Thursday, June 13

Lill jo Punished

You might have got the drift in the comment sections of my and Dianne's blogs, but lill jo, my sketch bitch, screwed up big time and needed to be punished. Severely punished.

You see, he was two timing me with Dianne. While he was sending me sketches, he was also furtively emailing Dianne and sending her sketches as well without telling me. Fortunately, Dianne and I stick together and email back and forth with one another quite frequently, and she let me know what was going on and just wanted to double-check with me if it was ok if she used some of his sketches on her blog. She was very surprised when she learnt that he had not sought out permission from me beforehand. It was absolutely obvious to both Dianne and I that lill jo was, in fact, cheating on me by his actions.

Well we were both very angry with lill jo. He immediately realized the error of his ways, and begged our forgiveness.

It was around the time our story Panty Thief Punished!, came out, so my first punishment for him was as follows:

[...] you still need to be punished for sending sketches to another woman behind my back and without my permission. So I think a nice punishment for you would be to write a true confession comment on my blog listing explicitly everything in the story that you wish would happen to you. [...]. And I want a nice explicit apology from you at the end regarding being an unfaithful sketch slut, and reminding everybody to whom you eBelong. Now hop to it.
The cheating slut's public punishment comment was as follows:
Ms Julie, 
I hereby humbly apologise to Ms Julie for sending sketches to Ms Dianne for her site without first getting permission from Ms Julie to do so. And I note that Ms Dianne did not solicit said drawings and I apologise to Ms Dianne also for any hurt or embarrassment this may have caused her. 
Furthermore, I acknowledge and confess that the post 'Panty Thief Punished!' was written about me and that Ms Julie was very accurate in her post and in her assessment and portrayal of me in the post. Explicitly I am bound to admit to Ms Julie that:
  1. I am "just a little pervert. A little pervert with submissive tendencies who wants to be treated just like a girl, and quite possibly bi-sexual tendencies as well,";
  2. I wish that I had been caught and made to stand at attention in an ultrashort pink dress so i would have no way of hiding my humiliation, even with my tiny pink panties;
  3. I would love to have my hair put in pink ribbons and to have my face made up with bubblegum pink lipstick because this would make me totally aware of what a pathetic pansy I am (and not even a fully grown girl) who deserves to be humiliated and punished. 
  4. I deserve to be spanked and strapped as described in the story for being a little pervert, a sneaky panty thief and a closet cross dresser.
  5. I am lucky to have Ted in the story bend me over and give me a lesson with his truncheon about what happens to twenty year old bois who go to jail.
  6. I admit that I would love to be forced to take a cock like Ted’s in my mouth with his big hand on the back of my head forcing it deeper into my throat.
  7. As in the story, I would be forced to admit that I actually wanted Ted's cock up my ass and I wasn't really being forced to take it at all.
  8. Thankyou Mistress Julie for putting me in the corner in the story with pink frilly nickers around my knees like a snivelling, well spanked girl/boi so i could reflect on what a pervert I am.
  9. I deserve to be exposed in front of the daughter in the story so I could stand there with my blushing face downcast in front of her and admit my perverted crimes and then be punished by her as well.
  10. I would love to become someones sissy slave and be humiliated, punished and used by them for a year (or more).
Finally I deserve to be humiliated, by admitting the truths above, for not seeking Ms Julie’s permission as her sissy-sketch-bitch should. And I promise Ms Julie not to provide drawings to other-than my e-sketch-Mistress, Ms Strict-Julie, in the future, unless permitted. And I beg her, with my lips kissing her foot and with my ridiculous pink-pantied ass high in the air to forgive me for being an unfaithful sketch slut. 
Please forgive me?
lill jo

Fine as it is, a nice little humiliation, but it's not as if everybody reading the story didn't  know that already about sketch slut. But I was not satisfied, not by a long shot.

Next, I told him I wanted him to give himself as hard a spanking as he could possibly bear, and then to snap a self-timer photo of his ass, plugged with panties around his knees, send me the photo, and then sit and draw a sketch of that very same photo. These would be posted. I told him I was still angry with him for his cheating ways, and some further public humiliation would go a long way towards making that up to me. So here is what he produced, that cheating little sketch slut:

Not so bad.

At least my slutty lill sketch bitch can follow instructions. Paddled, plugged, and pantied: the three P's. To try to please me, he also stuck his pathetic little wiener between his legs to further humble himself as he knows I favour the position. So I want everybody to go have a good close look at what happens to cheatin' lill sketch sluts.

When he sent me the evidence of his punishment, he also wrote a little note to accompany (and no, your eyes do not betray you!):
Hi Dianne, 
[...] I hope it is satisfactory. I gave myself around 120-140 flicks with a nasty thin stick (it was a bit hard to concentrate on count at end). I made sure i gave myself some nasty clips on the thighs also. The panties are lacy pink though they look white in the pic. The butt plug I bought specially for you Ma'am. Sorry about the body. I have been fitter I must admit. [...] I honestly wish i could have spanked harder Ma'am (i was trying to think of something nastier than the thin stick but couldn't) 
I hope you will forgive me soon (curtsey). 
lill jo
My chilly response...
Really lill jo? REALLY??? 
Say your wife catches you with your mistress, would you accidentally address your wife by your mistress' name? WOULD YOU???? 
Do it all over again. Find something more severe to use on that careless backside!
I firmly believe in being strict. The kind of Woman I am, I would be willing to start a punishment all over from the beginning, as many times as it takes, regardless of the prior state of his bum, if I get any sass or backtalk during a punishment. I believed that horribly careless email qualified. Another mistake would have earned him a threepeat. And so on and so on. Simple math for simple males.

And his response to it:
Sorry Ms Julie. Sorry doesn't cover it. I can't believe I put Ms Dianne's name. I can only think to beat myself with a coathanger. [...]. Actually teary now. I don't want to lose this through my own stupidity.
I reassured my broken lill sketch bitch:
You were just careless, there was no ill intent. I remain very fond of you. Nonetheless, careless little boys need to be punished... [...] make sure it's done properly.
lill jo took that coat hanger to his bare backside, and here are the results, round 2.

Dear Ms Julie, 
Attached is my respanking with wire coathanger (over a wooden paddled base spanking) as required and deserved. I think I did 60 or 70 coathanger swipes and I made sure to attention my thighs. I have never used a coathanger before and yes it did hurt a LOT more. [...] I have to admit I felt like I really deserved this as I have been so careless and inconsiderate of you. 
Thank you for taking the time to punish me so properly Ma'am. [...]

lill (Ms Julie's sketch bitch) jo

Once again, lets all take a good close look at what happens to careless little boys. Paddled, welted, deeply plugged, pantied like a little bitch, bare penis and pee hole on full public display. I hope you are very proud of yourself, lill jo.

As a continuous and ongoing reminder of his unfaithfulness,  I would like to run a contest to name my sketch slut. Here are some suggestions to vote on. Other suggestions are welcome. I will choose whichever I please and he will sign all online correspondence from his sketch persona in this manner in future, no matter whom he is addressing:
  1. lill (Ms. Julie's sketch bitch) jo
  2. lill (Ms. Julie's cheatin' slut sketch bitch) jo
  3. lill (Ms. Julie's skanky sketch whore) jo
and so on. You get the idea. It will be his brand forever more, so please be creative and help me teach him a lesson he will NEVER be allowed to forget.


  1. Hello Ms Julie,

    I like your idea for number 1, but I would humbly submit this

    lill (Ms. Julie's spanked sketching sissy bitch) jo

    It includes the fact that they were spanked and not just a bitch to be used, but a sissy too.

    This is only a suggestion and your word is final.

    pie pie 4 now

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. All suggestions appreciated!

  2. He needs a two quart enema. Then he needs to be put into three heavy cloth diapers and rubber not plastic panties. After releasing the enema on his stripped ass the pain is intense. 6-12 hours sitting in his mess will teach him a lesson he will never forget!

    Goddess Gretchen

  3. Julie,

    I love the post and great job punishing lill jo. I think you have definitely taught him a proper lesson in cheating!!!

    And to lill jo I want to say it looks like you did a very fine job with your self discipline. I'm sure it wasn't easy to mark yourself like that but you did owe it to Julie. But as great a job as you did keep in mind that you were in control of your punishment. That can make a huge difference because you can slow down or rub it if you gave yourself a real stinger. I have had to hand out a few punishments to bob on Julie's behalf and he didn't have that control so that's something to think about.
    But with that said it still looks like you did a good job and Julie is satisfied which is the main thing.
    And Julie I like number 1 above for his signature. That's how he's signed all his emails to me since this happened and I think it's a good reminder to him of to who he belongs. And it's simple enough to make him think twice before cheating again.


    1. Thanks Dianne,
      I might mention, for the information of others, there is also an apology specifically to you from me on your site (under the 'Spanked for being good' post).
      Apologies once more,
      lill (Ms Julie's sketch bitch) jo

    2. Humble apologies Ms Julie and Ms Dianne. No disrespect intended Ma'am and Ma'am.
      lill (Ms Julie's sketch bitch) jo.

    3. Well watch yourself, sketch slut, or you might find yourself having to whip yourself what that coat hanger again...

    4. Thanks for catching that slip up on his part Julie. I hadn't noticed it but he does need to learn to be respectful when addressing any lady.


    5. Apologies again Ms Dianne and Ms Julie.
      I respect and admire you both so deeply. I am embarrassed by my clumsy error especially given the post above! I will try to be more careful.
      lill (Ms Julie's sketch bitch) jo

  4. Wow! In 'Strict Julie' mode You are strict., You are impressive!
    Dianne likes number 1. I like number 1.

    Live long and prosper.

    1. Your vote is noted, richard. Thank you for participating!

  5. Ms. Julie,

    You are definitely strict, and make the punishment fit the crime. I like #1 slightly modified (Ms. Julie's sketch wench). :)


    1. Thank you mitch, though there are several meanings of 'wench' according to the dictionary.

  6. You have him very well trained and disciplined Ms Julie! I think something like this may be appropriate....

    lill (Ms Julie's inadequate sissy slut sketch whore) jo


    1. A mouthful indeed! But I'm sure lill jo enjoys mouthfulls...

    2. I think I just blushed more than I alredy was Ma'am.
      lill (Ms Julie's sketch bitch) jo

  7. Ms Julie, I have to say how impressed I am by your strict methods and how you have related this sorry tale of lill jo letting you down so badly. But I'm also rather impressed with the way lill jo has performed they self-discipline you imposed. As others have said, the punishment fitted the crime. Respectfully, gk

    1. Yes, I will definitely give his his proper due. He is an obedient lill sketch tramp anyways.

  8. sort of like #2, I'd go with "lill (Ms. Julie's femmy butt-slut sketch bitch) jo" - it's long but sort of rolls off of the tongue, which is always a good thing - might sound better without the "femmy" but we don't want to leave people wondering...



  9. Thank you for all the suggestions.
    I have decided.
    From now on he will sign

    "lill (Ms Julie's punished sketch slut) jo"

    I want to remind him to whom his online sketch ass belongs, that he was punished by me, and that he was punished for being a slut.

    1. Thank you Ms Julie.

      I feel privileged to receive my name from you and it will always remind me who I curtsey too and who’s boots I kneel to kiss.

      lill (Ms Julie's punished sketch slut) jo