Friday, December 9

Very Public Massage Parlour Spanking!

I took him to the massage parlour for his spanking and got more than I had bargained for. It turned into a very public affair! But more on that towards the end.

As I described in my last post, I had arranged to go to a naughty massage parlour with david. I told him it was "a treat" for him. Oh, he was plenty suspicious all right! Earlier in our marriage I found out that he still frequented such places. I put a stop to it at the time (amidst much drama), and he has not been since. He was very confused with me wanting to take him. I explained to him that it was not his going that bothered me, but his sneaking behind my back. So long as I took him, I wanted to show him that it was ok. He was still suspicious, and rightly so!

The place is in a little industrial park on the outskirts. We got there five minutes before our 4 pm appointment. I rang the doorbell and we got buzzed in. There was a female attendant at a desk near the door. She had a big grin, as in "oh, so you’re the wife who booked a massage for her man!" I had to pay that lady a relatively small sum at the door, and ascertained that the extra fee for the "VIP Special" would be paid to the girl herself. The lady asked us to have a seat, as they were just trying to arrange for their larger room for us.

david and I sat in the little lobby. It had a big screen TV and some magazines. He and I sat there, and I can tell you my pulse was really racing! I am starting to like the thrill of these "outings!" What was very funny was watching male customers who had finished their "massages" come out of the corridor where the rooms were, and then try to skulk out through the lobby without making eye contact at all with me. Ha Ha! I openly stared at them with a little disapproving look on my face. They were probably cheaters, like my husband had been.

Then our girl, Robin, showed up and introduced herself. She was a very pretty brunette, dressed in lingerie and a nightie, with high heels. She looked very fit and toned, but also a bit nervous (join the club!).
She led us down the corridor with lots of doors on either side, and conducted us into our room. The room was very clean (much to my relief), dimly lit, and had a massage table up on a raised floor surrounded on two sides with huge mirrors. The room had a shower and a sink also. There was also a chair for me to sit in. It was not crowded at all. It is larger than the other rooms, according to Robin. Robin told david to have a shower and lie down on the massage table, and she would be back in a couple of minutes. Before she left I asked if she and I could maybe have a quick word together. She readily agreed. We stepped out into the corridor as david stripped to have his shower.

Out in the corridor, she said that she had never "worked with" a couple, or even had a woman as a client before, and asked what I was expecting. I told her that she would not be massaging me at all, it was going to be all about him and I would just watch. She seemed very relieved by that. On home ground was the sense I got. She asked if I wanted her to make him cum, and I told her no. He's here to get a good teasing. She looked a bit intrigued by that, so I went on to tell her the story about how he came to massage parlours behind my back, and while there is nothing wrong with him coming to one, he should not be doing anything behind my back. She agreed with that. I told her I wanted to teach him a bit of a lesson, and would she help? Yes she would be happy to, she said! I told her that he thought this was a treat for him, but it was actually just going to be a big tease and then I'd take him home. She loved it! Based on her reaction, I asked her if it was ok if halfway through I gave him a little spanking over my knee? Her exact words were "Absolutely! He deserves it!"

After exchanging a hug with Robin, I went back into the room, and watched the last bit of david taking his shower. He came out and dried himself, and asked if this was really for real? Poor baby looked so confused! Yes, I said, she's going to massage you while I watch. I told him that I hope he appreciates me. He said he did, he really did, and I think he started thinking at that point that it was for real. Naive boy.

He lay down on the massage table, face town, all bare, with his little backside on display. I asked if he was supposed to be naked like that, and he assured me that this was the drill, at least as far as he remembered, as it had been so long since he had done this. Ahem! His bottom and legs were back to their pristine state after almost a couple of weeks of no spankings at all, and I silently looked forward to reddening his backside while Robin watched.

Robin came back in and went over to david, and began rubbing his shoulders and back. david moaned a bit with pleasure. Robin told him what a lucky guy he was, having a wife who would treat him like this. She went on about how it's not every guy who had such an open-minded wife, and he should count his blessings. She turned and asked me if I wanted her to take off her clothes. I told her she should do whatever makes her feel comfortable. In a second she pulled off her nightie, showing her bare breasts, and tossed the nightie at me! I caught it, and we exchanged a big smile. She had a gorgeous body!

She started rubbing him some more, and dipping her breasts down so that her nipples touched his back. She went all up and down, massaging and touching his ass and legs. She also let her long hair fall down onto him and caress him. Wow. Was I ever learning some tricks from her! No wonder guys go to these places! She was a real pro, and had him moaning in pleasure.

She reached down between his legs, and he moaned and writhed on the table more and more as she did that. She spread his ass cheeks, looked me straight in the eye, and then blew on his asshole. The little minx! This was actually fun watching her working. She seemed to get a real delight having me watch her. Such an exhibitionist! I was getting pretty hot and bothered myself, and I don’t go for girls at all, but was maybe reconsidering my position on that just then!

"What do you think?" she said. "Yeah, I think so," I said back to her. She told him to stand up and he was all "huh?" She tugged a little on his arm, and I got up and grabbed his other arm. We were both very gentle with him. He had a BIG hard on. She said that she hears from me that he comes to massage parlours without my permission? Is that true? He stammered out a confirmation. She said "before I keep going, I think there's something your wife wants to do first..." david did a little look at me. I said yup, get over to this chair. I sat down and  reached into my big bag and pulled out his hairbrush. "Oh No!" he said. "C'mon," said Robin teasingly, "time to pay the piper!" But I could tell he was super excited, and super embarrassed all at once!

He draped over my lap very submissively, much to Robin's delight. I could feel his rock hard penis pushing against my thigh. I started spanking his bottom with his hairbrush, and he obliged me with a few little kicks and squirms and complainy-sounds. I went pretty light on him, because I didn’t want to scare off Robin. She was standing there with a big grin on her face, in nothing but panties and heels, totally comfortable in her skin (I wouldn’t be that secure in myself, standing almost naked like that - she sure was, though!).

I wound up giving him about 50 whacks, getting a bit stricter once I saw how ok Robin was with it. I also scolded him during the spanking, re-iterating that it was not ok for him to come to a massage parlour without my permission, to spend our money like that. To cheat on me with another woman! I got a lot of "yes dear"s, and "I'm so sorry"s, and "never again I promise" out of him. I think he was "playing it up" a bit for our audience. I liked it though.

After I was done, I asked Robin if she would like a turn spanking him? She said sure. I offered her my chair, but she said no, bring him over to the table. david looked a bit confused, but she took him by the arm and bent him across the width of the table. As she did this, david had a little worried look on his face, and then Robin said the best thing. She said "Don’t worry, baby, I didn’t bring my strap-on with me today". Oh dear! I couldn't see his face, but he must have been blushing at that one!

She jumped up on the table and straddled his back (david's feet are still on the floor, draped across the width of the table if you can imagine the position). I offered her the hairbrush, and she took it, and started smacking his bum and saying "Bad Husband! Bad Husband!" She was hitting him very lightly. I doubt she's ever given a proper spanking to a guy before, or used the hairbrush. I didn’t want to tell her anything, though, and just let her carry on, loving it as my boy squirmed under her weight.

When she was done, she got him back up on the table, this time face up. david was still very, very hard. She started rubbing his legs, and his tummy, and his chest, rubbing near, but never quite touching, maybe just brushing past, his hard cock. Sometimes her hair would brush past it, or he might get a little breath on it. Sometimes the tip of her nipple would touch it. david was getting very excited. Breathing hard. Bucking up his hips. Moaning like a slut. When she teased, boy did she tease! World-class tease, I'm sure! david asked her, "may I touch you?" Robin said, "It's up to your wife. Can he touch me?" she asked me. "No." I said.

Then she whipped off her panties, and tossed those at me as well, and jumped up on the table, straddled his head looking down his body, and put her shaved pussy right above david's head, shook it a little, and said "See what you’re not getting? I bet you want that, don’t you? I bet you want to fuck that!" Then she slid her body on his and got him really excited. At times her pussy was inches from his lips, but he didn't dare try to stick out his tongue to reach it. Good thing too. Had he done that, I would have stopped it right then and there, taken him home, and strapped his ass until he couldn't sit for a week!

She hopped off the table, and cradled his balls in her hand and said "Are these all full up? Do you 'wanna cum? Huh?" Then she grabbed his cock, and started rubbing it and making moaning sounds herself. David started saying "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" and before long "Oh! I'm 'gonna cum!"

Then, all of a sudden, she stopped rubbing, turned to me, and asked. "What do you think?" I said, "Yeah, that should do it". david said "NO!!! PLEASE!!!" Ha Ha! "OH PLEASE LET ME COME, PLEASSSSSE!". Ha Ha! No, she said, your wife decides if you cum or not, not me, and she says you’re not cumming." He turns to me and says "PLEASE HONEY!!???". "Hmmmm... Not today... Maybe next time." "PLEASSSS!" he pleads. I'm adamant. Nope, you're getting punished this time. Maybe next time.

Get up she says. Time's up. david stands up looking very miserable, with a GIANT hard-on! I get the VIP Special money from my purse, hand david one bill at a time, and tell him to hand it to her and say thank you. Each time he hands over a bill to Robin I give him a huge, hard as I can, spank with my hand just as the bill change hands. David jumps and his hard penis jiggles up and down. Robin is grinning the whole time.

Then I tell him to get himself dressed. Robin says he can have a shower if he wants. david looks unsure. Then Robin "remembers" and says "Oh I guess you didn't get goopy at all, did you? Guess you don't really need a shower, do you?" Robin dresses back up in a jiffy. As david is dressing, I'm chatting with Robin. I ask her what the work is like. Is it dangerous at all? She says "No!" I ask what happens if a guy gets a bit aggressive? She says she loves putting them in their place, that it's her favourite part of the job.

She asks me if david has always been like this, or did I make him like that? "A little subby you mean?" I ask. She says yeah. I told her it was a little of both. He started out subby, and I made him more subby. "Do you do other things to him?" she asks. I ask her what she means. She says, "you know, other subby things." Oh sure, I say. He gets the belt and the strap. I dress him in a little skirt and panties and make him do the housework. And he takes it in the mouth and the ass from my strap-on. She gets a funny look on her face, I imagine it was a "I wonder where I can get one like him?" look. david is very, very mortified to be totally "outed" like this!

So it's over, right? Not quite! Believe it or not, there is still the most amazing part yet to come!

We open the door to leave, and coming out a door exactly opposite is the attendant lady. She asked "What was going on in there?" with a knowing grin on her face. I told her I gave him a spanking. She said she could hear that. Then another girl comes out of a nearby door. "That was a spanking?" she asked. Robin answered, "yeah, she spanked him. That's his actual wife. He's a cheater, comes to massage parlours behind her back." Just then yet another woman walks towards us. "What a pig!" she says, "I hate cheaters!" Apparently 5 pm is shift change, and all the girls were finishing up and new ones were coming on!

Well before you know it, there is Robin and four or five other girls gathered around in the narrow corridor. I make david turn around, and put his hands up high on the doorframe. Then I get my hairbrush back out of my purse and spank him over his pants! I notice Robin puts her hand over his to hold them there. I think david must be in humiliation heaven! The other girls are egging me on "Spank that cheater!" they say. It's not meant in a kinky, playful way. They're serious! I actually hear real vehemence in their voices. I guess these girls know that the vast majority of their clientele are cheating on their wives or girlfriends, and they are facilitating it, which must be very compromising for them. They are really enjoying watching this one cheater get his comeuppance from his lawful wedded!

In the exchange, Robin explains another couple of times to this girl or that that I am his wife, and that he got a spanking in the room. One girl asked "did he get to cum?" and Robin said "no. She wouldn't let him. He's going home hard." That got a big laugh!

He got fifty against the door frame, and then I packed up and pushed him ahead of me (yup, gave him a real shove and a "get going mister"). At the door, there was Robin, and I gave her a big hug and a thank you. david asked her if he could give her a hug as well. She said no!  I said goodbye to her and the attendant, and that was our massage parlour adventure.

By the way. When we got to the car I opened the passenger side car door for him, pushed him in, and drove him home myself! Nobody was looking, but I just wanted to!

Reality. Wow! You can't make this stuff up!


  1. Fantastic Post Ma'am!!! Wow you really know how to handle david. And you truly deserve the title Ma'am.

    I'm sitting here hoping my Wife doesn't read this, I don't want Her getting any ideas. You certainly have a devious mind, with lots of great thoughts.

    All I can say is poor david, but I'm sure he deserved it, and more. BTW was there more when you got home???


  2. I know that I don't want to be david. This is a new level of shame that you did. I like to know more about what happen on the ride home and did he ever get to let his load free? You learned a lot about him just by watching. I bet you are going to use this to tease him and make him into the man you want him to be. I bet he knows now this is not a game. It's real and your the boss.


  3. Hi James, Paul, Thank you for your comments.

    Actually, this outing was not very disciplinary in nature. We used his past behavior (long forgiven and forgotten) as a bit of an excuse. Robin had fun with it, I had fun with it, all those girls had fun with it, and david definitely had fun with it! We were giddy and laughing and not believing we actually got away with it all the way home.

    In retrospect, this is the perfect "outing". The girls are all sex workers and so are open and easy with things along these lines. They are discrete given their professison, and we never had to identify ourselves at all, and could pay cash for everything.

    I think I was the one who learned the most. I don't know what I was imagining about those massage parlours, but Robin was nice, would not put up with any nonsense from a man, and was a real pro at what she did. No wonder guys want to go! It's a lot more like masturbating than cheating, now that I've seen it, so I actually feel much better about the whole long ago incident.

    1. I probably need the same treatment but with covid most places are closed.

  4. Wow! Now I won't be able to visit a massage parlor without thinking about this.
    Maybe they should start offering spanking as an option. Add a while new dimension to the experience.

  5. OMG, you actually did it. Well done, and I agree he deserved it! Maybe Robin does housecalls; you might need a "sitter" for David if you want a night out it sounds like her hairbrush technique needs som epractise


  6. Styxman: try asking the lady, you might get a "live one" like Robin!

    R: Well, practice makes perfect, though I think she may be too expensive to be his regular sitter!

  7. Ms. Julie-
    As you said, "Wow! You can't make this stuff up!"

    I totally agree. You have set standards for a FLR way beyond any of my own wildest expectations. You also have coined a new phrase when you said that david was in "humiliation heaven". I will be remembering that one! As James said, you truly have a devious mind; one that will keep your david on his toes. And the fact that you recognized the fact that you probably learned the most indicates a very intelligent woman, indeed!

    And unlike James (who is a great friend and someone I respect), I immediatley had my Lady (Cora) read your wonderfully written description of your 'adventure'. We both enjoyed it immensly (perhaps in different ways).

    All I can say is that david is one lucky guy and you recognized it with your own observations of his arousal.

    And finally, I think the key to the whole scenario is that everyone had 'fun' with it. You. David. And the Ladies in the 'establishment', especially Robin.

    Thanks for sharing all the intimate details. This is better than any fiction I have read.

    Ken (with permission of Cora, too)

  8. GREAT STORY, well if you have really forgiven him, C'est la vie, he is a very lucky man!
    Maybe we should have a whip round (pardon the pun) so you can afford Robin to babysit.
    I knew a robin once, she had red breasts, oh NO!

    Christmas shopping in London today!!!!!!! I really hate that. I MUST NOT APPEAR BORED, OR MAKE SARCY COMMENTS. Staying at Susi's tonight, back tomorrow

  9. Terrific account of a great session. I trust he got a little more from the cane when you arrived home. I should imagine they are still talking about that afternoon back in the parlour.
    Have a good weekend.

  10. Ken and Cora: Thank you! I need everybody to have fun also. My biggest fear with these "outings" is genuinnely offending somebody (I absolutely don't want to do that), with ignoring us being a close second! So it's really important that everybody have fun, even david. I think real discipline should be kept in the home (and only shared with someone you can really trust).

    John: I was wondering what a "whip round" was ever since you wrote that! I think I've figured it out, it's like passing the hat, right? I need to go out and buy a cane so that maybe I can understand you guys better! It seems like xmas shopping is a bit of a challenge for you? Sounds like you won't make it. I hope you won't get punished too severely as a result, but that's not up to you, is it?

    Michael: I NEED a cane! I've seen photos of bottoms after the cane. They are SOOO marked up! Love the little stripes! Is it dangerous at all, to cane him really hard? Where does one get a cane, anyways. I was thinking those bamboo garden stakes might serve? Any advice appreciated!

  11. Mistress Julie
    May I suggest my Mistress buys nearly all of her instruments from them and they ship to Canada. Personally I think that the lexan cane is even more powerful than bamboo. Canning can draw blood fairly easily and you need to keep away from the kidney area. Upper back. arse thighs are all fair game for Mistress. I know there are many books available for safely using Canes and whips and Mistress has read quite a few as well as meeting other Doms and Dommes for instructions.

  12. Mistress Julie

    my humble apologies I should have first mentioned North Bound Leather in Toronto. Not as big a range but quality canes and floggers and no need to go through customs.
    Mistress has promised 20 strokes with the lexan cane for being so remiss

  13. Hi Julie, as usual your comments bring up more questions. ( I will get round to "muddy paws" promise.) You are right a "whip round" it is passing the hat. Robin red breast is the national bird of England. I'm forgetting you're from Canada.

    Canes: The cane is such a symbol of authority, I think it must go back to our schooldays. It most certainly is in our house. When Katie lived up the road from me, she had bamboo garden canes ( a dozen or more). These were three feet long of various thicknesses. They were stiff, not flexible, however they do hurt. They also break. It was not unusual during a thrashing for her to say "Damn that's another one you've broken" ME!!
    Quite often we would walk to mine, Kate, cane in hand, smiling at the prospect that soon she would be exercising her right arm. So there you are it's symbolic, who knows what anyone thought if they saw her?
    One incidence sticks in my mind years on. When she first moved up the road, she wanted me to help decorate her house. In our local town there is a B&Q, they sell everything from paint to garden stuff. We bought all the stuff for her house, then went to get some compost for my garden. In the garden bit, we walked past this huge rack with hundreds of canes in it, I joked do you want to stock up? She told me to go to the checkout and pay, she would be along in a minute. If Katie had picked up a bundle of canes, no one I'm sure would have given it a second thought. NO Kate comes to the checkout with just ONE. "Excuse me" she pushes past a couple in the queue, "I'm with him" and plonks the cane on the till. I felt myself blushing all the way to the car, me pushing the trolley, Kate holding her new cane. "I can't wait to use this when we get home"
    I'll stop here as I've more to say on canes, and I don't want to lose this, John xx

  14. Hi again Julie, as pantyslave says, you can buy all sorts of things now on the internet. Real canes are much better (or worse), from thin (very flexible) to some stiffer ones called dragons. Kate has seven in all, four straight ones with a grip on, one straight, without, and two crook handled ones. One of which is the dragon, this hangs on the back of the pantry door, it is symbolic and is only rarely used. The other crook hangs on the back of the bathroom door, shorter and very flexy. A grip gives you total command, the cane does not slip in your hand. I sometimes whack a pillow pretending it's Katies bare bottom (dreams!) The canes with the grips are all 32 inches long, varying in thickness. The thinest stings like crazy, like a switch (a shoot from a bush or tree) it leaves vivid raised welts, that last for ages. As they get thicker they produce a different type of pain and sound. Trust me Julie they all hurt.
    As I said before, Katie often soaks the cane first, in a two litre water bottle. This adds a little extra weight to the business end so hurting and marking more. If my thrashing is to be given in front of anyone else, she nearly always soaks it first. This is part of a ritual, firstly to be undressed in public either in the corner or kitchen duties is very humiliating. Secondly she leaves it soaking for about 20 minutes, (waiting to be punished is almost as bad as the caning you know you've got coming. And of course thirdly it hurts more.

    So Julie I hope that helps, as for drawing blood, Kate has maybe a few times, produced a few specks. The advantage of beating a bare bottom is you can see the effect you are having on him. Kate always canes my bottom and just the very tops of my legs. Never my back. I think you could use a thin cane on his back, but not a thick one. If you gave David 70 of the best all on his bottom with the thin cane, I think you probably would draw blood.

    I'm running out of space again. YES Julie I was thrashed on Saturday at Susi's (Rope whip) not for my shopping skills, but for moaning about there being too many cars on the road, and why leave Christmas shopping to the last minute. Oh yes, and I said something about "Women drivers" So I suppose I did ask for IT!!! John xxx

  15. Ma'am, might I suggest, they have a wide variety of implements, and they are very reasonable.


  16. Omg!! This is great!! I'd be so horny, hard, and humiliated.... poor hubby!!

  17. panty: thank you for your suggestions. Sorry about getting you paddled! (not really - Ha Ha! ;-)


    WHERE are the muddy paws??? Come on now, it's been weeks!!

    I love that Katie bought exactly one cane. There's only one thing you would ever do with just ONE garden cane! Ha Ha!

    And thank you for the tips on caning. I don't want to draw blood or whip his back, so I will stay away from that, but I like the idea of soaking in water - very ritualistic! I really want to make those skinny stripes on his butt and legs I have seen in pictures. Can;t wait to get a cane and try it out.

  18. james: wow, that link really has some good stuff on it! david bought me something for xmas along those lines, but I will direct him to this link to pick out something new to be punished with that he can buy me for my birthday!

    Sometimes: david also was horny, hard, and humiliated. You two must think alike. Ha Ha!

    1. I can relate to David's humiliation my wife has taken a page from your blog and has brought her sister into disciplining me. Recently when she felt I had been rude and used bad language she told me her sister and their friend JoAnne that she was going to wash my mouth with soap then spank me. This was the first time this had been mentioned but there was no hesitation on her part and JoAnne and my sister in law cheered her on. It was really unpleasant and when we were alone I told my wife I hated the mouth soaping and being spanked with an audience. She said I deserved both and that she liked showing her friend that she is in control

    2. I approve completely. What better way for a wife to demonstrate her complete and utter dominance over her man? Get used to your wife wearing the pants in your family.

  19. I had a two year relationship with a wonderful Domme. The whippings were often and severe. She is gone now but the desire for such remains. After reading this story, I am considering the massage therapy facility. Just not sure how to go as about breaking the ice.

    Great story,

    1. I suggest that you call ahead and ask for a "kinky lady". If they ask, say "one who might spank me a bit". then when you are in there, be very polite and ask if she might possibly give you a spanking. I bet anything she will!

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