Thursday, May 9

Fiction Continued: The Bargain (Part 5)

As you'll recall, my pen-pal darryl and I have been collaborating on a work of fiction. We are pleased to announce yet another new chapter for your reading enjoyment!

The story is called "The Bargain", and was first presented in Fiction: The Bargain. You can access an index of all my fictional works and co-productions at the page Fiction with Julie, perma-linked top right in the blog sidebar.

In this latest episode, Darryl gets together with his big crush, Leslie, who good-naturedly humiliates and punishes Darryl for his masturbation. Finding out that Darryl has been made to be sexual with his little sister Julie, Leslie is determined to take that slut to task, but who will come out on top in the end?


  1. Just found another FLR wordpress blog you may be interested

    I hope david isn't getting too comfortable being without a little public humiliation for so long


  2. All i care about is he getting strict punishment he desver if ask me iam jealous people like him getting meet female and punish

    make me wonder why havent happen to me yet why cant find no female to punish me spank me etc i still owe you kinky spanking story

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