Wednesday, September 21


Phew. I got my spanking yesterday (Monday) evening. It was a very thorough wife-spanking and ended with a session of sexual obedience and absolutely humiliating corner-time.

As recounted in I've Been Sentenced to a Spanking and Anticipating My Spanking, my husband decided to consequence me for not living up to my own standards of wanting to cook more. He made me wait two days to anticipate my spanking. He didn't mention another word about my spanking until Monday evening after dinner.

I had, of course (!), cooked him a nice dinner Monday night (Pistachio-encrusted salmon). we enjoyed it and not a thing was said about my spanking. He complimented me on my cooking, in fact, and said how I had really pulled up my socks in the cooking department. I wondered if this meant I was not to be consequenced after all?

He even helped me to clear and load the dishwasher. Once the kitchen was in ship shape, he said it.

"Well, may as well get your spanking out of the way."

He had not forgotten. Oh dear! Even though I knew I deserved it, I decided to brat at least a little bit.

"No, honey. Pleassssse! I did a good job on the cooking, you said so yourself. You said I really pulled up my socks. Come on... Please... I don't need a spanking."

I know what you're thinking. I've been anticipating this spanking for days. I've soaked my panties multiple times edging myself to the thought of it. I definitely wanted it, obviously. So why was I trying to get out of it?

First, if I realistically thought I had any chance of getting out of it by complaining like this, I might not have done so. But I knew that my pleading entreaties would fall on deaf ears, so no chance of that.

Second, a big part of my excitement around spanking comes from the consensual non-consent aspects of it. Putting up a fuss and him spanking me anyways is what makes it even more exciting. He knows it, too.

Third, when a punishment spanking is imminent, there's a big part of me that desperately does not want it to happen, knowing what is in store for me. So it's pretty easy to very realistically try to beg off my spanking.

"You're not being spanked for doing well now. You're being spanked for doing poorly before."

"But I AM doing well now. You said so. That proves I don't need a spanking to make me do it."

"You spent two weeks not doing well. What kind of husband would I be if I let you get away with that without any consequences?"

"A nice one?"

"You need to be cruel to be kind, baby." He said it with a smile and a smirk.

I was under no illusion that the fact he did not appear angry with me would at all lessen the severity of what he had planned.

I stomped my foot and said "Oh!"

"He just smiled at me some more and said, "Take off your clothes. Strip."

"OH!" I said again, stomping my foot again.

"Stomp your foot one more time. Go ahead. Do it. See what happens."

I briefly considered it. But this was no time to be making matters worse. I really do not like the actual spanking part of things. And I certainly do not like the harder punishment style spankings. And making it worse for myself seemed extremely foolish. My little rebellion was quelled.

"No thank you," I said.

"No thank you, Sir," he corrected me.

"No thank you, Sir."

"Take off your clothes."

I began undressing. I took off my jeans and my socks. I had of course put on a cute cotton patterned panty. I pulled my top off and removed my bra.

"Go on, every stitch."

I took my panties down and right off. I placed everything carefully folded on the floor in a corner. I was completely nude in my own kitchen.

"Given the nature of the offense, I'm going to spank you right here." As he said this, he took a counter-height stool from the peninsula and put it right in the middle of the kitchen. This one:

We recently had our entire kitchen redone, right down to the studs. It was one of the reasons I had committed to cook more. David was not so keen on the bother and expense of a new kitchen. He didn't see what the problem was with the old kitchen (it was about 30 frickin' years old and was looking really ratty - had not been redone since the house was originally built!). But one of my arguments was that with a fresh new kitchen I would cook more! As a result of the kitchen remodel we had more room, and we had also purchased these counter-height stools. So, yes, it was pretty fitting that I would get my spanking in my new kitchen. That had not occurred to me before, but it was so obvious now.

He went and perched on the stool, his knees about a foot apart, both feet up on the crossbar thing. He motioned for me to come around to his right side, then he motioned me up and over his lap. It was a bit of a struggle, but he helped me by lifting me part of the way and then dropping me down on his lap.

Oh my goodness! My feet were dangling at least a good foot or two off the floor, and my head was dangling the same on the other side. I couldn't really reach the floor, so had to clutch the thin stool legs, one in each hand. This was my approximate view as I went over.

I felt acutely exposed in this position. Normally I'm more stretched out straight during a spanking. This time I was jackknifed over acutely and dangling. I could feel my bare pussy and bumhole on parade from behind.

He held me there and gave me a brief lecture about following through on my own commitments.  He did bring up that we had built this beautiful new kitchen for me and that he expected me to use it.

I felt like such a naughty little girl, nude and across Daddy's knee, scolded before my spanking. This is what it's all about for me. This is actually the pinnacle of the experience, knowing I was in position and undressed to be imminently spanked. Spanked like a child. With nothing I could do to stop it at this point (yes, safewords, but no, never). I felt utterly... reduced. Completely subservient and obedient to Daddy's wishes. A naughty, misbehaving little girl, awaiting her just desserts. About to be very well punished and taught a lesson I would be unlikely to soon forget. Punished in my birthday suit because misbehaving little girls do not get to preserve their modesty.

Then he started spanking me. Daddy started spanking me.


He just used his hand, but as I've mentioned before, his hand is big and strong and hard! He was by no means going "full out", but there was no question that I was being spanked.

And this positioning was just so humiliating. My upper body stayed relatively fixed as I could clutch onto the stool legs. But my lower body was free to move, and move it did. Before too long I was kicking up a storm, which did not seem to phase my husband in the least.

I'd say I got at least five minutes of that. Then he stood me up on my feet. I reached behind to rub.

This gif was so me!

I thought maybe my spanking was over?

He went to a drawer where I keep some miscellaneous utensils. He picked up first one thing and then another, testing them by smacking his own palm. He finally settled on a red rubber spatula. This one:

He went back to his perch and then pulled me up and over and across again. He touched the spatula to my low ass cheeks, and then started spanking me with that.

Double, Triple, OUCH!

He had to hold me more securely as I was kicking and crying out and boogeying across his knee like CRAZY! that spatula truly sizzled my behind. He went all over with it, including down my thighs and into the "insides".

"Calm down," he told me as I was jerking around so spasmodically that I risked falling off his lap. I settled down and did some Lamaze style breathing, and he started in again, every bit as hard, not lightening up at all! Nefore too long I was back where I started and couldn't control my body at all.

"Calm down!" he admonished me again. "If you move anymore I'll give you a good smacking to your vagina with this spatula."

Oh my. A pussy spanking? With the red spatula??? But as soon as he said it, I knew I needed to experience it.

He continued spanking me. I tried to remain stoic for the first minute or so of my continued spanking, but then I, very deliberately, let myself go and began kicking and screaching again, which was very easy to do!

"That's it!" he said.

He stood me up, and then he made me bend over the stool. A bit like this, but picture zero clothes:

He put his hand in the small of my back and pushed me down solidly into the stool. Then he continued spanking me with the spatula as I cried and wailed and promised to cook more!

Finally my spanking was over.

"Stay there!" he told me. I remained draped over the stool, my ass killing me. It had been a complete and utter ordeal.

He did some stuff, then came over to me and pulled me up by my arm. He had put a throw-blanket from the next door TV room (that I often snuggle into while watching) and placed that on our kitchen peninsula.

"No!" I wailed, knowing what was coming.

"Get up there," he said lifting me with his hands under my arms like a child and sitting me onto the peninsula counter. "Lie down. Pull you knees up. Spread them. Hold them there."

"No, no. no, no, please!" I begged.

"What did I tell you about moving around like that?"

"Not to do it?"

"And what did I say would happen if you did?"

"pussy spanking..."

"That's right. Twelve strokes, right where it will do the most good."

"Oh no no no no no no no... OUCH!"

He brought the spatula down right across my plumpened pussy lips. (They always "plump up" during a  spanking).

I involuntarily brought my knees together and then quickly spread them again, holding them apart with my hands. He did not seem to mind the minor disobedience of uncontrollably bringing my knees together so long as I immediately followed it with a submissively obedient re-spreading for my next stroke without being told to.

He went from one side to the other and up and down the middle. Each strike was very painful, and most resulted in me bringing my knees together and writhing in pain before spreading open for the next strike.

"Are you going to behave during your spankings from now on?"


"Last one," he said.

Oh no! Last ones were always the worst. I pried my knees open and gritted my face as he brought the spatula down one last time, dead center.

"Ahhhhh!" I yelled as I closed my knees, hugging them together, and writhed from side to side up on my high kitchen peninsula.

He settled me down, stroking my hair. Then he told me to pull my knees back again and spread them.

"No! Please! I've had enough. Please!" I begged.

"Shhhhh..." he said, settling me down. "Put your hands on your ass cheeks and pull them apart."

I did so, keeping my knees up and spread of their own accord, reaching to the outsides of my legs to grasp my ass cheeks and pull them apart, exposing my anus.

"Stay like that," he said, and he left the room to go upstairs.

Something was going up my butt. I just didn't yet know what.

He came back down with some lube and two sizes of butt plug. He lubed the smaller one and my hole, and pushed it in. He then fucked me with it for a minute or so, playing with my pussy while he was at it.

Then he took that one out, and put the big one in. It hurt going in! I had to strain to take it. I thought it would split me open!

He let me get used to it a bit, and then started fucking me with that big butt plug. The worst is having the bulbous part pass my anal ring again and again and again. He parked it inside of me and told me to sit up on the peninsula with my feet dangling off. This was painful, as it pushed the big plug in deeper and deeper as I gingerly lowered my weight onto my plugged rear-end. I sat there sweating, rocking back and forth, trying to use my hands on the counter to alleviate some of the stress.

"Are you going to be keeping it up with the cooking?"

"Yes Sir!"

"Next time I won't go so easy on you."

Easy!?! He called that, "easy"?????

"yes sir"

"Now, go up to the bedroom, put three pillows in the middle of the bed, and lie across them, no covers. You keep that plug inside of you, stretching you. I'll be up in a few minutes and then I'm going to sodomize you. Good and hard, right to completion."

"yes sir" (I figured that was coming).

"You may touch yourself while you wait for me, but no orgasm. Do you understand?"

He knew me too well. "Yes sir," I answered.

"Go on then, scoot."

I started easing myself off the peninsula. He again helped me down by using his hands under my arms to lift me up and then down onto my feet. I turned and he gave me a little smack on my butt. I waddled up to the bedroom as he watched my spanked and plugged bare ass wiggle.

I went straight to the bedroom and did as I was told. I lay out three big pillows in the middle of the bed on top of the duvet, and then draped myself over them. My plugged ass was uppermost. Then I waited for him.

My spanking had been very painful, but very exciting, and very exhausting. I knew I deserved it, and it turned me on that he had initiated it, made me wait for it, and then followed through on it. Also how strict he was with me regarding my wild moving and kicking, following through on the promised pussy spanking. And now here I was, stretched and waiting to be sodomized by him, "roughly, and to completion".

My hand slipped under me to my pussy. He said I could play with myself. I was damp and gooey and puffy and sore. My ass was high and plugged, waiting to be fucked. I writhed as I masturbated myself. But I didn't want to disobey my husband, not now, and backed off before I went over the edge. I repeated that a few times, reliving my full spanking, going through every detail, not least because I wanted to recall it accurately for this blog post.

I'm not sure how long it was. Three or four edges worth at least, and he came in.

"Have you been a good girl?" he asked me, asking if I had cum or not.

"Yes sir. I've been a good girl."

"Did you get close?"

"Yes sir. Multiple times."

"But you didn't come?"

"no sir."

He undressed as he was quizzing me like this and then got on the bed behind me. He applied some lube to the plug and my stretched hole, fucked me a few more times with the big plug, which hurt some more, and then pulled it out. He lubed his cock, placed the head at my asshole, and pushed in in one motion. He has a big cock, but the thickest part of the big butt plug was wider, and I took him easily into me.

He grabbed my hips and began ass fucking me. Slowly at first. Shallow at first. And then going harder, faster, and deeper. As many times as I've done it, it's always a painful ordeal, accommodating him like this. While the thickest part of the butt plug is thicker than him, his thickness extends the entire length of his shaft, and his shaft is much longer. I don't care who you are, an ass fucking is always an ordeal, as all these girls can attest to:

Yes, it's painful and it's demeaning. I was a composite of all of those girls, for real. First spanked, ass and pussy, and then fucked by his cock in my ass as further punishment.

[and yes, it turns me on before and after the fact to find images and gifs like those - what is fucking wrong with me????]

When I first started this blog, David's problem was he was a bit too quick in the sack. Almost 12 years on and he seems to have the opposite problem now: it takes him a long time to cum. Not good when you need to take it up the ass!!!! It went on and on and I was mentally begging for him to fill me with his cum. Finally. Finally. He did. He jerked spasmodically into me, deep as he could, and injected me with his hot sperm.

He pulled out. I was totally, totally spent. He took the big plug, re-lubed it, and stuck it back into my ass. He then had me turn onto my back and he put the pillows back at the head of the bed. He reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out my realistic-feel dildo and handed it to me along with the lube.

"Stick it in your pussy and fuck yourself with it," he told me.

I took it, lubed it, and DP'd myself with it. As I squirmed my pussy around the dildo, fucking myself with it, I also rubbed at my clitty with my other hand. David was right there on the bed, up on one elbow, staring at me with a big grin, which was pretty embarrassing!

He went into the bedside drawer again, pulled out my Hitachi, plugged it in, and handed it to me.

"Use this also," he told me.

I switched it on and used my clitty hand to press the Hitachi to my clit as I continued fucking my hole with my dildo.

That did it! I was over the top in about 20 seconds, writhing violently with the Hitachi pushed hard up against me, my hand furiously fucking my cunt with the dildo, while the big plug still filled my just-fucked asshole.

"That was fast!" David exclaimed in surprise. hey... "Leave those inside of you, you're going into the corner with them," he said.

Oh no!

I put down the Hitachi and stood up, holding the dildo into my pussy. The plug was staying in by itself. David took me back downstairs and conducted me to my usual TV room corner.

"Nose into the corner, don't you dare move it."

He stood me there like that and sat on the couch in the same room to watch some BJJ fighting of some sort as I was left to stew in my own juices. He could see me clearly from where he was seated. I was still holding the dildo into my pussy and trying to keep my nose pushed into the corner.

"You'll be there for a half an hour. You can amuse yourself if you wish, but that nose better not leave the corner."

I reached behind and jiggled the butt plug a bit, making sure it was firmly in place. I held the dildo into my pussy with my left hand. I licked my fingertips of my right hand and began strumming my little clitty. This was so embarrassing! I'm such a total slut. I did Kegel contractions, squeezing my pussy and ass around their intrusions as I rubbed and both considered my humiliating circumstance, and everything before. It took longer this time without my Hitachi, but after about ten minutes I came again, knees shaking, shuddering into the corner.

"Good girl," David said, observing my shame.

"Oh!" I said aloud in frustration.

"You have enough time left for another," he said.

No, I thought to myself, I wasn't going to embarrass myself like this again!

"Wait, I have an idea," he said.

He came up to me, took me out of the corner and made me face the wall instead. He had me pull my dildo out from my pussy and hand it to him. He held the base against the wall and told me to put my mouth around it.

"Hold it in place like that with your mouth for the rest of your time," David told me.

Oh! I slid my mouth over it and held it against the wall. It was tangy from my own pussy juices. It kind of stuck a little, the base acting as a bit of a "suction cup" (though it's not really one).

Kind of like the female version of this:

David went back to his TV and I was left there in timeout, nude, butt plugged, holding a big dildo against the wall. I got the hang of it pretty quickly and found out the minimum amount of force I needed to exert to just keep it there. There was no question of diddling myself, though. Holding the dildo required concentration.

"Use your time productively, baby. Practice your deep throating," David said. "You can use your hands to stabilize it if you want."

More humiliation. Great. I started going down on it, but not too aggressively. Maybe an inch or two at most, in and out. I found I could use my tongue at the tip to sort of keep the pressure on the dildo pushing it into the wall as I slid my mouth up and down. A bit of coordination required.

"A little more enthousiasm, sweetheart, or I'll add a belt whipping to your punishment."

No no no. I needed to get serious. I held the base against the wall with my two hands and started deep throating that dildo with a purpose. I went deep as I could, right to the gag reflex and held it there as long as I could, then backed off, taking it right out, and gasping for several breaths,  and then went in again, the same way.

"A little faster. In and out. Nice and deep."

I moved faster, bobbing my head on the dildo. I could keep it up for maybe ten or so times, then had to pull out, on the verge of gagging, retching, drooling all down onto my tits.

"Keep at it," David said. "If you do a good job, I'll take some time off."

This was good motivation. I went at it again, and showed David with absolutely no doubt possible that I was committed!

"Very good. Would you like to stop now?" he asked.

"Yes please," I said, sounding miserable. The back of my throat was sore.

"Ok, you can stop. Come here. Give me a kiss."

I went over to him and kissed him on the couch, snuggling into him as he fondled all my private areas, "taking inventory" like the other night.

"Go on and take your plug out, clean yourself up, and get dressed."

"yes sir," I said, and went to do as I was told.

What an experience. Properly spanked, fucked, and humiliated. It's the sort of thing I dream about before and after, and dread during. I'll keep the cooking up. At least for a while...

What do you guys think? Any critique of David's style? Any suggestions of what you might have done differently to me in his position? You know I love it all!


  1. Epic punishment, Jules. You didn't explain before that you twisted his arm to build you a nice new kitchen for you to cook in. Curious omission, that. Kind of shameful on you, no? Not following through on the cooking after he got you the new kitchen?

    I can I imagine you dangling on that stool over his knee. Any chance of a follow-up video recreating that? Multiple camera angles would be sweet, especially one from behind and a face cam.

    No need to video your ass fucking. That's best kept between husband and wife in the bedroom, though I'm glad you shared it with us by way of description.

    The funniest part for me was imagining you with nose planted firmly in the corner, diddling yourself to a second O. I can't imagine David was paying much attention to the BJJ matches with that going on!

    You were definitely a naughty girl, but you were well-punished for it, so all's well that ends well. I wouldn't have changed a single thing about it were you mine.

    1. Thank you, Sir. It would be sweet to get a video crew in and recreate that spanking from all the angles! Not sure where the face cam would go? Maybe a go-pro mounted under the stool?

      And thank you for allowing me to keep my humiliating sodomization private in the bedroom. Many of my readers would NOT be as generous, and would want to see all the strokes WITH the same multiple camera angles. I think the face cam would be the most entertaining ;-)

      Yeah, I don't know why I skipped that bit about the new kitchen before. Guess I was feeling a bit ashamed of that. It's such a traditional "thing" to get a wife after a lot of nagging. And then when she finally gets it, she refuses to use it! Definitely a spanking offense, in any era.

  2. You are such a total slut. I mean that as a compliment.

  3. Very 1950's housewife vibe to this one. I wonder if they were as freaky dealt back then, or was it just a spanking and that's it?


    1. I'm sure they were more freaky than we imagine. I've corresponded with a few older gentleman who can attest to that. If a 1950s housewife got spanked, dollars to doughnuts she was performing her wifely duties in bed afterwards!

  4. An epic spanking but I still would have preferred an old fashioned 1950's wife spanking, otk dress hoisted and panties downed , heels flying off with all that kicking. Then bent over the counter for some delicious doggy style sex.
    I guess I'm old fashioned!

    1. I've taken your suggestion in. Will go look for some nice vintage clothes and then burn his dinner deliberately!

    2. You dont have to burn his dinner Julie , just his toast.
      Food is expensive these days.
      I can see you looking great as a 1950's housewife!

    3. Toast is a good thing to burn, as it can be done quickly and is super obvious!

      Yes, it would be a step-up from my usual ratty jeans and tanks and T's!

    4. Dont forget the garter belt and stockings !

    5. Pin-up model dress. Nude seamed stockings, peep-toe heels and don’t forget the pearls! With a wooden spoon in hand and apron on, working away in the kitchen. This style of outfit could go either way. It’s very female disciplinarian too! Taking your little boy David over your knee for the spoon while he’s in ridiculous little jammies.

    6. You do know that, in order to a burn a dinner, one must first have some ingredients on hand to prepare and cook? ;)

  5. You sure got well sorted. I wonder how long you will keep up with the cooking? I recall when Bacall had me test out a silicone spatula on her in the store. They worked well, she bought two. Bogey

    1. Ha ha! We once got a dirty look from a female staffer when testing out a big wooden salad spoon at a Williams & Sonoma.

  6. Loved the dildo in the mouth cornertime! Such a nice addition while your arse is plugged too.

  7. I love your seeming fascination with the word 'consequenced'. I get it. It's so clinical, detached. David isn't spanking you because he's mean, or cruel. It's because rules were laid out, broken, and this is just what naturally comes from a wife disobeying. That's just the order of things.

    1. Yes, that word "consequenced" sends shivers down my spine. It could be a totally non-BDSM word: "If a child misbehaves there are consequences". Maybe a grounding or a lecture or a loss of allowance or privileges? Or... maybe... a spanking...

  8. julie,

    great scene. total humiliation. i you had a real cock it would be jutting out in front of you adding to your shame. i would have loved to read david putting the panties back on you after the pussy spanking and give you very well deserved severe frontal wedgies. that would have drove the pussy spanking home.

    your a treasure to the internet.

    keep it up.


    1. My girl-cock (thrumming clit) was very erect!

      I love/hate the frontal wedgie, especially when a door-knob is involved!

  9. You guys should get a fucking machine. So instead of the butt plug or vibrator, you'd be fucked by the fucking machine, in a hole of David's choosing, while you suck the dildo, effectively spit roasting yourself. David could control the speed! Imagine you standing there legs shaking, dripping down your legs, as you gag on the dildo like the good little slut that you are. That would put a smile on David's face am sure!

    You should also learn to rim David. A simple scene where you are spread eagled, tied up and restrained, with the fucking machine fucking your pussy (or ass), while David sits on your face, your tongue deep in him, tasting him, smelling him, enjoying another idea. I have personally done this. So simple, yet so humiliating to be tied up, eating a mans ass, while being impersonally fucked by a machine, AND cumming to it.

  10. You are so hot, which of the gif’s of the girls getting fucked best depicts you during your ordeal did you reach back an spread your ass with both hands?

    1. No reaching back, back number 8 or 9. The "continuous scream" was me!

  11. Nice to see the traditional values of wife and home being enforced in such a spectacular fashion. I dare say you will be attending better to the cooking or risking a roasted butt of your own, and good on you and your husband.

    I imagine being dangled over his lap on that high stool made you feel quite the little girl over Daddy's lap.

    I'm glad the kitchen utensil made a showing. The appropriateness of location and implement were perfection. I bet you think about that spanking every time you're in your kitchen and when opening that drawer.


    1. Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.

      That positioning did definitely make me feel like a little girl over daddy's knee.

      And yes, as you say, every time I'm in the kitchen, and especially when preparing a meal, those thoughts are right there.

    2. Good. I'm glad. That's the proper attitude for a wife. Knowing you're never too far away from being upended across your husband's knee, skirt raised, panties lowered, and getting the spanking of your life. And, apparently, from your replies below (which came as quite a shock to me, a good one mind you), having to tell your parents about your spanking afterwards?!? I'm sure your cheeks will burn with shame as you carry out that part of your punishment. A pity that the "spanked at school, spanked at home" rule does not seem to carry over to husband and father. How old were you when your father last spanked you?

    3. Yes Sir, we did tell my parents of my consensual domestic discipline arrangement when we first started this phase of things. I blogged about it back in April 2020. I was even disciplined, including a bare bum spanking, in front of them, and I asked my Dad to spank me also (as it was always a giant "thing" for me) and he agreed, and Mom helped, but it was a bit weird for the family dynamic so we have not repeated it since. But I think both he and I remember it fondly, and it's certainly never too far from my thoughts when I'm around my father. So last time was only 2 years ago, though not "for cause". Last time from Daddy "for cause" was when I was only 8 years old or so. They stopped spanking me soon after that.

      It is always really embarrassing having to reveal my justly earned spankings to my parents. I feel back like an 8-year-old. Daddy usually teases me a bit about my "sore bum" and seems pleased with the arrangement. Mom is more dubious, but supportive of my lifestyle choices.

      It would be a total fantasy come true for me if things evolved such that every time my husband spanked me, my Daddy would give me one also for "not growing up to be a proper and obedient young lady" and having to be spanked by my husband. I would consent to that...

    4. I'm new to this blog, but what a delightful young lady you are turning out to be. Have you posted any images of yourself in the midst of a spanking, or is that too embarrassing or not allowed?

      I think all young ladies could take a valuable lesson from you on the proper way to submit to father and husband.

      I will go back and read some of your earlier blog entries, especially from the month you indicate.

      You say "you would consent to that". Perhaps I am reading more into it, but would you in fact consent to more regarding your father if so instructed?

    5. I have Sir, on multiple occasions. A relatively more recent photo set is here: Photos of my Red Bum (and more). I posted a video of me receiving a spanking here: Julie Spanked on Video.

      Thank you for being new here and commenting and perusing my earlier entries. I hope they will be entertaining to you. Drop a comment on any of the older ones and I will see it and respond.

      How may I refer to you, Sir. Perhaps you could have a consistent pseudonym I could refer to you by? Also, please feel free to email as well, to tell me a little bit about yourself. Email address is top right in the About Me box.

      Regarding consent. Yes, you have a sharp appreciation of nuance Sir. I do fantasize about being taken by my actual father in the ways you imply. All the ways. He has never and would never. But if he asked or ordered it, I would submit. I mean, he literally made me, a daughter can show a little gratitude for that, can't she? (Gush!)

    6. Even more delightful, young lady. You're as pretty as I would have hoped. I scrolled the first post you referred me to. The very first photo of you in those very cute panties made me laugh out loud with delight. And then the progressive baring and reddening of your bottom to full "crimsoned" as you suggested. And the embarrassing display that you felt compelled to publish and was thereafter (and rightly) punished for. I also like that you keep your vagina well-shaved and waxed. Daddy's little girl indeed.

      I enjoy how you completely confuse in your sex-added mind your husband and your Daddy, both for spanking and sex. Your Daddy fantasies seem to be at the heart of your cravings for this lifestyle.

      Then I went and watched both versions of the video of you being given a spanking by your husband. Very cute how you kick and cry and carry on like a little girl across your Daddy's knee. And a very spectacular bottom, perfectly designed for spanking.

      I shall send you an email. You may refer to me as "Daddy Frank". I am old enough to be your father, young lady.


    7. Daddy Frank or Daddy Don? (I notice now the first comment was signed 'Don' and I missed that - is that you as well?).

      Thank you for the compliment about my pictures.

      And yes, Daddy fantasies play a huge role in my submissiveness, though I had a very normal upbringing and good relationship with my dad.

      Glad you liked the video also.

      Looking forward to the email, Daddy Frank!

    8. Forgive me! Must be old age. I too forgot that I signed the first one 'Don' (not my real name). Let's stick with Daddy Frank from now on.

    9. Yes Daddy Frank.

      As you read more of my blog, you'll find that I get very turned on at the thought of spankings and sex from men old enough to be my father (or older).

      I am hoping that in addition to telling me more about yourself in your email (you're obviously well educated and sophisticated) that you'll keep the correspondence very Strict Daddy / naughty daughter. Please have zero fears of taking too many liberties with me or offending me at all

    10. Since I don't think if I've ever met a young lady so deserving of being turned over the knee, that will not be difficult.


  12. I love it when your husband puts you in your place like that. The fact that he bum fucks you as part of that is to be commended. How embarrassed you just be to have to go "bum up" for that treatment. Was the waiting excruciating? Did you listen for his footsteps coming up to bum fuck you?

    1. Because of the intense stretching before, I knew I was "in for it" when it was time for my bum fucking, so yes, it was embarrassing, and painful, and I was listening for his steps knowing what was coming. He plugged me afterwards to make sure I was holding his sperm all through my timeout which I was very conscious of as well.

  13. On Sunday, will you be telling everyone you got spanked?

    1. Not this weekend, but we are spending the weekend at the cottage with Mom and Dad next weekend. There will be cooking and I will be doing a good share of it, so there will be plenty of opportunity to mention it during dinner, I think. If Daddy compliments me on a dish I could say that David has been keeping me at the cooking, gave me a spanking and corner time the other day to keep me at it. They'll either chuckle a little and ignore, or Daddy might make a follow-up comment, and then I could elaborate some more? The thought of doing that excites me.

    2. How would you elaborate? Any way of maneuvering your way into a spanking from David in front of them, or from your Mom or Dad? Or at least you getting an overheard one (which I think is maybe even more exciting)?

    3. I would talk more about receiving it in the kitchen, draped over his knee while he sat on the stool, having no clothes on, him using the rubber spatula, naked corner time after. Would not get into any of the sex stuff (except maybe a sideways comment about him bedding me afterwards).

      I don't think we're going to go back to any sort of spankings by or in front of my parents.. I got a message that it was not cool, and message was received (though I think Dad enjoy it, and free of all social restraints would happily spank me).

      Being spanked behind closed doors while at the cottage I think is doable. I'll discuss with David.

    4. Please do tell us all about your weekend afterwards, even if it turns out a bit boring. We live vicariously through you!

    5. Maybe the one piece should be your only permitted clothing, to keep you in line. One screw-up and bare spanking will follow. You would have to be on your best behavior!

    6. I like it! All the way down for my spanking, bare boobs and everything! Blush!

    7. Then sent to the corner with the expectation of amusing yourself. David goes back out to visit while you do your 30 minutes. Comes back in to release you, let’s you put your suit on and you come out to spend time with family red faced and red butt. Knowing you are getting spermed before breakfast tomorrow!

    8. Yes! Teased by David about my corner-time activities: "did you behave yourself during your corner time? I hope you didn't play with your naughty bits while standing there?" Then Daddy laughing at that and Mom scolding the boys over teasing me.

      The, yes, well-spermed before breakfast. I know I use the term "spermed" a lot, but you reading it back to me still really excites me. I think I'll use it even more!

    9. You best touch nose toes and tits the whole time!

    10. Nose, toes, and tits, yes Sir!

  14. Cook 4 servings at a time and freeze 2 ( except the vegetables, make those fresh when you reheat the second 2 servings).
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    Cook a batch of something every week and freeze some, this can include one large piece of meat like a roast or a turkey or turkey breast and then you will have extra for sandwiches or to put on a salad.
    Implement a par system for a minimum on-hand supply of the foods you like, and the things needed to prepare most dishes like mirpoix , starches and salad things, including some recipes for in a pinch ( some recipes can be made completely with canned goods and dried goods, keep some of these on hand as well)
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    Keep some dinner -in -a box mixes on hand that just need meat added, after you buy one and read the ingredients , you can make them yourself without the aid of the kit, things like Jambalaya, red beans and rice, all of the casserole dishes, once you know the ingredients, then its easy to reproduce.
    Choose techniques over recipes, a technique is worth 100 recipes, whereas a recipe gives you strange ingredients in your fridge.

    Learn the recipe ingredients for ketchup and mayonnaise. Most dressings or sauces you see in a store contain one of these 2 items, if you then subtract these ingredients from the list on the label,you are left with the ingredients you would add to ketchup or mayonnaise to make the sauce or dressing from scratch.
    Hopefully this helps and you wont starve to death over the winter.

    1. The Home Economics course I never took. Thank you!

  15. Iconic. You one of a kind type of wife

  16. Now I'm curious as to how you got a message that your spanking from your father wasn't cool. I can understand if a message as such came beforehand, but after the fact, I feel like that doesn't serve much purpose beyond making you feel guilty.

    1. It wasn't direct, it was via my older sister Sue who talked with them. It was not a direct 'you must stop', but more that they felt comfortable knowing about it and doing a little teasing of me, but I was not to get carried away with my fantasies. (Spanking fantasies involving my Dad - they apparently had a pretty candid conversation about me between the three of them. Blush!). Sue carried the message back for me to make of it what I may. Parents did not tell her to do that, she just did.