Monday, February 5

Babysitter Role Played x 2

Finally! Have you ever had this idea for a scene and then had to wait, like, forever until you could get to do it? And then even longer to write it all up and publish it! What between his evenings booked up and mine, and then business travel for him (practically a whole week of crying into my pillow alone at night). Finally we were able to play! Yay! And finally I've finished the write-up as well.

But this roleplay also turned out to be fun and special for a different reason. Mistress Violet, our fave Pro Domme in the city of Toronto and I did twinsie roleplays! (you can see my link to her in the sidebar). A blog reader (so far anonymous) contacted her and asked her to play out the exact scene I described, pointing her to my blog. She initially let me know via a comment and I subsequently emailed her asking for some detes! Her original comment that some of you might have missed was:
Mst Violet Mays - 30 January 2018 at 17:16

Hi Julie,

As you know I swing by your blog from time to time, but this time I had a client request a session based on this very same role play scene. Living in a FLR is the dream, but hiring a Pro might be second best ;)

Anyway, we pretty much played out this exact scenario, steering clear of diaper play and bi-scenes. I love the Mad Men-esque vibe, and as I got to play babysitter, I went with a light pink dress & chocolate brown cardigan with puffy shoulders. Soft pink heels and pink stockings. Very innocent but put together in a strict way.

We had a timeout in the corner, hairbrush spanking on the bottom, and then yes we did the soap in the mouth! I picked out a cucumber soap from a health food store as I just had a feeling that would be the safest, and I also soaked the bar in warm water for 15 minutes before - thanks to a comment from one of your readers - which helped with the suds. I also made sure to put the cream in the fridge - very fun when applied to a sore and rosy bottom!

Let me know when you've done the scene with your boy and we can compare notes.

Violet Mays
Is that not the coolest thing ever? That we all inspired a reader to go hire Mistress Violet, and that Mistress Violet did her research on our blog and our comments, and then acted it out with this guy. Do we know you, sir? Have you ever commented before? I hope you drop us a comment here, even if it is anonymously!

I immediately emailed Violet asking how it went and if she could share anything more that I could publish. She came back with the following:
Dear Julie,

My client did indeed ask for this specific blog entry to be acted out, with free reign to take or leave what comments I wished. I decided to follow your lead based on your responses, as this gentleman is obviously quite enamoured of your style. The session was fabulous and really I turn to your blog in this regard. I was able to read through the blog in order to dig deeper into the psyche of both the david character and the babysitter. And because of the number of comments, I was also able to imagine severe parallel possible outcomes for the scene (diaper play, the father's role, etc.) which were then thwarted by your desire to have such a strict 1950's scenario.

The standing facing the wall position with arms bent into underpants which I carried out - hilarious yet evil. Someone especially conniving came up with that one at some point in human history. Washing his mouth out with soap made me feel simultaneously squeamish, fascinated, and sadistic. There was no way that I was not going to do it, but I thought a visit to a health food store was needed. Something that only a vegan, environmentalist hippy would use on their skin is the only thing for internal mouth washing! (or so my mind decided)

We did include a strapping, and it was quite magical. When I asked my client for the number of straps, AFTER I had already soundly strapped him, it was my way of checking in to see how he was doing. 50 straps! My ears tingled, the corners of my mouth turned upwards. I ran my hand over his cheeks and settled into a methodical, hard strapping. Enjoying each movement, each forceful unfolding of my arm onto his bottom, was a conscious one. I enjoyed taking my time, and knowing that he and I were both there for the journey. And yes I got wet between my lips and my whole pelvic area stirred as I knelt beside him. The pleasures derived specifically from sadism are intense and delicious.

Thank you for your naughty, smart brain and for your commitment to perverse fun.

~ Mistress Violet ~
Sensual Sessions with a Dominant Woman, Toronto
Is that not so exciting? It is! All you readers that are in Toronto or can travel here, I highly recommend you save your pennies and book your own "Strict Julie" experience with Mistress Violet. You could even indicate which of my blog entries most fascinates you and negotiate a scene based on that. And then please email me and tell us all about it!

Well, of course I was hyper-enthousiastic for my scene with david after this. When he was away I ran aspects of my babysitter scene past him by email and he loved it (though he admitted to being very nervous about his mouth soaping!). He was kept well-teased while away from me as a result. I kept back some of the extra ideas from the comments as a surprise for him.

The first thing I did was to go to the Winner's to buy him his too-small tightey-whitey underpants. He normally wears an XL brief, bordering on an L. I went M. I was wanting something a bit uncomfortable and embarrassing for him to be in when the babysitter exposes him. As if his Mother buys him his underwear still, and does not realize how much her boy has grown, and he is too shy to make a point.

Only one step away from having those lowered for his spanking!

By the time the appointed evening had come, I had everything prepared, including the implements, where they were placed, the soap, my outfit, his undies, everything! I had even purchased some sticky-tape hooks, and put one up on the inside of our hall closet where I hung my tawse. It's a bit out of the way. It's not guaranteed that all visitors will see it, but some may. It's staying there!

He had been away from me for too long (on a business trip that spanned the weekend). On his first night back in bed we kissed and cuddled and teased one another, but deliberately did not have sex to keep our excitement high. We spoke about the babysitter roleplay and we agreed we'd do it the evening of the very next day. In the morning I gave him his little briefs to wear.

"A little small!" he complained as he pulled them on. Ha ha! ALL DAY LONG!

I made sure to get home before him, and I prettied myself up and changed into my 1950's teenaged babysitter outfit. Soft yellow cardigan sweater, grey calf-length skirt, off-white blouse, stockings and heels. That's how I greeted him as he came home and I went right into our roleplay.

I asked him about school and he played along. I told him to go upstairs to get washed up for dinner. "Don't go into my room!" I called after him as he headed upstairs. Of course, this was his signal to do just that! I had prepared a little overnight bag, on the right side of which I had a pair of slightly sexy panties folded and placed just so. Is that not true commitment to a scene? Going so far as to pack a bag for realism? No half-measures from this gal!

david knew the premise of our roleplay, so, being such a naughty perverted little imp, he did sneak into my room as I was preoccupied with my dinner preparations, and did gosh knows what (but I would find out) with my panties!
[For the rest of the blog, I'll narrate our scene from the point of view of the babysitter telling her story. It will be action-wise exactly as it happened, but I cannot vouch for the exact words we used, as I am recreating everything I remember now as I write, but I won't bother you with that anymore and just do the best I can to remember without further comment. While it was all pure make-believe roleplay, there is much truth in roleplay, and you should keep front of mind that we in fact acted out every last detail of what you will read below, and that is for real! ]
I had a simple, childish meal prepared for him: some fish sticks and a glass of milk. I thought he would like that and it was easy to prepare. After dinner I asked about his homework, and he said he had none. So I gave him permission to watch television for one hour.

This is when I went upstairs to my room. I went to my overnight bag and immediately saw that my things were disturbed. A pair of my panties in particular. They were folded differently than when I had left them, and they had been moved within the bag. The rest of the bag looked untouched. There was nobody else in the house, and I am very fastidious about my things. There was no question that my young charge had taken out and handled my panties. I blushed a bit and was embarrassed, as the panties he had handled were somewhat of a more frivolous and sexy nature than is my practice, and the thought that he had ogled them and done Goodness Knows What with them was humiliating to me.

I am not the kind of person who will let something like that slide. There would be High Holy Heck to pay, I was determined! His parents left me in charge. I saw it as my responsibility as his babysitter to get the truth out of him and to punish him appropriately to make sure he would never ever do something like this again. I took the pair of panties and headed back downstairs to confront him. I walked to the TV, shut it off, and told him we needed to have a talk. I brought him over to the kitchen counter, sat him down, and then held out the panties for him to see.

"Do you recognize these?" I asked him.

I could see his face flush pink as he stammered, "".

I gave him a bit of silence as I stared daggers at him, and continued, "so you didn't go into my room just now, go through my bag, and handle these panties?"

"No, of course not," he said, "I would never..."

"david, I'm a very fastidious person. Do you know what that means, 'fastidious'?" I asked calmly, patiently.

"neat?" he said.

"That's right, david, very good. In this case it means I know exactly how I packed my bag, what I put where, and how I folded my clothes. This pair of panties was folded differently, and was moved slightly in my bag. I ask again, was it you?" I repeated.

"no... I... no..." he said.

"Stand up david," I said, "face me." He did so and I stood in front of him. "So you swear it wasn't you?" I asked him looking deeply into his eyes.


Before he could get another word out I slapped him HARD across his face! There was huge CRACK followed by dead silence. He reached for his punished cheek with his hand and looked like he was about to cry.
[For the record, I LOVE slapping a man across the face like that, good and hard! So empowering. I highly recommend it. Make sure any glasses are off and that you whip the tightly held together fingertips of your open hand across his cheek. Put some velocity into it. He can take it! In this case he knew that he had one more coming. We had agreed on 2 slaps followed by some kind of unpleasant timeout until he would admit the truth. He was committed!]
I spoke again, calmly and softly. "Face me again david. Put your hands down at your sides. I ask you again, were you in my room going through my things?"

The reaction on him was priceless. You could tell he really wanted to tell me the truth right then, but somehow he just could not do so.

Instead he said, "you must have made a mistake..."

SLAP! Right across his other cheek. I could see his cheeks roseying up. He cowered away from me.

"Are you going to admit the truth?" I demanded of him.

"Please don't hit me again!" he said, pathetically. "It wasn't me! You could have made a mistake. You could have!"

He stood there fearing another slap. Instead I sighed and reached out for his ear. He flinched away from me as my arm went out, but I got a hold of his ear and then walked him over to the wall.

"Take all your clothes off," I said, "except for your underpants."

"Why?" he whined at me.

SLAP! I gave him an extra slap to reinforce who was in charge.

"Because I'm your babysitter and I'm in charge of you when your parents are away, and you will do as you're told unless you'd care to add 'disobedience' to your list of misbehaviours today? What did your parents tell you would happen if you disobeyed me? What did they say I could do?"

"give me a s...s...sp...sp...spanking..." he stammered out, because his parents had indeed given me that power and more.

"More than just a spanking, young man, a good hard strapping. They showed me exactly where they hang your punishment strap in the front hall closet. Do you doubt that I will use it on you if I have to?"

"No Ma'am".

"No Ma'am, indeed, young man. Now get those clothes off and we'll get to the bottom of this mess."

david reluctantly started pulling off his clothes. First his socks, then his pants. He turned away from me and took off his shirt, folding his clothes and placing them on a nearby chair. I could see his big bottom straining the seat of his tightey-whitey underpants.

"I'll have to tell your mother to buy you some new underpants, young man, you seem to have grown out of those. Now turn around and face me."

He turned to face me, keeping his hands crossed in front of his crotch.

"Oh my goodness!" I said, seeing his underpants-tenting erection despite his efforts to conceal it. "Stop touching yourself and put your hands at your sides," I commanded. While not poking out completely so as to bare it, his large erection obscenely tented the front of his underpants. "You are a little pervert is what you are," I stated. "Now, one more time, did you go into my room without  my permission and rummage around in my suitcase?"

"no... I didn't... I swear!" I guess he was hoping against hope that I would doubt myself, or be unable to prove he did anything and let him off the hook. He did not know whom he was dealing with.

"Fine," I said. "You've left me no choice in the matter. Now we're going to to do something to get the truth out of you once and for all. It's something I once saw my Mother do to my little brother when he would not admit to a sin. He didn't last five minutes before admitting to the truth. We'll see how long it takes you."

I took him again by the ear and made him kneel facing the wall right down onto his haunches. I told him to put one arm into his underpants down to the elbow, and then the other. I made him bring his hands together in a prayer and told him to keep praying with his fingertips touching his chin. I then lifted him by the ear and told him to stand up straight and put his nose against the wall, fingertips at his chin. He stood slowly and as he did so I adjusted the backs of his underpants into the crack of his bottom. He grimaced and wiggled as the taught material cut into his ass crack, against his anus, against his perineum, compressing his testicles and his penis.

"You will stand like that, straight as an arrow, facing the wall, praying to Our Dear Lord that He will have you see the light and admit your sins. I am prepared to wait as long as is necessary until that happens. If we reach midnight, I'll send you to bed, and we'll start again in the morning. Now I will go and tidy up in the kitchen, and then I'll come back and ask you again if you care to share the truth with me. If I catch you with your hands lowered in the least, or stooped over at all, I will be counting that as disobedience. If that happens, you will continue your praying, but bent over for a strapping, and then you'll find yourself right back here again but showing off a very red pair of legs and bottom cheeks. My brother had to be strapped once for stooping, I strongly suggest you don't let that happen to you."
[This timeout position was suggested by j.stern in his comment, and it was picked up both by Mistress Violet and me. Thank you sterny! The hands in prayer lent a religious aspect to it and so I played off the Catholic notions of sin and repentance. I introduced "my mother" into it, because where else would an innocent young lady dream up such a thing? I was imagining I was this girl as I was doing this to him.
Strict and no-nonsense and religiously pious. Nothing "sexual" in this. Just some good old fashioned pain and humiliation until he spoke the truth, as her own mother did to her brother under similar circumstances - her being a witness increasing his desire to tell the truth and end his humiliation - extreme circumstances calling for extreme measures - performing penance until the spirit moved him to confess his sins and repent. david reported that the undersized undies made the wedgy particularly painful, but that the intense pressure on his testicles was the really unpleasant part! ouch...]
I walked away and left him there like that while I tidied the kitchen. I called out, "don't think I won't be checking up on you, young man, nice and straight, fingertips at your chin." I did peek in once after that. He was well in position, his underpants completely disappeared into his crack and the material stretching to a skinny rope cutting into him painfully.

After I was done tidying I went back to him and said, "turn around and face me. Keep your hands where they are."

He turned and faced me, staying straight with his hands in prayer. While it looked painful from the back, the view from the front was even worse. I could clearly see the outline of his compressed penis and testicles. The skin to the sides of his scrotal sac was squeezed out the sides of his underpants. The material taught as a rope cutting deeply into his taint. He was grimacing in testicular pain as he strove to keep straight and avoid the strap from me and extended timeout.

"Are you ready to tell me the truth, young man?" I asked.

"yes ma'am..." he said, pitifully.

"Did you go into my room without permission, go through my bag, and handle my underwear?"

"yes ma'am, I'm sorry ma'am." Finally!

"Lower your arms and adjust your underpants back to where they should be," I said. Now that's how to get the truth out of a naughty little liar. Momma sure knows best.

"Come with me," I told him gently. I was not angry, I was more concerned for his behaviour and wanted to get to the bottom of it. I had a taken a class on child psychology at the College (I am going for a primary school teaching degree) and wanted to use some of the methods I had learned there to see what was going on.

We went back to the kitchen counter where we had started the conversation and sat on the high stools across from one another. I again placed my panties on the counter between us.

"What possessed you to do a thing like that?" I asked.

"I don't know..." he offered.

"I saw earlier that you were... well... what is a delicate way to put it... overly excited when I made you remove your pants. Do you have a crush on me, david?"

"no ma'am," he lied.

"I think you do. And I need you to be honest with me, remember? Do you have a little crush on me, david, it's perfectly normal for a boy your age to have one."

"Oh golly, yes ma'am, I suppose so, a little. You're so beautiful."

"You do realize that I am much too old for you and there can never be a romantic relationship between us. You do realize that, right?"

"yes ma'am"

"Good. So it was a fantasy then. A little erotic fantasy that made you want to sneak into my room and handle my underwear?"

"yes ma'am, I suppose so, ma'am."

"There's no stopping fantasies, but you absolutely need to learn how to control yourself and not act out on them. You know who else has fantasies and can't prevent themselves from acting out on them? Rapists in prison. Are you going to grow up to be a rapist, is that it? Go to prison for the rest of your life?"

"No Ma'am!"

"I should expect not, but we do need to nip this sort of behaviour in the bud or that is exactly where you are headed."

"I'm so sorry..." he said.

"Sorry is all well and good, but I am still going to punish you for your actions."

"yes ma'am"

"First, there's the matter of sneaking into my room without permission, right after I specifically told you not to, mind, rummaging through my bag, and handling something that did not belong to you. For that, young man, I am going to be taking you across my knee and giving you a sound spanking with your Mother's hairbrush right on your bare bottom." That was his sentence for his first offense.

"Noooo..." he wailed, mostly from humiliation.

"Are you going to obey me, or do I need to add in a strapping for disobedience? Hmmm? Or are you going to take your spanking like a big boy?"

"Not the strap, please! I'll take it like a big boy, ma'am," he said.

"Ha ha," I laughed. "Like a big boy with his underpants around his ankles bent over his babysitter's knee for a spanking. Like that kind of big boy?"

"yes ma'am," he reponded, tears welling up in his eyes.

"Good. And then after that you'll get your punishment for lying to me," I added.

"You already punished me for that!" he complained loudly.

"I most certainly did not!" I said. "The wedged underpants were to get you to finally admit to the truth. Oh no, you still have a punishment coming for your lying. You understand that while I am here I am your legal guardian. You may under no circumstances whatsoever lie to me. Is that fully understood?"

"Yes ma'am," he said.

"And how are little liars punished in this household, david?"

"a spanking?"

"There may be some of that, but in my Mother's household, young man, naughty little liars got their mouths washed out with soap."


"Yes! There's no better reminder to speak the truth than for a little boy to get his mouth washed out with soap when he lies. And that is exactly what will happen to you, young man. Long overdue, apparently."

"oh..." david groaned. I could tell he was very scared of this punishment, and with good reason, having undergone it once myself from my Mother for having had a potty mouth.

"And finally, young man, there's the matter of what exactly you did with my underwear when you had them out. Hmmm?"

"n... n... n... nothing!" he said, clearly hiding more of the truth.

"I find that very hard to believe. You certainly did something with them. Did you handle them?"


"Did you sniff them?"

A big blush suffused his cheeks as he answered: "yes..."

"I see. Did you do anything else with them?" I asked.

"No Ma'am!" he said.

"I still find that hard to believe, given the state that they're in. But, trust me, we'll get to the truth of that as well in due time. But already with what you've admitted to, there's ample cause for punishing you for your extreme naughtiness. Isn't there?"

"yes ma'am," he admitted.

"Well, you will definitely be soundly punished for that as well, and I can guarantee you that I'll have the whole truth out of you during that punishment. But for now, you have a spanking coming. Go over to the corner and put your nose into it while I go fetch your Mother's hairbrush."

david scurried into the corner and stuck his nose there, his cute little underpants-encased bun sticking out.

[Isn't the back and forth dialogue wonderful? As I said, my recounting of it here is not word-perfect, but there was a lot of dialogue and it was very much along these lines. I find the play acting the most fun part, and it really gets us both into our respective roles which serves to really spice things up and bring an entirely new vibe to the same old actions. Now it was finally time for his punishments to start!]
I went and got the hairbrush and setup a high-backed wooden chair in the center of the living room.

"david! Come over here," I said. He came over and I directed him to stand to my right. He could see the wicked hairbrush on my lap waiting for him.

He was standing right beside me in his underpants only, his erection visible under the material.

I reached out with my two hands to the waistband of his underpants and said, "you know why you're getting this spanking," as I lowered them slowly to his knees, his big erection springing out. "Oh david! You really need to learn to control yourself." I kept him standing there under my scrutiny. He slowly hunched over and moved his hands to cover his erect genitals. "Don't you dare touch yourself in front of me!" I snapped at him angrily, smacking his hands. He quickly moved his hands back to his sides uncovering his bobbing erection anew. I slowly shook my head and said "tsk, tsk, tsk" as I looked at it with the disdain of a moral women faced with a degenerate perverted boy. "Over my knee!" I said as I brought him down across my lap, bare bottom uppermost.

I started right in with the hairbrush, smacking those cute bare cheeks, teaching him a lesson he would not soon forget about the inadvisability of entering a lady's room without permission and rifling through her most intimate things! david was balanced on his hands and his tiptoes across my lap as I spanked him. He got a nice view of my high heeled stockinged calves as he received his punishment.

After a while, his bottom was turning a nice shade of red and he was whimpering under the brush. I steeled my resolve and really gave him the walloping he deserved. It was hard for me to punish him like this, but it was for his own good. A child's moral character needs to be developed with the appropriate guidance from his elders, and for whatever reason this duty had fallen to me and I was determined to not shirk it.

When I felt he was well cooked and truly repentant of his sins, I then gave him a few more to really get the point across and then released him to stand. By this time his underpants had slipped down his legs and were kicked off his feet entirely, rendering him completely nude. I felt that the added embarrassment of being fully nude in front of me, his erstwhile "crush", would contribute in a most salutary fashion to making sure this was a lesson in moral deportment that he would not soon forget.

With him blushing a fury (and finally with a mercifully limp penis), I asked if he would ever sneak into my room and go through my things again? He promised he would not. I took him by his ear and put him against the wall.

"You just show off that well-spanked bottom and think about why you're being punished while I prepare for a little liar's mouth soaping."

I left him there and went into the bathroom. I ran some lukewarm water into the basin and then placed the Ivory soap into it to soak. I wanted it nice and soft and maleable and sudsy for his punishment. He would not lie to me again after this!

I left him with his nose against the wall for about ten minutes, and then went to him and said, "and now there's a little matter of your lying, young man." I picked him up by the ear and brought him to the bathroom.

I put david on his knees on the floor. I picked up the bar from the warm water, and started lathering it up. I lathered it up as much as I could, getting my hands and the bar very soapy.

"Open," I told him. Reluctantly he looked up and opened his mouth. I stood over him and scolded him some more about his lying. I noticed that his erection had returned, and in fact if anything had gotten even more rigid and quivering, quite literally curling up towards the ceiling! What a terrible little pervert. He actually seemed to become more aroused by my being strict with him rather than less so. I would deal with this in due course, but in the meantime he still required a harsh lesson in lying to me that I was very determined to teach.

I used my hand to coat the entire inside of his mouth with the soap, rubbing it all around. I went back to the bar several times to make sure he had a good big mouthful.

I then got the warm, wet, soapy bar out of the basin and used the bar to scrub his mouth. I ended by shoving the bar into his mouth and telling him to bite down on it.

I picked him up by the ear and walked him back to the spanking chair. I pulled him across my knee and spanked him with my hand while telling him off for lying to me.

I must confess to feeling a tingling excitement in my loins as I smacked his bottom with my hand. His erection had not subsided and was making it's presence very known to the tops of my stockinged thighs. I paused to manipulate matters so that it fell down straight between my knees where I clamped shut on it. If he was to have an "accident" it would be directed downwards to the floor and away from me. His bottom felt deliciously warm and rounded under my palm as I smacked his previously tenderized cheeks with my hand. His mewling with a mouthful of soap simultaneously gave me a great sense of satisfaction at a job being well done.

In an attempt to curb his perverted behaviour, I redirected his penis and therefore his testicles as well up from between my knees to back out between his legs, commanding him to clamp his thighs shut once his boy parts were fully exposed behind. This necessitated a certain handling of this part of his anatomy that seemed to further excite him. I reached for the hairbrush, unwilling to perform this action with my hand, and lightly smacked the offending genitalia. As I did so, I scolded him soundly for his inappropriate excitement. I reversed the brush and used the bristle end to smack down and rub on his testicles and on the sensitive exposed tip of his circumcised penis. This had him howling into his bar of soap and did serve to soften his ardour.

I did not want to overdo the mouth soaping, not wishing to cause him any lasting caustic burns, so I brought this phase of his punishment to an end.

I brought him back to the bathroom and had him kneel in front of me again. I made him look up at me, holding that bar of soap in his mouth, and asked him if he would ever, ever tell a lie to me again? He shook his head vigorously indicating he would not. I took the bar of soap from his mouth. I had to pry it out as he had very solidly bitten into it while across my knee. I told him he may now rinse the soap out of his mouth. He flew to the sink and immediately began spitting and retching into it, and rinsing with glass after glass of water.
[Well, the mouth soaping... A most excellent punishment! david told me it was highly unpleasant but there were no serious after effects, though he could taste the soap for hours afterwards despite his thorough rinsing. When his genitals were being punished, he told me he involuntarily bit deeply into the bar which caused his teeth to be well coated within every crevice with soap. He told me that at that moment, as he was staring up at me with a mouthful of soap, holding the bar between his teeth after his spanking, that he felt genuinely like a naughty little boy caught lying, and that his promise to never ever lie to me was very heartfelt and real. Score!]
When he finally emerged from the bathroom, still with a sour expression on his face, I gave him the bad news: "You have one more punishment coming to you, young man. For being naughty with my panties. Go upstairs to your bedroom, arrange all the pillows in the middle of the bed, and then drape yourself across them and wait for me there. No clothes. No covers. Bottom up. I'll be upstairs to give you your strapping in a moment."

"Noooooo! Please!!!!! Not that! Please!!!!!" wailed david. He seemed truly afraid of a strapping.

"No, young man, you know that what you did with my panties was extremely wrong, extremely sinful. Nothing but the strap will serve. You will take it, and you will take it like a man. Now go!"

He looked scared, but scurried to do as he was told. I tidied up in the bathroom and then went to fetch the strap from its designated location hanging prominently in the main hall coat closet. It was a Scottish-styled, twin-tailed, double-thickness, heavy leather tawse that his Mother seemed to favour, and that she said had been used on her by her father when she was a child, but only for the gravest of sins. I thought this certainly qualified!

This strap, she assured me, could deliver a fearsome punishment to any child (or even adult's, she did not hesitate to add) bare bottom, and that david would mind me well given that she had already informed him that she had granted me the power to use it upon him as I saw fit. As she told me this, her husband, david's father, hung back looking nervously over at us. When his wife turned to him and said "isn't that so?", her husband blushed and stammered as he said that it was indeed so. Observing this interchange, I strongly suspected that the father was as subject to a bare bottom application of the strap from his Wife as was the son, the news of which oddly excited me in a peculiar manner.

Thinking back on this, I retrieved the strap, feeling its considerable heft, and then walked grimly upstairs, steeling myself for what I knew I had to do for the benefit of the boy. He could hear my heels clicking on the stairs as I approached. When I got to his room, I saw that he had obeyed me, and was laid out submissively with his bottom high in the air draped over three large pillows in the middle of his bed. I confess that I looked at him with a little bit of disdain. Naked as he was, with his bottom high in the air, he looked for all the world like a trembling ridiculous female submitting to a session of sexual intercourse from her husband. In this case the girl was a boy, and his instrument of submission would be the leather, not a husband's eager member.

I placed the strap down across his cheeks and told him to make sure it stays there. I had left something downstairs and I needed to fetch it. I went down, and then came back up with the pair of my panties that he had handled.

"Now david, before we start, I want the whole truth from you. What exactly did you do with my panties? You said you would not lie to me again."

"I felt them..."

"yes...," I prompted,

"And I... smelt them..."

"go on," I said, "what else?"

"nothing else, please. don't make me say!"

"what else, david..."

"I... I... rubbed them on myself," he admitted.

"On your penis and testicles?" I asked, disgusted.


"Finally the truth," I said. "And did you ejaculate into them?"

"No!" he said quickly

"Do you even know what that means, david, to ejaculate?" I was not sure he knew.

"yes... I know... I didn't."

"Then why do I see this wet stain on my underwear? Do you imagine I packed it, dirty like that?"

"no, I don't know... I guess, I was maybe a little excited and might have, well, maybe leaked a bit, that's all?"

"Oh my Goodness," I said, shaking my head. "that's enough! Well clearly I can't ever wear these again, now can I?"

"no ma'am," he said, and added, "I'll pay for new ones from my allowance."

"You certainly will, young man," I said, "I'll let you know the amount when I replace them. In the meantime I suppose these are yours now. Open your mouth."

david opened his mouth and I stuffed my panties into it, effectively gagging him. I then picked up the strap and sentenced him to 100 firm strappings with it for his extreme naughtiness with my panties.

I then started in on his strapping. Nice full long follow through strokes, painting his ass and thighs, and making sure not to neglect the tender insides of his thighs and bum crack.
[As I delivered this strapping I had already received the email from Mistress Violet. I thought back on how she described the strapping of her client: "I ran my hand over his cheeks and settled into a methodical, hard strapping. Enjoying each movement, each forceful unfolding of my arm onto his bottom, was a conscious one. I enjoyed taking my time, and knowing that he and I were both there for the journey. And yes I got wet between my lips and my whole pelvic area stirred as I knelt beside him. The pleasures derived specifically from sadism are intense and delicious." I tried thinking of that and channeling her as I strapped my husband soundly. I definitely felt a sisterhood with her as I experienced much the same sensations as did she.]
Once I reached the allotted number, the boy was writhing in pain and sobbing into the bedsheets. It was a lesson well needed and well taught.

I bent over david's head, gave him a kiss on his cheek, tussled his hair and said that he was a brave boy, that we were done with his punishment, and that he was now forgiven. I told him to keep lying there as I had some cold cream for his bum that I would apply.

I went down to the fridge. I had put some Jergens moisturizing cream in the fridge to cool it down ("cold cream") as I knew he would be needing it after his punishment. I fetched it and brought it back upstairs where I was greeted by the site of his well-spanked and well-strapped bottom. The panties remained in his mouth where they had been put earlier, him too terrified to move them without my permission no doubt.

"You may take your panties out of your mouth now, david. Those are yours now. You may use them for your own perverted purposes, but you make sure you keep them hidden from your Mother, and you use them only in private with your door shut tight."

"yes ma'am," he answered.

I spread some of the cream onto his bottom cheeks and I massaged it in. I made sure to massage it everywhere the strap had visited, including inside his cheeks and down the backs and insides of his thighs in addition to his sore looking red bottom.

"Is that nice and soothing," I asked him. He said it was. "Open your legs," I told him, and he did so. I reached in and pulled out his penis and testicles, placing them on the pillow pointing downwards between his legs. I rubbed some lotion onto his balls. "Are these still sore from your prayers," I asked him.

"yes ma'am, a little."

"Should I massage some lotion on them?"

"yes, please ma'am," he said breathlessly as I did so.

"Anywhere else?" I asked innocently.

"well ummm, ahhh, well my p... p... penis. You spanked that."

"I did, didn't it?" I asked rhetorically and began rubbing lotion all up and down the shaft of his penis, eliciting moans of pleasure from him.

"You spanked the... the... tip also Ma'am, with the bristles of the brush... it still hurts..."

"Oh does it?" I said with a laugh in my voice, and concentrated some more intense rubbing there.

I then made him get off the pillows and lie face up, naked for me. I sat down at the side of his bed and continued rubbing more lotion onto his penis and testicles as I spoke to him.

"Now david, I ask you, how can a girl feel safe in this house with you here? Your excited little pee pee has already led you to violate my privacy once. Who's to say it won't do so again? Or worse? No, there's only one thing for it. As long as I'm in this house with you, you will have a nice big healthy ejaculation every evening before bed. And I will be supervising to make sure you do it. You understand that you will do it yourself. What I'm doing now, to your little pee pee, is just to show you how. Normally this is something a girl will do to her boyfriend to help him out. This and more. But you understand you're not my boyfriend, right? Ha ha!"

david looked a little crestfallen at that.

"Here, grab it with your own hand. Here's some more lotion. Now you rub it for yourself. Take your panties in your other hand. Rub them up against your nose, and now down your body and onto your testicles, That's it. Rub your pee pee a bit harder and faster now."

"Here, would you like a peek," I said as I removed my sweater and unbuttoned the top few buttons of my blouse, revealing my creamy breasts pushed up by a brassiere.

"You know what I let my boyfriend do? I let him play with these. I even let him suck on them like a baby. I also put his big hard cock in my mouth and I suck on him. Sometimes I get his cream in my mouth and I swallow it all down for him. And you know, when we're married, I'll let him stick it in my tight little pussy hole. It makes me so wet down there just thinking about it. That's it, go on, keep rubbing. Makes me wet and tingly thinking about him lying on top of me, thrusting deeply into me... Oh there you go! Good boy! Oh such a lot of it! And it just keeps coming... Oh another spurt! My goodness! Ohhh... poor thing, now it's just oozing a little. Here's a tissue, let me clean that up for you. Did you soil your panties at all? No? Good. Now baby, sleep tight, and be a good boy. Tomorrow we'll have lots of fun together. G'night."
[There we go. Nice roleplay, wasn't it? I love the play acting. Fun to be not yourself for a bit. david obviously enjoyed it, despite the mouth soaping, ha ha! So much fun also the thought that Violet and I did almost the same role play. Hey, Mr. Violet's Client, if you're out there, please leave us a comment. You can do it as anonymous. Tells us how it went with you also!]


  1. It doesn’t seem fair that girls wrap up their exquisite mysterious pussies and creamy ample bottoms in pretty panties, only to have boys scolded and punished for more than a passing interest in those panties. Peeking at panties under a skirt is special indeed, but so is smelling a pair in an overnight bag when they might have been worn. Personally I’ve been unable to resist the temptation to unzip a sexy girl’s gym bag after a game of tennis or just an aerobic workout.

    Such an interest is only natural, so why do Irene and Laura and Ms. Sanchez always make such a big deal when they catch me? Usually it’s entrapment, as it was for David in this story.

    But don’t tell Irene that I wrote this note. My bottom is still tender from a session with her strap last Friday and surely not ready to handle another dose of it.


    1. Boys will be boys, and boys will be SPANKED as a result!

  2. You, my lady, are a genius! This had me rock hard all the way through. The dynamic between a babysitter and a young boy is incredibly erotic. All young boys have crushes on older girls and secretly desire to be humiliated by them. Love the panty gag. This posting was worth the wait.
    P.S. I came so hard!

    1. Thank you, and I'm so glad you came reading it!

  3. "And yes I got wet between my lips and my whole pelvic area stirred as I knelt beside him."

    Congratulations Violet! The best outcome.


    1. Indeed. A woman who clearly enjoys her work!

  4. I was expecting a home made domestic discipline role play. This is more of a pro Dom domesticated session.

    1. I don't fully understand the distinction! If you mean my attention to detail on the roleplay with my husband was professional grade, I am flattered!

  5. Wonderful role play and David went along perfectly. I can imagine the howls from the strap. Another great story from Juliesp.

  6. Very interesting....and delightfully disturbing.

    Marco (from Lindsay)

    1. Use our scene as a template and go for it!

  7. I think you found a new profession, when can my wife hire you babysit me? ;>)

    1. Call Mistress Violet, she would be delighted I'm sure!

  8. Something tell he it was well earned lesson learn type spankings but you do need think he misbehave all long just to get a good spanking from his favorite Babysitter i mean if i had crush on you and wanted spankings i would misbehave as well.

    how would you react if i left your panties out all over floor made trail of them leading up to your bag would u be mad enough turn me over your lap for good hard old fashion spankings last part mostly be me laying on bed naked jerking off to your panties in my hands lol

    1. I think you know the answer to that!

    2. Yes i know the answer to that someone (meaning Me) be un able sit rubbing sore red butt from spanking other punishment as well

  9. In one sentence the decor is so simply set ("I had a simple, childish meal prepared for him: some fish sticks and a glass of milk")
    Then the back and forth dialogue is realy wonderful.
    Love this idea of the power of women, their taste for clarification and the beatings to come after the words (also in "When his wife turned to him and said "isn't that so?", her husband blushed")
    The final massage and the confidences of the babysitter are delicious.
    "You know what I let my boyfriend do? " reminds Prince's song "If I was your girlfriend"
    Attagirl ! (is that the good word ?)

    1. An excellent word that brings a smile to my face! Thank you!

    2. I forgot that : what I love in your way of telling is that you know exactly what you just did (ie : the back and forth dialogue), what you liked, what was successful (and what was less successful).

    3. I find that if I replay the scene sequentially in my mind as I'm writing it flows out on the page fairly accurately. I actually have to remember in my writing to pause and say what I think of things as I go.

    4. Dear Julie, Beautifully written and performed. Have you ever thought of recording a scene?


  10. When the cream and lotion came out at the end I was thinking / hoping david would be diapered for his final humiliation! Still and excellent scene and very hot. Love the no nonsense attitude of the sitter. She has learned well from her mom!

    1. Missed opportunity. A diapering would have worked well there!

  11. Nice spanking, but this is not a genuine baby sitter role play.
    Too much unrealistic coincident, doesn't feel natural.

    1. No scene where a babysitter spanks a child is going to be realistic. Even in the 50's I'll bet. And, if it was realistic, it would be over in a minute!

      Like the movies, we go for a willing suspension of disbelief as being good enough, and we definitely reached that bar with the setup, dialogue, and detail. Nothing felt "unnatural" to either of us given the setup and progression. Maybe you had to be there!

  12. My wife I showed this to, she really enjoyed it, wanted me to share that she is not the "baby sitter", but the "Mommy" when I need a spanking. She states no difference, but more comfortable being the Mommy. I will attest she gets that "voice", that look in her eyes, when I earned a spanking. Always over her lap, she bares the bottom, hand, then hairbrush, wall time. When I've been very naughty I must undress, stand hands at side, if I have an erection, most times do, I must maturbate into a towel while be scolded and not to waste time. Trust me the spankings really hurt, other times the erection is gone shortly after she begins and the spankings hurt. There are those special times when I have outdone my myself that no matter the time of day must wear my jammies as she calls them, she will also give me a bath like a little child, and that you would think be fun, not if you have been a naughty little boy. I agree with this, I wanted a strong woman. I am loud while being spanked, and on one vacation I was soundly spanked in the hotel room and she could care less if I was heard. I have learned that when the "Mommy" voice, look is heard, I know that I will shortly be over my Mommy lap and getting a spanking for being a naughty little boy.

  13. I loved this scene and all the attention to detail. It had a traditional, old-fashioned flavor to it that remained true to certain ideals of the times. The babysitter was a huge turn-on, definitely how I would want to imagine her, a wholesome young lady with strong maternal qualities, moralistic, relatively innocent but motivated by deeply fetishistic sensibilities.

    Realism is both important and grossly overrated. The ambition for me is to be true to the kink and desire. The basic aspects of the scene revolve around a real setting we know from the past, and the closer to that environment and the feelings involved we get, the stronger the connection. But then once set up, why would we want to be limited to only what would likely happen given those circumstances? Of course, a real babysitter is unlikely to fulfill our desires, especially in the age of repressed sexuality. We want the babysitter fantasy to come true, to bring it to life, otherwise, we're simply limiting it to mundane reality. The exciting thing about the 50's is that spanking for punishment was common, so don't sell the fantasy short.

    1. Yes! And imagine if I was your babysitter in the 50's??? Teasing my charge and then just LOOKING for excuses to spank him!

    2. That "babysitter fantasy" is so powerful yet, inexplicably, over the years I haven't given it the thought it deserves. Maybe it's too obvious or too close to home for me? I don't know, but reading your roleplay scene made me more highly aware of how the young female caretaker played a role in my own sexual development growing up.

      The dynamics of my family were such that we often had a young woman (about 18-21 years old) living in the house acting as an aide to my mother. When that wasn't the case, when my parents went out, we had neighborhood girls as babysitters (as young as 16, I estimate.) My parents also traveled every year, sometimes gone a month or more. From an adult perspective, they could all be called girls, but to me as a young boy they were women. As I hit puberty and beyond, most became objects of sexual attraction... some were especially good looking and totally charming. They could only be objects to a younger teen boy because all the attraction was on my side. No girl at that age and position was going to have complementary sexual feelings about me, or allow any degree of intimacy related to sexuality, so the reality put them, not only in a position of authority but, in my subconscious at least, also sexual superiority.

      Though my parents used spanking as discipline for us, to my knowledge they never gave anyone else that authority. We were pretty well-behaved because, if there was a problem, we would have to answer to dad or mom. The way it was back then where I grew up, we kids really didn't want to get into trouble. It was the 60's, mostly, but the culture of the 50's was still alive and well. Everyone's parents had been raised in the "old days."

      I have several powerful memories that involve "babysitters" and spankings, but none where she was the spanker. As a spanko, it was only natural that I imagined a variety of punishment scenarios. It was such a frustrating time for me. I didn't understand my desires at all. They boiled beneath the surface, and I couldn't really distinguish between what I feared too strongly and what I wished would happen. I was living in a situation where beautiful women were in a position of authority over me, but they didn't appear to want to exploit the situation in the ways I wanted to imagine. So, yes, as my babysitter, you could have totally blown my mind!

    3. Did your babysitters ever hear or see your spankings?

  14. Great role play really enjoyed it, even without a cast of thousands (lol).

    Things I really liked about it

    1) Liked how david had to stand beside his babysitter while she took his underpants down causing his erection to be exposed. Always a humiliating, embarrassing moment IMO.

    2) Having him drop his junk down between your legs and then clamping your legs together. That’s the proper place for a naughty boy’s junk to be while getting spanked.

    Cringe inducing moments;

    1) Not one, not two, but three face slaps , oooouuucch!!

    2) wedgies

    3) hairbrush bristles on your junk.

    Missed opportunity;

    Would have had david ejaculate into the ruined panties before gagging him with them, just to teach a lesson about playing with and soiling a young ladies’ panties. ;-)

    1. Nice! At the very end, cumming into the panties, then in his mouth, then back over her knee for a final reminder!

  15. something tell me you would make great babysitter or Nanny in real world you be very poplaur as well every kids would yell Miss Julie mommy when ask who want babysit maybe an older teenage son may want you too cause crush on you. chance to spy on you get his jolly you teasing him as well

    i can actually picture you spanking some teenager for what you posted or least threat to spank them if cant spank them call up the girlfriend tell her what he done then suggest he need good spanking even if you caught him with his girlfriend panties she come over you direct her how to punish him start with painful otk spankings etc

    1. Yes I would!
      I LOVE your idea of making him call his gf over! Sounds like a fun future roleplay.

    2. well i love fact you love my idea your awesome friendly young lady Miss Julie yes call his Gf over to punish him and you watch then both punish him spanking him together

      iam going email my story fantasy you as my babysitter soon you can share it then when i write send to you

  16. Julie, Great job and beautiful planning, execution and documenting. In your honor, my wife and I are role playing a scene where she catches me playing with myself while wearing her panties. It will be followed by a severe spanking, and she will say if I want to dress like a girl then she will treat me like one with a strap-on. It is based on a event which occurred as a teenager minus the pegging.

    Keep up the get work and inspiring your followers.



    Fishsticks? You gave him fishsticks? And milk?

    Sweet buttery kittens, a cruelty I had not noticed before...


  18. This roleplay could certainly lend itself to a few possible future spinoffs, like this one perhaps!

    "You may take your panties out of your mouth now, david. Those are yours now. You may use them for your own perverted purposes, but you make sure you keep them hidden from your Mother, and you use them only in private with your door shut tight."

    Mom finds the panties and eventually gets david to tell her how and from whom he got them. She then calls the sitter to initially have her present during his spanking thinking david took them without her knowing and mom not knowing at this point that the sitter had given the panties to david. After david's spanking he tells the true story of the panties. Mom, angry with her trusted sitter, insists the sitter gets a spanking too. First over her skirt or panties in front of david, then after david is sent to his room, a full bare bottomed hairbrush spanking for her part in corrupting her precocious little david.

    1. Nice! Wonder if Mistress Violet wants to play Mom? Would be nice to conclude both scenes with this one.

  19. The wedgie is just delicious just something about how tight it rides up. My wife takes me to lane Bryant sometimes and we buy the biggest things they carry. The great thing about them is I can pull the waist band over my arms and up over the shoulders. Awesome for corner time and really gives me time to go into sub space before getting 200 shots with the girlfriend belt. I do love your blog. Thanks so much for sharing and knowing that there’s nothing wrong with being a sub male to my wife

    1. Aha! Another aficionado of the Atomic Wedgie!

  20. Wow great history thanks! Exactly muy Dream, my wife shoping small Classic white briefs (my favorite underwear) and then spank me hard on the thighty Whities!

    Im sorry i don't speak english but... I love spank me on my white briefs

    1. Yes, that's really what it's all about!

    2. A few girlfriends I knew had me wear Towncraft briefs like those in the pic, with the blue and yellow stripes on the waistband. They enjoyed teasing me in them.

  21. 'While not poking out completely so as to bare it, his large erection obscenely tented the front of his underpants.'

    Could you elaborate on 'poking out completely so as to bare it'? From where do you mean it could have poked out to bare it? There are a couple or a few possibilities.

    1. I mean, men's underwear have this "hole" in front, sometimes I've seen his cock poke right out of it.