Wednesday, March 30

Husband Pegged by Trainer

It never rains but pours! It's been a very exciting week, first with the Pro Domme scene and now with his trainer Mags who fucked him with a strap-on for the first time!

Oh yes she did!

You may recall from a previous posting way back in January that david and I were both shocked that young Mags had never engaged in any bum play at all with a guy (ah to be young again!) and was therefore woefully uneducated in relation to male rear-end anatomy and the prostate gland specifically. So we took it upon ourselves to allow her to educate herself through the use of my husband's rear end (see Sexy Trainer Explores Husband's Bumhole). During that occasion and the one after (Sensual Spanking in Front of Trainer) we agreed that she was interested in using a strap-on for the first time on a man, and I of course offered up david for her to try one out on.

But then she had to go abroad for six weeks, and then there was one thing after another and I kept forgetting to set something up, but perhaps being on a kinky streak it came to mind to do that just now. So I did! I had a text exchange with her as follows:
Julie: want to use strap-on on david next time?
Mags: sure!
Julie: won't be there but david will show you how
Mags: ok fun
Julie: exercise and ass whippings first
Mags: always!
A girl of few words but the four little purple devil emojis says it all.

I actually didn't want to be there. I always feel that when I'm there she's overly deferential to me. I wanted to give her the freedom to do whatever she wanted to my man. And david could certainly show her the ropes.

Am I jealous at all? Oddly, not at all. She is super fit and sexy, but so young. She has absolutely zero interest in ever hooking up with a guy as old as david. She and I talk about her boyfriend situation all the time. I think she likes david just fine. And is happy to "use him" however I allow, and is intoxicated by these new femdom experiences. But an emotional lovers relationship with david? Zero chance. Which is why I guess I'm so non-threatened by it. In fact, I love educating her.

I broke the news to david that I had set it up that for his next training session he should respectfully instruct Mags on how to use the strap-on properly on him. I told him that to make sure there was no drama and that she had a positive experience that I wanted a few things from him.
  1. I wanted him spotlessly clean inside and out, which meant he would self-administer several enemas before she arrived.
  2. I wanted him stretched and ready for her, so he should exercise with the butt plug in. 
  3. He would give her the medium sized purple dildo to use. Not the thin purple one (long but too pencil-dick), nor the girthy Adam one (too fat - he never takes it without considerable warming up and pain). She might graduate to Adam for punishment fuckings later, but not the first time.
  4. He should give her oral and receive anal.
  5. He should encourage several different positions for anal intercourse.
  6. She should go as long and as hard as she wants, without complaint from him.
That about covered the ground rules. I would leave the rest up to him and her and I would hear all about it from him afterwards - every little detail!

Everything below is second hand from him recounting it to me.

david carried out his pre-session instructions, getting home from work quite early to allow himself time to do so. Just before she arrived he inserted the classic butt plug into his anus.

He then put on his panties and had the good idea to wedgy them up into his ass crack in order to provide extra assurance that the dildo would not fall out. He then put on his gym shorts and T-shirt and prepared down in the home gym, laying out the lube, latex gloves, paper towels, big bath towel, and strap-on harness with dildo inserted.

Mags arrived and made the typical small talk with david, not mentioning anything about the strap-on play to ensue. When she got down into the gym she either did not notice or pretended not to notice the toys. david blushed and pointed them out to her.

"Mmmmm! This looks interesting!" She said. She picked up the harness with dildo pre-inserted and wanted to know how it worked. david explained where the legs goes and how it tightens down. She got a smug little smile on her face and sat down on her usual spot on the seat of the weight machine. She took the strap-on dildo with her, and laid it out carefully just in front of her on the seat with the dildo sticking straight up. david would have that to remind him of what was to come.

david then warned Mags that he might seem a bit awkward with some of the exercises, because he was stretching himself out for her with a butt plug. She seemed puzzled so david dropped his gym shorts and bent over in front of her.

She saw the wedgied panties running across the center of the big black disk of the base of the fully inserted butt plug.

"Clever," she said. "You should get a thong," she offered.

"Yeah but it doesn't cover enough in front," he replied.

"I know," she said. Oh my. I'll take him thong shopping earliest opportunity!

david explained my thinking that I thought it would be best if he exercised with the butt plug in so he would be well-stretched for her for when the time came for his fucking.

"Then you'll keep it in," she agreed.

She had david do all the normal exercises in the normal way. david had to keep reaching back to push the butt plug back into place. He supposes that over the course of the exercise session he quite thoroughly fucked himself with that big butt plug! He was made to do burpeess at one point which look as follows.

On each squat the plug tended to pop out so he had to jump with one hand in the air and the other reaching behind him to shove the slipping butt plug back into his ass.

"I'm fucking myself each time I do this!" he complained.

"Yes you are," she said.

For his between set spankings and whippings she toyed with the butt plug quite a bit. She pushed the tip of the short crop right into the base, shoving it in deeper into his ass. The plug is quite long and caused him some considerable discomfort as she did this.

At one point she used a paddle on him. She had him bend over and she grabbed the back of the panties and pulled up on them wedgying the panties deeper up his crack, forcing the butt plug in deeper. Then she paddled his bare cheeks and thighs hard as he danced on his tip toes!

At one point she had him face down on the ground. She put her little sneaker right down onto the base of the butt plug to hold him in place, and used the crop to whip his ass and flanks.

She cut exercising short after 45 minutes.

"Show me," she simply said.

She stood and he got down on his knees. She was wearing black tights and a low cut exercise top that revealed both her flat tummy and the cleavage of her large firm breasts (she has great breasts!)

david knelt at her feet and pulled the strap-on harness up her legs and over her ass. He adjusted the straps. david had rarely been so intimate with her, but she didn't notice at all. As soon as it was on, she reached her hand down to stroke her newfound cock.

david said, "please Miss," and put her dildo into his mouth.

"Ohhh! Good! Good boy!" She said, delighted by this turn of events. She let him go at it, and every time he pursed his lips and went at it more enthusiastically she rewarded him with another "Good Boy!" david then went to deep throat the dildo which earned him another "Good Boy!" before he had to pull out gagging. After that, she grabbed the back of his head and pushed him onto her, making him deep throat it. "You take it. You take it all. That's it bitch. Take it,' she said. [david says she called him "bitch" over and over again during this session.]

"Take you clothes off," she told him. david stripped off his shirt and shorts, leaving him in his panties and butt plug. "Panties off," she added. david slipped his panties off. The plug stayed in. She pointed back to her dick, and david went back in, sucking it again, now fully nude as compared to her fully dressed state.

She took the dildo out of his mouth and started slapping his face with it. "You like that? You like that, bitch? Then take it. Take It!" she insisted as she shoved it down his throat again hugging his head into her crotch. david says he gagged several times, but rather than receiving any pity she just said "That's it, Gag on it. Gag on it, bitch. You like it." She grabbed him by the hair and started thrusting her hips into him, face fucking him. "Take it! Take it!" she insisted. To earn a reprieve from the deep throating and face fucking, david said he did his utmost to entertain her with loud sucking, slurping, head bobbing, and mouth twisting action. "Good! Good girl!" she said when she saw this [yes, she referred to him as "girl" as well as they got deeper into it]. How subtly humiliating that he had to literally perform like a porn star to earn a respite from the deep throating!

All the while david was doing this she was looking down at him. Right at his cocksucking mouth and into his eyes. david would look up at her when he could and they would lock eyes and she would smile. As he cast his gaze upwards, very prominent in his view were her large (clothed) breasts above him. He was being put through his cocksucking paces by this large breasted young lady and no doubt about that!

david was very careful where he placed his own hands, not wanting to offend her. He said they did wind up grabbing the sides of her hips, but he did not dare reach around to her ass (and a good thing too!).

She could also look down and see his very exposed genitals, with his bobbing hardened penis prominent. At one point david reached one hand down and stroked it. "Don't touch it!" She admonished him. There would be no sex here, except on her terms, and certainly no ejaculation.

She did not tire of the oral sex at all. david was mindful that I wanted him to let her go as long and as hard as she wanted, but figured maybe she was waiting from him to move on. So he disengaged and asked if they should move on? She said they should.

david started by laying out the yoga mat, and putting a big brown towel down on top of it. He then says he blushed as he reached behind himself and pulled the butt plug out of his well-stretched ass in front of Mags. He went to her again and knelt in front of her, and used the lube to generously coat her cock. He then took more lube and shoved it up into and all around his own anus. He told me that he was taking no chances with "under lubrication!"

He then faced away from her and submissively raised his ass and lowered his head, presenting himself for his long overdue fucking from her. She knelt behind him. He told me at that moment he couldn't even believe that he was about to be ass fucked by his pretty young physical trainer. She took a few moments trying to find the right position, and then she started pushing the dildo into his crack. david reached behind and helped by guiding it into his anus. She pushed in a bit. She was tentative at first, but david backed his ass up onto the dildo taking it all. "Ohh ho!" She said at the deep penetration, and started his fucking.

As she fucked she didn't use the same dirty talk as she did when receiving head. He says she seemed more concentrated on the physical aspects of fucking. She changed positions subtly a few times. One knee up, one down. Switching sides. Straddling his leg, inside his legs. As she did this she slipped out a few times but quickly put it back in herself. One good position she found was with both feet on the ground and doing a full squat, then grabbing his hips and ramming the cock hard, pistoning it in and out at a very rapid pace. david said he couldn't help but cry out a bit as he was being subjected to this hard ass raping, but her only reaction was to say "take it" and keep going just as hard. What a gal! And what quads on her!

Exhausted, david collapsed to lying flat on the ground. Mags followed him down and lay on top of him and kept fucking him by tilting her pelvis hard forward and back. Yoga trained. "no... no..." david said and she just repeated "take it..."

"Wait, wait, let me show you," said david, anxious to redirect her to a gentler position. "You can do it from on top..." he said. She looked intrigued. He spun onto his back and raised his legs. "Ohhh!" she said as if another mystery of the universe had just been unfolded. She walked up to him on her knees and stuck it in again. Sure enough, the fucking in this position was a bit gentler on him. He said he enjoyed the view of her breasts, which he fixated on as he was receiving his missionary-style ass fucking.

She was looking right down onto his cock and balls. Though by this time his penis was as soft and floppy as a tired wet noodle from all the hard anal intercourse (it does that, oddly enough). He says she looked at it and smirked. They made eye contact in this position and she just had a huge smile on her face and was positively beaming. She did not break eye contact. He was forced to. She tried leaning back on her hands and thrusting harder with her hips, which did drive the cock in deeper and fuck him harder.

david then again suggested they try something else. He put the exercise ball in the middle of the room and draped himself over it. She lay on top of him at a forty-five degree angle and again gyrated her hips to fuck him. He says the bouncy ball made it interesting. I'll have to try that.

When she pulled out, that was the end of his fucking. She took the paper towels and wiped his ass. He was embarrassed to see it was a bit dirty, but it did not seem to faze her at all. In fact, he now remembers her wiping his ass with each new position, not wanting to get her black tights dirty he supposes.

I chided david for being at all messy. For not being sufficiently deep and thorough with his enemas. He apologized to me. I told him it wasn't me he needed to apologize to! That I would make him apologize to her and punish him fittingly while I was at it. I told him I had half a mind to have her and I stand and watch as he had a bowel movement in the toilet, and then make him stand without wiping, bend over, spread his cheeks, and then wipe himself in front of us until he was clean. And then we would whip him. Right on that dirty little rosebud of his. I suggested that would teach him a lesson in anal hygiene!

After Mags and he were done. david again knelt in front of her and removed the strap-on harness and dildo from around her hips. He then bent down and kissed her feet.

They then talked about the experience. She said it was amazing and she wishes she had a cock. She also said she understands now how guys can get tired fucking. They have so much more work to do compared to the girl.

She asked what he gets out of it? Does he ever cum from a fucking. david said that he personally never does. Just the opposite (as she saw - blush) he gets soft when he is getting fucked like that.

"Why then?" she persisted.

He said it fuels his fantasies. He said he would masturbate tonight thinking about what they did. "Oh!" she said, disapprovingly with her voice, but with a smile on her face. I wonder what she thinks of my husband jerking off to thoughts of her fucking him in his ass? I wonder if her spankings next week will be extra strict? I'll have to ask her.


  1. My girlfriend won't even spank me in front of another woman ... What a sweet wife you are!


    1. It's not for everybody. We're like "spanking swingers!"

  2. Hilariously hot! What a monster you've created!
    Thank you Ms Julie, for including us pervs in your wonderfully erotic life!


  3. Are you ok with David trying to touch himself with Mags? And to tell Mags that he will touch himself while he is fantasizing about her.... wow pretty bold. I can't believe you haven't locked his cock up for that. Certainly if Mags saw him locked up, she would know she's the one 'using him'. After David's comments, Mags has to feel like she was 'being used'.


    1. Actually, I'm ok with it. It would be silly to imagine david gets no sexual pleasure from these encounters. Of course he does. That's why we do it, after all. Not to say i might not "punish" him yet for that!

  4. well go GIve Blogger a very good harsh otk spanking spank it hard

    Seem LIke David been very busy with all kind of female and getting his spanking punishment bet he felt happy to relax

    what longest he gone being unable sit after a spanking from you or Mag Meg or Sue or any toture done to him

    1. He can sit right away, albeit a bit uncomfortably sometimes for a couple of days.

  5. Well, after the aborted pegging you and Sue attempted, it seems only fitting David gets a real hard pounding from Mags. You are a wonderful wife to provide such glorious punishments. Now, where are those pictures of your girl spanking . . . ?? :-) TL

    1. I have the pics now. They are lewder than I thought. I had forgotten that my panties were down during the spanking and that I was bent over his knee! I might still post...

  6. A lesson in anal hygiene. Wow!!

    1. That was a flight of fancy I teased him with. I might not actually do it...

  7. It took a few practice sessions (it really hurt the first 2-3 times) but I finally was able to insert my big cock dildo in my ass. Thing is as soon as I sat down on the cock I knew I was ready and immediately cammmme!

    1. I like to hear about boys cumming from a big cock up their asses!

  8. Ms Julie, looks like you've created another dominant woman. Mags seems to be really enjoying her dominant side. And, you just continue to push all the right buttons. David's humiliation reaches new highs with every post. How long will it be before you make him suck a real one?? I know you must've thought/fantasized about it. Great stuff. Keep it coming.

    1. Your comment prompted a new post. Thank you!

    2. Finally!! I've been of some use to Ms Julie. I'm honored

  9. Very Nice,maybe its time david got prepared for the summer and got a nice little two piece swimsuit as well. I am sure Mags would love training him in that


    I think your esubbie should be thinking about a two piece as well maybe his gf can help him choose one

    1. Good idea. Get that body of his into "bikini shape". Ha Ha!

  10. that suck he can sit even after everything he been put thru to me when i get spanked i want be unable sit for few days or a week i want beet red spanked butt

    1. That can be arranged by a suitable woman!

  11. Oh my. Just incredible and so freakin erotic. Dam.

  12. Miss Julie

    i agree it can be arrange by a suitable woman or any woman who enjoy spanking naughty boy i say bring them on

  13. Are your strap-on dildos single-ended or double-ended? My wife uses a strap-less double-ended dildo... she likes the vaginal feelings when she fucks me.

    1. Just one sided.
      I'll have try the two sided ones!

  14. My wife uses a Spare Parts harness and a Tantalus purple dildo mostly, though she has several she also uses. She and I were talking about getting a Feeldoe to try out with the harness, I've read it's not easy to keep it gripped without one.