Thursday, October 20

Julie in for a Severe Paddling! (part 1)

Oh Shit! How do I get myself into these situations??!!! I am going to have to go over a woman's knee, totally butt naked, and be paddled hard, likely to tears. I'll probably wind up looking like this...

And it will be SUPER embarrassing for me!

I know this is just the sort of blog post some of you just LOVE to see. Julie having to take what she oh so gleefully dishes out to her long suffering hubby. This NEVER happens. A spanking for me that I do not feel totally in control of. I've asked for spankings before, but I'm always 100% in charge, and they were never too hard. This time, I'm voluntarily giving up that control, and I'm due for a genuine blistering.

The reason I've never taken on the subby role is mainly because I usually get very panicked not being in control. There are some things from my past that are no longer relevant and should not still be impacting me, but they are. But I think I need to get over it. So I'm starting with a small but significant first step. I'm asking a woman to paddle me, very likely to tears.

Women in dommy roles don't elicit the same panicky response in me. I got spanked a couple of times before with some female Pro Dommes we played with, and that always was ok. And I have been spanked by david, but he knows all about me and my little panics, and is super sensitive and super delicate with me. Acting subby over email with a guy does not trigger any of the same sort of thing, fortunately. A real heavy duty Dom scene with a man I am not quite ready for yet!

This started on that Daddy Spanks Daughter! post where I "pretended" to be subby with a 'fella I met online. We fell into Daddy and daughter roles (everyone here knows all about my daddy fantasies!). I did it ostensibly to get ideas for a roleplay scene with david. Well it was mission accomplished, and I certainly did get the material I wanted, and we did have a great roleplay as described, but I do have to admit that I fibbed a bit in implying that was the only reason I behaved subby for him. In fact, it was turning me on, and not only picturing myself in the Dommy role, but also >*blush*< in the subby role as well.

This 'fella is a wood-working guy. On his first email introducing himself he offered to make me a paddle.
I am an avid wood worker and have made a few custom paddles as well. Would you like a customized paddle m'lady?
I took him up on it, of course, thinking of using it on my husband.
What a lovely hobby! I would love for you to make me a paddle!!!! What size/shape/material/holes? david will be soooo sore!!!
I will build you one. Do you have a preference as to shape and size? Would you like the "extended warranty"? If yes then I have to test it out on your lovely bottom😁
I'm thinking more OTK-sized, so no more than a foot in total length? But nice thick hardwood. Maybe a half inch thick? Would that work? Beyond that... surprise me!
Yes that will work. Not going to get you to take the extended warranty huh.  I have so much trouble getting women to go with it.  Sighs.  Lololololol😂
Don't worry, I'll test it out very well on my husband's backside!
But but but ..... no fun for me! I will need a address to mail it to though.
Sure. I have a good anonymous one you can send it to.
I have a friend who has a service where you can ship to a US mailing address and it gets forwarded to her here in Canada. So nice and anonymous way to get it to me.I txt'd her trying to get the address. She txt'd back saying she would get it right away, and then she didn't for awhile. Grrrrr.
It's drying now.  I will apply another coat of lemon oil today.  The center is maple, it has an exotic hardwood laminate on both sides. Nothing major fancy in shape.  Get me the mailing address and I will mail it Monday.
He finished making my paddle for me and sent me a photo of it.
The color is the natural color of the wood .  That is not dyed or tinted

It looks beautiful. And wicked!! Well he had held up his end, and I still didn't have that address, and Daddy was getting angry with me...
Ok young lady (in Dom Dad mode today).   I need an address.  Get it to me so I can mail this!
Yes Daddy. I'll bug my friend again right now!
If I have to drive up there you will be a sore sorry girl! 
and then next day...
Ok young lady, that is a dozen on your bare bottom over my knee. I would hurry up before the number doubles. Dad does not like being kept waiting and you know better.
Well that sort of talk, actually, turned me on. I had, justly I thought, earned myself a dozen paddle strokes. Felling submissive, knowing I earned that paddling, I wrote back accordingly.
Oh pooh!
On my bare bottom? Daddy, I'm way too old for that!
And 12 is WAY too many. Not with that paddle! Please Daddy.
But just my skirt up, ok? Please can I keep my panties up? PLEASE!!!
Nope lil lady bare bottom and as of Wednesday it will be 24!  And corner time.  Get going girl or that bottom is going to glow in the dark. [Pulled over my knees, skirt lifted .. panties slowly peeled down and the feel of that paddle rubbing your bottom.] Then ...... lesson learned hard young lady!
I had decided I would take the paddling. And for real. But 12 seemed too few. I thought I would see if I could brat it up and earn a few more...
Yeah, well... what if I say no? huh? What if I put up a fight? I'm pretty strong you know... I'll bite you if you try!
Dad's been bit before, and I think you will submit because you know you've been naughty and deserve it. Now stop being sassy and get me that address young lady.
How frustrating for a subby! He did not "take the bait."
Yes sir... but it's my friend who needs the spanking!
That can be arranged, However you are my main concern. And your cute little bottom is already in trouble. Now get me an address. Friday will be 36 and grounded, no date Friday or Saturday night!
Woah! Not sure about 36!!! Not with that beast of a paddle. Fortunately, my friend came through and saved my ass (literally!)
Got it! Here's the address: [...]
I will ask husband to try the paddle out on me... skirt up, panties down... 12 times...
I will send it tomorrow. And I would like to see your pretty red bottom with the paddle beside you if that is acceptable.
Yes Sir! You do deserve a photo of my spanked cheeks with your paddle resting atop them for your patience, and as payment. In fact, I might post a blog article about the whole episode and include the photo there! Thank you for the paddle gift, Daddy! Excited for it to come in the mail!
He then mailed it, and I teased him for including his return address on there, which I immediately Google Earthed like a nosy parker. Nice spread! But apparently you can't ship parcels without a return address, so I was, according to him, just being sassy,
As for return address, you cannot mail these days without a return address. So no you're not too smart young lady, You're too sassy now. That will cost you 15 min in the corner bare bottom young lady.
No please Daddy! Not bare bottom in the corner! Please! Someone might seeeee!
You better move young lady, or you're liable to end up with you over pillows completely bare ass up high and a thick leather belt being applied. That lesson would stick with you for days young lady...
I'll move, Sir. No need to get your belt out!
But I don't think you fully realize, Daddy, how humiliating it would be for a grown up girl like me to have to strip to bare in front of her Daddy, and then to have to bend over pillows like that. You would see EVERYTHING there was to see of me! I've looked at myself like that in the mirror. You would see my pussy and my bottom hole! And then with the belt licking I'm sure my legs would kick and spread and then I would be gaping wide open for you to see.
That's.. sniffle... just not... sniffle... right!
Yes, I was getting into it. These exchanges excited me. And of course he knew that from the tone of my replies, so he would randomly throw in stuff out of the blue into my email, like at night,
Bed time young lady!  Now!  March!  [Smacks your bottom]
And then in the morning,
[Walks in your room carrying the paddle. Flips the covers back and your nighty up.]
Young lady I have had enough of your sass and attitude!
Now you get out of bed and get ready for your classes like I told you to.
You have 15 minutes before I come back up here and we start over!
Actually, reading stuff like this made me blush, and flush, and get a little wet, truth be told. It was warm and comfy having a Daddy again, and one who spanks to boot!

Then a few days later from him:
Have you checked with your friend today on the paddle?
She'll tell me soon as she gets it, Sir. When she gets it I'll go over to visit her and ask her for twelve good and hard paddle swats to my bare butt while across her knee. And a photo of my bare red ass with the paddle on the small of my back. Your payment, Sir. Is 12 adequate, Sir, or do I need more for being slow and sassy?
So, at the time I wrote that, getting a spanking from my friend was still wishful thinking. I still had not talked with her, only txt'd. She's a work colleague of mine from a previous job. Her name is Tracy. We became friends and we stay in touch. She's married. She's also very attractive. And I sensed quite "in charge". I have a bit of a thing for women as some of you blog readers know, and I for sure would not have minded getting it on with Tracy. She did not know at all about my spanking life, and I never made a pass at her or anything, but I was even then wondering if a spanking from her could be arranged, or maybe even more...
12 is appropriate for now, however if I do not see your bare bottom in the corner for being sassy immediately the number will be doubled!!!
I wanted more. 12 was for wimps. So I decided again to play the brat and see what happened.
Well I'm not standin' in no stinkin' corner!
Excuse me young lady!  Fine!  12 on your bare bottom and 12 on your upper thighs at the sit spot!! You're little ass is going to be so blistered...  you are in so much trouble!
Ooops!!!! I didn't think I could take 12 on the thighs!!! The perils of being a subby! Little bratty julie had some quick tap dancing she needed doing!
Daddy, sir, I wanted to first say, I am really really sorry for being sassy with you and for being so mouthy and disrespectful. I am also very sorry about taking so long to get you that address, sir. It's not my friend's fault. It's my fault.
Just, please sir, not another 12 on my bare thighs sir. Please! that's a really, really sensitive area on me, and I just know I could not take it, sir. I'll go over the knee sir, even in my birthday suit, sir, if that is what you require. And I'll take 12 paddle strokes to my bare bottom. Or even more, sir, if that's what you require. I'm just... It's just... not on my upper thighs, please! PLEASE! I'm really, really sorry, sir... I beg of you, sir. Please! Anything else. Please!
respectfully, and penitently,
your julie
Fortunately, the brat got her way. We pretty little girls know how to wrap our Daddies around our little fingers!
I will grant you your request this time young lady. However it had better stop or I will use the strap on those thighs.  24 on your bare bottom over the knees. If it is not a sufficient spanking when I check it will be repeated. Am I CLEAR!
Thank you, Daddy
I appreciate your remorseful attitude, I hope you mean it and have learned your lesson. In doing so you admitted telling me a lie. You blamed your friend. Now faced with punishment you admit the truth. Yes you will get the full 24 on your bare bottom. If I hear any more whining you will be sending me an audio of your spanking as well as the picture.  Understood?
Yes, Sir. Understood.
24... Gulp! That's a lot more than 12! Not sure I had thought that fully through. Ok, 24 it was. Now how to get Tracy to do it? I was wondering how I was going to approach the spanking thing with her, when what did you know but she called me. We caught up a bit and then she said she needed to ask about the package. Her husband was on her about it. What was in it?  I told her it was a tad embarrassing. She asked me if it was legal, which is what was on her husband's mind. I assured her it was perfectly legal.

"Well what is it?" she asked.

"Do I have to say?' I asked with what I thought was a cute little pout and a whine. I wanted her to press me on it.

"What? Is it a dildo?" she asked. Whoa! good guess!

"No!" I said.

"You better just tell me. If you don't, I'll open it up anyways and John and I can see for ourselves when it gets here."

"Noooo! Don't let him see it!" I whined.

"Then you better tell me," she said. I think she's pretty naturally dommy!

I sighed and said, "fine, it's a paddle if you must know."

"What? Like a canoe paddle?" she asked, sounding mystified.

"No, silly. It's a spanking paddle." (blush, blush, blush!)

Then she laughed. She actually laughed out loud. "Who's gettin' spanked, little girl?"

I guess based on how reluctant I was to tell her, she figured it was me on the receiving end. But her "Who's gettin' spanked, little girl?" made me kind of flushed and excited.

"Well, it's usually my husband, but this time I have to 'pay for' the paddle by getting 24 swats myself first, on the bare butt, and a photo!"

"Interesting paddle shop you're dealing with," she said, "they don't take Visa?" ha ha

I explained to her how it was an online thing where I was exchanging emails with this guy I met on some forum and he offered to make me a paddle in exchange for the swats and the photo and I accepted.

She was surprised, and kind of scolded me, "You're telling me you're going to send some guy you don't even know, a picture of your bare butt in exchange for this paddle? And he's not going to come find you and rape you?"

"yes..." I said, sheepishly, "a picture of my paddled bare butt to be exact," I added, "and he's nice..."

"So who's doing the honours?" she asked coquettishly, "your husband?"

"well yes... unless you want to..." OMG!!!! So bad!

"Hmmmm..." I hear her pondering over the phone.

"Just you, not John," I added hastily. I was not quite ready for her husband to see my bare butt getting the paddling of a lifetime!

"Well I'd be happy to do the honours," she concluded. "But I do tell John everything."

"Fine, you can tell him," I said, "but he can't be there."

"Agreed. So I guess this will be my payment for you using my forwarding service, eh?"

"yes ma'am," I said. See? I know how to address a Dominant Woman!

"It'll be fun, paddling your little butt," she said.

Yummm! She said she'd enjoy it. And referred to my "little butt". That's kind of sexual, isn't it? I felt I needed to warn her one more time about what she was getting herself in for.

"It has to be 24 hard ones. Bare butt and across your knee according to him. And they need to be hard ones for the photo. Is that ok?"

"Don't you worry. I'll paddle your butt real good. You won't be sitting after I'm done."

HOLY SHIT!  What have I gotten myself into????

After that exchange, that was so exciting, I started sort of obsessing about it. At the very same time I wanted it to happen and didn't want it to happen!

Would this be her?
Will she take it seriously and really blister me? Do I want her to?

Will she insist I keep my panties up, regardless?
But no, Sir said bare bottom and I even told her that and she agreed.

But there's more than one way to bare a bottom...
Imagine if she did that? If she pulled my panty into my crack, splitting my pussy lips and my ass crack, wedging the material to rub hard against my clit and a-hole... OMG she would see and smell how wet my pussy was! It was humiliating to think about cumming while across her knee!!!

But no. Way more likely she'll lower them. Oh no... she's going to lower them!!!!
So embarrassing... When I think about this moment butterflies flutter in my tummy. Across her knee like a 6 yr old getting my panties lowered! She was a Woman. And I was going to be reduced to the status of bare bottomed little girl!

And then I'm 'gonna get paddled...
Is this going to be me??? Is that what a girl shows off when she gets a spanking??? Oh gosh.

Will we have some fun afterwards???

Or is this all the "fun" I'm going to be having?

(See follow-up Readers React)


  1. Oh, my goodness! I did not see anything like this coming! (Cuming?)

  2. Hahahahahaha Miss Julie going have get a spanking over Tracy KNee with Paddle Littl Julie been naughty girl going look cute over Tracy Lap hope next time be vidoe dont have show face

    1. Mike is not the only one wishing.

    2. Well I said don't have show face. I am wishing for video you going add pic of Tracy too

    3. That's more up to her than me...

    4. iam sure you ask her she will post pic of herself but agree up to her we need pic of you over her lap too

  3. If you place the picture on your blog, please do a before picture for the contrast. PLEASE.

  4. Such a complete turn on! You in full subby mode -- it's just too cute. What will you tell David. Will you tell David? Please, please post the photo. I'd take any e-punishment you'd care to administer to see that pic! (Hearts) TL

    1. I've already told him. He's very encouraging.

    2. He should be. He's been over your lap (and others) far too often to not be savvy to about what's going to happen to you. Still, picture -- before and after -- as suggested will be fabulous!!! Hearts TL

  5. Mario from Italy20 October 2016 at 08:55

    I think being on the other side, will improve even your role as Disciplinarian. Furthermore, You playing with another man or woman can be an element of humiliation for your husband, able to add another bit of spice to your marriage.

    1. Absolutely , she will be a better disciplinarian .

    2. Hey! I think I'm pretty good already... ;-)
      But sure, it certainly can't hurt, unless... unless it hurts me so much that I start feeling sorry for the boy... Nah! Never!

    3. Mario from Italy23 October 2016 at 16:02

      Nah! It will not happen! But you will want your bad boy feel each and every smack you received on your bum, on HIS bum! Furthermore is nice that he will know another man has privileges with you, not allowed to him. That will humiliate him.

  6. Well done miss julie. You have conveyed quite well that this is quite real. Dad approves. However we still have some things to discuss young lady. Go to your room and wait for me !

  7. Goddess Gretchen20 October 2016 at 10:09

    I think it is time for your diapering young lady! A nice thick cloth diaper and pink ruffled plastic panties are prefect for a little brat like you.....

    Goddess Gretchen

  8. Julie, Good for you to step out of your comfort zone. Life is about feeling/ anxious, worried, submitting to your dome. Feeling each spank, the sore bottom. Stay in the moment and injoy hell out of it.

    1. But I'm doing it 'cause it turns me on! But you're absolutely right.

  9. It seems like you are getting all turned-on by this. I know that feeling that goes along with anticipation. But I don't want to scare you nor discourage you, but these things ALWAYS play out differently than we imagine. TIt's OK to get all hot-and-bothered leading up to this...(it might even help you get through it) but try not to over-script it in your head or you'll likely be disappointed, confused, or turned-off by the reality of it. It's very hard for people with vivid imaginations to just let events like this flow.....but it's the best way to enter into them. I speak from experience.

    It should be good though, Your friend sounds perfectly balanced with humor and mischief. I'm not saying it will be BAD either.....I'm just saying it is bound to play out differently from the way you picture it.....unless you truly script it with your friend beforehand.

    1. I am! And thank you for the advice. I will stay in the moment and enjoy whatever comes. It's better that a dull evening home whatever!

    2. Very good advice, thank you for helping my lil julie

  10. What I wouldn't give to be wielding that paddle!! ;-) Or at least watching. Seriously, now I don't think I'll be able to get any work done today.

    1. Maybe I should be a Cam Girl for my spanking...

  11. Obéissante. La fifille à son papa.
    Fessée cul nu. Devant tout le web. Photo à l'appui !
    Mais 24  c'est rien du tout.
    3 larmes de crocodile. Un peu de mal à s'asseoir.
    On espère qu'au moins on verra tout !
    Et que Tracy veut se venger...
    Faute d'une vrai fessée, qu'elle soit un peu humiliée !

    1. Yes. Spanked butt naked with the results spread all over the web! But 24 is so a lot, and it might turn into 48, or more!

    2. Never so much people in the world have been looking forward to a simple bottom paddling. Daddy, Tracy, David... who cares ! You are the only one  ! Are you gonna quiver, cry, wet yourself ? The world wait with bated breath... Not too long, please !! (is it what you call « topping from the bottom » or not yet ?

    3. I am CERTAIN my pussy will be wet anyways.

  12. Excellent! You SO have it coming!

  13. This must be the most embarrassing scene you've ever posted. Because you're always so dominant and a head of the household type. The bigger we are, the harder we fall, don't you think? Acting so submissive to your Daddy. And I would love to see your face when it's time for that real paddle blistering on your delicate little bare bottom. Your heart racing, your stomach in knots. Strict Julie on the other side of strict. You should be one rosy-cheeked little girl, face blushing right now, cherry colored bottom cheeks coming soon.

    1. Yes Sir, you're absolutely right. It definitely is BY FAR the most personally embarrassing. and it's not like my butt has any practice at all absorbing spanks. From what little experience I have, I know I am very sensitive and mark easily. I will genuinely be one sorry red bottomed girl. And, for the record, my face IS blushing right now (I can feel the heat in my cheeks as I write this reply).

  14. Man, is this post ever refreshing. I almost never get to see karma in action. Let's hope she's as deaf to your cries and pleading as you are to those of the ones you so gleefully inflict pain on. A .wav file of the experience would be nice.

    1. As I've been saying all along, it's all about consent. I am consenting to lose control and put my butt into the hands of another. I also hope she is deaf to my cries...

    2. Remind Tracy that spankings are suppose to hurt. Let her know that your sexy behind is cashing a check that your mouth wrote and you want to
      make it good. It's important that the only bouncing done will be the paddle bouncing off your backside.

    3. Yes Sir. No bounced checks here! I'm good for it.

  15. Got to admit that I look forward to hearing the rest of this story >>smile<< If you can set it up, it would be fantastic with a picture of you while you're actually OTK of your friend ;-)

    1. I'm looking forward to my paddling! And so not at the same time!!!

  16. Any warm up hand spanking before the hard paddling or you will get hard paddling with no warm up?

    1. There's been some additional instructions from Daddy. He wrote me a note to give to Tracy. The note does ask for a warm-up hand spanking, but it's for as long as she wants!

    2. Yes and i strongly suggest you be a good girl and take it.

    3. Oh, I won't be turning down a war up spanking, especially if it's Tracy's hand on my bare bottom...

  17. %This journey of yours will be interesting and erotic reading. Your views as a top are fascinating. Really looking forward to your view from the bottom.
    Speaking of views, maybe you can have Tracy write a little something so we can see her thoughts. Maybe tell her that Daddy would like a little note to go with the photo, as he would like this experience to be as embarrassing as possible for a normal top. If she would like to go into more detail, have her send you an e-mail that you can print to send to Daddy. This might help you keep those butterflies in your tummy a while longer.
    Your writing always sends my imagination soaring. Although I know this won't happen, it is fun to think about. Have someone, say your sister or David's trainer, sit facing your backside as you are being spanked. Then have them share what they saw as they watched. This should give you a second pair of blushing cheeks. Call that post 'What My Sister Saw.' Really unlikely, unless Tracy becomes your sexy Mommy. Then you can start a second blog...Little Julie Spanked!
    Okay, okay, back to the real world. Have a good time?

    1. Oh Gosh! Sue would do it in a second, watch me get spanked. But then I'm worried she'll claim spanking right over me herself!!! That's a great idea on the note from Tracy to Daddy. I'll ask Daddy if we can include that ask.

    2. There are several good ideas here. Thank you

    3. While Tracy writes your note, you could stand in the corner with the paddle in the small of your back, reflecting. If you come out wet you will be back to the dark (for a top) side.

    4. Maybe Daddy should ask her to report how wet I am?

    5. I like the note . However as to the spanking, Daddy can only suggest. Being a switch it could easily be my bare butt she takes retribution on :-(

  18. Wow, you seem to have all the luck. You got a subby hubby that you can paddle, a stable of online subbies, and now a chance to get a fantasy of yours fulfilled. What are you wearing there? How long is the drive? Just think of you driving home with that sore bottom.

    On a side note, do enjoy what ever happens. Reality may set in and nothing happen. It is how life goes, then you could have a wonderful experience. My hope is for the latter.
    pie pie 4 now

    1. About a half hour, but we might have to do it at my house (after I send david away!)

    2. Hello Little Miss Julie. Doing the spanking could lead to more fun. Imagine Tracy finishes paddling you cute little butt. She then sends you to the corner. She tells to wait there until... She leaves and leaves the door unlocked. Your are not nose to the wall, holding up your skirt, and showing your well paddled rear end. Who will come in and see this. Maybe david and he would care for you bruised butt. Maybe the trainer, and she thinks there is not enough done. What about your sister? What would she do walking and seeing your rosy rear glowing..

      Just a fantasy to add to what will happen.

    3. I soooooooo hope Tracy decides Daddy should listen too. :-) :-)

  19. You will probably need ongoing discipline!
    Perhaps you should bounce a cheque or payment to David's trainer; she can paddle and cane you for THAT!


  20. Dear Julie, I have been telling you for years you were a natural switch, and I want to hear you admit it to the world, or you will get the strap for lying young lady.

    1. I think everybody has a bit of switch in them. Some people suppress it. I'll tell you after my paddling!

    2. The true answer will be about 2-3 days after the first spanking. When you think back on it

  21. Haven't commented in a while. Thought you jumped the shark with the book. But no you devious... Anyhow, hope your booty is so bruised and swollen when its over that all it will fit into, and feel comfortable in, is a disposable diaper for a week!

    1. Never! The book was fun 'cause I could make shit up which I don't want to do here. I can tell you, though, I definitely won't be quitting my day job based on book royalties. (And I think it's done very well!)

  22. My wife uses either a ping pong paddle - a bath brush - or her Spencer Paddle on my ass. They all hurt.

  23. Anyone else for starting a collection, and paying for additional hard paddle swats until we get real blisters?

    1. Yes. I'll start a Go Fund Me and a Kickstarter account. Let's make it happen.

    2. I'm insulted! What do you take me for? A common whore? Do you think my ass is for sale!?!

      p.s. how much do you think you could raise?

  24. As a commentator said above, your really a natural switch in more ways then one... If it turns out this friend is inclined that way too, could develop in to a lot of the fantasy scenarios you were proposed with on the sub switch early in the dildos, gaping bottom hole etc... enjoy lol

    1. I suspect she would enjoy seeing my david spanked...

  25. Good Julie, but will Tracy really give you a real spanking till you are in tears.

    1. That's a very good question. I'm not sure if I won't be a total crybaby and open up the waterworks on the first swat. If not, then without experience, she probably won't, although given her readiness to spank me, she might have more experience than I am counting on (I literally just don't even know, and want to keep up my own suspense by not asking!).

    2. You will know when her hand contacts with your bottom. In my society spanking is common usually with a slipper.

    3. bottom line your are in good hand with tracy she will take care of you see your naughty booty get all attention it need

    4. I think a slipper sounds good next to The Paddle!

  26. Julie? Hummm, I used to know a spanko named Julie who swore she would never go out with anyone who didn't eventually end up "half naked" across her knee. The same Julie by chance but now married? To a hubby who will make certain you do not give that which you do not receive? Ahhh, there's nothing like a disciplinarian who eventually gets a taste of her own medicine :) Now I will concur that a guy who spanks his mac and cheese lunch could be a tad bit warped but a guy who turns his disciplinarian wife over his knee or better yet has her best friend do the honors? Sweet! If you ARE the same Julie, well...hi from Shawn. If not...well hi from Shawn anyways. I don't make paddles but I can cut a mean rattan switch. Beware!!!

    1. Hi shawn... not the same Julie. But she sounds like fun!

  27. Beautiful story... cumming part after spank really exciting...