Saturday, March 26

Playtime Happened: His Spanking

Continuing where I left off from Playtime! and Playtime Happened: My Spanking. You may want to read those two first for context before you start in here.

So we were now ready to start in with the daddy/daughter roleplay scene that david and I had devised and that our pro domme Rose was excited to take part in. Rather than take you through all the planning and describe how the scene played out "third person", I'll just write up the scene as if it was real life. I'll confess that the dialogue is not 100% accurate, as I can't recall it in such detail, but I thought we all did a great job sticking to our roles and acting, and I've definitely captured the spirit of it in the below. If we did not say exactly what I wrote, rest assured that it was pretty close. I have tried to capture 100% accurately the sequence of events and all physical actions that took place, so all of that actually happened.

So let's get on with it!

david's pro domme daughter, Rose

The Players: 
david: as a slightly older himself
Rose: as david's mid-twenties daughter
Julie: as david's second, younger hotter wife (regrettably david's first wife and Rose's mother passed away in her prime, trampled by Elephants while on safari in Africa. So sad.)

The Background:
david believes that his daughter Rose works as a registered massage therapist and has just bought a small house to set up as her own place of business. Unbeknownst to her daddy, while trained and working as a legitimate massage therapist, Rose had always had a second job as a pro domme that paid much better and was much more fulfilling for her. The new house is for that, for her to go full time as a pro domme, not for massage. Daddy helped Rose with both her education and with the down-payment and is eager to see her new place. Rose has been stalling, because if daddy ever saw the place, the jig would be up.

Rose and Julie are friendly (as Julie is midway in age between david and his daughter). Julie has sussed out what Rose actually does for a living and has tried to convince her to tell her father. Rose is worried that daddy will think badly of her. To allay her fears, Julie confesses that she and david are in a Female Led Relationship, and that david is submissive to her. Rose had no idea her daddy was a subby (he wasn't with his first wife - so this was all new with Julie). So they arrange a time for david to finally see Rose's new place, for Rose to confess what she actually does for a living, and for subsequent events to unfold as Rose and Julie have planned...

The Scene:
David and his young wife Julie enter his daughter Rose's newly established place of business. David believes that his daughter is a massage therapist. However, there is no sign on the door at all. Odd. Perhaps she has not yet had a chance to put one up. They greet and are escorted upstairs by Rose.

"Here's the new place," says Rose, "what do you think?"

"It doesn't look like a massage therapy studio..." says David.

"It isn't. I told you a little white lie Daddy. Julie knows. Have a look around and you'll see," answered Rose.

David is genuinely puzzled. He goes up the stairs and turns the corner. It looks more like a residence. As he takes a few more steps he sees an odd collection of various types of... equipment...

"What? You're a Dominatrix???" asks David, stunned.

"I am," says Rose.

"Is it safe? Is it legal??" asked the concerned father.

"I'm very careful. And it is legal, but I am very discrete as well."

"And you knew this???" asked David, turning to his wife Julie, accusingly.

"Of course I did, silly, and I encouraged Rose to tell you herself, which she's done," said Julie. "Mind you, the only way I was able to convince her was to share with her your inclinations as well..."

"You... what?..." sputtered David.

"I told Rose all about what the little Bedroom Submissive you are, dear. It seems the apple does not fall far from the tree, though it did seem to flip upside down as it fell!"

"So don't be a hypocrite, Daddy," added Rose. "You know you like this sort of thing. In fact, I particularly like men who enjoy this sort of thing. I guess that's why I like you so much, Daddy. But Julie, we never really got into it in detail. How 24x7 is it with you guys?"

"I'll show you," said Julie. "David, pull down your pants and show your daughter what kind of underwear you have on."

"Julie... no, please!" said david.

Julie walked over slowly to her husband and stood facing him. "Are you being defiant?" she asked.

"no... it's just that..."

SLAP! Julie slapped david across the cheek. david blushed and looked smaller.

"Then why aren't your pants already down?"

"it's just that... it's my daughter..."

SLAP! "Now!"

david unfastened his pants and allowed the to drop to the floor revealing his pretty lace panties to his wife and daughter.

"Hold you shirt up. Spin around. Let Rose have a good look. I made him throw out all his boys' underwear. Makes it awkward for your Doctor's visits, doesn't it sweetie? You should have seen him blush when I took him shopping for all his new panties. The salesladies were so helpful. Even let him use the changing rooms so he could wear a pair home with him. Isn't that so, david?"

"Oh daddy!" said Violet, clapping her hands together with glee, "Julie keeps you panty trained!"

"Now, about that defiance earlier, young lady..." said Karen, referring to her older, but pantied, husband.

"Please honey," said david, "we can talk about it later... please!"

"What happens when you're defiant?" Asked Julie.

"please!" begged david, embarrassed in front of his grown daughter.

"You're just making it worse on yourself. What happens when you are defiant?" insisted Julie.

"I.. I... get... spanked..." said david, practically in a whisper, "but please, can't we deal with it after we're home???"

"Absolutely not. You were defiant of me in front of your daughter. You'll get your spanking in front of your daughter. Do you mind at all, Rose?"

"Not at all," answered Rose. "I'd love to see daddy get spanked!"

"In that case," said Julie, "get across my knee, david."

david went to Julie and bent over her lap. Julie pulled down his panties and he received a humiliating little spanking for defiance in front of his very own daughter.

When she was done she told him to stand up and face Rose and apologise to her for being defiant in front of her.

david carefully stood, assiduously covering up his private parts and standing facing away from his daughter. He began to pull up his panties.

"Oh no, missy," said Julie, "panties stay down, hands at your sides."

"Oh no! please! Can I keep my panties up at least. Please!" begged david. "Rose... will... see me!"

"Indeed she will!" Responded Julie. "Rose, have you any objection to seeing your Father's private parts?"

"Not at all," responded Rose, "I've always been curious, in fact."

"Wonderful! In that case, david, keep your panties down, turn and face Rose. Now stand straight and glue your hands to your sides. That's it. Now apologise to her for being defiant to me in front of her."

david (blushing furiously): "I'm sorry, Rose, for being defiant to Julie in front of you."

Julie: "I think you should call your daughter 'Miss Rose' while you're being punished."

david (blushing even more fiercely): "I'm sorry, Miss Rose, for being defiant to Julie in front of you."

Rose: "That's ok, daddy, I forgive you. But, what about this?" asked Rose as she approached her father and flicked at his penis with her hand, "He really is a submissive, isn't he?"

Both ladies looked at david's throbbingly erect penis and laughed.

"Shame on you, david," said Julie with a laugh in her voice, "for being excited by your daughter's presence."

"Just like my clients," sighed Rose.

"Well, in another life," offered Julie, "he might have been your client! And say, that gives me an idea. Let's pretend he is. I'd love for you to show me how you work, and how all this equipment and all those implements work. We can use your father as our 'victim'!"

"I'd love to!" Said Rose, "We can take turns whipping him!"

"Delightful!" Said Julie.

"Let's start him out over the spanking horse," suggested Rose. "I can strap him into it."

Julie thought that was a great idea. david looked reluctant, but did not put up a fight, cowed as he was by his wife and daughter. First they stripped him to completely nude and then put him down across the spanking bench. There were restraints for his wrists and for his ankles that they fastened him down with.

What a sight for a grown daughter to see of her daddy!

There was also a waist strap, but before Rose fastened that down she reached between her father's legs and pulled out his penis and testicles so that they were prominently displayed.

david could not believe that his daughter had just handled his penis! Rose explained to Julie that she likes having her clients' cocks and balls out so she could tease them or even smack them if necessary!

Rose walked to the wall display of whips and floggers and selected a floppy leather paddle. She went to him and started smacking his ass with it, nice and hard. Her daddy yelped and grunted from the blows but was unable to move at all. She paused the flogging and ran her had over her father's ass and down onto his balls and penis. As she rubbed his balls and penis tip he began moaning and humping the horse to the extent possible.

"Oh daddy! are you humping my spanking horse?? Ha Ha!" She gave him some more strokes with the paddle and then asked if Julie would like to try. Julie did!

Julie whipped the floppy paddle but found it hard to aim. In fact, Julie accidentally whipped her poor husband's balls which caused him to yell out in pain and cry out "FUCK!" Oopsy daisy!

"Awww daddy, " said Rose, "did Julie accidentally whip your balls?" she asked as she softly caressed them.

Rose and Julie tried out a variety of other implements on david as well. Eventually, after it seemed as if david had suffered enough, Rose asked Julie "did you bring that bum toy we talked about?"  She had. Julie handed it to Rose. Rose put a condom on it and inserted it into her father's rectum deep as it would go. How humiliating for a father to have to undergo this treatment at the hands of his very own daughter!

"Shall we take him upstairs?" Asked Rose.

Rose and Julie agreed to do that. They unfastened david off his horse. His ass was bright red and now well-plugged. His daughter led the way, swaying her hips suggestively and her nude father followed, egged on with some spanks to his plugged red bum by his wife coming up behind.

When they entered the bedroom Julie conferred briefly with Rose and they put david in the corner. Rose had a lovely collection of strap-on dildos and both women selected one. From his corner, david knew they were putting on strap-ons. He called his wife over to him and (outside the scene) begged off any ass fucking tonight as he felt a bit "runny" back there. Julie of course respected her husband's wishes and went over to inform Rose.

Both ladies shrugged, and then simultaneously each pointed at her own mouth making a big "O" with her lips, whereupon they both burst out laughing uproariously, with david left to wonder what was so funny.

"We'll tell you afterwards what was so funny," said Julie to david.

They brought david out of his corner and lay him face up in the middle of the big bed. His daughter was to his left and his wife to his right. They both had on big strap-on dildos and had stripped down to only bra and panties.

Rose was very attractive in her bra and panties. As he was led to the bed and laid out on it Julie could see her husband casting furtive glances at his half-naked daughter. He clearly did not wish to stare openly, not with his wife there, so it was just quick glimpses, but Julie noticed them.

david was now faced with two women with hard and needy cocks kneeling up above his head. They pressed their dildos into his mouth and he was forced to service them orally, alternating side to side. david's arm was wrapped around each woman, with a hand on each of their asses.

"Daddy's hand is on my ass, is that ok?" Asked Rose of Julie. Julie was not so sure it was, but told her it was. What a generous wife!

Julie asked Rose if they should maybe take turns rubbing his cock to see who could make it spurt first? Rose thought that was a good idea. She reached back for some lube and squirted it on david's cock. Julie knew that the plug in his butt vibrated, so before they started she made david raise his legs in the air and turned on the vibrator to max. david moaned. And then Julie began rubbing his cock with her hand. At the same time, Rose concentrated on dildo-fucking her father's mouth. After a bit they switched roles and Rose used her hand on her daddy's genitals while Julie fucked his mouth silly. They switched off a few more times, careful always to stop before the point of no return.

Having enough of this game, but not nearly having enough of the lovely Rose, Julie suggested that david reach down and rub his own cock as the ladies made out with each other.

Rose and Julie stayed in position, leaning over david's prone body and kissing one another passionately on the lips as david jerked his cock beneath them. david's right hand was on his cock, but his left went up between his wife and daughter and rubbed each of their low tummy's and even, daringly, touching the undersides of their bras and squeezed both (!) of their breasts. daddy was being naughty. It was one thing to squeeze his wife's tits, quite another to squeeze his daughter's tits like that. david might have to have a serious session with Julie's strap later in the week to teach him some manners.

Rose wrapped her arms around Julie and hugged her in closer, one hand on her ass, the other between them and starting to rub her tits on the outside and inside of her bra. david got a front-row seat lying as he was between the two ladies and jerking on his penis.

david, very unfortunately, did not know how to properly control himself to drag things out even longer, and moaning loudly spurted hot sticky cum onto his own tummy. Much too soon for Julie's liking. Julie made a mental note to add 36 strokes of the Delrin cane to his ass and thighs on top of the lengthy strapping he had already earned for groping his daughter's ass and tits without prior permission. And that entire punishment to be entirely limp-dick from a milking and swallowing that would precede it to make the punishment better fit the crime.

However, despite the premature ending it had still been an amazing time all around.

Rose and Julie disengaged and smiled at one another. They leaned in and gave each other one more passionate kiss to end the scene.


  1. so hot and awesome job got me all turn on as i wish you and rose was doing this to me and i was david in this role playing going on

    Miss Rose and Miss Julie get 2 thumbs up from me job well done my pants is down around my ankle waiting for my spanking from them as i stand in corner

    1. Awww, thank you for the kind words, mike.

  2. Wow, 416 certainly is jumping compared to 613.

    1. Ottawa? You'd think with all the politicians there would be plenty of call for Dommes!

  3. Fantastic scene!! It would have any spanko standing at attention. It there a chance it could be replayed so you both get a chance to peg David. You know he needs a good double pegging. and if he should have an accident during he could lick it up.

  4. Move aside Venus in Furs, this needs to be written up more fully! Hot hot hot hot...

    1. Thank you! How exciting to be compared to Wanda herself!

  5. Wow!! Great!!
    Would you happen to have any info on that spanking horse? I LOVE the leg hook up!


    1. No additional info. It was beautifully built, though.

  6. Shame you had to stop early. Have you ever thought about training/punishing David's premature tendencies by making him wank off alongside another subby hubby, and whoever cums first has to suck the other's dick?

    1. David would be so bad at that game.

      Ted the switch

    2. But it sounds like fun for me to watch!

  7. Simply amazing scene I love it so much and am so hard. Wow. I loved the first OTK spanking too. How wet were your panties. Wow. You are just amazing. Thanks

    1. I must confess that I enjoyed his first spanking as well. It plays right into my "wife spanking naughty husband in front of other woman" fetish, and SO much better that it was his "daughter"!

    2. One of my dream fantasy as well

    3. What, with the daughter and everything???

  8. That was incredibly hot. I especially like the fondling between you and "Rose". Well at least until david couldn't control himself. Maybe you should re-examine David's little issue? Nonetheless, love how you plan everything so apparently effortlessly and add a small twist (daddy-daughter how naughty) to take the scene up to 11.

    Ted the switch.

    1. That's right! My scene is so 1 better than a 10.

  9. Miss Julie
    Ya welcome for The Kinds Words I Meant Every Words Hontest Truth Comming from me

    No Need Worry I Alway Respect you Any Female you work with Mag,Rose Sue your sister

  10. No pro domme would engage in this kind of sexual contact and play. Pro dommes are not prostitutes. I enjoy your writing, it is very hot but you really need to mark these as fiction. Someone reading this will think that sexual contact with a pro domme is acceptable and cross a line, maybe even get somebody hurt. It is irresponsible and dangerous on your part to pass off fiction as a real scene with a pro.

    1. Well, you couldn't be more wrong. This is an accurate recounting of our scene with this lady. You ought not to generalize from only your own experience. I think it would be wrong going into a scene expecting anything more than what is on offer, however it is the lady's choice in the end. A number of other people I correspond with have had deeper experiences with a pro domme that strictly what was on offer, but the common thread is trust and the lady's choice always.

  11. Julie, it reminds me of the spanking I recently received! It was on my birthday May 31! As the woman that usually spanks me is spanking me, another woman was watching and doing a little video taping! Then they switched and the one video taping spanked me! They used a riding crop, belt, bath brush and a plastic cane with a leather sleeve! My ass was so sore and marked up after they were done with it! But, it was such a turn on to be spanked by one woman while another watches! John57

    1. I'll bet. Sounds like a blast for all concerned!