Thursday, January 31

A Visit with Violet

I've written previously about our favourite Pro Domme in Toronto, Mistress Violet Mays.

You can contact her at or at any time from the sidebar of my blog. If you do contact her, please don't waste her time. Book a session!

My husband and I have played with her on multiple occasions. I also have allowed my husband to visit her "solo" from time to time. I know, crazy right? But I figure he should experience other dominant women one-on-one as it's a different vibe, and come back and tell me about it, which turns me on immensely. I trust Violet totally, and she always sends him back home hard and ready for me with a good tale (and a red blistered tail-end). She never lets the poor boy cum. She sends him home for me to take care of that (or not, as I see fit).

But I like going also, to play and learn, so about three weeks ago we setup a three-way scene with a fun girls-on-top roleplay script. Unfortunately, with less than a week's warning, my husband was called away for a business trip (it was important, he needed to go). We were disappointed that it looked like we had to cancel. But it was david who suggested, half jokingly, why don't I keep our appointment? Guess what? That's what I did!

Coincidentally, just before that happened a reader left a blog comment as follows.

I immediately corresponded with Violet,
Hi Violet!

A blog commenter going by the name “Chris” left a comment saying he was seeing you this Friday? He asked if you could possibly give him a spank with my name on it. As in “this one is from Julie!”. In fact, if it fits, why not bend him over, get a cane out, swish it menacingly through the air, and say “these next six are from Julie” and really let him have it! Ha ha!
She replied,
Hi Julie! 

Yes, Chris contacted me at the end of December but I was on vacation and referred a couple of other Dommes to him, but he said he specifically wanted to see me because he’s such a big fan of your blog. Cool huh? 

I will absolutely give him those 6 cane strikes with your name on them. 


So, two fun intersecting Violet sessions, chris' and my own. Both sessions took place, and I've already written up mine (ran right home and wrote it all up when it was fresh in my mind!), but I'll publish chris' session first, as it happened first, and there are lots of photos from chris' session that show Violet's studio in the background, which will set the scene for my session later.

Violet tweeted in anticipation of chris' visit...

The next thing I heard was from chris, as follows.
Hello Julie,

As promised I wanted to let you know how things went with Miss Violet earlier today. To say that I was pleased, satisfied, impressed? All of those things and so much more. Beautiful, kind, cruel, and creative operating in a clean stylish location.

Miss Violet took the scenario I had presented (I don't want to take up too much of your time as I'm sure you get lots of e-mails but will elaborate if you wish) and ran with it, everything I could have wanted/asked for and more.

There was an intended break in the story line and it was at this point your instructions were followed. I can't thank you enough for playing along, it really added another dimension to what was already a fabulous day. My first caning!!! and delivered by you via proxy, I hope you enjoy the pictures, I hope they amuse you, I would be flattered and humblered (pun intended) should you care to use them. After each stroke, five in total I has required to say "thank you miss Julie" I did and I do. They were progressively harder, five of the best, my poor little ass is still on fire.

When you described how David got pounded by "Kimberly" I dreamt of getting the same treatment. Strapped down and helpless, Miss Violet (using an appropriate sized cock, I am very tight) and pardon the language... fucked the living shit out of me. I must have been moaning like a little bitch because she just kept going and going and going until she dropped her load in my little ass.

Thank you so much,
kindly, humbly

Five cane strokes??? I asked for six! I couldn't imagine Violet doing just five. All became clear when the photos arrived directly from Violet.

I don't know about you, and I can't imagine poor chris' mental state, but those sure look like SIX to me! I was also surprised and delighted to see chris fully "locked up". It was part of the scene as I shall describe shortly.

Here is another angle on chris' caned bum.

This above angle is never flattering to a bum, making them look rather big! In fact, chris has a very smooth pretty little bum...

Finally, here is a wider-angle view:

This photo also shows part of Violet's studio and equipment. See the little cage back there? How would you like to be locked up into that, subbies??? Huh? And do you see the paddles hanging from the wall just to his right? When it was my turn, I had to crawl over there and pick one to be used on my bare bottom. There were no good choices! But that's for the next blog entry.

After getting these pics, I decided we needed a blog entry (this one), and so I went about collecting the backstory, the scene, and how it actually played out based on emails and recollections from both chris and Violet. (Violet's were more reliable, for obvious reasons, chris' emanating from an endorphin-stoked sexual haze).

When chris first contacted Violet, he filled in the quite extensive contact form on her website. This is what he left in the "what kind of session are you interested in" box:
Job interview. Times are tough. I am way over qualified but vulnerable. I will be forced to strip for you... you make it clear that that is part of the job. Part of my job will be to service new clients, whether naked serving drinks or just being on display.
And here are some excerpts clipped from chris' correspondence with Violet.
"Thank you for your quick response. I hope you enjoy your vacation and that your spanking arm will be well rested. I found you through the "Strict Julie Spanks" blog, she really rocks my world so I would be most pleased to wait until you return. Verbal humiliation, calling me your bitch and your little slut, using me orally and anally with a strapon, I would like these incorporated in our session. Other than that I am more than happy to let you lead the way."
Awwww! I rock his world! Cute!
"We have left any scenario rather vague at this point, ie job interview. I am perfectly happy to leave this in your hands, the unknown is always more exciting. If you would incorporate any of the following: OTK, bare hand, paddle, hair brush, CBT including spanking, chastity. As part of the interview you make it clear that your company (all female run and staffed) has been advised by the Ministry of Labour that you must hire a male. If hired I will be the office bitch. Casual Friday's for the staff and CFNM for me. What will I be forced to do?"
Ah ha! The plot is thickening as chris' fantasy starts becoming more fleshed out. I wonder if he is masturbating to it at all? It brings to mind Underling's wonderful illustrations of his imaginary company OSIRIS from his blog. Underling's Humblings. Thinking of...

But chris now reveals a twist!
"Half way through my interview you will inform me that this has all been a scam!! While my hands are tied behind my back... You say that you float this great job offer to find males that you will turn over and train... to sell... to dominant women. In my case someone who wants to punish a German man. Jewish, British, American or Chinese girls especially want to abuse me. I will be sent naked and stripped to a retraining center... I haven't done anything wrong... but you're going to make me your little bitch!!!"
How fertile is the subbie's sexual imagination!?!

Being a first-timer with Mistress Violet, chris needed to do his identity and reference checks and place a deposit. Fellows, please! Do not balk at this. Violet is utterly professional and any personal information is completely safe with her. You should think of your provider's safety first and happily comply, as did chris.
"Thank you for agreeing to see me, I'm glad that my references panned out. Since we have a job interview scenario to start with perhaps you could incorporate that. Innocent lingering touches as we meet and you guide me to my seat. Perhaps a guiding touch on my bottom (even a mild squeeze/pinch) just to let me know who's in charge? You're checking my references, sitting beside me, running your hands over my thighs (they are great) over my crotch (accidentally of course). Again as part of the interview you could make this as embarrassing/humiliating as you like."
chris is a very hopeful little boy, is he not? To hope for such loving attention from Mistress Violet.
I have left a lot of meat on the bone for our first (and I hope of many) encounters. Don't be shy about expanding on my parameters, whether that means a humbler, bondage (yes please) spitting and/or pissing on me or any number of things I haven't even heard of...

Thanking you in advance

your little bitch (call me that)
May I call you that as well, chris? "my little bitch?", or are you now only Violet's little bitch? Ha ha!

But chris better watch what he asks for when he asks for "any number of things he hasn't even heard of". Besides her "softer side" that my husband and I have come to enjoy, she does have quite an edge as well, as indicated by some of her recent tweets!

She would not, of course, do that on a "first date", but just be a bit humble there, chris!

Don't get too worried though. Violet is every bit at home in a more domestic style D/s scene. All's I'm saying is that as kinky as you think you are, she's kinkier!

Chris then wrote me a more detailed account of his entire session. I forwarded it to Violet and am including her corrections as well in the below, still keeping it in chris' voice.

Miss Violet buzzed me in. I walked up the stairs, anticipation building... fear... I knocked on the door.

Stunning beautiful commanding Mistress Violet greeted me. I was stiffening from the word GO. We exchanged pleasantries. I was already dizzy. The walk from the subway was a little farther than anticipated, the only thing worse than being early is being late. She invited me in.

We sat at the kitchen counter for at least fifteen minutes. I was offered a glass of water (I drank two glasses), and we discussed the scene at length. We also went over my boundaries, my desires, the script, safewords, my previous experiences with Pro Dommes, and a bit about my personal life - just the regular but important stuff as this was our first time meeting.

I then went to the bathroom to freshen up and came out fully clothed for the interview roleplay. The scenario was that I was applying at a Women-lead company (the Ministry of Labour insisting that a male be hired). Mistress Violet led me over to the desk, guiding me into her office, her hands running over me... my butt... my face... my crotch. She peppered me with questions as she asserted her sexual superiority over me.

Eventually she came to the "physical examination" part of the interview for which she told me to strip naked. She placed a "Bitch" collar placed around my neck and cuffs around my wrists. She handcuffed me to the table...bent over. She then placed my (almost too shy to say) my "package" into a "Humbler".

It's impossible to say what I was abused with... riding crop I think... I had been gagged.. spit upon... begging for mercy, Violet just took me...

At one point she leaned in and asked me if I knew what the safe word is. “Yes Mistress” I replied. “Can I hear it?” She asked me. “Red” I replied. “Good” she said.

To my surprise and horror the riding crop wasn't used on my butt not even on my balls but on my poor defenceless cock, she is all purple and bruised. I was gagged and this was right at the start of the session so certainly wasn't going to give in so early. All of this I was assured was part of the interview process.

Job Interview: naked, handcuffed, humbled.
The future of male employment...

I have very sensitive nipples and somewhat foolishly I had mentioned this up front, the touches, the pinches were driving me wild, I was moaning like a little bitch. Apparently not enough to satisfy Miss Violet because, yes you guessed it, the nipple clamps came out. I begged her not to but that only seemed to encourage her. The sensation, the pain the pleasure literally made me weak in the knees. I was swooning.

The humbler was removed for the next part of the interview.

Miss Violet then explained some off the duties I would have in the office: delivering the mail, photocopying, and getting the ladies coffee tea and the like; menial tasks that women should not be bothered with. Since I would be the only man in the office, and so that this wouldn't become a distraction, I was placed in chastity: locked up!

Mistress placed the key on a chain around her neck.

Just to make sure I knew my place, I was placed over her knee for a spanking. It started out almost gently with a few light smacks. Quite pleasant in fact. This wasn't to last. Apparently, my squirming was not appreciated and so the spanks got harder and faster, sometimes with both hands. Just when I thought it was over she would lay into me some more. My poor little bum!!!

Miss Violet stood me up and said I had done quite well and I had the job, Yahoo!!! I just had to meet the CEO. What the hell? What was going on? I had to place my hands on the table and wait. I could almost hear two sets of footsteps, I was half afraid and half delighted at the thought that Ms Julie was the CEO. That was just my fear taking over but not entirely.

This is where the break came in. Miss Violet explained to me that Miss Julie had sent instructions and a message to be delivered via a caning. I'd never had one before. To add to the humiliation, not sure if this was part of the instructions or not, but I was forced to hold a cock in place on the table and suck it in between strokes.

Every stroke needed to be followed by a "thank you miss Julie". Each stroke was progressively harder, liquid fire indeed. It was almost sensory overload, my ass on fire, my mouth full of cock, delighted that this was being inflicted on me by such a beautiful woman and at Miss Julie's instruction. Violet asked me how many I had taken, I was pretty sure it was four when she asked and I was to take five, the naughty girl as if she couldn't see the marks all red and sore.

I was finally allowed to stand up, I thought the job was mine...and then the penny dropped.

There was no job. Miss Violet was a recruiter for a sex slave ring and used the job as bait and I had fallen into her trap. She had done her research, no one would miss me, I would just disappear. I told her I had money and would pay her if she just let me go. She just laughed and said I didn't have that kind of money. She would begin my training and then send me off to a boot camp where I would be trained further in proper behavior.

I was guided over to the horsey, shackled by my wrists and ankles... totally helpless at this point and really already Miss Violet's bitch and would have done anything she said.

waiting for the cock...

She returned with a little blue strap-on (I had said previously that my fuck hole was really tight), and she sodomized me orally, slapping my face with it, grabbing the back of my head and forcing me to take all of it, gagging.

That wasn't enough. She went around back and I knew what was next, no point in struggling and I really wanted it. Lubed up, slowly but relentlessly penetrated, we got a little stuck part way in but Mistress wasn't going to let me get away with that.

Then she got going. She placed her hands on my hips and she began fucking me, slowly at first then harder and faster. All the time she told me that when I was sold I would be raped like this on a daily basis, this and so much more, whatever my new owner wanted. I could feel her body against mine her hair falling over me as she lay on top off me. I was her bitch and she owned me, she would not let up... I loved it!!!

after my fucking...

Finally I was let up, and the collar and the restraints removed. I asked Miss Violet if she would consider keeping me as her personal slave rather than selling me. She said she'd think about it but I had better perform better for her next time!

So that was chris' encounter with the lovely Mistress Violet. Careful what you ask for, subbies!

Violet tweeted after chris' session,

and she received several replies to it...

Note that I had to modify chris' account slightly, as it seemed to be rather too informed by his imaginings and did not pay sufficient attention to the professionalism of the scene. As Violet put it during our email exchanges when I suggested we modify it accordingly based on some of her recollections, she replied,
Ok that sounds good - I would prefer something more realistic too, especially as it’s my profession he’s writing about lol. 

I’m sure that he is peeing his panties by the attention he is receiving from you Julie!
Are you chris? Are you peeing your panties from all this attention? Oh I hope so!

Stay tuned for my session with Violet next week!


  1. A wonderful post as always. I enjoyed the included personal pics of Chris's session. And I also learned that Strict Julie has a Twitter account.

    1. Thanks. Yes, the pics bring it to life!
      I have an account, but am not a big tweeter!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is beautiful and intense. Thank you so much to all three of you for sharing the story. It's so exciting to see fantasy come to life.

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment! Yes, I thought so too - I wanted to document the whole process. I don't know if you really see this anywhere else with such a level of honesty, you know?

  3. Real life, honest and soo exciting. Why can't this be my real life??
    OH Julie, you just never cease to amaze and thrill with the things that you come up with. Okay, you did not actually create this story, maybe just facilitate it happening.
    My wife would never let me go to someone like Mistress Violet. Lucky David gets sent to her by his loving wife!
    As exciting as this account was, I am anxiously awaiting to hear the tale of your session with Mistress Violet as I am sure it will be even more exciting!
    I must admit that whenever I read about you getting spanked I wish that I was the woman getting that treatment.
    Once again I say thank you, Dear Julie, for sharing with us less fortunate kinky souls.

    1. Maybe you could sneak behind her back? Honesty is not always the best policy...

      Yes, I got extremely well dominated! Details soon!

    2. Yes! To the guys in a situation where their fetishes and fantasies have NO chance of being explored AND you can do it WITHOUT BEING CAUGHT, I strongly suggest setting up a session with a good pro domme. Even if you can only manage to do it once or twice, it will provide you with a lifetime of memories and is much better than spending your life wondering what might have been. I have been fortunate in my life to have several of these experiences with a few wonderful women while not damaging my marriage. (Early discussions made it very clear that my wife does NOT want to be married to a man who desires “perverted” and “disgusting” things like spanking, strap-ons, etc).

    3. No, I could never sneak behind her back. In this case honesty is the best. She would never forgive me if she found out.
      I lust after so many women that if I gave in to the temptation once I could not stop.
      She is not thrilled about being married to such a pervert as I am, but she loves me enough to provide some wonderful sessions including spanking, belt whipping, caning, bondage and pegging. I would love it more, but the rare pleasure is more greatly appreciated.

  4. Both terrified and delighted at the thought that someone will recognize me from the pictures, someone I know or heaven forbid a stranger on the street.

    1. Hallo Markus, ich verstehe jetzt, warum du lieber aufbleibst!

    2. Uh oh! Is “Chris” found out???

  5. dont you think time for you to pay Miss Violet Mistress Violet a vist your self and ask her to give you the spanking of your Life hard untill tears come down we know you want SPANKED BY HER?

    or have david go to her to get good spanking of his life from her so she can make sure he behave like good boy for you and all women

  6. Chris has got a broad womanly bottom. Plenty of meat for the caning. A rump like his could certainly take one dozen.
    What about yours? It would be fun to compare your two big bottoms in the same position on Mistress Violet's table. Oh, gosh ! just thinking about it, I feel ashamed for you.

    1. Very subby was I, my bottom stuck out for the lash!

  7. Julie, I can't wait to hear about your next adventure. Hope you get your beautiful ass spanked, and made to service Miss Violet's ass, and she uses a strap-on on yours.


  8. You are no more a first timer so... have you been getting more than you bargained for (and what did you bargained for ?)