Saturday, September 19

Word Cloud

 I am deeply enmeshed in a cloud of words. Here they are.

I made a "word cloud" from my document. The size of the word represents how often it is used. Let me highlight a few of them.

  • David, husband, marriage, wife, sir, Julie
    The book is about the idealized relationship between my husband and myself where we accentuate all his dominant qualities and my submissive (yet spunky!) qualities and introduce a bigger age gap between us.
  • Mommy,  Daddy, family
    They figure prominently in the book, I love my Mommy and Daddy. I also sometimes call David "Daddy". Later on in the book they re-learn how to spank their two youngest adult daughters.
  • Pastor, Church, Sunday, Christian, God
    David is a Christian and believes in the man being the head of the household and domestic discipline. I love the religion and I convert. Though I am overly prideful and need knocking down a peg or two.
  • Spanking, spank, hand, corner, nose, punishment, wooden, hairbrush, discipline, switch, belt
    There are lots and lots of punishments, including spankings with many different implements. I am pleased to say that I can recount the feelings of a girl being subjected to these punishments from very first-hand experience!
  • Little, children, bad, girl, panties, diaper
    In the book I often find myself as a "little", regressed in age against my will, stomping my foot in consternation at the treatment, and generally spanked and sometimes diapered as a result. But secretly loving it?
  • Bea
    Beatrice is the name of David's sister in the book. Older than me, but younger than David. David became her legal guardian when he was 20 and she was 14. I give the whole exciting backstory, and describe Bea's teenaged spankings from her big brother. Bea is also spanked as an adult as she wished to be held accountable by her "Dad", at least until she can find a husband of her own. We become fast friends.
  • Nancy, Sue
    Nancy is my little sister in the book, just 18. She crashed and burned out of University and my parents gave her an ultimatum. Either out on her own or subject to their rules. I had just "come out of the closet" to Mom and Dad as a spanked wife, and had occasion to be spanked at their place for a truly thoughtless thing I did. Mom decided Dad had been right all along and reinstated spankings for Nancy. We get to witness a number of Nancy's spankings from Daddy, and she and I wind up getting punished together more than once. My older sister Sue is more the dominant type, she spanks me herself and participates in Nancy's and my spankings.
  • pussy, cheeks, bottom, breasts, legs, front
    All my various body parts that get exposed as I am punished, often in front of others.
  • fuck, sex, head, come, mouth, butt, sexy, woman
    There are may sex scenes in the book between my husband and I. Turns out I need my bottom warmed to really "get into it", but once that happens, look out!

There's just some of them. It's fun doing the word cloud. I think it pretty much summarizes the book in a very visual and unique way.


  1. Very interesting, I'll have to try it. No surprise to your largest words ;D

  2. I don’t see enough “corner”, “timeout” or “30 minutes” Jules.

  3. How about “collar” and “gag”. Sounds like you could use these as you’re quite a handful. Maybe you should be collared and gagged for Sunday school lessons? You’re there to listen and learn. Not express indignant liberal ideologies.

    1. No collars or gags. I like the gag idea, but it seemed too S&M for the domestic discipline vibe.

  4. Ms Julie if I were your pastor I’d put your head and hands in stocks. Very Christian. The congregation could then have a special dispensation to throw fruit and yell “slut” and other insults before your husband gives you a very public bare ass whipping. Some of the male church leaders would come back after hours wearing hoods for an inspection and final punishment ceremony. Each man would then take their turn at fucking your exposed ass to demonstrate to you how Satan treats young women who turn from God. Christian fun.

  5. Julie--could you make it heart shaped? Thanks.

  6. What happened with your younger boy cousins and their parents? They don't appear in this word cloud? They might be deprived of seeing you facing the wall.

    1. Yes - I mostly avoided my nephews but did recount the silly little spanking episode where they turned itno cousins instead, given my fictional age.

  7. Unfortunately you didn't include slipper spankings because you are not familiar with the slipper as a spanking implement.

    1. true - not a single slipper in the book. Maybe i can fix that...

    2. Write about you visit to the nude beach in Spain.
      David got a slipper spanking there with your beach sandal

    3. Did you ever give slipper spankings?

  8. You and Sue are more the pear shaped kind, but Nancy? She would have a square or perky round bubble shaped butt ?