Monday, March 30

Sister given Raunchy Spanking in Front of my Husband

Finally happened: my sister asked for a spanking from me!

I spanked my big sister (while my husband watched).

We're of course all isolated due to the coronavirus scare, but our little group that does get together is me, my husband, my Mom and Dad, and my older sister Susan. My younger sister has younger boys and we're keeping them isolated, and my brother lives out of town. Sue currently lives alone (relatively longer term girlfriend moved out not so long ago). We are very careful with Mom and Dad, as they are older and more "at risk", but we help them out with errands and stuff to keep them safe, and we are careful to wash hands, not hug and kiss, and keep six feet away when we can.

We were at my Mom and Dad's with Sue for Sunday dinner, and I was off to the side chatting with Sue. She said she's getting cabin fever and needs to get out on a date! I commiserated, and said I have my perma-date in the house 24x7 (my husband), but that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Given we are "quarantine pals" I renewed my standing offer, "you know, if you want a bit of excitement, you're very welcome to come and spank my husband anytime at all. You know he likes that. You can take out your frustrations on his ass." For you newbies here, it was not a very outlandish offer, she has spanked him many times in the past, though last time was over a year ago.

"Maybe I should come over and spank you both?" she said with a twinkle in her eye. Oooh. Well that's a thing...

A little history regarding Sue. It's mainly David who's been spanked by her (and more). Almost from the first that he asked me to spank him, I shared it with Sue (almost ten years ago now). Because my husband has a fetish about being spanked in front of other women, and a sexy sister fetish (what red-blooded boy doesn't?), I broached the idea of her watching and participating. She was quite willing, despite her lesbian sexual orientation (she came to it later in life, only after a failed marriage), but spanking my husband and watching him sexually embarrassed seemed to amuse her regardless. For example, the way she utterly dispassionately made him ejaculate into the kitchen sink using thick rubber kitchen gloves and dish detergent, as if she was observing a bug put through its paces, was phenomenal (Sister "Milks" Husband).

Sue used the experiences with my husband as a jumping off point to become a quite toppy lesbian herself with her serial girlfriends. We have even played with a few of them over the years.

And while I was initially 100% top in my relationship with David, I gradually discovered a subby side to myself, including with women. So it did seem sort of natural that at some point my toppy lezzy sister ought to spank me, though that didn't happen for quite some time, and only when I 'kinda 'sorta initiated it.

Sue and I played twice together like that, once two and half years ago, and again just under two years ago. Both times got pretty "raunchy". The first time my husband was banished upstairs and Sue gave me a very strict spanking (there was some sexual stuff as well). This was me after my first spanking from Sue (photo courtesy of her - see Spanked by my Sister).

The second time she spanked me and then made my husband have sex with me while she watched which I found to be legitimately highly embarrassing (to the point where I might not have wanted to, but was swept up being subby - see Julie Strapped and Made to Fuck by her Big Sister). That was almost two years ago and we have not really played like that at all since then. It felt a bit like playing with fire...

So that was the background to almost two years later Sue casually suggesting that she spank us both. Now I don't mind at all if she spanks David, or even gives him a handy (once even a blowy!). She does not get sexually excited in the conventional sense by doing that stuff. I think she just enjoys it. She was after all the handy and blowy Queen in senior high school, to get her dates with the jocks over with faster, and it was cheerleader "code" to always repay an expensive dinner date in that way. But I worry about our sister-to-sister relationship if we get a little too raunchy with one another like that. I mean, if she was straight and spanked me "for cause", that's a different matter. But she's into girls, and she spanks her girlfriends, and her spankings get, well, raunchy! But, incestuous perv that I am, my tummy (and a little lower) does flutter at the thought of it, and she knows it...

"Anytime," I said, daring her. I am never the one that taps out. Ever!

Given the more joking tone, I wasn't sure if she was serious or not, so I never mentioned it to David, because I just didn't know if she would follow through, given we have not played together in a year.

So it's the Friday after that (earlier this evening as I write my first draft of this), and I've sort of forgotten about that whole exchange, and of course we have nowhere to go, and at around 7pm I hear the doorbell ring. Well who could that be, I wonder, in these times? Nobody just "drops in" during pandemic.

As soon as I open the door and see it's Sue, it comes flooding back. Oh yeah. I guess David and I are getting spanked...

"Oh oh," I said with a smile.

"Yup," she said, pulling out a hairbrush from her purse with a big grin on her face. She came prepared!

She was standing right at the front door. Holding a spanking hairbrush in plain sight. I ushered her in quickly. "Get in here!" I said with a laugh. "What will the neighbours think?" Not that anybody was there to see it.

"David!" I yelled up, "Sue is here... to give us both a spanking!" At least I presumed that was why she was here. Ha ha!

David came running down the stairs. "Oh. Hi Sue," he said, looking excited.

"It's been too long since I've spanked either of you," said Sue. "I'm here to give both of you a good sound spanking, one after the other. I'm in social isolation. I need a little kink," she added.

"Well I'm happy to help," said David. I mean, duh.

It did not escape my attention that Sue, who was in jeans, had on her wide leather belt that she had bought specifically to use on my ass two years ago.

It's her, "I'm 'gonna whip my little sister's ass" belt. Gulp!

Sue came in and sat with us in the living room. David opened a bottle of wine (a nice chilled Chablis) and served. Sue asked about our recent holidays, and we filled her in on some of the more kinky bits that we did not share at Sunday dinner (Swatted at the Beach!). She said we were both very naughty and needed a good spanking. We did not disagree. I was excited. I know David was as well.

"Who's first?" she asked.

I volunteered David to go first.

"Move the coffee table," Sue said to David, who did so. Sue sat near the centre of the larger sofa. "Now line up for your spankings," she said, motioning us both to line up one behind the other with David in front and me behind. "Down to your underwear," she said.

Oh gosh! We both took off our socks and jeans, and then our shirts. He was down to his underpants, and I was down to my rather casual bra and panties. No time to prepare!

Sue tapped the hairbrush on her lap and David went across first. His feet were on the floor and his chest and head were on the sofa, and he was draped across Sue's lap. She put the hairbrush down, then lowered his underpants to just beneath his cheeks. There was my husband with his underpants pulled down, across my sister's lap, waiting to get spanked!

"I love bums, of all sexes," commented Sue as she fondled my husband's bare round ass. Then she started spanking him with her hand.

I got to watch all of this, standing there in my bra and panties, waiting to go next. David seemed to be enjoying his spanking, squirming a little across Sue's lap and moaning gently as he was spanked. It looked... nice.

After a relatively short time, Sue pulled his undies back up, and made him go to the end of the line behind me. As he walked I could see he had a giant "tent" in his underpants.

Sue then had me go across her lap. She pulled the backs of my panties down and gave me what she just gave David. A mild hand spanking all over my bare cheeks. It was nice. I was conscious that I was maybe "turning on" my lezzy sis with my bare bum and my girlish squirming across her lap. I hoped so 😈. She then pulled my panties back up and told me to rejoin the back of the line. I was disappointed that it ended so soon. As I moved she reached out and swatted the seat of my panties.

Then it was David back across her lap. This time she pulled his underpants lower, down to his knees. She picked up the hairbrush, rubbed it across his cheeks, and then started spanking him with it. Fairly firm strokes that had him grunting and crying out a bit. Butt and thighs. She did a measured fifty then told him to get up. David stood, reaching for his underpants. "Leave them down," she told him. "Naughty, naughty," she said as she tapped his erection with her hairbrush. "Back of the line."

David let his underpants fall to his ankles and hobbled to the back of the line, theatrically rubbing his ass cheeks for my benefit, his big erection sticking out disgracefully in front! I couldn't believe he was getting so hot from my very own sister (sarcasm). I made a mental note of his unfaithfulness.

It was my turn again. This time for the hairbrush. I bent across Sue's lap. She started by unhooking my bra and removing it out from under me. My breasts were hidden, pushing into the couch, but would be visible after I stood up, after my spanking. There was literally no reason to do that. Removing my bra has no effect on my bottom! She was doing it to display her dominance, and embarrass me (and turn on my husband?), and turn me on, and maybe herself on as well. Whatever the reason, I was tits free now.

Like for David, she pulled my panties down to my knees. I guessed they would stay there now. I felt the wood of the hairbrush rubbing across my cheeks. She then started spanking me. Medium hard strokes, all over my ass, and a little bit down the backs of my thighs. I had counted exactly 50 for David, and I think I got the same, though I did not count. Less pleasant than her hand for sure, but sexy because it was stricter. Big sis giving me a little "what's for".

Sue told me to stand up. "Face me. Hands on your head," she instructed me. Oh blush! My hands went up and my bare breasts stuck out at her. My completely (and recently) shaved pussy was at her eye level. She reached out the hairbrush and brushed my pussy with the bristles (gratuitous! there was no pubic hair to brush!). She then pushed the wooden edge of the hairbrush a bit between my labia and moved it around. She pulled the hairbrush back, examined it, then rubbed it on the front of my thigh. While I felt a bit "damp" in there, I'm sure the hairbrush wasn't wet! probably... Without further comment she said, "back of the line. Underpants and panties off, both of you."

We each shucked our underpants and panties away. We were both completely naked!

I was hiding a bit behind David, but then he was beckoned, naked, across Sue's knee again. He moaned as his erect penis went across Sue's lap. As he settled there, Sue looked up at me and smiled. I blushed, feeling very vulnerable with my bare breasts exposed and my completely shaved and dampened pussy on display.

She then used the hairbrush a second time on David, this time going quite a bit harder and faster. He wriggled and kicked and vocalized this time around: "Ah! Oh! Ah Please! Sue! Ah!". It was a pretty good hairbrush spanking. It was exactly 100 strokes. His ass was very red by the end. I knew I would be next.

She let him up. "Awww,' she said as she played with his momentarily flaccid penis with the back of her hairbrush. "Back of the line," she said.

"Julie. Over," she told me. Uh oh. That last spanking she gave David looked a bit intense.

I went across her lap again. And I got my 100 very hard strokes. Ouch! I too was begging my sister a bit for mercy.

Almost all the spanks were low sit spots, hard, and fast. If she was thinking sexy thoughts about me, it was hard to tell as it was for sure a "no nonsense" punishment-grade affair.

After she deemed my punishment spanking over, she stood me up. This time even I clutched at my punished rear cheeks. "Back of the line," she said. I pranced back wondering what was next.

Sue shifted her body a bit and beckoned David over. "Straddle my knee," she told him. David did so. Oh my! It was not David's exposure that concerned me. If the recent past was any guide, that would be me straddling her knee soon enough...

His penis had hardened again in the interim as he was watching me get punishment spanked by my older sister, nude and kicking across her lap, ass reddening under her hairbrush.

As he straddled Sue's knee she arranged his testicles and hardened penis to stick out behind. She returned to using her hand and spanked him all up and down each thigh, and all over his butt. She then parted his ass cheeks and swatted him inside his cleft, up and down (I taught her that, though it comes natural to us pervies). She spread him wide and gave him a spanking very near his bottom hole. She then moved his genitals out of the way with one hand while she swatted the high insides of his thighs with the other, and repeated on the other side. She ended with a series of swats to his penis tip. As she did this, she looked up at me and said "you're next." She meant she would smack my pussy!!!! I squeaked and felt my pussy gush a little.

She stood David up and told him to go to the back of the line. She crooked her finger and beckoned me to take his place... for my... pussy spanking.

Her knee was right there, sticking straight out from the couch. I would have to spread my legs to straddle her one knee, clamping my thighs around her leg, exposing myself completely to her spanks. I blushed recalling that last time I had been straddling her knee in this fashion, about two and half years ago, and that I had orgasmed multiple times. My heart was fluttering like a little bird's. Like in a dream, I went across her leg. Oh my!

Oh Gosh Oh Gosh Oh Gosh. My pussy was so... out there! My clit pushed into her thigh. I hoped I would not leave a visible wet spot on her jeans.

The spanks began. They were identical to David's. All over my ass and up and down my thighs. Then my sister parted my rear cheeks, widely, and spanked the inside of my ass cleft, very thoroughly, all up and all down, both sides. She ended by pulling my cheeks wide apart right at the level of my bottom hole. I felt my hole stretching and opening as she pulled! She then spanked me so her fingertips struck my anus and her nails grazed my inner cheeks. She gave me a dozen or so from one side, then switched the cheek she was pulling on and gave me another dozen or so from the other side. This spanking was much more intimate!

As she had done with David's penis and testicles, she pushed my left pussy lip towards and past the center and spanked my high inside left thigh. Then she switched and spanked my high inside right thigh. Don't get me wrong, my labia is not, like giant. She didn't need to do that! Oh Gosh. Her hands were on my pussy! She then pushed my legs a little farther apart, and moved her knee a little more in towards my pussy so I was more "hanging off", and then gently smacked my pussy, over and over and over again!

It was different somehow this time. I was not cumming exactly. But I was very excited. Very embarrassed. I was grinding her knee involuntarily and moaning. Before anything "happened" she said, "stand up." I got up shakily, my pussy soaked and tingling. I could have cum for her had she let me! "Back of the line."

She stood up and directed David to bend over the arm of the sofa. She removed the wide leather belt from around her waist, doubled it up, and snapped it. "Last twelve strokes," she said, then whipped my husband's ass. Each stroke was a loud cracking SNAP of leather to bare skin, and left a wide, angry mark.

"You're done," she told him. "Julie!"

I scurried over and took my husband's place across the arm of the sofa.

I received the same measure of one dozen hard snapping strokes across my already tenderized ass. I looked over to my right and saw my dear husband with his dick in his hand, stroking off as I got belt whipped!

"Stop that!" I told him, between belt strikes.

Sue looked over at him, laughed at catching him "red handed", and then turned back to me, saying, "you do look sexy getting your cherry red ass whipped."

Sue finished my dozen and I went to get up. She put her hand on the small of my back and kept me there. "Six more for you," she told me. Unfair! She hauled back and gave me the fiercest six belt licks yet. YOUCH!

"Why did I get more than him!!!???" I demanded to know.

Sue laughed a little and said, very reasonably, "because you're my little sister and he's not." What kind of reason is that?

I stood up and clutched at my rear cheeks. "You're very mean giving me six extras," I said to her, "and you were very naughty, spanking me like that..." It was in my mind when I said it that she might agree she was naughty, and that consequences might ensue...

"Oh, you think I'm the naughty one do you? Well maybe you should do something about that?" she offered. Bingo!

"Really?" I asked her, sounding dubious, even though I was the one out on a fishing expedition, just did not expect to catch anything. Sue had never even hinted at wanting to be spanked in all these years. I had never heard about her even switching with one of her girlfriends.

"Not like I gave you guys, though. You guys are used to that. But a little spanking, with your hand maybe? Just to see what it's like. From a real expert."

She seemed to want a bit of a spanking. My older sister wanted me to spank her. Well, spanking is one thing I am VERY good at! Ha ha!

"In front of him?" I asked. David was standing there nude, hoping we would not notice him I guess, literally with his dick in his hand.

"Sure, why not?" she said.

I smiled. I went to put on my panties. I didn't want to accidentally "scissor" my sister. Yuck! So then braless, but in my panties, I moved her into position, unclasped and unzipped her jeans, and pushed them down towards the floor. I sat where she had sat, on the couch, and brought her down gently across my knee. Her panties were racy red and quite skimpy. High cut. So a lot of bottom cheek was exposed.

Did I mention that Sue has a spectacular ass?

I patted and rubbed her lower cheeks. "Nice bum," I said.

"thank you..." she said, sounding a little embarrassed.

"Oh yes," chimed in David.

"You shut up," I told him. "You can watch because Sue said it was ok, but you don't talk."

I teased with my fingers at the waistband of her panties. "down or up," I asked her.

"Up," she said.

I don't know what she was expecting, but I pulled up at the waistband giving her a full on wedgy. I knew from experience that when the material is pulled up like that it cuts into your pussy, into your bumhole. I hoped I would not rip her pretty panties.

"Ohhh!" she said aloud as I pulled the gusset of her panties up into her private regions. David squirmed in excitement and continued to squeeze his penis in his hand, though he did not dare to rub it.

I stroked her cheeks with my hand. I started gently slapping them. Already even the first few light spanks left pink blotches on her virgin ass-skin. Sue was clearly very, very new to this, and she would feel even the lightest of spankings. To me, it's all about sexy placement of the spanks with very gradually mounting intensity. I like the low cheeks. The under-curve. Sometimes with my hand slapping right across the centre in order to send pulsations into her private parts. But not only there. You need contrasting variety, so a bit of an excursion all around up high, to the sides, to the backs of her thighs, and then returning to the low ass cheeks: the "clit" of spanking.

Sue was moaning appreciatively as I did this. "Oh... Ooooh... Ahhhh... Ummm... Ohhh... Shit... you're good at this..."

David was standing there, naked, observing the scene intently. I mean, his topless wife was wedgy-spanking his very hot sister-in-law! I took pity on him. I asked in a soft voice to Sue as I was gently spanking her, "is it ok if David jerks off to this?"

"yeah..." she said breathlessly.

To David, sternly: "in your hand, no mess." He licked his palm and started rubbing his cock.

I kept up with Sue's sensual spanking. I could feel her rocking on my lap. The sensations were definitely in her pussy. I worked the gusset of her panties deliberately with that in mind.

I whispered to her, "may I take your jeans and panties off?"

"yes please," she said. I guess the sexy spanking was loosening her up. My husband would get more of a show still once I unveiled her pussy... had her legs bare... and spread. What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

I peeled her panties down her legs and out of her crack, and took them right down to her ankles where her jeans were pooled. She was cooperative as I pulled her jeans off of each leg, and then took her panties off as well. I could see my sister's pussy!

I pulled the skin of her near lower cheek to taughten it to find new areas to spank, nearer her bottom hole and her sex. As I pulled like that, David and I both got a good peep at Sue's charms. It was not sexy for me, per se, it was more like I was working here, making sure she (and hubby) got off on it. My sister's vag was the instrument I needed to play.

I shifted her position so that her clit came into more intimate contact with my bare thigh.

I focused my spanks on her sit spots nearest her sex. Sue pushed her bottom up and into my spanks. She wanted more. Did she realize the bare pussy show she was putting on for my husband? Did she even care? I increased the intensity of the spanking and modulated the rhythm to her rocking across my thigh. As I spanked her low cheeks I now allowed my fingertips to gently whip into her over-heated labia. "Ooohhhhh" she moaned as she spread her legs wide of her own accord to better position her kitty to grind against me, and to allow my fingertips greater access to her hot sex.

I know a hot little number who's begging to cum when I see it. I wasn't sure if she would get off just from rubbing my thigh (I'm "special" that way, she may not be), or from my fingers (not that I was overly keen on fingering my sister's pussy!), so I decided I would take no chances, and get out the big guns.

"Bring me my Hitachi and plug it in," I told David.

David scurried upstairs and brought my Hitachi down in record time. He plugged it into a wall socket just behind the couch and handed me the shaft. I turned it on to make sure it worked and flipped it back off again. I re-positioned Sue a bit, I slapped her inner thighs to make her spread her legs wide, I then touched the ball-end of the Hitachi to her pussy and turned it on.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Sue exclaimed out loud and wiggled her cunt. Very lewd! Using my left hand I continued smacking lightly at her cheeks, her asshole, her pussy lips, but mainly her spank spots and thighs. I held the Hitachi there as I spanked. David stood there and started jerking his cock again.

You would not believe the ridiculous sex show my sister was putting on for my husband and me! "Oooooo, Ahhhhhh," she said as she shook her bare booty up and down across my knee as I tracked the Hitachi directly against her clit.

"Who's the bad girl now?" I asked her. "Who's the naughty girl? Look at you shaking that tight little ass across your little sister's knee, grinding your pussy into my vibrator. You're getting David all excited. Are you 'gonna cum for me? Huh? Are you 'gonna cum for me, naughty girl?"

"yes... Yes... YES..."

She was close. I raised my left hand high and brought it down HARD on her ass cheeks. Once, Twice. Three Times. Again. Again. Again!

On each hard strike she raised her ass cheek up to meet me again and again, displaying herself lewdly each and every time, pussy and bottom hole, like a woman being FUCKED.


My sister came HARD for me! And just before that, so did my husband! Ha ha! Right into his own hand with his own little cry.

"Fuck! I needed that," said Sue as she lay limply across my lap.

I did not want to linger. "Get up!" I told her as I smacked her bottom hard.

"Youch!" she said as she quickly got to her feet.

I went over to my husband, who had just cum himself, and said, "put that in your mouth, mister! NOW!" I told him, referring to the cum in his hand. "Did you just get off watching my sister? Did you?"

"Ymm Mmm" David mumbled, with cum in his mouth.

"Get over here, across my knee," I told him. I sat on the couch and pulled him down over my lap. I picked up the hairbrush that Sue had left nearby and began spanking my husband's rear cheeks with it. "How dare you look at my sister like that! How dare you!" I said as I spanked. "Were you having thoughts about her. Were you?" I continued spanking him, not waiting for an answer. "How dare you have thoughts about my sister like that!?!"

By this time Sue was dressed again, as if it had never even happened. "You tell him," said Sue with a big smile, seemingly completely unembarrassed abut the show she had just put on.

Last blog entry I was teasing an e-subby about his premature ejaculation and his inability to get it up in a tense situation. I decided to channel a bit of that for my hubbie's embarrassment (he loves embarrassment!)

"Do you hear that?" I asked him as I spanked. "That is not for you. That is not for you to see. What? Were you imagining actually sticking it in? Were you? How fucking pathetic is that. My sister! She is a fucking ten and you have no chance of ever getting anything like that. Hell, you're such a pathetic little beta I'd bet you'd shoot your load before you got to even within a foot of her. Or you'd probably be so intimidated you wouldn't even be able to get it up in the first place. Now get off my lap," I said, as I pushed him off my lap and onto the floor. "You disgust me."

"Yeah, me too," added Sue, mock serious.

"Go stand in the corner. Keep that cum in your mouth. I'll tell you when you can swallow it," I said, banishing him to his naughty spot in the corner of the living room.

I turned to Sue, stood and hugged her. "Did you like?" I asked.

"I did," she said.

"So naughty!" I said.

"Very naughty."

"I'm not your girlfriend," I told her.

"Sisters with... benefits?" she asked.

"I like that. When the mood strikes," I said.

"Exactly," finished Sue. "You were very mean to David just now, though. You did ask me, and we did give him permission..."

"Oh I know we did," I said, "but he doesn't get to enjoy something like that without consequences, of course."

"Of course," she agreed.

Sue then suggested that she should head off, and we'd see each other on Sunday at Mom and Dad's. She went over to David and kissed his cheek. "Did you like your spanking?" she asked.

"Mmmm Mmmm!" he mumbled enthousiastically.

"More importantly," she continued, "did you like my spanking?"


"Was it worth it?" she asked him. "Knowing you have to stand here with c - ha ha - cum in your mouth as punishment?" She could not get the whole sentence out, and laughed at the word "cum".

"Mmm Mmm" he said, answering in the affirmative.

"How long does he have to stay like this?" Sue asked me.

"After what he got to see? I think an hour at least," I pondered.

"Mmmmm!" complained David.

"Yes," I continued, "definitely a nice long hour swilling a mouthful of cum, to remind him to whom he belongs. A strapping and a nice session of bum sex afterwards, David?" My go to in situations like this!

"mmmmm..." he mumbled, complaining.

"I'm sorry I got you into so much trouble," said Sue, as she gave him another peck on his cheek, hugged me, and then took off.



  1. Hi there Julie,

    Kasey here, I was wondering what your favourite part of the night was? When it was your turn? Maybe when it was Sue's turn? Or maybe it was watching/participating in "poor" David's turns?


    1. Wow. Hard to call a favourite because I switched from subby to dommy so quickly, and those are apples and oranges. But if I had to call a favourite, it was probably when I was being hand-spanked straddling my sister's knee. Soooo naughty!

    2. I can imagine! You did so thoroughly enjoy it last time too, so I can imagine you enjoyed it this time too!

      Still though, I have sensed that you've wanted to turn the tables on Sue for a long, long, long time now, so I'm a little surprised that wasn't your favourite part!

    3. I was happy to get her off (!!!!), but she is my big sister and I don't really want to dominate her. It feels more natural the other way around. David on the other hand, I'll dominate his ass every day of the week!

    4. It's interesting you put it like that! I know with my sister it definitely would have been a revenge type deal if I were in your position and she'd spanked me multiple times! :P

    5. It's my half subby side coming out. Well, 75% subby with girls, 25% with boys!

  2. So David got the full Monty, lucky him.

  3. Did he actually spend an hour in the corner Miss Julie?

    1. No, I let him out after about 15 minutes (though he had no time reference). He had held the cum in his mouth all that time, though. He was allowed to swallow. I decided not to strap him, but I did give him a gentle ass fucking with teasing, and then he made me cum with his tongue.

    2. Just out of pure curiosity Miss, what do you do during timeouts? Do you stay in the same room? Read, play on your phone, tidy the living he spoken to at all or just left humiliated and on display ?

    3. No, he's not SPOKEN TO! He's in disgrace. I do exactly what I would normally do, though if I do not fasten his hands lightly and make him a hold a coin against the wall with his nose, I will check up on him to ensure he is NOT moving. If he is, it's out of the corner, across my lap, then back in again to restart from the beginning.

    4. Exactly how I thought you would answer that! Very good job Miss. You’re a pro!

  4. One does have to be careful and keeping it in the family is pretty safe. Sorry to hear Sue broke up with the partner. I would say being alone and not playing got to Sue when she started spanking David and then you. I would say she was a little damp as she spanked you both. You are still a little shy about "touching" your sister but in these times you have to help family out.

    1. Sue seems to switch partners fairly quickly. But I agree, we need to help a girl out!

  5. so hot maybe now Sue be back for more spanking form Her sexy talented spanker to Miss Julie why not actual pic of Sue spanked Butt

    AI sent ya long email of you and Sue spanking me did ya get it will ya respond about what ya feel sorry again was long not good writing spankings story

    1. No more "ya" - it's "you", young man.

    2. gulp sorry Miss Julie wont happen again scare get the 100 fast hard spankings from you it would hurt big time

  6. i love your stories with your sister.Did you ever see her get spanked growing up?

    1. Nope. My parents weren't big spanker's, though we did get it a few times.

  7. Well someone's been having fun in the lockdown... safe to say the isolation has brought your kinky side back with a vengeance :D
    I don't think it will be two years before your sister is back for more benefits... reading about you spanking her to orgasm across your lap was soooo hot!
    And despite the ending I still think David got off far too lightly (especially as you got extra belt for no reason). Perhaps a beastly strapping and butt-fucking is in order...

  8. Oh goodness thank you!! peter peter

  9. To honest Julie, I feel more excited about Sue spanking you than you spanking Sue.
    What I don't know is can david put you girls over his Knees, each one straddling a leg and spank you both at the same time. Then you both sit on chairs facing each other with your legs interlocked and put david there to spank him together.

    1. I don't know if my husband should EVER be able to spank my sister!

  10. OMG! So hot you getting a thorough Sue spanking, watching David get his and then - first time I’ve known you to spank Sue. Outstanding! And so well written; you put us right in the room with you. Now, David needs to discipline both you girls for that hug at the end. Don’t you know there’s a pandemic going on? That kind of close contact is a punishable offense here in the lower 48. And, don’t we all just love a ‘real’ excuse for another spanking session?😄 TL

    1. What? Even for quarantine buddies?

    2. Not for David, you can take him over your wonderful lap anytime you please. But absolutely for Sue. All that means is that next time you have to spank her with the belt while she’s bent over the arm of the couch. That way you keep social distance. Hee. Hee. And no hugs! I bet you can make it just as sensual, ‘cause you are such a pro at meting out a good whipping. Dontcha think? TL

    3. "Social distancing" - spanking version!

    4. Yes!! Love it.

  11. So amazing! Sounds like fun was had all around! Fingers crossed that this summer I will finally get spanked by my own toppy sister after so many close calls over the years.

    1. little bro, i read your blog, and wish you'd write more- i really enjoyed it, particularly the story about the tennis ball.

      i don't have any particular interest in incest stories, but how two people discover that they share a kinky dynamic is always very interesting.

      in any case, it's well done, very hot, and I'd love to read more. maybe start with the backstory, of how this D/s dynamic fist manifested itself. when you were kids, maybe older?



    2. Thank you for the feedback! I think you're the first to have given any. I suppose that's what dampened my motivations to keep posting. I still have plenty to write about. Expect posting to resume soon enough. Thanks again!

    3. excellent. i tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it seems to have gotten eaten up by the verification process. I scoured Julie's site looking for additional comments, and it seems you do have more to share.

      looking forward to reading.


  12. Soldier Julie puts on his helmet and leads us into full orgasm on the g-spot of his big sister. The mic is just in the right place. Zero guilt, 100% pleasure and a lot of perversity.
    The queuing technique used by Sue brought back memories of the punishment ritual in our family when we were children.
    We were three boys. When it happened that the three of us deserved to be punished, our parents made us line up, bare naked.
    That is, almost all naked because as my mother did not want to see our bare penis, she made us wear for these punishments a piece of canvas in the shape of a triangle. She had cut them out of a soft creamy white canvas. Three laces were sewn at each angle of the triangle, the two upper joined around our waist and the third passed between our bottom cheeks.
    She had always wanted to have daughters and this kind of fig leaf had to satisfy her in a certain way.
    As I was the middle one, I saw my little brother's bare bum in front of me and I knew that my older brother saw mine behind me.
    We used to see each over butts and that didn't particularly interest us.
    However, and that was the purpose of this ritual, we were in the front row to see the masterful spanking that my father inflicted on the one before us.
    Finally, it was a half hour cornertime. Each his own.
    Our game: the winner was the first who succeeded in untying his thong during cornertime with his boner. It earned him my mother's indignant cries and a second spanking by dad, bare naked, but he was the winner.:)

  13. Rogering here.Told you two years ago that Sue would eventually want a spanking.Looks like there could be plenty more fun to be had in Canuck lockdown land over the next few months.

  14. I have considered your "spanked by my sister" essay as the most sexy. But, I think you may have just outdone yourself! Well done!

  15. I was very happy to read that all three of you got spanked. It was the very least that should have happened after putting your parents at risk.

    All levels of Canadian government have been emphasizing STAY HOME! Those two words mean just that. It doesn't mean have Sunday dinner with each other if you don't live in the same domicile. That is not the same thing as running errands. It certainly does not mean let’s get together and spank one another. That activity for sure doesn't allow for six feet of social distancing space. STAY HOME means just that! Don't go out unless it is essential for groceries meds or work.

    While it is highly unlikely that you are infected, without being tested, you cannot possibly know for certain. Without knowing for certain you are putting each other at risk.

    I know this comment, if it gets posted, will probably make me more of a pariah on this blog then I already am, but I feel this needs to be said. One only needs to see the rising numbers to see how awful this virus can be and is. This is something I would not wish on my worst enemy.

    I am sure your rebuttal, if you choose to write one, will refute all I have said and dismiss it. It wouldn’t be the first time. Before you do, think long and hard about it. Who had you, or your husband, been in contact with before you went to your parents? Who did your sister have contact with before she went or even in the time between dinner and your spanking session?

    Believe it or not, everything else aside, I am concerned for your health and safety. That kind of activity just isn't worth the risk till this is all over.

    P.S. You and your husband are free to spank each other till your arms fall off! ;-)

    1. I appreciate your concern. All life is a balance of risks. Notwithstanding the current crisis, my parents would be safest if they never left the house at all. But we balance risk with fundamental values, and family is a fundamental value for all of us. We keep the group small to mitigate risk, and take other measures. Your choices may vary and i respect that.

    2. It’s not Ebola. David could be covid positive. Our beloved Miss Julie could put a surgical mask on him, strip him naked and take him over her knee for 30 minutes. While he’s in the corner for another 30 minutes, just go wash her hands and not touch her face. No worries.

    3. Yes! Of course life is a series of risks even in the best of times. However it is not balancing the risks that's important it's more about mitigating them.

      We all have fundamental family values that are important to us as individuals, and of course we would all love to be spending time and have dinners etc. with them, if times were normal. The direction and message from our health care officials and various levels of governments has been quite clear "stay home, unless it is essential". This is not a choice to be made. It is a civic, social and moral responsibility, commitment and duty, to each other as a community, that will hopefully keep as many of us as safe and as healthy as possible (including yourself and your extended family). That is how you mitigate the risk not balance it! :-)

    4. Last word.
      I appreciate your input. Thank you.
      We should all be responsible. Governments around the world are each making their own decisions. There is no single "right way". Be safe!

    5. Obviously everyone has noticed that you use a lowercase i as a hidden sign of submission.
      My Hattrick also saw it.
      But, you know, he never has enough. Mister "Master Hattrick" wants a reasoned and total submission and I do not think that giving you "a strapping" as you offer him is never enough for him.

    6. Yet I do love having my bum strapped, Ma'am.

    7. Tsk, Tsk, "wittle owivia" always getting into trouble.

      First, let’s make it perfectly clear I am not, have never been, and will never be, YOUR HATTRICK!

      Secondly, I don’t recall this bloggster brat ever offering her bum up for a good old fashioned barber razor strap strapping from moi! Although she only need ask!

      That brings us back to you! Congratulations it looks like you might have got that whole above and below thing worked out. It seems to me you’re the one that keeps looking for a strapping, even if you’re too shy to ask for one. You’re partially right though! I would probably never get enough of strapping your bum!!!

    8. Well, turns out my husband got the last word on this topic...

  16. WC here. Thanks for blogging! Keeping some of us sane! What better time to have fun with your friends! Kink is fun!! Best to you and David. I still think you nuts should need a dominant cuckolder who would love to have 2 subs. Not me! But still is hot!! Let your kinky brain work out that. Thanks and keep up the great work. Your fan. WC

    1. Yes, the thought does turn me on, but I need David to get over this self-homophobia (he's fine with gay dudes, his phobia is having a real cock in his mouth or up his ass, as if it's that different from a dildo, yeesh - unreasonable!)

    2. Well, david after all is a straight man not gay, may be he takes your dildo as part of the spanking package.
      To know if he really wants it or just takes it as part of the spanking package, stop using or mentioning your dildo and see if he asks you for it voluntarily.
      Or even tell him you got rid of the dildo and see his reaction

    3. He loves it when I dildo him - such a little bitch.

    4. Yes, but will he miss the dildo if he doesn't get it?
      Sure he misses your spankings, and will ask for it? But will he specifically ask to get the dildo?

    5. Oh, I doubt he will ever beg for it unless I make him (which I do). It is embarrassing, humiliating submission for him, to have to take it in the mouth, or in the rear end, like a little lady.

  17. The siblings that spank each other stay together, I suppose, lol. A very hot story, thanks. Good work navigating a novice bottom through her first reception of a red butt.

    I bet there are a lot of subs with "stress relief" sore bottoms across the globe these days. December/January global baby boom forthcoming? Lol it's not like anyone has anything better to do besides each other.

  18. I found your entire posting to be very hot and erotic. So hot that my underwear looks like David's in the photos. Spanking him in front of your Sister is very hot indeed. Spanking her in front of him likewise and he deserved his spanking again by you and his corner time too. I can figure out that some of your pictures are from the net or other sources but are the ones of you in white Bra and Panties and the male in underwear of you and David? Your story also reminds me of something that actually happened when I was kid growing up. A friend and I were playing in his back yard. He broke a flower pot with the ball we were playing with and his older sister came out and asked him if he did it while I was off in the next yard retrieving the ball. He apparently told her no. When I got back with the ball she asked me and innocently I said he broke it by accident. The look on his face indicated he was in deep trouble. She told him to cut a switch from a bush. He did and she told him to go inside and he did. Then she told me to go inside too and witness what was going to happen. She made him take down his pants and underwear and then she proceeded to switch his but and thighs. He was balling like a baby and when he turned I noted his penis was standing straight out. She told him that was not half of what "Mom" is going to do and she was telling her Mom that he also got a "stiffy" during the spanking. I have to admit watching his older Sister switch him was a turn on and I wish it could have been me instead. I find sibling things to be very hot. thanks for posting

    1. As switching is such a short sharp ordeal. I'm sure it really made him yell and dance and cry. I would really have loved to have been there to watch, his hard little penis dancing around as his backside got swished by his sister!

    2. For a city boy like me, it was always big sister's slipper.
      Mom would also use the slipper but for very serious ones it was the cable.

    3. Can you tell us what his mom did to him.

  19. That was a hot scene! I didn't expect Sue to get spanked, but it appears this runs in the family. :)

    1. From an attitude POV I agree, but she's open to anything, When she was in her early twenties she was a fetish model in SanFran, modelling subby side stuff.

    2. How come she was modeling subby side stuff and still her bottom is not used to spanking

    3. Just clothes and poses and a bit of light bondage, no impact play.

    4. Sure she is getting full impact from you.

  20. I predicted here many months ago that you would become infatuated with sue and now current conditions are leading that to happen. It won't be long before you and David are both shoeing up once a week in skimpy French maid outfits to clean her home under strict supervision. At the end of your shift, she will choose one of you to service her while the other has to stand at attention outside her bedroom door, jealously listening to her pleasure. It will be all you can do not to quiver in your very high heels as you are forced to picture what is going on during the weeks you are not chosen.

  21. I think there is a bit of denial here from both you and your sister. Pressing a Hitachi against her pussy and making her cum is surely no different from fingering her. The occasional spanks across the labia are another indicator.

    1. In the eye of the beholder. A fingering is way more intimate. Maybe if I had latex gloves on?

  22. Is there any chance that your sister returns for another trip across your knee?