Tuesday, July 13

My Spanking

As those who tracked the comments on my Apologies post know, I received a spanking for comments I posted on my previous two blog posts, Inspired Cuckolding and What is the Ultimate Humiliation? 

I am publishing this blog post with David's permission. My readers are of course interested in the details, and I am excited to reflect on and re-live the events (and masturbate looking back on my punishment, which is inevitable for me). David only requires that I provide the full context and further reflect on what I did wrong, rather than just concentrating on the more prurient aspects. Fair enough.

He says he will be reading this after it is posted, and I will be getting another spanking if he is not happy with what I have written. While the thought of being taken-in-hand once again is sexy to me, and makes my tummy feel all squidgy, I will not provoke a punishment, as that ruins it for me (and, as he says, I can get all the spankings I want just by asking). Besides, a punishment spanking is a "notch up" by design, and so soon after the last one I do not crave it: I'd much rather have a "good girl" spanking at a time like this! While it is going on, a punishment spanking is not anything I crave. It is an absolute ordeal. I know this seems paradoxical, to simultaneously crave something and dread it so much, but that's the way it is for me.

The backdrop for my punishment was that I had seen some forced (male) bi images on QBuzz's blog that got my engines revving. I have a long-standing fantasy of wanting my husband to participate as the bottom in something like that. I followed that post up closely with a second as I began obsessing more and more. It's one of the few things I wish to do that we have not yet done. However, I got carried away in the comments section expressing my frustrations. There's only ever maybe a 20% chance that David reads a blog entry, much less the comments. I was sort of hoping he would read those comments, as I thought I had a valid point in comments such as this:

I am cringing at comments like this now, but my husband has informed me that the comments are staying up as a fitting accompaniment to my Apology post and this post, so you can all judge for yourselves whether I deserved my spanking or not, and if I got off easy or not.

I distinctly remember the mindset I was in when I replied to those comments. When I used the word "homophobe" it was definitely just a careless slur. Neither David nor I are in the least bit against LGBTQ+ rights and preferences, in fact we are allies, and have ourselves indulged in many alternative sexual lifestyles (including girl-on-girl sex for me). I was using the word carelessly and hatefully (in retrospect) to refer to the concept of David having a preference for sex with women, and simply not being turned on by participating in gay sex. Sexual preferences are nuanced and to be respected regardless of where they lie on the spectrum. A caring partner will understand her partner's sexual preferences, and play within those boundaries.

I compounded my error by suggesting he was being selfish, in comments such as this one,

and this one,

Again, just trying to return myself to the mindset I was in when I wrote those, I was feeling frustrated that I had been so sexually adventurous, and perceiving that he had not been. In fact, looking back on it, this is a ridiculous position.

David has tried so many different things that I wanted to do that it's absolutely unfair claiming this. And he has never, ever pressured me to do anything that goes beyond my boundaries (like piercings, tatoos, brown showers, blood play, and so on). My examples of oral with swallowing and bum sex are stupid ones, because it actually does turn me on when he "forces me" to, and it always had, and the idea always had, and I specifically asked him to do this to me.

I did a "forced bi" scene with me on the bottom and Violet on top (Punished by Mistress Violet!), but the difference is that I was very excited looking forward to that happening, as you can tell in the comment exchange on the pre-post (Outed to Mistress Violet!) that Violet participated in.

Me after my spanking from Violet.
At the end of this scene, Violet fucked me with her strap-on as David watched.

Doing "forced-bi" between me and Violet is NOT the same thing at all, because I wanted it and was excited for it to happen. It's so not the same thing. It's like David calling me "selfish" for not pooing my diaper if that was his kink to watch me do it (that grosses me out and I legit do not want to do it - nothing sexy about it for me).

What I also need to realize is that I have a public platform within the kink community, and what I do and write has repercussions. It was wrong of me to attempt to pressure my partner into doing something he was not excited about, and sets just a super bad example. For example,

My anonymous commenter is clearly just confused by my attitude. If David is not bi-curious, why am I even pushing it?

And here I am commenting on others:


What am I doing???? That is not me. I don't council people to twist the arms of their submissives or suggest if they don't do something they are uncomfortable with it is wrong. What kind of role model am I?

In the comment exchange I started being a bit "cheeky".

I'll tell you what I was thinking as I wrote that. The sentiment started out as "well that would be a fun outcome also". And then I thought why not be a bit provocative in case David did read this. And then even as I was composing the sentence my thoughts twisted into believing that if he did spank me for this, it would be totally unjust, because HE'S the one in the wrong here. And in that case, if he wants to spank me, he can just fuck right off.

Our arrangement is that he has full rights to spank me wherever and whenever and for whatever reason. But if he thinks he's spanking me for punishment, and if it is in fact unjust, then it is just a beating and I'll take any fucking beating and NOT change my tune. He'll be wrong, and then he'll compound his wrong by giving me an unjustified beating, so then he's just doubly wrong and I can be doubly right.

The net result of all that thinking is that it just came out as an ugly, disrespectful comment that I am now very ashamed of and wish I could take it down.

It's an admitted character flaw of mine that when I take a position on something, I usually feel I am 100% right about it, and everybody else is 100% wrong. You may have noticed that unfortunate tendency in some of my political posts? My mindset at the time was that David had an unnatural fear of homosexual activities, and was being utterly selfish in not catering to one of my fantasies. There was NOTHING anybody could have said or done to change my tune.

And along the same lines, here I am daring him to do it.Yes, half wanting a spanking, but the other half was "let's see if he has the chutzpah to spank me over something he is 100% wrong about".

That was my attitude. I was 100% right, he was 100% wrong, let's get into it.

Of course, a lot of my regular readers were observing this exchange and wondering what the hell I was doing. After my apology post, many readers came out and said just that.






It was pretty unanimous. I now feel thoroughly disappointed in my own behaviour, and feel considerable shame as well. Normally my "shame" is a sexy one concentrated around the manner in which I am punished, but in this case it's just a burning shame for my actions.

I almost cried when I read this one from a woman whom I had gotten to know and admire.


 So, I've been following along from the sidelines here. I usually do, even if the content doesn't really suit my preferences. You're always so in depth, articulate, and entertaining that something that doesn't suit my preferences is still something I happily consume here. I also love to follow along in the comments section because they're usually full of juicy extras that I'd miss out on if I didn't. Unfortunately, the comments are much more... unedited. They're not thought out, they're an expression of what's going through ones mind in the moment, not the carefully crafted narrative of the post itself. And that really caught you out here.

I'm proudly part of the LGBTQ+ community and it was disappointing to see the term "homophobe" being thrown around so flippantly. I've interacted with many, many homophobes in my life, and unless the man you've painted David out to be is completely different from the real world David, he's far from being homophobic. Then being a kinkster who attributes a lot of her own exploration down to your blog and experiences I was also disappointed that you were so clearly not respecting your sub's boundaries. Safe, sane, consensual. Rule number one for kink.

However... Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone thinks with their dicks or pussies instead of their brains sometimes. Everyone on Earth has fucked up royally at least once in their lives and it's important to contextualise this:

-You've had this blog for a decade now.
-You've always been supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and from every interaction I've seen you have with someone who identifies on it (for example your older sister) you've been nothing but amazing.
-You've never overstepped the mark, or done anything without making sure all parties involved are comfortable and consenting (for example, leaving your younger sister out of any goings on with your mother/father)

Ten years of doing this and this is your first true fuck up, and in quite the fitting manner David took care of it. You paid the piper with a sore butt, a sore hole tomorrow (or today, I'm a bit late) and quite the embarrassing admission of guilt alongside a public apology. Quite the way to learn a life lesson, but hey, we kinksters like being a bit extravagant, don't we?

Can't wait to see your next posts, I for one would love to hear the juicy details of your little lesson with David!


My tears came both from reading that Kasey was so disappointed in me, but also from the quality of forgiveness contained in the note. I'm tearing up now re-reading it. I am soooo sorry!!!

And as a follow-up from Tankerton,

Hence we are here, and there I was on Friday night still thinking I was 100% in the right. I had stayed up super late on Thursday and got up super early on Friday so we could drive up North to the cottage ahead of the traffic (6:30am start) and we could work from there (my first call was 9:30am). We went to bed that night, and David woke up considerably earlier than I.

One of the things he read in the morning was my latest couple of blog entries, and the comments. He doesn't always read my blog, but he sometimes skims it and maybe reads some comments from time to time. As he told me afterwards, his initial thought was "here she goes again" on my forced bi fantasy. It wasn't until he got to the comments where he became concerned. He thought I used the word homophobe carelessly, and did not want me conveying the wrong impression of him or myself (that I would partner with somebody hateful). He also thought I was really trompling all over the notion of "consent", and setting a bad example for the community. He resolved to speak to me about it as soon as I got up.

I got up at around 8:30 am, pulled on my flannel PJ bottoms and a shorty T-shirt, and padded down bleary-eyed, hair akimbo, and barefoot to the kitchen for my morning coffee. After I got my coffee, David called me over to where he was sitting at the table and asked me to join him. He was looking serious and I could already tell something was up. I sat kitty corner to him.

"I read your blog this morning," he said.

Ok. That was what this was about. Good. I was glad he had read it. I felt I was in the right and I was going to convince him.

"What's on your mind?" I said cheerily with a little lilt, waiting for him to start so I could respond.

He did not come off as angry at all. He was super calm and super reasonable. we first discussed my usage of the word "homophobe". He had a copy of the blog right there on his iPad and was referring to the comments. He used the Socratic method on me, asking me a bunch of questions. Before too long I was admitting that it was not the appropriate word as it had other, nasty and ugly connotations that I had not intended to convey, and I apologized for that. But I countered that he did seem to have an unhealthy revulsion for any male gay activities at all, "and if the shoe fits..." He remained calm, and explained that it was not revulsion, it was preference. I acknowledged that I had never actually seen any signs of revulsion, and apologized for that.

He then took me to task on my "selfish" comments. I've covered a lot of what we talked about above, and he did do a really good job of convincing me that there were plenty of things he stays away from with me, and has never done anything with me I did not ask him to do. I apologized for calling him selfish, but asked if he might do me this one favour of having a forced bi scene.

We talked about consent in BDSM, and he asked if I believed pressuring someone to do something they did not want to do was a good thing? I argued a bit, saying sometimes people want to be pushed. He agreed that was sometimes true, and asked how I could tell the difference between the two things? I said there would be some clue. He asked if I had ever given him a clue that he was up for forced bi? I admitted not. He then said I seemed to be counseling others in my community to disregard their partner's preferences. I said that was not true, but then he showed me a few where it was unmistakably true, so I had to concede the point.

So at this point I was something like 0 for 4 on things I thought I had the winning hand. And I started getting a sinking feeling. A sinking feeling that I was not "in the right" on this one, and that I had wronged my husband and my community both. David is one of the few people who can always make me see things clearly.

"I'm sorry," I said, very generically. I figured I was maybe in for a spanking, but maybe not, as David had been so super clam and rational, and we had not really argued much at all and I had in the end agreed with everything anyways. But I thought, at the point, that a spanking would not be unjustified...

"Should I remove those blogs, you think?" I asked him, "or at least the offending comments?"

"No. I think you should keep those there and write a short little blog post to apologize to your readers and clarify our attitudes on alternative sexuality and consent."

"Yeah ok, that's fair, I'll get to that later today." At this point, given what he had just said, I figured maybe there wasn't going to be a spanking?

"No, I think you should write it right now. Well, maybe just after we take care of one thing first. Go get me the hairbrush from the dresser."

Oh shit! My butt tingled and my pussy purred a little. It is possible to be both turned on and scared at the same time. For punishment spankings, David almost always uses just his hand, which is bad enough, I can assure you. A hairbrushing was a definite step up in severity. No way it would be lighter than his hand, only heavier.

"Not the hairbrush... please!!!" I whined. We were not even debating whether or not I would be getting a spanking, we were debating if it was to be hand or hairbrush. It was a one-sided debate.

"No back-talk, young lady. I need to make an impression this time. It's the hairbrush. Go get it."

"oooooh... yes sir." I got up and padded back up to the bedroom to get the big hard wood paddle-shaped hairbrush.

I came back with it and handed it to him. I knew this was going to be intense. He had already turned the armless wooden dining chair away from the table. He had placed our old-fashioned egg timer next to him.

He reached out and pulled my PJ bottoms down to a pool around my ankles. My T-shirt was short, cut above my belly button and sort of dangling off my breasts. As a result, my pussy was very bare. I am always a little embarrassed that my labia minora sort of pokes out a little bit sloppily between my lips, not like a tight little porn star pussy.

As I stood there, David lectured me and quizzed me on exactly what I had done wrong, making sure I fully understood. The more he spoke, and the more I answered, the more I knew how justified he was in giving me this spanking.

I'm always in a particularly receptive mindset when I am bare-pussy standing there, being lectured, and about to go across the knee. For some reason it's still so embarrassing to stand there like that, even in front of my husband, outside of the context of sexual relations. Nobody cares when little girls, like 4-year-olds, run around with bare vaginas. So having to stand there, in front of a stern man, being lectured, about to be spanked, sets the context. I am not a grown woman for whom a bare vagina out like that at the dinner table is entirely improper. I am a bad little girl, and having my vagina bared like that is of no more import than if I was a 4-year-old toddler.

"You're getting five minutes now, and another five minutes after you write your apology."

"Nooooo! Too long!" I complained, stamping my foot a little. THAT was a mistake.

"What did I just say about backtalk? Fine, ten minutes now and ten minutes after your apology. Care to make it fifteen?"

"No Sir." Stupid, stupid, stupid, I had just doubled my spanking. David later told me he was undecided between 5 or 10 minutes, but at the last second figured it was two spankings so settled on 5 minutes each. But after my second backtalk, he instantly went back to 10. It was so unfair! I had just said one word and I was taking it back!

He set the timer for ten minutes and then put it on the floor in front of where my head would go. He pulled me over his knee and lined up the hairbrush.

Without missing a beat he began spanking my very bare bottom with his very hard hairbrush. They were not light warmup strokes either. They were full-throated from the beginning.

"ARGH!" I screamed as the brush from hell descended over and over and over again.

As he spanked, he quizzed me again on what I did wrong, making me answer as he continued my spanking. I could barely speak!

I looked at the timer and saw that just over only a minute had passed!!! He was being ridiculous! This was over-the-top! Speaking and spanking together make me cry super fast, and I was sobbing very early into my spanking. He continued making me formulate my thoughts aloud as he spanked, verbally correcting me here and there, and then making me say it again. I essentially formulated my apology post across his knee while my spanking was ongoing. He did pause every now and then to have me repeat a point, and then started up again to punish me for the point I had just made. He coached me through my entire apology note that way.

Finally the egg timer went off and my spanking came to an end. He helped me get shakily to my feet. Tears were streaming from my eyes down my face. My bum burned! Especially low sit spots and high upper thighs.

My laptop was already on the table from yesterday, so he just conducted me over to the chair in front of it and made me sit my bare bum down on the hard wood. I definitely winced as I sat so soon after my spanking.

"Go on," he said, standing there still holding the hairbrush in his hand. I was going to beg him not to give me the second spanking after my apology note, that I had learned my lesson, but I dared not backtalk again lest I make it worse, so I held the thought in.

"If you dawdle, or I'm not happy with what I see, I'll be increasing your spanking," he added.

Shit. I needed to concentrate. I cleared my mind and I brought up my blog. My cheeks were still wet with tears and my ass throbbed. My PJs were at my ankles and my bare bottom was on the hard wood of the chair. I began typing, and essentially got the post out on my first pass.

I asked him if I should mention my spanking. He told me not to, and to leave that to the imagination of my readers. David proofread it over my shoulder, found a couple of typos which I corrected, and said the sentiments were good and it was well-written. I breathed a sigh of relief and hit publish. I was sort of hoping that he would let me off my second spanking, or at least make it later in the week or something, but dared not ask.

"Time for part two," he said.

My heart dropped. I really, really did not want this spanking. Before my first spanking I was my usual somewhat excited to be getting punished, which evaporated about 5 seconds after the hairbrushing started. During the rest of my spanking, and the whole writing of the apology, my pussy was completely dried up.

"yes sir," I said meekly and went to join him at the spanking chair, shuffling over with my PJs at my ankles and my pussy bare. Maybe he would set the timer to 5 minutes after all.

David set the timer to 10 minutes, put it down on the floor in front of me, and pulled me over his lap again. Oh no no no no no. I could not believe this was going to happen to me, AGAIN. Not the full 10 minutes. No!

Again the brush started crashing down on my bum. Initially I was super sensitive and did not think I could take it. I got off one of his knees but he kept me draped over the other as he threatened the leg over my thighs clamped down position.

This spanking was a complete ten minutes of silence from him outside the whacking of the brush on my buns and my cries. After about 5 minutes were up I started begging him.

"Please! I'm sorry! No more! Please!"

He ignored me and kept spanking! It is a sometimes sentiment in the spanking community that the spanking does not truly start until the begging for it to stop does.

I just starting yelling "no, no, no, no" as the spanks descended. Of course, I have my red safeword and I knew it, but it could not be used in this situation. Yellow was not allowed, or it would have been used a lot before then if this were a "play scene".

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I learned my lesson. I promise!"

It's the only time he broke silence, after I had said something along the lines of the above.

He responded, "I'm making sure you're learning your lesson," and then just kept spanking and spanking and spanking.

"YES SIR!" I said.

I did not get even one second of reprieve, or even one smack that was light in any sense. When the egg timer went off, my spanking stopped. David had spoken and had backed it up. I was completely cried out and exhausted by the end, just lying draped across his knee and sobbing.

He once again helped me to my feet and helped me to hobble over to the corner where he put my nose in it. He said, "you may rub if you want."

I know some disciplinarians say "no rubbing" at all. David has told me he thinks it's cute when I try to rub the sting out of my bottom while in the corner. He sat where he could watch me as I cried it out, and tried to rub the sting out, during my corner time.

Rubbing definitely does soothe things a little, so I was grateful for it, despite the embarrassment of knowing David was watching and chuckling at my well-earned discomfort.

As I stood there, the excitement of what had just happened to me started coming back, and I could feel my pussy starting to tingle and moisten a little. I had misbehaved, for real, and my man had punished me, for real. I guess that's why I continue to subject myself to this sort of discipline. There's nothing else like it. I am proud to be a spanked wife, and proud that my husband did not fall for my pleas and tears, and did not let me off even one second of the punishment he believed I had coming to me. That's fucking hot as hell!

After what might have been only maybe ten minutes or so, David came to me, turned me to face him, and gave me a hug saying all was forgiven. I thanked him for correcting me. He knelt down, his face inches from my over-heating pussy, and pulled my PJs back up again. Little Miss Puss Puss felt a twinge of disappointment at that, at being all covered up again in a place where sex does not happen.

"Go make me my breakfast, bacon and eggs, woman!" He said it with a laugh as he turned me around and smacked my bottom.

"Yes Sir!" I said, eager to please after having been put so thoroughly in my place by this wonderful manly man.

I cooked and served, and then cleaned up after. I winced as I sat again at breakfast and David smiled. When I went swimming later on, I was careful to cover myself with a towel right down to the dock and right before lowering myself in.

"Want to go on a bike ride today?"

"No sir!" I said, rubbing my backside. A bike ride was the last thing I wanted to do that day!

As I was answering comments on my blog, I asked David if I could acknowledge I got spanked. He said that I may. I showed him some of the comments throughout the day. It seems almost everybody had the same reaction David did to my behavior, and were universally glad I was spanked for it. David did note those calling for me to have my bottom hole punished with his cock.

We had dinner at the cottage next door with my younger sister, her husband, and two of my nephews, plus a couple of guests they had invited. My spanking WAS NOT mentioned, thank you very much.

Afterwards the five males and me went back to where we were at, which had the big TV, to watch the UFC fights. There I was, little old me fight fan, amongst five burly guys. I spent the evening possessively snuggling up against David. I could still feel my spanking, and that was sexy to me in this hyper-male setting.

It was pretty late after the fights were over so there was no time for any serious snugglebunnies. And next morning he was again up before me, and then we left to go back to the city fairly early to miss the traffic. We didn't get away until just after 11 am, though, mainly because I was dragging my heels, and David was worried about the traffic, but I said it would be ok.

We drove home, and I was in charge of the traffic navigation. I had Google Maps open so I could see where the traffic was and steer us around it. It's a nerve wracking job, because I get blamed whenever there is even a tiny slowdown! David does not mind how long it takes, but likes to keep moving, even if it means back-roads (especially if it means back-roads, he loves back-roads). I'm more a highway gal, and prefer to stick it our through some of the heavier patches to get us home faster. Throughout he kids me that if we ever come to a complete stop (at which he says, "at this rate, we'll NEVER get there!" har de har har - like I've not heard that lame joke a million times from him), that he'll give me a spanking.

We did come to a complete stop, he did say his stupid joke, and I was told I was getting my spanking. It's not serious though, I was looking forward to a play spanking hoping it would lead to sex, as I had been horny ever since Saturday morning.

When we got home it was time for the FUCKING SOCCER GAME!!!!!!!! How about meeeeeeee! My pussy needed serious attention by now!

I went upstairs to blog, and whacked out a quick political post that had been on my mind a little. I lead it with this:

I'm very horny from having been punished yesterday,  and David is watching the soccer match that he somehow thinks is more important that seeing to the needs of his wife, so I will sublimate my horniness into a political post, because I so crave the inevitable resulting abuse I get in the comments.

I got that published around 4:45 pm. by which time the soccer match was almost over, mercifully. One of my commenters teased me about my predicament soon after I posted.

or something like that!

After the match we had some light dinner and then I asked him flat out if he would take me to bed. What a needy little hussy I am! this is another embarrassing part of my disciplinary spankings for me. Afterwards, I am desperate to be fucked properly, and to cum. And desperate in a very, very submissive way. It's like the punishment is not truly over until he has cemented it with a fucking. It is downright embarrassing to be walking around with such a needy and desperate little pussy after my spankings, and that comment above did not help!

He said he would and led me by my hand up to the bedroom. Happy girl! He went pee in one bathroom, and I went pee in the ensuite, and came out in just my T-shirt and a pair of panties. They were still my UFC panties. I had put them back on again in the morning (yes, I wear my UFC panties for each fight card - I'm a fan!).

First thing David did was to sit on the side of the bed, pull me over, lower my UFC panties, and pull me across so I was straddling his knee. Oh my!

He put his left arm all the way around my waist, and then tucked his hand, palm up, directly cupping my pussy. He then started giving me a light spanking all over my ass, and whipping his fingertips near and lightly on my pussy lips and anal entrance. Oh my!!!

I ground into his hand shamelessly, seeking the finger pressure on my clit which he made elusive for me so I really had to squirm and arch and display to get it.

As he lightly spanked me to distraction, he came up with new rules for the traffic navigation. Usually I am spanked if I pick the "wrong" way. If all ways are bad I get off. From now on, he said, he would assess how much stop and go there was, irrespective of route comparison, so as to "align our incentives" he told me. I did not mind his new rules if it meant I would get spankings like this: yummy good girl spankings!

After a bit he stood me up, stripped me bare, piled all four pilows in the middle of the bed, and made me drape myself over them. He made me spread my legs and told me to wait for him like that, and not to dare move a muscle.

Can you even imagine what holding a position like this does to a girl with such a needy pussy???

He went into the bathroom, and I could hear him starting to shave. I got very excited at that! He had not shaved all weekend, and his stubble makes it hard for me to get off during oral. Shaving meant I was going to be pussy-licked to a climax!!!! I squirmed there in anticipation, keeping my ass high and my knees spread for him. I was wondering if my asshole was going to get fucked.

He came back and moved around me. I heard him opening bedside drawers. I wondered what would be coming out. He knelt next to me, naked, and massaged baby oil into my ass, my thighs, my lower back, middle back, upper back, shoulders, neck, and, reaching underneath, my tits. He sometimes massages me as he licks me from behind, and that gives me the MOST AMAZING orgasms!!!! Lucky, lucky girl!

He settled in behind me and began licking my pussy as his long arms rubbed me all over. Ohhhhhh. He reached under and started massaging and mauling and pinching my tits and nipples. This does not turn me on during foreplay, but when I am heading towards orgasm, it drives me wild and he knows it. The pain of having my breasts and nipples roughly handled is an amazing adjunct when getting me to orgasm.

His hands left my tits, spent some more time on my back, and then headed towards my ass. He roughly rubbed me there, pulling my cheeks wide apart as he licked me deeper. The finger of one of his hands began pushing into my bottom hole. Just a little, then pulling out, then rubbing around the entrance, then pushing just the tip in again. He progressed to putting his entire finger in, and then started ass fucking me deeply with it as he continued licking my pussy.

He intended to make me cum with his finger sawing in and out of my asshole!!!! And cum I did! A fabulous massive crescendo of an orgasm. I screamed as I came, and rode the waves for a good 5, 10, 15 seconds.

He disentangled, lay beside me, and whispered to me, "you horny little ass slut. Look who came so hard from a finger fucking her ass." Blush! It was so true.

David then re-positioned himself behind me, placed the tip of his super hard penis at the entrance to my dripping vagina. And shoved it in to the hilt in one motion. He grabbed my hips and absolutely used me, as a woman should be used, until he came deep inside of me.

I collected myself, wiping the dribbly sperm out of my pussy to the extent I could (there's always some dribbles left over that come out later, into my panties). We kissed and each went our own way for a bit. I cuddled up to my iPad and responded to some comments. One of the first ones, soon after, from my god friend Tanky (visit his blog) was this.

I was literally writing that response still high from my crazy orgasm and with my pussy still leaking my husband's cum. Now that's how to respond to a comment from a friend!

Hope you enjoyed my playback. And sorry again about the offense I gave many of you. I definitely did learn my lesson!

What do you guys think? Was my punishment adequate? Let me know in the comments. And, as always, feel free to tease, I have it coming!


  1. Enough ? Doubtful .... However what was done im sure left a long lasting impression. Hopefully it wont need repeating anytime in the near future. HOWEVER..... Knowing you there will be a "different" reason come along shortly.
    I do believe its in your nature to a certain extent.
    my 2cents worth

    Paddle Daddy

  2. I'm glad you wrote this post. In your reply to my comment on the post in question, you mentioned that I liked the forced bi in the story you wrote me. For the record, I didn't find it the least bit arousing, but it was fiction and I figured that you got turned on by such activities.

    I also fully agree with David. It is not homophobic to not want homosexual sex. I have nothing against it. Another man's penis just doesn't turn me on. I might have a fantasy here and there about having to suck another man. That's a far cry from wanting to actually do it.

    I've been blogging just eight years to your ten. I understand how there is a strong impulse to give your audience what they want. There is also a sense of control that comes from thousands of public posts.

    For the most part, I love reading your posts. I skip most of the political stuff. We are on opposite sides there. No one describes spankings better than you.

    When you wrote about humiliation, I sensed more was going on. From a factual point of view, women are humiliated by being forced to strip, men by being stripped. Though that isn't the point. The true humiliation isn't in the acts themselves. It's in being exposed for committing them.

    That's neither here nor there. Just some stuff I meant to say. I'm very happy to read this post. Aside from the confessional aspect, it's damn good writing. I admire that.

    1. Thanks (I think!) :-)

      Ok, ok, I get it. Seems making guys fuck each other is my curiosity and turn on, not yours or David's. Understood!

      Not sure what you mean by the "more was going on". It's just thoughts that turn me on, and turn on many of my readers.

      I think women are humiliated by being stripped also!p. Not 1-1, that's an expectation, but if it was a stripping in front of an audience of bystanders, yeah that's pretty humiliating. I can certainly imagining my cheeks burning at that.

    2. I can see myself allowing forced gay activity because it is something that is so exciting to you. It isn't submission, it's simply a desire to give you something you want.

    3. At the risk of another spanking from my husband... no comment!

    4. I suspect that Caged Lion rather likes you being punished. Confess that I'm partial to it myself!

  3. "It's an admitted character flaw of mine that when I take a position on something, I usually feel I am 100% right about it, and everybody else is 100% wrong. You may have noticed that unfortunate tendency in some of my political posts?"

    YES. And you deserve a spanking just for that!

    I think a better punishment would have been to put you in chastity
    for a few days and then for David to thoroughly fuck your bottom hole. But I guess there is always going to be another time when julie fucks up on her blog! Here's hopin haha.

    1. At least I'm self aware :-)

      I would be dripping from my chastity belt! Cruel and unusual punishment.

  4. Fair, sure. I think I would have gone for longer cornertime no?

    1. I agree. I think a solid hour would have driven home the message more.

    2. Have you done an hour of cornertime before Jules?

    3. No Sir, but I've done 30 minutes on several occasions and it was HORRIBLE. I thought I got off very light on the corner time this time.

    4. Huge fan of yours, long time reader and there has been so much wonderfully content. Help me out here…during which of your lovely scenes did you get 30 minutes in the corner naughty girl?

    5. I think I did at least that with my nose in the corner at my parents' house after insisting on discussing Trump at the dinner table. More recently pretty sure I spent that much time bare bum after my fender bender. Think there have been others as well...

    6. *sigh* what a beautiful sight that would be. We just need some more images of this now young lady.

    7. Corner time photos are sexy

    8. Of you! Our Goddess! Hells yes they are!

    9. Are your parents in on the whole kink thing? For real I mean - I know you have a few posts involving parents, which I think is fiction, but could be wrong.

    10. Yes! Beautiful! Cornertime pics are so amazing, especially when they are you. Now to work on some recent ones for us young lady?

    11. Parents know that my husband spanks me for both sexual and disciplinarian (that I think they also believe is sexual) reasons. They play along!

      Will nudge David to do a corner time photoshop next time!

    12. Please! A good, hard nudge. We would be forever grateful for more cornertime content. Verbal and visual!

    13. Wow you are lucky your parents are so open minded. My mom and dad would be so weirded out haha.

    14. Mine know I'm a little crazy. After my early twenties, anything I do now is fine by comparison!

  5. Oh, Julie...

    I read your "Inspired Cuckolding" post, like I read all your posts, but anything forced or non-consensual makes me uneasy. Still, fantasies are fantasies, and I read worse whenever I skin r/DirtyPenPals, so I didn't comment or check the comments. I thought the hubbub was purely over your Ultimate Humiliation comments. I can't believe what an asshole you were! I thought you'd called him a homophobe once, and thought "Well, he clearly isn't, but she's reaching for a term that means 'not at all interested in having homosexual sex' and making do." You certainly deserved everything you got!

    Well, you've done well owning up to it here! One quibble though - even though you put it in quotes, there was nothing "forced" about your playtime with Mistress Violet. I don't think it can exist outside of porn, in the real world it would be straight up rape. I can't imagine Mistress Violet would be very happy if she read you telling your readers she forced herself on you!

    Amazing job by David showing you the error of your ways, punishing you severely, making you correct your mistake, and then (eventually) fucking you soundly! Well done that man! A textbook HoH (head of household, not hateful old homophobe, in case you're still struggling over my dumb joke!).

    I wonder if you'll be reading these comments with a sore bottom or sticky fingers? I think you've redeemed yourself well.

    I would suggest he give you 48 hours diaper punishment: 1 day for every time you mentioned me without linking to my blog! 😜✌

    1. I think "forced X" means "pretending to be forced to do X" in the kink context.

      HoH - ohhhh!

      Link added!

    2. I guess... I'm more familiar with it through role play on Reddit and JOI videos, where I guess the protesting is half the fun, like asking for a spanking to stop instead of using the safeword. It makes me uneasy.

      HoH - the penny drops!

      As for the link, I was just teasing! Any excuse to justify putting your delicious little bottom in a crinkly white diaper! First David tells you what to write, now me... I think that spanking did you some good!

      Also, I've just noticed you called me your god friend! I wonder what Dr Freud would say about that! You are absolutely **not** allowed to correct it! ✌

    3. Ohhhhh!
      Maybe it's like a God Father. You must now see, as my God Friend, to my moral upbringing.

    4. I think I tried that a couple of times, to minimal results! You realised I have no real power over you, and missed out on a lot of fun! 😜✌

      The job sounds like hard work, you're a good person with a big heart but, to paraphrase your post, you're a stubborn little fuck when you want to be! Never dull, though!

    5. "Stubborn" is my super power 😊

  6. I've been writing, deleting, editing and rewriting my message to this post, and I just can't seem to get it right, so please forgive me if anything I say doesn't come off quite right. First of all, you have no idea how honoured I am that my words can mean so much to you. You've been an idol and inspiration to me for so long now that having the tables turned, and for you to react and remark on my comments the way you did was... I don't have the words. I just don't. Second of all, I'm so happy to see that you've taken on the Community and your husbands feedback seriously, and do see the error of your thinking... granted you needed to have a little discussion with a hairbrush first, but you got there in the end. As I said in my original comment, as far as I'm concerned, you've paid the price for what happened and everything is now good again.

    As for the punishment itself, David did you a great justice in the manner in which he conducted it. As you said yourself, before the conversation and punishment, "Good. I was glad he had read it. I felt I was in the right and I was going to convince him." You were confident, smug and righteous despite being so fundamentally incorrect. David then humbled you, explaining to you as if you were an eight year old, all of the ways you were mistaken. He calmly and logically explained a situation to you because you clearly couldn't do it yourself. He then lowered your bottoms, leaving you naked and fully exposed. Like a child who runs around naked because she hasn't developed a sense of modesty yet. And while you were naked and exposed, he again explained to you just how wrong you were. You were made to be that naughty little girl again, a little girl who needed basic ideas explained to her, a little girl whose vagina was no longer seen as a sexual entity, but instead simply a part of her anatomy which was inevitably exposed in order to get to her bare bottom, a little girl going over daddy's knee for a long discussion with the hairbrush. David punished you perfectly, and my kudos goes out to him.

    Lastly, you may have noticed in my original message, that I didn't specify which hole David was going to use (in fact, it was you in the reply, I'm pretty sure, who focused on your bottom hole!), that was deliberate. I figured if your spanking was as serious as I expected it to have been, that an ass fucking afterward might be a bit too much. He pleasured you first, then pleasured himself in your pussy, sure it's not lovemaking per se, but he didn't sodomise you in order to punish you further. I'm happy to see that David agreed that your punishment was the spanking and the apology, and that his use of your body afterward was entirely to show that you are loved and forgiven, because you are.


    1. Wow - your message is perfection.

      The middle paragraph really captures my shame, and the dynamic of my interaction with David.

      And yes, the sex was completion, not punishment. I am melted!

    2. Nothing like the Socratic method to make someone realise they're being a bell end!

    3. Invented by Isaac Newton so that his car could enter/exit his darkroom without affecting the light levels when he was developing photos!

  7. I'm the anon who commented first while you were suffering from rampant horniness through the soccer game, hahaha. A full 20 minutes of solid hairbrush spanking, a good public shaming, a used pussy and an embarrassing finger in the bum is an appropriate punishment, imo. I am heartened that your apology was composed across David's knee and written out with your pajama bottoms around your ankles and tears in your eyes. My only addition would have been a good facefucking since it was your words that got you into trouble in the first place.

    I find it funny the last 2 times you've blogged about sissifying David (either doing it yourself or giving his ass to a guy), you've earned a HARD spanking. How times have changed in Julie Land, lol.

    My lady fair and I also find it really erotic when I deliver her scolding with her pants and panties around her ankles so her pussy is exposed. Sometimes, especially when her misbehavior has a more sexual character, I will stare at her puss and scold it directly without looking her in the eye. She's told me she finds it super erotic to have her pussy belittled like it is its' own stupid person that only thinks about being stuffed and rammed by cock for its' gratification. Wifey's super smart with 2 degrees, but Little Miss Puss Puss is a dumb, needy little slut.

    1. I think about my pussy that way also! I mean, in this instance she REALLY screwed up, didn't she? My little puss puss and your wife's had better not meet. Imagine all the trouble they'd get into together!

  8. I think a spanking should be according to spanker's judgment not a set number of strokes or a timer. The spanker spanks till he / she thinks the spankee had enough.

    1. I agree for play spankings, but there's a certain benefit to the timed spanking for punishment. Your disciplinarian should not be swayed by your tears and cries. Justice is blind, after all.

  9. If my mother in law who is 65 years old and I am 36 years old married for 8 years now, suddenly started giving me playful smack every now and then.
    She is a believer in spanking to discipline children and my wife and her brother and sister always tell stories about her slippers spanking them during their childhood.
    I stopped her from spanking my children right from the start when she attempted to spank my son.
    I play spanking with my wife, she slippers me during sex, but I am sure she doesn't discus her sex life with her mother.
    May be she heard the spankings when she was sleeping over at our house. Any way I plan to go along a see where this leads to.

    1. Your wife may well have discussed it with her. That would not be unusual. There is a bond there. Seems like quite the coincidence otherwise.

    2. She does that almost every time she sees me, so I think you are right, my wife could have told her most probably she heard something when she was sleeping over and one subject led to the other.
      Issue is I like playful spanking but according to my wife and ger siblings, my mother in law spanks long and hard. Any way, I will keep it at the level of casual hand smack when she sees me, especially that she wears wooden scholls or thick soled leather sandals all the time.

    3. I think you really do want that more serious spanking from her. Both want and not want, like me.

    4. A couple if years ago my mother in law was traveling to visit her sister, she forgot to close the water tap, so my wife asked me to go there and close it as it is on my way to work.
      I saw her shoes closet, I was very curious so I check it out, there were couple of high heels, one trainer, a sneaker, 3 flat shoes, many sandals and slippers. I tried them all on my ass, to my surprise the all hurt a lot except the high heels of course.
      I also noticed there were some damaged slippers and sandals that she kept in a seperate shelf, those hurt the most.
      That is why I am worried of getting a spanking from her as I have low pain tolerance.

    5. You've got a bad shoe fetish!

    6. Yeah, that is why I have been asking for a photo of your feet for years.

    7. There are photos of Julie's shoes and sandal from post last February when she slippered David

    8. ANY photos of Sue's feet?

    9. A very humiliating sandal spanking across your knee, next time david deserves a good punishment.

  10. Well...I thought at least an ass fucking. However, it's clear that David went "Easy" on you because he love you, and I like It so much!! :-)
    But, maybe, for your specific misbehave, you deserved something you don't like so much.. as I know you (please allow me to Say) the First thing Is swallowing his cum, but what else?
    You wrote about session with miss Violet, Who ass-fucked you, but....di you ever licked a pussy? What do you think about doing It?
    I don't believe in strait Revenge in the couple, Is wrong and Dangerous for both, but maybe doping something you don't like so much could give you a proper punishment. Like in that story, where the man ask and ask anal sex,and finally the wife accepted, presenting herself with a strapon....

    P.s.: you said your minor labia dangle a bit: I find It sexy and beautiful, and a lot of male too. Please, don't be ashemed of It, it's great :-)

    1. I have indeed licked several pussies and liked it! Swallowing cum is still a bit nasty to me. An ass fucking usually hurts. Also, having the back of my head held and pulled in during oral sex is unpleasant. Deep throating also.

  11. I would say yes, but my wife would enjoy going out to breakfast, dinner, others seeing me squirm. The spanking would just be the beginning of my punishment, what follows would be worse. Jack

    1. Her mother-in-law recently decided to move to the country, a widow, full of energy, and she made it a point that there is a wood shed. Maybe a female does not mind being naked and led to the shed, but this male does and what is worse is my natural reaction to a spanking is an erection, I must address that problem, which means in the kitchen, kneeling on the floor while both watch. Once in the woodshed, the dreaded bathbrush is applied, long and hard, and walking back to the house I best not even think of touching my spanked bottom. My wife smiles each time, has me face the wall. Since we don't live that far away, I'm in my jammies, my wife has brought for the drive home. She could care less who sees me, will swat my bottom if I talk back and so this is the worse for me it can get, I hope. Jack

    2. I can assure you that females equally mind being led naked to the woodshed!
      And, if you're someone like me, if you are bent over, say for a belting, a damp pussy is exceptionally embarrassing.

    3. My wife, mother-in-law could care less if I'm erect before or after, they will make fun of it no matter what. It is how i act like a little boy over their lap that they remind me of. I recall one time being led to the woodshed, my wife seeing a neighbor lady out, said he will be loud, the lady responded, good, it means your spanking his bottom properly. Jack

  12. One other thought, women have so many ways to get a man to do what they want, sex being the motive. You got your spanking, but you did not get the sexual pleasure, and you did not get what you wanted, spoil child attitude.
    There are times that I like to get my wife to do what I want and yes there are times I know that a spanking is what I need and have not gotten one. When I finally get my wife to spank me, the results are two fold, the spanking addresses my needs, but having to face the wall, others to see, to squirm while going out to dinner and letting it be know I was spanked. My wife is totally aware of what I'm up to, and leads me along until she had enough. Jack

    1. My man tends to shut things down immediately with me!

  13. With 5 guys you could have tried a gangbang after the match :(

    1. 2 were my nephews, one one was my fat brother-in-law, and the fifth was a mutual friend. The friend was a bit hot...

  14. I think the one place you got off easy was David allowing you to cover up when you went down to he lake. After your corner time I'd have made you strip bare and swatted your red ass out the door to skinny dip in the lake, your bare red ass a shining beacon to wives everywhere. If this were a chapter in your last book, I'm sure it would have ended like that.

    1. You're right! It would have been David making me practice my "downward facing dog" on the dock.

    2. Skinny dipping at the cottage is nota possibile...at least for Julie.... But a very tiny thong could have been a good compromise, with a very visibile Red ass. And maybe, to add some embarrassement, a too small or too big bra...Sorry Julie..escaping tits!!

    3. I once tried on a bikini where my boobs were visible on every side (top boob, under boob, side boob, inner boob). I was too ashamed to buy it, so yeah!

    4. I have the perfect thing for you to wear at the cabin! Wonder how your nephews and their mom would react?


    5. Now it's time to buy and show It!! Take a pic of your blush! :-p

    6. That's a nice suit. The one I tried on was much worse!

    7. Did you squeeze yourself into something from the toddler sectiom, or were you shopping at a stripper store? Because my first thought looking at this was "Why even bother?" I hope you at least took a couple of selfies so David could see what slutty fashion choices his wife makes when left to her own devices! You need your mom to take you shopping like a petulant fourteen year old who wants to show off her new curves - measuring the bottom of your skirt against your fingertips, making you bend over to make sure nothing is revealed, tops thick enough to hide your nipples if they get hard... And of course giving you a spanking in the changing room if you're too much of a brat, complaining about being embarrassed or insisting you're old enough to make your own choices... No doubt other shoppers will hear your caterwauling and wait to see which mother is going to lead her snotty little daughter out of the store!

    8. Think more along these lines: www.sexyshoes.com/products/top-0-hot-pink
      Ha ha!

      I DID have a bunch of fights with Mom as a young teen about my choice of outfit. Was sent stomping back to my room to change after Mom says "you're not going out looking like that!". Also endless battles at the mall. It was too bad they stopped spanking years before, I sure could have used an "attitude adjustment", and likely right in the changeroom stall!

    9. Ju-lie! Disgraceful! You should be ashamed!

      I can't say I'm surprised teen Julie made some daring fashion choices, given that at 16 you were running around in panties, sitting on your Daddy's lap! They must be so proud of the life you've made for yourself now. 😊 👍

    10. They are, thank you very much! I'm not ENTIRELY defined by my pussy.

  15. I'm sorry that my little post got you so severely punished ;)
    I feel like a neighbourhood kid who has gotten the girl-next-door into trouble, and he gets off scot-free while she gets a SOUND spanking from her strict Daddy :D

    1. Exactly! That's you. Naughty little boy. Hi hope your Mommy gives YOU a good spanking. :-)

    2. No, she prefers to wait till my Dad gets home and then watch while he takes his belt to me...

  16. Ms. Julie:
    It's one thing to 'push boundaries' when that is agreed on ahead of time. It is also a thing to do something for your partner that you are not 'thrilled' of doing yourself. Relationships are sometimes sacrificial and we do something for our partners because they need it or because we love pleasing them and feminists who think all sex has to be 'fully enthusiastic' or ANYTHING has to be happy happy joy joy all the time or both partners have to be equally as enthused can go straight to hell. That's not how human relationships work. But such a thing is not a 'boundary' or in other words, 'hard limit'. And you never make fun of 'hard limits', and you never try to pressure or coerce your partner into violating one of his or her hard limits. For me, gay sex is one such hard limit, as it is with the majority of heterosexual men, who are, by definition, not bisexual.I once took a spanking from a man. It's not my thing, I get nothing from it, either sexual or otherwise. But he was a friend, and I did it to please two lady friends who had asked me about it before and not sprung it on me all at once out of the blue and so even though I did not enjoy the experience I didn't feel violated or TOO humiliated (as a young male at the time and very shy to boot, this was a whole new level of humiliation, but in retrospect it was still pushing at boundaries, NOT violating hard limits ), and I felt that I had at least made people I cared about happy. I would do it again occasionally, if I was still in that same circle of friends from so so very long ago. But would I perform oral or have some sort of intercourse? No. Not for any amount of money, not for any friend. And my male friend at the time was a handsome man. Maybe (probably considering I do value the world and people on it!) to save the world or if a gun was at my head, but those are but forms of coercion.

    Anyway, much as I like you, I'm glad hubby blistered your naughty, sexy butt, and I hope you learned a good lesson - from your writing it seems you did.


    1. Very well expressed, Clarence. Boundary bending is ok, boundary breaking is not. I have learned my lesson on that.

  17. If we reconsider your post, and more broadly your blog, Is it possible that the word "homophobe" really "escaped" you? Could this spanking be a "set-up" 😯? Perhaps your husband could resume the "discussion" with you from this assumption?

    1. I admit I was trying to provoke him a bit, and seem to have succeeded!

  18. Love the wincing when you sit and having to hide your red bottom when you went swimming.
    A good spanking is made to last!
    I'll bet David enjoyed seeing you wince and teased the heck out of You!

  19. This does go back a long time...

    juliesp September 27, 2012 at 10:27 PM

    Oh yes! I can't wait to see david and **** with each other's penises in their mouths! Ha Ha!

    Best keep it a fantasy I think.

    1. I can't recall the context of that comment, but yes, I've wanted it for a long time!

  20. Realy great story by not so strict Julie I was hoping your sisster who you sometimes play with was going to be involved in your punishment I don't think she would have approved of what you wrote about David but your story still made me come like a fountain

    1. Sue is not a blog reader, thanks goodness!

  21. Any news on a trainer for David?

    1. We're going without for now. He's at a great weight!

  22. I guess it is very embarrassing for a sexy lady to have her bottom bared not for sex but for a spanking like a naughty girl.

    1. Exactly! Context is everything.

    2. My mom never bared our bottoms even for punishment, she will just hit on any bare part (usually thighs or calves) or if wearing light shorts she will spank on then as they don't give much protection from her thick soled rubber slippers.
      During winter, it is always our feet soles but also with her slipper as she never used any other implement.

  23. What you have taught me is that the female understands their needs, wants, and sometimes just do because they want to. My wife has said this is very true, we enjoy our bodies, and so many ways to be satisfied. I told you of being spanked by a neighbor lady for running over her roses. She was invited over to watch my wife spank me for this, and when this woman said it should be her spanking, I was afraid. My wife said it was only fair, but the spanking was not that day, it was two days later, her home, my wife went shopping. I was scared and she had a very large hairbrush. She pulled down the pants, told to step out of them, and then my underpants. I stood there, seen it all young man, and once over her lap, her spanking was worse than my wife. I was facing the wall when she saw my wife come home. She told me to take off my shirt, naked, she picked up the clothing, and I had to walk to our home, all on display. My wife seeing me, smiled, asked her how the spanking went, and my wife told me to get my jammies on, it was three in the afternoon. The lady really enjoyed that and saw me in my jammies. I look back at this, and deep down I wanted a spanking from her, she was such a woman I knew would give a proper spanking. Jack

  24. We’re in stage three of reopening now young lady. How is the session planning with your senior, workplace mentor progressing? Try not to top from the bottom too much. Let it be real and butterfly causing.

    1. He spends July/August up North with his wife, so we will play in September. No topping from bottom for me. I am prepared for anything.

  25. honestly, I don't think this was the right punishment. this was what you wanted.

    If he really wanted to teach you a lesson, he would drop the spanking from your life for a while. That would be an actual punishment for you.

    this is why I don't think you are actually sorry at all. about anything, ever, as far as I can tell.

    1. Interesting point, but I disagree. I've thought long and hard about it. Yes I crave to be disciplined by spanking and related female submissive activities. But I never provoke it, and the experience of being spanked for a misdeed really does change my point of view, every time, and/or alleviates my guilt. If I was not sexually turned on by punishment, I would not consent to it at all. So it's this or nothing, and this does impact me.

  26. The lecturing and first spanking were very much what I imagined. Then, I imagined David sitting you down on a hard stool with a notepad and pen to write out your apology. The apology would be taped to the wall and you would be placed kneeling on the stool with your nose in the middle of the apology note. Your bottom would be poking out at the room, and your knees and thighs aching from the posture.

    After a decent time for contemplation, you would be permitted to rest your hands on the wall and move your face away just enough to read your draft out loud, word by word. Any wording judged inadequate would lead to a belt across your bottom, and you being handed a red pen to improve your writing.

    After the final revisions were made and posted, you could be taken over the knee for a short, cathartic, final spanking.

    1. Glad you're not my Daddy! But I would have deserved that...

  27. That pic of you all nice a bright pink over Violet's lap - MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!

    LOOK AT THE COLORS SHE BROUGHT OUT!!!! It's just a terrific photo.

    In other and equally revealing news, your labia minora pokes out between your majora? Sloppily? How many people know this?

    Good to know. Now define "sloppily."


    1. Yes, nice pic and nice memories. A tru pro at work! Kudos to David for taking the pic and allowing me to share.

      Sloppily is not meant as a modifier. Any poking out like that is a bit sloppy IMO. Anyone who's seen my vagina know this, which at this point includes 10s of 1000s of blog readers!!! Not proud of that!

  28. Instant punishment from a lady to her naughty husband in the woods.

    Goddess Soria (@GoddessSoria) Tweeted:
    If you misbehave, you'd better believe I will take my shoe off and beat you with it. https://t.co/T1dzwGGOX0 https://twitter.com/GoddessSoria/status/1416374656781758465?s=20

  29. David,
    If you’re reading the comments little Miss Julie has hinted several times that she would like to be put in diapers just like she has done to you in the past