Saturday, November 12


A long-awaited milestone for this blog! 5,000,000 pageviews!

That was achieved today, November 12, 2016. The very first post was How it all started on November 6, 2011, an incredible 5 years of blogging ago!

In that time, I've made 277 posts (including this one), averaging about 1 per week, and published 13,000 comments (which includes my responses). From the very start it was always going to be "my brand value" that I responded to every comment made, and I've pretty much kept that up.

I've got a bunch more stats for you below. Figure some of these may be useful and meaningful to you other bloggers out there.

Posts & Pageviews

In terms of posts per year, here are my stats:

2011 was a short year, so an awful lost of posts then and 2012, then I seemed to lose some steam in 2013 and 2014, then turned it around! Here are my pageviews over the same time.

I have no idea why it fluctuates like that!

In terms of distinct viewers, in the past 30 days I've had 33,000 unique devices hit the blog, which I would guess corresponds to around 10,000 real people? There are A LOT of you kinksters out there! Shame on you all!

Had about 50,000 unique viewing sessions during that time. Let's say 10% of those result in a subbie splooging himself, and the average ejaculation is around 3ml, then that's 1.5L of cum spilled per month, or somewhere around 50L over the lifetime of the blog, or 13 Gallons. A bathtub is about 50 gallons so I still have some ways to go before I can actually bathe in all that ejaculate.

Most Popular Posts

In terms of most popular posts, here is the all-time top rankings for those that stand out from the pack.

Clearly sister scenes get a lot of play, but also many women are very interested in how to beat their man properly! yay...  I wish more of them would read Advice for Wives, though. I also think it's quite titillating, so if you have not read it yet, even you boys out there, you should consider doing so.

In terms of number of comments, these are the top posts.

The whole thing with my paddling was massively commented!

Country & Device

By country, here is the breakdown.

In terms of per-capita page views for the English speaking countries, the US leads, followed by the UK at 94% of that, Canada at 90%, and Australia at 43%. So it's official. The US is actually the per-capita most kinky amongst the English speaking countries! Who'd a thought? Though Germany is tracking unexpectedly high at 26% of the US, given English is not their native tongue, so that's pretty kinky too!

In terms of how you view your kink, Safari and Chrome are neck and neck, with Firefox a close third. IE does not seem to be the choice of kinksters.

As to OS, Windows is the most popular masturbatory platform, followed by the combo of iPad/Phone and then Droid, with Mac pulling up the rear in a big way.


Let's now get into demographics. This data only applies to a subset of the blog viewers who are somehow being nefariously tracked by cookies, but is likely representative.

I seem to attract a more mature crowd, but even so surprised at the number of 65+ out there! Shame on you, grandpa! Put that back into your pants!

Not doing so bad on the women, though! If we look at the age breakdown for just the ladies,

Biggest demo is 25-34, far outstripping the males in that age range. But what's really surprising are the number of 18-24 young ladies out there taking a peak. In fact, if you take into account that 18-24 is a smaller age range than 25-34, they are tracking nearly equal. They clearly need a good spanking and to be sent to bed without their supper! Just kidding! I think it's great, all those young women checking out my blog, getting ideas to use on their boyfriends and young husbands. Yummy!

In fact, 18-34 is a combined 36% of the female viewership as compared to only 22% of the male viewership. That translates into about 400 or so young women a month. But there's still way more boys out there at that age range who need spankings (about 2000).

In terms of these ratios, 18-34 is 5:1 boys to girls, 35-44 is 6:1, and 45+ is 10:1 (ouch!). Looks like it's headed in the right direction, though!

Google does not report any viewers younger than 18, but I doubt that's because of the stern warning when you enter the blog. If you are reading my blog and are younger than 18, for goodness sake close the browser and go tell your parents what you have been up to!

Traffic Sources

In terms of where I get my traffic, here are the channel sources.

Referrals are visits linked from outside sites. My big 4 by far are as follows.

Social are visits from social media, including Blogger itself which obviously dominates.

Direct are from people clicking around within my own blog.

Organic Search are things that come from search engines.  Most people visit my blog by typing in some variant of "Strict Julie Spanks" into a browser, rather than by bookmarking it. If you take away those search terms (which constitute 46% of the total), we are left with the following top queries. The numbers are the number of times that search term was used within the last month. I cut it off at a minimum of 5 times.

spanked husband91panty punishment78spanking my husband59
spanked and diapered53penis spanking50forced feminization46
spanked husbands44husband spanked34wives who spank28
diapered husband27good boy spanking24how to spank your man21
strict wives19diapered and spanked19diaper spank19
i spank my husband19wife spanks husband17caned husbands15
punishment panties15caned to tears15spank your husband15
caned by wife14strict spanking14diapered cuckold14
wife spanking husband14caned husband14spank your man13
wives spanking husbands13good boy spankings12strapon marriage12
spanking husband11how to spank your husband11husband spanking11
testicle spanking11spanking massage11how to spank a man10
whip his balls10femdom corner time10spanking your man9
spanking husbands9spank my husband9husband caned9
spanking my man8daughter spanks dad8massage spanking8
diapered spanked8spanked balls8spankingtube8
penis spank8cock whipping stories8spanking your husband8
spanked by daughter8diapered husbands8pantie punishment8
wife caning husband8spanked by sister8wife spank husband7
panty discipline7spanking balls7spank husband7
diapered by wife7spanking blogspot7punished by wife7
forced feminization by wife7strict miss7spanking penis7
anal training blog6spanking ejaculation6punished in panties6
spanked hubby6spanking testicles6wife spanks husband stories6
husband gets spanked6why i spank my husband6strict juile spanks6
she spanked him5forced feminization husband5husband feminization5
spanked penis5femdom cornertime5women spanking men5
she spanks5forced feminization blog5flr spanking5
diapered husband stories5i spanked my husband5women who spank5
forced feminization ideas5husband forced feminization5sissy corner time5
husband anal training5diapered spanking5spanking tube5

An awful lot more "diaper" fetish going on than I would have thought. I shall have to break out the Pampers more often!

The top referring sites across all channels are as follows.

And if we go deeper into the referrals, we see the following in terms of sessions initiated from a link from these sites. Where I've left off a trailing suffix its usually .blogger (most) or .wordpress (a few). A big thank you to all of you below for linking to me!


And thank you all for all your attendance at my blog! It was fun, and continues to be. There will be a  lot more to come. 10,000,000 or bust trying!


  1. Congratulations Julie on making it to 5 million!!!
    That's quite an achievement.


    1. Thank you Dianne! Give Bob a celebratory spanking (good boy variety) from me!

    2. I will Julie he'll appreciate that !!

      By the way I got my new post up it I'd talked to you about. It was quite a development so I'm going to spread it out over 4 to 5 post.


    3. I saw it just now. Very interesting development!

  2. Some interesting stats, although the demographics remind us that Google is watching us watching you! Just a thought, but I wonder if the stats are skewed by users' knowledge of incognito mode, because I think that should kill some of the tracking cookies. For example, it wouldn't surprise me if some of your older readers don't know incognito exists, so get tracked more than younger readers.

    Given that you get so many views and are becoming more prominent in search rankings and referrals from other blogs (I noticed that your own 'blogs I subscribe to' feed has recently been full of posts about your own paddling!), are you not at all worried about David finding your blog? I recall it started off as a secret and I assume you still haven't told him? Is it possible that he knows but doesn't want to admit it because then you'd know he's been 'browsing' without your knowledge?


    1. Yes, the stats are quite inaccurate and a lot of guesswork is required. Although I've noticed the younger generation to seem to not even care that they are being tracked., but welcome it as a way to have their phones be more useful to them!

      And as far as I know david has not yet found my blog. However, it is perfectly plausible that he has done so and is reading along incognito. It would be just like him! Love you baby!

  3. Congratulations! ...and thanks for breaking down your traffic like that. That's very informative. I just started a blog 6 months ago. Your story is inspiring.

    1. Thank you! I shall definitely check out your blog, Yoga Girl, and link to it.

  4. That is an outstanding record of achievement. Although I don't think that is your primary goal, it would be nice if you found a way to profit from your popularity. I would willingly deal with ads,

    1. That's ok, we have good jobs, but it would be cool to be able to do this stuff full time!

  5. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing yet another side of Strict Julie, the data-head. I love it that you know your way around a spreadsheet, and that your playful sexy side still comes through amid all the charts and graphs. No one else writes such a data-rich report that includes references to bathing in cum and the "most popular masturbatory platform". Haha!

    Like you, I am encouraged that so many young women have found your blog. You provide a great teaching resource, and a lot of inspiration for women. I am a part of my local in-person kink community and I find confident, in-charge women to be extremely attractive. May there be many more as the years roll by!

    Thanks again for all you do.

    Proud Servant
    Male, US, 65+, Windows
    Frequent masturbator to your words, infrequent cummer.
    I can't remember how I first found your blog. It was a long time ago. I bookmarked it immediately. These days I often come in through blogger, so I can leave attributed comments. And there are other appealing blogs out there. Yum!

    1. I do work with numbers in my "day job" so it was quite familiar to me, except with a bit of a naughty edge!

      And I was just kidding about you keeping it in your pants, grandpa. It excites me to know a man your age is still jerking off to my stuff!!!

    2. Oh, yes, and jerking off to your stuff isn't just fun, it's easy. No pharmaceutical boost required. :)

    3. Wonderful! and terribly naughty!
      You should go ask your Doctor's permission, though ;-)

    4. Hoo boy, I wasn't expecting that, an exercise in humiliation. That's what I get for being wonderful and exciting you? You don't have to answer that, Strict Julie, of course it is!

      My first reaction was defiance. Nope, not gonna go there. I've been jerking off for over 50 years, I know what I'm doing, why should I need permission now? Besides, my doctor is male, and if I were going through with this, it would have to be with a female doctor.

      I note that the fact that I went defiant means that I accept your authority, to some degree. If you didn't have authority I would have just laughed it off. And the "male doctor" argument I raised proves that I can at least imagine asking a doctor for permission to jerk off.

      So, here's what I'm going to do with your, uh, suggestion. (It was just a suggestion, right?) I'm going to write up a fantasy in which I ask a female doctor for permission to masturbate. I'll send it to you by e-mail, so as to avoid clogging up your wonderful blog with a story-length comment. I'll include permission to use it or refer to it in your blog, so it will be up to you. As it should be.


    5. Sounds like that has possibilities. Will doctor-wife solidarity override doctor-patient confidentiality?

  6. While the pampers aren't really 'my thing' as much, speaking from experience there are few things more humiliating and emasculating.

    1. I agree completely. It strikes me as a "bit odd" but as soon as I found out its potential for incredibly deep embarrassment for my husband, I started warming up to it!

  7. Congrat on 5 million views mean your very popluar now you have to give out 5 million spankings to all of us how long you think it would take you to do 5 million spankings

    1. Or maybe I get 5,000,000 paddy whacks?

    2. I think if that were to happen you might be getting a call from Santa on Christmas eve if Rudolph calls in sick lol.

    3. well ok 5,000,0000 paddy whacks comming up you be crying real tears by end so bend over miss julie

    4. His NOSE so red, not his butt!

    5. Santa would a have your red butt lighting the way not Rudolph's nose.

      Julie the red butt, dominatrix

  8. Congrats on a wonderful milestone Julie.
    Your blog is one of my favorites.

  9. Very interesting read. Congrats on the success! I second the idea of "break[ing] out the Pampers" more often! So many possibilities.

    1. Yes. very humiliating. so many searches for it, but so few mentions on the blogs - it must be still "taboo", which encourages me!

  10. Miss Julie, 5,000,000 graphed, charted and owned. Part of it I think are those striking hands of yours. Looks like they were meant to hold a paddle. Don't laugh (OK laugh) but I Googled "female hand images" and didn't find a nicer pair. I wonder if "yoga girl" wants any cross traffic:-)?

    1. Why, thank you, sir.

      I love her handle, "yoga girl" - it just sounds sexy, doesn't it? A fit, healthy young thing in tight yoga wear with a spectacular ass, all green and earthy, and who spanks!

  11. Congrats on reaching the 5 million mark for page views! You with out a doubt have the best spanking blog for both content and number of posts. I was not surprised to see that three out of the top 5 most commented on posts had to do with your paddling scene and the posts leading up to it.

    Please keep the posts coming and here's to the next 5 million views.

  12. Well done Mistress Julie. I saw the other day they you getting close to the 5 mil, and wondered if it would happen soon. I guess we all love your writing. I do say keep up the fine work.

  13. Bravo!
    You obviously have tapped into a need!
    Great blog:)))))))))))))))))