Friday, September 10

Spanked by my Old Boss!

As I first recounted back in April in Yikes! outed... And  Former Junior Manager to be Spanked by her EVP!, I had decided (and was excited) to receive a spanking from an old mentor and executive at a company where I was a Junior Manager. He had recognized me from my blog and reached out gently. Knowing my kinks (very intimately from my blog), he suggested the possibility of a naughty extra-marital tryst. He was a father-figure to me whom I admired tremendously, and was always the perfect gentleman at work and in close quarters, and I became very turned on at the thought of him spanking me.

We were going to do it after lockdown was over in June, but then lockdown dragged on in Ontario and pushed into July and August when he was summering away from the city, and so we decided to do it in September. It all came together Tuesday afternoon, and I am still tingling from the experience!

I received the following end of August (I shall call him "Alistair Stevens" - that is not his real name, so apologies to any real Alistair Stevens out there!)

Hi Julie,

I'll be back in Toronto the week of Sep. 6 and I remain excited about our "date" if you are still game. I can make any weekday afternoon Sep 7-16 at 4pm-6pm. I shall dress the part of the senior executive and bring the Champagne and caviar. Can you possibly book us a suite using your credit card, as my wife would be suspicious if she saw the charge on mine (I shall of course reimburse you with interest - don't worry about the cost).


Yums! I guess his wife has access to his credit card. Ha ha. Big bad Dom. I was not at all concerned about being repaid. He is quite loaded. I went to research some hotel rooms and found plenty of availability. I booked us into the best suite I could find in downtown Toronto and replied:

Hi Alistair,

Oh dear... I am left slightly speechless, slightly tail between my legs... but I will commit to a follow through on my original offer. I've booked us into a suite at XXXXX for Tue, Sep 7 (just under $1000 tax included, can cancel before Sep 5 - is that ok?). What shall I wear?


I was actually very much looking forward to it, but thought I would "roleplay" by appearing a bit reluctant. He wrote back, indicating he was on to me.

Hi Julie, 

It'll be fun seeing you with your tail between your legs... 😉

That room sounds fine.

As to what you should wear... A nice skirt or a short dress. Fuller cut panties. A bra will not be needed. The skirt will be raised. The panties will be lowered. The top will come off. All in due time.

Looking forward to it,


Ha ha! He called my bluff on the roleplay. Something sexy about having my "tail between my legs", whatever that means, and him seeing it. He also used that emoji in his response. Not a complete fossil, obviously. I wrote back something that might throw him a bit off-balance.

Ha! I will be keeping my top on, but lowered panties sounds like fun :)

We had previously negotiated boundaries in which I said full nudity was ok. I was now thinking it would be more sexy to not be totally nude, more domestic discipliny, more "Daddy-daughter", to be spanked not completely naked.

Lady's choice, though you may regret it? More time to spank you without other distractions.

Mmmm. I liked that. No whining about boundary changes. Seeing the silver lining. I'd show him my tits, but I'd do it my way. At one point we had contemplated me spanking him as well, but I wasn't feeling it, so I decided not to mention it. If he asked for it, or the dynamic went that way, different story.

The evening before I sent him a little encouraging reminder.

I've been giddy all day! See you tomorrow at 4pm. I'll email the room number after I check in around 3pm or so.

He replied that he was very much looking forward as well, and would see me then.

I went over it with David one more time, confirming he was fine with it. He was positively encouraging, and insisted I give him, and all you blog readers, the complete rundown. David does not have a jealous bone in his body, and encourages me constantly to explore. Is that not cool? He is even cool with me not reciprocating (I would never allow him to be with another woman without me present and guiding the action!!! It's all about our respective insecurities, not about "fairness" in any other sense).

The day of I packed a little bag with some essentials (including toys) and drove downtown arriving just after 3pm and dropped my car off with the valet parking. I felt a bit like a movie star! I went to check-in. 

They confirmed the reservation was for 2 people, in a premium suite. I told them "my uncle" would be joining me in an hour or so. I felt like such a high-end hooker! The elegant young lady checking me in (she could have been a model) did not bat an eyelash. They insisted on having a bellboy take me up and show me the room. I tipped him a $20. I hope that was not too cheap???

I immediately emailed Alistair with the room number and told him I would meet him in the lobby at 4pm, as the elevators required a card key to access the floor. I received a confirmation back quickly.

The suite was nice. A big sitting area with a black leather couch and two matching chairs in front of a glass coffee table, and a desk off to the side. Beautiful high-up city view. The bedroom had a big king-sized bed. I liked it because it was not too high off the floor. A nice spanking height. There was a spacious marble bathroom with heated floors and a big walk-in shower with multiple spray heads, and a deep-soaking bathtub. I would be using that later!

I decided the bedroom would be our play area. I laid out my toys. I put down my wireless Hitachi-style vibrator, my big dildo (the one I use on myself), lube, latex gloves, and condoms. I kept the hairbrush in my bag, along with my strap-on dildo, and kept it hidden away. I'd bring it out if he wanted a "Strict Julie" experience.

I freshened up a bit and went down to the lobby bar and ordered a cocktail. I was nervous! I had on a thigh-length red dress with a pink slip underneath, full cut pink panties, no bra, strappy stiletto heels.

Alistair showed up right on time in the lobby, and I recognized him immediately. He's just over 6 feet tall, quite trim, and was wearing a lovely grey suit with a pale grey striped shirt, his hair is short and silver-coloured. He was carrying a little black bag that looked like it was a leftover from some conference. I waved at him and he came over. I stood and we gave each other a hug and said how nice it was to see one another. I told him that if anybody asked, he was my "Uncle Alistair".

He laughed.

He sat and we made a little bit of smalltalk, just catching up on where we were both at.

At one point he said, "I was so excited when I discovered your blog. I never would have dreamed."

"And I would never have dreamed you were the sort of gentleman who took an interest in such things," I replied.

"Touché," he said.

"Let's go up," I said to him.

At this point he squared up with me, took my two hands in his, and said "are you 100% sure you want to do this? You can back out anytime. Anytime at all. I'll cover all the expenses regardless, of course, and your secret will always be safe with me."

"I am 100% sure I want to do this," I confirmed with him. "I'm excited to do it, and my husband is excited to have me do it. May I blog about every little detail?"

"Of course," he said, "I'd expect nothing less."

"Let's do it!" I said.

We interlocked arms and headed towards the elevators. We had to pass by the front desk on the way, and I glanced over at the young woman who had checked me in. So naughty. I was going up the elevator to get a spanking from a man literally old enough to be my father!

When we were alone in the elevator he asked, with a wink, "do they really think I'm your uncle?"

"No, I'm pretty sure they think I'm a high-end sex worker," I answered honestly.

"In that case I better put you to work," Alistair said and smacked my bottom! So it was going to be like that, was it?

We went into the suite, and I flipped the privacy setting to "Do Not Disturb".

Alistair produced out of his bag a bottle of vintage Dom PĂ©rignon Champagne, a small tin of Beluga caviar, a little thin white bread, and some crĂšme fraĂźche. He apologized for not having any blinis.

As he was doing that, I excused myself. I went to the bedroom. I took off my dress and and my heels, and I was left in my little pink slip. Like this.

 I went back into the living room, dressed in just my slip with my panties under.

"I thought you should spank me in this," I told him as I went right up to him. I knew what I was doing. Perhaps I was taking a bit of initiative? He glanced down my front and could completely see my bare breasts.

He laughed a big "Ha! What happened to your 'no bare breasts' boundary???"

"I just thought it would be better if it was a sort of Uncle and Niece sort of thing, and I shouldn't be completely bare for that, but if something slips out, well that can't be helped..."

He mock-scolded me in response: "You are NOT very good at 'boundaries'. That's more a 'want', or a 'desire', hardly a 'boundary'. In fact, the majority of your 'boundaries' are really wants and desires."

"What? Am I doing it wrong?" I asked coquettishly.

"Yes, you are," he laughed. "If you want something, you ask for it, you don't set a 'boundary'."

"Yes, Daddy," I said, looking down at my feet. That thrilled me to say that! He really was a Daddy figure. Exactly as old as my real Dad, and at one point wielding as much benevolent authority over me. Suddenly I felt a bit self-conscious, with my breasts on display to Daddy at the slightest motion.

"I can put the dress back on if you'd prefer to spank me in that," I said.

"That won't be necessary, the slip will do fine," he said.

I sat down and he stared down my top appreciatively as I did so. Oopsy!

We both sat and we both ate and drank. It was all outstandingly delicious! It was soooo decadent! We talked about the food and the drink, but the topic turned to kinky sexy things pretty quickly.

At one point he segued into a discussion of our scene: "so, I know from reading your blog the sort of spanking you describe that turns you on. With the bare hand and pretty hard? Is that accurate, or were you exaggerating how hard you like it?"

Oh gosh, the moment of truth. "I do like it hard like that, Sir."

I thought it appropriate to "Sir" him at that point.

"Well in that case that's exactly what you're going to get. Very hard, and very long, right across my knee."

"Yes Sir." (I felt myself hyperventilating a bit!). But then it occurred to me he might be turned on by my calling him something different, or turned off with my using "Sir". So I asked: "Do you want me to call you something special, like 'Master' or 'Sir' or 'Daddy'?"

"No. Alistair will do fine, or whatever comes to you."

"Yes, Alistair," I said. I called him by his first name when I was working with him, at his request, which felt a bit uncomfortable at the time.

"You have your yellow and red safewords, right?"

"Yes, Alistair."

"And what are your boundaries, really?"

"You can take my panties down, and you can touch me on my pussy with your hand, not deep inside, ok?"

"Very good. That's a proper 'boundary'. Good girl. What else?"

I like when "Daddy" calls me a "good girl".

"I brought my Hitachi. Maybe you can use that on me afterwards?"

"Ok, that's not a boundary. That's a request."

"Yes Sir," I said. "And there's, ummm, latex gloves. Maybe you can finger my bottom hole, you can go deep in, when you're using the Hitachi on me, if you have a glove on?"

"Ok. Half a request, half a boundary."

"And ummm, I brought a dildo. If I ask you to at a certain point, can you put that inside my pussy?"

"Ok. I'll wait for you to ask for that."

"Thank you Alistair," I said.

By this point I could see a distinct bulge in his suit trousers. I reached over and put my hand on his bulge and squeezed as I looked right into his eyes.

"Oh, Mr. Stevens!" I said in a mock surprised voice.

There was champagne left in the bottle, so I put it into the fridge and told Alistair he may need to dribble it down my hot ass after he was finished with me to cool me down. He agreed that may be needed, and that it would be extra decadent (considering the cost of the bottle, I supposed!)

"Shall we?" I asked.

He took me by my hand and he led me into the bedroom. I felt like such a little girl, going for her spanking. It was so strange having this much older man do this to me. A bit of a dream come true.

He sat on the side of the bed and he pulled me up and over and across his lap. I was resting comfortably across his lap with my feet, legs, and chest all supported. He smoothed down my silky slip with his hand across my ass, and began gently spanking me all over my bottom.

Mmmm... it was nice. I love being supported like that all over, with just my bum elevated for the gentelman's attention.

He picked up a bit on the roleplay we had previously discussed: "So, young lady, you've been very naughty publishing that blog of yours for all those years, showing the world what a dirty girl you are. Showing naked pictures of yourself even. Had that come to light when you were still working for me, I'd have made quite an example of you. A good hard spanking followed by a firing."

"Yes Sir, I would have deserved it."

He started spanking the seat of my slip harder, so I could feel it. A real spanking. I could already tell he had a hard hand, like my David's. He paused and rubbed my ass through my slip. He smoothed it down again. He started using his hand more gently on the backs of my thighs, wrapping his fingers towards the insides of my thighs. He parted my legs a couple of inches to allow better inner-thigh access, and spanked me there.

"Oh!" I exclaimed as he stung me like that.

He stopped doing that and then he began raising my slip first the back, exposing my full cut panties, then reaching under a bit and pulling the front up towards my tummy as well. He adjusted my panties taut up against me, stroked my panty-covered bottom, and then began spanking me across the seat of my panties.

Oh my gosh, it was embarrassing having my slip raised like that! I didn't think I could feel embarrassment at an action like that, but I did. He followed the same pattern, spanking harder and harder until I was feeling as if I was being truly punished despite the panties. He also made the occasional foray down the backs and insides of my thighs, though never staying there long this time.

Even with my panties up, there was bare skin just above the thigh crease at the sit spots, and he started concentrating my spanking there. Again, increasing and increasing in intensity, and then backing off and rubbing a bit and then starting in again. He had much more variation than David, and I liked it.

Still plenty of bare flesh to spank, even with my panties up!

Not satisfied with the limits of his "canvas", he then gathered the material of my panty in his hand and bunched it up and pulled it up into my ass crack. "Oh!" I said as he pulled it up into and against my pussy and my anus. I wriggled a bit like a fish on a hook as he pulled up and spanked now all over my ass.

"I have a bit of a wedgie fetish," he told me as he pulled harder and harder up on my panty. This was why he specified a full cut panty! He not only held it there, but he relaxed and pulled it alternately, sawing at my poor bum bum hole and little miss puss puss!

"Oh! Eee! Aahh! Eeek!" I said as he did that, but I was not yellowing out. I was perversely enjoying it a bit. Enjoying the humiliation of my hard-wedgied predicament.

Encouraged I suppose, he reached under me from behind and between my legs. He bundled the material tighter and worked it into my pussy, pulling up and out on my outer lips with his fingers! "Yeeep!" I said, the first time he touched a pussy lip. I'm sensitive there and was not expecting the attention all of a sudden. He thoroughly tugged on my exposed pussy lips making sure the panty was well buried.

It definitely fully cleared my labia majora and I could feel it even working past my labia minora! When it was all up and in like that, He again pulled up hard and continued my spanking as I wriggled away in a vane attempt to get some pussy or anal relief!

His spanking got harder, and harder, and harder as he held me there like that. I was determined to let him have his fun at my expense, and was determined to be open to the experience, so I did some Lamaze-style breathing as the pain of the spanking became ever more intense. Sensing I was at my limit, he eased off.

"That's up in there pretty tight, isn't it?" 

"Yes Sir!"

"This was always a fantasy of mine, to do this to a young lady. How gracious of you to submit to it."

"Thank you Sir!" I yelled out, trying to be a good submissive to him. I mean, if this was his life's ambition, I was happy to be of service, despite the chafing. Kinky people are weird, and I love them!

"Let's try to peel these out, shall we?" He said as he began working my panty down and pulling them out from between my pussy lips and my ass crack. He got them out and off completely and dropped them to the floor. He grabbed a pillow from the bed and put it between my knees, which kept my legs spread slightly. He started spanking my completely bare bottom. I was very acutely aware of the anal/vaginal show I was putting on for him as he spanked me, especially as he did not hesitate to spread my cheeks widely to "get in there better."

I imagine this was Mr. Stevens' view...

He spanked inside my ass cleft adjacent my anus, and inside my high upper thighs, adjacent my pussy. He was "careless" with his fingertips, and allowed them to whip onto both my bottom hole and my vaginal lips. I bucked and writhed as his fingertips whipped my most sensitive girl flesh. He also did not hesitate to pull wide with one hand and spank directly onto my anal/vaginal area as well. This was a very raunchy spanking for Daddy's little girl! I was totally exposed to him, totally open to him. All the most closely guarded secrets of my womanhood, I no longer had any secrets from Mr. Stevens.

He wrapped his left hand around me, using it to compress my bottom cheeks together. He then used his right hand to give me a more traditional, by now very hard, lower cheek spanking. Again I audibly inhaled and exhaled forcefully as he intensified my spanking. I don't know if he wanted me to cry, or wanted me to beg, but I just wanted the intensity of the experience and just accepted it. David can make me cry with a well-earned spanking, but somehow not Alistair. I think it's more emotional with David, more physical with Alistair.

He backed off and said, "you can take quite a hard spanking, young lady." I thanked him for the compliment.

He put me off his knee and I thought we were done, but then he turned me and made me straddle his left knee. He was hoping to get me off this way, as he had learned from reading my blog, I supposed.

He spanked more gently and I tried writhing against his leg, but it just was not happening for me, and I just was not feeling it. I decided a little "topping from the bottom" was called for: "Excuse  me Alistair, it's not hitting quite right. Maybe if you put the Hitachi under me?"

"Delighted to," he said and leaned over and took it from the bedside table.

This version of the iconic vibrator is wireless rechargeable, and has more than sufficient power for even a girl like me. I keep it at low, in fact, and indicated that to Alistair as he tested it out.

He put it on his thigh, pushed it against me, and I hiked up a little, mounted it, and started grinding into it. I couldn't keep it just where I wanted, and it was too uncomfortable directly on it, so I used my right hand to grab it by the vibrating knob and push it into myself at just the right spot. This freed up Alistair so that he could spank me as I was grinding his knee and vibing my clit. Alistair started spanking more intensely as he noticed that the harder the smacks, the hotter I seemed to get. I started yelling out, in my throes, and when my orgasm was imminent I cried out, "Please Sir! May I come????"

He chucked and said, "you may" as he continued spanking me right into my orgasm, throughout my orgasm, and then went to soft strokes on the other side of my orgasm. I came very noisily and intensely straddling his knee like that, getting very, very, hard smacks to my ass. I barely noticed, except insofar as the hard spanking from the older gentleman got me off. I felt like such a little pain slut.

He raised me up from his knee and I turned and sat on his lap. I gave him a big kiss on his lips. One of my tits fell out and I just left it like that.

"Did you enjoy that?" Alistair asked me.

I was worried he thought it may be over (guys think that way), so I replied, "I did, but you know, physiologically, I'm capable of having at least three orgasms..."

"Oh, you are, are you?" he said with another chuckle. I seemed to do nothing but amuse him with my sexual responsiveness and complete sluttery throughout the experience. "I might have to punish you, though, for all your topping from the bottom."

"That's fair, Sir," I said, actually wanting more spanking.

"I think I'll give you a taste of the belt..."

Ooooooh. Did I want a belting from Mr. Stevens??? I rolled it around. Maybe yes, but maybe not too many strokes.

"How many strokes, Sir?" I asked him.

"How many do you deserve?"

"Why don't you think of a number, and I think of a number, and we'll both say our numbers on the count of three?"


"1... 2... 3!"

Him: 18

Me: 5

"Five?" he said incredulously, "I'll barely get started with five. Tell you what, well split the difference with 12."

I guess in my sexed up state "math" was not working well for me.

"Wait... isn't halfway more like 8?"

"No, 5 plus 18, divide by two, 11.5, rounds up to 12."

"Oh... yeah..." I'm normally good at numbers, I swear! What was I thinking with 5? Well, I was wanting a smaller number because based on how hard he used his hand on me, I was not sure I wanted a belting from him. So I thought 5 hard ones would be more than enough. Also, I suspected it might be a bit of a negotiation and thought he might go for 10 and we'd settle for 8. Maybe that's why the 8 was in my head? At any rate, "negotiation" was done.

"Lie face down on the bed and put a couple of pillows under your hips."

I did so. He came over and made a show of raising my slip, baring my bottom. I elevated my bottom submissively so he could slide my slip up higher. I settled back down and he went to my side.

"Look at me," he said.

I turned my head towards his side of the bed. By this point in the proceedings he had his suit jacket off (he never had a tie on to begin with). He slowly and deliberately unbuckled his belt and slid it out from around his waist, through the belt loops. He doubled it up and snapped it in the air. I was transfixed by the sight. I was scared! I was excited! Uncle Alistair was spanking me with his belt! Daddy was spanking me with his belt!! My old boss was spanking me with his belt!!! I was going to be belt whipped!!!!

He put his left knee up on the bed and rested his left hand on my lower back. He raised the belt and smacked it down across the fleshiest part of my ass cheeks. I appreciated that he did not wrap around at all, but that the stingy end fell directly on my ass cheek.

The first one was quite bearable. I wiggled in pleasure.

"Should I count, or will you?" I asked.

"I'll count in my head," he said.

The next stroke was a bit harder. I melted into it. Seeing my acceptance, he started ramping up the strength. The blows became harder and harder, but none as bad as all that I had made it out to be. I did not bother counting myself, and lost track, but it was soon over, with some very hard strikes thrown in the middle there, and hardest of all at the very end. I went back into my "Lamaze Breathing" during the worst of it, but enjoyed my strapping. Naughty girls who top from the bottom get the strap.

"Stay there," he commanded as he threw his belt down beside me and went to the bedside table where he pulled on a latex glove and got the lube. He came back to me with the vibrator. He switched it on and placed it between my legs. I immediately reached under and grabbed it and pushed it up against my pussy. He then lubed his finger and my bottom hole, and inserted his finger in.

"You're very tight," he told me. I know I am! And oh my gosh, I'm being finger fucked in my ass by a man literally the age of my father! The finger felt nice in there and I was starting to feel it. I thought he was being a bit aggressive with the "fucking" motion and asked him to please just hold it in there rather that moving it in and out and he complied right away. I'm not shy to say what I like! I crested towards my second orgasm with his finger lodged deeply up my ass. "Please my I cum!?" I asked him again.

"You may," he said, and I came for the second time.

"Three times, eh?" he asked.

"Yes Sir."

"Do you want the dildo in your pussy?" he asked.

"Yes please! Or you can use your finger," I decided on the spot.

He eschewed my dildo, changed gloves and used a bit more lube, and started exploring my pussy all over with his fingers. I again pushed the vibe up against my clit as he circled the entrance. Eventually he pushed his fingers in and curled them back to hit my G-Spot. Mmmmmm...

He spanked me with his free hand until I again worked myself up and had my third orgasm (after again asking for, and receiving, permission): a perfect trifecta!

As I was coming down from it he said, "you're insatiable" and slapped my bare ass. Oooh! "Stay there, I'll get the champagne to cool you down," he said.

I just lay there on the bed. He came back with the bottle of Champagne and gave it to me to have a swig. He also had a small towel and a baggie of ice. He used the towel to clean me up of lube and my own discharges. "Thank you," I said meekly as he cleaned me.

He lay there next to me and used the bag of ice to cool my butt. Mmmmmmm. I gave him back the bottle so he could have a swig as well. He looked like James Bond in his suit and swigging back a bottle of Dom PĂ©rignon, idly playing with an almost naked and well-satisfied woman he had just conquered.

At one point some ice either fell out or he took it out and it got a bit cooler. He took pieces and rubbed them along my bumhole and pussy lips, and he stuck a little piece of ice up into my pussy. I melted it quickly! I reached back and rubbed my butt and it felt a bit raised and "leathery" almost?

We spent a bit of time just like that talking about the experience and various other interesting and sexy thoughts that came to us on the nature of men and women and dominance and submission, and some experiences of his and of mine. The time passed too fast and it became time for him to leave. I suddenly thought I should likely not leave him sexually frustrated.

"Would you like me to get you off somehow, or you can masturbate while I watch?" I asked him.

"No, no, that won't be necessary. Trust me, I'll be masturbating many many times thinking back on this," he said. "Besides, masturbating like that is something a bit submissive which I'm not at all feeling right now. Maybe if I jammed my cock down your throat?"

I opened my mouth in a big O.

"Boundaries, young lady!" he scolded me, came up to me, and gave me a kiss. I got up and the slip fell back into place. He gathered all of his stuff and headed to the door. We exchanged some more kisses and thanked each other for the experience.

"You're a wonderful submissive."

"Thank you! In what way?" I was curious what he liked most.

"How you accepted such a hard spanking, how sexually responsive you are, how you asked me permission to come..."

"Thank you, Sir," I said, feeling myself beaming, happy to have served.

"The room is about $1000, right?" he confirmed with me on the way out.

"yes sir".

"Here," he said, and passed me an envelope of cash. "That will cover plus a bit extra," he said.

I'm not a whore (oh perish the thought!), but I didn't mind taking a bit "extra". Tee hee!

When he left I opened the envelope. There was not only the $1000 to cover the room, there was an "extra" $3000!!!!! All in crisp $100 bills.

Holy shit! I guess I am a "high class" whore! It felt... good! But, I mean, holy shit!?!

I made good use of the lovely bathroom and had a nice long hot shower, and slowly, as if in a dream, got myself dressed and packed up and then said goodbye to my lovely suite.

Still feeling a bit "whoreish", I thought, "what the hell" and went right up to the reception, same lady still, and told her I'm checking out. Once again, she did not bat an eyelash, just checked me out, no questions asked. And was very pleasant. I left it on my credit card rather than handing her a wad of $100's, which might have been "too much", right?

So am I a "whore" now? Not legally, I suppose, as it was a gift, not an exchange. But somehow Alistair had whored me, right? I had accepted his gift, not insisted he take it back. Am I his sugar baby? It's messing with my head a little, in the right way. I find it sexy to be a whore. I have not told David about this part yet. Too embarrassed! He may read it here. Will I get a spanking for allowing myself to be a whore? I should probably be spanked by him anyways, to remind me to whom I belong.

What if Alistair wants to do it again? Even if nothing is said about money, I will now have an expectation of a gift, and it can't be otherwise. After my spanking will I spread my legs for him and consummate my whoredom? Or will I be a cheap whore, bend over, and welcome his cock into my ass? Just some idle thoughts...

So all in all, an amazing and terribly naughty experience for me. What do you guys think?


  1. What do you want us guys to think, I read it three times, it was that good, had to get a towel, I was very hard, and cumming without any stroking. This is Jack and you know me, I have a wife who spanks, but when dating I tried to get women to spank me. I would enjoy having a former supervisor put me over her lap. At a christmas party she and I were talking and she said that what I needed was a good sound spanking, I looked at her, she was not joking, it never happened, but wish it would have. We were both single at the time. She did not know my desire, but I sense she did, because she said with a slight smile, Mommies spank naughty little boys, and patted my bottom.

    1. Nice - these things have to be negotiated carefully, clearly!

    2. Negotiated is so true, it never did happen, and boy did I want it to happen. Jack

  2. I think that’s the hottest thing I’ve read in quite awhile, up until the last part about money.

    I think the amount of the extra cash is a little weird and a little bit concerning/creepy. Yes he was well above you in your old job but you approached this as sort of equal kinksters. But by doing that he kind of implied it’s more like a sugar daddy thing. Or maybe it was a down payment/expectation on a bj/sex next time? And the wife looks at the cc statement but he has $3000 in cash, plus bought caviar and champagne? That takes some effort.

    Don’t get me wrong- I hope y’all meet again, because it turns me on reading about it, but you should probably address that with him beforehand.

    1. He says the credit cards are joint with his wife, but that he has bank accounts on the side.

      Yeah, the money made me feel dirty, but I liked feeling dirty that way. It was oddly... empowering. And yes, maybe he did buy himself something more for next time, but that seems to be entirely my decision... fun.

    2. I didn't have enough time to really read this in detail. But at the end he gave you a lot of money, and your felt "dirty" (probably in a naughty/fun way) after taking it.

      But if I was the guy in this story, I wouldn't have considered giving you that money as an exchange for "services" (which at first read appear to be strictly one-way), but simply as a thank you for letting me be part of something really fun; "Thank you for the fun. Here's something to thank you. Go out and treat yourself."

      Just me.


    3. I agree.
      Now go back and read in detail! Chop chop! :-)

  3. I must say, I love you, I love your work, but…
    Tracy, her hubby, Sue, your parents, were far more exhilarating and butterfly-causing experiences than this one. And that's from just a readers perspective, let alone being actually involved.
    Something about the way you wrote this one, just seemed kinda meh.

    1. I know what you mean. This was more a negotiated scene with a fellow kinkster, as opposed to pulling a more vanilla person into it (which is tremendously fun). It was exciting for me to live it, though!

  4. I feel that the 3000 was his way of letting you know how appreciative he was of your agreeing to play with him. No need to read anymore into it.

  5. Wow - amazing! Thanks for sharing!!
    Hopefully next time he is able to fully consumate the visit and complete your punishment by sodomzing you. There's just something about anal sex that makes it the perfect end to any spanking.

  6. I thought it was perfect. And I wouldn't worry about the money.

    Writer & Editor

  7. Great post Julie! It really got me going. If I were David, I'd love it if you met Alistair occasionally for a hotel tryst. He could make suggestions and help you get ready for your *date*. You should give him a list of chores to complete in your absence. You could tease him about how much you are looking forward to your evening. You should promise to tell him all about it upon your return. He may just learn to love some hot cuckoldry action. I'll bet *you* would take to it like "bees to a basswood tree" :) LOL

    1. David did get quite a stiffy when I told him all about it...

  8. Ms. SJ:

    Sounds like quite the fantasy.

    I am reminded of "Motel Fetish", a defunct website but now a book on Amazon. It is not so much about spanking, but is about tawdry in lower class places. Since variety is the spice of life, I am guessing you might enjoy a good paddling in a cheap motel - presumable one with thin walls.

    The 10th anniversary of your blog is coming up soon. Quite a bit of writing you have done - all compelling stuff and well said.



  9. And so the fated day has come and gone. This has been high on my priority reading material wishlist since the original outing and negotiation with Mr. Stevens. Unlike other commenters here, however, this was absolute perfection to me. I'm not too sure why that may be? Perhaps I'm more in touch with the Kink community and thus realised that this scene would be played out in the manner it did rather than him finding you, dragging you upstairs, you kicking pouting, and hollering to the high heavens until he throws you over his knee and gives you the spanking of a lifetime! (Though that does sound really hot)

    My memory may be deceiving me, but it feels as though Mr. Stevens has a lot of experience in actual kink play and how it tends to play out even though he claims innocence (again, I may be misremembering... I'll need to go back and reread). From start to finish this has a lot of parallels with professional play (not necessarily paid play, but the sort of play you'd have with an individual who holds professional standards). Initial drinks and introductions, further conversation and drinks to calm nerves whilst engaging in polite discussion of kinks, being very clear on what are and what are not boundaries (tsk tsk Julie!), abiding by the boundaries to the letter and not only not pressuring you into sexual relief for himself, but actually declining it and finally the gift he left you. These are all absolutely things that happen in highly professional kinky settings and groups with exceptional experience and a sense of pride in a job well done.

    Also, about the money, it's a gift, not a payment for services rendered or anything. This is quite common when one engages with another for their own satisfaction (yes, you got yours too, but primarily this was about fulfilling Mr. Stevens fantasies, not yours) and as such it's customary for a gift to be left for the one fulfilling fantasies. If this entire scene was reversed, and you'd stumbled on Mr. Stevens, found out he was kinky, and asked him to Daddy-Dom you, then it would have been customary for you to leave a gift of some sort (it doesn't have to be money, but everyone likes money, right?).

    Very, very nice. A wonderful read, a perfect experience for you both, and I do hope Mr. Stevens reads this and realises that at some point in the future, Strict Julie will have to get some payback ;)


    1. Yes, he is quite used to paying for it and clearly knows how to behave, which is sexy!

      Yes, it is my fantasy, but his too, but in the matter of scarcity I'm pretty sure I could line up 50 guys willing to spank me. So I thought it nice he acknowledged with his (extravagant!) gift that reality. And, on the other hand, he is a gentleman with a lot of money, and I'm sure he could line up 50 girls willing to take his money in exchange for sex, pros and amateurs alike (admittedly, also very sexy!).

    2. "I'm pretty sure I could line up 50 guys willing to spank me."

      I'm one of the 50; amiright...?

  10. Brilliant story and experience Julie! I'm sure its the same for all your readers but you make me proud of my spanking and related desires. I'm living in South Africa which is still a very conservative society compared to other free world countries so i feel guilty having the thoughts and desires similar to you and i thimk its because of the society and company that prevails here.Especially in terms of bondage/spanking and such like pursuits, so its liberating to follow your very exciting and uplifting stories. Keep up the awesome work please. Lots of love (Of the friendship kind), Ted

    1. Indeed, a shame that some societies limit consensual human expression, but happy I can do my little bit. Lots of love back at 'ya (no qualification 😉)

  11. WC here


    You’ve been whored out…..

    And you should expect a least 5k for him to fuck your bottom

    You asked:)

    1. Oh dear, I 'kinda thought so too. Hmmm, a $5K "gift" if I provide bumhole access? Worth considering (not for the money, but for how naughty/dirty it would make me feel taking it!)

    2. WC here

      Of course it’s about the money

      Just don’t sell your bottom hole cheap

      You have to know your value

      Young lady

      Laughing at your antics:)

    3. $5K for something my husband takes for free whenever he wants? I could do that... :-)

  12. Nice work M8 👍

    Certainly got me up 😎

    Shame he didn’t unload his muck on your tits and face just before leaving, certainly got his money’s worth then

  13. Obviously, you're a very bad girl. You should be thoroughly spanked for doing this.

    Especially since you enjoyed it so much!

  14. Julie, your account of the experience was worth waiting for. And I suspect you felt the same way about the spanking itself and the experience around it. I find myself calling to mind imagery from Atom Egoyan's film "Chloe", which also featured a high-class whore and was shot in Toronto. - Frank

    1. Thank you, I have not seen it but now am excited to!

  15. I continue to be amazed by your “mission”
    In life. The experiences that you’ve had over recent years fill many’s bucket lists. Keep on keepen’ on. Your pal from Michigan

  16. You are both sooo damn Canadian even when it cums to femdom. Delightful, respectful, You felt guilty for not cuming during your spanking by Mr. Stevens ( am I insane or is that a Bewitched reference ?) Thinking yo should have been a Good girl and sucked Mr. Stevens Cock ? no ?
    Dear God you don't have to fake Orgasms for your readers. It makes it even arousing every time you share encounters with David. That you are soo much in love so much engaged.
    The level of trust.. I'd vote for you in the upcoming elction as long as your not a a Liberal, PC, NDP green...even the PPC don't cut it for me. Don't mean to get too political.
    I am libertarian, not a racist not a fascist not a liberal or a conservative. I support your right to freedom of religion of thought. Only... your thought end when my rights begin.
    Escaped the DDR in 1979 , found freedom in the GDR a few years later in Canada, wife kids family. so grateful....
    Ask you fiends and neighbors from eastern Europe over 50 how much they enjoyed it. Scared even to post this.

    1. Congrats on getting out. Let's fight hard to make sure Communism doesn't come here to Canada, and it's not looking good. I voted for PPC, the only party that's anywhere near my politics.

    2. Braveheart !!!

  17. This was a fun read! I liked how you tried to pass your desires off as boundaries and got rightly called out for it, you naughty little sub!

    I liked how he tried to make you cum whilst straddling his leg - I guess your misadventures with your sister left an impression!

    Dom P, caviar, sharp suits, afternoon trysts with beautiful blondes in luxury hotel suites... Mr Stevens sure is a fan of the classics! Very Mills & Boon!

    As for the $3k... The fucking wasn't predicated on the money, so I don't think you technically turned any tricks, but a woman who meets a man in a hotel in secret behind his wife's back, engages in sexual behaviour, and leaves with $3 grand his wife won't know about - I think I'd find it hard convincing most people she wasn't a whore, no matter how much I loved her!

    Obviously displaying his wealth and spoiling his partner is part of Mr Stevens' love language/kink, but that's a crazy amount of money to just give a friend!

    Glad you had a good time, hope this experience encourages you to lean into some other fantasies you have!

    1. I don't mind if you think I'm a whore, Tanky. It turns me on, in fact. On to my next fantasy, I guess!

    2. I know you don't mind, otherwise I wouldn't say it! You're not exactly hiding it from anyone. For example, you say "Holy shit! I guess I am a "high class" whore! It felt... good!" Not much room for ambiguity there!

      I know - as does Mr Stevens - that it's a fantasy of yours, seeing as you've posted as such! I think it's very cool of him to play into your high class hooker fantasy without actually being so vulgar as to bring up the subject of money.

  18. You need punishment from david.
    At least the cane.

  19. You need hard punishment from Sue.

    1. She'll have to get in line behind my husband.

    2. They can spank you together, and take turns doing it.
      Perhaps ancient Chinese style.

    3. With those big boat oars you mean?

    4. I want to participate in this double spanking, I will supply the oars and put my ass instead of yours but on condition you give me your feet to lick and kiss while being spanked and rub some cream on my ass with your feet after the spanking.

    5. I don't get turned on by the big boat oars over the backside of a kimomo-clad young lady, somehow. I must be weird that way ;-)

  20. Been waiting to see how this played out, and it was worth the wait!
    Glad you got to taste the belt from your Daddy...

  21. Julie,
    Why did you waste a perfectly good $1000 hotel "suite" deal?

    You should have called David and had him come downtown with an overnight bag. Perhaps he could have gone to the front desk, with the pretty clerk, and asked for you.

    It could have been like the movie "Pretty Woman", with the fancy bathtub and luxury bathrobes. The only thing missing would be the piano and I'm guessing you would like David to "play it again".

    Maybe you should be spanked for wastefulness.

  22. It has been said that Envy is the only one of the “Seven Deadly Sins” that a person doesn’t even enjoy while committing it. But I seem to have found an exception here. I quite enjoyed envying Mr. Stevens! My enjoyment was tempered, though, by the knowledge that, for me, an in-person session with you will be a never-in-a-lifetime experience for many, many reasons, not the least of which is: you are entirely out of my league! But IF never, beyond all probability, somehow turned into once, I would humbly ask for the the complete JulieSpanked AND JulieSpanks experience. Why not make a whole day of it? The room is paid for. Might as well use every minute, right?
    DLC david

    1. You're allowed to keep dreaming...

    2. (though torturing you via denial seems like a lot more fun just now)

  23. Mostly how I recall it indeed!! Had a huge smile on my face while reading. Thank you for leaving out any awkward parts and making me seem so suave. I chuckled obviously when reading the “boundaries” part. I thought you may have underplayed the intensity of the belting: you portrayed it as taking it quite well, though I was sensing more distress than you were letting on?

    You were such a good girl throughout the entire experience that it would have been remiss of me not to give a generous gift after you gifted me this amazing experience. There was no intent to "whore you", however I am delighted that my gift plays into your fantasies that way.

    You are a delightful submissive: eager, obedient, polite, amazingly sexually responsive. In fact, I have never had a girl as sexually needy writhing across my knee or under my belt. And the harder your spanking, the needier you seemed, to quite ridiculous levels. While you express it in your writing, words cannot do justice to the wondrous extent of it.

    I'd like to publicly thank David for the "loan" of you during our tryst. Thank you, David, you are a very lucky man to have full time access to such a naughty bundle of womanhood. I can understand why you may wish to loan her out from time to time, she must be exhausting!

    Julie, I am happy to have been another notch on your belt and post on your blog. You are a force of nature, young lady.

    1. Thank you for commenting, "Alistair"!

      Yes, reading it back you're right that I downplayed the belt. The belt was VERY intense! But I was so scared in advance that I imagined I would not be able to take it at all. Getting through it was a surprise.

      Your comments about the quality of my submissiveness are so embarrassing to me! It's true that there's definitely "something wrong with me" that I become so sexually needy during a very hard spanking (that I fear getting, and genuinely wish it to end, except...). Is it really that obvious during my spanking? My real Dad has seen me spanked as an adult! Oh blush!

      And I am not "exhausting"! (just "a handful"). And David does thank you for taking me off his hands for an afternoon.

    2. Bravo Mr S, you are a class act!

      As for you Julie, funny how both the husband and the boss/side piece have described you as exhausting recently! I wouldn't say there's necessarily "something wrong with you" though - takes all sorts, none so queer as folk, etc! Don't kink shame yourself!

  24. Wow what an experience for both of you! As a man he is so fortunate to be able to give it to you like that. I love his comment about you being “a force of nature”. Have you ever encountered other females with such an insatiable sexual drive like yours? Where can these types of women be found Julie?

    1. My friend Tracy was pretty horny/needy. Mistress Violet seems so as well, and way more kinky than anybody else I have ever known.

    2. Mistress Violet is most definitely of that nature. From what you’ve written about her she sounds incredibly intuitive. Recently my wife has shown an interest in starting our on blog. I sent an email to you seeking some advice. Hope you can check it out.

    3. Yes, responded, and looking forward to it!

  25. that was a whore fantasy. nothing wrong with that. Not so much a spanking fantasy though. You need to be taken out of your comfort zone for a true spanking fantasy. You were too much in control of this thing to make it really great for you.

    How about letting this guy blindfold and gag you and tie you up for a few hours? who knows what he might do. that could get more mind-fucky

    1. Sounds like she had a great time being brought to orgasm three times by a guy she admired in a top notch hotel suite, numb nuts!

      How about a guy blindfolds and gags you so we don't have to hear you mansplain how to have a good time?

    2. I was not anticipating a whore fantasy, it just lined up that way.
      I disagree, it was a TOTAL spanking fantasy. My spanking was 99% of what was running through my mind, before, during, and after.

    3. P.s. I wrote and published my comment before I published Tanky's.
      Be nice, Tanky, it was a heartfelt opinion meant to make it EVEN BETTER for me. To be applauded!

    4. Even though it was not a whore fantasy to begin with, it certainly turned into one. You should give your 'earnings' to David. Tell him that you will only visit Mr. Stevens again if David arranged it. Let David negotiate future arraignments - what you will do, when and where and for how much. He can be your pimp.

    5. Ha ha! I have 0% "pimp fantasy".

    6. jeez, Tankerton, I am a woman. I can't mansplain anything. Maybe take it down a notch?

      I didn't mean it as a criticism. I think Julie tops from the bottom. If she wants to do that, that's fine. But maybe she is interested in moving to more uncertain territory. I bet she is. But maybe I am wrong.

    7. I can totally not do that with my husband, but with a first-time encounter, even amongst experienced players, a bit of topping from the bottom is reasonable, I think. But I do like losing myself in it when I feel 100% safe.

  26. Hi,
    I sent you a commentary in the form of a political fiction.
    A technical problem? Should I send it back to you?

    1. I can't see it. Please resend!

    2. A politic fiction.

      The Communist Party seized power and launched a witch hunt against the former members of the PPC, banned as a far-right party and Allistair was an influential member of the PPC.

      Like the “heroes” of "1984", Alistair and Julie got used to meeting in their suite to enjoy their depravity.
      But Alistair's wife, having found out about their trysts, denounces the lovers to the Communist Party police. She provides them with the time and place of the meeting.

      The police bursts into the room after the spanking noises have been audible for quite a while. Julie is caught bare assed and already very red butt on her lover's knees.

      The lovers are drawn into the public square for an infamous exhibition.

      Alistair immediately undergoes the punishment brought up to date by the Communists: tied bare by the feet to a gallows, a small fire is lit under his skull and as his hair burns and his brains begin to boil, his skin is cut into thin strips. (Cormac McCarthy - "Blood Meridian")
      As for Julie, more classic punishment, she is completely undressed (she just had a little top left) and she is having her hair shaved like, in 1944, prostitutes who serviced German occupiers, to publicly mark them. She is put in the stocks and subjected to jeering
      A "PPC whore" sign hangs around her neck and a big paddle is made available to the crowd as she seems to enjoy spankings judging by her butt state.

      Alistair's howls of pain merge with Julie's howls of pleasure. In the crowd, we can see the happy faces of Julie's husband and Alistair's wife. David triturates the left breast of Alistair's wife while she massages his cock over his pants. The two are hardening and erect at the thought of what they are going to do with Julie.

    3. Ok... I wish I hadn't found it now!

      Althuogh I'm always up for a good naked paddling locked into the stocks in the public square!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. A female has the advantage of being a sexual woman and please the male is more ways that a male can please the female. Also a woman can become that naughty little girl looking for a Daddy to spank her, satisfying herself. As a male to find such a woman to would be a Mommy was hard to find. The woman I married was such a woman. Her mother taught her that husbands can be little boys at times, naughty little boys, and so I have spent many a time over my Mommy lap feeling the sting of the brush. It fills a need for me, and as for Mommy, well she insures I feel the spanking for sometime. The world is changing and finally the female is realizing that the male wants to be that naughty little child, that the male needs a Mommy. I stand facing the wall, no matter who might show up, yes my mother-in-law as spank me, harder than my Mommy. I have learned Mommy will not think twice is telling her friends that I'm spanked. I feel comfortable talking about this with you and my wife has no problem with that. So Thank-You Jack

    1. jack - remember to try to make a comment that comments about something in the blog post. And don't make that just the first line and then go back to the very similar thing you always write. From now on I'll only publish comments that meet my approval from you. You have been warned! 😊

  28. TrĂšs bonne lecture, pour une trĂšs bonne Ă©criture...merci...
    Je ne donnerai pas cette lecture à mes filles, elles seraient capables, de leur donner des idées avec leur patrons...

    Je viens de passer un Ă©tĂ© merveilleux, avec la chance que ma fille qui vie Ă  l'Ă©tranger soit de nouveau avec mon ainĂ©e, donc 2 fessiers souvent Ă  faire rougir, des chattes super mouillĂ©es, des trous du cul trĂšs serrĂ©s, des douleurs bien mĂ©ritĂ©es, des hontes de redevenir petites filles, pour des trentenaires bien avancĂ©es, surtout lorsqu’elles sont fessĂ©es devant la famille…

    Honte suprĂȘme de prise de tempĂ©rature anal, et plug Ă  conserver au coin, aussi que ne pas pouvoir s’empĂȘcher d’avoir un orgasme devant tout le monde, j’avoue quelquefois, un peu aidĂ©es, par ma main et mes doigts titillant leurs parties intimes…

    Elles ont beaucoup plus de hontes Ă  ĂȘtre fessĂ©es devant notre famille que devant des inconnus, et je sais par mon expĂ©rience ce que cela apporte au plaisir de la fessĂ©e…

    Le coin toutes nues, a la merci des passages de gens Ă  la maison, mains sur la tĂȘte qui fait ressortir leurs seins et durcir leurs tĂ©tons…

    Tous cela aussi pour le plaisir de leur papa qui a la bite dure pour elles…

    Heureusement aussi mon ex-femme est venue de temps en temps, pour m’aider Ă  les fesser, et aussi Ă  recevoir elle-mĂȘme, ce qui nous a rappelĂ© le « bon vieux temps » de 3 culs nus rouges…
    Comme quoi la fessĂ©e, rapproche les gens sĂ©parĂ©s dans un plaisir partagĂ©s…

    Oui ce fut un bel Ă©tĂ©, que je vous souhaite de tout cƓur …

    1. Your daughters are lucky gals to have such caring parents!

  29. I'm happy for your experience! Satisfing our desires Is the most important thing in Life. Good you did this One! Check!
    About the Money, don't feel guilty. You didn't ask for them, he wanted to give you. If It can make you feel better, use those Money for buying something important, like improvements for your blog, or a new chastity Cage for David!!(Devil).
    You said he had an hard on in his pants, you felt It, but he refuses any release.....maybe it's because you wrote him (if I Remember correctly) that One of your boundary was that if he ejaculated he had to eat It? Don't you think that the fear about eat his own cum was bigger than the desire to cum? He said that he Will jerk off thinking about that day, (be sure he Will). You can ask him some "prove" of It....

    1. In my experience, guys become eager cum gobblers if they think they can get off at a woman's hand!

  30. Hi Julie,
    Apologies for not posting in a while. I caught the dreaded C-19 and spent some time in hospital. All well now, thankfully.
    You asked if it makes you a whore for receiving £3k. I don’t think so for the reasons below. (My reasons and not necessarily legally accurate)
    1. You know Alistair so therefore the money could be considered a gift
    2. No penetration occurred.
    You asked will it happen again?
    I think yes it will - possibly 2 more times. The next will go fairly much as the first but I think Alistair will get to taste your pussy. The third will end up with him taking your bottom - probably for the £5k that a previous poster has suggested - after a spanking, belting and the cane.
    Whatever happens thank you for taking us along on your journey, I hope it continues for a long time to come.
    In the meantime all the best and stay safe

    1. Hi fishy! Nice that you're back out on the other side of the Rona.

      NOT a lawyer, but from my research on Canadian law: "The term “prostitution” is not defined in the Criminal Code, but the caselaw has identified three main elements of the activity – the provision of sexual services, the essentially indiscriminate nature of the act, and the necessity for some form of payment."

      I can't imagine that what we engaged in is anything other than a sexual act, but the rest does not fit, so i think I'm good. Besides, it's Alistair who needs to worry, not me, the way the law is setup now.

      To protect him I better put in writing that I am NOT expecting any money. I hope that's enough to get him off the hook!

      Is giving me three great orgasms "payment"? If so, then he's paid in advance for bumhole access ;-)

  31. Long time reader, first time commenting — since I have a perspective on this one.

    Well, that was fun, yes?

    I just have two points.

    First, that’s quite hot in context. People identifying it’s a little less personal than many posts aren’t wrong, but that’s the nature of pure play.

    Second, I’ve hired both professional dommes and professional subs — and for a semi-scripted two hours with an experienced submissive, you (and ‘Alastair,’ who probably has too) were right on market. Maybe a tiny bit high but you’re a celebrity of sorts, and I’d pay quite a bit extra to connect with someone I’d been masturbating to for years too. I know it’s a gift, but if it *were* purely transactional, that’s about right.

    Alastair sounds a total gentleman, you an awesome partner, and David a helluva husband — though personally, I’d only permit this if I’d already planned to stripe you to sobs later, and I hope he has and we get to read about it.

    Fwiw, based on everything you’ve written and ‘Alastair’ being a switch too, you could probably have an awesome time both ways. I’ve played with some partners (pro and not) on both sides and it’s particularly hot to shift to a new paradigm, especially with reference to the previous.

    Keep having amazing sexual adventures and writing about them! I love reading about them.


    1. (Fwiw, some form of me getting off was generally part of my professional domme and sub encounters. Though this would be at the high end (even with more two-way sexual contact) had it been a planned transaction, it’s not unreasonable in terms of the amount of the gift. I second the idea of getting something nice for David with some of it!)

    2. I have requested, and David has promised, to "remind me to whom I belong". Waiting for that shoe to drop! I wonder if Alistair will get an extra thrill knowing I'll be beaten by my husband because of our tryst?

      Good to know I'm a celebrity and his gift was "on market". It seems high to me, though!

      And in terms of money, we've never had separate bank accounts, it all goes into the pot!

  32. so did you tell husband whole story not leaving out any detail was cool he even still gave you chance back out of agreement have him give you good hsrd otk spankings you ever ask if he told his qwife not sure said he was married

    you ever thinbkj he may be open to one getting good spanking willing let you spank him give out one those special Mrs Julie spanking or you think he only Top be spanker

    1. He did not tell his wife, apparently.

      I think he's open to a spanking from me, but we both preferred it this way around this time.

  33. So you did go through with it. I was wondering if all the months of lockdown, with some time to spare a thought for the 'boundaries' you set is going to play on your mind .. or some of the comments advising you to be vigilant of 'losing it all'. I'm glad you went with it.

    Being a bit of a techie I wish this was an annotate-supporting platform. You could have threads of comments on highlighted text above, instead of all of it down here. While I was reading the article and scrolling down (with one hand), I went through a number of comments I could write, but by the time I reach down here, most of them are gone :p

    Anyhoo, wonderful scene to have read .. i'm a boob-man so was I was very excited about the downblouse stuff, a little disappointed that losing the slip slowly wasn't a main scene.

    I am a big fan of 'only just'. So your 'hardly-concealing' nightie is a big turn on. You may not remember these details, but did the straps come lose on your shoulders at any point? Did the strap come down your arm at any instance? If i were to imagine it in my preferred way:

    He stopped doing that and then he began raising my slip first the back, exposing my full cut panties, then reaching under a bit and pulling the front up towards my tummy as well. This simple act of getting-it-out-of-the-way, combined with me facing downwards, the unyielding gravity acted on my nightie and had the effect of losening my shoulder straps and the front hem of my already lose neckline. I could imagine a camera-angle seeing my own face, boobs hanging freely inside my slip, nipples touching and grazing teasingly with the inside of the fabric. I instinctly looked down (up?) my top to confirm my predicament and exposure. It's like they were reaching out to the material to self-excite. Although Daddy couldn't see it from his angle, what if he could? What if he made me stand in the corner later with my hands behind my back and the shoulder straps came down and i was not allowed to pull them up. Why did it have to be silk, that'd make the whole thing slip down without me touching it, and I wouldn't be allowed to move my hands.

    I was brought back from my 2-second, fast-tracked trance when I felt his hand on my panties. He adjusted them to be taut up against me, stroked my panty-covered bottom, and then began spanking me across the seat of my panties.....

    1. Yes, the straps were constantly slipping down my shoulders and boob was definitely exposed from time to time. I think one tit was out the entire time I was sitting on his lap. I felt it like that and just left it like that. Big smile on his face as he appreciated it. Odd I did not mention that...

    2. I'm glad you did now. Changes the scene significantly for me :)

  34. I don't go looking down women's blouses. But on a few very rare occasions I found myself standing near some lovely woman and...there it is! I got a sneak peek at Jesus!

    I just happened to be in the right position at the right moment and so was she, most often in the summer when going without a bra is more likely.

    I never stared, never commented, would NEVER embarrass her by any of that. She wasn't showing off or being provocative toward me, it just happened. I considered it a "blessing," just for me. (And I never forgot those blessings! Thanks, girls!!!)