Monday, August 7

Readers' Email

I get a lot of email from my blog readers. Mostly older men (my readership is almost 90% men, and 65% of the men are over 45 years old). I love these emails. I've received thousands since I've started my blog. I try to answer each one. Sometimes they get a bit lost in the inbox, and if so I apologize and please remind me!

Many times my boys like to share with me their hopes and their experiences. There are not a lot of people they can talk to about these sorts of things, and submissive men I think feel much more comfortable sharing these things with a sympathetic non-judgmental and accepting top woman. I suspect they also get a little thrill from it that helps as well.

And I am not at all bothered by it being older men. The older the better! I have some 18-24 youngins mailing me, and they are sometimes so confused, and I prefer not playing with them for fear that they have not fully developed yet. Older kinky men, though, are almost uniformly super intelligent and evolved, and typically have a load of wisdom which I love tying into. They also know how to play with me without getting all lovey-dovey. Some of them also have their demons, but they've been wrestling with them for so long that they are comfortable with them, and then I can play a bit of a public service by discussing these things with them while having fun doing it.

Truth be told, I also have my own personal "Daddy" kink, where it turns me on to imagine me dominating an imaginary Dad (and/or getting myself spanked and fucked by one! I know - so rude!). So the older guys are also more of a turn-on for me personally, whichever way they lean. I'm also very good at teasing my older boys on email, which is why I get to keep so many of them.

So if you have not emailed me yet, please do so! I will listen to you seriously, non judgmentally, and will play with you also, likely taking the form of a merciless verbal teasing and telling you what I would do with you if you were mine!

A subset these emails purport to recount "true to life" experiences. Some of these are almost certainly fantasies made to sound real, presented as if they are real. I try not to be judgy about it. I cannot be sure. And I enjoy the fantasies anyways. I am well aware that a lot of the things I write about in my blog sound like made-up fantasies as well, so who am I to judge? So I take all experiences sent to me and respond as if they were real.

But having read so many accounts, I think I by now have a nose for the made up ones. Usually if a boy is describing a pro domme experience, and it sounds true, I'm convinced it is. Others describe their play sessions with partners over the years, and those strike me as quite honest as well. Others describe a private domestic experience with their wives, including the ups and downs, and I have no reason to doubt those. The ones that have a higher chance of leaving me in a little bit of doubt are those that are represented as "real discipline", typically in a family setting (where most "real discipline" happens, I guess). But again, I treat all of these as if they represent true events, and respond accordingly, because I can't really know.

However, some of these I am convinced are accurate. Usually based on a history of exchanging emails with the boy, and how the story goes down. In this blog I'll pick out a few amongst the ones I received that I believe are accurate and share their stories with you.

Naked ted's Story

One gentleman I was corresponding with lived a lifestyle somewhat similar to kdpierre's fascinating life (as described in his blog Collected Submissions he lives with a dominant wife Rosa and her grown kids who, especially his daughter-in-law Ana, are "in the know" - I am convinced of the accuracy of kdpierre's stuff!)

This other man, let's call him ted here, started corresponding with me casually, commenting on my blog articles and saying how much he liked them. I started pressing him on his experiences, and he reluctantly let them out a bit at a time, afraid I might get offended. Eventually he spilled the whole beans for me and then I was on the inside. I even received photos of his that corroborated his story.

ted was always submissive with his wife, since he started dating her. They met in the old fashioned kink scene in fact, back in the days when Dinosaurs roamed the land and there was no Internet. They kept it on the DL, though. They had kids and raised them, and during that time their kinky life suffered. Eventually their kids moved out, and then ted retired, and then they were really able to up their game.

Physically, ted is average sized and his wife Emma is a plus sized woman. ted was only really happy when he was submitting to his wife, and Emma enjoyed that dynamic as well. So gradually they just migrated to keeping ted in the nude 24x7 while in the home. Every now and then Emma would just take ted over her knee and spank him for whatever reason. ted also gravitated to doing most of the housework as well. It was not "real discipline" per se, but they were living the real consensual D/s lifestyle that they both wanted.

Unfortunately, their 30-year-old daughter Lisa needed to move back in with them after a break-up. Of course they agreed immediately. At first ted and Emma went back to being more vanilla in the home with Lisa there. But it made them unhappy, especially ted who was getting a bit depressed about it. On the other hand, it was only going to be for a short time until Lisa could get a job. But then Lisa decided to go to nursing school, and it only made sense for her to continue staying for several more years.

So ted and Emma talked, and they jointly decided that they would have a talk with their daughter and let her in on the situation. They intended to go back to living the lifestyle they wanted, and that ted needed for his emotional well-being. If Lisa was not ok with it, they would help her to the extent they could to move out and maintain a place of her own (though it would mean sacrifices all around).

So one evening they sat down and explained their chosen lifestyle to their grown daughter. They explained that they were in a D/s relationship, and that Emma kept Lisa's father in the nude around the house, doing the housework, and would spank him on occasion. They would also from time to time do some noisy things in their bedroom.

A bit to their surprise, Lisa was very accepting of the idea. So on the spot Emma told ted to take his clothes off and to stand in front of them.  A kind of a test for them both, if you will. "Oh, Daddy," ted reported his daughter as saying, as he was standing there in the nude, hands at his sides at Emma's command, flaccid penis dangling, "you're very silly but I love you anyways." ted also received his first spanking across Emma's broad knee in front of his daughter that same evening. More a demonstration of what Lisa might see to ensure she would be comfortable with it. They told her they would keep the more sexual things to the bedroom.

Lisa never asked for nor was granted spanking authority over her father (I would have!!!). However she did tease him about his spankings, and always made it a point to show up and watch any spankings not behind closed doors. After his spankings she would sometimes touch his butt to "feel the heat", and give ted a daughterly little pat to his bare backside. Occasionally Lisa would call for a spanking: "Mom! Daddy didn't do the laundry today again. Bring your paddle and don't spare the whacks 'cause I am so out of clean underwear!" "Poor" ted, living life naked with two strict females in the house! Ha ha!

Is it just me, with my Daughter/Daddy domination fantasies, or is that not sexy as hell? They're all adults, it's all consensual. Yes Daughter is "subjected" to this, but she's getting free room and board and help with college tuition. She can make the choice to move out and still be supported to the extent possible. And she assured them she was ok with it. Cool! Would love to be that daughter!

One of the most interesting parts for all you shame sluts out there, though, is when Lisa asked permission to let her best friend at nursing school, Debbie, in on the arrangement and bring her around so they could do schoolwork together in the evenings. After discussing it with Lisa, and ascertaining that the friend could be discrete, they agreed to it.

So one day after school Lisa comes home with her best friend Debbie. Debbie was younger than Lisa, having entered nursing school after high school and doing a few years at a job. So I imagine she was in her early twenties. She was apparently quite cute to boot.

Before Debbie was introduced to ted, Emma sat her and Lisa down in the living room, and warned Debbie again what she was about to see, told her about their lifestyle, and confirmed that she would both be ok with it and be discrete. Debbie was also fascinated. So ted was called into the living room to be introduced to Debbie.

He walked in nude and looking a little sheepish. Debbie gave ted the once over with her eyes. To ted's infinite mortification, he developed a twitchy erection being displayed like that in front of her, something that did not happen at home at all, and not ever in front of his daughter either.

"Daddy, look at you, that's disgusting!" teased Lisa.

"Go get your paddle!" said Emma to ted.

ted had to go and fetch the small hardwood spanking paddle his wife favours and bring it back to her in front of the girls. He went across Emma's knee where he was scolded for his erection and given a good spanking, right in front of Debbie! He was stood back up, and the erection had not fully subsided, but was more at "half mast", and so he was back across Emma's knee and spanked again, and harder this time. When he was stood up after that, his erection was gone and he was told to go stand in the corner and hide his face (and penis) in shame for the duration of Debbie's stay, which was several long hours for poor old ted!

Can you imagine how absolutely mortifying that must have been for ted? Punished by his wife for his obvious sexual arousal in front of his giggling daughter and her twenty-something best friend, the object of this embarrassing arousal. Punished until all signs of that arousal were visibly erased to the satisfaction of all three ladies. And then sentenced to the corner, glowing red blistered bare bottom on display, for the duration of the young lady's visit lest his arousal re-ignite in her presence.

So there it is. There were other incidents as well, but none as good as that one in my books. ted even sent me photos of him next to his wife, full on frontal, face and everything. ted nude, his wife dressed. The person taking the photo was their daughter, I was told.

You can see why I am skeptical about stories such as this, but this one felt like it was real, based on the long interaction with ted and the photos. As well, I know only too well that crazy stuff happens in this wild world of ours!

brett's Spankings

brett is another older pen pal of mine I love corresponding with, although he has admitted to fibbing to me about certain things, however assures me the following is true.

He once had a girlfriend over at his family's house where brett's Mom casually referred to the childhood spankings brett received. brett was mortified by the mention and the girl kept digging for details thinking it was funny. 

The childhood spanking that most seems to have effected brett occurred when he was a young teenager. His Dad gave him some light chores to accomplish during the day when they were staying at an uncle's farm. It was summer time and school was out. But brett shirked on his chores because the little neighbour girl dropped by to swim with brett in his uncle's pool. They got to flirting, and brett pretending to be a macho guy got her into the woodshed where they smoked cigarettes, drank one of his Dad's beers, and made out.

Well, you can imagine what happens next. Dad gets home and notices the lack of the chores having been done and smoke coming from the woodshed (very dangerous!). He discovers brett there with the spent and dangerous cigarette butts and the empty beer can. He sends the young lady packing and then calmly picks out a suitable wooden shingle from the woodpile and proceeds to sand it down and shape a crude handle using the woodworking equipment in the shed while poor little brett watches in terror (he is no stranger to spankings, by the way - usually Daddy uses a small hardwood spanking paddle, but he left it at home and needed to improvise!)

Next thing you know brett is up and lying down across the narrow workbench, head and chest and feet dangling. His swimsuit is pulled down to his ankles and he is given a nasty, long, painful spanking to his lower bared butt cheeks from his Dad's wooden shingle. brett is reduced to tears, bawling and crying like a six year old and promising to be good. Sometime during his spanking his little swim trunks flew off his kicking legs. His Daddy just held him down by the small of his back and repeatedly spanked the bejesus out of brett's lower butt cheeks.

After his woodscrap paddling he was stood up and told to put his swim trunks back on. He did so and was marched back to the house. I know from experience that a hard paddling to the lower cheeks invariably leaves a huge residual redness at the high tops of the legs, so I imagine his Aunt and uncle, Mother, and siblings all had a good look at a wet-faced boy with a well-smacked rear-end!

The capper is that as he is marched back to the house, he could swear that he caught a glimpse of a pink swimsuit diving for cover. brett recalls the woodshed door having been left ajar during his embarrassing paddling. His little girlfriend may well have seen it all!

jj Gets Spanked by his Grandmother

In the final scene, I'll recount a more recent experience I've received. We'll call him jj here. jj recently received a for-real spanking from his Grams!

I've been corresponding with jj for quite some time. He's a total switch. But whenever I write a subby blog article, jj is always right there with the dommy comments. I think he likes to picture himself in the Dommy role, which is why it's always a little extra embarrassing for him when he finds himself in the subby role, something I can easily get him into with a short email. Imagine how much more so I could in person? Ha ha!

jj is one of my younger male readers, early 30's (only 25% of my males readers are less than 35, whereas it's 50% for my women). He ran onto some hard financial times recently, and had to ask if he could move in with his early 80's Grams while he got back on his feet. jj comes from a churchgoing and spanking household. He was spanked as a child, and his parent was spanked as a child, and Grams had spanked both his parent and jj himself when they were children.

A few years ago, jj was visiting and the topic of a young man in the congregation came up who had to move back in with his family after hitting some hard times himself. He complained to jj about how ridiculous his parents were being, imposing rules on him as if he was still a kid, and how he felt he did not need to follow them as an adult himself. jj and Grams discussed this sentiment, and they both agreed that if an older child needs to move back in with his parents, then he should be subject to whatever rules they lay out. They also discussed how certain people in your life always have authority over you. They even discussed, as a kind of joke, that it would extend to a spanking even. We know jj is a total spanko, perhaps he was the one who steered the discussion there. He did not say.

How easy it was for jj to hold those views and to have that conversation at a time when he was riding high with a great job and a place of his own. Typical of jj to lord it over a young man who finds himself in such a degraded position. I've certainly felt that myself when I was on the submissive end of my blog posts. Mr. High and Mighty. Ha! How the mighty doth fall...

So now jj finds himself in this tense situation needing his Gram's help to get back on his feet. So he moves in with her and everything is going fine for six months until a few weeks back.  jj had been super stressed and on edge and ended up getting in a huge argument with his Grams and then later with his sister. He swore during his argument with Grams and later ended up calling his sister something he's never ever called a female before ("cunt") and was definitely not proud he did it either.

After everyone was gone for the day Grams talked to jj and expressed her displeasure with his behaviour. She said she felt he deserved to be punished and told him that he either had to move out or be spanked. jj says that not having enough money yet, and feeling extreme guilt over the episode, he had "no option" but to agree. I would go further and say that a spanko like jj would always accept a spanking from any female at any time!

So Grams took jj into her bedroom, collecting her large wooden spoon along the way. Grams said that his temper had been really bad lately and he needed to get it figured out. She said that he had said very hurtful things to her and to his sister. Right after that she pulled his shorts and underwear down in one swoop. jj was wearing a T-shirt and gym shorts. He says he tried to convince her not to but she said it was her way or he was out. jj was extremely embarrassed during this but also felt really guilty for the things he said to her and his sister earlier and realized he deserved whatever.

Grams was sitting at the foot of her bed, wearing a pantsuit.  jj was directly in front of her during his baring, and then went over her knees diagonally so his chest rested on the bed. jj's penis was definitely on show during his baring, but Grams did not bat an eyelash. Nor even when his bare genitals touched down on her thigh. She cared only about his bared butt just then.

Grams proceeded to spank jj with her hand for about five minutes, scolding him throughout. Then she picked up the large wooden spoon and really gave it to him. jj said that despite her age, she still knew how to deliver a memorable wooden spoon spanking!

Is this the view Grams got as jj squirmed across her knee?

After his spanking, Grams made him lay face down on the bed, bare butt exposed, so he could pull himself together and think about what he had done. Afterwards, jj came out of her room with his pants pulled back up and apologized to his Grams, and later to his sister as well (though the spanking was not mentioned).

Excuse me, but I find such a thing absolutely hilarious! A 31-year-old man-boy across his Grams knee for a good old-fashioned bare bottom wooden spoon spanking? Love it! I so hope this is real!


So there you have it. A few of the very many stories I have accumulated over the years receiving emails. Let us know what you think in the comments. Do you find these unbelievable, or do you think such things can actually happen? And have you any memorable little true stories of your own you can share in the comments? Would love to read them!


  1. Dear Mistress Julie,

    As Agent Mulder says, "I want to believe!"

    I want to believe these stories are true and that someday, some way, I will find someone who will provide regular punishment spankings.

    In the meantime, your blog provides a fantastic outlet for my imagination to play in. I am so grateful for all you do for me!



    1. Many are true, more than we give credit for. You have interesting stories as well!

  2. Having written before, I agree some you wonder, but for the person writing it is a way to enjoy what they are looking for. I dated along time, would feel out of she was interested, some to a small extent. The woman I married actually brought the subject up. She knew right off that I was sexually thinking, learned other wise. Prior to marriage I agree she would spank me when she felt it was needed, and she also said over time she would improve on the punishment. Three years into our marriage, a trip to the bedroom, her mother in the front room, could hear me. It was when she stood me up, thinking it was over, told me to finish undressing. I really messed up and at the wrong time, she grabbed my arm and to the front room we went. My mother-in-law just smiled, been a naughty little husbands she said, my wife said a very naughty little boy, and I stood in the corner. When my wife asked her mother if she wanted to tell me and should she. My mother-in-law informed me she spanked her late husband, so it has become a family tradition. After she left my wife asked if I learned my lesson, I said yes, but being naked was not fun. She smiled oh you men are all the same, women could care less about your privates, especially in your case, it was your red bottom, your rubbing, my mother enjoyed it and I did too. So get use to it, but, she stopped me, want another spanking, No I said, then get dress. Jack

    1. Ha ha! I LOVE these stories where the wife adds a little extra humiliation. Not only is he a pussy-whipped spanked husband, but his mother in law knows it, and is even allowed to hear his spanking and see his bare spanked bottom in the corner afterwards!

  3. I believe a real life story of a naughty girl I know being put across this Daddy's knee for a well blistered bare bottom needs to be in the near future . I would even make a new Paddle just for the occasion .

    1. That would be a very true story, I am sure!

  4. The daughter spanking daddy is on of the hotest things i can imagine. It is just so rare. Daughter spanking mother aswell.
    Not in reality of course though.
    Best regards

    1. Yes! Yes in reality! I would spank my dad in a second if he asked me to! I love my daddy...

  5. Oh Mistress Julie great as always. I like to think the stories are true or at least just slightly exharaded. I often picture myself in David's place and plan on e mailing you soon.

  6. can share my email if want I dont mind your my awesome friend I consider you a fabulous friend even so I do have story tell about me getting spanked by a friend mom or few spanks from co worker before at work may email you later about the story

    1. That would be great, mike!

    2. Iam agree Julie be great email soon none was OTk but I got smack spanked with object etc 3-4 times once was same women was back in 1990 eara happen

  7. First, thanks to listen to us non judgmentally and to play with us.

    Which is the best ? ted's true story or an invented one like this one ( The most titillating? In any case the best is the one which was lived. But the best to read? The best written ?

    ted's mortification is a dream, brett, another childhood spanking,well administered and jj so ridiculous (poor jj being made a fool of, package on show)....

    Older men punished are the sexiest, in my opinion. Quite old, 60/70 years.
    At that age it is even more obvious that they have lost the respect that is due to the old people. An old body, helpless, stark naked as ordered, is a bit like a toddler'body. The whipping without mercy of weak thighs, buttocks and genitals gives an emotional and very cruel show. If he is led to real tears, at his age, by a woman without pity and who knows how to punish, the worse the better. Witnesses' secret parts are so wet or hard!

    A little true story to come but i have to be careful not to make too much mistakes of English

    1. I too like that older man dynamic. I love ted's story, for example. Looking forward to yours in my email...

  8. In response to JJ's grandma story, I had something similar when I was 26 happen to me. I left my fiancé when I was 26 and moved back with my mom. She's very old school and lives by "her house, her rules." She spanked me until I was 14 and once I moved back in after awhile, I was given threats, but never thought in a million years should do anything. One evening she had gotten mad at me for overspending on her credit cards (yes I used my moms money to get by). She found out that one of the purchases was for porn! She pushed me over the edge of her bed and started spanking my shorts covered butt with her hand. I laughed at her and asked her what she thought she was doing. I told her this doesn't hurt, I'm sorry I wasted your money, but you can stop. She stopped and went to her closet. I stood up and rubbed my butt and started to walk out. She came back and was holding her belt. She told me to bend back over or to get my things and get out! I laughed thinking to myself it won't hurt, so I told her to get it over with and I bent over. Then she yanked me shorts down! I jerked up but she shoved me back down (my mom weighs about 300 lbs and at that age I was about 140 lbs) she held me down with a knee on my lower back and blistered my bare ass with her belt! About 4 licks in and I was promising I'd do better, was apologizing profusely, and by about 6 I was kicking and flailing my arms! My shorts went flying and she just kept swinging that damn belt! After 26 licks (even as a kid, she always spanked my age) I was red faced, red assed, and left with no shorts! I hop up naked to rub my butt on full display. I was shaved and probably looked just like a little boy again! She told me to get to bed and we'd talk in the morning. I didn't even complain that it was only 6:30, I didn't want spanked again!

    1. Oh no! How terribly humiliating for you: spanked your age. Belt whipped no less! I admire your Mom!

  9. A true love story

    I was twenty, she twenty two. We met in the “métro” and fell in love. It is not so usual. She had nowhere to sleep (that's what she told me and I was only too glad to oblige).
    She was not a prostitute but she knew a few rich people who were used to give her money to play with her. I was a student.
    I was into spanking for a long time (so young !) and i introduced her my spanking world which was a lot of revues and more fantasies.
    One day i made her walk on all four, stark naked in the hallway outside of my room. It was at the sixth floor and there were four other doors. One other door could have opened. She had given consent but she had felt very subdue and humiliated and she had warned me never to do that to her again.
    One other day, I had taken the hem of her skirt with my right hand et her collar with the left one and had forced her to walk quickly, this way ridiculed, in a parc. She had felt very embarrassed because people had been laughing at her and, in particular, one girl had made eyescontact with her during her ordeal. She had told “never do that again or...”
    “Or what ? I said. What would you do ?” (Looking back I feel ashamed of myself)
    She was on the verge of crying so she had said nothing..

    Two days later, we were in my room, trying to make love but I could'nt have an erection and she was finally furious. She told me she was thinking of something she was sure that i would love.
    I asked her what ?
    And she said she prefered not to tell me because i would become furious.
    But i insisted and she told me her idea was to come to my room by surprise with a friend of her who was trans. I had already met her. She was one of the girls with whom she worked and she was charming but tough. She said they would force me to have anal sex and she would put a pig mask on me during my anal intercourse. She was laughing and the more she talked about what she had thought of, the more she laughed. She emphazised the fact that her trans friend had a big cock and I would feel it good.
    I was really furious, i tell her it was something very dangerous, it was a real rape.
    I even threatened to call the police
    In fact i felt terribly humiliated when she said, laughing, that i would not be able to do or say anything to escape to my butt fuking cause i would be tied and bent over the sink with my pig mask. She said i would certainly be furious. But, even if I started to cry, beg and apologize, she was determined not to stop until i promise to suck her friend's cock and swallow. But according to her, the most likely was that I would begin to appreciate after a few strokes. That was the best scene she had ever imagine and, over all, she was absolutely sure that was what i craved for.

    I was hangry and locked myself in a sulky silence.
    She said something like :
    “my lovely little son of a bitch, i'm sure it's the thing you really want. To be fucked by the rear until you orgasmed. Don't be such a sulker ! “
    She could talk very crudely
    Then she called me “her little student”. i was too much humiliated and even if i would have done better to admit that she was right, that i was deeply unmasked, i went on to look sullen. I probably missed an opportunity. We separated shortly afterwards.

    1. Ha! Serves you right, the way you treated her. Pushing her boundaries in an ungentlemanly way. I hope you have since experienced a good long hard butt fucking, and thought of her during it.

  10. "And I am not at all bothered by it being older men. The older the better!"

    Well, that one struck a chord!

    There is this absolutely terrific woman I know whom I love to see anytime I'm within a hundred miles of her. A lot like your "Violet"; beautiful, about your age/height/weight, smart as heck, and just a flat-out wonderful person. I always book a longer time with her because
    (a) I talk too much, and
    (b) she's so damn interesting and fun!

    So last fall I'm passing through her state on a business trip, had not seen her in a long while, and scheduled an appointment.

    We had talked in the past about how smart and accomplished those of us who are her clients are (And, yes! They are exactly that.) So I ask her if she has any new clients who are fun and she lit up. Yes! There was one!

    Said that this guy called her, said he was totally new to all this, but curious as heck, and would she see him, a total but curious novice? Well, sure. Appointment made.

    He shows up on time and she lets him into her "office".

    That's when she discovers he's 81. Eighty! One!

    "You've never done this before, and at age 81 you want to have your first time...? Now? What?...why?"

    Seems this man, a widower, had seen some cop show on TV and there was this very brief scene filmed in a BDSM studio in New York City where the cops are questioning one of the Dommes, and that caught his attention. He was 81-years old, not sure how many years he had left - but sure as hell didn't want to die without experiencing all he could with time he had left! He wanted to know what it was all about - and experience it!

    He found out! She carefully stepped him through everything she could, taking her time to explain what it was, the attraction, how it was done, safety and hygiene - and let him personally experience all of it. OTK spanking, paddling, a belt, whip, restraints, etc., the works all at the beginner level.

    Point: She loved him! Said he was so nice and so curious you could not help but like the guy. His session time went far beyond what was scheduled, and she told him at the end to please - please - come back.

    Good for him. And good for her, too!


    1. A wonderful story! Can you share her website? Some of my older readers might want to book her.

  11. Julie:

    Sure! But let me do it back channel. I don't think there is an issue, but would like you opinion first. (And some other 'just fun' stuff, too!)

    In the meantime, ask "Violet"? Get her opinion? You know her better than I, but I'd BET she is the same type of person!


    1. Yes, I would very much imagine so.

  12. Shew out of all the stories i have read these are some of the most amazing and have actually brought me out of 'spectator' mode to comment. Ever since i can recall blushing has been my biggest weakness particularly around women and i always believed that this was why i fantasised about being spanked by my Aunts, Teachers and pretty older girls. I associated my fantasy with being teased for blushing and i guess guilt. Reading your blog and the sheer volume of material and incidents has made me start to think that my 'shame'/'need' might be more common than the missionary position 😊. Thank you for a truly fantastic blog Mistress Julie.

    1. I love a good blush from a man! It's so... womanly. I hope you can see me as that pretty older girl who teases you for your blushing and then takes you across her knee to make your other cheeks blush equally!

    2. I certainly can its not difficult to imagine at all. How do we get started do i email you?

  13. Hello!

    I'm an occasional reader here, and I've had people accuse my slave/husband Shilo of lying about his stories concerning me, which I always find amusing, because I do pack quite a wallop at times. Fortunately, I have a "fetish" for filming and taking pictures of my "handiwork."

    It makes me sad that there are so many out there that live a life of wishful thinking.

    1. Agreed. We need to convert more women to the joys of Dominating our boys! Manly men outside the bedroom and as required within, slaves to us when we feel like it.

    2. Indeed! And viva being careful with what account we use for posting comments!!! ;-)

  14. These stories are so hot especially naked Ted. The only way that could be improved would be if it was his stepdaughter so she could join them in the bedroom :D
    I too have a thing for being dominated by older men and women and though I've never been lucky enough to be dominated by an older woman (with one brief exception) I've certainly enjoyed the dynamic when older men have spanked me and made me suck cock. Not sure I'd want to do it with men my own age

    1. Were you seduced by the idea of doing them good and that they could not reject you ?

    2. Ha no I don't think so, in fact I have been rejected by older men who didn't think I could take what they wanted to give out. I think the main reason is I am very turned on by patriarchs and matriarchs abusing their authority over younger men and women - 'respect your elders' taken to it's natural conclusion!

    3. I am turned on by the thought of older men respecting MY authority!

  15. Miss Julie - these are very hot scenes. Believable - perhaps there's a kernel of truth in each.

    I'm one of your older men readers and have often fantasized about being your daddy. Both to ask you to take me over your knee to spank me as well as to keep you in line. 😄 Ted's story is particularly hot - I've long had a 'witnessed spanking' desire (blush)☺️

    I'm a long time switch, but mainly get spanked by my lovely - but totally vanilla - wife. She's so game and does it out of love, so the focused kink you bring to this is totally enthralling. Thank you!

    Perhaps I could email you a story or two (some with pics)?


    1. Oh yes please! Pics always welcome. I'm getting more switchy myself over time. My husband david threatened me with a spanking yesterday, out of earshot but family present. It made me squirm wetly...

    2. Isn't the anticipation of a threatened spanking just so delicious? TL

    3. It is. I'll describe it a bit more in my next blog post.

    4. 👏🏻✅😄

  16. Thanks for sharing these. I don't have any of my own with more than my wife Irene. Occasionally I write something without acknowledging that it is fiction, but I am just imagining and not trying to seriously convince anyone it is true. Sometimes it does not really matter.

    I have one thing in common with Ted - when my kids left home, our FLR relationship went to a new and very intense level. Now our daughter is around a bit more, but she is the last person I would ever want involved.

    But Irene does enjoy role-playing and loves to dress up in serious or sexy ways when we play. Most recently it was a fraulein who caught me looking up her in a drindl at the hofbrau. Her German accent is not as good as her French, Mexican or southern belle, but is was plenty stern - and lots of fun crawling under the drindl after the spanking.


    1. Sounds like fun for naughty boys and girls!

  17. Here's a 'believe it or not'; two summers ago my wife and I go on a camping trip with two old college roommates of hers. My wife would later tell me that she had been growing annoyed with me for a few weeks leading up to this, and that the first night she just kind of snapped. Our tents were fairly close to one another and the first night she got really annoyed that I kept rolling on my back and snoring. She finally grew tired of kicking me and, grabbing one of her hiking sandals while rolling me over, pulled my boxers down and proceeded to smack my ass as hard as she could. Obviously I woke up and started to yell at her, but the way she told me to 'shut up' made me stop. To my shock she then grabbed one of the socks she had worn since that morning, stuffed it into my mouth, and went back to the sandal smacking. This lasted a good minute or so, and midway through I realized that her friends must be awake by now. When she was done she took my pillow and blanket and threw it out of the tent, loudly directing me to spend the rest of the night outside but to 'not dare touch her sock in case I start snoring and wake up her friends.' Humiliated beyond belief (I was sure at this point they had heard everything, including my spanking) I spent the rest of the night sleeplessly tossing around in the dirt, my ass stinging and my mouth stuffed with her dirty, rolled up sock.

    That next morning my wife came out of her tent before anyone, removed the sock from my mouth and ordered me to get up and make breakfast. Her friends later emerged and didn't say a word, which oddly made me feel even more humiliated since I knew they must have heard what happened. This would be confirmed when after breakfast, while I was cleaning up, I overheard one of them ask my wife is she 'needed to borrow any socks' -- following by fits of giggling from all three. I glanced at my wife who look at me with a huge grin on her face.

    Needless to say, I was on pins and needles the rest of the trip and went out of my way to follow every order from all three women.

    1. I don't believe you can sleep with a dirty hiking sock in your mouth! But awesome episode! Thanks for sharing.

    2. You can't! But I was too afraid to mess with it/her. To this day she'll make reference to it too.


    I particularly like this story, especially the bit in the shop where she asks his opinion! Whether it's real or not, I would gladly have taken his place at that age.


  19. Sorry for the delay in commenting but I just had to say this was one of the best posts ever!! Do you have any more?

  20. re the daddy daughter dynamic .... my step daughter is 12. so no way anything physical or intimate is going to happen. however. my wife and I try to have a female led relationship as best we can. I cook I clean. I wear an apron. my step daughter bought me a frilly flower print apron as a birthday joke saying because you enjoy dishes. she will often cuddle on the couch with her mom to watch tv and say to me you can do dishes if you don't like this show.

    during times of tease and denial my wife will sometimes tease with the speculation of telling her about us about me at 18 or 21 and what she would let her do to me. needless to say I get terribly excited by the teasing

    1. A nice fantasy! Glad you are keeping it at that with her!!

  21. Ms Julie, thank you for sharing other followers stories with us! I must admit that Ted's predicament had me wiggling in my seat! Respectfully, doc