Tuesday, September 26

Wife Beaten!

It happened! Was a little sore afterwards, in a glowy sort of way, but my husband manned up and treated me to a grade-A wife beating (with fabulous orgasms!).

I am "for"!

Yes, I am "trolling" with my phrase "wife beating". Did I do it correctly? FYI: consensual beatings only, please (and safe, never understood the "sane" part - nothing sane about it!)

Let's rewind the clock a bit, however, and pick things up from where we left off Friday evening, as described in My Beating is Tomorrow!!!.

David got home at 8pm from a work event just as I was putting the final touches on the aforementioned blog entry. I hit Submit quickly without proof reading, and had to go back later to fix-up a few typos. Felt in the mood to "Submit", I guess :-)

I was downstairs to greet him in a shot! I threw myself at him and kissed him. He kissed me back and then undressed me, just like that. He reached down and fondled me. Down there. I was so horny!!!!  No "O"s for a week! Felt so excited pressed up to him naked like that, him all dressed feeling me up: tits, pussy, and ass. Tongue down my throat...

He wasted no time and pulled me over his knee and spanked me. He forgot to collar me! What does a subby girl say when Master forgets to collar her??? 'Nuthin in my case!

He has not missed a single day spanking me naked across his knee.

His spankings have been invariably gentle and teasing. Enough to make my bum blush and no more. They have been accompanied by lots of pussy teasing, which has been driving me wild. I've gotten to the point where I want to throw myself across his knee for my spanking just for the chance to have my pussy played with! I was a very desperate little girl!!!

After my spanking I knelt at his feet and said, "Sir, may I have my collar, please?" He laughed at me and said of course, and he apologized to me for forgetting to collar me. He said he was too excited to see me across his knee. I fetched my collar quickly and handed it to him. It went on and it felt nice.

"What's on the menu for tonight?" he asked me, referring to the spanking menu. Switches!

He took me upstairs and put me face down on the bed, no pillows this time. He picked up one of the switches I had prepared for him. He started whipping me gently from my ankles to my shoulders. Ouch! Stingy! He made them a bit harder on my butt and I called out a number, five. A little harder still. "Seven, Sir."

He had me turn face up, and again went lightly from ankle to breasts. He made me spread my legs, and switched the insides of my thighs a little bit harder. "Six, Sir". He went back up to my breasts, and switched them a little harder too. "Seven Sir!" Right on my nipple! He chuckled and whipped his way lightly down towards my pussy. Then he switched my pussy. Oh my gosh that stung! I begged off with another Seven!

He then lay down next to me in bed, and said that tomorrow was the big day. He said he had a pretty good idea of what I could take. I asked him if he would give it to me hard, make me suffer. He promised he would. I asked him to please use as filthy language as he wants with me, to abuse me, and to "rape me" "against my will". He promised he would be nasty as could be with me. I was looking forward to it and he came through for me!

We woke up on Saturday morning. David was out of bed and made me breakfast of all things. When I came down, he said he was pampering his little pet today, in preparation for what would happen tonight. No collar and I did not ask.

The day was delightfully uneventful. I had a lot of time to think about what I had coming. David had made us an early dinner reservation at a favourite restaurant. They serve oysters. He ordered two dozen to get started. Malpeques from Prince Edward Island here in Canada with a dry, flinty glass of Sancerre white wine. Delicious together! He fed me my oysters. They are a very sexy food. Like a vagina... He also ordered dinner for us both. Fillet Mignon with a good bottle of Bordeaux wine. He really was spoiling me! He said I needed my red meat for tonight. Him too.

Throughout a substantial part of dinner, the topic of conversation was my upcoming beating! I was so embarrassed! We had to snuggle and keep our voices down as the restaurant was crowded. He described what he would do, from start to end. He said he would start with my butt. Various implements. He would move on to my tits, and whip them hard. Then onto my pussy, where he planned to really give it to me. He kept asking me questions, like "do you want it hard?" and I answered "Yes, Sir". "Do you want me to call you a dirty little whore while I do it?" It was rhetorical question, but I answered in the affirmative anyways, blushing up a storm, saying, "Yes, Sir, I want you to call me your slut, your bitch, your dirty little..."

"HOW'S EVERYTHING!?" the waitress asked, mid-sentence! Sort of snuck up on me. What did she hear?? I managed to stammer out "f..f..fine, thank you."

"WELL YOU LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ANYTHING, NOW!" and off she went. Very uncharacteristic in a decent restaurant like that. This week David and I have been greeting one another with a "HOW'S EVERYTHING?!?" and we break each other up. Yuck Yuck.

We went home after our dinner, and even a spot of dessert. When we got home he looked at me and said, "I won't ask if you're sure about this, I know you are. Remember, Yellow and Red," he added, reminding me of my safewords. "Yes, Sir," I nodded vigorously. I was sooo horny!!!

We went upstairs. He stripped me naked himself. He told me to go to the bathroom and get myself ready for him. "Every hole," he said. Oh My Gosh! So embarrassing! "Take your time, call me when you think you're ready." 'Think' I'm ready... oh boy!

When I was showered and clean, inside and out, and made myself a bit pretty, I went down, all butt naked, and approached him in the living room where he was reading a book.

He pulled me over his shoulder and stood up! THAT was a surprise. He smacked my ass and carried me up the stairs. I'll have to congratulate his new trainer. I'm a handful!

Not quite built like this guy! But this was the idea.
This was a photo I once used to humiliate him!
This reminded me of it.
Now who's gettin' humiliated?
I 'kinda liked being carried like a sack of potatoes, even while afraid he might drop me or bump my head. He did neither. I decided to challenge him a little. I beat on his back with my little fists and said "don't you dare! Put me down, you brute!" OUCH! I got a hard smack on my ass for my troubles!

He carried me to the bedroom and tossed me down on the bed. "This is NOT ok!" I said. "You DO NOT have permission to smack my ass like that!"

He pushed me down on the bed with one hand bearing down on my neck while the other one twisted my nipple hard and said, "shut up, bitch, you'll take whatever I give you!"

Oooooh! Well I had asked for nasty. No going back on that now. I just didn't think he would actually do it. He NEVER speaks like that! And he was acting very aggressive on top.

"no... please..." I said meekly.

"You'll beg me for my cock before we're done, you little whore!"

"Never," I said. "I'll never let you fuck me. Never!"

"We'll see about that!"

That was more or less the exchange, or else how my torrid imaginings can best reconstruct it now!

He sat at the side of the bed and he pulled me over his knee. None too gently! He started spanking me with his hand. Harder strokes this time.  He went harder and harder and harder and finally I yelled out "yellow!" With just his hand! What a pussy I am! He kept spanking, but took the edge off. Then he started playing with my pussy. "Don't you dare touch me there!" I said, indicating I was ready for more.

He picked up the paddle. Oh oh. He started in with my paddling. He started easier, built the intensity, backed off, built it up again, and so on. He knows how to spank! Then he went harder, and harder, and harder... I was sensing a pattern. "Yellow!" and he slowed down again, but still kept paddling.

I didn't know about this yellow stuff. Gives me too much control and lets him too much off the hook! I thought I would mess with him: "Why do you always slow down like a pussy when I say the word yellow?" I asked him innocently. He laughed at me, "why do you say the word yellow?" That was left unanswered, but he got the message, and he didn't keep driving deliberately to my yellow on every subsequent implement!

He took me off his knee and made me kneel up on the bed, facing the headboard. He made me put my hands on top of my head. He arranged four pillows right in front of me. He started stroking me all over. fondling my breasts, my ass, my pussy, my thighs, my tummy.

He gave me a hard smack across my ass and guided me down across the pillows. "Time for the strap," he told me.

My poor buns!!!! I saw him slide off his belt from around his waist and double it up. I buried my head into the bedsheets. He whipped my ass. Boy did he ever! Legs also! He did not take me to yellow this time, but darned close.

Look at this poor girl! Just look at her!
Should any woman ever be subject to a
beating like this from her husband???
It's medieval!

He threw the belt down and got the strap. The tawse to be exact.

I know this strap very well, but only from the other end of it! I would be learning its ways tonight...

He whipped me full across my ass. SHIT! I grimaced in pain, I looked back angrily and said, "Is that all you've got, you cocsucker!"

I know why I said it at the time, I just can't believe I did! I was angwy... it hurt...

"We'll see who's the cocksucker," he said, and started strapping me one after the other.

"No! Please! No more!" I begged.

"Who's a cocksucker?" he asked.

"Not you, Sir! Not you!" I answered, thinking better of my plan!

"I'm making you into my little cocksuker, bitch. Beg me for my cock in your trampy mouth. Beg me!"

YES YES YES! THIS was sooo exciting. THIS was what I wanted. EXACTLY! 

"No Sir! Please! Not that! Please!!!"

"I won't stop whipping you with this strap until you agree to be my cocksucker, whore," he said.

I held out while he strapped me good. When it got too much, I begged for his cock in my mouth to put an end to it.

He grabbed me by my hair and dragged me off the bed and onto the floor on my knees. No gentle caresses on my bottom or anything. Just down on the floor and to work. My ass still screamed at me from my strapping. Is this any way to motivate a girl, I ask you?

He unfastened and unzipped his pants. His penis was hard. I took him into my mouth and started sucking his cock. I know how to make him cum quickly, especially if I involve my hands. I kept them down, and just sucked, elongating his time. When he was close, and was thrusting into me a bit, he grabbed my hair again and pulled me off him. "That'll do for now, slut. I'm not done with you," he said.

He picked up the Delrin cane, and he whipped it through the air.

"For being such a cocksucking slut, you get the cane now."

The dirty language again (still) sent a jolt through me. That kind of language has always turned me on when I used it on him, and it's turning me on being used on me as well. I guess we like what we like and what's good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

He arranged a pillow over the foot of the bed (a bit of a wooden structure) and made me bend over it, cheeks high. He was not overly brutal with the cane, but I sure did feel it! This was me:

I sympathize!

The worst part was holding position when I just wanted to run away! The cane thwacks, then nothing, then burn!

"I don't like the cane, Sir," I managed to whimper out.

"You're not meant to like it," he said, "you're meant to learn to obey."

"Yes Sir!"

After a round dozen he stopped and said "that red ass is turning me on, I want to fuck your cunt, Princess. Do you submit?"

Princess? Moi? "Fuck you!" I said. THWACK! "Fuck who?" he asked. "fuck you..." I said, a bit less forcefully. THWACK! again. "No, fuck me, fuck me!" I said. Those two strokes were mean. They left marks! That'll learn me!

He put down the cane. I saw him take off his pants and shorts. He felt my cunt. It was wet. He moved some of the wet inside to the outside. Then he put his cock against me and shoved his dick into me.

Oh My! That felt nice by comparison to getting my bum beat. I could feel his body bumping into my whipped red ass. David only gave me a dozen or so thrusts and then pulled out. "Stay!" he ordered. He went to the bedroom drawer and got out my new dildo. the one Violet had used on me.

He stuck it in my cunt and started hand fucking me with it. He went to my side, put his arm around my waist, and started playing with my clit with his other hand. Then he started talking dirty to me.

"You remember this dildo, slut? This is the one your Mistress Violet fucked you with, isn't it? Did you enjoy that, you little cunt? Answer me when I ask you a question!"

"Yes Sir!"

"You little lesbo whore. I'll teach you a lesson you won't forget tonight. I'm going to whip your tits, and whip your pussy, and then fuck you in the ass and cum inside your dirty little corn hole."

As he said this he kept fucking me with that dildo and diddling my clit, and well, with the state I was in... I came. I screamed as I came. I confess that I came imagining it was Violet fucking me. His fault! When I couldn't take it anymore I flattened myself down on the pillow. He pulled the dildo out of me.

"Get up on the bed and roll over," he told me, "put your hands above your head". He wasn't done with me yet! Good thing. I was still horny as hell!

I rolled over. He got the crop and he started whipping my tits with it.

Not very hard, but they're very delicate! Especially so after I'd just cum. Extra sensitive nippies. He had me writhing in exquisite pain. He took the crop and he moved it down towards my pussy.

"Spread your legs, let me see that filthy cunt of yours."

I did as I was told, spreading my legs, and he applied the crop directly onto my pussy lips. I was still sensitive from my orgasm, and it was agonizing, even as light as he was going. I almost considered calling yellow, but knew he wasn't hurting me, it was just that I was so sensitive. I decided to tough it out!

No clothespins, thank goodness!
Now who's "pussy whipped" in the family?

I started to get excited again. I actually got excited as he was whipping my cunt lips!

And in case it turns you on, or anything, you should know that I'm 'kinda blushing as I write this! I mean how submissive can I get??? You are all witness to my testimony of my husband whipping my cunt with a riding crop and me actually enjoying it! But writing it is turning me on. Knowing you will read it. Knowing I got my exhibitionist little cunt whipped!

Yes, this is me and my pussy...
An older photo that was a dare.
Thought you should see it. See what was getting whipped.

Now, I'm really blushing as I have to describe this next part. He tells me to put my hands down to my pussy, and to spread apart my cunt lips. Wide. I reach down (slut!) and grab my labia, and pull it apart. "Wider!" he says. I pull it wider apart, until it hurts. My inner folds and my clit are exposed to the open air. He whips them!

I involuntarily close my legs. "Open them bitch! Grab that cunt. Pull it wide. Wider! I'm not nearly done whipping that dirty lezzie cunt! I'll teach you to get excited by a girl-fucking!"

Oh Gosh! I do feel very dirty for that. I get hyper excited thinking about girls. It's so wrong. He knows me so well.

He finally puts down the crop. He picks up a switch. I get switched all up and down the front of my body, like the day before. Including tits and cunt (of course). Not much harder than the day before. But hard enough to sting me everywhere. Like little bitey bees.

He puts the switch down and picks up the flogger.

Again he visits the whole front of my body. He spends a good amount of time flogging my tits.

I am helpless as he flogs me. The girls are getting pretty sore by now!

He spins me around sideways on the bed and makes me pull my legs back from my knees. He wants me like this...

Open and exposed. With me sideways on the bed, he takes turns flogging my pussy from my ass end and my head end. From my ass end the top of my pussy gets it more and my low tummy. From the head end, it's my lower vagina and asshole as the flogger wraps around. I'm a good girl. I hold my legs open despite the increasing pain. I am crying out as my pussy and asshole get flogged. It seems to egg him on more.

He says, "I'm going to stick Violet's dildo in your cunt while I fuck your ass, you little whore. First I'm going to make sure they're good and sore for me. Nothing less than you deserve."

He keeps whipping me more. "No More! Please Sir!" I say.

He flogs me harder. Every stroke makes me cry out. "Stop!! PLEASE!!!"

"Did you say 'more on my asshole'?" he asks.


He keeps whipping it!

"Getting that dirty little corn hole nice and ready for my cock. I'm going to split you, bitch! You'll feel every fucking thrust until I cream you, girl." [or something along those lines. My memory fails me!]

I was determined not to say yellow until I could stand absolutely no more on this, my penultimate trial. He stops before I say it.

He tells me to keep my legs spread where they are. He returns with Violet's dildo and with my Hitachi. He sticks Violet back into me (ouch!) and then turns on the Hitachi and pushes it on my clit (ouch! ouch! ouch! It's just been so abused already). He hand fucks me with Violet.

"You fucking bastard!" I say. It hurts so much after my whipping. I am so sore. My ass, my tits, my cunt especially! And the Hitachi is so powerful. It hurts. But then I can feel myself getting close. "You fucking bastard!" I yell out again as I cum in two powerful waves.

He keeps Violet inside of me. He flips me over and shoves some pillows under my hips. He grabs the lube and starts lubing my asshole.

"No! Please! No!" I beg. This is it. I'm about to be ass fucked in my sore tight hole!

"I told you what you're getting. You're getting ass fucked, slut. Ass fucked until I cum so deep into your rectum that you'll be shitting my sperm for a week." [Yes... I confess I don't remember everything exactly as he said it, but he definitely said that!]

He positioned himself at the entrance and slowly started pushing in. Oh Fuck it's painful! Getting my little backdoor hole stretched like that. Still stingy from the flogger. Finally the head is in, and then everything else follows inexorably until he is deep in me. He slowly fucks my ass. My Violet cock is deep in my cunt. I'm lying on it, pushing it in deeper. David grabs the Hitachi again and shoves it under my clit. Now I am lying on it as well. He's doing it again. Bastard!

"Are you going to cum again, slut? Cum with my cock up your ass?"

"Yes Sir! I am Sir!" I had to admit, ass fucked and everything, because for sure number three was on its way! I came before he did, and I think my orgasmic screaming egged him on because he came just after, into my asshole as he promised he would. When he came, he really rammed hard into my ass. Deeper than any thrust, and then just held it there as he spasmed on top of me. It hurt like hell so deep, but I knew he was having his pleasure, so I just took it (like a bitch should).

"Holy Shit!" I said.

"Good sex," he said nonchalantly. Ha!

We lay there for a bit. He stroked me and kissed me tenderly. All over where the whip had gone. Nice aftercare. He kissed my pussy and I felt myself get a little aroused. He noticed and licked, but I pulled him up. "No more! Please! RED!" I finally said. No more orgasms. I couldn't take another. My Man had defeated me!

I was so sore that night. Pleasantly sore. Tingly so. I had a bath to try to ease myself, but it was not very helpful. David was sympathetic, but not sorry. He knew I had asked and received.

Next morning my ass was ok, but my pussy and tits were still sore. It was Sunday, so I got to relax.

I declared a spanking and sex moratorium for the week. I am planning to take a week off, where David and I can normalize our relationship back to being equals. After that, I plan on moving Topside again.

Being subby was an amazing lark. I would do it again. But it's sort of like if you like, say, peaches and oranges. You like them both, but you might have a special fondness for peaches. It does not mean you will never eat an orange again if they are always offered together, just that you really like peaches. I'm the same way. Topping is my peach. I like oranges plenty, but I really like peaches!

Looking forward to being back on the other end of the whip!


  1. Dam Julie, I got hard just by reading that! Well worth the wait & glad to hear you survived your requested beating.

    1. Actually glad to hear that, I hope after your break you'll continue writing because I'm really looking forward in to just reading your writing

  2. You've got a finger in both pies Ms Julie and are getting a full helping of them both! Congratulations on a great week.

  3. For a submissive David did fantastic as a dominate. He had you begging and pleading as he had his way with your wet cunt spanking and whipping it along with your tits and nipples. Having climax after climax does wear a girl out and I'm sure your back door was sore after he fucked it good. Two thumbs up for David.

    1. So sore! And I think he's proven he's a switch!

  4. do you think david need anymore advice from us what to do to your cute booty butt seem like know how give good spanking

    do you ever already plot think idea plan revenge on him or just goin with moment

  5. Ms. Julie, wow, what a GREAT experience and SUPERB post!! Glad you got that subby itch scratched REALLY good. Enjoy your moratorium this week, and looking forward to your posts when David goes back to david!

    - t.

  6. What a marvelous experience for you this past week, and what a happy ending! I say "for you," I hope it was "for you both,"--assuming you and David debriefed later like you've described when you're on top, I'd be interested to hear how he felt about it all. I feel like saying Congratulations!, even if I'm not exactly sure why :-)

    1. He enjoyed it plenty as well, but while enjoying both peaches and oranges, he prefers the oranges!

  7. Dear Mistress Julie,
    Amazing! As I think about what it would be like to be used and abused like that, I want to cum so hard! But...I still am not allowed. (So close!) The words are so powerful! The humiliating names. They always have a powerful effect when used on me. I wish it happened more often, but people are too nice!


    1. Shut the fuck up you pathetic little bitch!

    2. Thank you. Just what I needed!

    3. :-)
      Seeing a lot less verbal diarrhea coming out of you lately, david. Amazing the effect of a little discipline, no?

    4. Yes, ma’am! Thank you so much for giving me what I need! I think our beautiful houseguests this weekend are picking up on my desperate submissive state!

  8. It sounds like you had a great adventure. Interesting about the 'dirty talk' aspect......some people seem to really like that sort of thing (like you guys) and others (like me and Rosa) are very turned off by it, no matter which roles we are in. We are definitely all different!

    (Still waiting on your story opinions, though I realize you had a busy week LOL)

    1. I LOVED your dommy story!!!!
      Will give you a proper book review by email.

    2. U guys suck , how can u switch after that?

  9. Wow, great finish to your week of submission! Sounds like it was everything you were hoping for an more. I'm still amazed at how easily both you and David fell into what has traditionally been the other person's role. Again, a testament to a very strong, solid relationship.

  10. YES! David (with capital D!) AVENGED all men who are humiliated by their women, beaten, spanked, pegged, diapered, spit-roasted, etcetera! DAVID, we support ya! DAVID for president!

    1. I'm afraid, as a Canadian, David isn't eligible.

    2. For prime minister then! We have a bit of a cuck in office now...

  11. Rogering here. Uber hot. David really stepped up to the mark. The fact he was able to make you come, before he spurted in to "your dirty corn hole" as he memorably called, what is in fact, a tight, clean rarely abused bottom hole, is testament to that. Like your analogy to Peaches and oranges.
    Peaches, I am sure will be the regular diet in your relationship, but some bittersweet orange, now and again will keep you grounded too.

  12. Curious to read how you two "revert" back to your typical roles. When my wife and I tried something similar, she loved her "week off" but actually made a point to re-establish and reassert her role/domination immediately - "punishing" me in effect for doing such a good job on her the week before. That first week back, for instance, aside from nightly beatings she announced that certain unexplored activities would be introduced, namely ass eating (her's) and cock sucking (her gay male shopping friend). In retrospect maybe that was part of her plan?

  13. Congrats to you both for carrying through with this scene (more like a marathon). I am a sub minded guy and I can take physical abuse but admittedly a bit squeamish when applying corporal punishment to a female. I have to congratulate David for his ability to pull of this switch. Enjoy you r&r from D/S and will be looking forward to your return.
    Cheers, Bob Bell

  14. Come to think of it Ms Julie the only down side of your imminent switch back to domming is that all of us subbies will no longer have the fun of suggesting and revelling in punishments of you (from memory many of these suggestions have historically involved your very pert and attractive arse pictured). To remedy this and ensure your ongoing enthusiastic readership, can I suggest a future competition if you are 'for one night only' willing to sub again? If so a future post might be "How to punish Ms Julie's arse." From the comments received you decide on the most popular option and in yet another future post I'm sure david would be happy to unwittingly deliver on your readers behalf.

  15.  I love that your pussy and tits felt still sore one day after the beating. Your "extra sensitive nippies", "your lezzie cunt lips"
    I would have like your mouth lips had been sore too. Pussy lips, tits, mouth lips are delicious when very sore. It's a pleasure to pinch them as a reminder. Panties, bra and lover's mouth... girl's mouth...irritate them
    Mouth that says filthy words. Surprising that David had not been interested by your ears that are hearing them.

    I counted 9 Violet, 8 David, 2 cry out, 0 tears
    Weren't you excited when he was whipping your lezzie cunt lips ?
    The peaches are so natural, alive and quiet (still) with the sun on their rosy skin. I felt exhausted after reading, but you were "exaucée"

    1. You are clearly more thorough than he. Every part of your girls get it!

    2. You are right. You make me feel like a pretentious little cock sucker who deserves only a good pair of slaps and something, privately, much more humbling.

    3. Privately... let's see... no doubt a very good dildoing from my strap on, after you beg for it from my strap.

  16. I had a feeling your journey would take you to this place eventually Julie. Both of you will enjoy being switches.Wonderfully described once again....you are a talented lady.

  17. They say the best Doms are subs at heart. You certainly proved it. Poor David. There will be retribution.

  18. Julie, "How's everything!?" Though this is a very sexual post, probably one of your most erotic, filthy and fun, it had more of an emotional satisfaction for me. I've only been reading your blog for a few months. I've not had the opportunity to get vested from start to finish in any of your adventures. This was fun to watch come together for both of you.

    It will be interesting to see if the week long sex moratorium lasts. After a couple of days the after effects of " the beating " may cause you to rethink the moratorium!

    The word spanking will always get my juices flowing but I LOVE the word BEATING! The first post of yours I ever read was "Beating Your Husband Properly." An all time favorite!
    Fun times.

    1. Some people react badly to the word "beating", I'm not one of them. That is the word that most turns me on!

  19. Miss Julie - welcome to the wonderful world of Switches! Isn’t it just great to know you can ‘get off’ by both beating your man and being beaten by him?? Opens up all sorts of possibilities, which I’m sure you’re about to explore. Loved your exhibitionist pic (nice bottom ❤️) and your willingness to share all this with us. TL

    1. Which we Love! But you should pay for it with another bottom beating in the future. Ha Ha! TL

    2. We are going to want to see some enthusiasm, young girl ! Are we understood?

  20. Julie, Any thing to share about the doggy play? From either end of the leash, top or bottom. Very unexpected! Have you found out if it fits David?

    1. Here's what's wierd. Is not something he is interested in from the bottom. He says he would find it too funny. That would be counterproductive!

    2. Ph, but I enjoyed being his puppy dog!!!
      Woof Woof!

    3. He needs to buy me a tail I told him.

    4. Julie, If your in for a little experimental mind fuck (when aren't you?) with David. Try some public doggy play with him. Would the public humiliation trump the funny?
      Now I feel a little bad about suggesting such a thing. Just forget I said anything!

    5. PS. I can see PIN THE TAIL IN JULIE becoming a new favorite game of David's.

  21. I absolutely love the over the shoulder method of taking a naughty lady to the bedroom. For a man it is very empowering and fun to give that bottom of hers a nice smack on the way. It's also great when , as you did, she pounds on his back and shoulders and kicks her legs. We all love a little bit of resistance!

  22. WOW!!!! Welcome to Switch Nirvana. Kudos to both of you. Thanks again for allowing us to follow your relationship Odyssey. Switches rule. Bob

  23. GBob here. Julie, the sound of (in my case) a man screaming is never good if neighbors overhear. Can you or your readers recommend the quietest possible gag, and where it can be purchased?

    1. I have only ever tried a ball gag, and he can still scream pretty loud in that!

  24. Dear Julie, david still has some lessons to learn in punishing the butthole. Why don't you teach him how to get better ? (swats, elastic, nettles, pins...)

  25. "I like oranges plenty, but I really like peaches!" If you see those two peaches as nice fresh smacked balls, it means something more ouchy !

  26. Ms. Julie - LOVE the writeup and the lovely picture of your unblemished bottom! Given your exhibitionist tendencies, I suspect you'd have taken some photos of your bottom after this beating, and maybe even of the spankings earlier in the week - am I right? If so, perhaps you could share a few snippets of your BLEMISHED bottom, for your blog readers to view - and perhaps critique - David's (he was uppercase at the time) work?

    - t.

    1. No, my excuse for taking pics is to show david. Does not work when playing with him!

    2. I think I speak on behalf of all your followers when I say ... BUMMER!!

      - t.