Monday, December 22

New Trainer!

As you may know, david has been without a personal trainer for many months now, ever since the last one left town. I've therefore had it in my mind for a while to wrangle up a new one. It came to a bit of a head because he's been very gradually increasing his weight again. I hadn't asked in a while, but was shocked just the other day to learn he had put on almost 10 pounds of the about 30 he had lost before.

After a little "discussion" on that point I decided I needed to step the search up several notches. After the experiences we have had in the past, I really wanted to find another kinky trainer for david. The first two I would say we "corrupted" gradually. The last one was actually a part-time trainer, part-time pro domme. Expensive compared to regular trainers, but obviously the easiest to work with. But I have no more like that at my fingertips, and the thought of bringing in another vanilla trainer and corrupting her just sounds exhausting to me, and risky, and with a fifty-fifty chance of not even being that satisfactory in the end.

But I have come to believe that kink is essential in a trainer for david. It really motivates him to look forward to his sessions, and to behave himself like a good boy throughout the week (he knows he's getting spanked anyways, and obeying his female trainer comes naturally to him). It does not need to be a lot of kink, just a touch here and there. I think the last trainer was maybe us going overboard on that. So I am striving for a nice middle ground.

So, I hit the web and found a few likely candidates online, and I emailed them from a fresh, anonymous email address, indicating exactly what I was looking for:
Hi! I'm the wife to a 30-something married guy, reasonably fit, looking for once weekly serious personal training for him on a weekday evening in our home but with a little kinky fun mixed in (i.e., some light personal trainer domination - smack with a riding crop - little spanking for bad eating - a little teasing - that sort of thing. no sex. Just a little fun kink, sometimes to his bare bottom). Really am interested in you training him primarily along with monitoring and coaching him on diet and supplemental exercise - but he finds it hard to keep motivated and so I wanted this extra bit to spice it up to keep it fresh for him. He is a bit of a subby and this sort of thing excites him. He is a dear man, completely harmless, and completely willing to do anything you ask of him. He will be very respectful of you at all times. Let me know by return email if you are interested, and you and I can arrange to meet somewhere public to discuss (this is not my "real" email address - I thought it wisest to send out inquiries like this anonymously for obvious reasons - and we will keep the kinky side of all of this VERY private). I will pay a premium of course, and am happy to pay a session fee for your trouble in meeting with me. Thank you!
I sent out three of these messages, to three different female trainers in my area who seemed to be solo and not affiliated with any company and who advertised "in-home training". Did not hear anything back at all from two of them (no surprise there), but got lucky on one of them (that was a surprise)! Her message was short and to the point:
Maybe we can work something out! Let me know when you would like to meet.
We exchanged a few emails to set a mutually convenient time and a place, and we wound up meeting for coffee.

From her e-mail address, which contained her full name, I was able to google her, so I found a photo and knew what she looked like. She looked young, and cute, and fit.

For the sake of her privacy, I will not share any of her private details, so I have selected a stand-in for her for the purposes of our blog, a Danish fitness model named Mette Lyngholm I found when I searched Google images for photos of female personal trainers who reminded me of her. I think Mette is very sexy and she turns me on, so I can only imagine how she will affect you male readers out there thinking of her spanking you!

So, with apologies to Mette, we shall call our girl "Margareta" (Mette is derived from that), or "Miss Lyngholm" to you!

So, Mags and I met for coffee. At the appointed time she was sitting there waiting for me, on her little computer with a mug of tea. I walked right up to her and introduced myself. She was at first shocked and said "how do you know what I look like?", but then she immediately answered her own question, "oh, from my email."

She's in her early twenties, so about 15 years younger than david and I. Not quite young enough to be my daughter, maybe more like my little sister. Very bubbly and enthusiastic. Quite small in stature. A lithe dancer's body. And obviously quite passionate about fitness. She looked to be in great shape

I hope she's not too young for what I have in mind. I will have to check in frequently and look out for her well being.

I started by asking her about her qualifications as a personal trainer. Though it is only part-time for her, I was quite satisfied with her training and experience level. I described david to her and showed her some photos of him on my iPad, and also some photos of our home where she would be training him. I described david's weight loss and fitness journey, and showed her the app david uses to record food, weight, and exercise (he had been recording all along - meticulously recording his 3000 calorie days and his 10 pound weight gain in fact!!!). She asked if she could access the app, so I gave her the login information and she confirmed she was able to get in on her little computer. I showed her where she could find various things.

We then spoke a bit about her philosophy with regards to exercise and eating (she believes diet is king, and exercise is added, which jibes perfectly with me). She asked a bit more about david's lifestyle and habits as it regards food and exercise. As we had not spoken about it at all, I finally raised it: "and are you ok with the kinky thing?".

Very surprisingly, she responded "oh sure, that's no problem at all", as if I had asked if she was ok with giving him situps to do or something like that! She went on to say "At Halloween I dressed up in a costume with a riding crop, and I whipped everyone around me!"

Oh dear. These young people nowadays!

I felt compelled to explain a bit more about david's psychology, how this keeps it interesting for him and all. Did not faze her at all. She obviously saw it as a small thing, with some potential for added fun. Very open minded, obviously!

We "negotiated" a price. I asked her what she charges, and she gave me her usual rate, and added some on for travelling to our place. It was so low! I more than doubled it. Her mouth kind of dropped open. She said "this is for the kink?". I said partially that, but also I wanted her to monitor david's diet and exercise throughout the week, send him little reminders to behave himself, take some extra time each session to review the week, and still get a full hour of training in. I also told her I wanted to keep her enthusiastic about coming to train him, and that would include cash bonuses when he achieves certain goals! She said it should be him who gets the bonuses, not her. She thanked me profusely, and then I paid her the agreed upon session rate for her time meeting me.

So the first session time is all set. I emailed her a follow up note from my legit email address laying out the agreed upon rate, the duties and expectations (non kinky), confirming his current weight and body fat, and what my longer-term goals were for him (15% body fat and more muscle - he looks good in his photos, I told her, but she'll see if she strips him that he can well afford to lose some tummy fat and gain some muscle mass!). I also laid out a bonus structure for her of smaller goals along the way. Each interim goal was a certain weight he had to be under for 7 days in a row.

On the kinky side, I said that for my part I was fine with anything she chose to do to him with regards to swatting him on the bum and legs, and any amount of nudity for him (front or back), or any little outfits she wanted to dress him in for his workout; but was also very careful to point out that she should only do whatever she is completely comfortable with, and that the session fee has no bearing on that, and that I have no particular expectations of her in that regard whatsoever. Just whatever feels fun and comfortable, but only she must pretend it's all very serious for the sake of the game!

I told david about her, and about my note and our meeting, so he knows the situation. He emailed her a polite little note introducing himself and giving her the directions to our house. She emailed back something short saying,
I am looking forward to training you too.
I'm noticed david has already started cleaning up his act on the food front. So I think it's already working, even before the first session. Though he did slip once. I told him to email Mags. He sent,
just entered my food today... 3000 Kcal. All of it junk. Doh!
I will do better tomorrow! I promise.
david showed me her response:
Oh thats not good!!!!!!!!!!
You will get punished!!!
Sent from my iPhone
So, she seems to be in the spirit of things already! Am looking forward to what the first training sessions brings. I will keep you all posted!

One more set of photos of Mags for the road:

I hope she spanks hard!


  1. WOW, you sure got lucky. I can see where David is about to loose some weight and in the process get his bottom spanked. From her comment (she does not seem shy) that he will be punished I'm guessing she has spanked more than one boy friend.

    1. I think not. We are dealing with a total newbie, I believe.

  2. Dear Miss Julie,
    unfortunately in italy people are not so open minded. Tehre fore we need to try to keep thinks more inside the family. Since I maried I lost 16 kgs (I was 102 kg on 170 cm and today I'm 85.8 kg). Our weight is connected to her mobile as well as my step counter....I'm requested to achive 10.000 steps per day and she wqants to see on a monthly basis a diminushing trend. Recently I gained some weight (I was able to reach 84). Since then my wife decided that I'm not able to sort it out by my own there fore beside my regular spanking I'm requested to wear dipaer each time we go out and for the night. As I dring almost 3 liter every day it's rare that I don't end up witha wet diaper.
    She says that I'm a completely different person in this way....

    lets see.

    hope to read you soon again


    1. I think young people are more open minded than you might think, the world over, as we/they are all connected now!

  3. I hope you give her a naughty spanking tutorial just to show her how is she suppose to spank David.


    1. This instantly gives me an image of a detailled session with Margareta on how to hit the little crease-spot at the top of david's legs:

      M: So, I hit him here (Flick > ow!)?
      J: No, a little lower (Ms Julie demonstrates this time: flick, flick > Ooow?)
      M: Oh, so like this: (flick, flick > Ooow)?
      J: No, thats a little low Margareta. Aim right in here (Flick > Oooooow!).
      M: Ohhh, so right in here: (flick, flick > Ow hoohoow!!!)
      M: Oh! that's not too hard is it Julie?
      J: Oh no dear. In fact I would definitely warn david and give him an extra couple for getting out of position just then...

      lill (Ms Julie's punished sketch slut) jo

  4. Oh my, what an incredibly exciting thing to look forward to Ms. Julie. I'm sure that you will have her trained, errr, uhhh, pushing David toward in exactly the direction you'll need them both to be. Bravo!

    1. I wonder if she'll enjoy it so much that she'll seek out a subby bf?

  5. i think i need a trainer like that! my belly fat is increasing day by day!

  6. Hello again, Ms Julie,
    How I envy you, living in such a metropolitan area which allows you the choice of three personal trainers! I'm very impressed with your efficient and business-like approach to david's training. I have to put up with sending my sub to the local gym once a week, and instructing him to use his tablet to record his session for me to monitor at my leisure. What I'd give to be able to employ a kinky, sexy trainer like you have done! Do you envisage trying to seduce her? If you do, please let your avid readers know. I'm sure it will be VERY erotic
    All that remains for me to do is to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope 2015 will see a continuation of your wonderful blog, and also the total, utter and complete subjugation of the new fitter david!
    Hugs, licks and kisses from,
    Ms Olive XXxxXX

    1. Seduce her, yes, but only to spank my man!

  7. I'm about to start doing the work-out-daily-or-no-orgasm thing again starting January 1. I must say that having a personal trainer would be sooooooooo awesome!

    You are awesome. Please send good thoughts my way to see if I can get some awesome too ;)

    1. Well, go ahead and sign up. They are ALL dominant to some extent!

  8. Very nice. Maybe when she comes over you should introduce her to all his exercise wardrobe and maybe pick up a sports bra as well for david, but don't leave out the pink bra and panties with silicone either. I am sure she will just delight in her choices for his daily workout outfit.

    too bad jessie can't access the same trainer.


    1. Don't want to scare her off right away! Spankings over his shorts for now...

  9. she sound cute looking maybe little kinky too i like fact she going punish david when he bad my guess he going get lot spankings from her

    it possible she may had spanked few boyfriend or few mens maybe can ask her what her spanking experince is and like too

    1. I'll definitely ask her at some point after she is more comfortable with and around us.

  10. What a hottie to motivate him!

  11. Merry Christmas Miss Julie.
    Are you going to tell david about his new trainer now or wait till New Years to tell him what his New Years Resolution will be and how you intend to enforce it?

    1. Oh no, he was in it from the get go, though he will only meet her on his first training sessions.

  12. Tiny ladies usually spank very hard, as they tend to focus in order not to be taken lightly.
    This lady is small and fit, a deadly combination.

    1. Yes indeed: She bruised him on her first time out!

  13. Will the new trainer spank you and david together?

    1. I don't get spanked, but I am very open to the both of us spanking david together!

  14. Congratulations on a quick and clever , though obvious in retrospect, way to find someone to fill this dual role. It does seem like a natural and efficient way of combining professions.

    I could use a little incentive to get down to my target weight of 99 kg (I'm tall), but my wife has not connected her domination of me to my physical condition nor has she shown any inclination to seek help in dishing out the discipline I need. (right now, the kids are around for the holidays, so I have been off the hook so to speak.)

    I look forward to hearing about Margareta's experience and how she will take matters into her own hands.

    Merry Christmas,

    1. Well, get a female personal trainer, and then start "subby-flirting" with her. You will likely be surprised at how dommy they tend to be!

  15. Miss Julie: I suggest tights and a leotard or a sports bra and Capris for David's workouts. Pink workout shoes are available and if you are really daring a wrap skirt or even a rehearsal tutu can give a new meaning to his workouts.

    If David's spankings will be on his bare bottom I suggest he might wear a tampon. No doubt having his trainer see his little string will be super humiliating.

    Last suggestion...consider ballet classes for his workouts. Excellent workouts and oh so super feminine!

  16. Good lord, I know more to come but dam I hope she spanks....hard or not that will come/