Monday, April 6

Julie Spanked for Being Irresponsible - and Daddy knows...

Oh Blush! I got a spanking from my husband for being irresponsible. I guess I deserved it. My nemesis "Hattrick" will be tickled pink, I'm sure. The worst (best?) part of this spanking is that my Dad (my real Dad!) knows...

My actual husband spanking the actual me!

So it's Saturday, and I'm bored as shit, and I want ice cream, and we don't have any in the house. My husband is more a stickler than I. I tell him that I'm going out for a walk. He says best to stay in the house and shelter in place. Yeesh, I tell him, I can go out for a friggin' walk!!! He says, ok, but wear a face covering and stay two meters away from anybody. YES. Already! Geeze!

So I go out and I go to the grocery store and buy a little tub of ice cream (just a little one).

It's not crowded and everyone is very social distancy and everything in the grocery store. I bring it back home with me.

So I sit at the kitchen counter and I scoop a scoop of ice cream into a bowl and savour it. Soooo goood!

"Where did you get the ice cream?" asks David.

"Oh, it was in the freezer." Not exactly a lie. It was in the freezer. Briefly.

"No it wasn't, we didn't have any in the freezer."


"Yeah, well, I just bought it, and put it in the freezer," I told him, like Duh!

"I thought you were just going for a walk," said David.

"I walked to the grocery store and bought some ice cream. It's not a big deal."

"You know you're not supposed to. One trip to the grocery store a week. That's it."

"One trip to the grocery store a week, that's it," I said mocking him. I was bratting, I admit it. I shouldn't have. He called my bluff...

He grabbed me by my upper arm and pulled me away from the kitchen counter.

"Hey!" what was I thinking of.

He pulled me into the living room and towards the couch. He started undoing my pants.

"David! No!" I told him. "I DO NOT consent!"

Not exactly true... especially as I knew I had been naughty. But I wasn't about to make it easy for him.

He pulled my pants down to my ankles and then pulled me across his knees.

"NO! NO!" I yelled.

He ripped my panties down to my mid thighs.


He started spanking me!

This is actually from a video of my husband spanking me,
though on a different occasion. It must have looked similar!

He used his bare hand on my bottom. Hard. Over and over and over again.

What was I thinking? Let me explain. This was not a "play" spanking. It was not incredibly hard or brutal or anything. We have definitely played harder than this. But this was not play. He had put me here against my will. I could have had him thrown in jail (or, yes, used our safeword). But... I knew from the moment he caught me that I had been a bad girl. An actual bad girl. I did something impulsive with the ice cream trip. I lied by omission when I said I was going for a walk. I did not wear a face covering as I implied to him I would. I taunted him by eating the ice cream out in the open. I basically lied to him, technicalities notwithstanding, when he asked me about the ice cream. I ignored his concerns about social distancing. And I mocked him. Yes. I had been a bad girl and I knew I had it coming.

"Ok ok, I'm sorry!" I told him.

He kept spanking.

"Please! Ok! I get it! You can stop now!"

He kept spanking. He did not say a word. He just spanked me! It was getting really painful now. His hand is hard like a paddle. He did not hold back.

"Please! David! I'm sorry! Please!" I begged, my legs kicking up a storm.

He... Kept... Spanking...

"I'M SORRY!" I cried out, as the tears started flowing. I don't normally cry from a spanking. But, as I said, I knew I had been a bad girl, and the emotions sort of got to me. Daddy was giving his little girl a spanking. Yet still he did not stop. I let the tears flow as he continued spanking me with intensity. Oh shit. I was being punished. It must have been only about five minutes, but it felt like forever, like my spanking would never, ever end, and I was a bad girl, and bad girls get punished...

David stopped spanking me and put me on my feet. He took me towards the corner of the living room and made me stand there with my pants and panties down, and my hands on my head.

Actual me again.

"You stay there until you can tell me why you just got spanked," he told me.

He took a seat in the living room where he could keep an eye on me and started reading a book while I sniffled and regained a bit of my composure. My butt was on fire. I was emotional.

After I had calmed down and thought about things. After maybe five minutes, I ventured "I got spanked because I lied to you, Sir." I said.

"Try again," he said.

I thought it was because of one of the lies. Oh no. No, I know what it was that peeved him so and said, "because I wasn't social distancing, Sir?"

"That's right. Now tell me why that was irresponsible," he said.

Personally, I thought the whole social distancing thing had gone a little over the top. At risk of another spanking, I said,

"You know it's all overblown, right?"

"Do you want another spanking? If you didn't like that spanking, you'll like the paddle to your butt even less," he said.

"No Sir. I don't want another spanking." True dat! "But, but I have, like, a 0.2% chance of dying from it, if I even catch it, you know that, right?"

"Think about someone other than yourself."

Oh shit... I all of a sudden knew why he was so upset. It also came to me that I was in fact having an argument on a very similar topic on my last blog post with a commenter (a man named Hattrick - this comment). It's almost like I got spanked a little bit by him... so humiliating!

"My Mom and Dad," I said.

"Exactly. Explain."

"I might catch it, not know I have it, and spread it to them..."

"Bingo," he said. "Look, either you don't go see your Mom and Dad, or you do social distancing properly. It's still a risk, and you know I don't approve, but we agreed, and at least you'd be minimizing the risk responsibly."

"But it's such a small chance..."

"Ah ah! It's a small risk with a nasty downside. If we carry it to them, what's the chances they may die?"

I thought that was harsh, but I knew the stats. "10% to 20%, Sir."

"And how would they die?"

Ugly! "Their lungs would fill with fluid, Sir, and they'd sort of drown..."

"Is that a risk worth taking?"

"No Sir."

"We agreed it's you and me, your sister, and your Mom and Dad, and that's it. And that's already a big enough group. We offset the risk by running all their errands for them so they don't need to leave their house. But the only way it's even remotely acceptable is if we take precautions at their house, and social distance everywhere else, right? That's the only reason I agreed to it. You remember that conversation, right?"

"Yes Sir."

"I swear to God, Julie, if you do anything like this again I'll tear up your ass with a belt, and not in a good way. Got it?"

"Yes Sir. Got it."

"Ok, you can come out of the corner now,"

I turned to face David. My pants and panties were still down. My hands were still on my head. I was sort of crying a bit, thinking about what might happen to Mom and Dad. "I'm sorry...".

David came over, pulled up my panties, then pulled up my pants and re-fastened them. He brought me over to the couch and he snuggled with me.

I had been pretty stupid. I was determined NOT to do it again, legitimately. I was even reconsidering gathering with my Mom and Dad at all. Lots to think about.

Later that evening, while David was watching a movie, I went to bed early to read. I thought about the spanking he had given me. My butt still tingled and itched. My shame turned a bit to lust. He had been pretty darned masterful with me. I put down my book, rolled over on my tummy so my bottom was in the air, and started stroking my pussy.

I recalled the sensations of being dragged through the kitchen and put across his knee against my will. The sensations of him lowering my pants and my panties, baring my bottom. His strength. My powerlessness. The sensations of him spanking my bare bottom with his hard hand. The fanny pain. My begging him to stop and him not stopping. Spanking me for a long time. To teach me a lesson. It was what a Daddy would do to his naughty teenage daughter.

The thoughts of "Daddy" pivoted in my imagination. For what I did, I should probably be spanked by my husband in front of my Mom and Dad. Bare bum. Hard.

(courtesy Glenmoretales - modified to fit by moi...)

Sue would be there and be outraged by my behaviour. She would want a turn as well. She would use Mom's wooden spoon. And my Daddy would want to spank me also. Not for himself. He's fearless. But for the risk I took with Mom. Daddy would bend me over the back of their sofa, bare naked, pussy and bottom hole on parade, and leather my behind.

Oh God! Pussy up. Gaping open and closed as I kick my legs to my whipping. Bottom hole exposed. Leathering my behind... SWISH SMACK! SWISH SMACK! SWISH SMACK! No Daddy! Please Daddy! Don't whip me like this! Not across the couch! Not bare naked! Please! Please! I'll be good! So good!

I came thinking about my actual father leathering my behind in that exposed position.

When David came up to bed and the light was off and I was again snuggling with him, bare body to bare body, I thanked him for my spanking, said I deserved it, and told him all about my little masturbation session, about him mastering me, and even my thoughts about Mom and Dad seeing me spanked, and Dad leathering me in that exposed position. David reminded me that we were due for regular Sunday dinner there tomorrow evening, and maybe he'd make my fantasies come true.

"You wouldn't!" I told him.

He agreed he wouldn't but suggested that if the opportunity arose, a little teasing might not be out of place... (Mom and Dad know that I am a bit of a "spanked wife" - we outed ourselves a bit over the years, especially this one time... Julie Spanked in Front of Famiy... For Real!!! They don't know David is a spanked husband and I prefer to keep it that way. They know I get spanked for sexy fun, not for anything real - except this time I guess!)

That was all Saturday.

Today was Sunday. We are just back from Sunday dinner at my Mom and Dad's with Sue. And oh Gawd! I'll never be able to face them again.

We were talking about COVID and stuff (is that all we talk about nowadays?). I suggested that maybe we shouldn't do Sunday dinners anymore. My Mom and Dad were adamant we should. They see nobody else other than Sue and David and I, and they are sure that with everybody taking precautions it is safe enough. I told them about the incident of me going to get ice cream yesterday. My Mom and Dad did not think it was a big deal. David agreed that it was not a big risk, but that it was a needless one. Then David said, "and if she does it again, she's getting a spanking."

Oh no! Blush blush blush! My embarrassment gene kicked in hard and I felt myself flushing. I have no idea literally, why I put myself through things like this. My heart was fluttering, but I was not about to let it drop. I added in a sort of embarrassed voice, "he means, another spanking..."

My Mom and Sue both stifled a smile and my Dad laughed aloud. He has a Scottish background, and some times a little brogue comes out. "So, you got your bum smacked for buying ice cream did you?" he said.

Oh Geeze! I realized only belatedly this was NOT a conversation I really wanted to have with my parents!

"Yes, Sir," I said, kind of instinctively. I had never called my Dad "Sir" in my entire life up to now.

"Oh, ha ha ha, 'Sir' is it? Well I'm sure you've learned your lesson then. Oh ha ha ha."

"Fine weather we're having," said my Mom, changing the subject abruptly.

"Yes indeed, Mom. Very fine weather," said my sister pointedly. And we all switched to discussing the very fine weather we were having.

Oh dear!


  1. It’s amazing what a true discipline spanking can do

    1. I know these times are very hard and trying but the only way we will get back to normal is if people take this seriously and listen. Someone I know got the virus and has survived ( thank God) but she said it’s worse than anything she’s had before and she was quarantined away from her entire family! So yes you very well may survive but is it worth being that sick? Is it worth risking being in a room completely by yourself?
      I’m sorry you were spanked but you definitely deserve it and I think you deserved more than you got. You not only put your life at risk but you put the lives of those you love at risk

    2. Yes Sir, I realize that now, Sir. I probably do deserve more than I got. What would you, gulp, suggest was appropriate as punishment?

    3. You could start with an apology!

      I am neither tickled pink nor any other colour for that matter! As expressed by bubbaj ABOVE and j.stern BELOW (wittle owivia notice the difference?) an apology for your condescending and dismissive replies, to my comments, would be a good start! Then again stubborn little brats like you rarely apologize for the things they have done wrong unless they have been bent over a lap for a good spanking or a hiking trail fence for a proper punishment switching.

      Writing a separate apology post, naked, may be a bridge to far but a simple apology comment here is a bridge you can lower yourself to cross.

    4. I’m glad you realize that now 🙂 glad you’ve learned from it. As far as what I see as appropriate punishment: the spanking you got would have just been the warm up! After I would have sent you to get the paddle or belt and 10-20 swats depending on the condition of your bottom which you would have been counting and thanking after each swat. And to end it you would have been holding a coin to the wall with your nose and every time it fell you’d get another 2 seats.

    5. hatty: I was punished for taking a small but silly risk given we are still seeing Mom and Dad. I accept that is fair.

    6. bubbaj: the additional punishment seems just. But how long against the wall???

    7. julie, your reply is typical for you and nothing more than expected! Now where did I put that razor strap…?

    8. If I can just make a point, "writing a separate apology post, naked" has the advantage of being an ACTUAL humiliating punishment.

    9. Stern and Hat y’all need to back off her. You’re definitely pushing this thing a little too much. From what I see she didn’t agree with something one of y’all said about “social distancing” and now you are running with it. I am all for being smart and isolating from majority of people but I have gone around 2-3 other people that don’t live in my house. We all have been isolated and do need a break with people who know are also taking this seriously!
      Now did she mess up with the whole grocery store thing yeah absolutely but she’s been punished for it! And where I’m from once you’re punished for something it’s done and over with!
      Julie if you wish to talk more I’d love to chat

    10. "Now did she mess up with the whole grocery store thing yeah absolutely but she’s been punished for it!"

      It's so embarrassing that the whole world knows I got a spanking for that, and it 'kinda makes it even more embarrassing when you point that out (despite your best intentions). But it is what it is. I messed up, I earned the punishment, and I was punished. Doesn't stop me from feeling like a naughty little girl when you point out the truth of that.

    11. Good girl. You can get dressed now. :-)

    12. Yes! Psychologically dressed after my dressing down.

    13. Wait I’m the bad guy in this?! 😂😂😂😂

    14. No Sir. It's just that I've been spanked like a little girl, and reminding me of that fact is embarrassing, but nothing I did not earn.

  2. Julie you deserved that so much. you messed up from the start. Had you told David the truth about where you were going and had worn a mask he would have agreed to let you go. I'm thinking your sister might have something to say to your bottom soon. Think of spring break on the beach. strong young people all together and some go home with the virus.

    1. Yes, Sir. Another spanking from Sue (or Daddy for that matter) would be justified.

  3. Glad to know that your bottom is a red, stinging, warm as my bottom is after my wife spanks me. I only once when set to bed early did I play with myself. My wife knew, how I don't know, but the spanking I got the next morning, on an already sore bottom, was the worse. Jack

    1. David did not seem to mind that I played with myself after my spanking.

    2. I wish my wife did not mind, but she did. Jack

  4. I would say David's comment at dinner was a more effective punishment than the spanking itself Julie. I hope he continues the spanking 'theme' next Sunday !

    1. Let's just say "equally effective"!
      And thank you for the image. Apologies for my poor "doctoring" of it. I had to get my nephews and Nancy out, bare my bum, and redden it up a bit!

    2. Based on the pics I've seen of your cute little rush I would say you did a nice job in terms of shape and colour Julie. As for next Sunday , I certainly hope David ramps it up with perhaps taking you to another room for a spanking heard by your parents. Now that would be embarrassing ....and entertaining for you Dad at least.
      I wonder if your Mom's urgency to change the subject may have been that she had had her bum smacked recently as well?

    3. Well need an excuse. Maybe I be super careful all week, and then next Sunday I give my Dad a hug. David will get angry, haul me off to the spare room, and give me my spanking!

    4. Probably best not to give your Dad an actual hug , but the brat in you can say "I'm going to give my Dad a big hug and you can't stop me David!"
      David responds , "Do I need to take you somewhere private for another lesson in social distancing young lady?"
      You're response is to stick out your tongue at him "I dare you!"
      David excuses you both and hauls you off to the next room for your comeuppance.
      I would say a good 20 stingers on the bare with lots of "ow's" "ouches" "yes sirs" and "sorry sirs" from Julie.
      Then with your face as red as your bottom you are marched back in to apologize to Dad.
      Lots of rubbing and squirming on your seat and promises from David of a 'proper spanking' once he gets you home.
      Great Sunday afternoon entertainment for your Dad I'd say!

    5. >Sucks in breath<

    6. It would be worthy of some art on my blog if you do It!

    7. Oh yikes! The offer of the art is actually pretty compelling. I'd love (hate!) a spanking like that...

  5. have you ever given david a real spanking for something well least now Sue know what to do to you as well if she catch you out where not allow wonder how Sue really felt bet she thought to her self how she spanked your cute naughty butt her self

    if Sue had caught ya might given you same spanking she gave you last time use her belt and paddle along with her strong hands but ya know david was right the whole time least you agree you needed the spanking he knew what kind give ya too

    1. Making progress: 5 "you" to 3 "ya". Try for all "you" next time. I don't know why I hate the "ya" so much!

      Sue knows every nuance of what goes on between us. She knew that the "spanking" comment at dinner was a bit planned out, of course, and she was entertained by my resulting embarrassment!

      She also (as of now) knows that it was a pretty "real" spanking from my husband (I told her, and that was maybe even more embarrassing because as big sister she claims certain "disciplinary rights" over me herself)

  6. Delightful erotic story to read, and love the pictures of you actually being spanked. David just using his hand certainly reddened your bottom significantly. Wonderful to read that your parents were informed that you were spanked for it, and that you chose to tell them. An embarrassment, but one that will make conversations even more open in the future.
    However, not social distancing is foolish to the extreme, and someday this week, before you go out for a walk, David should give you a reminder to social distance with the hair brush.
    bottoms up

    1. Oh fuckety fuck fuck fuck. Yes, Sir. The hairbrush it is Sir. I'm very sure my husband will do a good job with it. Oh shit...

  7. Hmm, maybe David actually should have spanked your bottom and had you in the corner with your pants and panties around your ankles while everyone else enjoyed dinner. Once dinner is over, you are conscripted to clear the table with Sue using the spoon on your bottom regularly as you do it, making sure to bend you over the counter to give at least 36 firm strikes at the end. And you know you're not finished yet. Mom's hairbrush awaits with a feeling of dread, Daddy's belt with baited excitement. It'll hurt like hell, but any opportunity to show off naked for Daddy is worth it.

    P.S.: I am now convinced your dad spanks your mom and she likes it.

    1. Yes. The subject of my fantasies for sure. I don't think it was that far away from happening. Maybe that's what these little hints and embarrassments are about: clearing the way for that bare bottomed spanking and corner time in front of Mom and Dad. Mom's hairbrush would be fitting. But a belt whipping from Dad, bent over with my bare pussy fully exposed... OMG!!!

      P.S. really? you think? what a thought, omg.

    2. Oh, I think so. Instead of the usual expected dad reply of "How dare you spank my daughter?!", he chuckles and encourages it. I think, in his mind, you and David found the same happiness he and your mother have found in a woman's regularly spanked bottom (heh, heh, if he only knew). Mom quickly changed the subject because she didn't want her little secret coming out, hahaha!

  8. I don't know what Hattrick will think of the beginnings of your apology.

    Your pathetic tears when you turn to David and ask forgiveness and admit being stupid is a step in the right path, as is your confession to your father.
    But you need to go further once you recognize the seriousness of your behavior: you have to apologize publicly to Hattrick and
    publicly acknowledge the merits of the sermon he gave you.
    Humbling yourself before him even more than you think you did.

    Why not in the form of a short post, which you will write naked, brainstorming to tell him in detail what you understand about the extent of your frivolity, your pride, his wisdom.
    Almost done! :)

    1. THAT would be a bridge too far!

    2. You're right Ms Julie. Don't fall into this trap. Play it safe.

  9. While You deserved a spanking for being irresponsible Ms Julie, i think david will be paid back 2x the next time he steps out of line with you

    1. No relationship. If he's bad, he'll get spanked!

  10. You are absolutely beautiful! Your husband is a lucky man!!

  11. I'm sure Daddy's belt will soon be worn out once he's finally realised the benefits of leathering his naughty little girl.

    1. Soooo many benefits! He'd get his dick sucked for sure ;-)

  12. Rogering here. The family that spanks together stays....erotically charged.That dad masturbation musings proves what a bad kitten you really are, but that is why we respect you
    so much Julie, your nothing if not fiercely honest in your writings (as well as being damned talented)

    1. I just don't know if there are many other daughters who fantasize like this over their real Dads. I suspect I am a peculiarly sick kitty!

  13. You should have gotten an extra spanking that night for being so naughty and touching yourself to have an orgasm.

    So nice to read that you enjoy switching :-)

    1. Our rule is that it's ok to fiddle yourself, but if you get caught "in the act" it's a spanking!

    2. I see, bummer he didn't catch you!

  14. You deserved it Julie, in fact you deserve a harder spanking with the home slipper or his belt.

    1. His hand IS punishing, but you are probably right...

    2. Ask him for further punishment, better you chose the implement and hand it to him.

  15. Sue should pay you a visit to punish you as well for putting your parents at risk, this time no warm up and uses her belt full force from tbe first swat.
    Then she rewards david with a hand job for punishing you, tells him to be harsher next tume, he argues it was harsh enough and that you were in tears.
    Sue tells her to prove it and tells you to go over his knee, he spanks yiur already sore bottom, you try to escape he hilds yiu back in keg lock, your bottom is fried so you push hard and Sue holds you is position for him, but he says you had enough.
    Sue is not happy, orders you both to bend over the sida back and blisters your bottoms with her belt.
    The she goes to the kitchen, fetches two cucumbers, and inserts one up your ass hole and one up David's ass hole.
    Before she leaves, she lets you remove the cucumbers.
    Then she decides to sleep over to continue your punishment in the morning.

    1. I like the cucumbering...

    2. It is healthy, further humiliation is to get you to eat the same cucumber that was inside your ass. But this is a bit disgusting not every body likes this play except those who drink mistress urine and eat her shit.

    3. Well, assuming you peel and wash...

    4. Try it and tell us how it goes

  16. It’s not often one gets to experience a genuine punishment like that. You don’t plan it out like a game. It’s not a role play. It could be reported on the nightly news, and it wouldn’t be fake news. You, Julie, were a bad girl, and daddy had to spank you. It could be a warning to the world-at-large. Of course, you are embarrassed. Who wouldn’t be? Your face is just so much redder when the whole family knows what happened.

    One thing you find with real punishments like this is that you get spanked to tears — not just moist eyes, but the glistening wet cheeks of shame and remorse. You have joined the ranks of bad girls and boys who have had to endure lessons like this historically, and you discovered the emotion of this spanking was unlike your normal experiences.

    I feel this spanking over Daddy’s knee was a much needed lesson for you, and David made sure of it by putting you in the corner and having you explain in your own words what you learned. Unlike the typical corner-time as submission, this was real life being addressed. Sometimes irresponsibility can have disastrous consequences, and that’s the risk these days. But you wanted your ice cream and acted like a bratty teenager. Those moments afterwards, where you come to the sincere realization you misbehaved, and you get cuddled and forgiven, highlight the intimacy and vulnerability of the whole real-life drama.

    After all you went through, later masturbating on your tummy is surely understandable, and was probably inevitable. When you fully examine what happened to you, the arousal is going to be intense and, for you, all those particular circumstances led to you imagining yourself being leathered on your exposed behind by your real father.

    1. Eloquently put, Brett. I had never felt anything like this before. I don't usually misbehave! So strange that genuine misbehaviour and then punishment leads inevitably to a sexual response for me, and inevitably to thoughts of my real father strapping me harshly and embarrassingly.

    2. The fact that you don’t usually misbehave makes it more exciting to me. You’re not irresponsible but, like all of us, you’re also not perfect. It was an atypical lapse of good judgment, and that put the wheels in motion for a very special event. My wife and I haven’t seen any other family members since the pandemic was officially a thing, and it's been difficult, but we’ve done some things that we, in hindsight, wish we had done better. Many of our so-called leaders have lied about it, downplayed it, exposed themselves to unnecessary risk, failed to show the urgency that could have saved thousands of lives, and will probably not be held accountable, so why should we expect regular folks like us would have acted perfectly?

      You made a mistake, you were held accountable, your attention was directed, and you came to realize your mistake. That is what we can call effective traditional parenting. No more, no less. You got a spanking from Daddy. To me, your real parent punishing you would be even more satisfying. Your parents are the most primal and powerful authority in your life, and under those circumstances, the lesson for a naughty little girl can be taken literally. And you know how legitimate that spanking would be. Your special connection to your father adds much complexity to the situation.

      You’ve always been a Daddy’s girl, and for you there’s a sexual component to that. The explicit corporeal connection to him, and shameful, embarrassing exposure of your sex in the process of spanking punishment is inevitably arousing. It is highly taboo, but I doubt a psychiatrist would think it strange.

    3. My next blog post, that I'm preparing now, is a "what if?" sort of post. What if I misbehave again with regards to keeping my Mom safe (I won't!), but "what if?" What should happen to me in the family setting? What would be justified? How would I feel about it? As you say, the complexities regarding my sexual emotions about my Dad (which I try to be very honest about here on my blog) colours the whole things and pushes it in directions a psychiatrist might indeed think strange!

  17. May I ask if you were surprised by your father's reaction to your spanking?   I would call it  definitely positive and
    enthusiastic.  Future additional  investigation on the theme is warranted for sure.

    1. Not really. I had gotten some playful swats from David before in front of him and he had reacted similarly. He's certainly not averse to seeing, and hearing about, his grown daughter's bum being smacked by her husband!

  18. Do you know about carpet beater spanking?
    It is not popular in my country and was wondering how it feels.

    1. I've seen photos but never tried it.

    2. I have used a carpet beater on my hubby's derrière (once in a while), and I can assure you that it's VERY effective! *

      *It's also pretty noisy (whether in its own right, or because of the way it makes him yelp! :-)

  19. Would be great time to get the hubby back into some diapers while at home for that spanking and maybe even get more practice in a daily makeup routine. I can just imagine him having having a sore bottoms diapers pulled down with mascara running standing in the corner while you open the door for takeout. Heck you could even surprise your sister with a pampered tush after her spanking.


    1. I do enjoy diapering him. My next post (in preparation now) does have some oblique references to diapering... but diapering me!

  20. Would you ever consent to being diapered / diaper punishment from David or Sue for immature behaviour such as this?

    1. Yes, but I think to be effective it would have to be more public. Maybe having to wear a diaper and short dress to Sunday dinner? Not being allowed to use the toilet. A full diaper change in front of (or by!) my Mom or Dad??? Blush!

  21. I noticed something in your photo Julie, even when being held bare bottom getting spanked, your middle finger sticks out in a gesture of I will fuck you after.

  22. I haven't read all the comments but I hope I'm not the only one that thinks your punishment was too mild! I mean, cmon, a handspanking?? Sure you cried but we're talking about 1) endangering lives 2) bratting and 3) lying. Lying is the highest crime in my book because what we do requires a lot of trust between partners. Besides that, as you yourself pointed out, you committed multiple transgressions which should have a multiplying affect.

    As a result, the hand spanking should have been followed by another more serious punishment. Now I've noticed you and David seem to like straps and belts. But I think its time you introduced a cane into your repertoire. And not a thin whippy cane. This requires a more serious hickory type cane that leaves deep bruises reminding you for weeks of your punishment.

    After your caning you'd be in the corner naked waiting until an hour before bedtime. At that point, you'd be over David's lap while he rubs some cream on your bottom. Yes that might be soothing but at the same time he has the opportunity to knead your punished butt as much as he likes while lecturing you. I'm sure you know that will hurt as much or more than a spanking! And I did say, an hour before bedtime right? So you'll know how long you'll be writhing over his lap! I just wonder if he'll be able to control himself with all that lap dancing but that's between you and him. lol.

    1. Yes Sir, others agreed with you as well. Though telling my Mom and Dad about my misbehaviour, it's consequences, and a promised repeat turned out to be extra embarrassing!

      We do own a cane. A vicious Delrin cane I am terrified of. In my DD contract with my husband, I'll be sure to include it for serious or repeated offenses.

      I don't know, but an hour of butt rubbing sounds kinda nice to me, even if pain is involved, and yeah, no way he lasts an hour before "having me" in the traditional manner of husbands and wives...

  23. Lucky david that he is a switch, I am subby living in a macho community, the women never accept having a subby husband. Tried discussing spanking with my wife and we reached the point of discussing implements she told me no implements, your are a big man with big hands, I can't take it if you use implements.
    If you want to use implements, it is for gay men to be spanked with but I am lady and can't tolerate implements.
    She thought I was discussing spanking her, it never crossed her mind I wanted her to spank me.
    I kept quite about my need to get spanked as she associated that with being gay.
    I just spank her every now and then very briefly because I can't step back.

    1. Oh I'm sorry, that sounds miserable! My advice is for you to put her across your knee and while spanking her explain to her that you are perfectly willing and able to take her in hand, but that you, as a straight man, have fantasies f dominant women, and that there is no contradiction and she needs to get over herself and explore that side. You should then send her to my blog (the Advice for Wives page), and show her how I can both play with my man as a top, and submit to him as a spanked wife. Send me email if you want to exchange ideas!

  24. I think many women have fantasies about their fathers dominating them and spanking them and seeing their naked wet pussy. However the Daddy is a fantasy one usually someone they know or know of. But there can be nothing wrong in wanking to a fantasy of your real father doing it.

    He will I feel be proud he has brought up such a sexual and sensual daughter. One that might have interests like his own possibly.

    1. I think the most embarrassing thing of all is for an all-gown-up wife having a clearly wet pussy while your Dad spanks you, and him not caring and spanking you anyways!