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My Penny got Birched!

There are some women commentators and authors in the spanking realm who just seem to express what I am thinking better than I can myself. I discussed PK Corey and Jillian Keenan in previous posts. Along those lines, a blog reader recently sent me a quick email suggesting I have a look at the work of Penny Birch:

Julie, If you're feeling submissive and mucking around online you might check out author Penny Birch. No one (except yourself) can write a more imaginative and diverse female submissive novel. She has written over 20 books many of which can be found on Amazon Kindle. Ratings are also available on Goodreads. These are wild and erotic. I encourage you to give one a try. Yours [xxx]

Buy them HERE

I had a quick look at a few previews online, and wrote back:

Thank you [xxx]!

I had a look at a bunch of them and selected one which seems amazing: "Brat". When she writes about disciplinary spankings it feels like me writing!
I'll give you a book report after I've read it!


So, [xxx], this post is your book report!

Also, thank you very much for the compliment regarding my own writing. I realize it perhaps was thrown in de rigueur, but appreciate it anyways. In fact, Penny and I share many of the same tastes and fantasies, in particular the importance of exposure and humiliation when combined with spanking, and that was very much the theme of my own femsub book:

Click HERE to buy one

As for Penny's books, mine was fictional, but filled with activities I have very much done in my private life which informed the writing. This includes even public play and witnessed spankings where I have been on the receiving end, and of course, being a real-life spanked wife.

But enough about me shilling my own books, let's discuss Penny Birch!

Penny's favourite avator

Penny is/was a UK-based author and seems to be no longer active. She has not published anything recently and her website is no longer live. If anybody knows anything about Penny's fate or current whereabouts, please let us know in the comments. 

Penny was very much into Pony Play and even belonged to an association in England that promoted it. Many of her books are less spanking-focused and more rough sex and S&M. But when she does write about spanking, oh boy it's exciting!

Penny was once interviewed by a certain "Miss Marchmont" who seems to have been a popular UK-based dominatrix. Her site is now defunct, but I managed to scrape the interview off the Wayback machine and rescued it on a page on my blog for posterity: Miss Marchmont Interview with Miss Penny Birch. Here are some of the most pertinent excerpts from that:

I stand 5’ 2” in my bare feet. I’m slight and wear my dark hair in a bob. Nice people tell me I’m pretty, cheeky ones tell me I’ve got a fat bottom. I was born and educated in south-east England, went to Oxford University and have followed an academic career, which I keep very carefully separate from my sex life and my erotic writing.

All my life I have been fascinated with having my bottom spanked, and all my other erotic fantasies come from this central need.

My first erotic spanking was with a boyfriend in Portsmouth. He was really obsessed with my bottom and used to feel it at every opportunity, often in very embarrassing public places. He would pat my bottom cheeks and call me naughty in front of his friends, which really got to me although it was right on the borderline between being fun and putting me off him. One day on Southsea beach I was sunbathing in a really tiny bikini and he pulled the back down to show his friends my bottom. I was furious but it really got to me and that evening I told him about my spanking fantasies. He had me bend over a desk in his room and smacked my bottom with a ruler, first on my jeans and then bare.

I’ll spank anybody who spanks me. In fact now I won’t let anyone spank me unless they are prepared to let me do it to them in return. I really hate the sort of stuck up mentality that feels that spanking me makes them genuinely superior and I simply won’t do it.

When spanking a girl I like to imagine her going through the same feelings of helplessness, exposure, humiliation, pain and excitement that I enjoy so much myself. With men it doesn’t so much turn me on as give me a really fine sense of revenge.

I have always enjoyed writing and have always preferred to write dirty stories. To write at a professional or semi-professional level I believe an author needs a genuine compulsion to write. Imagination is the next most important thing, and then a willingness to put down your true feelings on paper. Technical things, like sentence structure and modern usage and whether you should “tell” or “show” a story are all far less important. If you have to force it you probably shouldn’t be doing it.With me it is more a question of stopping myself from writing than of making myself write. My head is always full of plots and ideas for scenes, and when I write I always do it from the heart, and if possible describe experiences that I have enjoyed myself.

After asking Penny about the horniest and dirtiest scenes she has taken part in, and Penny going quite over the deep end in her lurid descripions, Miss Marchmont ends the interview this way:

I want to reassure the reader that at this point in the interview, due to the fact that Miss Birch was behaving like a naughty, dirty little girl, she was hauled over my knee for a brisk hand-spanking. This, however, seemed to excite rather than punish her lewd conduct. I therefore had to apply a few strokes of my tawse which soon got the contrition I expect from young wards in my care.

Oh My Gosh! How awesome would it be to be interviewed about your spanking writing and then given a spanking from your interviewer for being such a dirtly slut!

In a collection of short stories, Penny Pieces, she writes,

Being spanked is a pretty emotional experience for a girl, and that doesn't go away, no matter how many times it happens. I've lost all count of the number of times I've been spanked, but it is still strong and I still crave more. Pleasure is the overriding feeling for me, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt, both physically and mentally. The moment when my panties come down still fills me with an overwhelming sense of shame and exposure, and I'm not acting when I kick and squeal. Sometimes I even cry. Spanking hurts even when the victim is enjoying it, even when it is the thing she wants most, and some people seem to forget that. I want my arm twisted or my hair pulled to hold me in place; I want my bottom exposed and my cheeks spread to show off my pussy and bumhole; I want to be spanked until I howl. My emotions are real, and I hope that knowing that will be part of what makes my tormentor demand her pussy licked or his cock attended to once I've been thoroughly punished

Punishment is the key, the idea being that however much I may want my spanking I am being given it because I deserve it.

Generally I prefer girls, but for a spanking to really hurt it must come from a man; some great, hulking brute twice my weight with hands like hams.

Spankings should be painful for the victim, but from a psychological point of view the pain isn't really necessary at all. What matters most is that the girl knows she has been punished, that she suffers all the humiliation and indignity of having her bottom bared and smacked. The idea of spanking as a degrading punishment is so deeply ingrained in society that the very knowledge that it has been done is enough to keep me on edge long after the pain has failed. The stinging goes, the marks go, but a spanked girl is a spanked girl forever.

Every single word of that is dead on. I could have written that myself had I been as skilled as Penny.

[P.S. I have Penny's books on Kindle which prevents me from copying and pasting excerpts for my review. Therefore I have to retype them all by hand. It feels like some sort of weird punishment assignment to have to write them all out that way. As I get very excited typing them all out, I do so with my jeans and my panties down at my ankles, sometimes rubbing my pussy between bouts of typing. I did a lot of this during the day, while I should have been working. If David were to have caught me in the act, I would 100% for sure have been spanked on the spot. I came multiple times copying out Penny's words... bear that in mind as you continue reading the text in blue.]

In that same short story she imagined the burly rowing coach as being the type of man who could see to her. She knew he had little respect for women, and heard of a story where he pulled one of the female cox's ponytails so that she stumbled into the Thames, then laughed as she came up choking and sputtering. Penny imagined herself being that girl, and imagined she might sneak into his office later in the day to exact some revenge but being caught in the act and told to come to practice one hour earlier next day. He told her, straight out that he was going to take her across his knee, pull down her shorts and panties, and spank her hard. Poor Penny that had to go an entire 24 hours in anticipation of her spanking. We'll pick up the spanking right after she was taken across his lap and bared:

I gasped in shock as my bottom was laid bare, then again as he cocked his leg up higher still and my bum-cheeks came open.

My bumhole was showing, I just knew it. I'd expected him to want to see it, but the reality was far, far worse than anything I had imagined. I was bare, my cheeks were wide and I could feel the cool air on my anal skin and the warmth of his leg against my pussy. It was too much, and I burst into tears, only to have every other emotion blown away by pain as his huge hand came down across my bare bottom with all the force of his arm.

Oh yes, Penny knows. She knows as I do the damage a bare male hand can do to a poor girl's bottom. I feel a definite sense of sisterhood with all women who understand that basic fact of life.

It hurt. It hurt so much that I lost all control of my body. I was shaking my head, gasping, sobbing and screaming for mercy. My fists were beating on his legs, my hair was flying around my head. I was kicking my legs and bucking my body under his arm, no longer caring about the lewd display of my anus and vagina. Nothing mattered but the agonising swats on my bottom, smack after smack, falling in a fast relentless rhythm to the tune of my squeals.

I'd started crying from shame, but now I was really blubbering, with the tears making a wet patch on the concrete floor beneath my head. He knew, but he just laughed and went right on spanking, not even pausing as he tightened his grip around my waist. There was nothing to do, only kick and wriggle and howl out my agony until I was dizzy with it and thought I would faint.

Honestly, this is everything that happens to me during a real punishment spanking from my David, like the one I got the other night for swearing at him. I know it's going to be like this, and having to walk over to him and drape myself across his lap, knowing there would be no reprieve until he believes I have been properly punished, is the most terrifying and butterfly inducing feeling in the world. I don't think he even knows what it does to me. It's just a spanking for a naughty wife to him. I liken it a bit to that moment when you are about to dive into icy cold lake water. You just pluck up your courage and dive, then you are briefly in mid-air and you say "what have I done???" and then you hit the icy cold water and pain goes everywhere. Except I know my spankings will be five or more minutes of pure, fiery, unrelenting, hell for my butt. But I jump anyways, regret during, and masturbate to it afterwards.

Penny continues,

I didn't think it could possibly get any worse, but as he once more shifted my body on his lap I found my pussy spread hard on his leg. The slaps began to jam my clit against him. I was going to come, I couldn't help it. I was going to come, and he'd think I was turned on. I was, and I yelled out as it happened, begging for more, begging for it harder, unable to help myself while all the while a little voice in the back of my head was screaming that I didn't want it, that it was the worst possible thing.

This has happened to me as well, most famously and unexpectedly when alone across my sister's leg as I was getting the worst wooden spoon bum beating of my life. I felt my body had betrayed me and utterly shamed me to my very core.

After I'd come I slumped across his lap. [He] laughed and went on with my spanking. He knew it had happened and he thought it was funny, which was the final indignity. Not that it mattered, because he soon had me kicking again by transferring his attention to the backs of my legs. There was a brief pause as my shorts and panties were pulled right down and off, which I did nothing to resist. He went back to work, methodically slapping my legs to the same state as my bottom, indifferent to my continued squealing and blubbering until once more I thought I would faint from the pain.

It was not lost on me that the spanking was being given immediately before practice, and she wore shorts. Her spanked thighs would be seen by everybody!

The spanking stopped as suddenly as it had begun, leaving me gasping for breath. My buttocks were stinging dreadfully, throbbing too, and so hot. My bottom was up and my legs were wide, showing everything, but I no longer cared. I'd been beaten by him, beaten into submission and I felt as if he had every right to see my most intimate parts.

Yes, I know this about myself as well. If I allow a man to beat me as he has done to the girl in the story, I would feel an intense degree of sexual submissiveness.

I did it myself, I don't know why, it just seemed as if I had to. His cock was hard against my tummy, and even as he let go of my waist and I slumped to the ground in a kneeling position my hands were going to his fly. He opened his knees and I shuffled forwards, popping the buttons of his trousers as I did so. His zip came down and I looked up to find surprise on his face, also lust. Still not knowing why I was doing it I took hold of my top and pulled it up, my sports bra with it, exposing my breasts to him. He smiled a dirty, knowing leer, then closed his eyes in bliss as I pulled open the front of his underpatns and took his stiff cock in my hand.

My bottom was stuck out as I masturbated him, hot and red, beaten and goose-pimpled, my cheeks wide to show my pussy and bumhole behind. Half of me wanted his cock inside me, slid up between my reddened buttocks, maybe even in my bottom-hole. I knew I'd do it, and I began to jerk frantically at his erection, desperate to make him come before my resolve snapped and I took him in my hole.

I think it would have happened if he hadn't grabbed me by the hair and forced my head against his penis. He ordered me to suck, snarling out the command, only to come in my face as my lips touched the bulbous head of his cock. I tried to pull away and got an eyefull of semen for my trouble. He milked the rest out over my neck and breasts, soiling my top and wiping his slimy cock-head in my face. Even as he slumped back I was running for the Ladies where I locked myself into a cubicle, sat my hot bottom down on the lavatory seat and masturbated myself dizzy...

Beaten and completely sexually degraded, and wanting it.

That is just one of many short stories, all of them really good and humiliating for poor Penny. You can get the book here:


I sampled a bunch of Penny's books and read three. Of the novel-length books, "Brat" stands out as my favourite, so I'll describe that one in detail and excerpt some of the bits that particularly excited me.

"Brat" starts with Penny's main character, Natasha, explaining how her view on disciplinary spanking recently changed:

Had anybody ever had the courage to tell me that I needed discipline, I would simply have laughed. [...] Just recently my real feelings would have been different to say the least. Instead of being filled with righteous indignation I would have been deeply embarrassed, and not by what they had said, but by my own reaction to it. While they would probably have been thinking of discipline in the sense of organization and efficiency, my thoughts would have been of something rather different as I walked away with my cheeks red with blushes. In my imagination their suggestion would have been that I needed to be taken across their lap with my arm twisted into the small of my back, my neat woolen skirt lifted up to my waist and my silk panties pulled down into a tangle around my thighs. Then I would have thought of how it would have felt to be spanked by them. Yes, spanked, with my bottom bare to humiliate me and make my pain worse; spanked while I kicked and blubbered and begged; spanked like the snotty, spoilt, impudent little brat that I am.

What a wonderful opening to a book and such breathtaking writing that strikes right into my own heart!

Natasha explains how she got turned onto spanking recently overhearing a man tell his girlfriend about the public spanking of another girl that he had witnessed. She explains how it affected her.

I was trembling as I continued up the hill. The whole episode terrified me, and it was as if I could feel everything the poor victim had. First surprise as she was pushed down and sat on. Then there would have been fury as strong male hands fumbled at the buttons of her jeans. Then frustration as she fought to stop her jeans and panties coming down but was unable to do anything about it. Next there would be humiliation as her bottom was exposed, bare and pink in front of at least two men, maybe more and maybe other women. Then pain and worse humiliation as he set to work spanking her, stinging her flesh, making her bottom bounce and wobble, perhaps even making her cheeks open so that her anus and pussy showed. Finally he'd have left her sobbing on the carpet, feeling thoroughly sorry for herself with her bare, red bottom naked for everybody to see how she'd been punished.

Wonderful parallel sentence structure ending in a complimentary structure, like for a jazz blues passage. I very much get the sense that Penny masturbated as she wrote those lines. It's what I do when I write a particularly juicy passage myself. I go back and masturbate to it, and then tweak it a bit, and repeat. I can feel it in her work. Her emphasis on the humiliation, the public nature, the fact that her pussy and anus were likely on show. She came as she wrote that, naughty girl!

In the book, Penny's character also runs home to masturbate:

It had to have been punishment -- you don't do that to somebody for fun. Maybe it had been his girlfriend and she had cheated on him or something. I didn't know, but I did know that my pussy was hot and wet and that if I didn't get home quickly there was going to be a highly embarrassing wet patch at the crotch of my tight white cotton trousers.


My fingers were trembling and there was a lump in my throat all the way home. On the one hand I could barely believe that I could enjoy the thought of being punished, let alone so badly humiliated. I mean me, Natasha Linnet, who always went on top and never, ever, let a man call the shots for her! On the other hand there was no denying my wet crotch and stiff nipples, nor the other feelings of sexual arousal stronger than on some occasions when I've been to bed with a man.

It was no good; I was going to have to do it. Even though I hated myself for it, I was going to have to masturbate over the idea of a girl being spanked and I knew full well that when I came it would be myself who I was imagining with my panties down and bum red and sore. Well, not really hated myself, because I never do hate myself. I was certainly ashamed of myself though, but that just made it even more exciting.

I relate so much to all of that. As woman nowadays we are taught to be strong and resourceful, and this needing to be taken-in-hand and punished by a man is in such stark contrast to the lessons of independence we have absorbed. I like also how she plays with the notion of being ashamed of how she feels, and liking that feeling. I have that!

And then there's how she describes her frantic needs. When I first started feeling intense submissive feelings it was very much like this. I can't tell you how many times I masturbated to the thought of my upcoming paddle spanking from my friend Tracy. It's all documented in real-time as it unfolded and in living colour on my blog: Julie in for a Severe Paddling. It's been my most popular series of posts ever. It was highly interactive with all my readers getting their licks in too, much to my genuine embarrassment. It's fun going back and re-reading the whole sequence, including all the comments, re-living all those frenzied, intense first-time submissive feelings. I didn't write about it then, but you can tell from my writing that I wore out my fingers diddling my poor abused clit. One commenter caught the mood well:

TFD - 20 October 2016 at 19:11
This must be the most embarrassing scene you've ever posted. Because you're always so dominant and a head of the household type. The bigger we are, the harder we fall, don't you think? Acting so submissive to your Daddy. And I would love to see your face when it's time for that real paddle blistering on your delicate little bare bottom. Your heart racing, your stomach in knots. Strict Julie on the other side of strict. You should be one rosy-cheeked little girl, face blushing right now, cherry colored bottom cheeks coming soon.

A "before and after" picture was requested by multiple readers, and I complied:

I bring that out because it was so fresh and intense for me, and Penny's writing brings that back out. I still have all those same feelings, and that same intensity of feeling, but I think I process it a bit better now, which is a both a win and a loss. I think I can still pull it back up in my masturbation, my scenes, and my writing.

Penny's character culminated her masturbation session in much the way I do, and no doubt Penny herself in real-life, kneeling and looking at herself in the mirror in this case:

I came, screaming out my pleasure with my eyes locked on my naked bottom and wishing it was red and throbbing with the pain of my imagined spanking. I saw my vagina tighten as my muscles spasmed, pulsing as if to squeeze on the cock that might have been inside of me. My anus clenched too, bringing me the utterly filthy thought of having a cock up my bottom as I hit a second peak. The combined thought of being spanked and then sodomised took me to a third, and then I was slumping down on to my bed, happy but exhausted, only for a pure flush of shame to hit me even as I took the vibrator off my clitoris.

I am very familiar with those activities and that feeling of shame!

Natasha goes on to figure out how to get herself spanked for real.

For all that, fantasy is one thing, reality another, and the thought of actually surrendering myself for a spanking was completely horrifying. Yet with my eyes open to the possibility it was impossible not to think about it, and I started to wonder if any of the men I knew would like to do it to me. I quickly realised that the answer was probably yes, which in itself filled me with outrage.

So true. I know in my heart of hearts that most men I meet would like to have sex with me in some form. On one level it outrages me. On another it excites me. If I told them the price of admission was to first give me a good hard spanking, I would get very many spankings!

She makes an inventory of the various men she knows, including a number of dirty old men as she calls them:

[Then] there were my fellow wine-writers, and this was where the fantasy reached its true peak and also its most degrading depths. Several of them, mostly older men, clearly fancied me and would often perform little courtesies, indulge in minor intimacies or make half-joking sexual suggestions. I tolerated this and even used to flirt a little, but that was all, and I kept them firmly at arm's length. Among them were some pretty lecherous old goats, and I found it easy to imagine them thoroughly enjoying the idea of having me wriggling over their laps with my panties down and my bum bare for punishment. They were dirty old men, not like tramps or anything really disgusting, but at least in the sense that any older man who likes the idea of sex with a younger woman is a dirty old man, and I was sure they were far more likely to enjoy the thought of spanking girls than were the younger men.

She goes on to say that she masturbated intensely at this thought. I feel her so much. I also get turned on by the thought of being spanked and then being required to be sexually submissive to the kind of man I would never, ever consider as a sexual partner. Old, fat, out of shape, ugly. Just pulled across their lap, bared, spanked, and then orally and anally taken. Oh the exquisite shame!

She has various kinky experiences with a large collection of candidates, including some of her dirty old men, but is frustrated at not getting a proper spanking and is on a constant quest. That is basically the rest of the book, which provides a delicious backdrop for any number of amazingly kinky scenes.

At one point she passes a rough group and sees a woman in a short skirt leaning forward on a railing. She can see she has no panties.

That was shocking enough, but worse by far were the three broad red stripes that decorated her upper thighs and the tuck of her bottom. Somebody had taken a belt to her.


The girl had been given what I so badly wanted, and presumably by the great hulking brute of a lad who she had been kissing when I first saw them. The idea of what it must have felt like to be to be belted by him had me in an absolute lather, and I knew there was only one thing for it: back to the flat for another session with the vibrator.

This encounter clarifies for Natasha what she really wants.

The fantasy became even stronger after that -- a desperate need to be physically punished. My ideas of what I actually needed became clearer as well. A willing spanking across a boyfriend's lap would have been no good at all. Fun perhaps, but not nearly shameful enough to really hit the spot. It was essential that the person who did it was unaware that I was enjoying it and thought that he was either genuinely punishing me or that he had tricked me into accepting something that gave him sexual pleasure but which I thought was a punishment.

If this all seems rather complicated and demanding, then that's just the way I am. What's more I tend to get my way and so seldom feel the need to tone down my desires. That was the other thing I began to realize. I do nearly always get my own way. What I wanted was for someone to put me across their knee and give me a really good spanking, instead of allowing me to push them around.

Well that sounds familiar. I am the same way. I want what I want, and it's complicated, and I usually get what I want. No qualms.

Penny later on uses an interesting device of having Natasha lie to a friend she is trying to seduce about a fictional spanking experience. That way she can mix in an unlikely public scene without a suspension of disbelief, by having the person she is talking to believe her and be outraged by it.

She got her friend Charlotte into bed with her. Charlotte at one point removes Natasha's pants and panties and gasps at the sight of red belt stripes across her bum. The stripes were actually given her by Charlotte's preacher boyfriend, Evan, but Natasha does not want to let on. She describes the sex scene:

Charlotte wasn't a fitness teacher for nothing and quickly had me rolled up for my jeans and panties to be pulled off at her leisure. Down they came, Charlotte lifting my bottom easily and tugging the lot over my hips. Of course, as my thighs and the tuck of my bottom were exposed she got a prime view of the red welts Evan had put across me earlier.

I had meant to tell her that it had happened at the party the previous night but had got too carried away. Now it was all on show, along with my pussy and bumhole; Charlotte was staring open mouthed at my reddened buttocks.

That is so delicious! I too have a guilty, dirty thing for women. How amazing would it be to get a fit girl in bed with you and have her take charge as Charlotte does. But then everything stops dead in its tracks as she strips you and discovers your previously spanked bottom! In so few words Penny conjures the abject humiliation of being held up by your ankles as you squirm with your red welted bum, pussy, and bumhole all on display as she examines you.

Before Penny, I've never read an author who obsesses so over the point of how a poor girl's pussy and bumhole gets displayed. She never misses a chance. If you've read me, you know how this is also such a central theme during all of my spankings. The pulling of the panties down to the knees to offer a clear field of view. The being hiked up extra high and jacknifed over a leg so everything comes into view. The lewd dancing of pussy and bumhole for all the witnesses to see as the spanks are delivered. This turns me on so much, which I think is why I resonate so much with Penny's writing.

Natasha makes up on the spot a fiction of how her bottom became so reddened.

"What happened?" she asked, sounding shocked and still holding my legs up by my jeans and panties.

"Don't worry; I've just been spanked." I answered hastily.

"Spanked?" she echoed, her pretty mouth open in an O of disbelief at the revelation that someone had beaten me.

"Spanked," I confirmed, suddenly realizing that I had an opportunity to really build on my fantasy.

"Why?" she asked. "I mean, what happened?"

"One of the guys at the party did it," I explained, excited simply by the way she had first said "Why?" -- as if to imply that spanking my bare bottom was a reasonable thing to do as long as I deserved it.

"You let him?" she asked incredulously.

"He said I'd been naughty," I continued, ignoring her tone. "He said I was a brat because I'd flirted with him and then turned him down. He said I needed a spanking. Then he just did it. There was nothing I could do. He was really strong. He just pulled me down over his lap, in front of everyone. He twisted my arm behind my back. I was kicking and struggling but I couldn't get up. I was helpless. Then he pulled my dress up and showed them all my panties, calling out to everyone to come and watch what happened to naughty girls. They all started clapping as he took hold of my panties. I struggled like mad but he just twisted my arm harder. Then he took down my panties, really slowly. I couldn't stop him. It was so humiliating -- my bum stuck up bare in front of about twenty people, all laughing and clapping because I was about to be spanked. Imagine it, a bare bottom in front of all those leering eyes and the indignity of being punished on it while they all watched. He waited a bit while they all had a good stare. I'm sure they could see everything, my pussy, my bumhole, everything. Then he started to spank me with his hand. They clapped in time to the smacks. I tried not to make a fuss but I couldn't help it, it really stung. I started to kick my legs about, which  made them laugh even louder, especially the girls. Someone gave him a belt and he used that on me, which made me lose control completely. That was what made the marks, mostly. By the end I just didn't care anymore, my bottom hurt and I was crying with shame but all I could do was be there while they made a big joke of it."

"You enjoyed it didn't you?" she asked quietly.

I nodded. After all, from the way I had described it it was pretty obvious.

Charlotte goes on to rub cold cream leisurely into Natasha's bottom.

She carried on for what seemed an age, showing no impatience whatsoever but apparently happy to just caress my bottom, only pausing to add more cream. The fifth lot of cream was put on more liberally; a dollop of it landed in between my cheeks and ran slowly down to come to rest in the dimple of my bumhole, cold and moist against my sensitive anal skin.

Charlotte put her hand back to my cheeks, rubbing more firmly and pulling them open. I groaned in delight and lifted my bum still further, making my cheeks part in the hope of getting some attention to my pussy and anus. Charlotte giggled and climbed in between my legs, using her knees to push them apart and make an even more open display of my sex. I knew she was going to do it but still gasped when her creamy hand slid beneath me to cup my pussy mound. My clit was caught between her two middle fingers, which she moved like scissors, producing a sharp almost unbearably exciting sensation. Then her thumb was opening my vagina, sliding inside to fill me and draw a new moan of ecstasy from deep inside me.

"Touch my bumhole, too," I begged, knowing that I would come if she kept on playing with my clit and desperate for every part of me to be stimulated.

She seemed to hesitate but then I felt a finger squash down into the blob of cream on my bumhole. I reached back and pulled my slippery buttocks apart as she started to rub my anus, making little circles around the hole with her finger.

"Put it in," I pleaded as I felt the muscles of my sex give the first twinge of approaching orgasm.

Again she hesitated, and then her finger was opening my anus and sliding inside me even as she squeezed my clitty and pressed the flesh of my vulva between it and the thumb that was in my vagina. I could feel the cream in my bottom-hole and the heat of my clitty. My vagina was contracting around her thumb, my anus around her finger. My back was arched and my mouth open, my eyes shut as I came in one long, shuddering climax. I screamed, only to have my mouth blocked by Charlotte's as she came forward, her fingers slipping from my juice- and cream-soaked holes in her eagerness to kiss me as I came.

It's not all spanking, all the time, but it all ties in and is so exciting to read! I could tell reading this that it was a true experience being recounted, if in a different context, by Penny. How much shame she must have felt writing about what a greedy little whore she was, sticking her bum up, spreading her cheeks, begging to be fingered in her anus. A needy little slut. Like me...

There are many, many more exciting bits in "Brat", but I suppose I should stop there leaving you to want to buy the book for yourselves. Here's the link:

Brat by Penny Birch


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    I forgot to congratulate you on your tenth anniversary. I’ve been following your blog since January 2012. So often I type in “strictjulie”, see if you have anything recent and maybe then other bloggers. You’ve been my principal portal to kink. Thanks so much.

    And the birch can be delicious. I would soak in water before use. Even then if falls apart after a few months.


  2. I see why you like her work, you two essentially have the same brain! The hours of switchy fun you two could have if you did meet! Though I think you'd give her a run for her money in the real-life sexual shenanigans!

  3. Unbelievably hot. But so is everything you write, you're every bit as good and imaginative and brave in sharing what lurks in your mind and pussy.

  4. Love the Before and After pic. Favorite of mine ..... for some reason :-D

    Paddle Daddy

  5. Dès la vingtième ligne de votre "dissertation", on constate un manque notable de rigueur (oui, de rigueur) et c'est très regrettable mademoiselle Delmar !

  6. I well remember Penny Birch and her site and work. Do the Kindle editions still have the excellent illustrations by Jose Maqueros?

    1. Not sure where you'd see them these days. Her old site had a lot of his artwork (to the extent that I thought she was the illustrator as well as the writer until recently).
      I have a few of them on my blog. Is it okay if I post a link?

    2. I have a few others scattered around but most of them are here:

  7. Miss J, Well I have to say you are a women of your word. Quite a wonderful review as I somehow knew it would be. Now I will have to come up with something else to catch your attention. Don't let David read these as you might get yourself in trouble!

  8. bonjour
    il a été une époque ou je pouvais lire sur ma kindle votre livre avec un traducteur, malheureusement amazone à apparemment supprimé les traducteurs!
    je leur en est fait la remarque la seule réponse tendancieuse c'est que c'est interdit, alors que je paie un abonnement et les livres:

    Donc je ne suis plus abonné, je suis triste les meilleur bocks sur la fessée sont en anglais, et je ne connais aucune langue , étant de la génération dont ont ,'a pas appris les langues étrangères...
    j'ai aimer me masturber en lisant les livre , maintenant ce n'est plus possible...
    heureusement qu'il y a mes filles a fesser !!!

  9. I'm very, very familiar with Penny Birch's books! To me, the first one is still my favourite -- "Penny in Harness", from 1998.

    Writer & Editor

  10. That restaurant of Penny’s imagination sounds a wonderful place 😈

  11. I first came across these books going through Heathrow maybe 20-25 years ago and discovered the whole series. A number of really creative writers, recomend Yolanda Celbride as well A great read on the way home, used to be distributed by Chapters in Canada but they don't even have an Adult section any more.
    The pussies

    1. Oooh! Naughty! Reading on the airplane under your blankie? What was happening under there? :-)