Thursday, April 22

Naked Below the Waist Female Masturbation

I was browsing the blogs in my blogroll and came across an O and P spanking stories blog post A pic story - Dorm Inspection, and was taken by this photo:

I browse 100's of photos a week to find good ones to illustrate my blog posts. I know that text all by itself is boring, and adding an "on topic" pic can get the imagination firing and break up the monotony of solid text.  But every now and then a picture just grabs me and gets my imagination firing on all cylinders. This one did that. It's not her bum that grabbed me, it's her barely seen face in combination with the humiliating situation in which she finds herself.

When a photo like this takes me, I generally take it to bed with me on my iPad. I take my bottoms off, and in this case, lower my panties to a band around my thighs to emulate the photo. I moisten my fingertips with my saliva and begin lazily rubbing my pussy all around my clit. I move a finger to the entrance to my vagina and play with myself there. That feels nice. I'm a married woman for goodness sake. I masturbate too much. Oversexed.

There is this perception that it's not a thing women do, masturbate frequently. Boys and men are supposed to be the little monkeys who can't stop themselves from tugging on their willies. Am I bizarre that way, I wondered? I looked it up here:

I probably average to around weekly, maybe a bit more. But it's often lack of time and privacy that stops me, not lack of inclination. At any rate, for a woman my age, that puts me in the top third only. Put thirty women my age in a room, and then tell everybody who masturbates at least weekly to go to one side of the room. 10 of us would blush and shamefacedly walk over while the other 20 look on with a big superior smirk. When they then say that everybody who does it 2-3 or more times a week should put their nose in a corner and drop their pants and panties, 3 of the corners would be filled by horny bare-bummed ladies, and I wouldn't be amongst them. I would be amongst the group teasing them for their ridiculous horniness.

For a male in my age category, that same frequency would be top half. But the stereotype is borne out for super-frequent masturbators: 2, 3, 4+ times a week. 40% of 18-24 men do that, compared to only 10% of 18-24 women. Even in my age bracket, 1/3 of men are frequent masturbators (you know who you are!) as compared to only 10% of women.

Ok, so it's not that unusual for a woman, I'm just particularly chatty about it, shameless hussy that I am.


As I play with myself, a story around the photo forms. I thought of the man as my Uncle (and the girl as me of course). I spun a fantasy in my brain. I was staying with my Aunt and Uncle out of town. I had a strict curfew. I came in way past it, a little drunk. I was given water and an aspirin and sent to bed with the promise that this would be dealt with tomorrow. I was a bit hungover in the morning and Aunty and Uncle dealt with me tenderly.  By noontime I was feeling much better. Aunty informed me that I should go to my bedroom, lower my jeans, sit on the side of my bed, and Uncle will be in presently to give me my spanking (!).


It's exciting for me to make up a story around a photo like this. I get excited by the story in my head, not by the photo per se. Is it the same for guys? Or do guys fixate more on the photo itself?


I imagine that I knew spanking was a theoretical possibility with Aunty and Uncle. Aunty had said "if you break the rules, you're liable to get a spanking from your Uncle." I was 18-years-old. I mostly thought she was kidding. Did I break the rules deliberately to test that? I might have...

I imagine going to my room, lowering my jeans as instructed, and sitting there on the side of the bed nervously, fidgeting in my panties, waiting for Uncle to come in. Would I go across his knee? Would Uncle take my panties down for my spanking? I would have had huge butterflies in my tummy waiting there like that, imagining what was about to take place. I hadn't been spanked since I was an eight-year-old child! Being made to wait with pants pulled down must be terrible.

 Uncle would come in and say, "do you know why you're about to be spanked?"

"Yes, Uncle. I broke curfew and drank alcohol."

"We won't have it in our house. We're supposed to be looking after you."

"Yes Uncle. I'm sorry."

"You're going to be more sorry after you've been dealt with."

"Yes Sir."

How embarrassed would I be, sitting there with my knees clamped together with my jeans around my ankles, in just in my little white cotton patterned panties, as Uncle lectured me. I would be feeling like an eight-year-old.

Uncle would take a blanket, fold it up, and lay it down across the unusually high metal footrail of the bed. He would point to it and say simply, "bend over".

I can imagine myself awkwardly kneeling up on the bed, shuffling towards the footrail. Kneeling up and using my hands to push myself up and over. There would be a footstool that the tips of my fingers would barely reach. As I reached for the footstool to balance myself, my toes would just barely dangle against the bed. This was humiliating! My panty-covered bottom would be obscenely and prominently displayed.

Uncle would reach his hands to the waistband of my panties and begin tugging them down. No... no... This could not be happening. This was an 18-year-old virgin's worst nightmare: being completely exposed like this to her Uncle for a spanking!

He would keep pulling them down until they were completely clear of my bottom and midway down my thighs where he would stop their descent. I'd be blushing furiously in the realization that absolutely everything would be on display to Uncle.

My positioning and the pulling down of my panties would have been no accident. This was part of my punishment: to be embarrassed to my very core. For a modest 18-year-old virginal girl like me to have to be prepared like this for her spanking from a much older Uncle that has never seen her like this is horrible. No man had ever seen me like this! I was a virgin. It wasn't right. Uncle would lay a hand on my lower back to steady me. He would ask if I was ready for my spanking now.

For a virginal girl especially, this is a "worst case" scenario. This is the position young lady's are placed in immediately before forcible sexual intercourse. Before my age even, my nubile cavegirl ancestress would have been forced into this position and "married" by the alpha male of the tribe. Claimed like this in front of all, with no say in the matter. Fucked hard and spermed into while the betas look on in awe. Pitied by the women who knew what I was being put through as his large penis repeatedly thrust into my painfully tight teenage pussy until impregnation was complete. Uncle had become the Alpha Male in my little world, completely subjugating me in a way that resonated in my subconscious female ancestral hindbrain. I would not be able to help it. I would squirm in embarrassment, which would only serve to increase the "show" and the humiliation.

Then Uncle would begin my spanking with hard swats over and over and over again until I was crimson red and frantic. His hard hand taking the place of the caveman's cock, mastering me. The house was small. While Aunty was not in the room, I had no doubt she heard every swat and cry.

His spanks would cover the entire expanse of my bottom, from hip to hip, from crest down to and including upper thighs, not sparing the insides of the cleft and thighs. Uncle would impatiently pull my panty-confined legs to better access the tender insides of my high upper thighs, nearest my holy of holies. I would be taught a lesson in obedience from the man of the house, and it would be a lesson I would not soon forget.

Uncle would keep me there as I wept, lecturing me one more time on the rules and extracting heartfelt promises to never, ever, misbehave again. Uncle would say I got off easy, and had he had his druthers, he would have removed his belt and leathered me properly. As it was, if there was a "next time", Aunty and he had agreed that the belt would be coming off.

Uncle would tell me to get up, go to the living room, apologize to Aunty, and then stand with my nose in the corner until Aunty said otherwise.

I would painfully push myself off my humiliating perch, and start pulling up my panties and pants.

"Leave them where they are!" thundered Uncle.

I would leave my pants and panties bundled around my ankles as I shuffled over to the living room where Aunty was sitting with a nice cup of tea.

"Aunty," I would say, standing there bare beneath my waist, my hands covering my private area.

"Yes, dear?"

Sniffling with tears I would say, "I'm sorry I broke the rules. It won't happen again."

"It had best not," she would say, looking disapprovingly at me. "It was all I could do to prevent your Uncle from taking his belt to your naughty backside. Next time you won't be so lucky."

"Yes Ma'am".

I would look at Aunty expectantly. After a moment she would say, "go on then, face the wall, we'll let you know when you may go back to your room."

"Yes Ma'am," I would say as I moved towards the corner and stood facing it.

So embarrassing. Aunty would have vivid visual verification of how Uncle had mastered me. I was just a girl, and I would be made to obey with a bright red bottom when required.

Uncle would come into the room and Aunty would say to him, "Just look at her red bum. Are you satisfied?"

"She should have gotten the belt," Uncle would say grumpily.

"It's her first time in a long time. Did you bend her over the bed rail as I suggested?"

"I did. I'm not sure what was redder, her face before I started or her backside after I finished."

"For a good girl like her getting a spanking from her Uncle, being bent over like that will leave more an impression than any belt."

"Why not both?"

"Next time it will be, we agreed."

I would be standing there listening to this whole conversation. They were speaking amongst themselves as if I was not right there.


I would spin my head to see. Aunty was holding up a camera phone and had just snapped a shot of my bare red backside.

"It's just for your Mother, dear."

"Please don't tell my Mom," I would plead.

"Nonsense! Of course she needs to be told, child. You had just best hope she doesn't get your Father to finish the job your Uncle started."

I would stand there interminably. My bum itching like mad, but unable to reach down and rub it all. I would hear the little noises of Aunty and Uncle around the house as I continued performing my bare bottomed penance.

"Stand straight and don't fidget, girl!" Aunty would say. I would instantly straighten and stiffen and push my nose into the corner. "Unless you want to be stripped completely bare and go for a trip across your Uncles knee."

"No Aunty."

"Then I had best not see even one muscle move."

"Yes Aunty."

"Actually, you've earned a stripping. Hands up."

I would put my hands up and Aunty would remove my top. Then she would unfasten my bra and remove it. Then she would have me step out of my pants and panties and socks.

"Naughty slips of girls who can't stand still during their timeouts get stripped."

"Yes Aunty." I stood there blushing completely, knowing that if Uncle returned to the living room he would see me bare naked!

"If your Uncle or I see you move again, you'll be spanked again and then put back against the wall for double your time remaining."

"Yes Aunty."

I stood stiff as a ramrod with my nose and breasts against the wall, despite the discomfort. Throughout, Uncle would come and go as I stood there in my bare breasted, bare pussy, bare bottomed shame.

After an interminable time Aunty would say, "keep your hands on your head and turn and face us."

Despite the acute embarrassment of my shameful nakedness, I was relieved that I was at least allowed to move. I turned and faced them, suffused with a deep blush extending from titties to face.

My pussy... my breasts...

"Will anything like this happen again?" Aunty asked.

"No Aunty."

"What will happen if it does?"

"I'll... I'll... get the... belt... from Uncle."

"That's right. And I won't be able to save your bare little bottom then, will I?"

"No Aunty."

"But it won't deserve to be saved, will it?"

"No Aunty."

"Back to your room now. No supper for you. We'll see you for breakfast and we won't speak of this again,"

"Yes Aunty. Thank you Aunty. And thank you, Uncle... for punishing me."

"Go on with you, now," Uncle would say, and I would scamper back to my room.

As I went I would hear Aunty say, "she can be naughty, but she's such a delight."

"Very fetching. We had best keep a close eye on her," Uncle would say.

I figured that for the remainder of my time there, my social life would be very constrained, but I didn't really mind. I felt warm and cared for, as a girl should.


That was the full and elaborate fantasy that popped into my kind as I languidly rubbed my pussy in my bed, every now and then glancing at the propped up photo.

I went back to the beginning and replayed the scene in my head, trying to remember each detail I had made up sequentially, elaborating a bit each time. Partly because the photo was right there, I return to the spanking.

I reach for my Hitachi vibrator. I turn it on and press it against myself. I bend at the waist as I lie sideways on my bed and stick my bum out. I reach my free hand behind me as I continue pressing the Hitachi against myself in front. I feel how exposed my pussy is, how my cheeks part and how my anus is on view. I give myself a spank, and another, and another. Under my breath I mutter "no Daddy, please, not a spanking, not like this. Not like this!" And then I cum furiously. I straighten and arch my back as the waves of orgasm engulf me. I take the Hitachi away from me, way too sensitive to bear it now. I turn it off, breathe deeply, and gently stroke little miss puss puss as I come down off my orgasmic high.

Yes, it was telling that at the moment of orgasm I substituted my father for the Uncle of my fantasy. What can I say? I'm a Daddy's girl.

Now tell me in the comments, do any of you spin stories like this around the images you masturbate to, or am I special that way?


  1. How marvellous is your imagination, child, to weave such a fantasy on the spot from a single image. I suspect I am like most men. Tits, bum, tits, I'm coming! Perhaps it is a uniquely feminine trait to have such an overactive sexual imagination. I particularly like how you see yourself, in your imagination, as a virginal 18-year-old so embarrassed by your uncle's spanking. Delightful.

    1. Now I feel like a good girl, warmly praised and patted on my head. Thank you, Daddy!

  2. I think you're special Julie!
    Another man, I'm not good at using the imagination to get myself off. I like using your imagination for that purpose. Also like videos where nude assertive women tell me how to jerk off, ideally with a countdown. Also love a bit of humiliation, cum eating instruction etc...

    1. I am happy to help the noble cause of getting you off, Sir!

  3. Interesting how a single image can set up such a chain of thoughts.

    Minor correction, probably "back" in "a hand on my lower bank".

    It's great you enjoy yourself freely.

    1. Thank you for the typo correction! Fixed.

  4. Absolutely Miss Julie yes, I spin up elaborate fantasy scenes all the time as masturbation fuel! If you haven’t checked your email lately you should, there’s one in there about an artificially intelligent app that helps narrate amazing scenes.

  5. Didn't your mother ever teach you that playing with yourself down there is an intimate thing that you do in the privacy of your room, not splattered all over the Internet for everybody to see, young lady?

    1. Yes Sir, I was taught that as a child. I have dim recollections of Mommy swatting my hand away from my little pussy and telling me not to play with myself. But CLEARLY I need a renewed, and more forceful, lesson!

  6. The slow progression of the story you tell yourself accompanies that of your desire, but sometimes the object of desire is fleeting.

    I ejaculated for the first time while leafing through a medical encyclopedia in my grandfather's bedroom. It was an absolutely delicious sensation and one that remains unique.
    Subsequently, I discovered the porn newspapers then the specialized press.
    Younger, while I had a lot of imagination, I could masturbate and cum while leafing through any newspaper and then any pictures on the internet. From any image, an ashtray, a washing machine, a girl at the beach with her parents, my imagination did the rest.

    I have always preferred images to films: their immobility makes it possible to examine those kind of topics in greater depth...
    Now, armed with an experienced storytelling technique and a good scopic impulse, I really like to get hard and cum in the street. While going shopping, a multiplicity of women cross my path. Some allow me a glance at their breasts a little too uncovered when they lean. Others go before me and I can examine at leisure their round, molded asses in the current fashion. If they are in a skirt, it is easy to stick a finger in their anus (in the imagination of course), very deeply or to undress them on the sidewalk. Or grab them by the pussy but of course remaining discreet so as not to be disturbing (I am not only a feminist but a married man) Going shopping can be a delicious experience. The multiplicity of women and their incessant movement of course requires great imaginative agility.
    As for ejaculation I use a handkerchief previously placed under my briefs or I will do it in a public toilet. It only takes a minute or two.
    Do you ever use unknown people you meet as a medium for erotic arousal in situ?

    1. I confess that i do not. Your adventures in public sound legendary, however. I was thinking about how I would feel, walking around in a low-cut top, a tight short skirt hugging my bottom and showing off my legs, knowing that there was a man nearby oogling me and through mental powers alone ejaculating into his pants. Wuld I be disturbed by that? Not at all! Ha ha ha ha!

    2. Of course, the girl in the picture will never know that you have cum using her image and that's fine ..

  7. I masturbated in order to satisfy my need to be spanked. Spanking magazines, pictures of older ladies given the spankings filled a void. Dating, when subject brought up, found best not to. As I told you I was caught, sitting on the toilet, looking at a spanking magazine, I was given a spanking. They have not stopped, and my wife insures I remember them for several days. So masturbating is a stress relief, solves a need, I just have learned being married that is a major no-no. Jack

    1. I bet you still sneak the occasional one in in, jack, despite the consequences if caught.

    2. Your blog will trigger that need, reading your blog getting an erection, yes I will, try to do it taken a shower, but find sitting on the toilet, stroking away, the best results, and enjoyment. Been caught a couple of times, and also know my wife knows I've been doing it and nothing happens, don't know what is worse. As I said a female can get so much enjoyment, where as a male, well, it takes more work. Jack

  8. Yes, as a 60-69 male I spin stories, but never as elaborate as the tale you just spun. I find the text of a really good spanking story even hotter than photos and videos. The fiction stories on your website are the best stuff out there as far as I concerned. In contrast, most of the stories in Library of Spanking Fiction are disappointing to me. Crimson Kid is terrific, but there are few who match him (but you certainly do).

  9. At 20-30 a picture was all that I needed. As I aged I built stories around the picture. Sometimes I nurse the stories for a day or two before enjoying rubbing one out.

  10. Those pics are from Blushes 56, A Tutor for Amamda, which may also be found here
    B :)

    1. Wow! Oh my goodness, how did I not know this blog existed my whole life so far!!!!!

      And thank you B, for helping to get me off ;-)

  11. I always build up a story around the pictures I masturbate to, usually involving myself in a highly submissive role. In real life I'm more of a switch, but what's the point of masturbating if you can't cum to your dirtiest fantasies that will (probably) never happen in reality :D

  12. Non Julie vous n'estes pas la seule a vous masturber, je crois que les femmes n'osent pas dire pour la masturbation, alors que je crois que les hommes sont plus libres de le dire...

    Je ne veux pas parler pour les femmes, mais celles que j'ai connu, ou connais avec elles, mon ex femme, mes compagnes depuis, nous avons toujours été très libre sur le sujet, si bien que c'est sans être gênés que nous pouvons être surpris a nous masturber...

    Mes filles après une fessée ont été surprises à le faire, mon ex femme leur avait expliqué que c’était un comportement naturel, que même si les gens ne l'avouent pas forcement , beaucoup le font, et on en a pas fait un sujet tabou...

    Adultes mes filles se masturbent à la fin de la fessée, lorsqu'elles n'ont pas été aidées à avoir leur orgasme...
    lorsqu'elles sont fessées ensembles, celle qui est fessée avant l'autre, et dont la fessée la excitée, se masturbe des fois en regardant sa sœur fessée a son tour...
    elles savent aussi que cela pet être une opportunité de recevoir une fessée pour l'avoir fait...

    Quand a moi qui suis d'un certain age, et même d'un age certain, ayant eu les filles bien après le mariage, je me suis toujours masturbé, la aussi la fessée a été déterminant puisque lorsque ma maîtresse d'école me fessait, c'est comme ça que j'ai découvert la masturbation...
    Et donc je me masturbe en moyenne une fois par jour, si je suis seul sans rapport sexuel...
    Souvent se sont les photos de mes filles fessées qui en sont le déclencheur, en plus c'est facile d'imaginer puisque je l'a vécu ...

    1. Very healthy, but I think I like a bit of shame around masturbation.

  13. Je rajoute aussi que je peux me masturber sur une histoire bien écrite de fessée sans photos, et j'adore votre blog car justement il est très bien écrit.
    Bien sur je suis dans un environnement de la fessées familiale , qui nous comble, mais j'aime aussi vos fessées, pour l'écriture qui est parfaite ...merci ...

  14. I immediately recognized your little brown open asshole and your big pink lips. Thank you for this shameless photo (number 4).

    1. Yes, could be me. Certain resemblance...

    2. Let's call it "Portrait of Julie"

    3. A striking resemblance indeed !

  15. Yestoday i was in a nostalgic mood and fell over some older posts.
    Are you in contact with Tracy at all? As i recall she owns your ass, anytime, anywhere. Best regards Lasse

    1. Not really. Haven't seen hardly anybody for a year! But even before that, they were more interested in the swinger scene, and that's not us.

  16. Julie,

    Watch the ad attached that makes April 23 a special day of appreciation:

    Sounds like you did what they said perfectly.

    1. Horrible! I want a large measure of shame with my masturbation.

  17. Great article as per normal Julie. I have not been as attentive to your site as was the case. Guess my inclination/fascination is on the male being the submissive which there is less of a focus on but regardless i am still a huge fan. It was quite relieving to read that i'm not the only one that goes into fantasy mode when aroused. Irrespective of who i am with my mind goes back to girls i knew and fantasised about in dominating or discipling situations over me. Sadly it is the only way i can climax.Hope that helps,in some small way,to answer your question. Best regards, Ted

  18. I enjoyed your story and the excellent photos, the woman bent over, seeing her butt hole and pussy, very nice. I do masterbate to spanking thoughts, about a woman scolding and spanking me. The scene is typically a woman who I fired once. I go to her and tell her I am sorry for firing her and that she should give me a spanking with a paddle and strap, as a way of getting even with me. I am over her knee and the paddle is hitting my bare bottom very hard over and over. Eventually I ejaculate. It is a good fantasy

    1. I like the idea of spanking the ejaculate out of a guy, and then keeping on going!

  19. Any picture of you naked below the waist is a vision for me Julie ! Would love to see a gif with those cute cheeks jiggling ....better still I'd love to make them jiggle myself!

  20. It's a bit different because as a trauma survivor you are taking control of your own trauma by asserting control of your own domination. So it's not the same as a biological urge it's more of a balance issue.

    1. Not sure the context of this reply?
      At any rate, I won't label myself as a trauma survivor, because we are all trauma survivors one way or another: it's the human condition.

  21. Great Julie! As Always. Yes, you are on the naughty side of female population, and...there's nothing wrong!!!
    Like you , I Always wave with my imagination around a pic, a video, or stories including yours.
    I have something for you: some days ago I went to an urologist (female). All fine, I'm ok, but I have to do some routine exams. Those are Blood, urine, and sperm. Blush! It means that I'll have to go ti the ospital or a private clinic, to take my sperm sample. I Imagine you, looking at me, while I face the female receptionist, who'll give me the box, and indicate me where Is the bathroom to....litterally jerk off!!! What a shame for me! Maybe you would whish me "enjoy yourself" loudly, in a teasing way, to emprove my Shame.
    After done, I have to face again that receptionist, and she'll know I Just wanted....
    See Julie, It Will Be embarrassing for me, but at the end I Will endure IT Better thanks to you( and my sick brain ahahahah) .
    More of your teasing, Better experience. Fell free and thank you

    1. Yes! Very fun moment for a good tease for a blushing boy!

  22. A polite suggestion to you: control this man do not give him any special liberties.

    You should strip and let him admire and adore all of your womanly charms. Since he appears to be that a true sub at home. Maybe he should be spanked to your hearts contentd and then use the strap-on as a gift to yourself. Then and only then should you let him spank you and make sure he keeps his hands centered only to your bottom !!!

    If there is a future meeting you could always be more accommodating once he knows where he stands in this relationship.

  23. Imagination is one of the most powerful sex tools available, and Julie, yours is wielded and shared so beautifully.

    I am much more stimulated by great stories, and photos than by video. That's what makes your posts such a treasure.