Saturday, July 17

Cornertime Pics

As recounted last time in My Spanking, I was given a for-real behaviour-adjusting spanking by my husband last weekend, and also had to do 10 minutes with my nose in the corner. In the comments, I said that I thought I got off lightly with only 10 minutes. David has more commonly given me 30 minute nose in the corner timeouts. I suggested a full hour of cornertime would not have been out of step, though I would have hated every minute of it.

The photo above is of me doing corner time in a scene with a couple I knew. I was given a spanking over both the husband's and wife's knee, then a hard paddling from the wife (the paddle was made by a blog friend for the occasion). The wife then took the photo of me. Later on the husband was allowed to fuck me silly after I blew him (see Schoolgirl Punishment).

Ahhh... memories.

But I digress. Cornertime! After the exchange, a correspondent sent me a link to a micro-blogging website with nothing but pics of girls standing in the corner! You have to sign up to get in, which I did (it's free). A good 50% of the photos turned me on greatly. I'll reproduce some of those here, with my thoughts below.

I've numbered them, so please indicate in the comments your favourites and why!


According to my husband, this is "proper" corner time where the girl is naked, arms are crossed behind her back, and nose is literally in the corner touching both walls. I've spent 30 minutes like this as punishment. The position creates an arch in my back which makes my bum stick out and my pussy peep out. Very Embarrassing!

This girl looks like she has not been spanked yet (at least, not very much, maybe just a few swats to get her into the corner). So she is doing corner time anticipating a spanking to come. There is no way a naked girl in the corner gets off without being spanked!

I always imagine that visitors drop by at just this moment, but my husband is adamant about carrying out my full corner time sentence, followed by my spanking immediately after. If you were Uncle Bill, dropping by, would you excuse yourself and leave, or stay and watch?


This cutie has already got her spanking, with the belt she is forced to hold. Her little short shorts were lowered, and her bare bottom was belt whipped. Those shorts are staying DOWN during corner time.

I like that her head is drooping in shame. She should be ashamed!


I love her little red bottom. Allowing her to keep her bra somehow signals this is about bottom punishment, not sex. No need baring her tits, her tits are not being spanked.

The way she is holding herself just screams shame and embarrassment. I feel sorry for her shaming.


Whats the back story for this? The little blonde was naughty and got herself stripped nude and spanked by her boyfriend, then displayed in the den. Her roommates are enjoying her distress. They're getting ideas for how to get her to do all the housework from now on, now they see what a little submissive she is.


I love the panties puddled around her ankles. She's being lectured now and looking towards her man. A spanking is in her near future.


Another body position communicating abject shame after a spanking. She'll stay there so that everybody can see exactly how she's been punished.


I find the fully clothed shots super embarrassing also. It's possible there will be no spanking at all. She's being punished by being put into the corner, and she's to stay there until her attitude improves. How long do you think it will take before Mom gets an apology from this naughty girl?


Very domestic! I imagine she left quite a mess in the kitchen. After a quick cleanup her husband spanked her and gave her on-the-knees timeout facing her kitchen sink. She'll be kneeling there for a good hour which ought to teach her a lesson.


This poor girl received a very severe spanking with a bath brush and now is doing her 60-minute timeout properly: nose right in corner.


This wife received a nice bum colouring with that bath brush. The back outsides of her thighs also. She was made to pose for this photo for her punishment scrapbook kept on the living room coffee table.


A very typical childhood punishment for a snippy teen. That nose is not to leave that wall until Mom says so.


A good caning for this wife. Six of the very best followed by an hour's worth of penance in the corner.


He's had enough of his wife's nagging, especially with company over. She'll cool her heels with her nose touching the wall until he releases her.

My husband once made me stand with my nose in the corner during dinner time after I provoked a political conversation. It was sooooooooo embarrassing. He kept me there until we left!


I just feel like this teen got put here by her Mom and is waiting for Daddy to get home to give her a spanking.


Young girlfriend newly moved in with her boyfriend. He is establishing his boundaries with her.


She was just spanked with that rug beater and now has to kneel on a tray full of little pebbles for punishment. This is the sort of punishment that is routine for teenage girls in Eastern Europe.


Here's a snippy, spoiled, American teenager. She was caught stealing from the mall. She is spending the entire day with her nose in the corner.


I once corresponded with a gentleman from France who is a retired school teacher in a town near the sea. We discussed me spending a summer with him, doing his cooking and cleaning in exchange for French lessons. He would be free to discipline me as he saw fit. He would also have complete access to my body for his sexual pleasure, and be able to loan me out to his friends as well. I imagine this is me after a failed French test.


There is something extra humiliating about being punished like this outside the house. I imagine the teenaged boy neighbours, who frequently play sports in their back yard, will get an eyeful of this spanked wife next door. They will wonder why she just stands there, squirming in embarrassment, a deep blush on her face all the way down to her breasts, hands on her head, as she exposes her bare breasts and shaved vagina to them.


This would totally be me! Provoking our friends with my right wing political conspiracy stories, not stopping when I am told to, spanked by my husband and put in the corner with much approval from the friends.


She is being properly spanked in front of witnesses. Her husband made a point of lowering her jeans and panties and setting her to kneeling as he takes his belt off and whips her. The witnesses will see her vagina dancing as she writhes under the blows.


What a total cutie! She's "my type". Notice that she's been told to do her timeout on her tiptoes. Shows off her legs and bum nicely.


She's had a hand spanking already, and is made to wait for the belt. She is being very obedient, which I find very sexy.


Another teen waiting until Daddy gets home to give her her spanking.


Halfway through a 3 hour timeout.


She's been told she's getting the belt. She looks nervous.


I see myself in her. The picture of domestic discipline. Her husband has handcuffed her for her timeout as an extra measure of control. She seems penitent.


Naughty wife sent to the corner to await her spanking. You can tell by her posture there are guests in the house, likely her Mom and Dad who very much approve of how her husband deals with her.


I approve of corner time where the nose stays ON the wall. I must say, I am disappointed those times when my husband does not strictly insist on this. It's not the same sticking my own nose on the wall. I can only imagine the view from behind this cutie as she does her penance.


Her crossed arms and sulky body attitude tells me she hasn't learned her lesson quite yet, despite the very red bottom. Coach may need to up his game.


Bared breasts as a means of punishing a girl should not be under appreciated. Men witnessing her punishment will delight in seeing her tits out whether she likes it or not.


I can't tell for sure, but is she clutching something between her thighs? Perhaps the paddle she was punished with?


Ha ha ha ha! She looks very sorry for herself, sitting her spanked butt down on an acupressure mat. If she's naughty, that's what she gets in that household.


A naughty pupil in class. This is a punishment that will make an example of her for the other students.


Proper timeout. We approve. Keep that spanked butt sticking out, young lady.


You can tell by her body attitude that she is a sorry little girl.


This one gets the added humiliation of doing her corner time with a butt plug. Witnesses know that the plug is only a prelude to being required to submit to anal intercourse. And a word to the wise, she had best squeal in delight as she's being sodomized (I certainly do after my spankings!) else she'll be spanked again. 


As I said, PROPER corner time. Being made to hold something against the wall focusses the mind. If it's dropped, she's spanked. When I'm bare-breasted with nose on wall, my husband insists on nips on wall and squished breasts as well, "and stick that butt out, young lady!"


Handcuffed and ankles shackled awaiting punishment. Her breasts, pussy, and ass will all be spanked.


Yes, believe it young lady, this is what happens when you backtalk.


"I was spanked for having a temper tantrum" it says. Good! I'm glad.


Look at that sulky attitude. She won't be sulking for long, she'll be yelling her lungs out as her man spanks her raw!


Christian Domestic Discipline. When you devote yourself to the Bible, it's easy to slip up, but your husband will bring you back on course.


This wife is being made to wait for her strapping like this. Do you see her pussy?


Yes, sweetheart, you can do your corner time with your teddy bear.


"In the corner, young lady, and stay there until I tell you that you can leave."


The punishment stool. How childish! She'll be properly embarrassed when their best friends drop over. But she has an hour bare bum on the stool regardless of who drops by.


No, it's not fair.


  1. Obviously the one not numbered, of YOU, is my favourite Jules! More more please!

    1. Yes Young Lady ! MORE !!

      Paddle Daddy

  2. 33, 25 & 47... You can imagine 47 with her laptop or tablet letting her blog readers know how naughty she's been!

    Nothing between 32's thighs, the care instructions are hanging off the back of her panties, has this tripped you up? Don't tell me you cut the care tickets off your garments, I'll have to think of a fitting punishment for you, on behalf of your local dry cleaner!

    Laughing at the timings you've prescribed for these poor girls, knowing they would probably break you!

    1. 25 looks like a British girl. 33 and 47 are being humiliated just like you like them to be. And I'll defer to your expertise on 32, that's a big tag!

      Oh I know re the timings. Especially the poor teen I had in the corner all day long.

    2. Maybe if you had a third pair of your own... A grown up pair, besides your red and black ones and your watermelons number... Maybe some of David's need proper looking after, he can show you!

  3. My ultimate vote, a pure culmination of the last few years of exciting twists and turns for the followers, would be our beloved Jules, in her childhood bedroom corner, before and after shots, having been spanked OTK by Sue.

  4. That's better. We let women vote, drive ? The world is going to hell. Hoping your blog isn't written without Davids' permission and supervision. Free speech is all fine and good but missy just stay in your place.

    1. I agree! Girls need to obey their men.

    2. Cheers, you are a delight

    3. I have to say that or else I'll get a spanking!

  5. Standing in the corner, in your jammies, bottom pulled down, and to make it worse, spanked just prior to my wife friends dropping over for their morning chat and coffee. Jack

    1. Yes of course, but which picture do you fancy most?

    2. The last one, that look, would get another spanking for sure. Jack

    3. If I did spank females, she would be given another spanking, harder, and face the wall in the front room, would even think of calling her Mother to let her see how I address her daughter attitude. Don't know how a mother would feel knowing her daughter was spanked, know first hand that my mother-in-law approves of her daughter spanking me. Jack

    4. My Mom laughs and assumes it's my husband and me "being frisky". 😂

    5. "Mom! He SPANKED me!"

      "I'm sure it was just terrible, dear."

  6. La 31 et la 24 qui me rappelle des souvenirs, dĂ©jĂ  bien lointain, la maman de mon ex-femme aimait fesser, elle Ă©tait veuve, et mon ex-femme a toujours reçue par ma belle-mĂšre, mĂȘme adulte, je l’ai d’ailleurs connue fessĂ©e devant moi, et de ce que je me rappelle, ma future femme apprĂ©ciait aussi, mĂ©langeant sa honte d’ĂȘtre dĂ©culottĂ©e devant moi, mais aussi excitĂ©e de savoir ce que je ressentais …

    Sa maman n’a pas hĂ©sitĂ© a prendre en charge toute notre famille, voyant notre consentement…

    Lorsqu’elle voyait que sa fille ne donnait pas de fessĂ©e a ces deux petites filles, qui les mĂ©ritaient, elle dĂ©culottait ma femme, la mettait sur ses genoux , et lui faisait voir que il n’y a pas d’Ăąge pour la fessĂ©….

    Lorsque mon ex-femme a vue nos Filles adultes aimant la fessĂ©e, elle n’hĂ©sitait pas de les mettre au coin, soit habillĂ©es ou nues, en attendant que je revienne du travail, et je savais en arrivant lorsque je voyais une ou les mes deux filles dans cette position, que j’allais avoir des fesses a rougir…

    VoilĂ  pourquoi aujourd’hui mĂȘme sĂ©parĂ©s, nous continuons la tradition, sachant que nos deux filles veulent la fessĂ©e de papa ou maman, mais maintenant avec leur plaisir complet….

    1. bien sur les d'autant que nous étions jeunes, une famille ou la fessée est naturelle, sans tabous, et je crois que lorsque on aime jeunes, on aime pour toujours...

      je l'ai vu pour mon ex femme et moi meme, pour mes filles qui déjà ados les recherchaient, elles sont et seront le relais des bons souvenirs de la fessée qui leur ont ouvert les portes du plaisir de la fessée ...

  7. Definitely think there needs to be more pictures of you in the corner

    1. All those pretty models not enough for you?

    2. What could possibly beat a naughty Julie in the corner?

  8. I liked number 1. Reminds me of a boyfriend I had in college who was adamant about me feeling every part of my spanking. And thinking very deeply about it. So I’d go over the knee for a warm up then in the corner for 5 minutes so my bottom would never get numb to the pain. (It happened like that for every section. Hand then corner. Paddle then corner. Belt then corner.) I can’t do corner time anymore because of my back problems that create a whole host of new problems. That and the abandonment issues (thanks dad) and the anxiety. I used to get put in the corner by my brothers constantly though. You should keep these kinds of posts coming I love seeing naughty little girls getting what they deserve.

    1. Yeah, #1 is my favourite as well, such a cutie and such an adorable little butt, and so obedient! Would love to have been a fly on the wall for your boyfriend's spanking of you.

      And you so casually talk about being put in the corner by your brothers. How humiliating! Did you earn it, you think?

    2. Depends. I would like to say absolutely not. That I was a perfect little angel who went to church on Sundays and always obeyed. But I was terrible. I deserved much worse than I got.

    3. Oh dear!
      Your brothers spanked as well, I gather. Were you bare bum for your spankings, and were you cornered like that?

    4. They did. I wasn’t ever bare for them. The boys were. Also timeout and spankings were two separate things. If you got spanked that was it you were done there was no corner afterwards. And if you were in the corner it was fully clothed.

    5. Almost would prefer the spanking!

  9. Number 39, she has got the best feet.

  10. The corner time you gave David having to hold a coin on the wall with his nose while holding your cane between his butt cheeks was the best !

  11. 31 and 40.

    A young wife needed to learn not to talk back to his him in front of his friends. She is listening to them discuss whether she should get the hairbrush or the belt.

    She is totally hiumiliated but also proud that his friends and their wives will know that he married a real man

    1. I feel the same way. Humiliated, but proud of my man.

  12. 1- She is put in the corner outside the apartment, in the stairwell.
    The neighbors when they meet her on their way home are happy to say hello.

    20 - They seem to be totally disinterested in you, who can barely be seen at the back of the room, while the men are very interested in what the other woman is saying (what is she saying? )

    40 - It could be Sophie, the young saleswoman who is experimenting with “activate in the corner” for service reasons.

    A new kind of bakery is invading the outskirts of the cities.
    The brands owe this success to a very clever strategic positioning, which combines the advantages of the neighborhood bakery with the marketing techniques of mass distribution.
    The staff is generally made up of young girls who are busy behind the counter to serve bread and cakes.
    They wear a uniform consisting of a navy blue waistcoat, a long black apron tied from behind at the waist and jeans that hug their behinds in the current fashion.
    Sophie, one of the salesgirls, dropped a cake on the floor but tried to surreptitiously put it back in the customer's box, thinking no one would see it. Mistake! The boss saw her. He takes her to the backroom and gives her a severe spanking. Then he puts her in the corner. By flash, with the movement of the swinging door, we can see her red ass.
    But the clientele is numerous, Sophie has to come back to serve, the boss explains to her that she remains "in the corner" but being mobile. Among the other girls, we can clearly see her little red bum busy serving the customer. She is "mort de honte".

    1. That will serve as a good example for the other girls!

    2. I could do quality assurance; squeezing the buns to make sure they're firm...

  13. Funny joke on 44 lol I see two pussies

  14. I’ll go with 47. I love a raised skirt. But it’s much easier for me to imagine corner time to be stimulating when one is sitting. Standing for a long time may be a good punishment but I’d want her to be turned on at the same time.

    It’s all femdom at our house. I do a bit of corner time but more often I’m spanked then tied to a hard wooden chair in her dark closet. I’ll nod off and even nap a bit, then be an especially enthusiastic pussy licker.


    1. I agree that comfort during punishment is critical. Want all the attention devoted to where it should be.

  15. 18 - My daughter Olivia remembers when you would leap out of my office after the afternoon lesson and walk across the living room sniffing, naked, butt striped.
    She remembers when in the evening, hidden behind a curtain in your room, she observed with the seriousness of a student how I gave you your "daily fucking". Also, that once, when we were coming back from a walk with friends and you said something stupid, I said out loud to you "tu peux préparer ton trou du cul pour ce soir"
    Olivia's father

    1. I remember being soooo embarrassed when you told me in front of your friends that I would be receiving anal intercourse as punishment, knowing how Olivia would be hearing my squeals.

  16. Poor little # 2. This is what I imagine.

    Her mother has finished with her and now she has to wait in the living room for dad to get home. just as she is thinking that it can't get worse, in comes her big brother with his friend that she has a crush on.

    She listens to the guys chuckle but can't hear exactly they are saying. Then Mom yells from the kitchen that the guys are welcome to stay for dinner. They will eat as soon as Dad takes care of business.

    Will she be sent to bed like a little girl or will she have to sit thru dinner and endure the sly stares?

    1. Yes!

      I think she'll be taken to her room and everybody will hear her Dad belt-whipping her. The swish of the belt, the crack of the strike, the wails of the girl, the tears after Dad is done with her.

      She will absolutely be required to present herself for dinner. In fact, there will be much discussion of what she did to earn her spanking and the merits of the various implements they've tried on her in the past, eventually settling on the belt. And much teasing as she squirms in her seat.

    2. She will feel her sore bottom for a week or so. But the memory of sitting at the diner table in her jammies across from the guy she wanted to impress will linger on . He is t the house often. when college is out

    3. But it has a happy ending: they wind up marrying and one of his wedding presents from her Dad and Mom is the thick leather belt!

    4. Yes! Yes! The wedding night handing off the belt from father to husband.

      The wild thing teenager becomes the taken in hand wife.

      Perhaps she will wind up as #10. Her parents come over to look at the photo album

    5. You mean, she put on a bit of weight after snagging her man? ;-)

    6. In my imagining, 25 years later she is #10. Her oldest daughter, raised under the watchful eye and firm hand of her father has graduated from college as an electrical engineer and is engaged to a nice byt lazy boy.

      She asked her mom if Dad will part with the family belt. She tells her that she wants to marry him but he needs a firm hand.

      Dad proudly presents it to her.

  17. My favourite is 8, for the domesticity. I imagine this young wife is getting a regular introuduction to what is expected of her. Plus it really appeals to my wristwatch fetish ;)
    The uniformed cutie in 29 gets a special mention though!

    1. 8 seems very sorry for herself, I'm sure she'll do better next time.

      And 29 with her nose glued to the wall is great also. A girl who DEFINITELY does not want more of what she just got.

  18. OK, this will be fun (and short.


    * Number 2! She has a cute tush. Hand down, you see that and you have to smile. And a really nice figure and great legs (I'm a "leg" man, so...) I just like her.

    * #22. Like #2, she is just cute.
    * #23 Also cute. What makes the pic? Her holding that belt.
    * #32 Again, cute, but look at her nice pink coloring!
    * #40 OhmyGod - Her eyes!!! Thoroughly spanked red, but it is her face and eyes that make this pic.

    If I had to pick would be NUMBER 2.

    PS: Not on-your-list-but-should-have-been...

    YOU! And by "you" I mean the one of you otk after Violet got done with you. Violet really brought out an extra and beautiful pink to your tush; and balanced across the hemisphere's left and right, and top to bottom. It's a great photo.


    1. I like your picks! #2 has the following written all over it: "you may be very pretty and have all the boys twisted around your little finger, but so long as you're under my roof, young lady, you obey my rules."

  19. 44 - My mother-in-law lives at home. When she says or does stupid things, whoever is present, she goes to the corner. She must choose between keeping her bra or her panties.

  20. I've got a few favourites here:

    2. Just screams old fashioned, 1950s domestic discipline and I LOVE it for that. It says to me "You were out three hours after curfew! I've warned you about this before, but now I'm about to *really* get it through to you!"

    4. Any time there is publicity I get the butterflies, you know? Her friends are there commenting and mocking her for such a childish punishment. It's not about the nudity, they've seen her naked in the changerooms at the gym a million times before, it's the absolute childishness of her punishment... and they're gonna make sure everyone knows.

    26. The belt. The corner. Daddy will be home in 20 minutes after a long day at work. He's been doing overtime all week. Oh fuck, why did I have to cheat on a test today...

    36. She's defeated. She's learned her lesson. There is no fight left in her. She's accepted her punishment and only has the corner time left to reflect on. Perfect.


    1. I too love imagining the emotions behind the scene. So kinky!

  21. As a spanked husband, I identify with #36. Obediently in the corner, I can't stand still. She looks like she is crying. Even with our friends in the room, I cannot stop whimpering.

    I did not actually do anything. My wife just decided to demonstrate how our marriage has evolved

    1. A good object lesson so you know to keep your place.

  22. My wife suggested that the way this country is going, the males running us into the ground, the wives, girlfriends, mothers, females in general should have a private conversation letting the hair brush, bath brush, what ever do the talking on their bare bottoms and then post their pictures on social media with their very spanked bottoms facing the wall. Women look cute after a spanking, she states lets see how males look after a spanking. As you can see my wife feels strongly that females need to address this problem and over her lap is the way she feels her point will get across. Just wanted to pass this on, my wife likes alot of what you post, but time now for the female to take a firm hand, and leave a very red, sore spanked bottom. Jack

  23. 37 has a great deal of "courage" and "determination", but all it got her was a red bottom and her butthole an appointment with her husband's cock in about 15 minutes.

    Corner time is so embarrassing, but also so erotic. I spend my lady's corner time watching her red cheeks shift and squirm and it turns me on to the point where by the time it's elapsed, I simply MUST have her. Her butt and her ego have received their punishments, now it's Little Miss Puss Puss's turn to get a good hard ramming. Judging by how wet she invariably is when she comes out of the corner, she doesn't mind that proposal one tiny little bit.

    1. Very nice - I'm sure she appreciated your attentions!

  24. I was wondering if you have looked into the lovesense company they have toys you can actually sync to Music. since David likes Soccer so much I would say you put a stipulation in that he only gets to watch his game at home with a toy inside of him so that when each team scores a goal a different victory song plays depending on the team that you can trigger from you phone, and even better he'd have to pantied or diapered as well with it in just to make sure no accidents happen if its a big scoring game.



  25. 2,5 and 45
    Above all you...your ass....and dirty mind..

    1. 2 seems to be everyone's favourite. She does have a spectacular ass and attitude!

      5 has thoss puddled panties I love so much, and the worried look.

      45 is a real cutie pie!

      And my ass thanks you!

  26. As a fan of most domestic discipline (spanking, mouth soaping, diapering, corner time, etc.) I find enjoyment in all these pictures. I especially enjoy the rubbing of the spanked bottom, it it has been permitted of course. My very favourite scenario though is with a pulled down diaper and rosy red bottom in the corner. Or as my partner likes to call it, “diaper at half-mast”. I am of course not allowed to touch it myself which adds another level of embarrassment when I have to waddle over after corner time and have it pulled back up, or laid down and re-diapered depending on the state of it.

    One time I tried to get out of corner time by saying I had to use the bathroom. My partner simply came over and readjusted the diaper and stood there spanking me again until I went. She sure called my bluff. She then restarted the clock and I had to stand with my nose in the corner for an hour with a burning bottom and pissy diaper. Not fun!

    1. I fantasize about being put into the corner until I need to pee, and then changed where everybody can see!

    2. That would be quite an experience. Called out of the corner with a bare red bottom only to be laid down for a thorough diapering in front of a group of people. The childish diapers, diaper bag and supplies make it obvious to everyone that this is a regular occurrence for you. Then sent back to the corner while everyone watches as your diaper becomes saggy and puffy as you inevitably give in to your full bladder and disgrace yourself further in front of everyone. The big question though: who is there witnessing your ordeal and maybe even offers to change your pampers… Mom? Sister? The hunky DILF neighbour you sometimes make eyes with? David’s sexy female co-worker?

    3. I wrote that scene (somewhat modified) in my book Julie's Spankings, and it was my Mom and Sue that came to mind. David started in with the changing, but then Mom shoo'd him away and said she wanted to do it herself.

      But to continue the above scene, yes, I am doing an hour of bare bum corner time, and halfway through I beg to be allowed to go pee. David puts me in a diaper and says to go right ahead. All the family watches as the diaper starts sagging. I am taken out of the corner, changed into a fresh diaper (with Mom taking over with Sue's assistance), and do the rest of my cornertime diapered.

    4. P.S. i do have a very small bladder, and have felt the urge coming on midway through a half-hour timeout, but mercifully was able to hold it in and did not need to beg
      (though there may have been a bit more squirming in the corner than David was used to!)

  27. Only (1) of your well spanked bottom ? Or did i miss some ? Ahhh well that one is kind of special to me. :D You know why

    Paddle Daddy

    1. I chose it because I knew it was your fave, Sir.

  28. 10

    After a 60 mn corner time, rather than the usual punishment lines, this mother in law is told to answer a poll found on Mister Poll site (lot of other sexy polls there)

    « This poll is about mothers-in-law who are punished and humiliated by their sons-in-law or daughters-in-law. Some women feel an added thrill/tingle when they are punished/ humiliated by someone who they know not so intimately. The settings are intended to be private/ semi-private but if this is not the case, please feel free to post your experiences. »

    See her blush while looking for the good answer, in front of her daughter and son-in-law. I like the way the poll is addressed to her.
    Of course, she doesn't have to complete the survey all at once (near 150 questions). It's even funny to come back to questions that she had answered previously.
    Just a few examples, (you have to read it in full)

    Punished mothers-in-law, how old are you? (she is 56)
     More than 75

    Mothers-in-law, what punishment/ humiliation is administered to you? (Excludes spanking since that has been covered in a separate poll )
    Shave/ wax pubic hair
    Enema/ Douche
    Loss of privacy
    Serving others
    Embarrassing display positions

    Punished mothers-in-law, what state of undress are you required to be in, if this is part of your punishment?
    Stark naked
    Wearing both bra and panties
    Wearing a gown with undergarments
    Wearing a gown without undergarments
    Topless wearing panties
    Bare bottom wearing bra

    Punished mothers-in-law,if you required to be in embarrassing/ humiliating display positions as part of punishment, what position(s) are you displayed in?
    Spread Eagle facing witnesses
    Spread Eagle, back to the witnesses
    Standing upright, hands on your head
    Standing upright, spreading butt cheeks displaying rosebud
    Kneeling on all fours, with knees spread and head to floor
    Lying down on the back, leg raised (diaper position)

    Punished mothers-in-law, how do you think about you being punished by your son-in-law/ daughter-in-law?
     Probably normal for mothers-in-law to be punished by son-in-law/ daughter-in-law
     Awkward since very few mothers-in-law are punished by son-in-law/ daughter-in-law
     Highly distasteful (Ewwww..) - who punishes their mother-in-law in any of the ways mentioned?
     A little abnormal for mothers-in-law to be punished by son-in-law/ daughter-in-law
     Perfectly acceptable for mothers-in-law to be punished by son-in-law/ daughter-in-law

    Punished mothers-in-law, how would you rate the level of punishment your son-in-law/ daughter-in-law administers in relation to your offence?
     Grossly insufficient
     Outrageously more than I deserve
     About right
     Slightly more than expected

    Punished mothers-in-law, how did you feel about meeting your son-in-law/ daughter-in-law the next time after your punishment?
     No hard feelings - looked forward to seeing son-in-law/ daughter-in-law again as before
     Enraged - looked forward to planning a revenge
     Excited - looked forward to the next time and hoped for another experience
     Humiliated - vowed never to meet son-in-law/ daughter-in-law
     Awful - did not want to meet son-in-law/ daughter-in-law at all
     Embarrassed - reluctantly looked forward to meeting son-in-law/ daughter-in-law since it cannot be avoided

    Thanks for taking the poll. Did you enjoy it?
     I liked it - this is a good poll
     I just about managed to stand it - this is a mediocre poll
     I hated it - this is a lousy poll
     I kind-a loved it - this poll is just right
     I totally loved it - this is an excellent poll

    caring son-in-law

    1. That's a strange and quirky comment. Thank you for keeping it fresh!

    2. In laws interested :

  29. I suppose this is a bit late to the party, but for completeness, I think these pics are the most interesting:

    I like submission, so these are particularly good: 6,23,27,28,31,39, and 43.

    Also, I just like fuller bodies, so I think these models/culprits are particularly attractive: 9, 10, and 12.

    In that camp, I particularly like 14 (Jessica) and 18 (Pandora), who are just two of my favorite models. The one of Jessica with soap in her mouth is also lovely for the humiliation and submission, as well as likely effectiveness.

    As for effectiveness, some looked like more effective punishments than others. Particularly effective: 9, 10, 12, 21, and 41.

    And then, there are the humiliations. I think 32 actually has the tag on her pants showing, which is actually an additional layer of humiliation. The plug in 37 is obviously humiliating, as is the sign in 41, and the severely humiliating posture in 44.

    As for you, an effective punishment combines pain and humiliation. If someone wanted to change your behavior, Julie, I suggest the look at those categories for inspiration.

    1. Of those, I particularly like 6, where it's so clear that her displaying her bare mildly spanked bottom IS the punishment. How could somebody walking by that not smile?

  30. Nice selection of pictures.