Saturday, January 21

Schoolgirl Punishment (part 4)

"I'll cure that teenage attitude once and for all. It's the paddle for you, missy!"

[Continued from Schoolgirl Punishment (part 3), after a brief detour into Unacceptable Fantasies.]

Continuing the recounting of my latest role-playing experience with my friend Tracy and her husband John. Tracy played my Mommy. Her husband was my Daddy. I was their naughty school-aged daughter with the bad report card and the inappropriate panties. Mommy had spanked me first, and then Daddy took me across his knee, and spanked my little caboose red with just his hard hand!

No Daddy! Please!

After that spanking I got stood up. I was sore but uncowed! I continued to maintain that spelling was "stupid" in these days of spell checkers. It was a test of wills. My fourteen-year-old will versus my parents' stupid prejudices. Who do you think would win that battle?

"I'll cure that teenage attitude once and for all. It's the paddle for you, missy!"

Oh Gosh. So there it was. This was the reason I was here after all. My Paddle Daddy had made me a fierce paddle to my (unfortunate in retrospect!) specifications. I needed an excuse to get "Mommy" mad at me, so I maintained stubbornly, despite the spankings I had just received, that spelling, for which I received an "F" on my report card, was "stupid". It's a form of safe-wording, I suppose. If the brat continues to act like a brat, the scene intensifies!

Mommy made be bend over in front of the Ottoman, and put my elbows and forearms down. I felt very vulnerable like that! Tracy paused the play to take a photo, my cheeks still showing red from Daddy's spanking.

This one is the most embarrassing one to me.
Freshly spanked bottom fully displayed.
Panties at my knees. Skirt flipped up. Socks and shoes.
Bent way over waiting for my paddling.

She did some roleplay banter which I no longer remember. I was distracted! I do remember her rubbing the cool wood of the fierce paddle all over my butt. Then she pulled it back and gave me a whack. Woompf! It was hard, but not intolerable. I felt it did not have that much velocity on it. I think Tracy was just getting her bearings. But already I noticed that even though it covered both cheeks, the far cheek got the worst of it.

Tracy sentenced me to a dozen paddle whacks. She hauled back and let loose the second. OWWW! That one was much harder! Ok , ok, I get it now. That paddle is a bitch!

Then WOOMPF! Shit! That one was hardest yet. I felt now I had to say something, "it's all on the right cheek, Mommy!"

"I'll have to fix that," she said. And WOOOMPF! Another one this time entirely on my near cheek.

She rubbed my ass some more and then WOOOMPF! Holy Shit! This one came from underneath more and practically lifted me off my feet. I yelled out OWWWWW! Tracy giggled. The bitch giggled! John was there, watching it all, but I wasn't thinking about him, believe me!

I got back into position and I was hyperventilating!

WOOOOMPF! Again she lifted me off my feet, my lower cheeks bearing the brunt.

"Do you still think spelling is 'stupid', Julie?" she asked.

"No Mommy! It's not stupid. It's good! It's good!" I responded. The time for bratting was OVER.

"Six more, young lady!" decreed Mommy. Oh no!

WOOOOMPF! Youch!!!! Ouchie ouchie ouchie. I couldn't help it, my knees buckled and fell onto the Ottoman and I put a hand back to protect my cheek.

"Awwww," said Tracy, and told me to hold the pose while she took another photo.

She told me to stand up and get my forearms and elbows down in front of me. That I still had five coming and they were going to be the hardest.

"Oh no no no no no..." I said, but I complied with Mommy's instructions and put myself bravely back into position.

She rubbed the wood across my ass cheeks again and then let fly another doozy. WOOOMPF! Owwwwwww!

"I'm sorry Mommy, I'm sorry Mommy," I said, the tears starting now.

"Sure you're sorry now," she said, "but you'll be even more sorry after the next four..." What a bitch!

The last four were a blur. I think she alternated cheeks, and some were more square and some came up from the bottom more. It was pure hellish agony getting through those! I felt extremely submissive just then, and extremely well punished. It was good being able to countdown the twelve though. It makes it easier to take if you know the end is in sight!

After the paddling, I collapsed face forward onto the big Ottoman and started rubbing my cheeks. Tracy told me to hold that pose, and she posed me with the nasty ass paddle.

I know, it doesn't look too beat up, but believe me it was! I had two dusky dark circular bruises on my low ass cheeks that lasted a couple of days. And one other bruise on top of that on my right ass cheek that coloured up nicely.

Tracy made a variation of the lying down one with the padde on my legs, "for scale" she said.

On that one you can see where the extra bruise on my low right cheek was going to develop.

She made me roll over into a fetal position and posed me there.

I think this is one of the cutest! Poor little babygirl crying her eyes out after her paddling!

And another one kneeling, pussy on parade.

Tracy then stood me up and made me face the wall, holding the paddle in "timeout".

This is Paddle Daddy's favourite

After the spankings, and all that picture taking, I was still a horny little girl. I turned to Tracy and said, "thank you for punishing me, Mommy."

"Go thank your father as well," she said. She used "father" throughout the scene. Must be used to that form of address! Hee hee.

"Can I sit on Daddy's lap while I thank him?" I asked.

"You may," she said, sounding intrigued.

I went to John and had him sit on the Ottoman, just where he had spanked me so thoroughly. I lifted my skirt behind and sat my bare bum down on his lap, snuggling my butt into his crotch, feeling his hard excitement. He held me in his arms around my waist. I put one arm around his neck, and with my other hand I tugged up on the front of my skirt, up to just barely below my pussy. John got the hint. He lifted my skirt all the way clear of my pussy and lower tummy with one hand, and he started stroking just above my pussy with his other.

"Yes, you wanted to say something," he asked.

"I've been a very bad girl, Daddy."

"Yes, you have been," he agreed.

"No, you don't understand," I said. "I've had very very bad thoughts. About you, Daddy."

"What kind of thoughts," he asked as he grazed my pussy with his fingers. He knew.

"About you fucking me Daddy. Fucking my pussy. Giving me a punishment with your cock like I deserve."

Well there you go! Now the cat was out of the bag. I had decided, in consultation with my husband who was very encouraging, that I was going to get fucked, Tracy and John willing. I don't know what else to say. There it is.

"Woah, did you hear that, Tracy?" he said.

"I certainly did," said Tracy, "what a very naughty little girl we have here, John. Shall we give her what she's begging for?"

"Up to you," he said, "I'm willing."

"Julie," said Tracy, "are you sure?"

"Yes, Mommy. Please may I have Daddy's cock in my pussy, and please can he fuck me really long and really hard, just like you get, Mommy. No condom. I want to feel Daddy squirting inside of me and then I want you to eat me out afterwards."

"Wow. John?"

"Oh my gosh. You two have discussed this, right?"

"In theory, yes, but not about doing it tonight."

"I'm clean, Mommy, and on the pill, and I know Daddy is clean from what you said, and I WANT HIM inside of me! I NEED to be punished with his big cock." I rubbed my ass on his lap and John squeezed my tits as I said this.

"You're very demanding, young lady," said Tracy with a smile. "I'll let you have my husband's cock, on one condition. That I give you another ass whipping first."

"Oh Mommy, no!" I said, but I was secretly delighted. This played perfectly into my fantasies. "My poor bum is already so sore!"

"Take it or leave it," said Tracy, with a smirk.

"I'll take it, Mommy," I said.

"Good. Then stand up. Get off my husband's lap you little tart. John you get up too. Kneel on the Ottoman, Julie, ass nice and high. John, give me your belt..."

To be continued in Schoolgirl Punishment (part 5).


  1. Although you seemed to be expecting something from Tracy as per the statement "...I was secretly delighted"; I think it was rather inventive of her to offer you another belt whipping in exchange for a fucking from her husband.

    I'm just a little surprised that the offer wouldn't have been a fucking from Tracy first for the privilege of fucking her husband. After all she still has a brand new strap on "never been used".

    "To be continued in Schoolgirl Punishment (part 5)." I'm almost willing to bet that there will be a part 6 as well! ;-)

    1. Yes, it is still pristine, waiting for a willing pussy or asshole. I somehow lost interest in it in favour of the husband's real thing. I wonder if she is jealous?

    2. Well hopefully Tracy was a little jealous and decides to use it on you during your next play time with her (if there is a next play time). After all it would be a shame to let a a brand new strap on go to waste.

      Maybe even she and John could do their naughty tart of "daughter" at the same time? ;-)

    3. Hmmmm... I was going to say in no rush until i read your last sentence. A DP? Never done THAT! Who goes where? Maybe david in the mouth and make it a TP?

    4. A TP you say!

      Now that would be an interesting experience. Tracy and John do want to play as a four some with you and David don't they?

      As for who would go where they could always draw straws, flip a coin, or have a spanking contest. Whoever gives you the best or hardest spanking gets first choice! LOL!! ;-)

  2. Seeing a completely new side of you it's amazing.

    1. What? Setting up my own sexual violation by a man?

  3. You are such a little tease. I'm so glad you got a hard paddling and then the belt, for being such a tease. Not only are you teasing your Daddy, but your fans as well with five postings. I hope you had a hard time sitting for days. Your adoring fan:)


    1. I am projecting 6 in fact!

    2. And thank you for pointing out what a little tease I am. I revel in it, but certainly paid for it too with my butt and pussy!

  4. Another hot scene. Waiting for the end before I release the (ahem) tension and toast you. Pick the time and date. You really do deserve a tribute. Waiting and the thought of you in control increase the size of the toast drink.
    Damn you are good!!


    PS- Been using your blog for years. You should have a say in when I use your postings. I will now await and check through the comments and respond when it's necessary.
    BOTTOMS UP:) or :(?

    1. You may cum when I do, in the Schoolgirl episode. Not until.

    2. Ms. Julie: If it's not impolite to ask, might others participate in a like manner? You certainly deserve a salute and toast.

    3. Absolutely, all are welcome! And my orgasm is imminent...

  5. What a manipulative little school girl you are! You deserve everything that you get, and so desperately want. Can't wait for the next segment.

    1. I desperately wanted Daddy's cock in me. And when a girl wants to be filled with cock, she generally gets her wish!

  6. First I want to thank you for the warning on the "unacceptable fantasy" post. Maybe I'll read it someday but the warning let me now to skip it.

    I'm glad you and your friends seem to all be having fun! I was intreged when you described John's first spanking as being more soft and sensual. Maybe someday you and Tracy can get some good-girl spankings from him together.

    Looking forward to part 5!


    1. I'm glad the warning worked!

      Well, I have to be careful how much I get into John. My husband remains my everything, and while I can get my head around a little jaunt with a new horse, I don't want to get overly attached!

      But as it was, I wanted a real spanking from him, in-line with my roleplay and my fantasy ideas of Daddy spanking me hard and taking me harder!

    2. It certainly seems you got what you wanted!

      Much as I enjoy reading about your play days I am looking forward to it getting back to you and john. You two seem to have a great relationship and to write about it in a very sexy way.


    3. I presume you mean my husband, david.
      Yes, we continue to have a great relationship and kinky sexy fun that was only accelerated by this experience. It's just there were so many darned pictures and so much that went on in such a short time that it's taking me, like, FOREVER, to get through it! Phew! Almost done!

    4. Yes I did mean david, sorry


  7. Interesting if you're aiming to spread this encounter out over 6 parts. You're delivering this story the way a proper caning should be delivered - 6 of the best, with plenty of pauses in between to let them sink in...


  8. Nothing more beautiful than this new sexual awakening. You've never been more attractive. It's bliss to see.

  9. My college room mate and I spent Spring break at her mother's beach cabin. Two girls having fun and we so enjoyed one another. One afternoon still in bed, her mother dropped in, we did not hear her. We did hear her loud and clear when she saw what we were doing. I never felt so little when she pulled back the covers and told us to get up. I wanted to cover myself, she said hands on head. So she said and the lecture was long. Thinking she was done, she picked up a hairbrush and spanked us both soundly. We spent the best part of the afternoon facing the wall, and then she took us home. Sent to bed early, separate bedrooms. Very sore the next morning, pillows were provided to sit on during breakfast.

    1. Lezy sex and a kinky Mom to boot! What could be nicer?

  10. right now your my favorite schoolgirl keep the hot story conuiuting please iam having good hard on while reading this story of you getting what you desver glad TRacy John and David willin to go along with the spanking sex and etc

    1. Good to know you are hard! Ha ha!

    2. why you naughty girl iam telling Daddy on you so you get good spanking while i watch ot maybe tell TRacy on you and ask if i can watch her spank you

    3. You have seen her spank me now. So many pictures!