Wednesday, August 16

Ranch House Justice

Following up on my last blog, Readers' Email, I got a number of very interesting emails from men I had not exchanged with before, and some old acquaintances renewed. In this blog, I will cover a number of distinct topics, and end with a little piece of fiction I wrote as a reward for a fan.

I was quite responsive as I was on vacation at the family cottage for a week, and had lots of time to be on my iPad. My sister and her husband were there with two of their three sons, along with my Dad and Mom and David of course. This is my younger sister, not Sue. This one's a bit fat and a bit of a prude. My nephews who were there LOVE their Aunt Julie. I think they especially love their Aunt Julie's spectacular cheek-baring bikini. I'm sure their Dad is fine with it as well. He only wishes my fat little sister had as tight a butt.

Not me. I wish!

David was out on the deck drinking a beer with his brother-in-law, and I was there sunning myself on my tummy on a lounge chair. David comes up to me and whispers in my ear: "Hey, I think you better cover up. Your nephew's eyes are about ready to pop out of his head, and your sister is giving you dirty looks."

My first reaction was annoyance and anger. What right has he? I can do what I want! I also felt embarrassed that I needed to be talked to like this. I didn't let any of those emotions show. Instead I made a joke to cover my embarrassment. I whispered back at him: "What? you don't like this suit? I thought you liked my ass in it?"

I was just playing, of course. But then I felt David's hand gently patting my bottom, right in front of everybody (!), and he whispered back, very quietly, right in my ear, "I do, but if you don't mind me, I'll take you back to our room, put you across my knee, and then happily send you back out here in your little swimsuit."

Artist's interpretation of the possible "after"!

Ack! Threatened with a public spanking at my very own family cottage! And those cottage walls are thin! I must admit, this turned me on. I felt that tingly feeling in my pussy. I sat up, we locked eyes, I looked at him defiantly, and then I put a towel around my body and went to our bedroom to change, my cheeks burning from the humiliation of obeying my husband so publicly. But better those cheeks be red in public than the ones below!

I saw my brother-in-law grinning at me broadly, no "smirking" is the better word, smirking at me broadly, beer in hand over his fat beer belly, as I walked off the deck into the cottage, my towel wrapped tightly around me.

You may be surprised at this interaction. That David can be Dommy with me. In fact, as I've said many times on this blog, I Domme him during playtime only. The rest of the time we are a very normal couple. And David is a big Alpha Male at work, where he has a lot of responsibility and manages many people. So being Dommy comes natural to him. And ever since my experiences with Tracy and especially John, and more recently with Violet, I have been letting my subby side out to play more often, and have allowed and enjoyed the occasional time David Doms me during playtime. So this was a bit of an extension of that. An "impromptu" scene in public, as I have done to him many, many times. Very hot!

Other kinks on vacay? I suppose having sex with David in our cottage bedroom with its very thin walls! I even fucked his face and ass once. I pretended it was me getting fucked, moaning as if I was on the bottom as the cock went in and out! david was very quiet during it! Ha Ha!


As I mentioned above, my kinky imagination was kept very well occupied with my readers' emails. Nobody knew what I was doing on my iPad. It was kinky to be doing that right in the same room as all my relatives and david. I hope nobody noticed my hard nipples or me rubbing my thighs together from time to time!

I had some very titillating interactions with a Frenchman. He wrote in dirty French and I tried responding in kind. I speak French fairly well, though writing is more a challenge. I did not know many of the dirty words he used, and had to look them up, and then I tried to use them in a sentence myself.

For example, after relaying some of my story above regarding my bikini, he responded with,
:) quel salope tu fais ! Pauvre neveu. Il a quand même le droit de mater ton petit cul de traînée. Moi je ferai pareil. J'espère que ce soir il va se branler bien fort dans son lit en pensant à toi. Je suis sûr que cette idée te fait mouiller comme une folle.
Here is my homework translation,
:-) But what a little slut you are! Poor nephew. He certainly has the right to ogle your little lower ass cheeks. I would do the same. I hope that tonight he jerks himself off hard in his bed thinking of you. I'm sure that this idea makes you soaking wet like crazy.
Hmph! Maybe a little... The boy should have something to aspire to ;-)

One new pen pal introduced himself. He asked that I not use his real name, or even the moniker he goes by when he comments. He has had some very interesting experiences! He's currently living with his wife who keeps him naked and serving her, so he relates to ted from my last blog. He had some interesting backstory, though, that started when he began by visiting a Pro Domme named Mistress Karin von Kroft.

You can find her at at, she has an amazing looking pay site where you can see videos of her Domming men and women in very sexual and pornographic ways!

At a certain point, she asked him if he wanted to participate in some of her videos. He bravely agreed to do so. He says he was never briefed on how the scene would unfold in advance, which he was perfectly fine with, and even enjoyed. He just did as he was told.

He says,
"My first videos with her we're mostly corporal punishment - she really could blister my ass, using crops, paddles and many assorted canes. She also used them a lot and a bullwhip also on the old cockaroo. I really felt some zingers while in her cock pillory. It was all good times! Guess I'm a pain slut, Ms. Julie. Later videos were more tease and denial and me licking and otherwise servicing the assorted orifices of her and her girls. (Tough job!) Also, I got the butt plug treatment occasionally but never pegged. It would have been more than OK with me but I always just did what she said to do."
When I went to the site, I noticed that Mistress Karin teased him with her pussy! I commented on this, and he replied,
"Yes, I was so very lucky to have my cock in Mistress Karin's pussy on a number of occasions. The first time was in a teasing video where I was kneeling before her with my hands behind my back as she was sitting back on a couch with legs spread. She was holding my cock, rubbing it on her pussy. She then pulled the tip into her, then reached her foot behind me and, pressing on my ass, moved me all the way inside. I must say, Ms. Julie, I never felt anything so wonderful! And I wasn't expecting that to happen! She is always so hot. I don't mean just looks (though she is) but HOT inside her pussy. It's always beyond just warm and so intense! Yes, I was a lucky subby indeed. And I did enjoy, though always delivered with enthusiasm, her whip and even the canes as well."
Having sought out Mistress Karin's permission and received it, here are some of these types of photos.

How hot is that???? Such a LUCKY SUBBIE! Please go and visit Mistress Karin's site and sign-up to see these videos!

But I was inspired by this, and so I decided that david needed to be teased by my pussy, like, right away! So, at the cottage, thin walls and everything, I lay on the edge of our bed (it's pretty high), and started teasing my husband with my mouth, my hand, and then my vagina. I pulled him towards me and rubbed his tip all around my pussy lips. Then I let the tip go in just a bit. He was not allowed to thrust. Only the tip in, and I moved around it. Then I slowly slowly drew him into me until he was balls deep. No thrusting! Then I used my Kegel's to squeeze and release his cock with my cunt. This made him moan, quite against his will. Moan like a girl! With those thin cottage walls. I took him out of me, and then I repeated the process.

After doing that three times, I reached for him to bring him into me a fourth time, and it was like a gun went off in my hand!!!! He splattered his shooting cum all over my abdomen, low tummy, and even up to my tits! As he did this, he let out a loud guttural groan. Hello???!!!! Thin walls!!!!!

"david!" I yelled at him in a whisper. "The walls!"

And then, continuing with my harsh whisper, "you are in such trouble, mister! Lick it up, now! Swallow it as you go." As he was licking I said, "as soon as I get you home, you are getting such a licking that you won't be sitting for a week! The strap and the cane!" As I said that he whimpered in fear a little. I directed his tongue towards my pussy and had him stay there, and had such a nice orgasm. Though I think I was not that quiet!

Good times!

Now, on to the story. So this same pen pal, Mistress Karin's subbie, when I asked him about his fantasies, offered up the following.
"As for my fantasies, the pain has always been a part though it could be in a dungeon or domestic setting, either one. There's always some degree of exposure/humiliation involved also and sexual connection. A most cherished fantasy would be outdoors, exposed and beaten/whipped by a woman before a group of at least several more women. When the beating ends I am laid on a table or slab then each woman, one at a time, uses me sexually in whatever manner they prefer."
Well that's a good kink! Immediately I read this I started coming up with story ideas that fit his kink. I thought he should have a reward for telling me his story with regards to Mistress Karin and allowing me to share it with you. So here it is!

But trigger warning! There's some brutal stuff below. Beware! Some dark sh*t in this nasty mind of mine...

This is for you, Mistress Karin's lucky subbie who shall go nameless here.

You are a guy down on his luck, looking for a job, any job. I am a ranch owner of a large spread, 100 miles away from the nearest town, with almost 20 ranch hands all told.

They are all girls. I prefer girls. Less of a handful.

But hard to find enough good girls, so I need to hire you for some temporary mucking out work. I tell you absolutely no fraternizing with the girls (all horny little bitches).

The girls aren't used to having a male ranch hand around. I made it a rule for them also: no fraternizing with the male mucker! They all, though, get up to flirting with you and leading you on. One of the gals gets you alone in a horse stall, and you two start making out. You are reluctant, you need the job and don't want to get fired. But the girl is so hot and willing. You just need that pussy, don't you?

Three of the other girls, who are jealous and suspicious, find you two out and catch you in the act. To save her job, the girl claims you were raping her! Everyone, including me especially, knows it's bullshit. The girls grab you and bring you to me with the phony "rape" story.

I think to myself that I know you didn't rape the slut, but you did let your horny dick out of its pants against my explicit instructions. My one big rule for you. Very first day no less. I don't really want to fire you, there's a lot of shit to muck out of those stalls. I have an idea. I tell you that you're in deep shit, and I'll decide whether or not to call the County Sheriff in the morning. In the meantime, you are under citizens' arrest. I have the girls hogtie you, gag you, and blindfold you, and I leave you locked in the stables overnight.

I discuss my plan with the girls. It's a way to punish you for letting your dick out, and it's a way for the girls to get what they need and start getting back along with one another. The girls agree to back me up.

Next morning, bright and early, we go to collect you. You've had a miserable night, hogtied on the cold ground, locked in the dark stall. The girls untie your legs, keeping your hands tied behind you. They frogmarch you over to the veranda of the main ranch house.

There I tell you that you've been accused of raping Anne-Marie, and that there are three other witnesses who will swear to it. You call them all lying cunt bitches! I walk up to you and slap you hard across your face. I tell you that you're fired and that I'm calling in the Sheriff and having you arrested for rape. You'll be tried and found guilty because of the overwhelming witness testimony. You'll be in prison for the next 20 years, you'll come out as an unhirable federal felon and registered sex offender. Plus the boys in prison will certainly make you their little bitch. [Editor's note: you guys are so fucked nowadays...]

But I give you a glimmer of hope. I say that I strongly suspect that Anne-Marie led you on (but no excuse to rape her, of course). Instead of involving the law I can sentence you myself. Your sentence would be as follows.
  • One year of hard labour on my ranch.
    • I'd pay your agreed upon salary into a fund that will get released to you at the end of your sentence.
    • But if you leave before then, you don't get a red cent.
  • You'll be whipped once a month, 12 times over the year, 50 lashes each time.
    • For your whipping, you'll be stripped naked and strung up by your ankles on the big veranda of the ranch house in front of all the hands.
    • You'll get whipped on your ass only.
    • If you've been obedient, you'll get the dog whip, if not, the horse whip, and if really bad, the bull whip.
  • In between whippings, any girl has the authority to lower your britches and paddle your ass for any reason at all.
    • Or, she can choose to have you cut her a peach switch and give you a bare naked switching all over, privates included.
    • If serious, you get brought to me for a belt whipping to your bare ass.
  • Furthermore, and this is key, any girl on the ranch gets to rape you whenever she wants, however she wants, as many times as she wants, as a reward for good work.
    • If you don't perform, it's the paddle, switch, and belt until you do.
I tell you that you have an hour to decide. I get the girls to hogtie you again and carry you back to your stall where they dump you on the ground.

After the hour is up, they bring you back to me. You know you are screwed, so you agree to go along with my ranch-house justice.

I tell you that you get your first whipping right away, and then after morning chores and lunchtime, I'm giving the girls the afternoon off to use you however they please to "take the edge off".

The girls forcibly strip you to bare. They carry you out to the back porch. They tie a rope around each of your ankles and string you up by throwing the ropes up over a porch beam and tying it back down.

You're helpless, spread, and exposed in front of all the girl ranch hands. I go select the whip I'm going to use on you. I decide you'll get a horse whipping to your bare ass.

I line up the whip. I take a few practice swings in the air, the tip of the whip makes a horrific cracking sound at full extent. I aim the whip for your bare ass. I am very accurate with the whip.

You scream in agony as my vicious horse whip bites into the skin of your ass over and over and over again. I leave deep welts all over your ass. My control is excellent. You are well whipped, but not bloody. You were lucky it was not the bull whip. By the time your first fifty lashes are done, you're an upside-down, crying sobbing mess, with an ass criss-crossed with deep painful looking weals.

The girls are gentle with you as they lower you down and carry you to your bedroom. They lie you face down on the bed and they rub a soothing salve onto your ass. They have to go off to work now. They tell you to rest and gather your energy for the afternoon.
The lunch bell rings. The girls come in for their grub. I've set you to serving wearing nothing more than a flowery kitchen apron over you nakedness.

The girls slap and pinch your sore whipped bare buns. They are rough ranch hands. They laugh at you showing your pain!

Big Sue-Ellen gives you a particularly nasty full hand goosing with her fingers up where the sun don't shine! You've had enough! You whip around angrily and tell her to "fuck off you big cunt!"

All the girls go "Oooooooo!" and everything goes deathly quiet. Sue-Ellen pushes her chair away from the table with an ominous screech as the chair legs move against the floor. She grabs you by the arm, and yanks you face down across her broad lap. Sue-Ellen is large but not fat. She's the most well-muscled of all the girls. Her 15 years as a ranch hand have given her a physical strength most men can't match, and certainly not you!

She pushes your flowered apron aside and says "You'd think he'd mind us with a fresh-whipped butt like that." One of the girls helpfully hands Sue-Ellen a big thick, flat, handled, hardwood cutting board.

Sue-Ellen proceeds to lay into your ass with smack after hard smack until your ass is crimsoned and you're apologizing to her profusely and begging her to stop, please stop!

"Who's the cunt?" she asks you. "Nobody!" You cry out. "Wrong!" she says as she continues paddling you. "There is a filthy little cunt here. Who is it?" she demands. "I am!" you scream, realizing it's the only answer she will accept. "What are you exactly?" she asks again. You yell back "I'm the cunt! I'm the filthy little cunt!"

"That's right you are!" says Sue-Ellen, pausing your paddling. "What do dirty little cunts want more than anything?" she asks you. You don't know how to answer. The paddle comes down hard across both low cheeks. "What does a dirty little cunt whore like you want more than anything else in the world?" she asks again, paddle poised. "A... a... fucking?" you answer.

"Very good!" says Sue-Ellen. Then, "Marcie, pass me that there big fat cucumber laying right over there."

"Grease it up with some Margarine first. All that damned stuff is good for anyhow!"

"No... no..." you whimper' knowing the pain and humiliation that is coming.

With your crimson red and whipped ass still across her knee, and in front of all those dozen plus female ranch hands gathered there in that dining hall, Sue-Ellen forces the thick greased cucumber deep up your ass as you cry out in pain. She starts working it in and out, fucking your ass with it as all the girls laugh, cat-call, whistle, and applaud.

After delivering a thorough ass fucking, Sue-Ellen let's you up off her lap saying, "that cucumber stays up your ass until I say you take it out!"

You are forced to clear the plates with one hand on the cucumber making sure it doesn't fall out, and the other balancing the dishes the girls pile on high.

Once you're done, Sue-Ellen comes up to you and asks, "is there something you want to say to me, cunt?"

"Yes Ma'am," you say, "I'm sorry Ma'am, I'm sorry for calling you a bad name and for disobeying you. You can goose my ass anytime Ma'am!"

"That's damned right I can, cunt. You can take the cucumber out of your ass. That's your supper tonight, cunt-boy, you better do a good job peelin' it!" This to much laughs from all the girls present.

I sat there watching this with a grin on my face. I'd been looking for a new Foreman for the ranch, and had not fully appreciated Sue-Ellen's natural authority until now. She'd just earned herself that Foreman's job.

"Sue-Ellen," I said, "take your boy there outside to the big table out back. Bring that big 'ol paddle with you. Let each girl get a good pleasuring from our boy here however she pleases right in the great outdoors. Best workers get first dibs. Take some for yourself too, whenever you please. Oh, and you're my new Foreman."

"Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am!" said Sue-Ellen, delighted with her new position. She strips off your apron, picks you up, and throws you over her shoulder like a sack of feed. Your red ass and cucumber-stretched Margarine covered asshole are uppermost for all to see and jeer at.

She takes you and lays you down on the large outdoor table out back. All the girls follow you out back to get a shot at that cock or mouth. The first man they've seen in a year!

"Anne-Marie, you little tramp, you go last," said Sue-Ellen. All the girls jeer at Anne-Marie and agree with the decision. She wanted him all to herself and now she's getting nothing but sloppy-seconds!

"Sue Buck, you get up here, girl. You've been working that ass off lately, you have yourself a bit of fun with this bitty stallion!" Nobody disagreed with Sue-Ellen's choice for first. Sue Buck worked darned hard they all acknowledged.

Sue let out a little Whoop! and stripped right down to nuthin! She straddled you and sat on your face forcing you to lick her pussy as her needy juices covered your face. As you were doing this, she took your cock in her mouth and started bobbing frantically on it. The assembled gals hooted and hollered at the show Sue Buck was putting on! Unfortunately, Sue Buck was not overly skilled in the cock-sucking department, making you wince more than once at her enthusiastic application of head and lack of teeth and lips discipline. She then got off your soaked face and spun around to get your cock in her pussy cowgirl style. She was disappointed, though, with the softness of your pecker, the result of her over-enthusiastic blow job.

One of the other, older girls raced to the rescue. "It's ok Sue Girl, don't fret. You was just a little rough with his delicate little pecker is all. Let me get it ready for you..." With that the kind gal sucked your cock so beautifully that within half a minute you were hard as a rock and ready for your studding duties. Sue Buck thanked the girl and said she'd ask her for some pointers later, lest she chase away any prospective husbands in future. She lowered her soppy wet pussy around your rock hard cock and started riding it hard! Whipppeeee!

Sue-Ellen was right there with her paddle at the ready. "You keep that boy juice inside. You got plenty of gals to service yet!"

"I don't know if I can, Ma'am!" you wail as you watch Sue Buck's pretty young tits and tight body bouncing on your cock as her hot wetness engulfs you.

"Well if you don't boy, and you disappoint these here hardworking gals, you'll be across my knee and feeling the business end of this paddle on your ass for 30 whole minutes straight!" threatened Sue-Ellen.

Well that was enough to keep you from blowing your load into the tight-pussied Sue Buck, especially as she got herself off on your dick in record time.

But when the model-pretty Amanda-Jean, selected to go next, stripped down and rode your face and sucked your cock, you thought for sure you could not hold it!

Then she got down on all fours on the table and told you to give it to her from behind, doggy style, woof-woof.

You knew you would not be able to hold, and shook at the thought of the implications of a 30-minute long paddling across Sue-Ellen's lap!!!

That's when I came in to help. Our first aid kit had some numbing lidocaine spray. I also had some condoms, and a big fat rubber band to keep that erection strong. I got Amanda-Jean to resume that blowjob until you were hard and throbbing. I then snapped the rubber band around the base of your penis to keep all the blood in.

I sprayed your cock with the lidocaine to numb it, and put a condom on to spare the effects of the spray from my girls' delicates.

Leaving you with nothing but essentially a hard numb appendage as your sex organ, you were able to go back to servicing my girls, each how they wanted it, while the others cheered them on. A great bonding experience for them all!

Anne-Marie was last. She walked up to you shame faced as the other girls teased her for her misbehaviour earning her the dubious honour of last-girl. Your jaw and tongue were so sore from the other girls that you could barely satisfy Anne-Marie. Your cock was losing it's rigidity and Anne-Marie had to literally stuff it up her pussy to get it in at all. She was so angry, and so embarrassed, that she kneeled so that her pussy was at your mouth and let loose a gushing stream of urine onto your face and into your mouth.

"Anne-Marie!" chided Sue-Ellen, "look what a mess you made!"

Crinkling her nose at the smell, Sue-Ellen removed your condom and the elastic bands. Your sore, abraded, well-used penis immediately deflated. Your jaw hung open and your tongue rolled around inside your mouth, all muscle tone gone from the stringent demand of the girls' insatiable pussies and assholes. The urine stung your mouth and covered your face. Sue-Ellen picked you up effortlessly once again and carried you over to the hose by the side of the barn. She turned it on and hosed Anne-Marie's urine off your face and body, even giving you some water in your mouth to try to wash it down with.

It was then up to her room over her shoulder. She did not need your mouth, your tongue, or even your penis for what she had in mind. She tossed you down onto her bed. She went into her special trunk that she kept under lock and key in the corner of her room. She fished out a studded black leather strap-on harness, and the biggest, knobiest dildo you had ever seen in your life.

"no... please..." you whimpered, begging her not to.

"Bottoms up Princess. Momma's 'gonna make you into Her little bitch tonight!"

Your piercing scream could be heard throughout the ranch house as Sue-Ellen took your virginity with her giant strapped-on dildo. As she pumped into you with sadistic glee your moaning and begging for it to stop could be heard throughout the house.

As the girls downstairs in the games room listened to your brutal deflowering they smirked at each other and made lewd jokes.

"He'll be walkin' funny for a week!" said one.

"She's makin' a Woman out of him!" said another.

"I know!" said a bright one. "Seeing as he ain't no man no more, let's give him our used panties and bras to wear!"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sue-Ellen meanwhile, experienced the most incredible orgasm of her life, feeling the giant strap-on sliding in and out of your tight hole, hearing you beg for mercy and scream with the pain, feeling the base of the dildo push up against her pubis, knowing all the house was listening to you stamping her authority into your ass.

It turned into a very long year for you on the ranch...


  1. Great story by Julie, the spanking expert.

  2. I love this! LOVE! I know a group of women with whom I would dream of having this fantasy played out on me!

    1. You know who they are. I forgot to sign.


    2. Ah yes! We'll keep up your diet, little david, or else you may find out!

  3. Oh great, my wife has found her second post/idea to obsess upon and demand we try; The first was the Evan/69 competition one from awhile back (if desired, she says, I can recount how this went). The second, now, is the rubber band, lidocaine and condom idea. Her exact words: "I'll receive more pleasure and you may never get to cum again so you'll be more eager to please!" Sigh...

    1. You'll have to let me know if it works as I imagined!

  4. What an absolutely frightening story Miss Julie, oh and simply wonderful. I wonder if he would be able to get used to his year long journey and begin to enjoy it???

  5. Goddess Gretchen16 August 2017 at 22:38

    The little cunt should have been kept in diapers the entire year. He would have to change his own diapers once a day and be hosed off outside before being re diapered....

    Goddess Gretchen

    1. Diapers vs Panties! The war!

    2. Goddess Gretchen21 August 2017 at 11:16

      Diapers are way more humiliating then panties especially having to wear a full one around your Goddess's girlfriends!

      Goddess Gretchen

    3. Good point! And the changing? You win!

    4. Goddess Gretchen23 August 2017 at 09:55

      Hi Julie,

      Either myself, my Girl Friends or my Mother will change the slut's wet diapers. He is responsible for the dirty ones but one of us will hose him down outside with cold water.

      Goddess Gretchen

  6. Great story. Cowboy themes can be hit or miss - and this is definitely a hit!

  7. well now Sounds like david needs some embarrassment in a skimpy swimsuit of his own infront of Tracy and your sister. I am sure you can find some good sales on them now

    1. Bikini bottoms for him, over a spanked red butt! That'll learn him about threatening MOI with a spanking!

  8. I wonder if your brother in law with his beer belly and your "fat little sister" would benefiit from someone strict to put them in line and instigate a weight-loss regime. Any thoughts?

    1. I'm always willing to lend a helping hand!

  9. It is being taken naked to the woodshed by your wife, middle of day, others to see and hear. The return trip with a red bottom, your wife with a strong grip, still holding the paddle, insuring the walk back to house is slow and others know that your wife rules the home. After those special spankings, calling your wife Mommy being led back to house, promising to be a good boy.

  10. I almost laughed out loud wondering what type of poker face your sister Sue has. Wondering what her response would be if your little sister explained the incident to her. "Julie got a couple little spanks from David and sent to her room!"
    Who's going to get the most grief from Sue? You or David?

    1. Sue knows she can expect anything from me!

  11. Love the title to this post. Ranch house justice sounds like the title of an 80s skinamax movie.

  12. Love this post - a little something for nearly all my fantasy buttons. You being spanked (I'd love to be your daddy!), David being 'taken' (again, I'd love to be your daddy and ask you for it), and the ranch hands. Oh my! I almost needed a rubber band and lidocaine to just read the whole thing! Brilliant, kinky, and just the right amount of harsh for my taste. Thanks for sharing 💖 TL

  13. Was the editor's note supposed to link somewhere?

    1. It was not. It was just me being a little political... not everybody who cries rape ought to be believed... though not allowed to say that...

  14. I'm thinking many of us would agree that we need a pic of you wearing that "teenage-boy-seducing" bikini, in order to properly judge the terrible temptation from which they were suffering. Just sayin'....

    I'm surprised that all that writing on your iPad at the pool didn't draw some interest: "What in the world are you working on, Julie? Show me." (Heh-heh-heh...)

    And that first pic? The woman in the beach bikini...?
    Oh, yeah. I'm with you. That tush is world-class. It just screams "Spankable!" I'd give her a diamond.

    (My other fav. pic? The B&W about half-way down with the woman sitting at a table attended by a guy wearing an apron. It's not particularly hot, and not sexy. She is attractive, but she just seems so every-day nice and normal. I wouldn't mind going over her knee, or taking her otk! Odd, no?)


    1. As soon as I saw HER pick I decided there's no way I'll be going "head to head" (butt to butt?) with that! Although, come to think of it, BEING butt to butt sounds cozy and fun...

  15. With a prudish mother and thin walls, this may have been the first time your nephews heard real live sex. Little do thwy know what was happening. I kinda feel a bit bad for your sister though...given her disposition growing up with you and Sue must have been hell.

    1. Maybe! Ha ha!
      I don't know what happened to my little sister. She was a holy little mischievous terror when she was a child. Somewhere along the way...

  16. Just finished "Ranch House Justice". Have followed you for at least three years. Not religiously, but maybe two to three times a month. Was a bit surprised by the story of the family vacation. When did you and David start including minors in your sexual activities. Both your nephews are under 18 aren't they?

    1. Hi wayne, the age of sexual consent in Ontario is 16 years old. The recounting above does not specify his age. Besides, even if he were 16, I don't think him unilaterally staring at my bikini-covered butt fits any reasonable person's definition of sexual activity? No? I think you would be prudishly surprised at what sorts of things young men are looking at on the Internet these days! Nor does a chance overhear of a married couple having sex behind closed doors count as sexual activity either (which may or may not have happened, I have no way of knowing for sure). If that were the case, every normal healthy parent in the world would be guilty of something bad!

    2. "When did you and David start including minors in your sexual activities."

      Include? As in invited to participate? I had to go back and read that again. There is a single sentence where David said the nephews were LOOKING. That's it. How did you conclude there was something else?

    3. "The boy should have something to aspire to ;-)

      That' a pretty funny line!


    4. Exactly! Stay in school, get good marks, get a good job, eat well, exercise, dress well, groom well, be polite, then maybe he can attract an ass like that of his very own to do more than just look at! ;-)

    5. Your thoughtful, gracious and kind responses to criticism are windows to yourr incredibleness. peter peter

  17. did you think he need a spanking for peeking at you and got hard

    iam sure you threat spank him in private may turn him on but I know u wouldn't spank family member niece or nehphew

    1. Not at that age! Maybe when he gets older...

    2. true when he get older you can spank him maybe make comment to him if he naughty boy he should be spanked

      maybe tell him if you aunt Julie find out he was bad he will go over your lap for good spanking

  18. Wonderful post thanks. What struck me was the references to 'the walls are thin' and 'keep the noise down'. Clearly neither of you did. Would you agree that you have a strong exhibitionist streak Ms Julie? That you wanted your straight sister to know that you were busy having fun fucking and coming while she was presumably not getting anything from her pot bellied husband?

    1. Oh yes! Very much so! But I was hoping to inspire them. But my main joy is seeing how embarrassed david gets during and next morning. I care not at all. Am proud of it in fact. He blushes. Like a little virgin. Ha ha!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Depending on the laws of your country and state, hide your eyes, quickly! And DO NOT dare look at my bare bottom, young man!

  20. Julie,
    I have been a follower for at least 3+ yrs now. Always checking in to see any new posts and or stories. I regularly go back to read favorites such as this one over and over. I personally would love to see this story extended out a few chapters, just as your current running “The Bargain”. I imagine so many scenes that you will undoubtedly bring to life so vividly on paper as the yr progresses for this little house bitch now. Love, love love it. Outstanding story. Thank you for all you wonderful post and content. It’s outstanding.

    1. Thank you Shane! That comment made me smile!!!! :-)