Monday, February 19

Julie Spanked in Front of Family... For Real!!!

It happened. I received my first public spanking in front of my entire family. And I do not mean just one swat as anticipated in julie to be Publicly Spanked???, I mean a freakin' spanking! And things took a few other unexpected turns along the way as well.

Thank you again to Glenmore for the image!

On Sunday at around 5pm we headed over to my parents' house (not far) for family dinner. David said my dress needed to pass muster or he would not swat me. He was afraid of a short skirt that would flip up to reveal my panties. I chose a conservative knee length blue dress that I sometimes wear to work, but that hugs my bottom nicely. Similar to the image below.

Very naughtily, I had on nothing else! Bare legs, no bra, and no panties. He did not notice any of that 'till much later. What was I thinking being completely bare under there?

David looked suspiciously at my wiggly bottom, gave it a little slap, and declared it was sufficiently modest, but still sexy as hell. Win! He double-checked that I was still sure I wanted my butt swatted in front of my entire family while bent under his arm. I told him I very much did. I may be crazy, but I crave exciting new experiences. No need to spend a lot of money on "adventure getaways": one little smack at the right place and at the right time will do it – adrenaline rush!

We were the first to arrive and greeted Mom and Dad and made small-talk with them. Then my younger sister, Nancy, her husband, and their three teenaged boys arrived in their typical boyish hurricane. I gave each of the boys a hug and a kiss. And finally Sue waltzes in by herself. We all sat in the living room. Dad served a sparkling pink prosecco and Mom some hors d'oeuvres. Sue and Nancy went to help Mom in the kitchen. I kept a conversation with the boys going, asking about their schoolwork, hobbies, sports and such. The three men were seated together talking about something. Pretty traditional family dinner.

Mom called us all to dinner. The dining room table seats ten just fine, but requiring two on each end. Dinner proceeded as usual. I find the boys tend to get overly silly and boisterous in their conversation among themselves, as if the adults care for most of their loud chatter. I like the boys, but no surprise about their lack of manners at the dinner table as their mother and father have never disciplined them appropriately in my opinion.

In between the courses it's the women who get up to clear and bring out the next course, and the men who sit there drinking (men!). My Mom and I did, however, press the boys into domestic servitude.

After dinner Mom is always the one to say "well, let's go sit more comfortably, shall we?" It's sort of a cliche with her once the meal and desert has run its course. We do some final clearing and all gather back in the living room (heart: POUND POUND POUND). Mom is seated on a big chair and David is standing, leaning against the fireplace mantel having a nice discussion with her. I sidled up to David and started fondling his butt (!).

He gets distracted from his conversation with my Mom and asks me, "what are you doing?" in an annoyed tone of voice.

"What? You have a nice butt. Very swattable," I say.

"Don't..." he warns.

"Don't tell me what to do," I say, acting mini dommie. I get what I can only imagine is a mischievous  grin on my face, haul back my hand and SWAT! Hard as I can. Then quickly run away!

Everybody is watching, but hard to notice much more as the world has turned a bit tunnel vision for me.

David whirls around and says, "Julie! What the hell?"

"What? I warned you your butt was swattable!" Such a brat.

He says, "do we need to have a discussion about swatting butts in public?" Oh my! There it is. he said it, that word, discussion.

"I don't think so," I said, sounding less than confident.

"I think we do," he says confidently. "Come over here, you" he says, crooking his finger at me. Crap my heart is beating hard!

"no way!" I say with a giggle as I move further away from him and start backing out of the living room.

"Boys!" said David. "Will you please bring your Aunt Julie to me."

The boys are sitting on the two couches that are on the way out of the living room in the direction I was backing away. I whirl around on them, point my finger threateningly and say, "Don't. You. Dare!" This freezes them in their seats. Ha!

However, it appears as though I have been outsmarted. David took the opportunity when I was distracted to take a couple of quick steps across the room and grab me by the upper arm. "No need, boys, I have her," says David unnecessarily.

David slowly but surely pulls me back towards the fireplace. I try to resist a bit, but I just topple over towards him and need to take a couple of steps to regain my balance. As I topple into him the second time he sort of gets behind me and hugs me, then turns around in place and reaches his left arm up and then back down across my back, wrapping his arm all around me, bending me over as I face the fireplace, my big butt facing the room.

His hand is wrapped around me so that he's palm up on my tummy. My low tummy (!) and lifting me a bit. He also somehow has his foot raised and his one knee stuck in there so that I am bent a bit across it. Despite my high heels, I feel that I am on my tiptoes, dangling a bit there. How humiliating. Especially knowing what's coming next.

He holds me there interminably as I "struggle" and kick my feet. He asks me what I can only imagine was a rhetorical question: "what do you think is the proper punishment for a girl who swats her husband's backside in front of the whole family?"

He's waiting, holding me there, expecting an answer.

"A firm talking to?" I suggest.

"I don't think so," says David as he starts rubbing my ass!!! I can't see most of the room as I am dangling there a bit facing the fireplace. I can see my Dad out of the corner of my eye.

I strain my neck to look over at him and say, "Daddy! Help!" I hadn't intended to do that, it just sort of came out. Psychologically speaking, it may be a cry for Daddy to help David spank me, which turns out to be a bit prescient as you shall see. I certainly did not want or expect to be rescued, but as soon as I said it I realize that I might be. Drat!

David picks up on this cry to Daddy and asks, "Sir, may I? Just one good smack?" Oh no. I'm still dangling there, butt out in front of the whole family!

I answer for him: "No smacks! No smacks!" I say, but in a jokey tone also, not a desperate one.

"Don't hold back on my account," says Daddy (traitor!!!), "give her more than one."

What!!!!!! She needs ONE! David and I had agreed on one smack, one smack only!

Remember Red October?

He wouldn't do more! He couldn't!

I felt David's hand lift off my behind and then SMACK. One smack. Directly in the center of my low bottom cheeks. The sexy place.

But wait! Then right after SMACK again! And then SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! Alternating left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek. I feel myself struggling and kicking.

He pauses. Then hauls me up a bit higher, showing off my spanked butt just that much more prominently in the room. "No! no!" I say, but still with a laugh in my voice. I mean, what else can I do?

And then SMACK! Low center, right across both my cheeks sending a huge jolt into my pussy and bottom hole! Oh dear!

SIX SMACKS!!!! AND THEY WERE FUCKING HARD!!! Remember, I don't have anything on under that dress. No slip, no panties, no pantyhose, no nuthin'! I think you will agree with me. That constitutes a SPANKING! My husband actually spanked me in front of my entire family!

He lifts me back on my feet and sort of plunks me in front of him. He's looking at me with a smirk on his face. I was aware of everyone else's presence, but can't tell you what their expressions were. Remembering my promise in an answer to a comment on the blog, and also finding that it comes very naturally at this point, I reach both hands behind me and rub my burning cheeks. I also pout and say "ouch..." in a small voice.

Suddenly... "Oh get a fucking room!" says my younger sister as she storms out of the living room. Nice of her to stay for the show though. Bitch. What's with her?

Sue gives a single loud laugh at our younger sister's antics: "Ha!"

As this happened I turned my head to look around the room. Everybody is smiling big silly grins on their faces, except my Mom who is shaking her head gently at us and and with the faintest of smiles says softly "what nonsense" to us.

"Looks like you learnt your lesson," says my Daddy to me with a laugh in his voice. I spin around to look mock daggers at him, the real cause of my public spanking, but he also just has a big silly grin on his face. He enjoyed seeing me spanked. You know me and my Daddy issues. That is hawt.

"Are you going to behave yourself now?" asks David of me.

"no" I say, like a child, feeling disagreeable.

"Fine. We'll just have to continue our discussion back home then," he says, adding extra emphasis to the word 'discussion'. Oh fuck blush!

"Bare butt!" adds Sue. OH NO!!!

I grab my rear cheeks again, stomp my foot a little, and say "oh!" like an outraged child would.

"Oh you two," says my Mom to David and I, shaking her head again.

"Come on then," says David, "let's get you home. Grab your coat."

What? How can he take me home immediately after all that having been said!!!! Everyone will know exactly what I am going home to!

I feel myself blushing as I walk towards the coat closet adjacent to and open to the living room. I take my coat out and David helps me on with it and then grabs his own. "Getting me home" has a new and very blushy meaning for me!

"Don't go too hard on her, now," says my creepy brother-in-law. A sexual innuendo if I've ever heard one that I thought quite out of place. I am scandalized.

My nephews are glued to their seats, saying N O T H I N G. They don't know whether to be shocked, laugh, be embarrassed, or smile.

With my coat on I go up to my nephews and again give them each a hug and a kiss. I tell them, "Ignore your Uncle David and me, we're just messing around." The looks on their faces!

I hug Sue. "naughty, naughty" she says to me. She then whispers in my ear, "enjoy your spanking." Oh blush again!

I kiss my Mom and thank her for dinner. Again she says "oh, you two!" but I think she likes that we are so frisky with one another.

I then go to Daddy and throw my arms around him and hug him tight. "Thank you, Daddy," I say. "See you next time."

"You want to borrow a pillow for your ride home?" he asks with a smile.

"That won't be necessary," I say, mock frostily.

"Besides, I'm not quite done with her yet," adds in David. He's enjoying this entirely too much!

"So long as you take good care of her," says my Dad. Hmmm... that could mean a few different things.

"You know I will, Sir, always," says my David.

I say a cordial and curt 'bye' to my brother-in-law from a distance. He returns it with a wink. Creep. I pass by my younger sister on the way out. "Bye," I say with a wave to her. She rolls her eyes, exhales sharply, and shakes her head at me. Geeze.

I stow my heels, we get our boots on, and then beat our retreat and into the car.

Wow... Just... Wow...

So that was it, at least as far as my fevered recollections inform. Let me try, best as I can, to sum that experience up.

Just let me say up front that I think it went off really well. David agrees. Nobody was freaked out and everybody seemed to have a good time with it. Except my younger sister, of course, but I enjoy yanking her chain and she needs it yanked, so that doesn't count. It seemed to seem very natural to everybody that a bratty mischievous wife should get a spanking from her husband in play. And while I feel appropriately shamed and embarrassed, I do not feel at all humiliated. I can stand proud that my man and I have a bit of fun with one another and to hell with what anybody else thinks.

There was much more audience participation than I would have thought, what with my Dad, Mom, Sue, and even my brother-in-law speaking up. The boys no, They acted as I would have predicted. My younger sister acted exactly as David and I had predicted. Mom shook her head – check. Daddy surprised me – it's as if he's pleased and amused to see me spanked! Sue clearly knew we were play acting. She did not seem to mind at all. She seemed happy that I would be spanked properly back home. Bare butt (blush!). She just had to go and put that image in everybody's mind!

What did I think about getting a spanking instead of the agreed upon one swat? I was so embarrassed while it was going on! It seemed to take both forever and no time at all. It seemed like forever just before and during my spanking; but seemed like no time at all afterwards. David read the situation exactly right, and did exactly what I would have wanted him to. I mean, given the way my Dad answered, he could do no less!

I know some of you guys are thinking my husband should have gone further. Maybe lifted up the hem of my dress (not so easy with that dress, but possible). Wouldn't he have been in for a surprise, what me with no panties and all!

Cartoon by Kami Tora - captions changed by me!

I probably should have let him know in advance that I was bare under there, in case he was contemplating it. Or put on full cut panties! But he was very adamant when we discussed it as being over the clothes so it didn't enter my mind. Or maybe it did, and the remote possibility of me being like the girl above, even extremely briefly because David would have been so embarrassed, well it excited me. But I admit, that would have been entirely inappropriate! Even had I had panties, it would not have been appropriate. Heck, many would argue that six smacks on a wife's behind in that position from her husband was not at all appropriate, and I would not put up too much of an argument there. But it was a compromise, and as much as the situation could bear (too much?).

David even later scolded me for not wearing panties. He said that he was contemplating raising my dress and swatting me over my panties as a surprise for me because I had literally asked for that. What would have happened had he done so? Would he have kept me exposed like that, scolding me for not wearing panties as he did later on, and then insist on those same six smacks, but on the bare, pussy and bottom hole prominently displayed as an object lesson in front of the whole family to supposedly grown up wives who "forget" to put on their panties? The thought kind of haunts me in a super sexy and tummy churning way. That will have to stay a fantasy, but it was a close call!

I was truly terrified when David called on the boys to help him. I could imagine them grabbing me and man-handling me over to David. Would they have copped a feel in the process of wrestling me over? Not comfortable with that!!!! But David did not intend them to, it was just a distraction. He knew he could reach me before the seated boys did.

The position David had me in was more bent over and lifted up than we had practiced. So hence more embarrassing for me. His hand pushing into me, lifting me, at my abdomen, just above my pussy, certainly excited me. He pushes on that same spot during oral sex and he knows it drives me wild. He did it on purpose. And then there was the question of my butt facing the room like that. I know my butt can look big, and especially so as my dress accentuates that, so I must have been a sight. The embarrassment of that kind of burns. "Ha Ha Aunty Julie has a BIG BUTT!"

And he just held me there for so long. I struggled a bit to put on a show, not to try to get away, of course. But just dangling there while he and my Daddy discussed my spanking!

And now let's talk more about my Daddy. Daddy seemed to enjoy it terrifically. Daddy is, or at least was, a spanker. I've been spanked by him mildly as a little girl, but he gave it up with the times and as we grew up. But you just know he's not averse to tanning a naughty girl's behind, and this just proves it. I wonder if Mom got a spanking that night???? (Yuck! I mean, Yay! I mean, who wants to think of their Mom and Dad, like, doing it?).

I confess that I pulled Daddy into it by asking for help. But we both knew I was being a naughty girl and victimizing my husband outrageously, and deserved a swat on my rear in retaliation. But that cry for help really setup the need for David to ask my Daddy's permission to swat me. If Daddy had said no, that would have been it. Or he could have told us to "get a room" like my sister did (only nicer). Or he could have just agreed to the one public swat as being a just and proper measure of justice. But NO. He explicitly suggested that one swat would not even cut it, and that only a public spanking would! So as a direct result of my Daddy's intervention, I wound up being held up there interminably, kicking and wriggling like an eel, as David laid on SIX very hard swats flush to my thinly covered backside! He gave me a spanking. An actual spanking. That actually hurt. I still cannot fathom that I got spanked by my husband in front of practically my whole family (Thank God my brother wasn't there – he would have enjoyed it, I'm sure – what red-blooded male would not have?).

Which brings us back to my husband. even based on what Daddy said, it was in his power to let me off completely with the scare, swat me judiciously once, or maybe swat me twice to appease my Dad. But no. He chose to spank me. Publicly spank me without my having given prior consent to this act. The cad. That fucking turned me on, and I felt the squishy wetness between my nether lips as I stood there in front of him afterwards rubbing my buns. Good call. Dangerous! But good.

Afterwards, when he could have just let it ride, Daddy made a joke about a pillow for me on the way home. That was smart. A joke like that sort of breaks the tension and was his way of letting us know that all is cool. David needlessly reminded him that there was more to come for me back home. Daddy responded with what I can only imagine was a multiple entendre. He said "So long as you take good care of her." One meaning is him encouraging David to spank me good and hard as a way of putting me in my place. Another was to spank me good and hard as it was clearly what I wanted. Yet another is that David should take good care of me sexually afterwards. The stronger and primary meaning was that he should be sure to care for me and not cross the line to being abusive with me, which is just soooooooo sweet!!!! I love having both my husband and my Daddy being so protective of me. But I truly believe the first meanings were intended as well.

It makes me both embarrassed and excited knowing that my Daddy now knows that I am a spanked wife. How can he not now imagine me naked across my husband's knee, getting my fanny whacked crimson before submitting in other more intimate ways? It's like trying to not imagine a giant pink elephant in the room! And would that imagining turn him on at all? And in his most secret imaginings will he imagine me across his own knee, naked and wriggling as he spanks me, pussy exposed (I can barely write that without my heart exploding), and then having his unholy way with me? Do Daddies even think of their grown daughters like that? If so, I would not expect most fathers to answer that question truthfully (nor should they!). Are there any anonymous Dad's out there who can tell me? No "stepdaughter" crap either. No cop outs. Post a comment as Anonymous. Tell us your deepest darkest secrets about your grown up pretty daughters (note the emphasis there!). You know I won't judge, and I won't even publish any judgy back-comments. Hell, I can admit to having exactly those fantasies about my Dad.

On a similar and somewhat uncomfortable vein, but it must be addressed, let's now turn to the delicate subject of my nephews. What did they witness and what did they make of it? Hard to know. They were grinning a bit. But they were also pretty embarrassed by the whole thing. Poor dears. I tried to reassure them that it was all in fun, but do they imagine that is something an abused wife might say to hide her embarrassment? No, they know me. They know I don't put up with shit. I can only imagine that they thought that if I was being spanked by my husband, it was only because I allowed it. At least I hope that was there impression. I do feel a bit guilty though, participating in projecting a patriarchal wife beating attitude in their formative male years. I think that next time we see them I will have to clear up a few things lest they be confused. Won't that be an embarrassing BDSM Birds 'n Bees talk: "Sometimes, boys, Aunties and Uncles like to spank one another's butts, for sexy fun time..." I do think it's my duty now, though. Sigh. Will have to think more about that approach. I need them not to be concerned that their favourite Aunt is a victim of domestic abuse (at least unwanted domestic abuse, 'cause I would get very consensually abused plenty more before the night was over!)

Ok, enough obsessive analysis of my evening. As a parting thought, though, I will tell you that it was an utterly unforgettable event, and reached a fever pitch of intensity that I have never, ever, experienced before. Just Wow. And I do not regret it in the least, and am even quite proud that I am married to a man, like my David, who knows what a woman sometimes needs and gives it to her regardless of whom is there to see it!

On to the car ride home...

So this I had worked out in advance. The seeds were planted several weeks ago, before any of this even came up. David and I were watching an episode of Mad Men (season 5 episode 2). It's a great show - I had seen it already a while ago, but David had not seen it at all so I was re-watching it with him. Megan, Don's second, much younger wife, threw him a surprise birthday party and Don did not appreciate it. Afterwards she was pissed off with him and let him know it. She also felt he was drifting away from her, so she took matters into her own hands:

Don: What are you doing?
Megan: I'm cleaning up, I don't want to get sweaty.
Don: Like that?
Megan: Don't you look at me!
Don: I'm talking to you.
Megan: I'm cleaning up!
Don: Really?
Megan: Stop looking at me. You're not allowed to look at me.
Don: Then put some clothes on.
Megan: I said stop it! You don't deserve it.
Don: Come on!
Megan: You don't like presents. You don't like nice things. Besides, you're too old. I don't need an old person. You probably couldn't do it anyway.
Megan: Don't!
Don: Get Up
Megan: No. I don't want people thinking you're getting this.
Don: You want it so badly.
Megan: I don't want it! I don't want you! You don’t get to have this. Go sit over there. All you get to do is watch.

Don forcibly grabs Megan by the hair, bends her back, kisses her hard, and they wind up having sex on the carpet.

So sexy! Of course, around here she would have gotten herself a spanking first, then the sex. But I was thinking about this scene when thinking about how to transition from family dinner to my spanking and sex at home. I wanted to be mean like Megan and force him to do it!

So we get into the car and close the doors. David is expecting that we will talk about the experience, or maybe keep the "butt slapping" roleplay going. Instead...

"What the HELL was that???" I asked him with a raised voice. I was super deadpan serious angry seeming.

"What?" he says, offended, reacting to my tone of voice. "It's what you wanted!" He practically yells at me. Sucker. Hook line and sinker.

"I WANTED one smack to my ass," I yell, "not to be hauled up off my feet and spanked in front of them! What the hell were you thinking???"

"I was going with the flow, you always tell me to. I thought you were liking it. You were acting that way anyways!"

"I was playing along with it, idiot, because it would have been even more fucking embarrassing not to!"

Oh yes, I laid it on THICK! I wanted him to be feeling all the emotions necessary to want to seriously spank his wife and command her complete sexual respect.

There was a chance he would think I was being serious. But he's smart. Much more likely he would suspect I was deliberately bratting, but, and key point, as I was not breaking character, he could not be 100% certain. He would need to take a chance. I wasn't going to give him an inch.

He tried to talk more but I just shut him down with insults and told him to shut up.

We walked into the house under a cloud.

"Do you want your spanking or not?" he asked me angrily. Ha! Weak.

"Don't you dare touch me," I said, "You think I want anything at all to do with you after your performance tonight? You need to have your fucking head examined."

"You have a safeword," he said. "Use it!"

Checkmate. He got me. There's no way around the sanctity of the safeword. I took an aggressive tack: "Fuck your stupid safeword! If you touch me I'll call the cops and charge you with assault!"

That was all he needed to hear. I would never call the cops on him. And he knew I must have loved my spanking-based shaming. Combine that with my refusal to use my safeword. He put two and two together.

Regardless, the insults and disrespect had gotten to him, game or no game, and he came after me. He grabbed me by the back of my neck and pushed me front first into the nearest wall with my face pinned sideways against it. He held me there as he unzipped my dress and started yanking it down.

"Don't you DARE TOUCH ME!" I screamed.

"You're going to get the beating of your life," he told me. Hmmmm! Music to my ears.

The dress came off and as it does he notices I have nothing on underneath.

"What the fuck, julie!" he said. "I might have pulled your dress up during your spanking like you asked me to! What were you thinking?"

"FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!!" so ladylike.

He then literally picked me up and threw me across his shoulder. Oh giddy me. I pounded (pretty hard!) on his back with my fists and kicked my legs. He slapped my ass and I screamed at him angrily and swore (good thing our house is fully detached!)

He carried me over to the living room, and with one hand pulled out the spanking chair. He lifted me off himself, sat, and without my feet even touching the ground I was across his knee. Impressive!

"LET ME UP! YOU FUCKING LOSER!" there I go again.

Then his palm connected with my ass. So fucking hard! I had gotten him worked up for real. The hand spanking that followed was not gentle. He smacked the living bejesus out of my bottom cheeks!!! Without a doubt the hardest, fastest, most intense spanking I had ever experienced, anywhere, implements included. I initially started out by swearing at him, but decided I needed this spanking to stop, like now! So I changed my tune fast, and started begging him instead, and promising to be good, and saying I was sorry! What can I say? Effective behaviour modification for a wife having a temper tantrum!

But he just keeps going and going and I am getting and acting more and more frantic. Finally, after an eternity of having my bottom lit on fire he stops and lifts me up off his lap and onto my feet. I am crying and sniffling. He is still stern. He pushes me over to the corner and tells me to stand there, hands on my head, for the next thirty minutes to contemplate my behaviour. The scene is still playing out, but wildly out of control!

And I knew I wasn't done. My butt was so sore, but it needed to get sorer still. I really didn't want to, but I had no choice in the matter. Remember, I was carrying out Tim's punishment, and I was far from done. I needed to continue my bratting. I illustrated what I said next using Tim's now famous cartoon:

He hauled me out of the corner and right back down across his knee. My bare tits jiggled as they fell on the far side of his knee. He started right in again with my spanking! It was every bit as hard, and every bit as long as the previous spanking!!!! By the end I was just incoherently begging for my spanking to end! I did, though, have the presence of mind to ask for the next phase of my punishment: "Please Sir! Please! I'll do anything. ANYTHING! PLEASE!"

He stops spanking. "Anything?" He asks.

"Yes Sir," I answer. "Anything. Anything you want. I'll be good!"

"Alright then," he says, "let's see what kind of a lesson you've learned in respecting and obeying your husband." He gets me up off his lap and down onto my knees in front of him as he stands there. "Unzip my pants. Remove them," he says.

I do as my lord and master commands, and undress him from the waist down, removing his shoes and socks in the process. He is very hard.

"Put it in your mouth. Suck it. Hands behind your back. In it goes. Nice and deep."

Oh gosh! I put my hands behind my back, I open my mouth into a big round "O" and take his hard member deep into me. I go until I feel like it is choking me, pull out and then go back in again. The saliva is building in my mouth and I start using it to suck and slurp on his cock. He grabs me behind my head, holds me still, and then starts fucking my mouth! I have to just hold still with my mouth continuing to hold a fixed wide "O" as he moves himself in and out, harder, faster, and deeper.

"Do you like my cock in your mouth?" He asks as he momentarily pulls out.

"YES SIR! I love your cock in my mouth, Sir!"

"Good," he says, as he settles back in for another round of skull fucking me!

He finally stops and pulls out of me. I stay in position, out of breath, saliva dripping from my mouth, my jaw sore from holding my mouth rigidly open in the "O" shape for my mouth fucking.

He goes to his discarded pants pocket and pulls out two condom packs and hands them to me. "Put these both on me. I don't want to blow my load in your cunt while I'm pounding you."

His words excite me. Oh God my ass is so sore! I open each condom package in turn and slide them onto him one at a time. He lifts me by my hair (! Mad Men !) and roughly bends me over the spanking chair. I am sideways to it with my elbows down on the seat and my legs straight. He kicks my legs apart to spread them. He does something behind me (taking his shirt off). He walks back to me in between my legs. He spreads me a bit wider. He puts the tip of his cock at the entrance to my pussy. I am wet for him already. He pushes into me and I moan. He grabs my hips and starts pounding my cunt, good and hard! Like any good pussy pounding, it feels amazing and it hurts and it's exhausting all at the same time! His cock is hitting me nicely in there. Too soon it is over and he pulls out.

He removes his condoms and throws them on the carpet (my carpet! bad time to say anything...). "Let's see how obedient you are." He says. He makes me kneel beside the chair. He gets in there where I was and bends over. "Grab my ass cheeks, pull them apart, and lick my asshole," he says.

Oh nuts. I've never done this before. My rational mind says I've had him do this to me countless times. Well, just bite the bullet. I part his cheeks exposing his asshole. I put my face in there, stick out my tongue, and start licking his anus. Oh Gross! How can I describe it? It's like, pungent? Astringent maybe? But as I keep licking the more unpleasant taste goes away. How demeaning!

"Side to side," he says, "then up and down, and around and around." He has deliberately taken a page from my book. That is how I usually command him when I make him do it. I know what is coming. "Now spread me wide, stick it in. Nice and deep. Now wiggle it around in there. In and out. Come on, show some enthousiasm or it's back across my knee." I redouble my efforts and let my tongue go wild back there. In for a penny in for a pound! I push my tongue deep up his butt. I feel the muscles of my tongue straining to push it in as deep as I possibly can. This wife is NOT interested in another spanking right now!

He stands up and turns to face me. "What a good little ass licker you are," he says to me. His cock is rock hard, seemingly agreeing with his words.

"Run upstairs. Don't walk, run. Bring down the lube. Go!"

Oh Shit. I knew it was coming. My ass fucking! I run upstairs. How demeaning to have to run fetch your very own lubrication for your very own ass fucking? I also grab a towel from the bathroom. Mu carpet!

I come down and give him both.

"Are you FUCKING nagging me about the carpet, woman?" He asks me.

Oh Shit! Am I going to get another spanking???

"No Sir! No Sir! I thought you would want it Sir!"

He tells me to lay it out on the carpet and to kneel on it. He tells me to lube his cock. I do a thorough job. He then tells me to lube my own asshole. You know how embarrassing it is to have to lube your own asshole for a fucking? A night of humiliations for me. Thanks TIM!

He makes me get down on my knees and elbows and raise my ass up. He fingers my asshole, shoving his digit up in there. He pulls it out and spanks my sore ass a few times. Then he shoves his finger back into me and gives me a finger fucking. He pulls out and smacks me some more. Ouch. Then it's two of his fingers into me, and I get finger fucked in the ass like that.

Once he has deemed me sufficiently loose for him, he kneels behind me on one knee and brings the tip of his rock hard penis to the entrance of my back passage. "Reach behind and spread your cheeks," he tells me. Oh Groan. My head is on the ground as I reach behind myself and spread wide for him. "Beg me for your ass fucking," he tells me. Humiliating.

"Please Sir, please fuck my naughty ass and shoot your hot creamy sperm into me." See? I know how to ask nicely for things.

He starts pushing into me. Fuck it's big! He gets the tip in and I am grimacing in pain. "Owwww! Ouchy!" I say. He pauses there. "Relax," he says. I try to. It helps if you pretend to go to the bathroom. I do that and it relaxes a bit. "How are you doing?" he asks. "Good Sir," I say. "That's good, 'cause your Daddy told me to take good care of you and I intend to." Oh My Gosh! Don't talk about my Daddy when your cock is halfway into my ass!!!! Actually, on seconds thoughts, do! My mind flashes to it being my Daddy behind me with his cock in my ass. Oh yes, please! I vocalize, "please, please fuck your little girl in her ass..."

David plays along (he knows all about my secret hidden Daddy fantasies), "you've been a very naughty little girl, julie, disrespecting your husband in public. This is what naughty little girls deserve," and with that he pushes his cock deeper into me. "Arghhh!" It's so big. It's splitting me. "Breathe!" he tells me. I do, I breathe and I push back on him and make to go like I'm in the bathroom and it slides in deeper. Oh fuck! "Breathe!" he orders me again. I start breathing faster through my mouth. It's getting easier to take. He pushed into me some more and gives a satisfied sound as he drives it in to the hilt. His cock is buried Balls Deep into my asshole! I wiggle around on it, trying to get as comfortable as I can with the massive intrusion.

He holds me by the hips and slides out a bit and then back in. He is keeping it Balls Deep. Now he starts with a rhythm. Each time he pulls out a bit farther and then pushes back in to the hilt. "Oh Oh Oh Oh" I am saying as he thrusts. It IS painful, no doubt, but not unbearable. I think about my blog, and about my men on the blog who I play with, and am imagining it is each of them in my husband's place, fucking Strict Julie's ass Balls Deep.

I can feel David's intensity rise as he violently slams his cock into my ass and cums into me as deeply as he possibly can. FUCK!

He pulls out. "Stay there," he says. He goes off to the kitchen and I hear the water on. He comes back out with a washcloth and cleans off his no doubt shitty (blush!) wife (I did prepare!). He lies down next to me and gathers me into his arms.

"Red!" I say, exhausted.

He laughs at me. "Finally!" he says. "You were messing with me before, right?"

"Of course I was, silly. You know what I needed."

We turn towards each other and kiss deeply. His tongue in my mouth excites me. Reminds me of other places it can go...

"Lick me?" I ask him. I am feeling very horny!

"yes," he says.

I push him onto his back and I mount his face, facing down his body. His tongue immediately starts lapping at my pussy. Oh that's so nice! He sucks on my lips, nips me, shoves his tongue all around and into my vag, and circles up to my clit. I am ready! It does not take long. Talk about a Speedy Gonzalez! I rise to a peak and cum very, very quickly by my own standards.

He moves his licking away from my clit and nibbles on my labia as I recover. This girl's not done yet! When I start grinding into him some more he knows to intensify, and starts licking all around my vaginal opening and then makes it back to my clit. Maybe a couple of minutes max later I cum a second time.

I lift off slightly and he backs off. I hold myself just so far away that only the longest flicks of his tongue can reach me. Then I fall back down onto him, crushing his face and grinding into him as he intensifies his licking. Another minute or two and I cum again, riding these waves after waves of pleasure. Three is usually my limit, but not today! I keep at it. Before we are done, I have two more under my belt. Today it is is record-setting five in a row. Just a fucking constant wave of pleasure!

I move to get up, but he holds me there. "Wait, he says." No. Not six! But he parts my ass cheeks and he starts licking at my bumhole. I can suddenly feel that I am wet back there. His sperm must be dribbling out of me. Oh dear! He licks and laps at his own sperm, and cleans me out with his tongue. Oh my! I lick my fingers and drop them to my clit. I touch in an exploratory sort of way. His tongue in my asshole, sucking his own hot wet cum out of it, my fingers flicking my clit and rubbing. Oh yes! Six is in sight! He licks and tongue fucks furiously at my asshole as I flick my clit leading to, yes, a personal best and Olympic record SIX in a row!

Hmmm... just realized, SIX public smacks, SIX orgasms, hmmmm, coincidence?
So fucking hot. BEST night of my life!

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir win Gold in Ice Dance Competition in Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics!!!


  1. “Young Lady... Really”!
    I’ve been away for a couple weeks and this is the mischief you’ve been up to while I was gone?!
    It sounds like I would get along very well with your father.
    That being said, you need to stand up and give yourself 6 very hard spanks on your bare bottom in the sorest spot for me. Also 6 very hard hand spanks in the same spot for your Daddy.

  2. Sounds like an absolutely amazing night

  3. well now sounds like david got a little power trip there. Might need a little humiliation to remind him whose in charge himself.


  4. Great Julie.
    How is your rosy bottom?

    1. Itchy next day, but not marked like for a wooden implement. More faint dusky rose next day, Lilly white day after. But the memory lingers...

  5. The phrase "my first public spanking" is an interesting one. Surely you wouldn't dare repeat this in a public place! In front of strangers! Or would you ...?

    1. I would! But need to plot an anonymous spanking outing for david next!

    2. Ms Julie - Oh? Do tell, please - at least a little!


    3. I don't know yet, still plotting. Maybe take him shopping for a sexy teddy at a lingerie shop. When he balks at trying it on, take him into the change room, make him try it on, give him a spanking, then invite salesgirl in so he can model it for her?

    4. Ms. Julie - OMG!! That would be a REAL test of david's subservience to you! Wonder if that might cross some "hard limit" for him?

      Keep in mind, St. Patrick's Day is coming up soon, so perhaps you could take david shopping for a teddy with some green in it. Assuming you don't find one, you can pick another color, have him try it on, pinch him HARD because he's NOT wearing green, have him yelp and whine about the pinch, and then spank him for complaining about BOTH trying on a teddy AND the pinch.

      Just trying to be helpful! :-)


  6. Damn. Your blog really does make for an entertaining ready Julie, and I can only once again conclude that you and your husbond's sexual life is somewhat rather more "advanced" than mine *LOL*
    I can't help but make one comment though. Assuming the pictures we've supposedly seen of your ass really is yours, you don't have a BIG butt. You just have an attractive one ;-)

    1. The butt is indeed mine. It does have its womanly charms, I admit, and is not fat fat, but did you see the bottom on that swimsuit model on the earlier post? That's what I want! Wahh! And thank you...

  7. The part I like best is how much this scene annoyed your little sister.

    I can’t imagine anything like this in our family, however. Not at all.

    The one public spanking my Irene gave me was it a communal kitchen at a resort with a bunch of her friends around. She suddenly took a wooden spoon around and gave me several hard swats. But the embarrassing thing was my obvious erection that everyone clearly noticed but no one mentioned.


    1. Is there just a chance Nancy is envious of either your sex life or your fantastic backside?

    2. I like annoying her as well. And yes, she is jealous. Totally.

      I feel sorry for you fellas with your excite'o'meter. Ha ha!

  8. Six is a good number but the most important thing for a girl is certainly to keep her carpet clean.

    1. Priorities!
      (Though why I was worried about it while all the rest was going on...?)

    2. I cum : 3 / Carpet : 6 !!

  9. David should use an implement next time

    1. And I'm imagining the gifts waiting for David when the family gets together next Christmas!!! You may get another workout in front of the family, Julie!!


    2. Oh blush! Fun, jokey, spanko gifts! If someone gives a sub a spanko gift, I think it needs to be tried out then and there!

    3. Imagine if someone(Lookin' at you, Sue!) takes a fun pic of you over David's knee with him using that "toy". And then imagine the family Christmas card that would make!!!


  10. Well done Julie.

    I'm sure we all have the portion of the story that we liked the most. I'm certain many will always wonder how it affected your nephews and what they were thinking as they went to bed that night.

    What I focused on was your record of six orgasms. Are you aware that orgasms can also be form of punishment and there can be a point where having one more can feel like more punishment than pleasure? I have concocted a scenario where you can explore that as well as your spanking fantasy at the same time.

    When it comes to a woman's multiples, I have been quite the student over the years.

    The emotions usually go something like this:

    "Oh wow that was truly amazing, thank you."
    "Why are you still continuing, didn't you hear me say that was great?"
    "You really needn't..."
    "I'm sure I'm quite done."
    "Ut oh, I guess I'm not."
    "Houston, we have liftoff."

    Here's my little scenario:

    For some reason you have been sentenced to 500 post-orgasm swats. (You can work out the reason and the details yourself.) It can be with David, Sue or even both. After whatever foreplay you've experienced, you are laid over-the-knee in a prone position. Light swats can stimulate you but either a finger(s) or a clit vibrator are placed directly upon your clit.

    Here's how the math goes:

    1 orgasm = 500 swats - 10 = 490 swats
    2 orgasms = 500 swats - 10-20 = 470 swats
    6 orgasms = 500 swats -10-20-30-40-50-60 = 290 swats
    So you see you have to go beyond six to get that number down signifcantly. And each one beyond six, reduces it quite a bit. However, each orgasm also takes a lot out of you and probably would make simple arithmetic quite difficult after what it did to your quivering body.

    Each one creates a new decision. Do you safeword and just take the spanking? Or try to cum again? And eventually some of them won't necessarily be 100% pleasure.

    Hoping a "lucky seven" may someday be in your future.


    1. Six was VERY SPECIAL. Not sure more are even possible!
      But your challenge sounds fun (until the spanking starts!)

  11. Great job Julie, I'll bet there are many feeling going through your mind and body the next day at work. You got your Daddy's fucking you have always wanted, and in your ass no less (you little slut). Your Olympic record is very impressive (best day of my life really). I thought your family would get into it, and I'm sure your Mom probably got taken care of, that night, and your Dad is still jerking off about his little girl in the future. Not to mention the boys and talking to their friends the next day about their aunt being spanked. You probably caused a massive orgasm in Toronto that will be felt around the world. Can't wait for you to talk to Sue about the night.


    1. Fortunately it was a holiday Monday here in Ontario and I was able to obsess all day while writing it up. I am a total slut. I hope Daddy jerks off to thoughts of me! (Evil Daughter!)

    2. I remember now that you won two Olympic metals a Bronze medal for your three orgasms over Sue's knee, and a Gold medal for six over David's knee, and both occurred when you were over someone knee. I believe you are deep down a subie first and a dom second.

      Just saying John

    3. Nope! Totally switch and proud of it! Am enjoying both sides.

  12. I woke up too early this AM so I just laid in bed and thought about what might have happened to you.

    Your actual experience went right about where I thought it would go (and congratulations to your dad; he's pretty great. How did he ever manage to get the grin off his face?)

    My only thoughts after you got your coat to leave and, David, with a huge grin on his face, putting his arm around you:

    Youngest nephew thinking: "(While stifling a laugh) David's going to spank aunt Julie!"
    Older nephew thinking: "He's going to spank her - then fuck her!" (Watch out for that one.)
    And Sue! thinking: "Oh, is she ever going to get it. Spanked, then fucked. In the ass!" Starts laughing.

    As all stand in the door waving good-nite:
    Mom: "Good night. Drive carefully. See you next time. Be sure to write."
    Dad: "And give her a few for me!"
    Julie: "Dad!!! You're not helping!"
    Sue: "And a few more from me, too! A lot more. And hard!"
    Julie: (Turns and shoots daggers from her eyes at Sue.)
    Sue continues: "...and take pictures!!" Laughs.
    Mom: "Sue!!!!"

    Lots of laughs all around while David desperately tries to not look so pleased with himself.


  13. Hello subbie julie,

    WOW, what an adventure and thank you for sharing. My heart skipped a beat when David called for the nephews. It must have been the lack of blood flow for the rest of the body.

    I saw them boy handling your and your dress exposing you underwear. WAIT there is no underwear? You little minx.

    I then started to read how you ask you dad to save you, and he said no.

    OMG, that is right up your dirty little twat fantasies. Ok I am getting a little out of place, but you acting like sexy brat rubbing on David the swatting him. Tart, trollop, twat, brat, SLUT. Ok enough of that.

    Then David as you said is s clever boy, let you have it and by holding you just right sent you the signal that he was in the scene. You will live in that moment for sometime. Enjoying yourself to no end with that fantasy come to life. Where can you go from here. Who knows.

    Ok, I thought it was Sue saying get a room, but your younger sister. I guess the way she said it was more condescending then frustrating. Sue's ha was well placed.

    Now I want to stray off a bit. I take that your brother-in-law, is in you eyes a creep. Thus anything he says is crap. You mention your brother, not there, I take is is one that is not on you "play list". It is fine. Everyone has those they wish to have fun with, and those that are persona non grata.

    OK, back to the wanted ideas. Yes you dad's remark can be meant many was and I think he said it so it could. Leaving you two to play out your fun. As you commented your voice was not of scared, but laughter, thus sending to those around you that it was all play.

    As for the car, oh damn, I could almost seeing a scene where David pulls over and spanks you on the hood of the car. Passing cars headlight lighting up your growing red rear end.

    Checkmate is right. David is smart and he wants to play, but he wants it consensual. It seems that every new spanking you get is the hardest ever. I think you said the same for Sue's spanking.

    Maybe you spankers are testing your bounds and going for the gold (yellow) or bronze (red) Yes I am watching the Olympics.

    As the sex, you got a "taste" of your own medicine. I am sure you may think again on what you want to endure. But that cherry has been popped.

    Now I little bit on David. You love your man and you love what he can do. I mean how you mentioned how he lifted your "fat ass" and swung you around. How you talked how big he is and how you were sore in the mouth and going to be split into two. A lot different form how Strict Julie talks about david.

    As for the 6, wonderful. I read in past that you have gone 3 and then called red, great to see you reach a new high in pleasure by acting like lowly slut.

    Olympics, congrats to you and your Canadians on the golds, but I am betting on the USA Ladies spanking your Canadians but in hockey. GO USA ( ok yes a tease- challenge)

    pie pie 4 now

    1. My brother lives in a different city so we don't see him as much. But you're right. No fantasies about him (so far - he is handsome!)

      David did NOT SAY "fat ass!"

      Daddy was so into it I n such a fun way it just makes me smile. I think we will be teasing each other more in future!

    2. My apologies. I mis quoted the line on the shower picture. You called you rear a big butt, not fat was. I was not saying David said it, but the way you described your self. I used it to say, you do Not have a big butt.

      Pie pie 4 now

    3. It's not exactly small either...

    4. Well no your not tiny little buns, you have I say about 6 or 7 size in panties. Going by US sizes. Am I right? If so that would be a medium.

      Oh USA ladies did get hockey gold over Canada.

    5. Medium is correct. Do you make it a habit of guessing girls' panty sizes?

    6. No, but I do look at the panties and wonder if they will fit me. Sometimes it is the gal, sometimes it is the dress and I want to be in the dress. I know from what I use to have in my collection what fits and what sizes. And seeing your lovely rump, I figured on what yours would be. Is it wrong for to look. I say look not touch.

    7. In what way? I recall an episode of MASH. Klinger commented how it was the outfit the woman was wearing not the woman herself.

      Pi Pi 4 now

  14. What an amazing experience. I think many spankos fantasize about this sort of thing, but few actually do it!
    As a former teenage boy myself I think I can safely say that you shouldn't worry about your nephews - you've probably given them wanking material for years to cum (especially if you have that 'birds and the bees' talk with them!)
    But I notice you don't analyse the effect on your brother-in-law too much - given his remarks I think he's quite likely to want to spank your younger sister when they get home (just like you and your Mom are getting). And if he's as creepy as you say then he'll probably do this whether she wants it or not (probably with his belt given her attitude)
    So I hope you haven't lost too much sleep at the thought of your poor sister squealing like a stuck pig as her sadistic husband takes his belt to her chubby bottom, while your spoilt nephews listen through the wall and wank themselves silly ;)

    1. What a lovely picture you put in my mind regarding my sister! I hope so! But no. I think they are 100% lights out, nighty raised, under cover, missionary.

      Do you think my Birds and Bees would make them more horny? Oh my!

    2. At this point being around you will make them horny and jerking off to their aunty:) I believe you have probably made them spankos for life also.


    3. I hope so! Sex is so much more fun as a spanko!

  15. David should both you and Sue together

  16. Rs, and guess that in ancient times we used to call julie as "Julie" and David, the Alpha Husband as "david". YES! David is an inspiration to all the oppressed husbands, boyfriends and men in general on how to overthrow pretense alpha females and how to put them in their real places. Go, DAVID, show her who is the ruler, show her who is the fucker!

    1. We'll just see about that! Starting to bounce back feeling Dommy!

    2. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry lady, but you don't fool anyone else anymore! All we know that you can even pretend be a "dommy", but actually all that you most desire is to submit fully to a Real, Alpha, MALE, Cock. Spanked Julie Submits!

    3. I am both and everything all at once! Totally switchable!

  17. I'm in agreement with your Mom....."oh you two!"

  18. Julie,
    I wasn’t at all surprised by your Daddys “multiple entendre”. I’m sure we both know that it was exactly that. Your parents love and trust David as much as you do. You may not want to think about it but they have had many conversations about the dynamic between you both. Especially since it has changed in the last few years. Some of those conversations have actually been fore play for them! There may have been a few spanks at their house that night, both or who is going to be on your mind now.
    Always exciting to tune in!

    1. You think? They talk about my sex life??? I guess they did Sunday night! Oh blush! Mind blown!

  19. So, your older sis is a kinky lesbian...ever discuss the carnal arts with (prudish) younger sis? Do you think she gets spanked, rims her husband or has a hard cock shoved up her ass? Or maybe, just maybe, she's got BiL by the short hairs and he's on the business end of her strapon, paddle and tight butthole?

    1. None of the above. She tenses up whenever conversation goes frisky.

  20. The nephews are fine. In fact they need a healthy role model for a sex positive relationship and that's what you're doing. They have a sexually repressed or maybe sexually frustrated mother and a pervert for a father who is also probably a cheater. Keep on showing them the way.

    1. Yes! That is how I feel. They ARE getting that Birds and Bees talk!

    2. Love to hear how that conversation goes.

    3. I don't recall if you ever mentioned your nephews ages. I assume teenagers...?


  21. I loved Sue's comment about your "bare butt" for your discussion later. If she doesn't follow up with you about this scene then you should initiate contact. Send her a text. Tell her you weren't wearing panties or something cheeky and slutty. Maybe that'll get her juices flowing and she'll be the one to dom your bare butt next?!
    I hope so - Sue's my favourite character. She's sooooo hot.

    1. No contact yet. Still waiting to see if she will "take advantage" of the sit and spank me (or us!)

  22. I have 2 very pretty, university aged daughters. There is no way I would want to have straight, vanilla sexual relations with them. Not gonna happen. I'm not jeopardising my family relationships over that. My wife would be rightly furious.

    But, a playful, kinky, fully informed, consensual, confidential interaction within set limits like a spanking? That's a possibility.

    From his reactions, I'm quite sure your father would feel the same way. He'd be up for a spanking of your sexy, panty less butt if he knew it was what you really wanted and he had the appropriate assurances. After all he's done it before. You're pretty sassy and deserving of a little old school daddy discipline. Every father wants to please his little girl.

    1. Oh FUCK! You're serious? Not just playing with me? That is SOOOOOOO hot!

    2. Yes I'm serious. I'd do just about anything (non criminal) for my daughters if I was sure it was in their best interests and would make them happier. I never spanked them but when they were girls, even teenagers, we would, for example, chase and wrestle a lot. They liked it and gave as good as they got. I would never go near their genitals but looking back there certainly was a sexual element or tension to the play.

      I would keep any interactions with your dad light and playful. I suspect that he doesn't want your love for him threatened but equally he will want to please you and have fun with you. It's a balance.

      So if you're alone with him and say something like "hey what was with you letting your daughter get a spanking?" he will respond with a "you deserved it" and probably give you a a couple of good ones.

      Anyway you can't really make a mistake with him - that's why it's called unconditional love.

    3. You have my mind racing. Maybe I get him alone and "confess" to him that I love getting my butt spanked (big surprise now!). Tell him it would make me the happiest girl in the world if he would take me over his knee and give me a little spanking. If he agrees, then without even asking I'll bare my bottom and get across his knee quickly, before he can say anything...

    4. That's sounds a bit like an all or nothing approach and probably has a 50% chance that he will withdraw. Maybe take it slower, keep it light and fun and appeal to his loving, dominant nature. Challenge him a little.

      "So daddy I noticed you were quite happy to see me spanked the other night." He will attempt to brush it off. "Yes you were daddy. That's alright. I actually enjoy it. A bit of playful fun. I know YOU wouldn't dare." Then turn around and present your bum and waggle it a little. If he doesn't take the bait then stay in position and tease him. "Ha you're such a scaredy cat daddy. I really do like it you know. Please daddy. Just one little spank?" Then he probably will go ahead and you can judge whether or not to take it further "Please daddy not over your knee!" and "Please daddy not on my bare bottom!"

      This way if he doesn't go ahead you haven't burnt your bridges and can try again next time. Whatever you do, don't mention him spanking you when you were young. He may have guilt about that and be worried he's screwed you up psychologically. Fathers do guilt very well.

    5. Awesome way to approach it! Thank you!

    6. Different Anonymous here , maybe a gift of a paddle? " for naughty daughters" then he can at least give it a few swats with the excuse of breaking it in a bit, also puts a bit of a comfort level with a bit of distance between spanker and spankee. But it won't do to have you spontaneously climaxing from it either.

    7. That's a little obvious! Besides I want to wriggle across Daddy's lap.

    8. (Yet another anonymous) . As a father of two adult daughters, the above take it slow/challenge him approach would definitely work on me. Nothing pleases a father more than making his little girl happy. I'm sure there'd be sexual undertones and feelings which I believe we would both notice and take in. I don't typically think of my daughters in terms of their sexualities, though I know they are sexual beings. But I have to say that thinking of them in that manner, for example in the context of a spanking doesn't repel me either. And maybe even intrigues a bit?

    9. First anonymous here. You have captured it exactly. Julie may experience sexual pleasure and wiggle away on his lap, but the father (although the sexual aspect is intriguing) will gain his pleasure predominately from giving Julie the spanking she craves.

    10. Well this is encouraging! Perhaps I can entice my Daddy into giving me a smack in a joking way!

  23. Btw as this was a submissive experience and the "best night" of your life, can we say you have finally moved much closer to the subby side of the ledger now? Hasn't a tipping point been reached? Spanked Julie Submits. Love it.

    1. I like to think I am moving more towards being a proper switch!

  24. AMAZING!!

    Did you get a chance to get Sue's impression about the evening.
    David (a different one)

    1. Not yet... it's cat and mouse now!

    2. Well..
      hopefully the "cat" gets a chance to pounce on the "mouse" sooner then later.


    3. Am I the mouse? Oh no! 🐭

  25. I have 2 daughters in their 20's. I am amazed by how sexy and attractive they are! But I do not have sexual thoughts about them. I am proud they have grown up to be such desirable and intelligent women.

    But, I am a spanking enthousiast. I have NEVER spanked my girls (maybe because of that). Do I fantasize about giving them each a spankng? Yes, I confess I do. Bare bottomed or nude across my lap. A solid hand spanking. Teaching them some lesson or another. Intercourse as "punshment", yes. In their pussies, not their bottom holes. No annalingus. No oral. A sexy thought... sorry...

    1. Don't apologize here! As a grown daughter myself I have often had that very same fantasy. I would not even mind an element of sexual lust - he made me, he should get to fuck me, no?

    2. Hmm, maybe you can play that out with David the next time you're feeling subby. After a spanking to tears for your latest misbehavior, tell Daddy David that because he made you and worked so hard to provide for you, your body is his to use as he pleases for the rest of the day, that you would like a reminder hand spanking right before bed to remind you of your place, and that you will remain nude until the next morning unless he says otherwise so he may admire what is rightly his. So many possibilities!


    3. No! With Daddy or nobody! And forget one evening. I am a grateful gal. Whenever he wants. My pussy is his! ;-)

    4. Good girl. I can just see it now, Julie dropping in to check on Daddy, making sure he has everything he needs, then ensuring he gets his exercise by getting on all fours and taking his cock in her pussy as often and as deep as he wants to plow his little girl. Followed by a cock cleaning and a brisk, sharp hand spanking and then she heads on her way with a cummy pussy, a stinging bottom, and a satisfied smile. She loves caring for Daddy. He cared for her, so he deserves it.


  26. So... you involved your family in a scene without their consent?

  27. Your bottom is good for hand, slipper, leather, cane spanking, but I wouldn't recommended wood except a light paddle or hair brush.

    1. Trust me, I know, heavy paddles work on it as well!

  28. My wife and I were roommates, and very thankful that we live in a time where marriage is accepted among same sex. My wife is the dominant one, and yes she does give me spankings. I’ve been spanked in public a couple of times, one such was a holiday get together at her Mother’s home. I had a little too much fun and my wife told me, calm down or spanking for all to see. I was soon being spanked for all to see. A lot of cheering, bare the bottom, and sure enough my bare bottom was on display. I was able to run to the bedroom, and stayed their the rest of the party. I enjoyed it and not, the spanking was not playful, it hurt. The next morning at breakfast her Mother asked what I thought about last night, I said I knew I needed a spanking but not in public. My wife sternly said I know the rules and know that she will spank me when needed. As I was leaving the table her mother said she wanted to talk to me, thinking nothing about it, we went to her bedroom, she did talk, and then said she was also going to spank me, it was her home that I had been naughty in. Still in my nightie, not much protection I was soon naked, and just like a naughty little girl pleading not to be spanked. Her spanking was harder than my wife, and was glad to get back to our home.

    1. Wow! Hot. Who all got to see your spanking? What ages and sexes?

    2. A mix of people, mostly our friends, but some of her Mother's friends, older. One such lady told my wife she was not spanking hard enough, she was willing to show her how. My wife smiled and said Thank's I've spanked my naughty little husband enough. I felt like a little child hearing the woman wanting to spank me. My mother-in-law spanking me the next day I learned how hard the older generations spanks. It was hot, it took a couple of days before we had an enjoyable evening in bed, actually continued the next day, thankful it was a Saturday, neither of never did get dress, that really felt good.

    3. Oooh! Almost passed around! Fun and sexy.

    4. Truthfully, I wished my wife would have allowed that older woman, I find the "Mother" figure really enhances the spanking. Nothing like squirming over an older's woman lap, your bottom feeling the sting of her hand, hairbrush and calling her "Mommy" and her responding with you've been a naughty little girl and Mommy spanks naughty little girls. Sitting on their lap afterwards, she rubbing your bottom and asking if your going to be a good little girl. You say yes, but know you will find a way to be naughty and get another spanking. My wife enjoys the gifts of a spanking and I do to.

    5. The thing is, once you start getting "passed around" at a party, the fun does not end with just one woman. ALL of them would have wanted a crack, and they would have pushed the men into seeing how much better a job they could do of it. Being passed around is rough...

    6. Males just have no clue how to give a sound spanking. My mother-in-law once over her lap, I was not getting off until she knew not felt I was properly spanked. I feel strongly that the Mommy takes over, reason for a sound spanking. My husband, she insures I know I’ve been properly spanked. One last point, my mother-in-law said that naughty little girls need to be properly bathed after a spanking, trying not squirming in a tub while being bathed like a child.

    7. Ha! Tell that to my husband. He spanked the bejesus out of my backside!

    8. As I mentioned be given a bath afterwards, what a feeling that is.

  29. Ahhh memories! When my daughter was a young lady in her early twenties we had rented a villa for a family trip. The rest of the family had gone off shopping for essentials leaving her and I. She came out of her bedroom and into the living room where I was enjoying my morning coffee wearing nothing but a pair of panties. Topless! I asked her what she thought she was doing walking around half undressed in front of me. She said, I remember it well, "Oh, Daddy, you're such a prude!" I swear I hauled her across my knee, gave her a dozen spanks to her pantied bottom, then thought to myself, what the hell, lowered the backs of her panties and gave her another dozen on the bare. Nice red shade attained! Restored her panties, let her up, and told her to cover herself up in future. Did not harm our relationship in the least. I think at that age at least she was a little minx like you, julie!

    1. I LOVE your daughter! Have you spanked her since?

  30. maybe you tell david as revenge you would do same to him in front of his family but u will remeber spankings he gave you give him same but over your knee in front family

    do you feel you be able look your family in eye or be comfortable around them next time see them your nephew iam sure was telling all his friends lol all of his fruends be looking smirking at you

    then when got home you give hime same punishment but longer and much harder

    1. Yes, time to turn the tables. Feeling Dommy again!

  31. Rogering here.Provocative and arousing reportage as ever Juile. Your experience closely resembles the blurb for (The Seduction of Lynn Carter{lol{
    Some observations.Your daddy fixation is potent and needs careful handling {pardon the pun}
    Did your Father spank all his duaghters,or just you?
    David really got his Dom persona in top gear dealing with you.
    The fact that you dutifully tongued his anus and he was able to penetrate your bottom hole to such an extent and depth, that as you admitted yourself, he had to clean off some of the evidence from his shitty wife, speaks volumes of mutually intoxicating lust between you.
    But even then, you still managed to imagine your Father and others violating you too.
    The feedback from your Family about the events of the weekend will be interesting.
    Anyway, bravo again.
    If nothing else,your honesty,chutzpah and stimulating writing, should put paid to the idea that generally Canucks are safe and dull souls.....

    1. I shall try to find that film! Sounds up my alley.
      Mostly me as I recall. Sue was always well behaved. My younger brother and sister were growing up just as my parents attitude to spanking was changing. Lucky me!
      Thank you for reminding me of my butt fucking, Sir.

    2. No need to thank me Julie,as I believe the vivid written accounts of your adventures are always there for you to refer to in whatever context: Strict Julie, or Daddy's bad girl with spankable bottom, mood takes you.
      Bit surprised that Sue was so well behaved as a child that she never needed spanking.
      Anyway, what makes your blog so special, is your unfiltered honesty and insightful aspects on the relationships surrounding your delightful kink.

  32. julie…. Well done!

    Sir is very pleased! Not only did you manage to complete your assigned task, well of ahead of schedule, you also managed to get a far better family public spanking then you were hoping for. Good girl!

    Lucky for you though that David did not take the initiative to raise that dress exposing your, ahem! Womanly charms for all the family to ogle!

    I especially liked your description of how you worked David up into a frenzy, to get him in the right frame of mind, for your spankings and subsequent penances.

    Congrats on the double “hattrick” of orgasms (tossing my two favourite caps on the carpet for you)!

    Absolutely a gold medal performance!

    Well.... “we all play for Canada”! ;-)

    1. Thank you Sir!
      I am blushing from your praise!
      I DO so want to be your good girl!

  33. I suspect your brother in law would like to do something similar to Nancy. She had better watch out or it could be her fat behind in the air for all to sea as he gives her a good spanking! I bet you'd love to see that.

  34. Your bottom deserves a new pair of Hermes leather sandals.
    If you don't want to spend much, make it a pair of IPanema rubber flip flops.

    1. Will David buy them for you, or will he be worried you may use them on his bottom when you switch dommy.

    2. Well, he shouldn't worry much as you don't seem to like slipper as a spanking implement

    3. No, she used a slipper on david's bottom before. Julie spanks with any thing that can sting david's bottom be it a slipper, hair brush, etc..

    4. I don't mind the slipper at all!
      (Giving, not receiving!)

    5. You can use a rubber slipper to spank David and give him a foam slipper to spank you, he will have a red bottom and you will have max a rosy one (foam slipper make a scary sound but its impact is lighter than hand spanking).

    6. No! Equal rights for women!

    7. Then rubber slipper for both of you, the Ipanema flop flop will redden your bottoms next summer

    8. So, a slipper spanking over Sue's knee for naughty Julie and David?

  35. Lucky David, your bottom is ideal for hand spanking

  36. you guys are having too much fun!! Keep it up we all live vicariously though your adventures.


  37. This male enjoys your blog, for along time very jealous, so easy for a female to get a spanking, us males find it very hard to find that female. Well when you think you will never find that person, by mistake, luck, I did. Been dating a woman, who for lack of better way, she is "Motherly", correcting, concerned how I look, so on. I did mind at first, but I enjoy her, I have accepted. When she would smile and joke that I needed a spanking, I would not let on that is what I've been wanting. It was seven or eight months into the relationship that when spankings came up, I asked would you spank, she smiled and said, its up to you. One Saturday morning after staying out so late she was waiting in the kitchen, she sternly said, off with the pajamas and over my lap, I laughed, quickly did as told and over her lap I went, just what I've been wanting. I soon learned she meant business, kicking, squirming, pleading, she did not listen, when I got off her lap I was dancing around, rubbing. Not even close to being done she said sternly, you wanted me to spank you did you not, Yes I said, you don't mind me be motherly, No I don't. Well young man when your acting fooling, stupid, like a naughty little boy, the motherly in me is coming out strong. Yes I said still rubbing. You will call me Mommy when your going to be spanked, you will do as told, Yes Mommy, she smiled. I faced the wall, then got another spanking. The spankings hurt, they are punishment spankings, but at long last I found the woman I was looking for a needing. Think what you may, but there are males that strongly desire to be spanked, I'm one.

    1. There are PEOPLE who want to be spanked! So glad you found your spanker!

  38. I know some of you guys are thinking my husband should have gone further. Maybe lifted up the hem of my dress..."

    Actually, I was hoping after David laid on those first six to you tush he retained his hold on you and then asked your dad, mom, and Sue if they would like to add a couple smacks of their own!

    "Dad? Mom? Either of you want to land a couple on her cute butt? No charge...!?"
    Dad: "Sure!" (And gives you a couple firm but not-too-hard fun ones.)
    Your mother "Oh, you two!" (Give you a little one swat, FAR, FAR from the ones she give you from the strewn pea episode.)
    "Oh, yeah! You bet I do!" (Sue approaches the target with a demonic grin and look on her face...)
    Julie: "No! No! Don't you dare!! David....!"
    David: "Ignore her, Sue. Take your best shot."
    Sue (surprised): "What? Just one??????"
    David: "Eh...yeah; sure. Whatever you like."
    Julie: "David!!!"
    David: "It's your sister, hush. Have some manners. Sue...?"
    (Sue lands a couple of royal butt-burning stem-winders. And then laughs.)
    Julie: "Ahhhh!!!!"
    David and dad: "Oh, she felt that!"

    David: OK, that should hold her. For now. We should go, dear. We-need-to-talk."

    Obviously, I need more to do today.


  39. Well, someone had a fun Sunday! Naughty little Julie got embarrassed in front of her family, her sexy bum got manspanked hard, her holes and her tongue were claimed by her man for his pleasure, she set an orgasm record, and she even got under her fussy sister's skin once again!

    I'm deeply flattered that my little suggestion made its' way into your session, although apparently David made sure you'd have to rub your bum anyway. I think your poor nephews don't really know what to make of anything, especially since their parents are Mrs. Prude (the woman likely doesn't believe she's supposed to enjoy sex) and Mr. Creepy Guy (don't know enough about him to make any surmise). They need a actually helpful Birds, Bees, and Birching talk, imo.

    On the more personal familial piece, I have no children of my own yet, I had no sisters, and I never felt any physical attraction to my mother or aunts. But my cousins? Oh dear, me. I had a cousin born only a few months apart from me and we were the ones we first "checked out". Hers was the first pussy I saw, mine was the first cock to reach her sight. It never went past that, but I've always felt connected to her for that. It doesn't help that far too many of my cousins are stupidly beautiful...

    Have fun on your next adventure, whatever it may be!
    P.S.: There is NO way that ice dancers don't fuck like rabbits after they perform. None. Unless they're not into the opposite sex.
    P.P.S.: The Kessel family continues to torment Canadian hockey.

    1. Kissin' cousins?
      P.S. YES!
      P.P.S. Got lucky!

    2. The woman's Canadian Hockey team got spanked by the US team. I can just see it now all the Canadian female players are stripped on the ice and spanked over US team laps with hand and hockey stick spankings:)




    3. Actually we never even kissed. We simply satisfied the other's curiosity about what lurks between the other sex's legs. So not quite kissing cousins, more like "taking a gander at our junk" cousins. Somewhat boring, I know, but for the best that it did not advance further.

      To John's comment, I've always loved the thought of athletic winners spanking the losers. And there's a lot of frustration in those American hands, my girls have been the ones getting their bottoms burned the last 4 times. Time to redden some Great White Northern asses!

      Now I'm thinking of delivering spankings to Alex Morgan and Hope Solo after their loss to Sweden in the World Cup...


    4. I agree! Losers get spanked!!!! Wouldn't that make the whole thing so much more interesting?

  40. Hi julie,

    I think the Birds and Bees talk for your nephews is mandatory. It should also include some show and tell, however, and some audience participation. They should certainly see their slutty aunt totally nude, and be allowed to "cop as many feels" as they desire. Then they should be taught the fine art of spanking a woman across their knee. Afterwards, condoms on for spunking in the hole of their choice! Which holes would they choose, you think?

    1. Interesting question. They may favour your cunt if they are virgins, if not then ass for sure. Doggy style in either case.

  41. Julie,
    You have to know that I’m a huge supporter of all your wonderful kinks. This time you HAVE to do something before you push another boundary. Not because I say so but because ( for so many reasons) it is the right thing to do!
    Before you approach your Daddy in any way about spanking you. You HAVE to get your Mom’s permission. Don’t make this an issue between them or you and her.
    Until you can have that conversation with her this needs to stay a fantasy in your mind only.
    As always, only wanting the best for you and yours.

    1. Thank you for your concern Tom, but no need. I don't intend on doing ANYTHING with Daddy! I am so free to fantasize about it ridiculously because I know it won't happen. Of course, if it did...

    2. Julie,
      That is very good to hear. Obviously a little overprotective on my part. Plus this allows me to freely indulge my number one fantasy and know you are ok in real life.
      Moms spanking grow up daughters is definitely number one on my hit parade. That conversation with your mom ending with you over her lap. Bare bottom being rubbed lovingly while she scolds you. Then the spanking starts and you find out exactly where you and Sue got that sadistic streak!

    3. There's something very comforting about the thought of Mom spanking me, even though it was NOT comforting (rather, traumatizing!) when she actually spanked me as a child for the pea incident!

      Looking back on it, thinking Mom would have been well within her rights to haul her "sexy" sixteen-year-old over her knee for attempted seduction of her husband!

    4. Your so right, my teach age daughter was feeling her oats, not with her Dad but a neighbor. The neighbor told me, did not want to ruin their friendship. My daughter and I had a talk, knew most of the neighbors could hear. When I let her off my lap I sternly said your never too old for me to spank when you have been a naughty little girl.

  42. "Please Sir! Please! I'll do anything. ANYTHING! PLEASE!"

    He stops spanking. "Anything?" He asks.

    Reminds me of an old joke.

    Him: "Dammit! Get me my whip!"
    (He, high-pitched voice): "Oh. please, sir; not the whip. Anything but the whip!"
    Him: "Anything...?'
    (A pause...): "'Da whip!"

    1. ???

      I thought you were going to go with the old, "wash my car" joke.

      As it is, I think I'm a dumb bunny 'cause I don't get your joke...

  43. I suspect that you and your readers are overlooking an important phenomena here - the little-understood but powerful influence of subliminal perception. Composed of many factors, people have always been vaguely aware of its existence even though we are not yet able to analyze it scientifically. Bio-rhythms/ bio-feedback has only been recognized for a few decades; pheromones are well-recognized but remain too complex to be expressed in equations; so-called “beehive mentality” (shared thinking among separate brains of similar structure and chemistry) is so subtle that it can only (so far) be detected in clones. Nevertheless, taken in combination factors such as these can have a powerful effect.

    Because your little performance was fully pre-meditated (that is, while you were at dinner you and your husband were fully aware of what would later transpire), combined with the extreme psychic energy generated by intense sexual activity, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect that everyone present was left with a strong (though subconscious) “blueprint” of the entire evening’s events – ranging from the near-conscious (private speculation, fantasies) to the unconscious (impressions, dreams). This is particularly true because this all transpired in the evening, when the mind is most open. All in all, you might be wise to assume that you had an audience (a mental audience of those present) who, voluntarily or not, envisioned the entire night’s events with the clarity of watching through a picture window. Not that you should worry – none of them will recognize this as a “memory” per se (though that is what it really is) and, considering the subject matter, even spouses are unlikely to mention it to each other, though they may hint at a few things to you, perhaps by mentioning a dream (possibly recurring), just by bringing up the evening in question in a more general sense, or disguising their desire for confirmation in a clumsy, transparent joke.

    You further solidified the experience in your own mind by documenting it. Typing is not as effective as handwriting but either one reinforces the tenuous initial brainpathways. Because of this, the next time you are in the presence of anyone involved, you may trigger a recurrence of the fantasy/ dream. Physical contact, particularly a hug (since I assume there will be nothing more intimate) but even a handshake, would serve to amplify this effect; however, among women particularly, levels of receptiveness are cyclical (not just hormonal, generally three main cycles are currently considered, though at least eight have been identified) so recurrence is not assured. Also, the closer the match of brain structure and chemistry, the more profound the effect (this is why twins “seem to” literally share thoughts). In other words, your blood relatives will be in closer contact than their spouses.

    A long-winded and very dry little essay, I’m afraid; the important point being: those present = picture window, they just won’t know why.

    1. Wow! Freaky thoughts ringing true... Interesting thought, my blood-related nephews having a picture window on their Aunty bending over for the cock!

    2. That's just the way our minds work...

  44. Anonymous Dad, since you asked. Six grown children, four girls, two adopted. No sexual thoughts toward any of them, but then, everybody's different.

  45. Have you tried bastinado before (giving or receiving)?

  46. What is it about "boys", what I call most men. Dating a good two years and I found, by mistake, or luck, spanking magazines, both at his place and mine. I showed them, asked if we were not doing it enough, no reply, just that dumb male look. This is what you want I said, well okay. He then smiled, I had him strip and with my hairbrush gave him that otk spanking he wanted, but did not want. My best friend dropped in while I was spanking, she smiled, took a seat, watched. I was very mad, my friend then called some of our others friends and told them. When I was done, I told him to stand against the wall, facing us.
    Later he said that really hurt, I smiled, magazine don't hurt but my hairbrush will.

  47. Dating a wonderful man, a few years older, I craved to be spanked, he was hesitate. An office party I got a little carried away, he thought. I was wearing the skimp beautiful panties he enjoys, he finally said you need to be spanked, I smiled, now. He took me to his office and I was soon getting the spanking I've been wanting. Those panties were quickly down and off and soon I was dancing around the office rubbing, with a pout on my face. We went back to the party, my panties in my purse. Others knew but said nothing, just smiled. Back at our place, he said very little until I stepped out of the bathroom in all my glory, oh that spanking was so good that the next morning he held me right, rub my warm, red bottom and said he will get better at spankings.

  48. Julie,
    We received a bit of snow here in the Rochester area last night. While out clearing it this morning instead of thinking about work or how much snow sucks. I found myself thinking of Julie and David.
    I have noticed that in the last 5 months you have called RED twice. Both times as a result of, for the lack of a better phrase, too much pleasure.
    I was wondering when was the last time David called RED.
    Also do you think it’s possible for you to get him to call RED from overly pleasurable stimulation? ( Challenge?? )

    1. Easy, Julie just has to use a cord or any harsh implement and he will cry red after a few lashes.

    2. No interest in getting to red. Feels like I've screwed up if that happens. That's why I like having Yellow, though we no longer need it (I can sense when he would "yellow" now from his bodily reactions, but only because we used Yellow for so long)

    3. Julie,
      I totally understand your response. I’m sure that my poor phrasing of the question lead you to think along those lines.
      Having David say RED not because of going beyond a pain limit. I am thinking more along the lines of totally satisfied and spent beyond continuing. As was your situation when you called RED. There couldn’t have been any thoughts of failure or disappointment by either of you in those situations.
      Is it even possible for a female to get a male to that point? That was what I was pondering and thought that if anyone would have a reasonable chance of answering that question it would be Julie.

    4. Oh, sorry Tom, your question is crystal clear. I confused it with the intermediate response. I think I got him pretty close to Red when I kept rubbing his cock well after he had cum! Ha ha! He's not multi-orgasmic like me. One and done for him. And he's insatiable as a greedy sub. So likely no!

  49. Baby Julie cried from just david's hand spanking, she needs to be diapered and tucked in bed.

  50. Both you and David acted naughty, mom said oh you two, didn't she put you in the naughty corner or spank you both like naughty children

  51. My mother in law is a great spanker, she noticed my reactions to stories of spankings and kept on telling more stories. She hit my bottom playfully on many occasions and when we were alone she did it with 3 whacks. One day we were alone in their lake house as my wife and her sister and kids went early to the lake, she whacked me as usual then asked me to come closer so that she can hit more comfortably. I agreed and got my first spanking from her.

  52. omg so emmbarrasing