Friday, February 12

Semi-Public Spanking

After the events I blogged about in Wife Spanked and Neighbour Told, I can't seem to get it out of my mind. I find naughty thoughts about embarrassing semi-public spankings creeping up whenever I have a down moment.

David spanking me in front of cottage neighbour Larry...

Looking back, from early on in my interest in spanking I've always been particularly fascinated by witnesses and such. I assumed it was more my husband's kink than mine, but actually I think it was always stronger in me, and he was just game for it.

I now consider myself a pure switch in terms of my spanking kink. I get sexually inspired by both being top and being bottom, and by any sex spanking any other sex (man on man included, in a cuckolding type scenario, but so far my husband has not allowed me to go there).

However, I started my "career" as a no-kink person. I never had a spanking fetish at all growing up, unlike many of my readers who report having naughty thoughts about spanking from a very young age. It was literally not until soon before I started this blog (almost 10 years ago) that I had any interest at all. 

My husband asked me if I found spanking sexy, and I thought he was referring to him spanking me, and I told him no. He then sheepishly asked if I would find it sexy for me to spank him. It did not strike me as sexy at all, but I could see that it was obviously striking him as sexy, so I decided to give it a go.

I will say I was intrigued by the prospect of spanking a man, but not sexually excited. I was familiar with spanking, having both received and witnessed spankings as a child. There was a certain mystique surrounding spankings from my father which fed into my Daddy fantasies (I fantasized about him fucking me long before spanking entered the picture). As well, I once saw an annoying male cousin receive a belting over his PJs from his Dad to tears where I had smugly felt justice had been served (it was me he was annoying and my big sister Sue who tattled on him, so you can say we got our start early). So there was something positive in the back of my mind about annoying males being spanked.

I tried it and I wound up really, really liking spanking my husband. Surprising myself in fact. After a bit of time I discovered the little sadist in me. The more he wailed, and the more colours his butt turned, the more turned on I got.

Of course, it took some time to work up to a truly satisfying spanking, afraid as I was of hurting him. His use of a "yellow" safeword really helped me calibrate. The turn-on was totally mixed with a sense of empowerment in romantic relations with men that I never before dreamed existed. So my empowerment, my incipient sadism, and my sexual excitement all grew up together and bundled itself into one thing.

I went online to do some research into his kink and to seek advice, and wound up on a site called Topix. I spent about a month there before starting this blog. Looking back, I noticed that I very much steered the conversation towards more public types of humiliation for him, and there were many other forum members who were certainly eager to egg me on.

So very, very early on in our fetish I spanked him in panties, and took him out publicly panty shopping.

I told my sister and invited her to watch a spanking, and I spanked him in front of his in-home personal trainer which eventually led to a later incarnation of same spanking him regularly.

Courtesy lill jo

Remarkably prolific for a newbie! And looking back, I justified to myself that I did it because he craved it (he did), but honestly it was me pushing it.


In the early days I was still very intimidated ("panicked" is a better word) by the thought of a man dominating me. Though we did play a bit at spankings but with me in total control, and it was not as bad as I had thought. Gradually I allowed women to spank me, and I found that sexy and enjoyable (I'm a bit bi). Mistress Violet was one of my first (the first that seriously turned my crank, anyways!).

Mistress Violet Mays and me

But then at a certain point the dam broke and it suddenly occurred to me that being spanked by a man was really what I was craving, and I had become comfortable with that thought. Ironically, it was the husband of a friend of mine who first did it to me, at my request. After that I shook myself and said if he gets to do it, certainly my husband gets to do it as well! So I went into a period of very complete submission to David that really turned me on.

Occasionally, David would spank me "for cause". I think the first time was when we were out on a hike in the woods and I was very certain of the direction and against David's advice took him way off the direction we needed to go in. He took a switch on the spot to my bare bottom in the great outdoors for that, and I deserved it!

Afterwards I needed to get on my knees, take his cock in my mouth, and pleasure him, right out there!


I began fantasizing more and more about my Dad being involved in my spankings, and even spanking me himself. I wonder how many grown women have these fantasies about their fathers? I got quite excited when the question of David spanking me might come up amongst the family. I engineered a family gathering where David playfully held me up bent over, and delivered several hard swats to the back of my tight dress in front of many family members, my Dad included. Dad seemed extremely amused by the incident, and in fact egged my husband on. It was clear he approved!

Courtesy glenmoretales

About a year after this I did something naughty at the start of the COVID pandemic and David legitimately spanked me for it and then stood me in the corner afterwards. That spanking felt very different than any of my others. It was very much "against my will" (consensual in the broader sense of our relationship - I felt I could 'red' out of it but did not try) and was one helluva spanking. Moreover, I felt contrite afterwards. I requested that David casually tell my parents about it, which he did, somewhat against his better judgment. That thrilled me to my core.

That episode led me to enter into a Domestic Discipline Contract with my husband.

It was not very practical, however, as I am generally very self-disciplined and well-behaved, and I'm not sure it works that well in a switch situation, so we cancelled it soon after. Not before telling my parents about it and demonstrating, ahem, certain aspects of it for them (they now think I am legit crazy, so we toned that right down).

None of the maintenance spankings or sex spankings or roleplay spankings, were nearly as exciting as a real spanking for real reasons.

Those, fortunately (?) are few and far between. But when they do happen, I obsess as I am doing now.

Even more, those real spankings are things that I crave others know about. With my first one, I desperately wanted my Mom and Dad to know that David had given me a spanking. With this one, unprompted (bless his little heart!), David shared the fact that I had been spanked and punished with nose-in-corner timeout with our cottage neighbour, Larry. More accurately, he made me share it, and in utterly embarrassing detail!

Why does this turn me on so much????

You know what I am obsessing about now? How will it all turn out? What will happen next time Larry is over for a bottle of wine with David and I?

I imagine David and Larry will discuss how careless I was to leave the door unlatched which causes it to be blown wide open in the middle of the night in mid-winter. Larry is very frugal and is always monitoring and complaining about his heating bill. They keep their house quite cold to save money. David estimates I cost us about $100 in excess propane as a result of my actions. While we are quite wealthy comparatively, when David talks with Larry they always commiserate about the cost of things and David plays along. And $100 wasted by a stupid woman is no laughing matter in Larry's world.

As well, Larry is always frugal with his time as well. "You know, I had to go over there, look all around inside to make sure nothing was stolen and no critters got in, and then shut it up. It must have taken me a half-hour all told." Larry wants you to know he did you a favour, and banks it for a future favour in return (such as David helping him to haul his dock out, for example - Larry does not take charity!).

They are coarse together. "And what, this was all about her having to go pee?" They'll have a nice conversation about how I am always making David stop to go pee and he's having no more of it. I wonder if David will raise the question of diapers as punishment comically with Larry.

David might venture, "you know Larry, I only gave her part one of her spanking back in the city. I thought you might want to be here to watch part two."

What would Larry say? "Oh well... no, no, no, that's between you two."

Not. Bloody. Likely. 0% chance.

"Sure!" Larry would say. 100%

"Come here Julie!" David will yell out.

I'd go over to him, I'd have no choice, but I would argue: "No! Please David. Not in front of Larry... please!"

"You know you love it," David would reveal. "Admit it to Larry. Face him and admit what a little shame slut you are... go on."

I would turn towards Larry, look down at the floor, and mutter out, "I am a little shame slut, sir...".

"Well in that case, you better strip for your spanking, just like we do at home," David might say. Larry will have a giant grin on his face at my expense.

I can already viscerally feel my emotional reaction. The butterflies in my tummy. I'm feeling them right now as I imagine this!

But i would do it, I would strip down, all the way to my birthday suit. Of course I would cover myself furiously with my hands and blush like mad.

David would grasp my arms and turn me to face Larry, He would pull my arms back behind me making my bare breasts jut out for Larry's amusement. Larry's eyes would drop to my hairless pussy and see my labia and my clitoral hood probably. David might reach around and pull my pussy lips apart, tickle my needy clit...

Then he'd take me across his knee, leg lock me, and in full view of Larry spank me frantic! He'd show Larry how hard a girl like me needs to be spanked to make any impression at all.

Midway through, as if it just came to him, David would go, "say Larry, she put you out, do you want to finish her off yourself?"

"Don't mind if I do!"

David would stand me on my feet and send me to Larry. I'd have to crawl bare naked across Larry's lap.

"Feel free to cop a feel," David would say.

Larry would reach forward underneath me and grab a tit, squeeze it, grab my nipple, twist it.

"Nice tits!" he'd say as he was doing it.

"Feel her cunt, I'll bet she's wet."

Larry will put his hand between my legs, and dip his fingers into my pussy.

"She's wet as hell! Are you a wet little slut? Is that what you are?" he'd ask as he finger fucks me and rubs my lips and clit.

"Give her the bowling ball grip," David would say as he licks his thumb to demonstrate.

Larry would do likewise, then jam his fat thumb into my asshole as his four fingers jam into my pussy.

"Yeah" You like that? Do you take it up the ass? Do you?"

"Answer him, Julie."

"Yes Sir! I take it up the ass, Sir!"

With a pop Larry would pull his fingers out of me and start spanking my ass with his hand.

David would casually stand up, go to the mantle and fetch the Muskoka paddle lying there and hand it to Larry.

"There you go, Larry. You can really leave an impression with that."

Larry would take the paddle and start paddling me with it. Bloody hard!

"Look at that sweet ass turning red," Larry would say.

I'd get a good hard spanking across Larry's knee to tears. He'd decide when it was over and let me up.

"I think that'll do her!"

"I think so too," David would say. "Say Larry, if you want to take her for a spin in the bedroom..."

"Nah, Dave, I couldn't!"

"Sure you can."

"What would i owe you?" Larry would ask suspiciously.

"Tell you want. $10 for ten minutes. Do whatever you want with her."

"I can do that," Larry would say, and hand a $10 bill over to David.

"Come here, girl. you're on the clock!" Larry would say and drag me off by my arm to the bedroom.

We'd go into the bedroom together and shut the door. Larry would put me on my knees and get his cock out of pants and I would have to suck it first. When he was nice and hard, Larry would lift me up by my hair and throw me onto the bed. "Ass up!" Larry would say.

"I don't want to be unfaithful to my wife, so I'll fuck you in the ass."

"Yes Sir!" I would say and dive for the lube in the bedside drawer and desperately hand it to Larry. Larry would grease me and slide his fat cock into my tight hole. Larry would keep fucking me until he spunks up my ass.

"Damn. Best $10 I ever spent!"



  1. You might as well just not wear clothes the next time you see Larry. That way you can be ahead of the game. I’m sure he won’t complain :)

    1. True! But then I'd miss out on the "being stripped" part.

  2. As you know my wife will spank no matter who maybe present. I have also learned that females don't get have the same reaction to seeing a man naked as a man does a woman. I have been spanked in private then taken to the front room either naked or bare from the waist down to face the wall. I have had my pants, underpants pulled down with other present prior to going over my wife lap. The pajamas was something new, little boy jammes. This is only when I've really messed up. So being seen by others, part of the punishment, the jammies are the worse. My wife knows me very well, and I know when I've earned a spanking, best do as told. As for having a erection, the reaction is Really, and my wife reminds me it will be gone shortly and it always is. My mother-in-law, my wife best friend, and my wife enjoy making comments and I've learned not to say a word or else. Jack

    1. Hi jacks - I think we need a new comment from you. I've seen this one too many times. Ha ha!

    2. The only comment that would be different and one my wife has told me over and over again never to mention is this. Having to masturbate, front room, no one present, and not able to cum until she tells me. A spanking will follow, but seeing me with an erection finally had enough and enjoyed seeing me masturbate holding the bath brush. Jack

  3. Irene and I started out the same as you and David. I was obsessed with the idea and she was willing to spank me, but not the other way around. That’s not changed in 40 years.

    Like you she found she likes it and that it turns her on when she makes it hurt. We’ve turned things up a few notches since the kids left home and we have extended privacy. I’m often soundly thrashed several times over a few hours, scolded, dressed in girlie clothes etc. Sometimes I’m tied helpless to a chair or the bed; sometimes I’m sent out to do errands.

    Eventually when she’s ready, Irene will sit on my face reverse cowgirl style and I’ll lick her pussy. She’ll come, setting off the seismometer at the local University. Then she’ll fuck me hard.

    In another universe, I might still like to spank a naughty girl but not Irene.


    1. If she likes the reverse cowgirl facesit (presuming that means facing down your body?), then I HIGHLY recommend you ream her asshole with your tongue, nice and deep, while she uses her Hitachi to get off. Talk about seismic!

    2. I’ve put my tongue as far into her bottom as it will reach. She’s ok with that but nit especially turned on. And she isn’t interested in vibrators - an emotional thing I think.

      But we did have a tete a tete a few hours ago. After she comes, she wants (needs) to fuck me. But first she has to catch her breath, and she lies on her side intermittently mauling me with her fingernails while she does. That took awhile, longer today than usual. We’re doing ok.

  4. When Larry reach forward underneath you and grab a tit, we tell ourselves that something is wrong.
    And all in an instant, everything change leading to a dark sexual atmosphere which reminds Farell (although a little less "yikes!")

    It makes me mad to see how you take back and turn away a male fantasy.
    As a man, I'm angry to think that I wouldn't have had this boldness in the imagination and it makes me mad that you choose to cum as you want.
    and Larry's slip about the "bowling ball grip" : "You lie that?" shows that you are not fooled.

    1. Oopsy! Fixed the typo sir, Freudian slips not withstanding.
      The e-hantai stuff was exciting!
      And yes, men are simple creatures in their fantasy lives ;-)

  5. Julie, your transformation from a vanilla to what you are now, amazing. Your fantasy about Larry, well, let me say, quite the deal. You will have to let us know if it happens, you know, all the details. love your blog

    1. Of course! I like to draw out the fantasy so I have the bookends of the realms of possibilities!

  6. Up at the cottage you well need a babysitter if you can’t be even counted on to properly close the door behind you when you leave. Maybe some time when your husband needs to go out he can call on Larry to come over and keep an eye on you while he’s gone — now that Larry knows what to do if you step out of line… -- Frank

    1. You gave me a jolt, Frank. "Larry" is not his real name (neither is "Frank", but I was deciding between "Frank and Larry as i wrote it). And then some commenter referred to Larry as Frank in a comment, and that was wierd, and then I got confused! Now i see you signing "Frank" and for a second I thought it was the real Larry! Phew!

      re. babysitter... I totally agree. But maybe I should be sent over to Larry's cottage to be sat. His wife and grown kid would be there as well. Spanking (and diapering) privileges would be extended to them as well. I wonder if they would take advantage at all...

  7. I'm sure Larry will approve of your spanking.
    But he clearly has traditional views and may be extremely offended by David's suggestion that he cheat on his wife with you. Perhaps he will put David across his knee and give him a spanking followed by a belt-whipping while you watch.
    Then he'll probably decide to fuck you anyway, but David will have to watch...

    1. Maybe, at this point, David can be spanked by Larry's wife, completely naked, strap and belt. Why not, you both would be spanked at the sane time. Than, for making the worst punishment, you and David have to fuck in front of them. His penis in your ass. Than he'll be on his knees, jerking off, ruined orgasm on his Hand, and eat it

    2. Yes! Plays into my exhibitionist and humiliation fantasies nicely. Ass fucked by my husband with his striped ass while the wife and daughter watch and call me a slut and a whore!

  8. Julie - I notice that in your fantasy you are made into a $10 whore. Is that really a fantasy of yours, to be whored out like that?

    1. Well... blush... yes it is, a little bit anyways...

  9. You should keep your panties on and see if he suggests your hubby pull them down.

    1. I like it, panties and bra on, but best not leave it to chance. David should ask Larry if he would be offended if those were removed from me in front of him as part of my punishment.

  10. fun adventures, and even better fantasies. Thank you for re-writing your evolution from spanker to devoted spankee. Many of us has made that same journey. I have for one.
    Too bad we do not live n the cabin next door. Could be some fun adventures.
    bottoms up

    1. Yes Red! That would be fun. We would pretend NOT to be spankos and get ourselves into all sorts of trouble!

    2. well, you could always make it happen after Covid, IF we ever receive vaccines in Canada. Hoping you cannot be a Trudeau fan. We are now 47th on the list of per capita vaccinations for all nations in the world (and still dropping)Both you and I could be spanked at the same time.
      bottoms up

    3. I am a fan of Trudeau père from history, but definitely not Trudeau fils! What a joke he is.

  11. maybe you and David should be in matching bra and panties during this whole ordeal with David in wearing a pair of his women's jeans


    1. I respect the fantasy, but I prefer when I'm on the bottom for my husband to be in charge!

  12. I’ve always been crazy fascinated with the humiliation of a spanking, particularly from witnesses. Especially from witnesses willing to add to the humiliation with laughter or taunting.
    I’ve also been reading your blog for years and get excited every time you mention cuckolding him. I can’t imagine a more humiliating spanking than a spanking from someone who is having your wife. Especially if she watches while the husband goes from jealous, to nervous, to humiliated, all the way to pathetic and sobbing in front of his wife at the hands of her lover. Complete and totally emasculation.

    I always thought it might end with corner time within ear shot of them discussing the ordeal, followed by eye contact while you suck his cock.

    I know that’s David hard limit... but any chance you’d write a fictional cuckold spanking about how you picture it happening?

    1. Well, you're in luck! I already wrote such a piece you can find here: billie's hard day. I think you'll enjoy it especially! I've collected all my fiction on a page linked from the top right.

      In that story a husband is spanked across the knee of a real alpha male in front of the husband's wife and grown daughter. Later on he is made to watch as the alpha fucks to orgasm his wife and daughter both. The alpha retains enough stamina to ass fuck the sissified husband as well, spanking his asshole, and very embarrassingly making the husband ejaculate from his ass fucking alone while the wife and daughter look and laugh.

      I am very turned on by such thoughts as well! Wish I could act it out.

    2. And I should add that the story does not feature David and I and how I would imagine it realistically going down. That would be a good writing project. Thank you for the suggestion!

    3. Omfg I feel like I really owe you something for that. Top 3 hottest stories I’ve ever read. When he’s forced to call him daddy in front of wife/daughter while being spanked !!! Wow! Thank you! I wish David would indulge you in this so I could read more like this one. Absolutely amazing.

  13. Be careful, for someone like Larry, spanking is a fun thing but the $10 offer could be considered an unethical shameful or even sinful.
    He is your neighbor and your entire family uses this cottage, be careful with your play.

    1. I agree. It was just a fantasy. In reality I would cost a lot more than that ;-)

  14. I don't recall ever seeing these two words paired - incipient sadism. I like it.

    We all come to spanking in different ways. I don't any two of us completely share the exact same interest. Your journey is certainly has been unique.

    1. It's fun putting words together! Thank you for noticing.

  15. When Larry and David become more and more coarse between males
    - Give her the bowling ball grip, Larry
    - two in the city one in the shitty, Dave ?
    - No, Larry ! When that slut is wide and wet like that you can jam four fingers in her cow cunt.
    - So that's four in the grass, one the ass, Dave !
    - Ah Ah, look at this cunt. What is she waiting wide open like that for ?
    - Your fat pénis, Larry, I said

  16. Love that photo of Ms. Violet!! Sexy. (Nice butt, Julie.)

  17. was that you out in woods being spanked good or some rando pic you found

    i think Mistress Violet may should give u another good spanking dont you think david need anotrher round over her lap as well for good spanking dont you agree too