Monday, September 18

Letter Delivered

Well I did it! I delivered my letter to my husband! (see Letter to my Husband).

I checked the blog for any last minute advice around 6pm, and then printed the letter out in red ink. I did not change a thing. It gave me a lot of confidence that it was so well received by you guys. David had made a spot of healthy dinner and we ate that. The letter was burning a hole into the living room Ottoman!

After dinner we tidied up together. He asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I told him that I wanted to have a talk with him. He looked a bit confused. I never sound like that! "A nice talk!" I went on hastily to add. "Actually, I wrote you a letter. Sort of like a love letter. But kinky. It's on the coffee table."

He said, "should I read it?" Well duh! But I guess it was an unusual situation.

"Yes, please," I said.

So he went in the living room and I followed him. He sat on the couch in front of the letter. He put his feet up on the Ottoman and opened my letter. I was sitting opposite him. Perched cross-legged on a plush sofa chair too big for me.

He read through it quietly. I watched his face for any reactions. There were some smiles, and he looked at me gently during the first part. I blushed! Then he read a section, I think where I said I wanted to revisit the question of him spanking me, he cocked his head, looked at me, raised an eyebrow, and grinned a little. Then he went back to reading. He looked at me once more, right around the time he would have gotten to the part describing how rough I would want him to be with me. I got another look. Kind of like, an appraising look. Oh Boy! My tummy had some serious butterflies by then! He finished up the letter, put it down, and looked at me.

"So... what do you think?" I asked him, probably too desperately.

"I think we need to talk about this," he said.

Oh Shit! I thought. Maybe he doesn't want to? Maybe he thinks I really don't want that and he's going to try to talk me out of it?

"Sure," I said, hiding all those doubts.

"But I think you're overdressed for our conversation," he said. "Take off all your clothes."

Oh My Gosh! It was good! It was going to work out. I was so relieved. He was already getting into it. I was quite sure the conversation would head in the right direction with me buck naked and him fully clothed!

"Yes, Sir," I said. Isn't that what you're supposed to say when you're a woman in my position?

I got up and stripped in front of him. Right down to nuthin'! Then I just stood there, hands at my sides, breasts and bared hairless pussy exposed, waiting for my next order.

He told me to come nearer to him, and to kneel beside him. I did so, kneeling on my haunches right near the couch he was sitting on. He told me he'd read the letter again, out loud this time, and we would talk about each section. Oh Gosh! What a bastard! Why did he think I put it in a letter in the first place?!? All I said was "yes, sir".

So he read aloud every section. After each section he made a little comment. In the parts where I said I loved him, he told me how much he loved me as well. In the parts where I talked about his spankings, he expressed gratitude and said what an amazing wife I was. Where I first said I wanted to be spanked by him, he said it would be his pleasure to scratch my itch (my words from the letter). Where I said I did not want to stop spanking him, he said, "that's good." The conversation was very one-sided so far! When I first mentioned John in the letter, and how understanding he was, he looked me in the eye, held up my chin with his finger, and said that he trusted me "absolutely". I responded that I did him as well. When I wrote more about the John and Tracy incident, and what went down, and our mutual excitement, and how he got to fuck Tracy in the end, he said that he could see how excited I was, that he didn't need to fuck Tracy, but that it was fun since I was there overseeing the action.

When we got to the part of the letter about Violet, he wanted me to say more. He was surprised by how submissive I was being, but thought it was my "girl thing" (he knows I get ridiculously excited around girls!). I had to explain that I did not control the spanking, but only asked her to go full out, as if she was punishing me, as I wanted to experience that complete letting go with her first before doing this with him.

Then he read the two paragraphs aloud about how dark my fantasies were. I was feeling my face and breasts flush as he read my words back to me. I felt a neediness in my pussy as well. He put down the letter and reached out abruptly for my left nipple. He squeezed it, twisted it, and pulled it very hard. The pain was intense, taking my breath away and bringing tears instantly to my eyes. "So you want it rough, do you? Are you sure you can take it?"

"YES SIR!" I yelled out.

He released my left nipple and did a repeat performance, every bit as hard, on my right. "Are you really sure?"

"YES SIR!" I yelled out again. Fuck! Who was this girl??? Who was this man????

He released my nipple. They were both still throbbing from the pain. He caressed my breasts and gently rubbed my aching nipples. He went back and re-read (aloud) the following part of the letter,
I want to be spanked to tears. I want to be marked. I want you to use any vicious implement we own on my flesh. I want my ass spanked. But I want my pussy spanked also, and my tits and belly whipped. I want you to call me every dirty word you know: I want to be your bitch, your slut, your dirty little cunt, everything! I want you to punish me for being a whore. And I want you to make me beg for your cock. Beg for it in every hole I have.
He grabbed for my breast again, and this time squeezed the whole handful. He then echoed the language I had just used, saying something along the lines of, "so, you want to be whipped do you? Whipped like a dirty little whore? Then have your cunt slammed like a tramp? Is that what you want? You want to be my dirty little bitch? Does that make you hot now?"

"Oh yes, Sir," I said.

He told me to spread my knees apart. I did, instantly. He reached his hand down and felt my pussy. He then pushed two fingers into me and started moving them around. I was soooo wet! My pussy made sloppy sounds as he did that. He pulled his fingers out and looked at them, glistening with my cunt juices. "I guess you really do," he said. How humiliating! He brought his fingers to my mouth and had me clean them off. I tasted my own acidic, pungent pussy juices, as I cleaned off his fingers with my mouth.

He read the rest of the letter then. After he read the part about him maybe cumming too soon and it not mattering to me, he said that I'd have bigger things to worry about then when he cums on me.

Then he said, "we're not going to do this tonight."


"When are we going to, Sir?" I asked, a little desperately.

"A week today," he said.

"Why a week? Why not tonight??" I asked, and then added "Sir" as an afterthought.

"Because," he started explaining very rationally, "if we do it tonight I won't be able to tease you for a whole week first. And, I need some practice time to be sure you get what you need a week today."

Wow! Good reasoning, I guess!

He went on to explain that for the next week I would be his slave. I would not be allowed to cum until after my beating next week. He said that included diddling myself in front of my computer after he's asleep (drats! he knows about that??). Every evening at bedtime I would select one of our implements, and he would practice with it on me. He would go from lighter to harder, on various body parts, with me in various positions, and I would tell him what it felt like as we went. At the end of the week, he would give me the beating and fucking I craved, and would allow me to cum. Until then I was his bitch and I would do as I was told.

Ok. Parse that. Wow! First, didn't I tell you he was smart? He would figure out how to use the implements on me before the "main event". At the same time, he would keep me in a state of needy submissiveness for an entire week. That is all just... well brilliant! I knew. I KNEW he had it in him! He can be such an intense sub, and in his case it translates into being such an intense Dom. Vice versa for me I guess!

He shot his hand out again for my nipple. I winced away. He grabbed it anyway.

"You don't like this, do you?" he asked as he twisted.

"No sir," I said.

"Do you want me to stop doing it?" he asked

"As you please, Sir," I said. See? I know how a sub should behave!

"What a good little slave you are,' he said. "I'm going to reward you with a spanking now."

He pulled me to standing by my tit, moved himself to the center of the couch, and then pulled me across his knees. He let go of my tit and hugged me tightly into him. I arched my back and stuck up my butt for him. He started slapping my ass. Not hard, but solid. In all the right places! He occasionally stopped to fondle my ass, my pussy, my clit.

And then went back to spanking me. It was not a hard spanking by any stretch, but it was a very nice one! It was a reward for being such a good slave. While I was across his knee, he told me that I'd be gently spanked and fondled like this every day I was his slave. My heart kind of melted at that!

"Ok, up you get!" he said as he delivered his final spank. Holy crap! It was sooo hard! Like a fucking paddle! But harder! Right across my low ass cheeks, right in the middle. It resonated into my pussy and asshole, but my poor butt was top of mind! I stood up and rubbed my rear cheeks where he had just smacked them.

"That last one was very hard, Sir," I commented.

He smiled at me and said that was to remind me to be a good slave, because if I'm a disobedient pet he's quite capable of making every spank like that. Oh Dear! The brute! He wouldn't. Be still my poundy heart!

He told me to go upstairs and to select my first implement. I went up to the bedroom, nursing my sore buns and titties. I selected the riding crop.

I thought I would start easy!

I decided I should lie face down on our bed, with a couple of pillows under my hips. That is how I like to place him and how he likes to be placed. I had the riding crop beside me.

He walked in soon after I was settled. He picked up the crop and he whipped it in the air a bit. He brought it down on my ass. He told me to rate the severity of the strokes from 0 to 10. 0 being a total nothing, and 10 being anything past what I thought I could take, and 9 just at my limit. Very scientific!

The crop never made it above 7. But nor did he whip it nearly as hard as he could have. Probably a good thing! I got it all over on my ass. He asked me questions, like "do you like it here?" when he spanked me higher up and on my flanks and I was allowed to answer no. "How about here?" and so on. He turned me over and used the crop on my breasts and nipples. That got the 7 out of me. Fuck! He used it on my pussy also. Both on my back with my legs low and spread, and also him lifting my legs up high where he got at my pussy again, especially my puffy pussy lips, and also my asshole. When he asked, "is it ok here?" I had to blush and say "yes, Sir". My little holes and titties will get sooo abused this week, not to talk about next Saturday!

And then you know what that shitty bastard did? He ended it. Then he put me on my side, took off his clothes, got behind me like a big spoon, and fucked my pussy until he came.

He KNOWS I can't cum from pussy fucking alone! I tried reaching for my clit but he grabbed my arm and said, "no!" After he came, he wouldn't even let me go to the bathroom to clean up my cunt. He lay me on my back until his cum started dribbling out, then scooped it out with his fingers and fed it to me, smearing it on my face and tits as well. oh yummy. cum.

I guess I am not a Domme anymore. At least not for another week. I am my Husband's slave. I do as he says. I let go. Pain, pleasure, and tease are his to give as he pleases. I am nothing, and I am everything. I am his slave! This isn't hard for me. So many of you thought it would be, but it's not. It's like melting. I have no control. I have no responsibility. I do as I am told. I am intensely sexually aroused the entire time. I am needy for my beating. I am needy to be taken the way a woman should be taken. My pussy aches with anticipation. Aches for his touch. Even if it means crawling across my Master's knee for my spanking in order to earn it.

How will I last a fucking week???!!!


  1. Very interesting. David is going to do a wonderful job of dominating you and having his way with your entire body. You will last the week yes but the question is will you last without an accidental climax?

    1. Well, if it happens it won't be of my own doing. I'm forbidden from playing with myself...

  2. Oh wow! It sounds like this will be the longest week of your life, just waiting for that big finish!


    1. Ouch! Yes. I'll try to post along the way as well.

  3. And so it begins, StrictJulie no more. The metamorphosis complete. Not even allowed to touch your own pussy anymore. Congrats, you and David have an incredibly strong marriage. Seemlessly trading places. Imagine what the future may hold. Spanking, humiliation, forced orgasms. David may even invite a new, male trainer to take over YOUR workouts. I can't wait to see how it all shakes out.

  4. 2:23 am? Is Julue all hot and bothered and can't cum? Wouldn't it feel so nice to reach down between your legs and fix the situation while thinking about the next week? Poor Julie! 😈

  5. Very good. I have always found that moods can support or detract from other's moods. In this case it seems like the two of you were feeding off each other's eager embracing of new roles.

    (Oh and since you are in a subby mindset I am going to give you a little reprimand: you never told if you read my switching story and if you liked it or not. That's not very nice. If I could figure out how, I'd ask David to give you a little extra punishment from me. ;-) )

    Anyway, this looks to be a nice change of pace for you both. Have fun with it!

    1. I did read it, kd, both of them in fact. And I did like them. But thought I should sit down and really write a proper response, but mind is currently otherwise occupied...

    2. From your last post, it seems like more than your mind is being occupied. ;-)

      Anyway, you're forgiven (LOL) ......but when you have a chance I would like to know what you thought. You may be a scurrying, lowly little sub right now, but I value your opinion. (You're a bit of a 'smartypants' yourself, ya know......even if you've been skipping wearing pants lately.)

      All the best!-------KDP

  6. Dear Mistress Julie,

    That title seems a little off this week but it will always be how I see you. For this week I will be a sub to a sub!

    I will share your suffering this week and I have some punishments of my own to comply with.

    My hope for you is that this week is every bit as fulfilling for you as serving you always is for me. (I just sent an email with more thoughts.)


    1. Yes david, as low as I have been brought, you can revel in the fact that you are lower still.

  7. LoL 'the shitty bastard'!
    Sounds like david has got the hang of this Dom lark already!
    Poor Julie getting spoon fucked with no big O. Gonna be a long week girl, enjoy.

  8. The only thing I can say is: I barely can't wait for the later revenge! hahaha

    1. No! No revenge. I am giving myself up totally this week. Holding back some revenge would be counter that.

  9. Several months ago when you were anticipating your second play time with Tracy, and first with John, you wrote a post about yours and David’s life outside of the blog. Essentially it was about how the two of you had somewhat boring lives filled with work, family obligations, life challenges, etc. everyday living type stuff. Also at the time I made a comment about how I thought that your lives were anything but boring. I would like to reiterate that!

    I think it’s fantastic that the two of you are so secure and trusting of each other and yourselves to be able to explore all this kinkiness that you do, to and with each other!

    Kudos and congrats to you both! ;-)

  10. Rogering commentator here again.whew.....glad your expectations look like they are going to be sated.I suppose
    David has learned from the best!. I have a feeling that your lovely bottom hole is not going to be the same after next weekend....

    1. Day 3 and no penetration there yet... Keeping fingers crossed.

  11. Wow, congratulations but it is what all you expected it be like? Sometimes we put words on paper, get excited reading them & think that's what I want but when it happens in real life it's really not what you expected!

    Just take it one day at a time & remember to keep open mind. Wish you luck in all of this but most of all hope enjoy!

    1. Not my experience. So exciting!

    2. Really glad to hear that, I'm still searching to find mine but maybe in time my current lady will be what I've been looking for!

      Actually hope your imagination continues since this appears to have happened with a simple email to one of your readers!

    3. Yes! But it's been brewing for a while (Violet, Tracy, ...)

    4. Like the idea of visiting Tracy & John but I worry if your Sister calls or just shows up waiting kink

    5. My big sister and I actually discussed my current situation on the phone. She's amused, and steering clear for the week! But very blushy to admit this, especially seeing as subby girls turn her on!

    6. Actually Julie it might be best to experience this first time with hubby alone! That's not to say another day you'll both decide to do this again. Would like to hear how your sister reacted upon hearing about what's happening to you & would you invite her the next time?

    7. She laughed at me, of course. She did act a bit Dommie with me on the phone, too. The thought of being spanked by her is crazy!

    8. Julie, The thought of your sister beating your bare bottom with her favorite spoon is CRAZY EXCITING!
      I think a little encouragement from the blog readers is needed here!
      You know that some sound punishment would releave all that quilt anout putting her in your blog! ; )

    9. I owe everyone an apology! No excuses for letting my personal fantasies get in the way of proofreading before I publish! It’s disrespectful to all of you not to give my best.
      I can actually spiell!

  12. Wonderfully written. It's great that you have the trust and communication between you to venture into new territory. Will anxiously await the next report.


  13. Ce n'est pas trop tôt, la petite salope se révèle à elle-même. Et ce n'est que le début. Bientôt elle va supplier David de l'amener dans des endroits louches pour se faire tringler et désosser la chatte et le cul. Elle va devenir un vrai garage à bites, à grosses bites juteuses si possible...

    1. This is my French pen pal who is teaching me all the naughty words that I never learned as a child!

      Upon my naughty request, he's been assigning me translation "homework" over email, having to translate the filthiest things imaginable! I'll have a go at this one (Google Translate is cheating, and not too accurate anyways for this sort of thing!)

      "It's not too soon, the little slut reveals her true nature to herself. And it's only the beginning. Soon she will beg David to take her to rough neighborhoods to have her boned and shafted in her pussy and ass. She'll become a real cum bucket for cocks, cocks that are just as big as possible."

      Merci pour m'instruire, Monsieur!

    2. De rien petite salope !:)

  14. How ingenious of David to have you suffer a whole week prior to the main event. This will be an incredible mind fuck for you as you wait in anticipation for the final event. He definitely has the mentality to be a Dom. I’m actually s bit surprised as he is always so submissive towards you. Great blog as always!!!
    Cheers, Bob Bell

    1. Less a surprise for me. He's always submissive during a scene. In real life, which I never report on here, he is pretty take charge!

  15. He's done surprisingly well. Perhaps he does read this blog and being a good actor feigned surprise on reading your letter. If so, knowing this is probably not a metamorphosis but only a temporary phase, David should consider a non retaliation undertaking from you. Then he can feel free to, for example, require you to be collared and stripped when he comes home (vanilla friends might visit hahahahahaha). He could enforce your eyeline and restrict your speech. As Adam might pay a visit to your arse at the main event he could commence your anal training. Best of all he could enlist Tracey/John or better yet your sister Sue to help with your training. Bye bye to free will for you this week Ms Julie. Enjoy!

    1. Prescient much? I just posted "collared and flogged"! He does not need such an undertaking. I will not retaliate. I'll just Domme him a usual when the tables turn. He did take me on a blushy public outing, but I am hoping that's the extent of any more public play!

    2. I just read it. He doesn't need any help. Good luck Ms Julie you're in for a wild ride. Surely Adam will be a 10!

    3. NOT looking forward to Adam!!!

  16. Commiserating with your "Lady Blue Balls". :)
    When its "back to your turn" will you be seeking revenge? Trying to equal or surpass his efforts in a desire for...sexual lust retribution? Laying it on even more and meting out what he did, but twice as much? I mean this is like "The Battle of the Sexes" but, with no pants. :)

    1. Vanessa!!! Now even you're teasing me!

      Not revenge per se, but while I am being subby I am at the same time feeling my Dommy battery recharging!

  17. You trained your man well.

  18. Wow!!! Every submissive dream. Thank you for publishing.