Saturday, January 26

Fiction Continued: The Bargain (Part 3)

As you'll recall, my pen-pal darryl and I have been collaborating on a work of fiction. We are pleased to announce a new chapter for your reading enjoyment!

The story is called "The Bargain", and was first presented in Fiction: The Bargain. Since then, we also published The Bargain (Chapter 2), and now The Bargain (Chapter 3). You can access an index of all my fictional works and co-productions at the page Fiction with Julie, perma-linked top right in the blog sidebar.

The story The Bargain is about a young college-aged boy who received the strap across his palms from his young and pretty French Professor at the strict Christian college he attended with his sister. For this boy, a strapping at school means a humiliating bare bottom paddling at home for this much too old boy. However, his naughty younger sister and her two girlfriends conspired to get the boy into even deeper trouble, and conspired to be there when his punishment was doled out by his angry Mother. The three wicked girls then blackmailed the boy into submitting to them for fear of the entire school finding out about his embarrassing spankings at home. One of these girls, the boy had a major crush on!

In this latest episode, it is the next day at school where things go from bad to worse for our young male protagonist. After school his sister deals with him again, but then winds up being quite surprisingly tender with him at the end. I hope you enjoy it!

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