Sunday, May 1

TV Startle

My husband and I were watching a new TV mini-series called "Gaslit" about Watergate and we came across a scene I considered pretty sexy anyways.

One of the main protagonists is John Mitchell, Richard Nixon's Attorney General. He had a wife, Martha, known as "The Mouth of the South" for how she loved the spotlight and gossip and would often do interviews for TV, magazines, and newspapers. She was a thorn in the side of the Republican party.

On the night the operatives were caught by a security guard and police breaking into the DNC headquarters, The Mitchells were in California seeking the endorsement of Ronald Reagan for Nixon's next election. John Mitchell was very afraid of his wife doing something foolish with this news, so he placed her on lockdown inside his hotel suite with his secret service agent Peter without waking her to tell her, not wanting the drama.

When Martha awoke, she noticed that John had emptied the drawers of his clothes.

She got up and put her robe on.

She noticed that her phone was disconnected, the cord ripped out of the wall.

Confused, she wandered out into the main room where she was startled to see Peter, the security detail, eating breakfast.

"Oh Peter! You scared me!"

"Sorry Ma'am, I was just getting some breakfast."

"Where is everyone?"

"Mr. Mitchell had to fly to Washington for an urgent business meeting. His instructions were to have you stay here."

"Oh... I think I'll just give his office a call, make sure everything's all right."

Peter puts down his breakfast bowl and steps in her way to block her from leaving the area. 

"All right Peter, what is going on?" she says angrily, in the tone of a woman of power who usually gets her way.

"Okay, there's no need to get hysterical. Why don't you just go back to your room and relax?"

"This is ridiculous. I am calling my husband."

She barges forward and Peter has to grab her to stop her.

He grabs her forcefully and spins her around.

"You are not in charge here. Do you understand me?"

Martha is terrified and nods yes.

Peter walks her along back towards her bedroom.

"You husband is a very busy man, and he doesn't have time right now to take your call."

"Ok" she whispers submissively and begins walking towards her bedroom of her own accord.

"Here. A little light reading," he says, handing her a stack of women's magazines.

She takes them and he says,

"Good girl."

She walks back to her bedroom.

Is that not an amazing scene? He's a young man, likely in his twenties, and she's much older, in her fifties. But he deals with her as if she was a child, even saying "good girl" when she obeys him. He restrained her physically, laying hands on her. It's obvious this was under the instructions of her husband. He would not have taken such liberties otherwise. But what else was he empowered to do by her husband if she put up more of a fight? We can only imagine...

"No! I refuse! I am leaving!"

"Now Ma'am, your husband has authorized me to put you across my knee if you don't comply."

"I will not be treated this way!" says Martha, stomping her foot.

Peter sighs, takes her arm, and pulls her towards the sofa. He sits and gently but inexorably pulls Martha across his lap. He moves her robe out of the way and pulls down her pajama bottoms, baring her mature bottom. He spanks her with his hand.

"You cannot do this! You cannot spank me! My husband will see you in jail! Let me up immediately!"

"I'm sorry Ma'am, but your husband left explicit instructions that if you misbehaved like a naughty little girl, you were to be treated like a naughty little girl, and where I come from, this is how naughty little girls are treated. Now, will you be a good little girl and go to your room without a fuss?"

"Yes! I will. I will!"

"Good girl."

He restores her pajama bottom and puts her on her feet. She trudges back to her room, head bowed, thoroughly shamed, and well put in her place.

Do you imagine she went to her bedroom and rubbed her pussy? I do.

This is such a powerful scene (even without my added spanking, that you have to admit was well-implied). It really speaks to our male and female stereotypes. This is exactly how I wish to be treated by my husband when I misbehave, as if I was a naughty little girl.


  1. I’ve seen only the first episode but it’s an amazing story even if the TV folks do a bit of embellishing. Also a great role for Julia Roberts.

    Oddly I’ve never found Julia Roberts attractive. She’s beautiful but too wholesome or unripe or something - not sure why I feel that way.

    You, Strictjulie, however are a different story …


    1. Oh, is that Julia Roberts? I should have known that, ha ha! I loved her in that movie where she played a whore.

    2. On Sept.10/21 Strict Julie wrote about her encounter in a
      hotel with her former boss - - In return for her services,
      he 'gifted' her $3,000.00 - - Julie wrote - -

      "When he left I opened the envelope. There was not only the $1000 to cover the room, there was an "extra" $3000!!!!! All in crisp $100 bills.

      Holy shit! I guess I am a "high class" whore! It felt... good! But, I mean, holy shit!?!"

      Takes one to know one

    3. Oh absolutely! Just curious, are you attempting to insult me? When I say I liked Julia Roberts' whore character, it's because I liked Julia Roberts' whore character and admired that character. I think it would be an amazing lifestyle to be a sex worker on your own terms. But I would not claim that title myself, as I was just a person who benefitted from some unexpected largesse from a gentleman. I did not do everything a successful sex worker needs to do to make a safe, profitable, ongoing business of it.

    4. Hadn't read that post until I saw it above. Checked it out.
      Wow! If you can make serius bank like that why not
      chuck your boring day job and become a paid switch?

    5. Because it was a one-off fluke. Professional sex work at the highest levels requires tremendous dedication and savvy, and while with skill risks can be minimized, it is still a risky job, and skirts legality in many cases. Double the risky bits if you intend to be a pro sub. In this case I knew the gentleman and wanted to play and was not expecting the money, so it was a gift, but a gift that made me feel like a whore, which I found to be a very sexy fantasy!

  2. You and David should absolutely role play this scene and post the results :)

    Alex Glass

  3. I should have joined the Secret Service.

    1. Then you too could spank women with impunity! ;-)

  4. This was a hot little piece of dominance that would have left a lot a ladies a gooey submissive mess. It sure looks like it left you tingly, at least.

    This is only moderately related, but I've felt that Julia Roberts has needed a spanking for quite some time.

    1. It certainly did. Although I'm sure many woman were horrified, us spankos were nodding vigorously in agreement, how horrible, and wetting our panties at the same time!

  5. A woman who obeys with such bad grace deserves some more attention.
    For the little girl in her, a full naked Scottish shower and a mouth soaping, then for the mature wife, a good mouth fucking. "swallow, bitch".

    1. What's a Scottish shower? But yes!

    2. Scottish shower: to give the naughty little wife her shower by alternating hot and cold water to calm her temper tantrum.
      But it can also be very embarrassing for a mature wife to be told in front of the guests :
      "Honey, if you keep behaving in that childish way, you're gonna take a shower and go to bed without supper! Do you understand? Louder, I can’t hear you!"
      w.e. anders

    3. Delicious humiliation. I like the Scottish Shower. If it was me, I'd be begging for my bedtime spanking!

  6. Perhaps John should have emptied the drawers of Martha's clothes, to make doubly sure she wouldn't leave :D
    Your spanking fantasy is great and as this is the Watergate era presumably it would be recorded for all to enjoy in prosperity!

  7. Staying in the political realm, Marjorie Taylor Greene grew up in
    the great state of Georgia where a stout wooden paddle is still
    applied to the naughty bottoms of coeds who act out in school.
    With her feisty attitude, I would bet more than a few whacks were
    administered to try to curb her defiance - - Didn't seem to work. - - She is still fearless and speaks the truth for all to hear!

    1. I can imagine MTG bending over defiantly for a paddling for stating her mind in an inappropriate place or manner. Me too!

    2. That's probably why she has no time for loser beta male journos like Jim Acosta. She can be a snarky hellcat to him (Acosta deserves ever ounce of scorn he receives) but hubby probably doesn't tolerate it during family/private time.Those southern conservative gals may rule their kids with an iron fist and dole out plenty of sass, but when the lights are down and the door is shut their bottoms are answering to Daddy.

    3. Oh yes, she gave Acosta a very public spanking there! It was delicious. And yes, I hope she does go over her rugged hubbie's knee in private.

    4. My godess Lauren Boebert was born in Florida & lives
      in Colorado. Both of these great states use the good ole
      paddle on naughy bottoms. I bet she had to bend over
      more than a few times to answer for her sassy mouth.

    5. I always thought a few very hard paddle strokes over skirt was pretty abusive. Better to be put across the Vice-Principal's knee for a more extended hand spanking. Bottom should be bared so he/she can gauge the effectiveness based on the reaction of the skin colours. Of course this needs to be done with witnesses of the same sex as the miscreant. If all of this causes a bit more embarrassment, well that's just part of the punishment.

    6. Maybe StrictJulie could report my pouty, irresponsible California snowflake behavior to a panel of FoxNews blond bimbos for an attitude adjustment. Everybody wins.

      Or Sarah Palin could spank me. Or Tina Fey impersonating Sarah Palin. Greene or Boebert would test whether there are limits to my spanking obsession - they’re just too effing crazy.


    7. Julie wrote - - "My Mom worked her whole life. She started out as a teacher, and later became an education administrator pretty high up in the government hierarchy."
      Do they emply corporal punishment in Canada?
      Did your mom ever talk about administering correction
      to naughty students?

    8. No school spanking in Canadian public schools for a very long time now. She believed in it for her own kids (I.e. me!) for a while, but then changed her mind when I was still young.

    9. Oh come on, admit it. If Marjorie or Lauren offered to paddle you, you'd bend over Rosco. :-)

  8. Oh, Pretty Woman! What is it that Scott Adams says? “One screen, two movies.” Everybody here sees the kinky, erotic tension in that scene, but you know there are people out there who watched the same scene and took it completely at face value without the slightest tingle in their nether regions. I’m pretty sure we are wired to see it that way. At least for me, even as a pre-pubescent boy, certain scenes, words and pictures gave me butterflies and aroused feelings I didn’t understand. The one screen, two movies phenomenon happens a lot these days. For example, some people still think Biden is a good president and in complete control of his mental and physical faculties, while others say, “How can you watch what I’m watching and think that?” While we may never understand how or why, knowing this divide in perception exists and that they’re really not faking it can be valuable. - david

  9. The actress is Julia Robert's? If so I am sure her contract has a strict 'no spanking ' clause.
    Too bad as it was an opportunity lost.

  10. I personally fantasize about an older, mature dominant. But I can totally see the appeal of being roughly handled by a hot, young, stud.

    1. Me too, but then I saw this scene and changed my mind (or, rather, miss puss puss changed hers).