Saturday, December 17

Julie's Belt Licking! (part 3)

Continued from Julie's Belt Licking! (part 1) and Julie's Belt Licking! (part 2).

The three of us were headed up to Tracy and John's bedroom. I was completely bare and by now very well spanked, teased, and whipped. Tracy and John were both still fully clothed. I suspected that would change soon once we got into their bed. I had decided ahead of time that I would not be giving it all up to John, but that I would do enough to keep them hoping for more. I was intending to give everything up to Tracy, though!

We got into the bedroom. It was very tidy with a low and large king sized bed. Tracy showed me the long dresser. On top of it was a black leather strap-on harness with a medium sized red dildo, and three implements that were very familiar to me! Daddy's paddle (unmistakable!), david's hairbrush, and a nasty little ribbed rubber paddle that was likely one I had bought to use on david. John added my new vibrator to the collection, having brought it from downstairs, more charged up now.

"Nice strap-on," I said.

"Never been used," she said.

"And those three are mine." I stated, "How did you get them?"

"I popped around and got david to lend them to me. I also made him promise not to tell you. Hope that's ok?"

"Of course, Ma'am. My toys are your toys." I said.

"And your ass is my ass, isn't it?" she responded.

"yes ma'am..."

"So get your ass over my knee for another spanking!"

Oh no! My bum bum was already so super sore. I thought we were having sex, not more spanking.

"yes ma'am," is all I said to her though, and I meekly lowered myself over her knees after she picked up david's hairbrush and sat at the end of the bed.

She started right in with a cracking, snapping, hairbrush spanking. Another first for me. This is the very same hairbrush that david gave me when he asked me to spank him the first time. I think david was being sentimental when he gave her that one (we have several he could have handed over). It felt like a little gift from him. He's so sweet!

The hairbrush hurt! I must have gotten another 50 or so with the hairbrush. I was very literally in tears by the time Tracy was done. I seem to cry easily! She kept me across her lap and comforted me. John watched the proceedings from several angles as this was going on.

"Pass me the big paddle," said Tracy to John.

"Nooooo! Pleassssse!" I begged.

"No please, what?" corrected Tracy harshly.

"no please ma'am?" I responded.

"That's better. But tell me, young lady, who decides when your spanking is over?" she asked.

"you do mommy," I said. She did not correct me on my form of address that time. I think Tracy likes being my Mommy!

"That's right. I do. And you've been sassing your Daddy lately, haven't you?" she asked.

"yes mommy," I said in my very bestest little girl voice.

"So I'm going to use Daddy's paddle to teach you a lesson about sassing your elders." (hee hee Daddy is "my elder").

But then Tracy was fucking serious! She cracked Daddy's paddle down on my already sore ass, so freaking hard!!! I don't know how many I got, but likely in the 30'ish range. But they were all hard. It was a fucking real punishment!!!! For sassing Daddy online! I was little screamin' Mimi during that punishment. I knew I was getting this for being a sassy mouth. I knew I deserved it. It was justice. I need confirmation from Daddy, but I think the belt licks to my thighs were requested by him for my punishment, but that the paddling was Tracy's own addition. Could be wrong. Daddy?

Midway through my paddling, I tried desperately begging to be let off.  Since I was intending to do it anyways, I even threw in "Please! Stop! I'll give John a blowjob if you do! Please!"

That at least made her pause. "Oh you will, will you?" she said.

"yes, I promise, a little one."

"Well, when the time comes, you'll go ask him if you're allowed. In the meantime, I have a paddling to finish up."


"and I'm adding another dozen strokes, young lady, for trying to bribe me." Wow. Strict.

"Nooooo! Mommy! Please!!!"

But she started right back in relentlessly to finish the complete punishment I had to take for sassing Daddy, and then she made me count out twelve more for trying to get off my justly deserved punishment. "Count 'em," she said, "and beg me each time to be allowed the privilege of giving my husband a blowjob."

SMACK! "One Ma'am! Please may I give your husband a blowjob?"
SMACK! "Two Ma'am! Please may I give your husband a blowjob?"
and so on to twelve. I wondered what John was thinking as I screamed out begging to blow him?!

She then allowed me to stand, and stood up with me. "Awwww" she said as she again hugged me into her. "Is it ok if John undresses?" she whispered to me as she hugged me.

"yes," I said, in a return whisper, and then continuing in my little girl voice, which is just so irresistible, "is it ok if I just give him a little blowjob? Not deep in my throat. And not until he cums or anything. I don't want him to cum in my mouth or on me. Not this time. ok?"

"Whatever you want, darling," she said. "Do you want him to use a condom?"

"No. david told me you talked?" I said.

"We did. It's safe. As are you?"

"yes ma'am,"

"You promise?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"You are a little slut," she said teasingly. I did not take it badly.

"Only with you, Ma'am..."

"Ok then. Now go ask John if you can give him your little blowjob, right on his bare dick."

While we spoke in low voices, John had heard everything. He was already undressing. Tracy also started taking her clothes off. Oh dear. It was going down now!

John has a beautiful body. He has pronounced abs and a sexy V in his lower abdomen. His cock was big and pretty also. He was not hairy or hairless. Well groomed. I found myself getting excited. He smelled nice. Oh my gosh, I hadn't done anything at all sexual with another man since I had started dating david about 10 years ago. It was exciting. My bottom was stinging and sore, and I would soon have his cock in my mouth!

Maybe I'm stupid, but the idea of giving a blowjob to a condom covered cock is less preferable to me. We had had the discussion, and I trusted Tracy and John. So I was going to do it like this. I was not intending to let him cum in my mouth. But accidents happen, and I was sure I would get something in my mouth anyways. But I judged it safe, and david, whom I had cleared this with in advance, did as well.

Tracy had also stripped down to just her panties. She was also toned and fit and had nice full breasts. I still yearned for her, but I had a little job to do first. I was going to put her husband's cock in my mouth to ensure david had access to her. The things a wife will do for her husband! ;-)

John got onto the bed and sat himself up at the headboard. The leg towards the outside of the bed was bent, and the one towards the inside was straight. I did my sexy kitten crawl towards his cock. I touched it with my hand and put my mouth close to its tip. My spanked ass was in the air, pointing towards Tracy. I looked up at him with my eyes and asked, "may I put it in my mouth, sir?"

"You may," he said with a smile.

I brought some saliva up into my mouth, and I started in. I kept one hand on his shaft as I bobbed my head on his cock. Oh My Gosh! I could not believe I was actually doing this! To a strange man! It was exciting.

Tracy came up behind me and put her hands on me. She rubbed my back, my sore butt, and my pussy. John started reacting to my blowjob with little grunts and movements of his hips. He put a hand gently on my head and stroked my hair as I blew him.

I popped my head off his cock and ran my slippery hand up and down his shaft and onto his tip. "Is that ok?" I asked.

"It's perfect," he answered. What a gentleman! I reluctantly left his cock to his own devices and turned to face Tracy. She gave me a big kiss on my mouth. It was long and lingering and she shoved her tongue nicely down my throat. It felt good to be taken by her tongue like that. Submissive.

She put me face up on the bed beside John, who had not moved and was lazily stroking himself and enjoying the show.

Tracy stood up above me facing down my body, and lowered herself down onto me, kneeling on either side of my head. She was still wearing a pair of baby blue cotton panties. She said, "lick my pussy through my panties." She lowered herself further down on me and bent forward, her hands and her mouth on my wet pussy!

I immediately started licking at the gusset of her panty. She moaned as I pushed my tongue up into her as much as it could go. I wetted her panty thoroughly with my tongue. Meanwhile, she was licking my pussy. Her mouth was all up and down my pussy lips and teasing at the edges of my clit. I felt myself close to cumming, but she stopped while I had to keep going. Eventually she hopped off.

I looked over at John breathlessly. He was still stroking himself easily. "What a show," he said.

Tracy picked up my new vibe, came back to the bed, and asked "how does this work?" John knelt up on the bed and went to her. He showed her the two buttons (I have one just like it for david but for his prostate and perineal area). One turned it on and off. The other cycled through various vibration settings. "We'll try them all and see which one she likes best," she said.

She had me spread my legs, and I bent them a bit at the knee. She took the vibrator and inserted it into my pussy. It went in easily, I was already so wet with a combination of my own juices and Tracy's tonguing of me. John was there as well, between my legs, touching a leg, watching intently.

Tracy pushed the button and it was bliss! david tells me I have a pronounced G-Spot when I get excited, and this vibe hit it dead on. For you children out there, yes Wendy, there is a G-Spot.

When I am not excited, it can't be found. But when I get excited, it pushes out from my vaginal wall like a little postage stamp sized elevated rectangular sponge. Having it stroked makes all the difference to my clitoral orgasms.

That vibe really targeted it! And the little end was nice and soft and rested on my clit, and vibrated there at the same time. I could easily cum like this!

John and Tracy cycled through all the vibration settings. We decided my favourite was the one that alternated the G-Spot vibe for about a second and the clit vibe for the same. That felt like a fucking! As in, innnnn, outttttt, innnnn, outttttt, ...

Tracy left that one going and came up on the right side of me, kissing me and stroking me while the vibe did its thing. John came up on the left of me. He put his hand on my breast and his mouth on my nipple and sucked gently. Tracy would reach down every now and then and move the vibe around inside of me. I had my hands free. One to fondle Tracy where I could get at her, and one to touch John's well-muscled legs, torso, and arms. It was all heavenly!

As I was there like that I had my first orgasm. They could both tell! When I'm highly turned on I am very multi-orgasmic. "Keep going..." I whispered breathlessly, and orgasm two and three were not far behind. "More..." I begged even after orgasm three.

But Tracy pulled me up, went to sit at the end of the bed, and pulled me across her knee. The vibe was still in me, doing it's thing. She changed the setting to low power continuous. She spanked me with her hand as the vibe buzzed away.

She then asked John to pass her the smaller dildo I had brought, and the lube. She asked John to spread my cheeks, which he did gladly I imagine. She lubed up my little bottom hole, and then pushed the slim dildo in. All the way in. Right to the hilt. Oh my! I could feel the two dildos rubbing against one another in there, only a thin wall separating them. I was being DP'd with dildos as Tracy and her husband watched. Worse, I was turned on by it! Such a dirty slut!!!

Then she brought down something much more intense across my cheeks. It was my little rubber spanking paddle.

I was in such a high state of arousal, however, that even though the strokes were hard, I registered them but barely felt them. I got carefully spanked all over my butt and down the backs of my thighs, carefully avoiding hitting the vibe which was still buzzing away in my pussy, and the dildo which was plugging me right to the hilt. It had a tendency to pop out a bit, and Tracy had to pause to push it back in deep several times.

"pleasssse," I begged, not for the spanking to end, but for another orgasm.

Tracy put me back on the bed, removed her own panties, and got on top of me. I had to hold the two dildos in as I got up and moved lest I suffer the embarrassment of one or the other popping out and messing their clean carpet or sheets. As I lay down, the dildo in my ass pushed deeper into me.

She kissed me as she gently pushed her pussy into the vibrator, giving me a little fucking with it for real. As she pumped into me, I felt both dildos going deeper simultaneously. I came once more from that treatment.

All this time, John was lazing on the bed, languidly stroking his pretty, long cock, watching his wife and me fucking.

After I shuddered from that climax, Tracy dismounted me and she removed the vibe from my pussy and the dildo from my ass. "Did that feel good?" she asked. "Yes!" I answered. "It felt like I was really fucking you," she said. "For me too!" I said.

I looked over at John, "what do we do with him?" I asked.

"I'm kicking him out," she said.

"Awwww," said John.

"Come here first," I said, and I brought him into the middle of the bed, lying on his back. I spat on his cock, lowered my mouth on it a bit, and started rubbing it with my hand. Tracy snuggled up next to him on his other side and started kissing him. He had one hand around her and on her ass. His other hand was free to stroke me all over. I rotated my upraised rear end closer to him as I knelt giving him his blowy hand job. He took the hint and started fondling my beaten ass cheeks and puffy pussy. In between my hand, I gave little doses of my mouth. He pulled his fingers out of my pussy, and he put a finger against my asshole, and started pushing it in. I backed into it, allowing him to penetrate me like that. I was already well stretched and still lubed from the dildoing.

I stroked him harder and said out loud to Tracy, "his finger's in my ass." She answered, "mine too!" Oh My Gosh! He was fingering his wife and me in the ass at the same time!!! "You BAD boy!" I said as I stroked him off and was rewarded with a geyser of hot white cum arcing down onto his chest and tummy. I squeezed him dry and disengaged.

But then he did something very surprising to the Very In Control Tracy as I watched, a little bit stunned. He grabbed her by her hair (literally, BY THE HAIR), and pushed her head onto his chest where he made her lick up his cum. "Clean it up," he told her. She was an eager little cum guzzling slut too! Oh My Gosh! Too much information! I feel like you readers must. What happened to my Domme?!

He moved her down his body where she licked his cum off his tummy, and his abdomen, and then his cock, which he made her clean off with her mouth as well. "Clean it up good," he told her. Then he let her loose as if nothing had happened. Tracy looked flushed and excited. Wow! It was actually intense. John is the Real Dom here. The real Alpha Male in this pack of hungry she-wolves!

At this point, though, Tracy was the only one of us who had not yet cum. That was going to be my mission!

"Thank you, ladies," said John, as he picked himself up and left the room to us. We waited until he shut the door and then we went at it.

I put Tracy on her back and I dove on her. Kissing her and fondling her. I went down on her and licked her pussy like a champ! I knew how I liked it, so I just did that to her. She put her hands on my head, grabbed my hair, and pulled me hard into her as she came violently. Hair pulling must run in the family. She was very ready to cum.

"Just one?" I asked.

"Just one is fine," said Tracy breathlessly. She came very violently and for a long duration. When I do that, it's usually just one I want as well. When my orgasms are lighter, more on the surface, like today, I can go and go and go like the Energizer bunny.

I crawled up to Tracy and we lay in each others' arms, gently kissing and fondling one another. I explored her body all over with my hand, and she did the same to me.

After ten minutes or so of that, I asked, "may I please lick your pussy again, Ma'am?" She answered, "Only if I can also." Tracy got on top of me and pushed her pussy into my face while she started licking me as well.

I came a couple more times until I got her off once more. I was admiring the view my husband is usually presented with. While I had gone down on a woman before, never like this. Her pretty perky bottom hole was just in view as well. I could easily have licked that, but then I would not be allowed back onto her pussy, so I stayed put.

She spun around, we kissed again and hugged and told each other how much we enjoyed it.

Tracy and I both got dressed, high on sex and endorphins. We went back down into the living room where John had been watching TV. He switched off the set and greeted us.

"Did you ladies have fun?"

"Yes, Sir!" I said.  "We sure did," added Tracy.

"I had fun too," he added. "Thank you. How's your butt? That was quite a belting!"

"Very sore, Sir!" I answered. Believe me, I was all "Yes Sir" and "Yes Ma'am" for the rest of the evening. I did not wish to earn myself another spanking!

"And a paddling on top of it," added Tracy. "Are you going to sass Daddy anymore, little girl?"

"Probably... yes." I said.

"Tsk!" clucked Tracy, "You'll just earn yourself another spanking, you know that don't you?" she said with a smile.

"Yup," I agreed!

"She's incorrigible," added John.

John had a small bottle of champagne, and we toasted our play session. How very classy! Tracy then drove me home. We necked a bit outside my house, like teenagers. And we called it a night, me skipping into my house carrying my red bag and my loot bag.

When I got in, I ran and found david, and I shared every last detail with him. He seemed genuinely happy for me. Regarding Tracy's husband, I told him that John was very pretty, and it was fun and exciting to do something like that with a strange man, but that I love him, david, very, very much, and he's the only man there will ever be for me.


  1. Wow! That's all I can say. Congrats on taking your belting well, your rewards afterwards were well deserved.


    1. So because you took your belting that automatically means you earn the later fun?

    2. No... If I was a very naughty girl all I would have earned after my belting was corner time and line writing...

  2. Yes you got much more for sass and disobedience and topping from the bottom. And you know exactly what i an talking about. You sassed allot , you are subtly topping from the bottom which shows your fighting total submission. And you know full well the disobedience that you pulled refusing to submit to Humiliation Tracy and I had settled on . I won't say more than that about it , other than the readers should know you were a naughty girl and will be facing more punishment because of it.

    1. I don't think I'm topping from the bottom, Sir. Although it does appear next to impossible to whip me into submission!

    2. Denial denial is just more SASS SASS = T R O U B LE

    3. WOWEE!!! You sassed back the Sass Warning that was written in all capitals??? Is that bratting for insurance of a major scene?

    4. I'm incorrigible, I tell you...

    5. While I appreciate the role that Daddy has played in getting this extraordinary sequence of events underway, he's really gone off the deep end lately.

      Of course the submissive retains control. The dominant's job is to seduce the submissive into greater submission. They don't get to demand it. "Your (sic) fighting total submission" is bullying.

      Tracy's just verifying consent, that's all. As Tracy and Julie's adventures continue they may well get to the point where they don't need the verbal check-ins mid-scene. But this early in the game, it's entirely reasonable, and I don't think it detracts at all. The heat here comes from the action, not from one person surrendering all their agency.

      Thanks for sharing, Julie. I'm looking forward to reading more.

    6. It's how I feel too. I regret that Daddy has parted ways with Tracy and I because of it. Any volunteer coaches for her for next time?

    7. I'm just reading your reply now regarding the departure of Daddy.

      I think Tracy can be very ingenuitive in her own right. After all she did do some research on spanking prior to your first meeting. I think just doing some internet research (there is no shortage of spanking,DD, BDSM literature and etc. out there) and using what she has already picked up would be her best coach!

      At the very least you would know that what your getting is all her doing and not someone else's agenda. Just my opinion. ;-)

    8. She seemed to have gotten a lot out of the Daddy interaction. I think MORE women need coaches for this sort of thing.

  3. Its not a question of whipping you into submission, its a question of Tracy asking during the scene instead of telling you . Its subtle, however you are still retaining control. If you had answered, i will submit to whatever you decide ma'am. Then i would agree you were not topping. Recognize the difference?

    1. She only asks when she's unsure of boundaries. I think it's sweet. When she knows she's on solid ground there's no more asking!

    2. The sub alway retains an element of control, the safe word (in this case Red) to stop the play because it's pushing their boundaries too far or they no longer feel safe with what the Dom is doing.

      And as I've said before, each Dom has there own style, and Tracy's seems to be one were while very much in charge she still checks in with her sub about moving along to something new (and something involving her husband were she knows there are strong limits and boundaries).

      Also, as they are playing with humiliation and submition, isn't it more hulimating for a normally Dominant woman like Julie to have to say that she wants yes she wants to be stripped and whipped and fucked infront of and by a traditionally Dominant man and his wife? It's a subtle difference between being "forced" and claiming you had no choice as others humiliate you and knowing that you wanted and cooperated in your own humiliation.


    3. I feel that way. The biggest humiliation for me is my willing part in my own subjugation. I do not get turned on at all at the thought of me being in a position where I have no choice for real. Frightening in fact, when I truly think about it.

  4. Thanks Julie for the quick response, I'll ask my wife if I can cum in parallel with you, not sure if I can get to four but worth trying. You still have the strap-on to try in the future also, how exciting. Can't wait until Tracy tries it out on you and David during the same scene. Her first pegging will be exciting.

    Your loyal fan,


    1. Yes, We talked about the strap-on in the car on the way home. Tracy said she thought we had done enough for one evening!

  5. I must say I was not expecting Part-3 to be posted quite so quickly, kudos to you for releasing it so fast.

    If I thought Part-2 was hotter than Part-1 this final instalment was absolutely sizzling. Much the same way I’m guessing your butt was by the end of the evening.

    The additional spanking in the bedroom was fantastic given that you thought the punishment portion of the evening was over. Although I suspect when you saw everything laid out you had your suspicions. Using your own spanking implements priceless. I’m now guessing Tracys favourite is 'Daddys' paddle, as she has now used it on you at least three times. Full marks to Tracy for not allowing you to get away with your bribe offer of a blow job for John to get out of more spanking. I love that she gave you extra for the attempted bribe and then you still had to blow him.

    I noticed that Tracy, while using the vibes and dildos never really used either strap on, on you! Is that something maybe being planned into a subsequent session? It was also very submissive of you to not stop her from inserting one in to your asshole.

    This three part post has to be one of the best adventures I’ve read from your blog so far. These adventures with Tracy just keep getting better and better. I hope you don’t get tired of your new submissive role. It is a beautiful contrast to the dominant role you exude over david.

    I hope you will be able to continue to play on both sides of the fence although I suspect you may end up as on tired subby/Dom. Lol ;-)

    1. When I saw the array a good part of me thought maybe Tracy had intended to do more, but after putting me through such a ridiculous whipping that she would forgo it. I was actually a little angry inside (as in emotionally stomping my feet!) when she decided to spank me more.

      The strap-on is definitely coming. She did intend to use it but things just flowed in a different direction. I am still wishing for that.

      I think I will take a bit of a break from such intense submission and re-center around david for a bit. But I always want to keep it going a bit.

    2. Maybe you should show re-create what you just went through so he can appreciate how easy you've been on him so far...

    3. He's caught it harder than what I got from me (and my friends!)

  6. I like that Tracy asks if it's okay to do things with still dominating you. I think it's sexy -nothing's hotter than enthusiastic consent- and shows that she care and respects you as a person even while making you her sub.

    I was starting to warm up to John, right up to the point he grabbed Tracy and made her use her mouth to clean him. For me that was a huge turn off (I don't like men pulling women around by the hair or having to clean up cum, I seal have them wear a condom to minimise the mess, but those are my personal preferences). He was being such a gentleman and letting Tracy he the one running the scene then he destroyed that image. I was so hoping seeing her in charge might be enough for them to try alternating the power dynamics. Oh well.

    Glad you had fun and hope David enjoyed his bedtime story.


    1. Maybe I didn't describe it well. For me, the shocking thing was that I felt like a voyeur seeing them at their most intimate. What they demonstrated was their true dynamic, and they both seem to love it. Tracy seemed in heaven being bossed around by her man like that. She seemed very proud of her submission to him. Given that, had John not behaved that way towards her I would have been able to find fault. As it was, the fact that he had the maturity to be so gentle and careful with me while doing that to her, I consider to be evolved.

      She's the one who is trying (futilely) to mess with the dynamic between david and I. I have no desire whatsoever to mess with the dynamic between them!

    2. Wonderful job of recollection and prose.

      Kind of the hierarchy I earlier described:

      1) John
      2) Tracy
      3) Julie
      4) david

      I completely agree with you. When you control your subjugation, it is exciting. When you can't at all, that is frightening (and likely a crime).


    3. Different strokes for different folks I guess. It's just one of my personal things, I really can't stand pulling people around by their hair. Too many bad assosations.


    4. But they like it. In fact, I know plenty of gals who LOVE their hair being pulled (not me!)

    5. I know but it's something I could never get into and because like it's quite common need to be very clean when playing that I do not ever want my hair pulled. My hairs crazy long so there's normally ten to fifteen minutes of be making sure it's all tided and pinned securely before any fun can start.


    6. Well that's very practical then!

    7. I did once have a partner who loved having their hair pulled but it made me too uncomfortable to do it. We found a compromise of running nails along the neck and scalp worked for us.


    8. I say is she wants her hair pulled, pull it! It's the greater good and good therapy for what ails you.

  7. Truly,madly,deeply.You quite rightly pointed out in reply to my last post, that all you had to do was remember the hot evening and write it down in your excellent style.Could I beg your indulgence, and ask you to furnish some physical details of yourself,Tracy and John. Just height, weight and general body features that you discern to your exacting eye.Bravo again for your sexy,absorbing posts.....cheers.

    1. I think you should imagine that for yourself!

    2. Ok. I have you as as dark blonde about 5-6in tall and around 120lbs.Tracy same height brunette 130lbs. John 6ft dark brown hair and touching 150lbs.

    3. I'm a touch taller (and heavier). Tracy is about my height but more curvy. John is about 6' but I would imagine heavier than 150 - more like 180 what with all those muscles!

  8. I like all, but especially the last four lines.
    The w Spanish

  9. Very hot write up of events! Now let's get back to blog posts about you spanking David ;-)

    1. I intend to. I am feeling the same frustration as you are!!!!

  10. A very hot time in the bedroom. I've been spanked like Tracy spanked you and know what you felt. Hot, stinging and sore. Once again you had me standing at attention and this time I stroked it. When you asked John if you could suck him I shot my load into my hand. I reached for a tissue then I was glad I didn't. Like Tracy I licked it all up. Tracy must have been as horny as you after spanking you so much then watching you suck John or I'm sure she would have used the strap on and pounded your pussy and probably your bottom as well. I'm also sure telling David what happened made him smile and had him hard thinking of you sucking another man. What a wonderful scene. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I love knowing the exact point a man comes to my posts! Than you!

  11. Ms Julie, if you had to choose one, hypothetically of course, would you be a submissive or a dominant? Which do you enjoy most? And, by the way, great experience. Sounds like you really enjoyed. Powerful, satisfying orgasms. Nothing better in life

    1. Dominant!!!! All the way.
      I'm having fun with this, but if you put me on a desert island and said I could only have one, it would be Dommy all the way without even a moment's hesitation.

  12. Hot, hot, hot.

    What made this story so special was that you showed every step of the way, including the scene negotiations. Kink/BDSM can be messy and complicated, so detailing how everyone involved knew the rules of the game was just as important (and interesting!) as you telling us about your belt whipping. So thanks!

    1. Yes. It's a slippery slope between negotiation and play. You do want to feel out of control, but everybody needs to be sensitive to limits.

  13. You need a spanking from David for being naughty with John

  14. It certainly seems like you had fun and for that I am happy for you. Strictly from a personal perspective? Not my thing at all unfortunately.....but hey, we all have our preferences.

    All the best.

    1. What? You don't like girls???

    2. Oh I love girls. I am just turned off by men telling them what to do. Right now you have the inclination to experiment and that's great, but in my mind if YOU are going to be Topped it should be by a strict Alpha female..... not someone subordinate to her husband and taking direction from a cyber Daddy. Perhaps if the hierarchy went:
      ....the situation would appeal to me.

      And maybe it's just my experience but if I made the kinds of comments you have been getting my butt would be roasted. I mean does a submissive guy who comes here because you are "Strict Julie" find the audacity to make all of these crude suggestions about how much you should be spanked and how much cock you should handle?

      But like I said this is your adventure and I am happy for's just that this situation is a turn-off for me personally.

    3. Well, they get away with it because I rather actively encourage it on my subby posts. In fact, I've literally invited it. Try that on on a Dommy post and they get their asses shut down fast!

      I enjoy exploring the Male top dynamic because I can very easily imagine myself as that Alpha Male topping a submissive female. I think, in fact, it's the male energy inside a woman (yin and yang and all that) that gives her the dominance, and the female energy inside a male that gives him the submissiveness. We've actively roleplayed (with costumes and everything) me being the Male and my husband being the female, and it turns us on, as if we are tapping into something very real. I think these male/female chromosomes and body parts obscure the truth of the matter: we all have male and female energy within us, and we can play with it.

      Imagine when you are reading these posts that you have been body-transferred into a feminine form, and your dominant Mistress has been transformed into a male form, just for the evening (or maybe the rest of your life, kd, doomed to be a big-breasted submissive slut!)

      Besides, I like to think I'm in control of everything. And hopefully so are all the other players thinking the same. Although I can't help but feel I am the ultimate puppet master here!

  15. Ms. Julie! You continue to amaze! I so love this narrative, and the lustfull, (may I say horny?) sexual intensity with which you embrace and describe each experience. I especially love the photos of you, they make it personal and real, so nice, and such a fine body!
    I must ask, when offering a blow job for John, was it completely in david's interest (it would be great for him to be able to get some strange) or was it also partly something you wanted, i.e.penetration by more than just John's fingers? I must admit that, if John, I would have exploded then and there as you sucked him (and I did).
    There are so many possibilities going forward from this point.
    The best and most passionate, and fun, for you and david always.


    1. To be honest, I went in thinking a blow job under my terms and short of completion is no big deal and doing it for david. But John is a very sexy man, and I enjoyed being so naughty with him!

  16. What was it like to handle a man's cock (John's) orally and manually that "lasts" considerably(?) longer than david...did you find yourself getting tired, bored or impatient?

  17. What a wonderful she left you wanting more, specifically a nice big cock.

    Ted the switch

  18. "Clean it up! Clean it up good!" - John to Tracy, ordering her to lick his cum off his body 'as if nothing had happened'.

    Oh, those Baptists. Always tidying up.


  19. Sound Like Little Julie enjoy her spanking punishment from Mommy TRacy and all the other little detail fun get have only if she good girl but i think the Otk spanking make little Julie a good girl John and David 2 lucky male get see this in person

    i bet you are short 5ft 5 at least not sure Tracy height who taller her or you iam 5ft 8 wonder if iam taller then both

    1. I'm not that short. Very average sized for a woman.

    2. that kool figure you were average sized dont look short in those pics you shared iam 5ft 8

  20. So, to sum it up - aside from the spanking Tracy gave you a day or two before (just before she had you give 'it' up to David!):

    To 'set the tone', a spanking before you went out (smacks not counted).
    6 swats in Root's with different belts.
    50 - hard! - swats with the new belt.
    50 more hard swats with your belt.
    50 more hard swats with David's favorite hairbrush.
    42 more really hard! swats with Daddy's paddle.
    An unknown number of swats from a rubber spanking paddle

    By my count that's 200+ swats with the bare hand and various 'tools'. To that you can add a cock in your mouth (twice!), a dildo and later fingers in your ass while, simultaneously, a vibrating dual-dildo is slamming your g-spot and clit leaving you breathless, a couple mutual clitty/labia 'tongue lashings' that led to six orgasms for you and two for Tracy.

    About right? Take the rest of the week off.

    (The champagne at the end was a nice touch.)


    1. Well thanks, sailor, for adding that all up!

  21. If you count sex toys and dick tips this was an "ALL ACCESS" situation. Well kind of. Was Tracy's hair pulled cum slurping a preview of what could possibly be anticipated for you? From a health perspective you've been with Tracy, Tracy with John, so indirectly where Tracy's been you've been. Emotionally a different story I imagine.

    1. Absolutely not. If I allow John to have further sex with me, it will be under my terms.

    2. " will be under my terms."

      And therein lies the kernel of a future post!!!! Kool! And lord knows what those terms will be!

      Can't wait.


    3. I don't know myself. The cuckolding thing sort of appeals to me...

  22. This is one of the hottest and most sexy things I have read. Thank you Julie for sharing this .

    1. Your blog is off the chart! Steamy ideas. Hot comments from readers. LOve it...............

  23. It will interesting going forward to see how the dynamics between the four of you work out. If you mapped it out, it could be a very curious chart.

    I'm glad you've decided to stick to your guns and not cave in and submit to John like Tracey does. If I were writing this as a story, I would have you make John pay a price to have sex with you. Maybe take him down a notch by spanking *him*, or having *him* submit to your strapon. But that's just my submissive streak working overtime...


    1. I think a man who is truly secure in himself would submit to a bit of humiliation at the hands of a woman...

  24. Wow, the whole series of your getting a whipping and all was HOT and erotic. Good read.