Tuesday, October 13

Birthday Gift

 What do you get for a husband who has everything? A bit of wifely submission is what!

It was David's birthday not so long ago. I decided to give him "me" as his present. I know he enjoys ass fucking me, but he does not do it very often as it does hurt me. I told him that for his birthday I wanted him to ass fuck me and come deep inside of me.

I had written an episode in my new book when fictional David introduces fictional Julie to sodomy on their honeymoon. Julie took her "obey" vows and felt she had to let him. She requested a very severe beating from David to get her into the right head space for it. Real Julie decided to do the same.

I told David that I wanted him to "make me" take it. That I would be reluctant, and that he should beat me until I "gave in" (that would be my "safeword" sort of). Then he should do it, and do it hard.

Of course that all went down towards the end of his birthday day. In the morning I gave him his paddy-whacks first!

He's passed 40 now, so paddy-whacks are much more interesting. When you're experienced spankos like us, it's not just normal paddy-whacks. It's paddy-whacks that make an impression. I decided to use the big holed wooden paddle made for me as a gift.

It's one of the fiercest implements in my collection.

I put him on the bed, bare, draped over three pillows. I gave him his age plus one to grow on. It took a little while to get through them all as he refused to stay in position and kept rolling over and clutching his ass in extreme pain. What a sissy :-)  I did not go any easier on him as a result. It was his birthday. Birthday paddy-whacks! I already knew what my gift to him was going to be, and I knew I was potentially setting myself up for some major revenge, but live dangerously, right?

Poor baby was sore all day long. Awwww!

Towards the end of the day was when I gave him my gift. I had already taken care of cleaning myself out back there and was ready to go with lube and towels and everything when I called him over and offered myself to him. He liked his gift!

"So bend over and get your ass up for your fucking," he told me, playing along already.

"No!" I told him, adamantly.

"We'll see about that!" he said as he grabbed me and "forcibly" stripped me bare naked. He pulled me across his knee and started spanking me with his hand. His hand is already very punishing. "You're going to take it up the ass, woman!" he told me as he spanked me.

"No. No. I refuse!" I told him. I didn't want to get off easy. I wanted my rough ass fucking to be the lesser of two evils.

David stopped spanking me and put me face down on the bed. Then he took his leather belt off from around his waist and snapped it. David likes leathering me more than anything.

He started giving me the strap, and it was hard! I held out for as long as I could, but the whippings got harder and harder, and eventually that was it. It was my time to "yellow out". 

"Ok! Ok! You can do it!" I begged him.

"Do what?" he asked me as he continued whipping.

"Ass fuck me! Fuck me in the ass! Please Sir! Please fuck my ass! Please!" I had to beg to finally get him to stop my belt whipping.

He bent down to me, grabbed my hair in his hand, and turned my head to look at him. Then he said, "Alright. But if I get even one squeak of complaint as I'm doing it, we'll be right back here and I swear I'll whip the skin right off your backside, woman. Do you understand me?"

I don't know if you've ever been talked to like this. But it's scary. Scary and exciting at the same time. As a woman, you want to do nothing except submit totally. He had legitimately beaten me into sexual submission, and I loved it. I also was NOT going to test him! I would take my ass fucking meekly and submissively.

He made me kneel up on the bed. He got the lube and applied it to my asshole and his fingers. Then he pumped first one alone, and then two together into my ass. I did not dare make even a squeak of protest!

He then put the tip of his cock against my asshole. He started pushing it in. He was slow but firm. I tried my hardest to accommodate him, but I flinched unconsciously at the intrusion.

"Do not test me, you fucking little slut." (David uses dirty words like this with me, he knows it excites me).

"Yes SIR!" I said, and relaxed back into it.

He drove his cock home as my asshole exploded in momentary pain.

"Do you like, slut? Do you like my cock up your ass?"

"Yes SIR! I love your cock up my ass Sir."

"Beg for it, slut. Beg for a hard, fast, deep, fucking."

"Please SIR! Please fuck my ass hard. Hard and deep and fast, Sir."

He started driving his cock in and out, getting deeper and faster as he went.

"Yeah yeah yeah yeah," I said as he fucked me. "FUCK me harder! FUCK me harder!" I said.

"You little whore. You actually like it like this, don't you?"

"Yes SIR. I LOVE it like this, SIR."

As David ages, unfortunately (in this case) his stamina increases. I was subject to a good minute or two of very rough anal before he plunged into me a final time and came into my asshole.

He pulled out with a little "plop" that gave a little shock to my stretched out asshole.

"Owwww! My butt!" I said as I rolled onto my side.

"Thanks for my gift, sweetheart," he said and gave me a nice little kiss.


  1. Rogering here.Good to see your anus getting the attention it deserves Julie. And as you perceptively pointed out, David will (when he gets the chance) stay longer in that tight sexy spot as he ages. Ho hum and belated Happy Thanksgiving day.

    1. Yes, I'm missing his premature ejaculations!

  2. Anal sex for his birthday... there's nothing quite like the traditional gifts :D

  3. Very nice! You don’t mention bondage very often. For that picture - how about if your wrists were tied to side of bed and your legs were spread by an ankle spreader? Very submissive. Would you try that?

  4. Given you like dirty talk and politics would you like it if the dirty talk took a political bent?
    During your spanking something like “Here’s 20 for cutting health care, another 20 for tax cuts for the rich and another 20 for not wearing masks.”
    During your ass fucking how about “Your party fucked the country so now I’m gonna fuck your right wing republican ass”.
    Bridge too far?

    1. That would be just annoying, cause I'd be giving all the counter arguments as I was being fucked, and that's just weird. Besides, nothing dries up a pussy like a lefty soy boy. :-)

  5. My biggest fantasy is to whip a woman into submission like that followed by rough, forced anal. Unfortunately that does not look like it will ever come true for me with a vanilla wife that refuses any kind of anal play and recently decided that she will no longer peg me either. Thanks for letting us read about this. Your fan in Georgia. - Mike

    1. Be a man, Mike. Put your foot down and demand her obedience. ;-)

  6. I have to admit that I'm somewhat envious of Daved once in a while ;-)

  7. Is this you in the opening picture?

  8. My wife and I are more vanilla than you and David, but she's told me that every once in a while there's nothing better than being bent over, mounted and used like a bitch in heat. Sometimes a girl just needs her man to tan her ass and give her a good dicking.

  9. I love that hiney up and head down position! It's perfect for doing the clean out "back there" as you put it, and also good for whipping and of course fucking!!! My wife gives me spankings and enemas in that position, as well as the pegging. Dam!!! Now I have to change my briefs! I will catch a good spanking now for cuming in my underpants.

  10. This is a good precedent for your birthday. Will David give you what you want and what would that be?

    1. I want... my birthday whacks, bare bum, in front of my family!

    2. This sort of semi-public bare bottom discipline is exactly what you need to be a good girl and a well-behaved wife, julie.
      - Strict J

  11. You are an amazing wife. What a great gift for David! The picture at the beginning of the story is so beautifully spankable and feminine. I love your writings

  12. All I can say is, welcome back Julie. It’s about time we heard something real.

  13. Wow, that story puts quite the hot imagine in my head, particularly picturing your sexy ass from the sexy schoolgirl picture you have on your earlier posts.

    Changing subjects... It's been a few months since you've blogged any fun posts about your submissive pen pals. I'm too chicken to offer myself up, but they are fun to read and live vicariously through.

    1. There's not been a lot of action lately in that area!

  14. Being a female to be able enjoy giving a spanking and receiving a spanking is amazing. This male tried giving his wife a spanking and besides her not liking it, it did not feel right. I'm spanked and our marriage is strong because of it. You mentioned being spanked in front of others, as you know my mother-in-law has seen me spanked and has spanked me. What is really worse than the spanking is having my pants and underpants pulled down and my erection pops out. My wife reminds me it will be gone shortly, my mother-in-law just saids typical male. I've stood getting scolded before the spanking all on display. Sure enough when the spanking is over, I'm limp, I'm reminded I'm limp and told to face the wall, no rubbing, no talking. Women just have a different response to man's penis, where as us men get excited quickly. Once the erection is gone the spanking really hurts, the squirming, kicking, and pleading begin to no avail. Just wanted to pass this on, your are such a person that I feel able to express my views. I've wonder what a over the knee spanking from you would be like, never going to happen, but no harm in thinking about it. Thank's again Julie Jack

    1. Yes, if there are no thoughts of any type of penetration, then a man's penis is actually quite funny, waving around hard and erect, pulling its male to find some hole to stick it in.

    2. My wife will make me stand, wait, erect, and enjoy making fun of it. There are times she will make me masturbate, since I've been caught in the past. Those spankings hurt the worse. My mother-in-law just smiles and said her concern is my bare bottom.

  15. Dommage que la fessée n'est plus que accessoire, et que cela ne devient que sexe...j'adore le sexe mais je suis sur un blog de fessée ce qui m'intéressait ....
    jai aimé lorsque vos posts étaient sur la fessée, en famille, par exemple....

  16. Fer' shits-n'-giggles, I sent you a private email. Just a suggestion for his next birthday


  17. What a perfect birthday gift for a wonderful husband! How lucky you two are!

  18. My birthday was yesterday, my wife bought a new hair brush and a new pair of jelly sandals to wear and use on that day.
    This new jelly sandal looks fabulous in her feet that I was allowed to kiss and lick as much as I want then came the time for birthday spanking, as I was busy with her feet and wanted to stay enjoying her feet, she used the new jelly sandals.
    I thought what the heck, it is just a sandal, but how wrong I was, it stung right from the beginning and by the 7th whack, I asked to go fetch the hair brush.
    I was allowed because it is just a birthday spanking, she continued tbe rest of the spanking that hurt as usual.
    Now I am in trouble because that new jelly sandal hurts a lot, she also told me she will use the heel part in my next spanking.
    I tried it when she was out, and I don't know how I will take it, it hurts a lot more than hair brushes and belts.
    It is only inferior to a thick PC cord and a senior cane.

    1. You're going to have to grin and bear it. In fact, go and ask for it to get it over with. Tell her I sent you.