Tuesday, November 10

Witnessed (Real) Spanking

Got to give David a real-life witnessed spanking on the weekend. It started off innocently enough, and then just one thing lead to another...

My sister Sue popped over on Sunday for a mid-afternoon drink. No kink was planned. David had been binge-watching some superhero show all day. I had been upstairs working of all things :-(

Sue rings the front doorbell and I go down to get it, expecting her. We greet and we walk into the kitchen together. OMG. There are dirty dishes in the sink, on the counter, and an empty bag of McDonalds with various wrappers not thrown out on the kitchen peninsula.

It's not normally his job to keep the kitchen spic and span, or anything like that, but this was too much. We had a brunch before I started working. After brunch I had put my dishes into the sink and rinsed them. He was still finishing up. There were clean dishes still in the dishwasher, but I had to get some work things done and asked David if he would empty the dishwasher and put the dirty dishes into it. "Sure," he had said.

So, what had he done? Nothing. Worse than nothing. He had not even rinsed off his brunch dishes and he had left them on the counter. He had not emptied the dishwasher. He had not put dirty dishes into the dishwasher. He had ordered McDonalds from Uber Eats ($$$!) for lunch. He had left his garbage strewn around the kitchen. The plate and glass he used was in the TV room on the floor. And he had his feet up binge watching a superhero show! And he leaves the kitchen in that state for me to discover when my sister arrives??? We like to make tea, or open a bottle, and sit at the kitchen peninsula to talk. But what a mess! Oh, he was 'gonna get it!

"David!" I yelled angrily from the kitchen. He paused his show and came into the kitchen carrying his dirty dishes.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry, I meant to clean up in here..." he said as he put his dishes into the sink and started unloading the dishwasher.

"You can do that after your spanking," I told him. Sue giggled. David looked back at me like a little puppy. I continued, "go upstairs and put your punishment panties on Suzy Homemaker, then back here for your spanking."

"Ahhhh, honey?" he whined, but then saw me looking sternly at him. "Yes ma'am," he said and he went upstairs.

"Ooh Goody! A spanking," said Sue. "Did you plan it?" she asked.

"I didn't. Maybe he did. But he'll be sorry if he did."

I started to make tea amidst the filth. I'll be damned if I would clean it up. Before too long David  reappeared, blushing in his pink cotton panties and nothing but.

"Adorable," said Sue.

"When he messes up on the housework, I like 'womanizing' him. Deep down in that thick male skull he thinks doing housekeeping chores is woman's work, don't you David?"

"no ma'am."

"I think you do."

"Here, let me help," said Sue. "Kneel down," she told David, who knelt where he was. Sue got her pink lipstick

She made David purse his lips and applied the lipstick. Then she had him smack his lips several times in an exaggerated way, saying "go MWWWA!"

Ha ha! So there he was in pink panties and pink lipstick and nothing else.

I pulled out a straight-backed wooden chair and put it in the middle of the kitchen. Then I sat and beckoned him across my knee. He draped himself. I pulled down his panties and began spanking him with my hand as I scolded him.

"Why are you getting this spanking, young lady?"

Spank Spank Spank

"Because I didn't clean the kitchen when I said I would."


Spank Spank Spank

"And, and, because I made more of a mess?"


Spank Spank Spank

"The McDonalds?" he asked.

"The McDonalds," I confirmed. "You Uber Eated it, didn't you?"

Spank Spank Spank

"Yes Ma'am,"

"Couldn't even get your ass in gear to walk and pick it up yourself. Until further notice, McDonalds is dead to you. Understood?"

Spank Spank Spank

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Sue, would you please pass me the wooden salad spoon. Top drawer next to the sink."

"My favourite," she said as she handed me the spoon.

I hiked David a little more up and over my lap, and grabbed him more securely around his waist. Then I used the spoon to give him a real punishment. Immediately the complaining started.


"Nowo! Ahhh! Ouch! Please! Yowwww! Owww! Please! Please!"


I was unrelenting. I guess I wanted to impress Sue.


"Please! I'll be good! please! No more McDonalds! I'll clean up everytime! Please! I'm Sorry! Waaaaah!"

I paused and rub the wood across his ass. It was already bright red with those tell-tale white spots in the centers.

"No more McDonald's?"


"No Ma'am!"

"You will not leave a dirty kitchen for me to find?"


"No Ma'am!"

"Ten more to the insides of your thighs. Kick your panties off."

"No please! Not there!" he begged.

"Twenty more it is, care to go for thirty?"

David fluttered his legs and kicked off the panties that had descended down to his ankles already. Then he spread his legs widely for me.

"Twenty to each side, or twenty altogether?" I asked him.

"Altogether please! Altogether!"

Well you better not fuss while you're getting them, ok?"

"Oh!" he wailed. I was pretty sure he doubted his ability to hold position for what was to come.

"Do you need Sue to hold your legs apart for you?" I asked him.

"no..." he answered meekly.

"I.m pretty sure you do. Sue? Would you?

"Sure!" she said and knelt down directly behind David and held his ankles, spread widely, in her two hands. I looked around the corner to what she could see. His balls were sort of squishing out the back between his two legs.

I tapped his balls with the wooden spoon. "Let's hide these, shall we," I said as I grabbed his balls in my hand and tucked them up underneath him and between my two legs as he lifted for me. My sister watched all of that action from her intimate vantage.

I pulled his near butt cheek towards me, which incidentally exposed his bottom hole clearly for my sister to see, and I tap, tap, tapped the wooden spoon against his high left inner thigh and then let loose with my first strike.

"AWWWW!" David yelled.

"Take it!" I warned him. I pulled his cheeks apart more and made the next strike a little higher still. I went up and down from his anal ring to a couple of inches down the inside of his leg. I did ten in total on that side.

I then moved the spoon into my other hand, pulled his outer cheek further out, and tried to smack him on his right side, but it was awkward.

"May I?" Sue asked.

"Sure." I handed her the spoon. I hooked the inside of David's left leg with my right, keeping him spread. Sue stood and used her left foot on the ground to spread David's right leg wide. I then put a hand on each lower butt cheek and spread them wide apart. From her standing position, Sue smacked down directly onto David's right inner thigh, provoking a very high-pitched screech and some involuntary movement, but we had him well-controlled. Sue repeated the spanking I gave him, spanking from two inches down his inner leg to just at the brown skin ringing his butthole.

"Alright, get up," I told him when we were done. "Pull your panties up. Start cleaning the kitchen."

"Yes Ma'am," he responded sheepishly and began emptying the dishwasher.

As I mentioned, it started as a simple little spanking, but why waste a good opportunity to take it a little farther? I had an idea...

"Keep going," I said as I left the room. I went upstairs and brought down his prostate massager, some lube, and his little cock cage we had not used in a while. Sue had not yet seen him wearing it, and I thought that would be fun.

He had just finished unloading as I returned, gear in hand.

"Oh, what's this?" Sue said as I laid out the toys on the kitchen peninsula. She picked up the cage and examined it from various angles.

I had also brought his big pink prostate massager.

David could see what I had brought, the cock cage specifically, and came over and started begging. "Please! Not that! Please!"

"What? Your cage?" I asked all innocently.

"Please no..." he begged pitifully.

"Please no don't lock your penis in your cock cage as punishment? Please no don't do it while Sue watches? Which is it?"


"Come over here, Leave the dishes. I lowered his panties, and began fitting his cock cage. "You're going to be punished with a good caging until I let you out. And you're going to be caged right in front of your sister-in-law so she can see how it fits."

I guess the humiliation had an effect on him, because his penis erected to the point where it was  impossible to lock him. I put his cage down and went into the freezer to crack some ice cubes into a small bowl.

I picked up two ice cubes in my hand and started rubbing them up and down his cock shaft. He started wiggling in distress as the chilly ice rubbed against his hot cock. I took another two cubes in my other hand and began rubbing them against his testicles which instantly tightened.

"Oh! Ah! Eee!" he said as he danced in place.

Surprisingly, his penis was staying hard. The ice was melting quickly and creating a little puddle between his legs and wetting his panties which were down around his knees. I was about to change the cubes when I noticed how smooth and bullet-like the ice in my hand has become. I went behind him and said, "bend over." He did so and I pushed first one, then two, then three of the smooth ice cubes up his butt. He stood and started shimmying around even more.

I stood back to watch him with my sister. Poor boy was feeling the effects of the cold ice up his rectum.

"I'll bet that's cold!" said Sue.

I replenished the ice cubes in my hands and continued applying them to his testicles and to his hot, but rapidly cooling, cock.

It still was not going down and my ice cubes were melting away, so I flicked the tip of his cock with my fingertip and then it started deflating. Once it was down it was very down, and I quickly took the opportunity to slip the cage on, put the ring around the base of his cock, push it together and lock it up with the tiny padlock. There we go. Locked in front of Sue!

He looked very embarrassed standing there, and Sue had a big smirk on her face that she could not hide even if she wanted to, which she didn't. I ceremoniously placed the key on its chain around my neck.

"There we go, none of those nasty boy erections. A little time in your cage may teach you to mind the housework, no?"

"yes ma'am" he said, still looking downcast, panties now down to his ankles.

"Bend over the peninsula," I told David, and he shuffled towards it and bent over it. I lubed his prostate massager and stuck it in. I then turned it on, turned it up to max, and set it to his favourite pattern: the "DAH DAH DAHHHHHHHHH" pattern that he tells me feels most like a fucking. I told him to stand up and lose the panties.

We could hear the buzz, buzz, buzzing in his backside as he stood there and squirmed in place. His cock was straining the confines of his cage, and he looked to be in some considerable pain.

"Does it hurt?" I asked him.

"yes ma'am," he said, practically in tears, squeezing his legs together and squirming. I was starting to notice something, and so was Sue.

"He's leaking!" Sue said. It was true, There was a drop of pre-cum starting to slide out of his penis tip.

"My balls! Please!!!!" complained David. The cage was very tight against his poor testicles.

"Do you need to yellow?" I asked.

"Yes Ma'am, Yellow. Please."

'Yellow' is our slow down safeword. His cage really is too small for him. I need a larger one.

I'm such a soft touch. I took the key off from around my neck and unlocked him. He sighed in relief as the tight ring opened.

"What will we do about this?" I asked softly as I rubbed his penis in my hand, using his pre-cum as lube as he rapidly gained back his erection. I grabbed his scrotum in my hand as I turned around and said, "come here," and dragged him towards the couch in the living room by his balls.

"Sue, would you pass me one of those larger dish towels?" I asked my sister. She handed me a fresh 2'x2' dish towel. I put it down on the seat of the couch and told David to lie down on his back. He sat on the dish towel and then lay back as I knelt down beside him. Sue took a seat opposite us to observe. The vibe was still buzz buzz buzzing deep in his backside as he lay on it.

"Are you going to make a little cummy for me?" I asked as I gently rubbed his cock, "right in front of Sue Sue?" David moaned as I rubbed.

"Were you a bad boy and got a spanking? Did you have to change into your panties? Did Sue see you in your panties? Did she see me pull down your panties for your spanking?"

David seemed on the very verge of cumming so I let go and watched his cock twitching in the air.

"Oh please! Oh please!" David begged.

"Please what, sweetheart? Beg me for it."

"Please may I cum, Ma'am? Please?"

"What, like this?" I asked as I rubbed him some more. "Right in front of Sue, you naughty boy?" I looked over at Sue and smiled. She seemed entranced.

"Yes! Yes!" he cried desperately.

"If you cum, I'm putting it in your mouth and you're swallowing it, on your knees."

"no..." he begged softly.

I put on my angry voice. "You will do as you are told! You will put it in your mouth and you will swallow it in front of my sister."

"Yes Ma'am!" he said desperately, right on the verge of cumming.

As I started to feel the inevitability of it I let go and said, "Go on. Disgrace yourself."

"Ahhhh! Ahhh!" he moaned, his hard wet cock waving in the air.

I knew he was super close, and wanted to put him over the edge with just my voice. I reached out and gave him just a couple more rubs then took my hand away. I looked him right in the eye and said, "remember, you're swallowing every last drop, on your knees, right in front of my sister."

"no! no! no!" he said and then, without me even touching it, the cum just start dribbling out of the tip and down his shaft. I had ruined his orgasm. Ha ha!

I went right in and scooped up his cum and fed it to him. "Hold it," I told him, as I fed him all of it. Even squeezing his limp cock to get the last drops out. When he had a mouthful I got up to get a washcloth and cleaned his cock, balls, and abdomen where the cum had landed.

"Get up. Kneel on the carpet. Face Sue."

Sue stood up and I went to join her. We both were looking down on my kneeling husband with a mouthful of ejaculate.

"Swallow it," I told him.

He screwed up his face, and we could see his throat move as he swallowed it all down.

"Show me all gone," I said.

He opened his mouth wide and showed us that had indeed swallowed it all down.

"Good Boy!" I congratulated him and gave him a kiss on his forehead. "Go get dressed and you can go back to your TV." My boy works hard all week, so he should get to binge watch his superheroes on the weekend.


  1. More marriages need to be like this, with laziness on the husband's part leading to him getting spanked and humiliated in front of his sister-in-law - including my own :D
    Love the scolding and banning him from McDonald's too - you're one strict momma!

    1. The McDonalds is for his own damn good.

    2. Quite right! I wonder if it might be worth extending the ban to all junk food.

    3. Yes. It's diet time for him.

  2. I liked this one. A Totally justified punishment and humiliation Miss Julie. And don’t listen to the chastity cage complaints. That is NOT a small cage and he does not have a huge cock. Lock him up, wear the key proudly...and not for like 26 minutes. Make it 26 days.

    1. Maybe if I get him a slightly bigger one...

    2. I that case Ma’am, try “the bird cage” chastity device. Amazon dot ca ;)
      It allows for room to “grow”. It allows for “chastity tears”, but nothing more unless you permit it.

    3. Maybe I'll amazon it and have him open the package when it arrives!

    4. Can you add a gift note with Amazon? You could write something about his locked up cock and permanent etc. He should surmise that someone else has seen this or typed it? Little public humiliation Jules.

  3. Welcome back Miss Julie, i have missed these posts when you are at your dominant best.
    I concur, buy david a custom made chastity cage and lock him up

  4. Julie

    Welcome back to the Dom side. I loved the pink panties, housework and sue putting on the lipstick. Domestic chores are a great way to put david into subspace. Washing and folding your laundry work well to. My wife has a great sense of style and I like folding her stuff and feeling it as well imagining it on her body. Rearranging the panty drawer while being ignored also works equally well. As for the spank violation cum eating humiliation that just put me over the top. Also the CFNM aspect which is great cause I think you were both wearing pants on the weekend

    Lastly and you can edit this out if it violates any terms but this Couple on spanking tube are fun to watch. He’s more a sub but does switch. What I find awesome is there verbal interaction and her laughing at his predicament is totally humiliating

    Link if you want to watch is



    1. Fun stuff there. He has such a cute little butt!

  5. Been spanked in front of my mother-in-law, her best friend, and a couple of others. Bath brush is her choice, her mother suggested it. All is on display, I kick, squirm, plead, to no avail. Jack

    1. My wife reminds me after the spanking and I'm facing the wall, women enjoy seeing a man being reminded who runs the household and could care less about seeing a naked man. Don't know about David, but a spanking from my wife brings out the little boy, a very naughty little boy. Jack

  6. If I recall correctly from your early posts , isn't leaving dirty dishes in the sink one of your 'signals' for a spanking ?
    I think David set you two up....

    1. QUITE possible... but also I legit think he was surprised... but I agree.

  7. I agree with one of the other posters: I really missed your sessions like this with David, especially when Sue is involved!

  8. While you’re ordering that new larger cock cage why don’t you get him a pair of red heels in his size to go with it? Nothing too expensive for a cheap slut like him. Heels 👠 are very feminising. He’ll love/hate them. Sluts like him keep their heels on while they’re being spanked and fucked. Good for his corner time too. MrD

  9. Love, I wish I had a sister in law lik3 Sue, my wife spanks me.
    Her sister spanks her husband for real not game, but she wouldn't spank me because she knows it is game for us.

    1. I had an aunt on my mothers side my mother’s brother’s wife who though it was never talked about definitely did that to him and it wasn’t a game but pretty terrorizing. before I was born I was told a story that he had just come home from the Navy and she had made dinner but wouldn’t let him sit down and eat it until he washEd the kitchen floor. so much better when it’s for fun Z’s

    2. For me, my wife likes face slapping, she gives me face slapping sessions with her hand and slipper (only foam slippers because I was once injured when she used an Ipanema flip flop).

  10. This was a very enjoyable read and it was even hot too. I hope you really blistered his ass and what you did afterwards was even better. I wish more women would learn to make men eat their own cum. I have had it done and I hate it....but never feel more submissive than when it hapens

    1. It's the rule in this household, not the exception. Cum goes down the hatch!

  11. Love it! I have a love/hate relationship with eating my own cum. It is always such a great idea before I cum and then after I always want to back out. I love when my wife makes me eat it anyway.

  12. This is a HOT story for sure.
    But I've got to ask a question. What is it with all of you dominant female spankers and your sisters? I have 3 sisters-in-law and they all know that I am a submissive, and well spanked, little hubby. They have all seen me get it on the bare with the strap and hairbrush, and they have assisted the wife when she gives me enemas and mouth soaping. I just wonder how many spanking wives share this kind of thing with siblings ?

    1. If you do it regularly, and enjoy it, and if HE gets off on the humiliation, it's only natural to involve another woman. But it has to be somebody you can sound out bit by bit and gauge level of interest, and somebody you trust to keep a family secret. So who better than an open minded and trusted sister? It's not sex, it's spanking.

  13. Very nice Julie, my sister in law also joins my wife in spanking me, she is divorced because her husband is not into spanking when she even playfully hits his ass he refuses.
    He says it is a man who playfully hits a woman's ass not the other way around.
    She even moved in with us and my wife agrees they share me even in bed, they both can't have children and I have two children from previous marriage.
    So it is ok for everyone.
    They both have nice feet, my wife small feet (size 37) while her sister has slightly large feet (size 39).
    Now they have an older cousin that wants to join in as well, but I was reluctant to accept as I couldn't well take spankings from her because she spanks hard and likes also giving bastinado (forget to tell you, she joined them a few times recently spanking me).
    My wife and sister in law, told her she can join from time to time but no bastinado.
    She offered to pay half the household expenses (we now share it three ways, meaning we will bear half what we pay now) and explained that she isn't into bastinado but was just trying it.
    I told her I like kissing feet, she said ok though she isn't much into it but why not.
    I tried her feet, and I agreed because her size 41 feet are quite a dish, it is rare to find big feet that pretty and tasty.
    Today, I declared my acceptance by buying her a new slipper and she accepted by wearing it, the pulling me across her knees, hand spanking me with her large hand them taking off the slipper and letting me really have it long and hard. After she finished she did something new, that is she rubbed my sore ass not with her hand as my wife and sister in law do but with her foot.

    1. What a great arrangement you have. Your poor bum! I'll bet your jaw gets pretty sore as well.

    2. Well I developed what is called a leather bum Julie, but it still makes me tearful when two of them spank me together.
      For the jaw, not really because they do it just to please me but not like some other ladies who enjoy stuffing their foot in their subs mouth.

  14. I went to far with my views on what is happening with the transition. My wife warned me, more than she normally would, and I just kept it up. Well my mother-in-law was visiting, I brought up the subject and to my shock she said, enough. My wife just pointed to the bedroom, I got up and slowly walked to the bedroom. When she closed the door, down to your birthday suit young man, and I looked at her, what did Mommy tell you to do, and I soon was naked, scared, and said I was sorry. She opened the door, with a grip on my arm back to the kitchen. My mother-in-law had pulled out the chair, she then handed her daughter a very large hairbrush. I squirmed, kick, pleaded, promise and my wife gave me the spanking of my life, saying she had enough. Thinking it was over, I stood there,rubbing, and then my mother-in-law sat down. Please Mother Connie, no more, she pulled me over her lap and gave me a very sound spanking. I stood not facing the wall, but in the kitchen, facing them, hands on head. Both scolded me, and I said nothing. Get you jammies on young man, Yes Mommy, and soon I was back in the kitchen, jammies on. Now face the wall I was told, my mother-in-law pulled the bottoms down to display my red spanked bottom. This todate is the worse spanking I've been given and only one other time did I get spanked by both my wife and mother-in-law. Once again being naked before them, they could care less. Jack

    1. That's a great story. Thank you, jack.

    2. Maybe a topic you could ask, Is how spankings became of part of their lives. For punishment, sexual pleasure, M/f or F/m. You have such a following, tapping into them, all would benefit, just asking. Jack

  15. I am addicted to spanking, must get a bedtime spanking every day or I won't be able to sleep.
    My wife's work involves some short travels, if she ia traveling, she spanks me hard in the morning before going, so that I can sleep at night.
    If the travel is over 1 night, she spanks me before she goes and tells me to spank myself at night with her slipper.
    A few years ago, she was on a two week trip, I was spanking my self and even she made a video call instructing me during the spanking, any way in short I got in contact with a maid who was cleaning for a neighbor, she was 50 years old (24 years older than me) and got her to spank me.
    My wife discovered it, the lady told her asking if she would like her to continue with this job, my wufe was very upset, though calmed down by the fact it was just a maternal spanking without sex.
    Any way, as her mother lives in another country, she got her cousin who lives in the same building to pass by our flat whenever she is away, take off her her slipper and whack me long and hard every day at 6 pm, she justifies that to her husband that she brings me food.
    Things go smoothly as the spanking takes 2-3 minutes.
    I like it because her cousin is an excellent spanker better than all the ladies who spanked me in my life.

    1. 2-3 minutes sounds too short, but if the slipper is a good one and she is vigorous I guess it can leave a mark?

    2. Well, there is an old clip for Cassie the Huntress where she delivers a short intense otk slipper spanking where she gave 72 blows in 45 seconds using a moderate or I could say mild slipper.
      My wife's cousin is fascinated by this clip and tries to break the record every time she spanks me, so it is usually 200+ whacks in rapid succession and using a heavy beach jelly slipper.
      Sure it leaves marks especially that she finishes up with sharp whacks using heel part (the heel part is around 2 cm thick which double the thickness of the front part of 1 cm).
      If you have a jelly beach slipper Julie, try it.

    3. Why do you stand Julie? Can't sit after a hard spanking

    4. Ouch, a beach slipper without warm up, this hurts a lot.

  16. “Hands at your sides, young lady.”
    "Did you write that your new e-book is "fictinal" !" (top right)
    “Get your heads up so I can look you in the eye.”
    "Why, in your opinion, did you write "fictinal"?"

  17. Hi Julie,
    For me, it is my mother in law and aunt at the same time (I am married to my cousin) who spanks me and my wife.
    We have been spanked together all our lives from childhood till now (we are both 22 years old).
    We get her to spank us together before having sex as we live in her house.
    She only uses one type of implements, we asked her for variety, but she refused threatening she will not play along any more.
    She stopped punishment spanking when we entered high school except on few occasions.

    1. Ha ha! She gets you warmed up for sex!

    2. Yes, and she does that nicely.

    3. But if she isn't around, who does the spanking or you switch?

  18. My wife went to Ikea, she came home with a small wooden cutting board.
    Ikea sells weapons of ass destruction.

  19. Love it, my neighbor who is s a lady in her forties is quite dominant
    I hear her shouting and ordering her husband, son in law, college age son and of course primary school son.
    I was once on the roof fixing the satellite dish and saw her having her 3 daughters do something strange, she had a long piece of wood 2 meters long with ropes attached to it, her older son and son in law lying on their backs on the floor, their feet tied to the 2 meters wood that is carried by her 2 older daughters so that their feet are well presented to her cane as she gives them long harsh bastinado as I could guess from the numerous marks on their feet.
    Nearby in another room I saw the younger daughter (aged 14)spanking her 10 years old brother with her slipper as he cries out, but she just leg locked him and continued to lay her rubber Ipanema flip flop on his red ass.
    In another room, I saw the husband sleeping on his stomach with a lady's slipper on his ass.
    I brought my small racing scope to see better, the husband was actually tied up and his ass was badly bruised, the slipper was actually a wooden scholls and a big racket pat was there as well.
    Well, she saw me peeking and I told her I have photos, she asked me directly if I wanted to join the family spankings as I didn't seem to be blackmailing.
    I agreed and most probably will be married to the middle daughter soon.
    The lady is training her to paddle as I like paddling while they are used to slippers, also I am being trained to take bastinado because it is a main thing for the mother.

    1. Yes the spanking part but the bastinado is really painful because the mother enjoys drawing lines on the feet with her cane. So it is hard whacks to cause welts and bruises though all with thin whippy canes to avoid damaging the feet.
      She told me bastinado with sticks is wrong and can cause permanent damage, it must be with light whippy cane so that it is always superficial on the skin only.

      But they are very caring and bought a couple of paddles just for me. Though sometimes when we are both enthusiastic we don't go to fetch the paddle, I just go otk and she takes off her slipper, but she now wears wooden scholls because she knows my love for wooden implements.

    2. Wooden scholls are quite similar to thick small paddles.
      Well, most important is that you enjoy the spanking no matter what implement is used.

    3. Just got a hard bastinado together with my fiance from my future mother in law.
      She caught us having unprotected sex without condom.
      She interrupted before I cum with a series of slipper smacks on my bach and ass, then called her other daughters to bring the falaka pole where we were tied together and given a hard punishment bastinado.
      She hit hard and we couldn't move our tied feet that were well presented to her cane.
      After that she announced that our marriage will be next week, only then we can have unprotected sex

  20. Love it when Sue is there, it would have been better if she had a sub to bring and have a foursome session

  21. What I find different here us the sister in law who plays along, there are many couples who spank and switch, but Sue gives a different flavor.
    Also the personal trainers spanking David was something unique.
    Your openness to sharing your kink plat with others is great.

    1. Why not share? I don't get it.

    2. Many couples are worried to involve strangers in their kink, but you seem to be good at detection of the right persons to play wuth

  22. Sisters Sisters
    There were never such devoted sisters
    When a certain husband doesn’t act with class
    Sue spreads his legs while Julie fucks him in the ass

    Cheeky sub

  23. My wife spanks me every night Julie, she sits on the bed side, I go otk and look at her feet, if she has both slippers on I know it will be just a hand spanking, if one slipper is missing then it is a slipper spanking and I know the severity depending on which slipper she is wearing.
    The worst are jelly slippers and old wooden scholls.
    If it is a punishment, then it is the cane as I lie over the bed with 3 pillows raising my ass to be well presented to her cane. It is usually 6 of the best that leave 6 visible lines on my ass, in some occasions it could be 12 of the best and if I am really bad it is 12 + 2 diagonal cuts making an x over the 12 lines.

    1. Yes and it livids all 12 strokes.

    2. Ouch, the diagonal strokes at the end of the canning are very painful. They often cause bleeding.

  24. Very good! When you’re feeding him his own cum maybe use a spoon to scoop up the mess and treat him like a mummy feeding a baby. Open wide - here comes the Choo Choo train! Eat it it all up now. Nobody likes a fussy eater.

  25. I like the idea of David being encouraged to improve his oral skills even further by punishment. After all it’s his oral skills that he’s mostly good for being an early shooter who can’t give his wife vaginal orgasms. Pathetic.
    Next time Sue visits get the stopwatch out. He is to go down on you and he’d better do his best ever work. If he has not brought you to orgasm within a time limit Sue puts down the stopwatch and gives him a hard 20. Keep repeating until he succeeds. That’s how you motivate lazy boys.

    1. Agreed! Oral skills amongst the subby boys seem to be quite well developed for just this reason.

  26. I can relate to a mess in the kitchen ... just this week my wife instructed me to start the dishwasher and take out the trash before leaving for work. I also had a note reminder to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy on my way home that evening. Well, I forgot all three of those instructions.
    As you might imagine my wife was not pleased and I was scolded and received a well deserved spanking over her knees.

  27. Nothing creates humility and obedience like being punished in front of another woman.

  28. My wife loves leaving notes to say do this or do that. Sometimes she’ll say to do something OR ELSE. That’s a sign it’s a set up for a scene and if I’m up for that (I usually am) I’ll make sure to fail at the task and risk the consequences. She’s quite imaginative so it’s a risk but life’s too short not to have kinky fun.

  29. The perfect spanking! Pantied and in front of someone. How humiliating. Love it!

  30. Soo happy you are back at it . Love your adventures.

  31. I'd be interested to hear how you and David both made the transition to spanking in from of the sister. Was she the first? How did it begin? Did he resist, or did he think it was enjoyable to be humiliated by her presence?

    1. It's all covered in detail in the blog. But no, she was not the first. I spanked him in front of his personal trainer (whom I knew well, and knew to be fun loving) first. I then spanked him at a massage parlour in front of the girl next. My sister was the third i involved. I just told her about what we were up to and straight out asked her if she wanted to watch (knowing she had a bit of a kinky past herself). David was in on it and gets off on the humiliation of it.

    2. Thank you. I had looked through your blog and didn't find it. I'll look again.

  32. My sister-in-law (who live in France) won't be allowed to travel to the US - and to spend the holidays with us this year (which means I will be spared the "Twelve Days of Spanking"I usually get from the two of them at this time... but J. is already making up for calling her sister every day and to paddle my derrière with one of her wooden "tools" so that B. can hear (and enjoy) it... I traveling to France is allowed next Summer, I am sure both sisters will be eager to "make up" for lost occasions...