dressed as you are. Here's the paddle and the strap-on, take those as well. Leave them on top where they can be seen. Yes you heard me right. Disrespect me, will you?"

"Please! I can't! Not dressed like this! Not with the paddle and strap-on dildo in full view!" complained David. "Dr. Joyce! Please!"

"You should not have disrespected Miss Cherie," said Dr. Joyce. "Now you'll suffer the consequences, as humbling as they may be. It's her call now, thanks to your behaviour."

"Julie! No!" appealed David to his wife, stomping his foot.

"David!" said Julie, surprised he was still so disobedient. "Not only are we leaving with you dressed like that, but for that little tantrum you've just earned yourself a punishment paddling before bedtime, and a trip to the drugstore on the way home so you can sleep in a diaper tonight. Would you like to go for a ten-minute ass fucking as well? Up your already sore anus? Maybe I should invite Cherie over, and make it another double-team?"

"n... n... no ma'am," he said, looking downcast.

"I'll be here next time when he gets introduced to the strap," said Cherie. "May I, Dr. Joyce, be the one to demonstrate to Julie and David how effective a strapping can be made to be?"

"Of course, Cherie," said Dr. Joyce. "He was disrespectful to you just now, and you're the master when it comes to administering a good sound strapping to a naughty, disrespectful, male's backside. I think that after he's fastened down to your spanking bench absorbing one of your patented leatherings he'll learn to respect you properly."

David whimpered in fear. But now chastened and obedient, David did as he was told and the couple left the office with David in women's clothing, paddle and strap-on in plain view. Mercifully for him, the reception area was empty, however they were not as lucky in the elevator. A very handsome and well-built gentleman in a suit rode down with the two "girls". David blushed as the man looked him over and caught sight of the paddle and the strap-on dildo on top of his clothes in his arms.

"A bit of a handful, is she?" asked the man of Julie.

"She can be," said Julie boldly, "but I'll put that paddle to good use. In fact, she has a paddling coming at bedtime."

The man laughed and pointed at the strap-on dildo in her husband's arms, "A big cock as well, up your lady's bum?"

Julie blushed a bit, but gathered herself and said, "She responds well to it."

The man smiled at Julie, pulled out a business card, and handed it to her. "If you need any help with her, give me a call. I know how to paddle a naughty girl's rump rosy. Then maybe you and I can have some fun together while she sits and watches."

Julie smiled. She had not been propositioned so openly in a while. "Perhaps we can arrange that... James," said Julie, reading his name off the card.

David whimpered and breathed, "nooooo."

"Watch your step, missy," said Jason. "Or with your wife's permission I'll take you to the men's room and put you across my knee."

"Yes," said Julie, turned on by the man's assertiveness, "and I'll let him do it."

In the crowded lobby they parted ways. Julie and David were met with multiple stares as David wobbled on her high heels. Julie impatiently scolded her husband and said, "come along now. Don't dawdle, young lady, your bedtime spanking and diapering will already be bad enough without me adding you-know-what to it." Julie felt a thrill at embarrassing her husband like this in public.

They went down to the parking garage and Julie drove them first to the drugstore, as promised, and then home. At the drugstore, Julie made her husband, dressed as he was, select and purchase the diapers, baby wipes, and powder under her stern gaze. Julie and the checkout girl had a good laugh over the degree of husbandly blushing going on as she was told about his fate tonight. As they left, the checkout girl said, "do a good job on the toilet scrubbing now. And sorry about your spanking and diapering, Sir." As soon as they got home, Julie put her husband to work cleaning the long-overdue bathrooms.

As he worked on his "women's chores", plugged and caged and dressed the part, Julie sat back with her cup of tea, her feet up on the coffee table, and considered the business card she held in her hand. "Why not?" she thought to herself as she pondered James' number and imagined the things they might do together...

the end
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