Saturday, October 15

Daddy Spanks Daughter!

So... I've been engaging in a very fun back and forth e-mail exchange with a male switch. For kicks, I fell into the role of his young adult daughter and he my Daddy, and I went all submissive on his ass! Why? I needed inspiration. I needed to know the words to use, the attitude to adopt when I was to punish my "young adult daughter", my husband david.

Yes, my intent was to play the Daddy role: jeans, cowboy boots, thick plaid shirt, heavy men's belt. I was going to force my husband, david, into the bratty daughter role: bra and panties, skirt, blouse, makeup. The offense was missing curfew last night, being seen making out with a boy in the car outside our house, and a general pattern of sassiness and disrespect that needed nipping in the bud.

I derived all sorts of inspiration from my email exchange, so thank you Sir! It's very funny how I get so turned on by these submissive exchanges. When I am acting the brat, or the penitent girl, I am imagining my husband in that role and relishing his submissiveness, and imagining myself in the top role, doling it out and gaining that respect. Even the "girl on bottom" and "man on top" turns me on, because I think of my husband as "the girl" and me as "the man" most of the time anyways when we play. So, I thought I'd illustrate this post entirely with "Daddy spanks grown Daughter" images, as there are no shortages at all of those, and girls make (and have!) wonderful bottoms.

For example, here's a lovely image of a daughter waiting for her parent to come upstairs and give her the paddling of a lifetime. She knows she has done wrong and must now face the music. How cruel, yet appropriate, for her to contemplate the instrument of her correction while she waits in her bedroom.

This young lady I imagine is receiving a spanking from her father. She is fortunate that he is only using his hand, and that she was allowed to keep her panties and top on for this punishment. She will not be so sassy anymore after this spanking. And notice that she is not going anywhere until the lesson has been learnt!

This girl is not so fortunate. Her offense called for a bare bottom spanking. She was told to get ready for bed and then Daddy came into her room, sat on her desk chair, pulled her over his lap, and amidst much girlish protesting lowered her pajamas to bare her bottom. How embarrassing for a girl to have her bare bottom seen and spanked by her Daddy!

If Daddy is very angry, he might just upend his daughter like in the above photo, bare her cheeks, and hand paddle her. This is the same position he used to change her diapers in. What a shame that now she needs to be spanked and paddled like this, so exposed.

This young lady above is clearly about to be spanked. To drive the point home, Daddy makes her wait for her spanking with her bare buns exposed.

Sometimes, to really drive the point home, a birthday suit spanking is the only thing that will do the job. Imagine a girl having to bare her breasts and pussy in front of her Daddy!!!!

This schoolgirl is clearly feeling the burn from Daddy's strap. And on her bare bottom! Hang onto those pillows, young lady, for dear life. This will be a strapping you will remember!

 This one had her buns spanked by Daddy's hand first across his knee. But daddy was not satsified with the attitude adjustment. He did not think a lesson was learned. So this daughter needed to go to her bedroom and bend over the pillows with her panties down waiting for daddy's strap to teach her what his hand could not.

For more serious offenses, such as lying or stealing, a more severe punishment is called for. The girl must remove her clothing and bend over for the belt or paddle. How humiliating that the girl will have to expose everything she so desperately wants to keep hidden from her Daddy!

Here is what the aftermath might look like. I tell you, naughty daughters are well advised to be on their best behaviour when they have a spanking Daddy!

After a serious spanking, a girl must do an extended timeout in the corner. In her birthday suit even to drive the lesson home. This girl will certainly think twice before lying to her daddy again about dating boys!

This one as well. Bare naked corner time after a strapping in the living room. Her exposed ass will serve as an object lesson for her brothers and sisters, and their friends, and knock her down a good peg or two. Show the boys those little titties, girl!

I don't know why, but I've always had this Daddy-Daughter "thing". I like to think about a daughter spanking her daddy, but equally about a daddy spanking his daughter, but with me in the Daddy role and my husband as my "daughter". Weird. Also, the thought of spanking girls does turn me on as well, as you can tell from my photo gathering expedition above!

So, I ran this role play past my husband and he was, of course, all in. It did not stop him from blushing like a schoolgirl as I dressed him and made up his face. He is still particularly embarrassed by the bra and breast forms. I also had him wear his white cotton patterned panties. I put him down in front of the TV, sitting straight, with the TV off as I went to change. He waited for me, knowing he was in trouble. Big trouble! In our scene, she had been caught the night before (a Friday night). Now it was Saturday afternoon, when the reckoning was going to occur. I decided to call her Emma.

I came into the room with the punishment paddle in hand.

"Emma! You are in a lot of trouble, young lady. Making out with a boy?!? Missing curfew!?! When is your curfew on a Friday night?" I asked.

"10pm, Sir," she answered.

"And what time did you get in the door?"

"11pm, Sir."

"That's right, 11pm. One full hour late. 60 minutes. 60 strokes of the paddle."

"Oh no, Sir, please!"

"I have been entirely too lax with you, missy. 60 strokes, and they're going to be on the bare."

"No Daddy! You can't! I'm grown up now! I haven't gotten a spanking since I was 12!"

"Exactly. And look what happens as a result. Sassiness. Disrespect. Breaking curfew. I am putting a stop to all of that young lady. Starting today. As well, you lied to me! You said you were going out last night to the movies with your girlfriends. Instead, I catch you alone in a car with a boy, making out."

"I wasn't lying, Daddy. I did go out with my friends. It's just Brad offered me a ride home is all..."

"Do you take me for a fool, girl? Are you allowed to date?"

"No Sir, but..."

"Shush! No buts about it. You lied to me. You were alone with a boy. And you were making out with him!"

"I'm sorry..."

"Not half as sorry as you're going to be for lying and dating without permission, young lady!"

"But Daddy! I'm practically a grown woman! I'm in College. All the girls in College date!"

"And if all the girls in College got themselves a venereal disease and got themselves pregnant you would do that as well?"


"Enough talk! I have had enough of your sass and attitude. Now stand up."

david stands and I sit on the sofa. I pull him forcefuly across my knee by the arm. I flip up his skirt and pull down is panties, baring his cheeks.

"No Daddy! Please! Please not bare!" he says as I lowered his panties to his knees.

"Yes, young lady. 60 paddle strokes on the bare for breaking curfew by 60 minutes. This bottom is going to glow in the dark before I'm done."

And with that I started spanking him with the paddle. The dialog above is probably not exact, as I'm going from memory, but that is the gist of it. We did play off each other back and forth like that. And I did get in some of those key "catch phrases" I picked up from my pen pal Daddy.

I did not go easy on my naughty daughter's ass. 60 hard strokes of the paddle to the bare ass is no joke. And I didn't even warm him up. I was going for authenticity, and I didn't think a real daddy would warm up his daughter's ass before her punishment. Too bad for her. Authenticity is a bitch!

"In the corner, young lady," I said after I had finished her sixty.

"Daddy no! Somebody will see! No!"

"Yes young lady. Bare bottom in corner, if someone sees that is too bad. I will not have your sassy attitude. Now get your bottom in the corner and I want to see it!"

I left him red-bummed and cornered for a few minutes. When I came back, my belt was coming off.

"That was for breaking curfew, Emma. You still need to be punished for the lying, disobedience, and misbehavior with a boy. A good belting should take care of that."

"No! Please Daddy! My bum is so sore already! And it wasn't a date!"

"Shush girl! Lying to me is the worst you could do.  I seriously hate being lied to. From now on that will end up with you in your bedroom, over pillows, completely bare, ass up high, and a thick leather belt being applied. Which is exactly what will happen right now. Now scoot. I can assure you that this lesson will stick with you for days afterwards young lady."

"Oh No! Daddy! please!!!!"

"Get upstairs to your bedroom. I want you in the middle of your bed, face down and draped over every last pillow you have, and there better not be a stitch of clothing on you, young lady. You heard me! Not a stitch! Now get going. NOW!"

"Ohhhh... Yes Sir..."

david scurried up the stairs to do as he was told. I gave him enough time to take off his clothes, prepare himself across the bed, and stew.

When I got upstairs, this is the sight I was presented with.

My slutty little daughter was showing off her clit to her Daddy! I made her put that away. How inappropriate! I took off my belt from around my waist, and I gave my badly behaved "daughter" such a belt whipping that she would think long and hard before going up against her Daddy again!

Just look a her! Draped across her pillows, waiting for her Daddy's strap. Yes, this is a very sexually submissive position for a female. Her holes available for a male's cock to plunder. But this is not Daddy's intent. Daddy will find a nice boy for her when it's her time. For now, Daddy requires his daughter to display her submissiveness to Him in this manner. Clearly this is all this girl understands.

How humiliating for a grown-up daughter to still be subject to birthday suit beltings from her Daddy! And bare naked to boot!

I can assure you, this young lady learned a valuable lesson that night! I used the belt on my naughty daughter full force to her bare cheeks. Strap after strap after strap until I felt I had strapped some respect back into her.

After I was done with her, this young lady had things done to her that no daddy should EVER do to her daughter!

In fact, Daddy even sat on her face and had his little girl lick her pussy and ass sooo good!


  1. So hot! I often imagine myself as the "girl" in fantasies. What I have trouble with is imagining a man doing things to far. You, Mistress Julie, playing the role of the man is a good stepping stone, I think! Thank you for your continuing inspiration!

    1. I think many subby men enjoy women-on-the-bottom porn for that reason, whether they admit it or not.

  2. Damn, that's hot! Well written, and a great collection of pics, too.

    I love how easily you play with gender in your fantasies and spankings. I have done this a bit, too. My introduction to S/M was when I came across "Story of O" when I was a teenaged virgin. I got very hard imagining having a young woman at my disposal. And I got even harder imagining being that young woman. What a wonderful and sometimes-confusing world.

    1. Thank you! Two "well writtens" in a row!!!
      I must be gettin' better!

  3. This so 'got' me again. You just keep coming up with great scenes! I too imagined myself as the girl in those photos, bent over ready to take your paddle and belt. I would love to be that switch talking you through a Daddy/daughter spanking scenario, or any other scene, for that matter. (hearts) TL

  4. Well, looks like you and David had fun, Julie. Good to read that David knows his cunnilingus.

    Best wishes,


  5. Sorry TL that job is taken and she knows full well disobedience will result in her being blistered and grounded. Hehehehe

    1. Lucky Daddy! Glad someone has her 'in hand'. TL

    2. Not sure about that she is a waskiwy wabbit!��

    3. yes i am! Though daddy did just extract out of me a private photo of my bare butt!!! This has got to stop!

    4. Quite beautiful i might add! Happy Daddy

    5. Oh, I so agree, if the shower pics are any indication. Heh. TL.

    6. You guys NEED to stop talking about my butt!!!

  6. Understanding everything said Nice to Know David willing to go and do these fantasty for you Daddy being spanked by daugther nothing wrong it if ask me

    heck you could go far as daddy being spanked otk for doing same thing the daddy spanked daugther for

    1. i think I like that even better

    2. May be arranged some day, even Daddys are naughty at times

    3. Miss Julie knew you would like that idea even better maybe daugther warn daddy she will show pic of his spanking to friend and him in corner showing off red spanked butt

  7. You sure enjoy yourself with David and I'm sure he enjoys.
    We have not done that but it sounds fun. I do wear panties 24/7 as a reminder to me that I'm submissive to her but that is as far has she has taken to me wearing women's items. Having said that she does have a strap on and uses it often. When there is strap on play I'm her sissy slut. She is still Mistress. What usually takes place is she will say is my sissy slut ready for me. Usually I say no and she will say then go get ready. I will then clean inside and out put on my panties and present myself to her saying sissy slut is ready for you to have her way. She will then tell me the position she wants me in and I assume it. During some sessions i'll be put in 2-3 different positions. she will then lower my panties and tell me to spread my lips (cheeks) so she can see my pussy. She will then tease me with her strap on asking me if I want her c**k and I reply sissy needs your c**k in her p***y, f**k my pussy Mistress. the talk will go on from there as she takes me.

    1. Well you should definitely ask her if you may wear a bra with breast forms, for the added humiliation. How humiliating for you to even ask!

  8. I'm sure emma was just thrilled about her spanking, maybe that should be her character for Halloween this year? Speaking of which have you heard anything from jessica at all and how all her little escapades are going?


    1. I hear from jessica from time to time, yes. A little slow right now on the kink end.

  9. awwwwwwwww Miss Julie is a naughty little daughter sometimes. cute : )

    1. Yes! Gearing up for something special...

    2. Yes , And i will be the first to say it was a blast. LLooking forward to it.


  10. Pictures 1,5,7,9,10,13,15,18 remind your photos under the shower or on david's lap ("my spanked bottom"). Did you choose them with you in mind ? These women's bare butts are very humiliated to be shown in their grown daughter attire !
    And for the one with the big clit, how does david to stay so clean shaven as a baby ?

    1. Not specifically chosen for that! But I wonder why you chose those and not others. You must be a true connoisseur de la derriere female!

      And the big clitty is not in fact david. He is nowhere near that smooth!

  11. Yes, the young girls shown do have sweet bottoms, but yours ( both pre- and post- paddling) is every bit as wonderful and beautiful.