Friday, December 16

Julie's Belt Licking! (part 2)

Carrying on from Julie's Belt Licking! (part 1).

So we drove to Tracy's house, giggling and re-living the Roots scene. We went into her house, and immediately we were greeted by her husband John. What a hunk! I remembered he had been handsome from when we met casually when Tracy and I were co-workers, but really! I don't think there was an ounce of fat on him, and his muscles were bulging out his tight shirt. He had a sexy unshaven look. He smiled and exuded a confidence about himself. This was the man I was going to be showing my bare ass and pussy to!

Tracy immediately excused herself to go to the bathroom leaving John and I alone. I put out my hand to shake, but he blew past it to give me a hug, "oh, a hug is it?" I said good naturedly and a bit nervously and he said something like, "I've heard so much about you that I feel as if I already know you."

I just stood there and he broke off and leaned back casually against the wall. I noticed his thumbs were hooked into his jeans pockets and his fingers pointing down towards you know where.

"Nice to see you at last," I said.

He said: "Same here, and I understand I'll be seeing a lot more of you later tonight?"

Oh gosh! Yes he sure would!!! We chatted a bit more, it was all sexy teasing talk, and for the life of me I cannot remember exactly what was said. I think I was very flustered by the situation, and by this very sexy man!

Tracy rescued us and I asked her if I could use the loo, and excused myself.

When I got back down they were in the living room and I joined them. I handed Tracy my red bag and she said, "well what have we here?"

She pulled out my strap-on with the mid-sized dildo in it, an extra dildo, a bit smaller and the belt I had brought. She did that right in front of John, of course.

"You know what," she said, "I actually went out earlier this week and bought my very own strap-on to use on you. But I see you brought two dildos, and then we bought that vibrator. So now you have three dildos. Whatever are we going to do with three dildos?"

"I can think of something," said John. And what he meant was to simultaneously stuff my mouth, pussy, and asshole!

It was sort of embarrassing to have Tracy pull out my strap-on in front of her husband. It was my acquiescence to getting fucked by it!

"Look at this one I just bought her," said Tracy as she unboxed my new Wild Orchid Evolved dildo. "I think it needs to be charged? Can you take care of that?" she asked John. He took the thing and figured out how to get it going and plug it in. Meanwhile Tracy told me to go upstairs and change into my new onesey for them to see.

I went up and changed. Certainly bra off. Panties on or panties off? I went for it with a fluttering stomach. In for a penny in for a pound! It was a bit big, but 'kinda cute! I came back down again.

"It's darling," said Tracy. "Come on, give me your phone, I want to take a picture." I had to stand there and model it while Tracy snapped some shots. "Turn around, face the curtain." She took some from behind. "John, can you please unfasten her little trapdoor."

Oh my gosh! John came up behind me as I was facing a curtain. He knelt down on one knee behind me and undid the buttons behind. I knew my little butt was peeping out at him!

"No panties," John said to Tracy.

"Good! She won't be needing them," said Tracy. "Pull them apart, sweetie, for the camera, let's get a good look." SNAP.

"Stay like that. Let John get a good look." I had to stand there, just like that, baring my cheeks for her husband's viewing pleasure. I could feel the air on them. Those were about to be well-spanked cheeks!

"Turn around now, let's see you from the front," said Tracy. She came up in front of me and started unbuttoning the front from the top down. As she did this she looked me right in the eye. When it was all the way unbuttoned she leaned in and gave me a big kiss on the mouth. She also grabbed my breast with her hand. She stepped back and arranged me and my onesey for another photo.

She then said she wanted one more pose from me, showing off the position I would be whipped in, and the belts that would be used.

This first one shows Tracy's new belt that I bought for her at Roots (and my butt!)

This next one shows the belt I brought along. It also shows a lot more pussy than I imagined it would!!!!! What a view for John!

I'm sorry to disappoint, but I'm afraid that's all the pictures that were taken. After that we just got into it, all three of us, and it was a whirlwind and there was never another thought for the camera. Sorry!

Tracy then stood me up again and faced me square on. She asked if I was ready for my spanking. I answered "Yes Tracy". She corrected me and I had to say "Yes Ma'am" to her. She said she expected that from me for the rest of the evening. That made my knees a little week. She decided to take me across her lap first.

She sat at the end of the big black leather ottoman (exactly where those last two pics were taken) and took me across her knee. This was a familiar position. I had been well-paddled here once before! My head was dangling just above the floor, and my hands were supporting me in front of my head. My toes just barely touched the floor on the other side.

She pulled the trapdoor of my onesie to the side and started lightly spanking me. When I turned my head and craned it around a bit I could see John standing there watching my ass with great interest! Tracy was having trouble holding the onesey open with only one hand so she told me to reach back and pull it apart, as in the photos above. I did so, which put me in a precariously balanced position, but allowed Tracy to spank me with a bit more gusto. So far, only light spanks.

She got a bit tired of this and stood me on my feet. She again made me face her and asked quietly if it was alright for John to strip me. "yes ma'am," I answered quietly. She told John to come over and help me out of my onesie. He came over and unbuttoned everything. Then from behind me he slipped it down off my shoulders, and puddled it down to my feet. Shivers of pleasure went through me as he did this! He crouched and held the legs down as I stepped out of it. I covered my breasts and pussy with my hands.

I was the center of attention. Somebody commented on this last time. How it is intoxicating as a subby in a multi-way scene to be the absolute center of attention. I certainly felt that.

"Aren't you the modest one," said Tracy, commenting on how I covered myself up to John's no doubt greedy gaze. I was feeling very, extremely, naked.

Tracy took me back across her knee. Again I was head down, toes just touching, and bottom high. So tummy churning to bend over completely naked like this for a spanking while a man watches. What a sight I must have been!

One would have thought I would have kept my legs tightly together, clenched my ass cheeks, and tried to stay as flat as I could. One would have been very wrong! Instead, I spread my legs a bit and stuck my ass up higher in the air. At the same time I did this I blushed furiously at the sights I was presenting to John!

"Oh! Good girl!" said Tracy, commenting on my submissive posturing. She rubbed my ass and gave it very gentle smacks. As she smacked, I pushed my ass and pussy up higher. She reached her hand down and started caressing my already moist pussy. I moaned in pleasure and pumped my bottom high in the air.

"Someone's very horny," said Tracy.

"I haven't cum for a week..." I whined. Tracy told me I was not allowed to cum until I saw her tonight so I would be "hot and ready for her".

"That's right. I forgot."

She forgot!!?!

She spanked some more and caressed some more and I moaned and writhed in pleasure, reveling in both the sexiness and the embarrassment of it all, to be putting on such a show for her man!

"May John touch?" asked Tracy of me.

"yes ma'am..." I said in a small voice. It would have been very hypocritical not to at this point. Besides, I was in such a state. I wanted it!

Next thing I felt John's rougher hand on my ass cheeks, rubbing and kneading them. It felt like electricity.

"On her little treasure," said Tracy helpfully to John, meaning my pussy.

I felt John's hand caressing my pussy lips, dipping a bit inside "my treasure". His finger lightly circling my clit and then touching it a bit. I pushed my ass up higher, welcoming his caress. He pulled at my lips and then pushed his fingers in a bit deeper. I could feel his fingers just penetrating me lightly, caressing the entrance and the deeper wall of my vagina. I moaned again in pleasure and desire. I wanted a good fucking just then, even if only his fingers. Boundaries be damned! He took his hand away reluctantly and I writhed in frustration and distress, saying "nooooooo".

"More of that later, little missy," said Tracy. Then I got spanked. It felt like I was being spanked for being such a horny little tramp with her husband. She got a bit more serious on the spanking, and properly warmed up my ass all over. "Naughty, naughty, naughty," she said as she spanked.

Tracy stood me up. I was breathless from the fondling and the sensuous spanking. John looked at me with a big smile on his face. I looked away and down at the floor, and covered myself again with my hands.

"Time for the belt I think," proclaimed Tracy.

I went up to her and said in my best little girl voice, "maybe we can just skip the belt and go straight up to your bedroom, ma'am? John can come too." I was testing her. I did want a belt licking. But I wanted to see if the hint of the threesome was enough to have her forget all this spanking business and go straight for what I knew she had been after all along.

"Oh no," said Tracy, "you're getting a belt whipping. A real good one too." I was actually happy she said that. It meant she was into it! But scared at the same time. My poor ass!

She took a couch cushion and a blanket over it and positioned that at the end of the ottoman. She told me to bend over that. I went over. My body was about like the following image in terms of positioning.

Maybe my ass a bit more elevated, like the picture below, which also has an ottoman and a pillow under her hips.

Tracy started with the new belt. She just started in whipping it down. She was good! No wraparound, all the strokes seemingly just where she aimed them. Most of them to my under-ass cheeks. At first they were not that hard, but then she started whipping harder and it started hurting! She then declared I would get 50 with this belt, and after that 50 with the other. "Noooo!" I yelled, but the whipping started in earnest nonetheless.

The next 50 were ridiculous! She had just been warming up on those first dozen or so. Now that she had hit her stride, each and every stroke was a searing band of leather across my tender bum cheeks!

She did a bunch from one side of me, and then walked around and did another bunch from the other side of me. I did not bother being quiet. I yelled my little lungs out!

"Spread your legs!" she commanded. Oh shit. I did as I was told. "Wider!" Oh my gosh. I felt like a little whore advertising my charms to her husband like that. She whipped down onto my thighs. First one and then the other. The belt licked around onto my inner thighs. I thought of Daddy as this was happening to me. Of all the sass I had given him. I knew these licks came straight from him!

She went straight behind me and she whipped the belt down vertically on my cheeks and then down the center of my bottom cleft. I was terrified the belt would strike my pussy! I tried closing my legs but was told to keep them wide.

She finished off the 50 with more strokes right up and onto my lower bum cheeks. By now I was actually crying and saying "no more, please!" It was exciting for me to be begging her to stop in the presence of her husband, and her not stopping at all. She completed the full measure of 50, and then told me to stand up. I stood and clutched my bottom cheeks, presenting a full frontal view to her and her husband.

"Now, 50 more with the belt you brought," said Tracy gleefully.

"No! Please!" I said.

"No please, what? How do you address me?" demanded Tracy.

"No please, Ma'am," I said, obediently.

"50 more," is all she said. "I want you to lie across John's lap for these. Is that ok?"

"yes ma'am..." I said.

John sat on the edge of the ottoman, and I bent down over his knees. His legs felt large and strong. I could feel his hard cock poking into my tummy!

He clamped his strong hand down onto my lower back. I arched my back for him, presenting Tracy with a better target. With his other hand he cradled my head and face, stroking my cheek intimately.

"How are her tits?" asked Tracy.

John's hand dropped to my chest and grabbed a boob. "They're beautiful," said John. He lingered a bit and then came back up and held my face.

Tracy then whipped the belt down hard onto my ass cheeks. Holy shit! The black braided leather belt was wicked. It was worse than the other one, but not by that much. Maybe 20% worse?

This whipping was more straightforward. I just got whipped. Pure and simple. Stroke after stroke after stroke. I knew I was wiggling ridiculously across John's lap, and I had some dim awareness that his cock was hard and his left hand was alternating between stroking my cheek, my hair, and my boobs; but honestly, 99% of my attention was on my abused bottom!

I somehow got through them all, and Tracy declared I was done. I stood up and said "thank you, sir" to John, for his service and his comforting of me during my whipping. Then I turned to Tracy and buried my head in her breast as I cried. She hugged me and felt up my burning hot butt. "Poor baby," she said. "Did you like that?"

"yes ma'am..." I did like it.

"Shall we go upstairs now?" she asked. "Can John come?"

"yes ma'am," I said breathlessly, to both questions.

We all went upstairs to Tracy's and John's bedroom.

To be continued in Julie's Belt Licking! (part 3).


  1. I admit it. I'm masturbating. I'm hard. Ms Julie, you're incredible!

    1. Me too. And I love the Roots shout out: /r/hailcorporate

  2. Glad to hear you had a good belting. Now eagerly awaiting part 3!

  3. It's below 0 here but time to open a window. WOW!!! Thinking of what John must have been thinking as he looked your charms over has me standing at attention. I've got a feeling for the next part I might need tissues.

  4. Poor sore aching Julie. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! For a couple who claim not to have done anything spanking related before they both seem to have taken to it like ducks to water.

    I wonder if part of John's arousal was not just seeing a beautiful naked woman in all her glowing glory -and getting to touch her!- but also seeing his wife taking charge in Domme mode. Maybe you've started a conversation


  5. Good. Except for too much involvement from john.

    1. No. Just the right level of involvement.
      He was a gentleman throughout.
      And if you think this now, I can already tell you won't be liking part 3!

  6. O.M.G!!!

    Wow Julie, you mentioned in the part-1 post comments that part-2 was even hotter, well you were not kidding.

    Firstly love the onesey photo shoot you looked very cute in it. I’m going to be brash here and say you have very nice nipples. It’s too bad the trap door wasn’t like the old fashioned long johns that actually had a flap that came down completely exposing your butt when it was open. When it was open it framed your butt like a picture.

    It was interesting how you started giving John a little show by raising your ass up and opening your legs. However it was way hotter when Tracey demanded you spread your legs, and then when it wasn’t done to her satisfaction, ordered you to open them wider and keep them spread when you later tried to close them.

    For Tracy’s part I liked that she skipped the offer to just go upstairs for sex in place of giving you a belting. As you said it shows she into it. I do think she actually does enjoy having you over her lap and spanking you. As well as having you in positions such as this where she can paddle and or whip you. I also thought it was very respectful of her to check with you, as per david’s advice, before allowing John to touch you and feel you up! Also she bought her own strapon? Does this mean more possible future encounters where she gets to use it?

    I have to ask you, now that several days have passed since the belt whipping, which one was worse, the 120 whack paddling or the 100 stroke belting?

    P.S. I emailed you an art pic that you might like that fits right in with your narrative.

    1. Yes, those buttons are not meant for spanking the way a traditional trapdoor is. Too much fuss keeping it apart. Tracy is returning it.

      Being ordered to spread your legs is especially humiliating!

      I think she does too, and she is very careful with my boundaries which builds trust and makes me want to extend them.

      The pic is wonderful!

  7. I love this story! I love how you have been teasing it out one exciting chapter at a time. I love seeing this side of you. So submissive! Who would have thought? Being horny really does change the brain and the extended abstinence Tracy enforced appears to have really changed your attitude about what you are willing to do or let be done to you. To be in the "I would do ANYTHING to cum" state of mind can be a frightening, exciting eye opener to the person one really is as opposed to the role one is used to playing. I love everything that is happening. I love the pictures. So beautiful, no matter what you are or aren't wearing. I only wish I could've heard your cries and pleas for mercy along with Tracy's stern directions. Thank you for having the courage to share yourself so intimately.

  8. What a pleasure to see you once again bare-assed
    It had been several weeks since the world had not seen your behind, very pink and very ridiculous, this time, appearing through the trapdoor.
    It seems you still need some good beatings to teach you to be a little less exhibitionist.
    You find this start a bit sour, full of resentment. It is. It is jealousy!
    "What a hunk!"
    That is a blow for all male.
    Until now we had heard about John as about, "a handsome guy", "a real man", but one could hope that reality, through your eyes, would not be to his advantage. The opposite is true: Julie is immediately seduced and falls under his spell. We can assume that Part 3 is going to be even more difficult for the ego of the voyeurs lovers that we are.

    1. Oh yes. I went further than I thought I would!
      I am a terrible exhibitionist...

  9. Is it wrong or naughty of me i get turn on by reading everything part of me feel sorry for you another part dont since i know you wanted be spanked whipped by Ms Tracy

    1. THanks You Miss Julie for your permisson iagree it ok might turn you on as well

  10. Satisfyingly deep Julie and uber-hot.Your bottom looks delicious and the pussy reveal delightful.Your written account is so graphic that can forgive lack of more photos and hopefully that can be rectified in future encounters. Big thumbs up!

    1. It writes itself, really, I just have to remember. Fiction is much harder!

  11. Somehow i doubt that even after that the lesson about sassing has been learned yet !

  12. I have read it three times and it's not enough. Why did you stop??? I know, i know, just my desires... I don't know how you didn't get an orgams just there.
    It's very hot. I agree with who can't read it without fondle himself. I wait you tell us how was your butt the day after. It is incredible how the boundaries blew up! I'm so sorry that the pictures didn't show yours feet.
    Waiting impatiently.
    The w in Spanish

  13. Beautifully recounted. What a delicious scene! You are so cute in the onsey; Tracy going full bore on your ass, and John -- the luckiest guy in all of Canada. Can't wait for Part 3, but how are you sitting today? Are you loving the after burn of good licking? TL

    1. My butt has recovered now, but it was sore the night of, and sore and itchy the day after. Then still detectable the day after that. A good belting should remind the girl for a few days at least.

  14. You deserve a toast. Your experience is one of the hottest things i have ever read. i would like to hold on to this feeling for a bit longer than 4 or 5 minutes, so i am going to wait until i have Your permission to 'enjoy myself.' You control the orgasm. i will then toast you with the aftermath. i have never done this before but as a tribute to You i will. i am looking forward to it?!

    Time to make a ice bag....

    1. Ha ha ha ha! One full week from the time you read this!

    2. Christmas Eve. 11:45 pm. Thank you for just one week. With part 3 posted, a week is going to go by slow. i will reread parts 1,2,3 at least once a day. Will be ready to toast.

    3. So what a nice Christmas Present for you.
      A big healthy cum!

  15. That's the best I expect from you :) now if you'd email back lol.

    1. Don't you owe me the next story instalment? I'll answer your whiney email in due course ;-)

  16. Ms Julie, you are divine! " I spread my legs a bit and stuck my ass up higher in the air. At the same time I did this I blushed furiously at the sights I was presenting to John!" Soooo humiliating for you, yet done of your own accord. Such a naughty little slut! And how thrilling that you're taking true ass whippings! As much as I'm INSANELY aroused by your predicament and humiliation, I can only now think of your BEAUTIFULLY SEXY BOTTOM AND BODY and dreaming of crawling to you to kiss and lick your sore bottom and hole through that cute back flap!

    I worship you Ms Julie!

    PS- I hope that next time your slutty, wanting little pussy is spanked raw with the belt! You need to be punished at the source of your motivation ;)

    1. I enjoy being called a slut. Isn't that strange?
      And yes, I would have liked a slutty pussy whipping!

  17. Another great post!

    Couple comments:

    I think the onesie is a bit baggy on you, but maybe after it is washed and dryed...?

    The frontal of you was very sexy, but what really caught my eye was Root's logo! Tracy should offer that to their marketing dept. - and demand royalties! Sales would definitely go up.

    "...her little treasure".
    Not the female equivalent of the 'family jewels' but the whole damn 'treasure'! Sweet! (And pretty much accurate.)

    Some warm up hand spanking followed by some belt spanking, followed by 50 with the new belt, followed by another 50 with your belt..! Whew! Ouch; but leather is kinder than wood.


    1. 1. Yes, Tracy is returning it.
      2. A new campaign for Roots, the "Spankables Line" of nightwear and belts!
      3. I thought that was cute as well. Never heard it referred to as such. Must be a Baptist thing ;-)
      4. It is. Paddle is worse!

  18. I DO NOT get my rocks off on any of your stories, but I do find some of them awfully sexy and arousing. The one you wrote some time ago about the massage to a toe-curling, tearing the sheets, scream-out-loud orgasm you got when in Spain was definitely high on my list of all-time favorites of yours. This one has the potential to be even better.

    And I hope it is!


    1. Well i definitely do! That massage story still my fav! ;-)

  19. May John touch?" asked Tracy of me.......Shall we go upstairs now?" she asked. "Can John come?".......

    These are Questions, not statements! I will be having a discussion with Tracy about Giving you directions and you obeying instead of this subtle topping from the bottom..... understood young lady !

    1. She's just respecting boundaries, Daddy. She's pretty Dommy when she has a clear mandate!

  20. Understood, however NO is not a proper submissive reply. "I am a little uncomfortable with that however I will submit to ma'ams wishes . That is a submissive answer in my view

    1. Each Dom and sub is different and there's no "propper" way of doing it. Tracy's style seems to be strict and caring, ask questions of her sub while style bring the one firmly in charge. Let her do it her way.


    2. And I never gave Tracy an outright no. I always spoke respectfully to her, and we did establish our boundaries in advance.

  21. AWESOME! This just keeps getting better and better. I have to stroke myself while reading this getting very hard and wishing to get the same treatment from a beautiful Dominos. Can'the wait for part 3. Thanks Julie

    1. It makes me warm inside that you are stroking to my stuff!