Tuesday, April 20

Need a New In-Home Personal Trainer

Our personal trainer of several years standing is leaving the business and we will have to replace her. Not entirely unhappy. She was a good trainer, and during COVID she has been training both David and I at our home, but she had zero interest in being kinky at all, and what's the fun in that for hubby? I'd been noticing a distinct lack of motivation regarding exercise and her visits lately, and I attribute it to lack of kink. We need a cute, strict, fun-loving, kink-friendly personal trainer!

We have am unexpectedly rich history of kink with personal trainers. Ill recap it here.

  • 2011 - Spanking Witnessed!
    I had a trainer at my health club, Rebecca, whom I asked if she would come around and train David at home. Rebecca and I had been very friendly with one another for a while. We always talked about relationship-type things as she trained me. We did not discuss or arrange that she be kinky at all. But I knew she was strict and playful and sexually open. So when she dropped round for her first visit to assess David, I set the tone.

    I told him that every week he should present Rebecca with a food and exercise diary, along with his current weight and body fat percentage from our Tanita scale. I suggested that Rebecca assign him a grade every week: such as A+ for example, or B or F. I said that on the weeks he gets a good grade that I would "reward him", and gave Rebecca a bit of a wink. Rebecca asked what happens if he gets a bad grade? "I'll put him over my knee and spank him." I boldly said. It got a good laugh from Rebecca and a nice blush from David.

    Later on, during our training session at the club, Rebecca asked me about that spanking comment. I spilled the beans that he and I had recently gotten into kinky spankings for him to "enhance things". She thought it was great, and offered to play along with my kinky dominance. She would grade him harshly and tease him about his punishments. I asked if she was open to witnessing me spank him, and she loved the idea.

    So on a future visit, when he had not done so well, I gave David a nice bare bum spanking and stood him pants down facing the wall after as Rebecca looked on with a giant smirk on her face.

    Rebecca never got involved in actually spanking David, despite some suggestions along those lines, but she would tease him about his spankings. Rebecca would assign a grade to his printed-out weekly diary, and I would be required to sign it for the next week. I always added a note as to how he had been punished, and hence the teasing.

    It really added a lot of fun to David's training sessions despite no intimate involvement from Rebecca.

    Unfortunately, Rebecca only lasted a few months as she had gotten married and was moving back home to another province to be with her new husband.

  • 2012 - second trainer
    This was another from the club. She replaced Rebecca for me and also was willing to drop by to train David. This one was so boring I don't even think I bothered to give her a name for the blog! She was absolutely gorgeous, which fooled us, but not interested in kink at all. We eventually fired her. I went on to a hunky male at my gym, and I took it as a project to look for a kinky trainer for David.

  • Jun 2013 - Personal Trainer - third time lucky!
    I decided that rather than find a real personal trainer and take a chance on asking her to be kinky, I would go the other route and find a pro domme who had an interest in personal training. We had played with a pro before, so I reached out to her, and to my surprise she actually knew a young pro domme, but with experience personal training, who wanted the regular gig. It was more expensive than a normal personal trainer, but less expensive than a pro domme session. A nice steady income stream for an aspiring pro domme gal who was interested in fitness anyways. I met up with her and we hit it off, and she was "all in" for the combo. Her name was Michelle.

    We had decided we would "play it straight" with David. She would be a personal trainer I found in an online add. He would have no clue that she was a pro.

    In the first meeting, described in Introductory Session, I really laid into him in front of her regarding his crappy diet and lack of exercise. She was verbally very strict with him and sort of "laid down the law" if she was to be his trainer. She had him spontaneously "Yes Ma'aming" him within minutes, despite her petite stature and the fact she was ten years his junior. They went though some exercises to assess his current state of fitness. One of the things was Yoga downward dog. She demonstrated while David admired her "form" from all angles.

Then she had David try. She asked him if she could touch him to align him better. He agreed. She totally groped including a hand grabbing the middle of his ass. fingers pointing down, to gently nudge him up. David later told me he felt "violated" with a big grin on his face. I told him that was totally normal for a Yoga class (he had never been) and he should get his mind out of the gutter.

On his first real session, getting interesting, his recorded diet was atorcious. I gave her a heads up and we planned out the scene. She was great, and it wound up exactly like this:

That's his food diary on the floor, and that's Michelle giving him a spanking, and me looking on. This is what our living room, where it happened, looks like. I went back and forth with lill jo, my artist friend, to get it rendered perfectly for me. Remember, David did not know this was going to happen. I believe he became suspicious afterwards, but never raised it.

Michelle was very inventive, and created all sorts of exercises with david, such as pants-down-plank, for example.

We had a lot of fun with Michelle, and it got very much into the bedroom with a spanking,

and even a spit-roasting on our strap-ons at one point!

 That was all described and illustrated in david's reward.

  • 2014 - New Trainer
    Michelle left town, and David was without for a few months, but was getting slothful without Michelle's watchful eye, so I went searching for another trainer. I went looking on various online sites looking for ads from likely candidates. I sent out emails to three candidates expressing the desire to mix in a bit of domination kink to supplement the training. I got no answer from two, and a tentative answer from one. But then she got cold feet, but I convinced her to at least meet me for coffee, and I was able to bring her around. Her name was Mags. You can see my opening email to her in the link above.

    Mags was very young and inexperienced. Only 22 and had never spanked anybody before. But she took her job very seriously, and gave him a spanking with the implements I provided between every single set of exercises. She built her confidence and got more and more vicious and wild and enjoyed it mightily!

    This famous photo was Mags' handywork with a switch (Husband Severely Switched by Trainer):

The cover of my first book, Julie Delmar Spanks!, was drawn from a true-to-life incident with Mags where I had caught David oogling a large-breasted woman in the street. I wound up feminizing him, gagging him, and giving him the strap in front of Mags who thoroughly disapproved of his behaviour herself. From Summertime - Wndering Eyes - Hot Bottom!

Every time I did something like this with David, or encouraged her to, it was a new experience for her. She totally did not understand why a man would be submissive to a woman, but was amused by it. She stated she could never be with a guy like that, and in fact enjoyed receiving "rough sex" from her Tinder men including hair pulling, slaps on her ass, and vigorous doggy-style. So as a result everything was a notch more embarrassing for David, knowing how much she would never, ever sleep with a guy like him.

An example of how intense these sessions got is this one: Husband Spanked Nude Across Trainer's Knee. I asked Mags to go extra hard on him as he was eating badly and I had noticed him putting on fat. She was not pleased!

She had no hesitation in giving him a pegging when I asked her if she wanted to: Husband Pegged by Trainer.
  • 2017 - A New Regime
    Mags went abroad to do a masters degree in business administration, and so that was that, but it was a long run and fun while it lasted!

    I took over myself for a bit as he had been slipping badly. Food diary and exercise. I threatened him with a feminized spanking across a man's knee if he did not achieve.

He accepted the challenge and knocked it out of the park. Now that was motivation! As were his daily weigh-ins, of course.

In around March of 2017 we got him a new personal trainer through a service. She was very good and perky, but shut us down on the kink. She has been training both of us since COVID started, but has now transitioned into a new career and is giving up the personal training.

So that brings us up to present day. I am going to look for another trainer for him after COVID I suppose. In the meantime, I guess I'll have to train him myself.

He's back on the food and exercise diary and will receive once a week gradings until I see an improvement.


  1. I remember the story of David's Switching by Mags. That Pic is both scary, and Crazy Hot !! I need a trainer like that.

  2. always loved the trainer posts especially when the trainer got to pick out the clothes david would wear for the session. Sounds like he'll need new exercise clothes soon. Maybe in your search you could invite the new trainer along in searching for proper exercise wear for poor sissy david. You might also try joining Fetlife.com and see if there isnt any interest there for a kink friendly personal trainer that is local


    1. Good idea. I'll do what I can once we open up!

  3. I'm sure you'll find a way to motivate him Julie !

  4. How about that online trainer whose photos were used to catfish me? You and David could both end up with giant juicy badonkadonks!


    1. Ha ha! Seems to target women on the website. I can imagine a variant that targets submissive men that would have all of my subby fans exercising up a storm!

    2. You should check out the booty shorts that site sells miss Julie... Think they'd be better for you or david?

  5. It was 40 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday.

    I was at the gym about to start working out, and three young women - Paula, Tammy and Laurie - walked in. I knew Tammy the best and had flirted with her, but was only acquainted with Paula and Laurie.

    Paula was carrying an ice hockey stick, which seemed odd because I didn’t imagine she even skated, much less played ice hockey.

    “What are you going to do with that?”, I asked from across the room as I mostly just wanted to get their attention.

    “I’m going to SPANK you with it.” replied Paula, in a loud clear voice that I can still hear.

    How I wish I’d had a better response, but I don’t think I said anything. Could she possibly know about my obsession. I think I just blushed.

    Maybe something like “Have I been naughty or do you just think spanking me would be fun?” would have moved the idea along. I still wonder if the spanking would have been in the locker room or back in my apartment, and it it would have been a one time thing or the first of several. And surely all three would have taken their turns.


    1. Let's see... optimal response suggestion... "Nooo please! I'll be good, I promise! But is it still ok to check you lovely ladies out while you exercise?"

  6. Given that you've been exploring your submissive side more and more since 2017, perhaps you need a kinky trainer who can dominate both of you.
    And does it definitely have to be a woman...

    1. I want to motivate David, not me. I come pre-motivated.

  7. Yo Jules.

    Get him a male trainer.

    He can get the full sissy experience, loose weight and be utterly humiliated.

    You can watch 👍

    Win win I think 😎

    1. Well I'd like it, but it won't motivate him.

  8. Why not a man? This could be an opportunity to take baby steps towards your dream of having david experience the joys of cock.

    1. Because I want him to look forward to his trainings.

  9. Get a strict trainer who is a nursing mother. She can make him work out, punish him severely if he does not meet his targets, make him cry, squeal and sob like a baby and breastfeed him to complete his humiliation. Video him and threaten to share it with friends and family if he ever steps out of line.
    Alternatively or to come on alternate weeks, get a strict male trainer who can make him weep if he is slack and train David to suck cock for comfort and swallow like a good girl. Let him also get a God speaking up his rectum once in a while.

    1. Yes on the breastfeeding trainer! That would be hot.

      Interesting how what I imagine was intended as "good spunking" got auto-corrected!

    2. hmmmm that would be interesting in a milk producing trainer. I bet you could even get a doctors appointment and request some hormones for yourself to produce milk without pregnancy by just saying you will be helping a friend as a wet nurse.


    3. You could also then get his bottles ready before his training sessions instead of using water bottles


    4. No messing with my hormones!