Friday, February 14

Who's the bitch now?

If you were following on my last post, one of my readers dropped the following comment.
How in the world have i ever missed this blog?
Oh, Ms Julie! Thank you so much for providing what so many of us boys need.
David is such a lucky bitch
I appreciate the compliment, but I DID NOT appreciate him calling my husband "a bitch"! david is MY bitch. I call him a bitch whenever it suits me, but I will not allow others to refer to him in that manner (except my sister, where he often is her bitch also, though not quite as much as mine, but even she doesn't call him 'bitch' out of respect for me).

And yes, I know rikki wasn't deliberately insulting my david or myself, but he obviously erred in judgement regarding choice of words, and that requires punishment.

Well, at the same time as leaving his comment, he also introduced himself to me by way of email. He sent me several naughty photos of himself, a little fantasy of his and a true-life incident that he masturbates to. All obviously intended for my private consumption.

Well, I've decided that as punishment for his remarks, and to help him to remember to choose his words more carefully in future, that I will publish his photos and fantasies for all the world to see what a little bitch rikki really is. Sorry, but that's what he gets.

Let's start with a photo.

Oh my! Is that little rikki in panties??? Sooooo adorable! What a positively girlish figure he has with those big hips, bubble butt, and narrow waist! I bet you didn't want that photo out on the Internet, did you rikki? Too bad for you. Now all the world can see what a naughty little "girl" you are.

I know what you all are saying. He deserves a good old fashioned spanking, right? Fortunately, that's apparently already been taken care of...

That's a lovely dusky red, isn't it? But what are those tiny things hanging between his legs? They can't be his testicles, surely: they're much too small for that. But what a well-administered spanking! It looks like little rikki is certainly some man or woman's "bitch", doesn't it?

But moving on to little rikki's fantasy. you will not believe how much of a total and complete perv rikki is. I certainly couldn't.

Here it is, just as he sent it to me. I'll intersperse my commentary as we go.
When i'm home alone, i can't help myself. I go into my grown-up daughter's room. I only mean to look at her clothes, but it always goes further. I see the hamper, i know her dirty panties are in there. I open it with shaking hands. I tell myself i'll only look, but then i touch. Smell. Taste. I get lightheaded. I feel the ache and throb of arousal
Oh rikki! Your own daughter??? OMG that is so naughty! You are such a total little pervert, you know that don't you?
I seem helpless, possessed, as i undo my pants, take them down. I'm ashamed, but the lust has taken over. I touch my penis as i smell and taste the panties. The hardness has actually grown painful. Then i get naked, lie on her bed, and masturbate using the panties. I have to be careful not to cum in her panties. It's not easy. But i want more. I stand, pull the panties on. They feel sooo good. And i feel so naughty as i study myself in her mirror.
His daughter's panties? Ooooh! Grossss!
There's no stopping now. I've been here a hundred times. It always ends the same. But little am i aware, today will end different. I put on one of her bras, a hair ribbon from her dresser. Then i open her closet drawer to find the dresses. I pull one out, slip it on, and look in the mirror. I'm ready to explode! But instead, i hear a noise in the closet. I turn to look, just as my daughter steps through the hanging clothes. I stand there like an idiot. What can i possibly say? And she's holding her phone and quickly snaps a picture.
Bra? Hair ribbon? Dress??? OMG, a total cross-dresser. And can you believe his fantasy is that his daughter catches him at it? What else? Please don't tell me he fantasizes about getting a spanking from her. Please!
Then she flashes a wicked smile, and leans against the wall. "well, daddy! Don't you look pretty today!" I stammer, try to tell her i can explain, but she laughs and assures me i can't. "i wonder what mommy would say if she knew" she tosses it out like a challenge. She then tells me she's known for a long time, and has many pics to prove it. Her smile fades as she waves the camera. "i think i will tell mom. Show her the pics. I think she should know. Don't you, daddy?" I start pleading, begging, promising the moon and stars. She laughs and snaps her gum. Then she reminds me of all the times i punished her for being bad.
There. that's the most unbelievable part of this fantasy, that rikki could actually ever punish a female...
With that wicked smile, she says, as if it just came to her. "you know, daddy bitch, i think i may need some help with this. I think i'll call cousin Ann, and have her come over and help with your training. Wouldn't that be fun, daddy bitch?" I open my mouth to protest, but her look stops me. "we may as well use the time while we're waiting" she says, before sitting on the bed. "get your naughty ass over here, boy bitch! You need to be punished." Meekly, i go to the bed and stand in front of her.
Of course. His daughter's not good enough. he needs a niece in there as well! Where will the depravity end???
She doesn't speak for a long time, but then she tells me she'll think on it awhile. But she says while she's deciding, i'll be her bitch. Do all that she says. Obey her or be punished! And then she tells me she needs more pics. She gets out her make up. I stand obediently in her dress as she puts lipstick and shadow on me. I start to whimper. "what if your mom comes home while i'm like this?" i plead. She laughs and says, "then i guess you'll have a lot of explaining to do" Then she looks severe, pulls my hair, and says, "did i tell you, you could speak, little bitch?" I shake my head no, and she tells me i'll be punished for it.
He really loves that word "bitch", doesn't he? It's a good thing he wouldn't dare use that word to refer to a woman!!!
"put your hands on your head!" she barks coldly. I do as i'm told. I'm worried about my wife coming home, worried that Ann will be there soon, worried about everything. But my arousal wont go away and i can't hide it. She lifts up the dress. "oh my! Isn't that cute?" she laughs as my face catches fire. "you must like my dirty panties, daddy bitch, cuz your little pee pee doesn't lie." She tells me to turn around and lift the dress. I do, and i can hear her taking more pics. I'm sunk. "well, that's very naughty, bitch. Those panties will have to come down" I feel her pull them down, feel being exposed. She laughs at my discomfort, and tells me to turn around.
OMG. He fantasizes that his daughter pulls down his panties and sees his hard little penis! How depraved.
I obey She pats her lap, says "you know the routine, naughty bitch. Get over my knees!" I do, and i can fell my hardness against her thigh. She pulls up the dress and slaps my ass HARD! I yelp and squirm. "did i say you could be hard, daddy? Did i say you could cry?" I mutter, "no, Maam" "well," she says. "seeing as you can't keep quiet, and like my dirty panties so much, i'll fix that" She reaches over, into the hamper, and brings out another pair of dirty panties. "open wide, daddy bitch." she squeals. "it's dinner time" I open my mouth and she stuffs the panties in, giggling as she does. "now, where were we? Oh yeah!" And i receive another hard spank with no warning.
So, exactly how pitiful is that? He winds up forced feminized by his own daughter, across her knee, with his dress up and panties down for a spanking, with is daughter's soiled panties in his mouth, waiting for his niece to show up. Thank God most men keep their fantasies bottled up in their heads so we don't have to be exposed to them like this.

And how did his obsessive little perviness get started, you may ask? An incident from his true life that I am only too happy to share with the world:
When i was younger i dated a girl. A real kinkster. Her parents both worked all day, so we'd skip college (often) and get really naughty at her house. We'd play strip blackjack, and the winner could do whatever they wanted to the loser. OTK was always involved, as was bondage and everything else. I always tried to lose. Well, one day my clothes were scattered all over the living room floor, and i was over Audrey's knees on the sofa. Then we heard the back door open! Her mom came home early! I ran naked and red assed to the closet and pulled the door shut scared outta my wits! I clearly heard her mom ask what was going on, why my clothes were everywhere, and where was i. Audrey said, "he's in the closet." Mom walked to the door and told me to come out and get dressed. I said, yes Ma'am. But waited til she left the room. Just as i was buttoning my shirt, her mom came back in. We got a good lecture. But, i always wished her mom had made me come out naked in front of her. That she would've humiliated me in front of the fully dressed Audrey, then put me over HER knees to show Audrey the proper way to punish me.
Damn! I still masturbate remembering that day, but i add the twist.
True story
Ha ha! I wish I could have been Audrey's Mom. I would have cured him of all this perverted nonsense then and there with a good old-fashioned bare naked belt whipping so hard it would have beaten all that nasty perviness right out of him for good.

There rikki. Your pervy little secrets are revealed. You have been punished. You know what that makes your ass? That's right... MINE!


  1. You clearly wear the pants. May I email you? Not sure the address.

    1. Absolutely! Love hearing from readers. It's strictjulie at gmail

  2. Long time reader of this blog and feel this one kinda crossed some lines for me. It's just wrong with the implication of children.

    1. If you mean "children" as in young people, it was never in my mind that young people were involved in the fantasy given how dominant the daughter acted! I edited the post to clarify that all the participants are all grown up.

      If you mean "children" as in a "daddy-daughter" then I take exception to your comment. This is a fantasy, and in fact one I share from the daughter end of things!

      And we absolutely MUST distinguish fantasy from acting out. I'm sure many men have watched movies involving people killing other people, and may even have fantasized about being the hero, but that does not mean I would ever accuse such a man of actually being a killer!

      I enjoyed this fantasy greatly, and applauded the daughther for her take charge attitude!

  3. What a pervert! His wife needs to take charge and keep little rickki dressed as a baby girl! Her diapers should be on her 24/7 so the world can see her humiliation. Of course baby rickki would have to change her own poopy diapers. A dominant women's hands never touch a sissy's filth!

    Goddess Gretchen

  4. love your blog but the incest thing totally grossed me out. couldn't read further.

    never mind the spanking, he should throw himself off a building.

    1. That is harsh. I do not want rikki to throw himself off a building. I like the way his little pervy mind works and share his fantasies, though I would never act them out with my daddy, and I am sure if rikki has a daughter he would never consider acting such things out with her. It's just a fantasy where a woman usually on the bottom in a power relationship turns the tide. I like such fantasies!

  5. It appears you "Schooled" rikki on the dangers of irritating a Dom Female.
    To bad some of that "Schooling" wasn't physical.
    At least rikki knows(?) irritating a Female Dom is full of repercussions.

    Well Done

    1. Yes, he was not expecting those photos to attract 1000's of hits. Ha Ha!

  6. Yes, Ms Julie. It's all true. Those are my pics, a fantasy I told you.
    i am the bitch. You have made me so.

    1. Good boy. You are forgiven. I wish I was your daughter!

  7. Sorry Ms Julie, getting your rocks off about a daughter, no matter the age, no matter if fantasy has no place on a blog for consenting adults.

    1. I think we can agree that forced anything is heinous, more so if a pre-existing power dynamic exists, and much more so if anybody underage is involved. While edgy for sure, in my opinion a fantasy of a grown daughther spanking her father is fair game for consenting adults, as is a fantasy of a wife "for real" punishing her mate. Even consenting adults can have fantasies of things being done against their will, as long as they are only fantasies. I think we can acknowledge the full range of human sexual fantasies so long as it is safe, sane, and consensual in real life.

    2. ....but with his own daughter?

    3. I can sympathize as I share the same fantasy regarding my own daddy. If he was into it I would have no problems spanking his bare butt for my part. I would never actually, as there are real-life complications (it would change our relationship and others may find out - so not on!). But the fantasy thought of it turns me on. So I can't blame a man for having the same fantasy in reverse. Also, when I was a teenager I tried to get a "rise" out of my dad. He was a perfect gentleman, of course, but I was sooo bad! For some reason, nobody seems to think my fantasy is "bad", "terrible", or "evil". So I don't get it when the exact same fantasy in reverse is so bad. As long as it stays a fantasy, and the fantasy is about a grown daughter who has the wherewithal to take charge, then live and let live, I say!

  8. You know what....let us enjoy your spanking and handling your partner.....I love being made to wear panties and getting so spanked, you are a gem and your loving partner knows it.....spank him, fuck him and enjoy him....he is one lucky man, totally.

  9. This is an excellent cautionary tale about communicating with a blogger "privately". Assume anything you do or so say may be made public. Once the pictures/info leave your possession, it's completely out of your control. He seemed to take it OK, but for someone else, this could've been a disaster.

    1. I'm pretty careful about who I play with. They only ever get what they want. I am very discreet.

  10. This fantasy hit me hard and you know why! I have given you a lot of things you could use against me. The thought of that excites me. Public humiliation, like what you did to rikki here, scares me to death AND arouses me!