Tuesday, June 30

Run in with Young Lady

I had a very interesting run-in with a young Asian-Canadian lady today!

She's early twenties, very attractive, the daughter of a former work colleague of mine who lives quite close to us in the neighbourhood. We've had a few dinners with her family and her over the years. Several years ago, when she was starting University, she asked me for some career advice. After she graduated, she went abroad for a prestigious Masters in the field I suggested. She had just finished and had received a very good job offer in that same field, but because of pandemic she is stuck back at home living with her parents until September.

At any rate she dropped by today to thank me for the advice and to catch me up on her situation. We shared a bottle of wine and some cheese on the patio mid-afternoon.

She had a boyfriend for the past year and a half while studying abroad, but they split up recently. She found evidence on his phone that he had cheated on her and she dumped him. I commiserated with her about men, in general. She pointed out that I seemed to have a great relationship with my husband and wanted any "tips" I could give her.

I know, I know. I shouldn't have. Her parents are friends. She's barely an adult. But I couldn't help myself!

First I swore her to secrecy. I told her that I would tell her some very private things, but she had to promise to tell nobody, especially not her parents. When you start a conversation like this, it has been my experience that nobody, ever, says, "oh, in that case don't tell me". Quite the opposite. They are dying to hear after that. She agreed.

I told her that early on in our marriage, that David had cheated on me.

She was shocked. She asked why were we still together? I think she lost a little respect for me... momentarily.

I explained that before we had gotten into our marriage he had gotten into the habit of receiving massages from young ladies, and not the normal kind...

The poor, sheltered dear had no clue what I was talking about. "What do you mean, like, massages?"

"Naughty massages," I told her. Where the man is naked and the young lady rubs his penis until he ejaculates. I used those words exactly.

We were both a half a bottle deep into the white wine by now. It was a very free discussion. I had certainly never been intimate like this with her before now. Last time we talked she had been a kid.

She was shocked that I said this. She expressed a certain incredulity that that was at all common. I assured her it was very common. I told her about a naughty massage place literally at the end of our block that she had never noticed before. Toronto is full of them. Usually second-story affairs on main thoroughfares with "MASSAGE" written in neon lights and discrete front doors. I said that many, many men, including married men, frequent them.

"Men are such dogs," she said. I agreed. "And he kept doing it after you were married?" she asked me. Exactly. "What did you do about it?" she asked. She was enthralled now.

So that thing with the massage parlours actually really did happen. It happened before I got into spanking him. He had told me he did it before we started dating. I was like, really? But it turned out he never stopped. I had found him out because he was reluctant to have sex with me (which never happened back then) but he agreed to it, and then I went down on him and I smelled and tasted the residual massage oil on him and confronted him and he confessed. I was soooo angry! We didn't sleep in the same bed for a week, but he begged and pleaded and promised to never ever do it again so I forgave him.

But it stuck in my craw, and after we started in on our spanking adventures I "scened" him by bringing him to a massage parlour I had pre-arranged by phone. He was suspicious but I convinced him he was getting a treat courtesy of his super-tolerant wife. I said what I had had a problem with was the deception, not the act itself, and would prove it. Instead of his desired "happy ending", though, he got teased by the girl while I watched, then I spanked him in front of her, and he went home hard. Other girls in the massage parlour got a bit into the action as well. It's all recounted in Very Public Massage Parlour Spanking! It was a blast and it really closed the book for me on this unhappy incident in a delightful way.

So she had asked, "what did you do about it?"

I answered, mixing up the timelines a little. I told her that I played along and told him it was no big deal. And to prove it, I organized a trip to the massage parlour so I could watch the girl doing it and get some tips from her on how to be a better wife.

"No way!" she said.

I told her it didn't exactly work out the way he had expected, and told her the whole true story of the massage expedition. It was a sexy story!

I told her how he got showered and naked on the massage table while I talked to the girl. She went and massaged him and got him all excited. Then when he was ready to "burst" I told him that it was payback time. I took a big old hairbrush out of my purse and told him to get off the table and over my knee. The girl encouraged him and we sort of suggested that he would get to finish if he took his spanking like a good boy. I told her that I gave him quite a spanking while the massage girl watched. Afterwards he got put back up on the table, teased again until he was rock hard, then I stopped her and made him go home in that state. I also told her how he was teased by multiple massage parlour girls on the way out who heard the spanking and wanted to know what happened. They all seemed delighted that a "cheating husband" got his just desserts at the hands of his wife!

I told her that after that incident there were no more "cheating" incidents and he has been the perfect husband.

She said, and I quote, that that was "fucking amazing!" I found all that lost respect flowing back to me now. Ha ha!

I knew she wanted to know, but she didn't know how to ask so I volunteered the info that I kept up with the spankings for whenever he annoys me.

"How does that work?" she asked.

I told her that it was simple. That whenever he annoys me, he gets a spanking, no questions asked.

"and he just goes along with that?"

It was so amazing talking spankings with a young lady!

I told her that it was a kink of his, to be dominated by his wife like that, and even more so with others watching (see what I did there, huh, huh?), but he often regrets it while he's across my knee.

"Wow..." was her reaction.

I asked her if she wanted a coffee before she went. She said sure. I offered various and she picked a cappuccino. I picked up my phone and called David, who was working on the third floor. (Funny how we use our cell phones as intercoms nowadays!)

"I have a guest, David, so-and-so from next door. She would like a cappuccino chocolate sprinkled on top; and I'll take an espresso. Right away please."

I can order my husband around like that. Ha ha!

She and I moved off the spanking stuff and went back to her future job and living arrangements. Before too long, David came out onto the patio carrying a tray with the coffee drinks and a bowl of sugar and some extra steamed milk.

"Hi Mr. X," she said with a GIANT smirk on her face. He greeted her, obliviously, and then said he had to get back to a call he was on. Ha ha! I had interrupted his business call to have him serve us coffee.

"That's fine, you can run along," I told him. No "thank you" at all.

After he went back in the house, just as he closed the door, she let out a giant laugh she had been holding in while he was serving us. Poor hubby. Zero masculinity left at all. If only he knew.

On her way out I told her if she ever needed help with her next boyfriend, she should just give me a call. Then I bucked up my nerve and added, in a conspiratorial whisper, "and if you ever want a demonstration on how I spank my husband, give me a call and we'll arrange a date." Darn, though, she looked a bit weirded out by that suggestion. I left it at that.

Que Sera Sera.


  1. As the child of an educator, I grew up always hearing the phrase “few things as valuable as a teachable moment!”. Seems David may be assisting in his own teaching session soon.

    “A thorough lesson requires a detailed approach” was also often muttered...

    1. Oh I hope so! And I hope the young lady learned a lesson in trying hard to "work things out" before calling quits on a long-term relationship.

  2. Ms. Julie, I want to be the first to congratulate you on a well written account of another day in your adventurous life. I'd say your friend's cheating boyfriend lost out on the chance to make amends by having his cheating ass flogged by his girlfriend. Can't understand why your friend wouldn't want to see you take david over your knee, I guess we all have our limits. Here's hoping she practices what she learned from you with her next boyfriend. The more FLRs there are, the more it will be accepted. lars

    1. I can't understand either. Even pre-spanking, vanilla me, would have JUMPED at the chance to see that! Maybe, compared to her, we are just "ewww, old..."

  3. Haven't you been listening to your hero, the Mango Mussolini?
    It's called the Kung Flu. You were exposed to the virus at it's source.
    This is based on hard science per Dr. Tucker Carlson & Dr. Sean Hannity.

    1. Huh? She lives in Canada and before that studied in Europe. She got no closer to Wuhan, China, the undisputed epicentre of the virus, than I. I think it's funny that Trump keeps saying that, to draw our attention to how absolutely irresponsible China was in their handling of this.

    2. I find the President's racist comments appalling. I have a daughter who's Chinese American. I work with Asian Americans, Hmongs, whose fathers and grandfathers fought for the CIA in Laos. Trump's thoughtless remarks will only serve to target Asian Americans by, not only white racists with nothing to lose, any ethnic group that chooses to blame them for the virus that he opted to ignore until it was too late.

    3. Can you please quote what you consider to be a racist remark from President Trump? Who knows, I might agree with you! I do not consider identifying COVID-19 as originating in China qualifies, especially as he's calling out the bad behaviour of the Chinese totalitarian government.

      You say he ignored the virus until too late. Can you quote any Democrat leaders urging that action be taking earlier than President Trump took action by banning the flights? Our timelines in Canada were virtually identical to those that the US took (a bit later in fact). It's always facile to say action was "too late" with 20-20 hindsight. Anything good can always have been done earlier. It's a facile criticism.

    4. Many Dems, some Republicans and Independents were urging action early in Feb. By the end of the month, Trump was responding to widespread fears when he assured everyone the 15 cases would soon be zero, and that it was a “good job they’d done.” It was over in his mind, and that’s how he’s governed since. His travel bans were inadequate responses. The country relies on his leadership which is, of course, a tragedy.

    5. That's a point of view. In fact, Trump announced the travel bans on Jan 31, against Democrat criticism, so I guess we agree he was first. As for Trump being optimistic, he is always that, having gone to the church where Norman Vincent Peale (The Power of Positive Thinking) was pastor. However, his optimism did not prevent his administration taking all necessary steps with ventilators, PPE, hospital ships, vaccines, therapeutics, and so on. Your criticism has no substance.

    6. His so called travel ban had so many exemptions and loopholes that 40,000 Chinese citizens made it in afterwards. They just flew to other international airports first before heading to USA. Common knowledge in Asia how stupid Trump was. In Australia and NZ we banned or quarantined anyone who’d visited a covid country at all. No exceptions. Many other Asian countries did the same and fair enough too. If Trump had done a half decent ban many thousands would be alive. He’s a laughingstock in Asia and China’s completely cutting out USA leadership in Asia. Another term of him and you’ll have no allies left here.

    7. Have you a source for that? My understanding is that he allowed US Citizens in China to repatriate. I recall 0 people at the time saying the US travel ban needed to be tougher than it was.

      You are bad at comparing things.

    8. Well, Julie, your blog is officially big enough to have a CCP-assigned troll. You've made it! Lol

    9. Closing down travel from China was one small step. Most of the problems came from travel from Europe. Places like Germany spent Feb. and March developing a real plan. Shutting things down early and preparing the hospitals for the wave. The result was far fewer deaths. Trump pretended it would all go away. Merkel made a plan and implemented it. Leadership based on science.

    10. Many, many of the US deaths came from New York and were due to Cuomo's criminally disastrous policy of returning elderly COVID-19 patients to nursing homes. Without that state policy, US numbers would compare well to other countries (even as it is, US is by no means the worst). Though won't take anything away from Germany. They did well.

    11. 70% of my home state of Pennsylvania's deaths were in the nursing homes. Our governor had the same policy as Cuomo's (but of course our health secretary moved HER mother out of her nursing home when it was implemented). The northeastern governors almost all followed Cuomo's lead with disastrous consequences.

    12. Many mistakes were made by many states. It still comes back to a President with his head in the sand.

    13. many, many of the Us deaths from nursing homes in NY due to Cuomo. Not even close. 130,000 dead of which 31,000 in NY. Many were in nursing homes and to the extent that they were put back in, as recommended by the Feds, that was wrong. How many more people would have died if the hospital beds were not made available to others would be pure speculation. But nursing home in NY were only a very small fraction of the 130,000. The virus is spreading now , and not in NY, because of a lack of federal leadership.

    14. Recommended by the feds? Do you have a reference for that? That's the first I've heard of a federal recommendation to return infectious patients to nursing homes!

      The hospitals were at no point ever over-stressed. Next to none of the Javits Center or the hospital ships were used.

      I am not sure if the virus is spreading or if the testing and type of people tested are changing. We will see when the death rates come in in a few weeks. And if there is a spread, I would wonder how much the protests and riots had to do with it.

    15. CDC guidance of March 13. It was of course a recommendation not an order. Obviously cuomo regrets it now. Hospitals were stressed and predicted to overflow. Certainly they were stressed. no you can't blame Florida Texas or Arizona on protests. Spreading is from opening too soon as even the Gov. of Texas now admits. The increased rate of hospitalization means it is not just more testing. Every other western country has flattened the curve. US is surging. Trump wants to have a 7500 person gathering with no social distancing on the 4th. Pure genius.

    16. What do you mean US not the worst? 40,000 cases every day. It’s a race to the bottom between US and Brazil. Both countries have populist right wing leadership and have completely failed on covid.

    17. Mary, I think you're being disengenious. I went looking up any and all CDC guidance around nursing homes and COVID-19, and there is lots and lots of it, and none of it is in any way imprudent.

      Yes, some states opened too soon, ahead of federal guidance or in ways not approved by federal guidance.

      And you say Trump is encouraging a large gathering, I'll say that Democrats everywhere have been encouraging massive street protests. Also pure genius?

      US is 7th in deaths per capita, and would be around 20th were it not for these ridiculous nursing home practises pushed at the state level.

    18. the march 13th CDC reference was from a NY post article. but it is amazing that you were not aware of this discussion. cuomo was live on CNN and MSNBC for 2 months and was repeatedly questioned about this and he leaned heavily on the CDC guidance.
      That said the history of the Covid response in the Us will be about the failure of leadership from Trump. He is still saying it may just disappear. Nursing home deaths had much more to do with the lack of PPE. If Feb. and march had ben spent stockpiling PPE rather than in wishful thinking, there would have been far fewer deaths.

    19. I'm surprised you have not read the CDC guidance for nursing homes that is easily found on their website, and am therefore NOT surprised that you cannot back up your claims.

    20. Presumably the current CDC guidance has been updated. It is guidance not history. The discussion was widely televised. Trump's response to the pandemic is an albatross around his neck that will follow him forever and is a symbol of his incompetence

    21. Google Cuomo on nursing homes. Open CNN article of may 24

    22. My gosh, Mary. You just take Cuomo and CNN at face value? How naive. All you needed to do was follow the link they provided to the CDC memorandum (https://www.cms.gov/files/document/3-13-2020-nursing-home-guidance-covid-19.pdf) and read it. It CLEARLY states that COVID patients should ONLY be taken if the facility has all necessary measures in place for isolation and protection. That was not what happened in New York nursing homes. Do a little critical thinking for goodness sake.

      Here, I'll quote from it because you seem unable to digest it:

      "When should a nursing home accept a resident who was diagnosed with COVID-19 from a hospital?
      A nursing home can accept a resident diagnosed with COVID-19 and still under Transmission- Based Precautions for COVID-19 as long as the facility can follow CDC guidance for Transmission-Based Precautions. If a nursing home cannot, it must wait until these precautions are discontinued."

    23. As I said, I think he understands it was a mistake. He had to make decisions as to whether they were safer in the hospital or the nursing home. He made a legitimate decisions, essentially a battlefield decision. How many would have died in the unsafe hospitals?
      The NYS Health department says that there were 6200+/- covid related deaths in nursing homes of the 31000+ in the state.

    24. You're exhausting and slippery to argue with, Mary. In arguing why Trump is to blame you said the nursing home deaths were due to Federal guidance. When I disproved that you go back to no evidence at all. Tell me again why you think Trump is to blame for everything?

    25. I don't believe I ever said nursing home deaths were Trump's fault because of federal guidance. The federal guidance was the work of the scientific community in the govt. The guidance and Cuomo's interpretation or misinterpretation were both honest efforts to address a crisis.
      Trump problem is that he wasted time that countries like Germany used to prepare, including stockpiling PPE's, pretending it would just disappear. He has promoted quack theories (Lysol, unproven medicines) and urged reopening the economy without proper safeguards. For starters. My problem with your position is that you are always deflecting away from the central point, real leadership, toward some particular such as Cuomo and nursing homes. It is not that the latter has no importance. There will eventually be a review of all aspects of the response and that should be part of that.

    26. I would say incompetent blundering from Cuomo. That "mistake" was inexcusable.

      Trump did not "waste time". The task force under Pence addressed travel restrictions, PPE, ventilators, hospital beds, social distancing, closings, vaccines, all with a sense of urgency. Supplies were depleted under Obama after H1N1 and never re-stockpiled. Yes, Trump was always optimistic. Lysol is fake news, Mary, you know that. "Unproven medicines" was HCQ which has now been proven to be the single most effective treatment regime. Because of TDS media many people died who could have been saved using HCQ. Wake up!

    27. You are in a dream world Goodbye

    28. Mary, when confronted with facts and an ask to make her case, responds with cognitive dissonance to desperately protect and preserve her world view.
      Buh bye.

  4. Thanks Julie for spreading your knowledge and what has worked for you. Sorry she probably doesn’t want to watch now but as she continues thru life with problem men she might want to”practice” on David before fully asserting herself in an FLR relationship

  5. Planted a seed Julie! Atta girl.

  6. I think this young lady simply reached her limit. Maybe the sight of a grown man, splayed across his wife's shapely lap, spanked to tears was more than she could handle. It's her loss. You could've given her an education on how to properly beat your man. I wish my wife would beat me. lars

    1. But the strange thing was that there was no sign of her reaching any limit whatsoever. She engaged boldly in the discussion and even smirked and laughed at my husband (along with me). But as you say, that was the limit, and a reasonable one it was!

  7. Hi Julie: I sent you a private email. Please look at it ASAP.
    Interesting story, about planting a little seed in the naïve. However, offering to demonstrate was too far over the top, even for you. She might have discussed it with you for more knowledge at a later date, but to watch someone be spanked, even if you tamed it down to only a simple spanking, was way beyond her and most peoples ability to comprehend the idea all at once and to also see a demonstration.
    I imagine you will tell David, and be strongly spanked for this action. The only idea I can imagine why you asked her if she wanted to watch a demonstration, is for David to choose someone to watch you being spanked. Let me be the first of thousands to volunteer for this job. (maybe David should contact WE for some student volunteers)
    bottoms up

    1. Thank you for the heads-up Red! (I had used my nom-de-plume from my ebook as our last name, Red was concerned I had slipped up and put in our real last names, or if not, that the 8 poor like-named folks in Toronto would get harassed. I changed it to "Mr X"!)

      I can't allow an impressionable young lady like her to see moi getting spanked. At this stage in her life she needs to know that girls rule!

      But I really thought I had her hooked...

  8. I'm sure you'll make an excellent mentor for her and any other curious young ladies who cross your path...

  9. I can imagine that she said yes to your demonstration straight away. David was called and told to present in panties straight away for a maintenance spanking but the tip of his erect cock was visible above his panty line. For this he went over the knee and got a ruined orgasm. The young lady then enquired about strap ons leading to another demonstration. Fun times for all.

    1. Yes! That's how it was supposed to go down!

  10. "...and if you ever want a demonstration on how I spank my husband, give me a call and we'll arrange a date."

    Boy, did that bring back a smile and memories.

    It was a fantasy of mine that I was really lucky to actually have happen. Spanked by two women. Two BEAUTIFUL BLONDES!

    All fun and all role play. The role play was the two worked together, one had "problems" with her new boyfriend...not "like your boyfriend" (i.e. me) who was perfect.

    "Perfect? That's because I spank him...!"
    "You what...???"

    And since I'm "due", she is invited to watch and learn. And to "do". I became - a teaching aide!

    My "GF" would use me to show her how to spank her man, then switched so she could practice what she learned. On me! And fun was had by all.

    The flip side? The game was that since she was going to GIVE a spanking, like my GF she had to know what it was like to TAKE a spanking, too!

    And so I got to take both otk and spank them!

    God, that was a fun time! Wish I could do it again.

    I don't think your neighbor will ever take you up on your wonderful offer, but if she does - WOW! And...David will love it. Call it a hunch.


    1. Was that a pro scene or friends? Sounds fun!

  11. My mother-in-law is alone now, her husband died a few months ago.
    She invited us last week for a meal, we and my wife's sisters. A simple meal, a vegetable salad, some fish, and a dessert.
    The characteristic of this meal is that I did not drink a drop of alcohol. I knew that my wife really hoped that I would not start drinking during this meal (The previous meal, I had drunk a lot and I had made a fuss)
    At the end of the meal, my mother-in-law offered us herbal teas. I asked my wife if she wanted it, she remained silent but not in an aggressive way.
    I did not formalize myself (I am much more present and friendly when I do not drink) and I handed her a sachet.

    My wife was proud of me that I managed to hold on.
    She said to our son in a submissive tone "I take the herbal tea that your father chose", publicly demonstrating at the table that she was doing what I had decided and that she was an obedient wife and happy to be.
    It was like a reward she gave me. Sometimes girls like to feel owned by their man and to show it in front of everyone (including what it means about sex once in the bedroom).

    You tell that you "were both a half a bottle deep into the white wine" and, in a previous post, that one of the goals you want to achieve is not to overdrink. Do you have a story about this?

    1. Yes, we like to feel proud of our men and demonstrate to others what a catch we have, and sometimes that means acting submissively towards them. From that, others will know he is also master in the bedroom, as you say, where we will gladly spread our legs for him or take him into our mouths or even our bottom holes.

      "Half a bottle" is quite mild by my standards!

    2. Half a bottom hole!

  12. I think this probably about 90% of the time when I read your posts and never actually type it out, but here it is:

    You just keep getting "awesomer and awesomer"! :)

    Feel free to quote me at anytime!


  13. Hi Julie,first you said if you ever want a demonstration.....you didn't say "If you want to watch or See me spank my husband." A demo could possibly mean explaining more about it or the hows and why's if it comes back that she got weirded out and tells you so. A little stretch perhaps?
    Next thank you SO much for the factual response to Mary. "Have you a source for that?" Seems to always invoke feelings, beliefs and CNN said responses. The hypocrisy is shown in "Cuomo, He had to make decisions, he made legitimate decisions..."
    But the President doesn't get the same recognition. The same deaths occurred in NO nursing homes. If you have not seen it I encourage you to find the movie Plandemic. Love the blog and your intelligence! JW