Sunday, March 4

A Detailed Analysis of my Spanking

It's been a couple of weeks now since my experience that I detailed in Julie Spanked in Front of Family... For real!!! I have been receiving some wonderful correspondence by email. A nice long and detailed analysis from my friend Brett that I will share here, and another from a new pen pal (a woman!) who scolds me wonderfully. I am awaiting her next installment and then her permission to publish.

For these last two weeks I have been more submissive than usual, and David more dominant. He has been routinely "having his way with me" in bed. For instance, this morning he turned me onto my side away from him, bent me over with one hand on my hip and his other at the back of my neck, lubed me with his spit, stuck his hard cock into my pussy, and fucked me to (his) completion! Just like that. Wham Bam, not even a thank you, Ma'am! When he was done he pulled out, gave me a hard smack on my ass, and told me to fix him bacon and eggs! Moreover, in the past two weeks I've been spanked three times with his bare hand, once with the hairbrush, and once I had to bend over for his belt (it made my heart flutter as he slowly pulled it out of his belt loops). When I asked him why I was being punished he just said because I'm a woman and I needed it. I've been made to give head (and swallow when he chooses to cum in my mouth), and fucked in the ass again. I'm 'kinda enjoying it.

lill jo roused himself and drew me an apropros image.

It's an image of me trying to decide if I want to be dominant or submissive. He has me looking over to the subby side, I see. I am feeling the dominess grow in me, but we shall see.

Meanwhile, Brett contributed to keeping me in my subby headspace with his letters to me analyzing my scene two weeks ago, that I here reproduce with my comments added in red.

Hi Julie,

I've been thinking about your family spectacle, but with little time to write.

First, I like the dress you wore. Very classy and mature... and sexy without trying too hard to be. It really emphasized that you are a woman, not a little girl. You are a woman who is punished like a little girl, and that makes a significant difference in the meaning of all this. You love the humiliation inherent in a big boy being treated like a little girl. Big girls can suffer a similar downfall. And your "big bottom." I know you want more of a teenage bottom, or more athletic. I like that look probably as much as you do, but you have an attractive figure I like for a woman. Not everyone is an athlete. Teenagers are as cute as they can be, but I love that they grow up to be women. I wish you were completely satisfied with your lovely bottom, but you like what you like.

As usual, Brett hits the nail on the head. That was a work dress I wore. A Big Girl dress. But then I behaved like a naughty child, and was treated like one.

You were totally bare under that dress...! ? ! ? That was, to say the least, unexpected. Bare breasts. Bare bottom. Bare legs. Bare pussy! To visit your family for Sunday dinner. Your parents. Siblings. In-laws. NEPHEWS. I don't think I'm a prude but, if I was your husband, soon as we were home you would have gotten the spanking of your life just for that. If you were attempting to be a bad girl, Miss Julie, mission accomplished. :)

Yes, that felt extremely naughty throughout the evening. Honestly, in retrospect, I wanted that dress flipped up to create a scandal...

What you described as the setting struck me as so nicely middle-class white-collar, traditional yet urbane suburbia---whether that's accurate or not. In other words, your family comes across as modern, educated and refined, but also a wide range of personalities. This IS about your real family, so as a reader, to me they're not mere props for the story. These are real vanilla people, mostly, and no one but you and David had any expectation of what was going to happen. And there you are bare as a baby under your conservative blue dress. So ironic, so erotic, and the suspense was palpable. You express the opinion that your nephews' lack of manners at the dinner table are the result of a lack of parental discipline. Your family too progressive? What will they think of wife-spanking?

Yup. I come for a very good, decent, middle class progressive family. What went wrong with me???

It was interesting how you contrived the after-meal scene. You make David's butt the topic of conversation, fondling him in front of your Mom. Had you ever done anything like that before in that situation? I don't know the context here, but I'll assume this isn't typical behavior at a family gathering. So you're being impetuous? Just Julie being Julie, but going too far this time? The BRAT inside takes over. Instead of backing down, you swat his butt as hard as you can and take off running. Giggle. Isn't she adorable? Such a naughty girl. I'd think you were asking to be punished but, your family, except Sue, maybe doesn't recognize the game. David asks if a discussion is needed. Ominous. Does anyone recognize this as code for SPANKING?

Not typical, but I can be sometimes a bit of a "naughty brat" of the family. Definitely too far this time. I think the way David said it, everyone knew I would be at least in for a retaliatory swat!

"Boys!" said David. "Will you please bring your Aunt Julie to me."

I can't help but think about me as one of the boys. At that age. I've just watched this all unfolding at the family dinner. Starring Aunt Julie... I never had an aunt like this. I have little doubt that Aunt Julie would have played a role in my fevered adolescent mind. Nuclear family... I really didn't cross that line. Even my brother's girlfriends were off limits as objects of sexual desire. That was just how my mind worked. My mother's or father's 30-something sister would have been different somehow. Even as a young child, I was "attracted" to adult women, and that attraction became more unambiguously sexual after I hit puberty. Aunt Julie would have filled two erotic roles for me, as a female with all the mysterious sexual charms of a woman just beyond my comprehension, and so much older and more mature, a possible authority figure. Would I have masturbated to visions of her in her skimpy bathing suit? My aunt? Only a very bad boy would do that, right?

Yes, the fact that they may indeed be "very bad boys" thinking of me turns me on in an extremely guilt-inducing manner. Mind you, I think those boys should get to have a little sexy fun at my expense. Create memories for life I imagine.

So you just smacked David on the butt. Really hard! My teenage mind is now in overdrive. The idea of Aunt Julie spanking anyone is boner-inducing enough. That's just fantasy... or at least it was til now! Then I sense the tension between my aunt and uncle. Is Uncle David threatening sexy Aunt Julie with a.... no, a discussion can't mean THAT! Not Aunt Julie. She is MUCH too old, and husbands don't do THAT to their wives. It's just something you'd see when movies were black and white and people were crazy, but don't think I haven't imagined Aunt Julie having her woman's fanny tanned for showing off her body. I've been asked to help bring her to Uncle David, like it's the movies again and she's been bought at a slave auction, but I sit utterly frozen, a captive audience to what is too fast becoming the unthinkable.

Yes, the "slave auction" has an undeniable appeal to me. Stripped bare and presented, going to the highest bidder, I am pretty enough to be a house sex slave, after my new master "tames" me of course.

Your heart was beating hard. So bare under your dress. I'm still on the couch, my heart and mind racing in time with yours. You don't have to warn me not to dare, all I see is that you are in trouble. Dragged to the fireplace. You look helpless in your feeble attempt to prevent it. I'm already embarrassed for you, but my eyes are riveted to the action. Uncle is stronger than Auntie. He's bending your body and also your will. I drink it all in as you are literally being raised over his knee, a grown woman dangling like a child. As a young nephew, would I have appreciated how his palm cradled your tummy so close to your sex? I definitely would have seen the significance in how your big bottom was presented to the room.

Highly embarrassing in the moment, to be lifted up and feel my toes dragging on the ground, feeling my bottom being presented, worried that my dress is too shear when stretched out over my bare bottom, or tears under the strain, or is raised for my spank! An of course it is not at all lost on me that the "time-honoured" spanking position has massive sexual undertones for a woman thus prepared for a smacking. It is the same position as for a rear-entry fucking...

I'm still a nephew here. Uncle David could have just given you a nice juicy smack on your raised behind, and it would have been a night for the ages to me. I would have forever wanted to imagine what might have been ...and what must happen when you're home and Uncle can deal with you fully. However, you and David were not merely creating a moment, you were putting on an entire show. "What do you think is the proper punishment for a girl who..." he asked as you struggled and kicked. The proper punishment for a girl! Those words tingle in my ear. The idea is a boner maker. You certainly didn't want to answer the question. "A firm talking to?" you suggested, which anyone should be able to translate as, "Please don't let it be a spanking!"

My husband did use the word "punishment" which is so demeaning. Surely only children merit such punishment! I do believe everybody made the translation Brett suggests.

I was curious how you would react to the situation of being bent for a spank in front of your entire family. Once actually in that position, it would not have surprised me if you had simply taken it without fuss, and then played it off as a joke or as no big deal. But no. As David rubbed your rounded bottom in everyone's view, you were not stepping out of character. "Daddy! Help!" It's getting more and more like a 40's Hollywood production when women were both under their husbands rule and still Daddy's girl. Only Daddy can save you now. Not what you wanted, but wouldn't that be sweet. Aunt Julie was going to get a spanking, but Grandpa gave her a reprieve.

Honestly, I had not expected to ask my Dad for help, it just came out spur of the moment. I think I wanted to involve him more. To invite him in. He should have some fun with his middle daughter in this sexy, compromising position.

"Sir, may I? Just one good smack?" So chivalrous. A genteel respect for your elders that your father should decide. You dangle there helpless under the arm of traditional domestic justice as Daddy passes sentence. What could he be thinking? Is this inappropriate in his mind? His adult daughter. Does he even care? Does he feel you DESERVE a spanking? Or... and your heart beats a little faster... would he enjoy seeing his beautiful adult daughter spanked on her upturned sexy ass?

Of course he would enjoy it! As I mentioned before in relation to my brother, what red-blooded male would not? But I was worried that for the sake of decorum he would gently, politely, but firmly put a stop to the shenanigans, which I would have thought to be in character for him.

I only have a vague impression of your dad from your writings so, for what it's worth, I did NOT expect his answer. In so many words, his message was clear. One smack not enough. Give her a proper spanking. You certainly were not expecting it. Turned over your husband's knee, now your whole world was turned upside down! One smack is not a spanking, and that was critical to this stunt you were pulling. This was supposed to be a hint. Let your family come to their own conclusions. As I'm reading, I'm thinking of the indignation and embarrassment exploding in your mind as you are faced with what you actually deserve. A bad girl naked under her dress, in the middle of her plot to shock the family at Sunday dinner, and she is about to get much more than she bargained for...

Yes... I got a spanking...

So, what a scene! When I have some more time, I'd like to continue musing.

Hi Julie. I found time today for some more blathering. I hope you are doing well.

So where were we? Ah, yes, Miss Julie got a spanking in view of her family.

The entire family at proper Sunday dinner. Mom was there. She should have turned you over her knee when you were sixteen. Sue was there, but she already has a catalog of images in her mind regarding a little sister's disgrace and humiliation. Your younger sister did not want any part of your perverse comeuppance but, like any innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time, is left with visions she must endure. The creepy brother-in-law enjoyed your erotic ordeal a bit too much for your tummy to take. Teen nephews all innocence and hormones, and then there was Daddy. You got a spanking in front of your Daddy ... and he liked it.

"That constitutes a SPANKING! My husband actually *spanked me* in front of my entire family!"

That is the truth. There are spankings, and then there are SPANKINGS! Of course we can imagine a more lurid scene. Was your bottom bare, your naughtiest bits exposed to the air? Your inflamed nether regions a shining red beacon for all who were there? Was it what you got from Sue, a protracted punishment to overwhelm you, to transform you? Imagine the family as witness to a sorry kitten on the scratching post of her big sister's knee?

OMG!!! Imagine Sue, "You call that a spanking? Mom, fetch me out the wooden spoon. David, take that dress off her and lay her here, over my knee. Let me demonstrate exactly what happens to my little sister when spanked hard straddling a knee. I've done it to her before. I know exactly how she'll react. She's such a slut!"

None of that. Yet it was a SPANKING! It could have been so much less. I liked that, from David's first spank, he targeted your sexy place. If there is one thing I'll find totally disappointing about a spanking, it is a spanker who doesn't know where to spank. Or they intentionally avoid going low because it's too close to the sex. Get a clue. Spanking is sex, or it's just punishment. That might sound odd from someone with a fetish for authentic discipline, but if it was just about inflicting and enduring pain, any form of physical torture would suffice. Spanking is about punishing the genitals without actually striking the genitals. When I got punished as a adolescent, you know where I got it. I wasn't spanked there for any sexual intent, but I made the connection and, OH, the shame! Is it even more sexual for a female? There is a special humiliation in punishment that targets your sex, that arouses you sexually, and you now know that as well as anyone.

I do. It draws me in. The idea that after a proper spanking the entire area surrounding the genitals, low butt, back of the thighs, inner thighs, flanks, is reddened. And with that reddening and the increased blood flow it entails, a woman's prominently displayed sex is engorged and reddened as well... Puffy pussy lips, glistening labia, and engorged clit for all the world to see how much of a slut she truly is!

Did your family appreciate the erotic nature of your spanking? I think anyone half aware could see that David was applying the hard palm of his hand to an area reserved exclusively for a husband's touch. And the sound made on impact... was there at least the suggestion that you were bare under there? That first one, perfect... direct center of your low bottom cheeks. Hard! It has to penetrate so that what lies below will throb to the message. I think I can hear that SMACK. It is just a little higher in pitch when there is less to absorb the spank. One might call it juicier. Did your nephews hear the difference? Could it have given them a sense that Aunt Julie just might be bare as a baby under her pretty blue dress, that there is almost nothing to protect her delicate femininity? Then solid swats rang out in that room announcing to everyone present that a bottom has two rounded cheeks that need tending. Four is a good number; six belabors the point; two isn't enough to establish the pattern. The four alternating had you kicking and squirming, and I hope the sharp sound of brisk hard spanks on your thinly covered flesh had everyone's butt cheeks clenching. Finish center low. That's how it's done. Any girl I spank is going to get it where it does her the most good.

Oh Gush! Where is my David? I need another spanking, like, now!

After your precarious balancing act over David's knee, when you were finally allowed on solid ground again, you had a burning bottom to deal with. You promised a reader you would rub and pout like a meek little girl. That was after the expected single swat to your fanny, but it turned out you had good reason to show you'd been tamed. One hand rubbing is only half-assed, so I'm glad you know that both hands must be working back there to fully express your discomfort. That was when Nancy protested and stormed out of the living room. I think she was genuinely embarrassed by the entire lewd show you and David had put on, and that you fondling your hot sexy spank spots in front of everyone was the last straw. And it seems you've found a way to shut your nephews up, or were they just all talked out after dinner? Was your Mom a little embarrassed too? She didn't do much but shake her head and try to laugh it off. In any case, you had not quite learned your lesson. The family watched a young lady taken home early for another discussion, and one that was not going to be so limited as the first. Sue made sure of that. You can just consider yourself very lucky David didn't raise your dress in front of everyone. You won't forget what easily could have been.

Imagine me held tightly against David's chest as he reached behind me to raise my dress so that all present could "assess the damage". Isn't that what everybody wants to see after a spanking? He would slowly, slowly raise it as I squirmed against him in abject embarrassment. And yes, being taken home early for a further discussion "on my bare butt" was every bit as embarrassing (if not more so!) than my spanks!!!

The most embarrassing aspect of all this is your hots for Daddy. It's so thoroughly taboo, and every time you talk about it you should feel like the naughtiest girl. He saw it all. You blush. You tingle. Now he knows you get spankings from David. How does that change the dynamic between you and your father? I mean, what do Daddies think? What SHOULD they think? What visions do they have of their pretty adult daughters? Would a Dad picture her naked when she's getting that old-fashioned spanking? If he does, then he's in for the ride. There is no uninvolved position for him to take when he imagines you raw nude and squirming yet obedient over your husband's knee. He cannot at the same time be detached while, in his mind's eye, he sees your legs kick to open your sex, and the blood rise blazing on your cheeks to announce you are ready to be taken. That is what a really good sound spanking is. You are being taken howling and kicking, nether regions raised, heat-primed for penetration. It is only natural for a man's penis to harden in anticipation of what you will do for him and what he will do to you... even if he is your Daddy.

I cannot imagine it being any other way. It will not change the way I behave towards him, but I feel that it binds me more tightly to my Daddy.

As a former teen boy, and from a more innocent era, I'm not too worried about your nephews. Even at a young age, I somehow knew the difference between domestic abuse and women who got their bottoms spanked like children. It was awhile before the sexuality of it became a conscious consideration for me but, in the meantime, I could sense the loving and romantic nature of it. That was how it was portrayed. Spanking brought man and woman together; it didn't drive them apart. Your nephews saw a loving couple, and they know you well enough. At some point many people must learn about consensual adult play that is made to look like non-consent, and where lines are drawn between fantasy and reality. I grew up aroused and confused, but at some point the light bulb came on.

I think there was no other way to interpret it. I wonder if it was discussed at all with the boys by their Mother and Father? I'll bet they were told how inappropriate it was...

The scene on the way home was exciting. I must admit, I would not have figured you out as easily as I anticipated. You were good, and you would have at least temporarily planted the seed of doubt in my head if I was in the position your husband was in. I would have felt thoroughly irritated that you got me involved in this stunt of yours, and now acting like it was all my fault that it didn't go as planned. You were the one who asked Daddy for help and got sentenced to a spanking. You really couldn't figure a way out of it? In the end, though, I would expect that if my partner really wanted to go "out of scene," she would simply go out of scene. Fighting me without explicitly telling me it's over is probably equivalent to not using a safe word. Your safe word was the final arbiter that allowed David to forge ahead, and presumably he shouldn't have had to remind you of it.

Bottom line, whether you were acting a part or not, you were a total brat, angered your husband, and it set up your comeuppance beautifully. The fact that your anger was entirely a pretense makes the offense even more egregious. Miss Julie, our favorite little manipulator. It is really all about genuine intent and justifiable consequences. No longer just a game, David was punishing you. I was eager to see a bad girl get the bare-bottomed spanking of her life...

I wanted to egg him on in the most egregious manner possible. While he would intellectually know it was part of the scene, I wanted him to emotionally experience me at my absolute worst, and him violently emasculated by me. I wanted to trigger that emotional response that only controlled violence could fully subdue, and that is only allowed against us "annoying females" when permission is granted...

Again, I'll have to continue later. I'll try to get to it soon.


A few more thoughts today as I picture you naked in bed with your hand on your kitty...

A great spanking has a great set up. When you're being punished there must be a compelling cause and effect, a crime and a consequence. Drama is conflict and tension. A conclusion needs a premise. I mentioned it before that, as a kid, I was mesmerized by Maureen O'Hara getting spanked by John Wayne in the movie McLintock!, where she had been an insufferable brat until she was chased through town and, no matter that she fought tooth and nail, was taken over the knee to be tamed. She earned her paddled fanny. The next scene suggested they were in bed and in marital bliss, but to my young mind, she was spanked for being a bad girl, not to be seduced. Nevertheless, she was... apparently, the way to a woman's heart is through her bottom.


You brought that quaint, old but oh-so-powerful scene back to life. It would have been so easy to go through the motions of an evening with David and lowercase julie. After a pleasant ride home from Sunday dinner with the family, you would smile, hold up your plate and let David dish out each course from the kinky dessert menu planned for your humiliation. You might even wring some emotion out of it before tea and bedtime. But that just wasn't gonna cut it. Even after the tension-filled ride home, you were not about to give an inch. If you were to be punished, David was going to have to mean it. I said that friction is the spark that lights the flame. You brought a pack of matches and a can of gasoline.

Yes! A big can!

Let's review: "Fuck your stupid safeword! If you touch me I'll call the cops and charge you with assault!"... "Don't you DARE TOUCH ME!" I screamed... "FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!!"... "LET ME UP! YOU FUCKING LOSER!"

It felt exhilarating screaming at him like this. I so rarely get to have a good emotional outburst. No matter he has not earned it. Others have and he'll just have to be their whipping boy.

I was a little shocked, to be honest. I never imagined you like this. Granted, you were acting, but to David it had to be an assault. Is this how a respectable woman and respectful wife talks to her husband? Certainly not if we apply any traditional value of manners and decorum. It was verbally an act of violence. David was left with no choice... not if he was wearing the pants in your house that night. He had to do what a man has to do when his woman has so clearly crossed the line. Shame on you! It was time for an old-fashioned intervention, young lady.

Yes it was!

You were not about to be crawling over his lap like some listless little lamb. You needed to be "taken in hand" is what we call it. Another scene entirely, like new age is to speed metal. It's a precise moment in time where a line is crossed, where you are no longer in the secure grip of Earth's gravity. Separated from the ground you were standing on, you were carried weightless to the spanking chair. How did it feel to have your independence taken physically and forcefully away from you, to be floating captive over your husband's firm knee?

First I was pinned roughly against the wall and my dress was stripped off me. I did not fight as hard as I wanted to, mindful of not ripping my dress. Once I was naked I was able to unleash my fists against him, and I did not hold back! But I was no match for him. Oh to have that power!

You were still fighting, your body helpless, but your defiance untamed. This is why girls need to be spanked. Hard and fast. No nonsense in dealing with your nonsense. David had to limit your options to behaving or else and make else unbearable for your bottom. He helped you with the decision to favor your delicate flesh. Do you find it humbling that defiance was stripped from you so thoroughly and so easily? One minute you were throwing a fierce temper tantrum, and the next you are singing the three-part hymn of a proper devout girl. As he conducted, you begged, the lead-in to a chorus of promises, the finale a cry to the heavens to convince him you were sorry. All it took was one good, sound spanking.

I was shocked! It was less than ten smacks of his hard hand to my naked cheeks before I decided that the defiance had run its course and now I needed for the spanking to begin to end! I had genuinely angered him, I supposed. I was not angry at him, though, for giving me what I had so richly asked for.

With effective discipline, the spanking doesn't stop with apologies. I assume David took note of your radical transformation of attitude, but the punishment isn't dictated by your reaction. It's a straightforward matter, really ...a young wife learning the lesson that her husband is head of the household. He set your backside on fire and then put you in the corner. That's a sight I would have enjoyed. A wife standing in time-out, wet-faced and sniffling, her bottom blazing. Thirty minutes. I bet you thought very seriously about your behavior.

It certainly did not stop when I wanted it to stop. I wanted it to stop after the first dozen. He wanted it to stop after more like a hundred. I was in real tears, and he did not seem to even give a shit. It seemed forever while across his knee, but afterwards it seemed over so quickly. Like a tornado ripping through Kansas and before I knew it I was on my feet, facing the wall, with my hands on my head.

What was it like knowing you had to force yourself to continue bratting? The drama should have been over. You were ready to be a good girl, right? David could have had you on your knees to worship his cock with your highly motivated mouth before bending you over for a stiff hard fucking in any way that pleased him. Isn't that the tried-and-true old-world formula? Your bottom was already on fire. Another hard no-nonsense spanking on that agonizingly tender behind would be cruel and unusual. Poor little subby. Maybe you should have saved your bratting for corner time between spankings, but then that would have just been a following of the script. Now you had to obey Tim, your ordeal far from over.

A few more details I skipped over when I told it (as I thought it was getting long enough as it was!). So here I am, "sentenced" to a half an hour of timeout. The next move, according to the script, was up to me to act out again while in the corner. I did not see any way to avoid it, except perhaps doing the full 30 minutes of corner time and not bratting at all. David would likely have slyly figured out that this girl had had her buns sufficiently well abused for one evening! But I did think of Tim, and the cartoon. I gave myself a bit of a break. I stayed there maybe ten minutes. Then I muttered theatrically under my breath "It was supposed to be one swat. How hard is that to get right?" Well that set things into motion again. Another tornado coming my way!

So you were now submitting to Tim? Really? The things you were about to do for a man on the Internet. Shame on you, but then that's the point, isn't it? Shame on Strict Julie. How far she has fallen. Forced to beg her husband for the next phase of her punishment. Good for you we don't have a recording of your pitiful performance as you received your second spanking. What does a wife sound like when she promises to do anything. Seriously ANYTHING?

We had agreed in advance that the second spanking needed to be equal to the first. And David absolutely made sure that it was. So it was another ridiculous spanking! Only difference this time was indeed my pleading that I would do ANYTHING. When that statement comes from a conveniently naked wife draped across her husband's knee, where you can feel his hard penis as you flop like a mad woman over his lap, it carries with it an unmistakable meaning. ANYTHING does indeed mean ANYTHING!

So you got a mouth fucking. Blow jobs are not your favorite activity to begin with. As HOH, Strict Julie didn't go there. David, under your control, wasn't getting it. His job was to tend to your little girl boner. What is needed desperately for you to come. Sunday night was another story. As you were describing every detail of the experience for your blog, living it again, was it a turn-on or off? You know your husband enjoyed your warm obedient, wet submissive mouth. How did it feel to be the good little wife? Are you looking forward to pleasing him like that again?

Yes. Oh yes!


When it comes to spanking and domestic discipline, I'm annoyingly verbose. When they say sex is between the ears, this must be what they mean. There's a universe of meaning to be explored. A vital component is submission, so the sexual subbing that follows can be an exclamation point to the scene. For me the cerebral part has mostly been expressed. Now it's more gratifying to do than to talk about.

I enjoyed your wifely submissions after your spankings to a much higher degree because of who you are. To see a female Domme---and for years here you've been so strong and enthusiastic in that role---and how you set your downfall up with such fierce aggression directed at your husband---to see you transformed so thoroughly, was exciting. You were reshaped before our eyes into a model of docility and obedience. Even in your replies to me, I appreciate your altered demeanor. Such a well-mannered young lady. This is a major appeal of spanking discipline -- how it tames the brat, puts one at peace with their demons until another dose is needed. I don't know how closely that resembles you, but today YOU resemble IT.

I was tamed, I admit it. I'm not even sure... I might need it more????

After he made himself rock hard with your mouth, which is the direction it takes when you've become his submissive object, he bent you over the spanking chair for a pussy pounding. This was no Strict Julie scene. More like rag doll julie. I like that you were wet and ready, and that it hurt so good. You described it nicely.

I am not one for vaginal sex so much, as I cannot orgasm from it alone. Though in the context of this scene, I enjoyed giving up every part of me to my husband however he wanted me.

In the context of your subjugation, the ass-licking scene was special for you. I know some just enjoy the kink. Ask my wife, who can be a bit anal-obsessed. It's not something that inspires me to wax poetic. Let's just say that it put you firmly in your place. You had to prove your commitment to obedience to Tim and your acceptance of your husband's rule that night. You might have resisted the worst of it, but your slavish tongue had to save your too sore bottom from any more spankings. Is your face warming as you read this? It should be at least bright pink remembering what you did, and that it now is a matter of public record.

There is much shame in describing it. All you readers of my blog feel like my family, and now you know I did that. Ewwww! I confess to being a bit half-hearted about it, but, quite literally, when my husband hinted at another spanking for me for my lack of enthousiasm, I absolutely knew that he was serious, and I absolutely did not want another spanking! I changed my tune instantly, and it was just that much more humiliating to be doing it with such immense enthousiasm now. Rather than poking gingerly with my tongue, I made full-tongue swipes at his anus from all angles, and inserted the tip of my tongue as deeply into his bottom hole as anatomically possible, while spreading his cheeks to the max with my hands. I made sure to keep my tongue wet, and to keep it moving.

It was a nice touch to have you run to fetch the lube for your next punishment. I can just imagine your legs churning up those stairs, heart beating, breath catching. The full exposure of your submission here is stunning. You fear what is in store for your little bum while running to make it happen. Then having to prepare your own bottom hole with lube, spread your own cheeks and ask for your impaling like a servant girl in heat. David should have been pleased to see his woman so firmly under his thumb.

I can only imagine the sight I offered him! Him grinning at me as I run up the stairs, my hot red bottom wiggling and my bare breasts bouncing, to fetch my all-important anal lubrication! He started with a pretty long and intense finger fucking in my ass. He also slapped my ass as he was doing it. Then came the hard long and wide penis!

You got your ass fucked by your Daddy just like you have wanted. Well, kinda... David made a good Daddy that night. He punished you for disrespecting your husband as he helped his little girl take Daddy's huge cock to the hilt. You were a good girl, and Daddy was proud of you. Good girls get spoiled, and you had earned the best night of your life.

I did, I must shamefacedly admit, flash to my father giving me anal... so blushy! I also imagined you all doing me as well...


Thank you Brett! Always love your extra insights!


  1. julie, You are so far gone to the submissive side!

    For these last two weeks I have been more submissive than usual, and David more dominant. I've been made to give head (and swallow when he chooses to cum in my mouth), and fucked in the ass again. I'm 'kinda enjoying it.

    I believe you have found your new place and David his. It seems he is enjoying fucking your ass. Have you licked his ass again?

    Have you had a chance to talk to anyone in your family especially Sue?

    Love your journey, John

    1. I've been enjoying rolling it around in my mouth. But truthfully, imagine how much harder David's fall will be when I turn the tables on him. Sue has agreed to assist...

    2. This is going to be interesting. One way to turn the tables perhaps is to surprise David mid-scene. Julie could inform David she us coming over to punish you for that scene in front of your family, but in actuality it is to re-establish the proper order in your household.As a bonus, you would get to be privy to what they are planning for the "scene" and use it all against him.

    3. I want to recreate the family scene with Sue watching and a paddle!

  2. It very much looks like you a wearing a diaper in Jo's sketch... just sayin'!

    1. Just regular, "neutral" panties I think. It was a quick sketch from jo, for me, and I appreciate it!

    2. Hmm... perhaps. But there is something about the shape that makes me think of a diaper that is a bit too small. Like if an adult was put into x-large baby diapers. Maybe let us just have this dream!

    3. Hee hee hee! I think anon might be on to something! Did big mean David put lil' julie in pampers?!?! Careful, all the other subs might make fun of you... "julie wears diapers! julie wears diapers!" I can hear it now!!!

    4. Oh is right! Wow. I would never have imagined Julie relinquishing that kind of power and control but it is working for me! I have this image of a red bottomed Julie wrapped up in a shameful diaper and made to do all sorts of degrading acts to David as "thanks" for her punishment. The diaper acting as a chastity device of sorts to make sure you don't derive any pleasuring from servicing your husband. Yes, it is really working!

  3. Where I come from it's the 'good, decent, middle class progressive' families where all the spanking and kinky sex happens :D
    How does it feel being on the other end of the belt? It's always been my favorite implement (both giving and receiving).

    1. I can't get enough of it when properly applied. David is still a bit clumsy with it. With me, the whipping ends go EXACTLY where I intend them to...

  4. What you don't know is that Sue has been scening Daddy for years. After your latest performance she checked in on him and said; "Oh no daddy, your cock is all hard and swollen again. You've been dreaming of Julie's pussy again haven't you? Well you know what that means. Over my knee daddy, it's time for your spanking and milking."

  5. Your dress WAS too sheer when it was stretched out tight over your bare bottom. No panty lines visible at all. Obviously everyone knew you were totally bare under it. Such a slut! They've been talking about it ever since. Your brother is quite horrified (and aroused) by your display.

    1. Brother-in-law with the leering eyes. I guess they all did get an eyeful.

  6. Hi there, dear. I wasn't go to say anything but the devil in me just can't resist pointing out the amusing irony of this line:

    "I've been thinking about your family spectacle, but with little time to write."

    Maybe it's just me but judging by the length of the analysis, it seems like there was plenty. ;-) I have to admit, while I have a couple of loyal participants who leave detailed comments, none.......not even ones on complex issues....have ever been THIS thorough. On one hand I'm a little jealous. ;-) On another? Well maybe not. LOL

    Oh, and this latest series of posts and the plethora of comments generated has given me an idea for a topic for a post of my thanks! (though I'm still not sure I'm going to actually do it....still, the idea is there)

    All the best!----KDP

  7. Rogering here. Hopefully you will get to establish a good balance between David and yourself, in the dynamics of Dom and Sub at different times according to need.
    Bringing Sue in as a potential overseer for both of you in the future, could prove exciting.
    And, in to your admission, about imagining your Dad and us followers of you, shafting (as we would like to think) our hard thick penises in your bold, tight (though getting looser) bottom hole.... well, you have this respondent hooked...[o

    1. Yes! I need to bring balance to The Force!

  8. Dear Julie
    From what I've been reading over the past year there only appears to be one true dominant in this relationship that person being your sister Sue. In my opinion you both should be relinquishing control and power to her as she sees fit after all it's what you both crave. David still needs to be spanked and scrapped regularly and bent over and f*** like a little sissy from a dominant woman after all this is what originally came to you for. And you little girl need your bottom spanked on a regular basis your hair pulled your pussy and ass f*** who better to orchestrate all of this with the help from David then your dominant big sister

    1. F*** that! Already plotting my comeback. I intend for it to be spectacular and will see me emerge firmly on top of my dommy-wannabe hubby while pulling big sister's strings one again as Queen of Kink! ;-)

  9. Wow! That sounds like the Julie of old, poor david his dommy-wannabe attitude is sure going to backfire on him lol. I do however think Sue will address your behavior in front of the family ha ha

    1. She shows no indication, and yes, david will be lowercased again!

  10. Tim / Hattrick5 March 2018 at 21:10

    I see you are still in a submissive mood and “kinda enjoying it”, but I suspect that won’t last long (the mood that is not the enjoyment). Hhmmm… three out of five spanks with just his hand have I started something there?

    So…just a question when you switch from submissive to Dominant moods is it a slow transition or do you just flip instantly back and forth (like literally flipping a switch)? I myself always find it to be a bit of slow transition. ;-)

    1. Julie,
      A little follow up on Tim’s questions. It seems that your submissive moods are lasting a little longer than in the past. Any insight into that? Possibly enjoying the freedom of just leaving the “work” to someone else? The feeling of being cared for that is more prevalent on the sub side? Or finding it more stimulating for yourself that you imagined? As usual it’s probably a combination of things. I’m just interested if you have thought about it and what you think.

    2. I can switch instantly, but am enjoying being the center of attention and letting him do the work. But my palm is getting itchy...

    3. Just haul him over you knee and let him have it, if your palm hurts pick the most handy implement without pause (if no implement is handy use you slipper) and continue to wallop his bottom.

    4. Tim / Hattrick9 March 2018 at 13:45

      I think anyone can switch instantly from spanked mode (sub) to spanker mode (Dom). I was referring more towards head space. I think head space wise is a little different. That fact that two weeks later you’re still being topped by David might suggest that perhaps you don’t switch back quite as quickly as you might think, or you don’t switch back as quickly as you used to, head space wise!

      Just a thought! ;-)

  11. Dommy posts in 2018: 4.
    Subbie posts in 2018: 5.
    Yeah, seems the game has changed!

  12. Every post there's a Dom and a Sub. As long as somebody's (or some booty's) getting spanked, it's all good.

  13. To celebrate your return to dominance why don't you treat yourself and get a new whip? They're great fun to play with and the crack will really fuck with David's mind and delight Sue. How about starting with a 4 foot target whip? Shorter than a bullwhip or snake whip, very accurate and easy to control and play with in confined spaces. Here in Australia they're made out of kangaroo hide for light weight and strength. About $150 to $280 AUD depending on size/quality. Every dom needs a whip. Great fun to practice with. Start with a sidearm flick and then move onto forward cracks and overhead cracks. David will freak out at the first crack I reckon.

  14. Why don't you look to red sparrow to dominate david? Dress him up like a ballerina with too tight leotard, tutu, wig and make up. If 'Dominika' doesn't point and jump nicely then it's off to whore school with her where she gets tied to a chair, spanked, beaten and raped by a suited and stern Charlotte Rampling. How's your Russian accent?

  15. Nice to see that David spanked you with implements as well

  16. Mom should have followed her comment of "oh you two" with follow me to the bedroom then spank you both like naughty kids

  17. Julie,

    I don't think you are submissive or dominant. I think you are a "kninkster." I say this because I am as well.

    I really don't care what side of the brush I am at, as long as one of us is having fun and it stays within the "hard lines."

    For instance, my wife has a major tickling fetish- giving, not receiving. I get nothing out of it. She can tickle me until is really hurts, but she gets so much out of it that I can never refuse.

    Being a kinkster keeps our relationship fresh. I've been married more than 10 years and less than 20, but from conversations with my friends, my wife and I are still acting like newly weds.

    1. That's how I feel also! Boring old fucking and sucking without play only gets you so far after a decade together. Need to keep it fresh!

  18. As part of my job, I found myself in discussion with a couple. At one point, the woman mocked an answer from her husband.. He turned to her and surreptitiously clenched his fist under his wife's chin, telling her clearly that it was up to him to answer and that he answered as he wanted. It was done jokingly but the husband's muscular power was clearly at stake. The woman did not outbid in this area. He gave the impression that he could take her under his arm and spank her without her being able to do anything about it.
    I thought back to your phrase "Oh to have the power!"
    Indeed the weaker party must find cross-cutting solutions to try to win the victory in its own way, but "Oh to have the power!"

    1. Don't know what to make of that!

    2. Ah ! apparently no one else either... Is it because of my poor English or is the desire expressed too obscure?

  19. Great sexy analysis of a very sexy event, all the sexier for the fact that it was within bounds of decorum that would be (borderline) acceptable in a family setting.

    Like Brett I imagine it from the point of view of your adolescent nephews. Hell, as I read about it, I am your adolescent nephew. I would have understood at that age that spanking is both a form of discipline and a form of erotic play, and I would have understood that you and my uncle were doing something sexy, playfully disguised as discipline. It would have blown my mind to see your bottom bouncing under uncle's hand under the thin material of your dress. Am I imagining it, or is Aunt Julie not wearing panties? *gasp* I would have blushed for your embarrassment at being publicly spanked, even if in play. But something else would have haunted my fevered imagination for days afterwards. The authority in your voice when you said "Don't you dare" would have triggered fantasies of being spanked by Aunt Julie, blushing profusely as my bared bottom bounced under your hand the way your bottom had bounced under uncle's.

    1. I am a sexual being and I think we do a disservice to our youth to hide that. Hopefully I can be a positive role model about kinky sex in the context of a loving and trusting relationship, and let them have a little fun with it along the way!