Wednesday, July 7

What is the Ultimate Humiliation?

So, for a subby guy, what do you consider to be the "Ultimate Humiliation"? While I'd be interested in hearing your views, I'm not sure you subby guys are completely qualified to answer. Surely humiliation is in the eye of the beholder? In this blog, building on my previous blog post Inspired Cuckolding, I'll tell you what I would consider to be the Ultimate Humiliation for any "man".

I once collaborated with a fan to write a story that ends with what I would consider to be the Ultimate Humiliation. The collaboration is described in Daddy, Daughter, and Forced Bi that also links to the story we created together, billie's hard day. The story starts with husband billey discovered cheating on his wife Carrie with a Dominatrix. If that's what he wants, that's what he'll get at home, the wife decides, and puts him in panties doing the housework under fear of a whipping. The wife is around 38-years-old, and they have a grown only-child 18-year old daughter, Victoria, living with them. The daughter is told what he did, and how he is being punished, and she plays right along as well, approving even.

Already pretty humiliating, right? "Pretty humiliating", but not the "Ultimate Humiliation" I think you will agree. They have a hot 30-year-old bachelor next door neighbour, Jim.

Mom and daughter have frequently teased one another about how hot he is and what the sight of him mowing the lawn with his shirt off does to their panties. And he flirts shamelessly with both of them and that makes them blush.

After the husband has cheated, wife decides she gets a free pass and heads next door to fuck the neighbour. She says she's not keeping it a secret from her husband either. The hot guy doesn't care. If the husband wants to make trouble, he is more than capable of handling him. Pantied husband, doing the housework, is despondent when wifey tells him about her new boyfriend next door. He puts his little foot down and says it must stop! She laughs in his face and tell him he's free to get a divorce anytime he likes, at which point his extra-marital sexual antics (with photos) will become very, very public. In fact, she's so annoyed that she asks her boyfriend over to put little pantied billie in his place.

We'll pick up the story, told from husband billie's point of view, slightly edited from the original, and with my annotations in red.
Later that evening I was standing with my nose in the corner. My wife had grounded me for the cheating, requiring I wear nothing but panties in the house and do corner-time after I had finished all my chores. She had also made it clear that any snippiness, backtalk, lazyness, disrespect, dishonesty, or disobedience would be dealt with "on the spot" with an embarrassing spanking, regardless of who was there to witness it. My wife had decided it would not be hidden from our 18-year-old daughter Victoria, either. Walking in on me is how she found out about the pantying and corner time for me. She had already seen me spanked.
A very childish punishment. Grounding and chores, and the threat of a public spanking for  any backtalk while being punished. It's the sort of regime that I fantasize being applied to me as a misbehaving teen. While being punished with a grounding and chores, even a snippy look might see you across the knee. The panties were purely to humiliate him. The fact that it would not be kept hidden from their daughter is extra punishment in and of itself.
"The fuck, Dad? You're standing in the corner like a little kid? And in nothing but a pair of Mom's panties??? Ha ha ha ha!"
Guys, just imagine the moment your teenage daughter first sees you like this, all nose in the corner, in your panties, being punished.
"Mom's idea," I said, "for the... cheating."

"Good. You deserve it."

"Sorry honey," I said.

"Don't honey me you cheat," she answered. "I'm in a bad mood, my date Carl turned into a total asshole."

"I'm sorry the date didn't go well," I said meekly.

At that moment her Mom and Jim came into the house.

"Hi Mom. Hi Jim," said Victoria. I cowered with my nose deep into the corner, out of their line of sight, hoping against hope that Jim from next door would not notice me there.
It's one ting for an inherently subby hetero guy to be seen like that by women. But for another male to see him like that? Is that not TOTALLY emasculating, or what? As a woman, I can say that my regard for you as a man would plummet multiple degrees if you were subject to that.
"Hi Victoria," said Mom,  "how was your date?"

"Not so great."

"What do you mean?"

"I'll tell you, but why is Jim over?"

"Well, since your father cheats on me, I thought all bets were off so I decided to do a little cheating on him with Jim. Jim just gave me the best fucking of my life over at his place!"

I whimpered inwardly in complete silence from my corner.

"Right on!" said Victoria, enthusiastically.
There it is, the cuckolding. Do you think panty-boy really has anything to say about it?
"So Victoria, tell us about your evening," said Carrie.

"Nothing much to tell. I was horny for Carl, but it turned into a slam-bang-thank-you-maam, and I got, like, zero relief. What an asshole."

"I'm so sorry, honey," said Carrie. "Maybe Jim can help you out a bit later?"


"Sure, I'm happy to share. How about you, Jim?"

"I don't know who's more gorgeous, your daughter or you. I'd be happy to help out."

"Yummy!" said Victoria.

This was too much for me to take. "no..." I cried out from the corner, stomping my foot.
It's a whole different level of cuckolding, isn't it, to lose both your wife AND your daughter to another guy?
And that was when Jim noticed me.

"Oh, I didn't see the other 'woman' in the room... is that little cheatin' billie in the corner in her panties?"
Having another man refer to you as if you were a girl...
"Yea, you can just call him sissy if you want."

"Hey sissy, your wife has been telling me about your exploits today.  But Jeeze, you do look like a girl with that body and those panties. What is that, 30% body fat or something? Nice curves, baby." Jim snickers under his breath and looks at Carrie.

She smiles and shrugs her shoulders.

"You seem to have him pretty well under control now," said Jim.

"Yes, amazing it happened so quickly," said Carrie. "but he still has lessons to learn. billie, come over here and stand in front of Jim."

I walked over to Jim and stood in front of him.  Jim is about 8 inches taller and instead of being effeminate and a bit pudgy like me, he is well muscled with what looks like zero body fat.

"Mom, Jesus, with Daddy shaved and with his back to me and compared to Jim he does look like a girl.  I know a lot of my friends who would like to look like that from behind! I can't believe he's so much smaller that Jim."

"That's not all that is much smaller with your father."

"I bet."
Now even your own daughter is comparing you unfavourably to a real man, and pointing out how effeminate you look by comparison.
"Jim," said Victoria cheekily, "so I bet you have quite the package below your belt and know how to use it?"

"Well, I've never had any complaints.  I guess I'm what's considered an Alpha Male."

"Is that where one male is dominant and others in his presence become beta's or subservient to the Alpha?'

"Yes, something like that."

"Well, how does that work?"

"Occasionally I need to put a guy in his place."

"How would you do that?"

"I'll show you. It's all about being assertive. Sissy, kneel down in front of me."

I stood there naked except for my pink lace panties, refusing to move. I reacted viscerally against being ordered around by another male. As I got angry I ignored him and instead turned to my wife, "Carrie! No!"

"Oh, oh.  I think our little sissy is going to regret that comment," said my wife, and then both Mother and Daughter laughed at my potential predicament. It kind of hit me what I'd just done, and I got scared also.

"Normally," said Jim, "in situations like this I would just punch him in the mouth and we would fight it out.  But in this situation I think something less manly is going to happen.  Like I said sissy, kneel down."

I still didn't move. I don't know why.

Quickly, Jim reached over to me and with a strong grip he twisted my arm behind my back and forced me down on my knees.

"Wow, did you see how quickly he did that Mom?"

"Yes, I think your father is in for something he didn't bargain for now."
The beta challenging the Alpha? They all think they can get away with it, having dealt mostly with other betas their whole life. He's about to learn different, and everybody seems to know it.
"OK sissy," said Jim, "take off your panties with your other hand."

"Ow, you're hurting me please let go," I said.

"I don't think so, not just yet.  You need to be taught a lesson on who's in charge when I'm in the house. Who you have to obey."

He twisted my arm painfully behind me. I thought it was going to break! I needed to do as I was told! With my arm twisted behind me I struggled to pull down my panties.  I started to pull them down but then needed to use my feet to take them off fully.

"They're off! They're off!" I told him, showing him my bare ass and cock.
Having your panties pulled down in front of your wife and daughter is one thing, but being required to pull them down yourself, being required to completely bare your penis, testicles, and entire ass in front of the females or risk serious injury from an angry Alpha, is quite another.
"Is that an over-sized clitty or an undersized cock?" asked Jim rhetorically. The girls laughed at Jim's comment as everybody looked at billie's shaved little member.

"Mom, is this humiliation of Dad making you as hot and bothered as it is doing to me?"

"Wow, I love watching this," said my wife. "Jim told me earlier that it would probably come to this so we talked about his punishment for not being polite and respectful. Jim teach him a real lesson on obeying his superiors."

"Hummm, I know what will work," said Jim.

I could barely move with my arm twisted behind my back.

"Please don't hurt me," I begged.

Carrie said, "Jim, definitely hurt him. I love watching this.  Nothing too serious though, I don't want to have to bring him to the hospital."

"Oh, it won't be that hard," said Jim, "but he will be humiliated in front of you and Victoria even more than he has been so far."

"Yea, this is so hot, make him cry," said my daughter, getting off on it.

Victoria's hand then slowly inched toward her thigh.

"Ok, sissy this is what is going to happen," said Jim to me. "First I'm going to put you over my lap like a little kid and spank you 'till you cry, per your beautiful daughter’s request."

"Oh no, please Jim," I begged him, now knowing he was in charge. "Not by you! Not in front of my wife and daughter! Please!" I begged sincerely.
This is the moment the beta knows he's beat. His only recourse is to beg his Alpha for mercy. Worth a try.
"What would be the fun in doing it if your wife and daughter weren't watching?" Jim smirked and looked over at Victoria and noticed her hand moving under her skirt and towards her crotch.

"Victoria, I see this is something you're enjoying."

"Oh, I'm so embarrassed you caught me," said Victoria with a coy smile for Jim.

Jim released my arm, grabbed me by my hair, sat, and forced me over his lap. "Ok, I might say this is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you, but that is definitely not going to be the case."

I struggled to get away but Jim was much stronger and bigger.  He pushed my head down to the floor and encircled his left arm around my waist so that I couldn't move at all.  He made sure my head stayed down by the ground and my ass was high in the air. Jim deliberately positioned the scene so that my daughter and wife could watch me being spanked like a little boy across a grown man's knee.

"Please don't hurt me!" I begged. "Carrie, Victoria, please ask him to leave me alone!"
As if women have anything to say about it at this point.
"Sorry, Dad this is just too hot to stop," said Vickie. "What do you think Mom?"

"I think Jim will do exactly as he pleases whatever you and I say. But for my part, Jim, feel free to hurt him as much as you want, I think he's just crying wolf."

"Well, he'll be crying soon enough, anyways" said Jim.

"No! No!" I cried as I felt him hiking me further over his knees. This was exactly what I wished I had had the courage to have done to my daughter when she misbehaved in middle-school, and even now as old as she is: put her across my knee, lower her panties, and spank her hard. But instead it was me across a strong man's knee! It was me who was forced to take my panties off in front of my wife and daughter! It was me who was going to be spanked like a middle-schooler! I felt so helpless across Jim's lap. He was so strong! He put me across his knee and there was literally nothing I could do about it.
I speak from experience, this feeling of helplessness due to our relative strengths is a major aspect of a real spanking for me. When I am being held across my husband's knee, there is literally nothing I can do about it until he has decided I have been sufficiently punished. How humiliating that a supposed grown man should have this same, womanly, experience at the hands of a man?
Just then, the prospect of being spanked so publicly hit me. I knew I was going to be kicking and crying and screaming across Jim's knee. I didn't want my wife and my daughter to see that. To see me so reduced in status as to be spanked like a child across a man's knee.

I started crying even before he started spanking me. I began literally begging him: "Please Jim, please! Please don't spank me here. Please take me to the bedroom and give me my spanking there, behind closed doors. please!"
He had to acknowledge the inevitability of his spanking. His only hope now was to have it done behind closed doors rather that in front of his wife and daughter!
My pleas fell on deaf ears. "No, no, little girl. You need your spanking right out here, right in the living room, right where it will do you the most good, right where your wife and daughter can see you being spanked. You need to learn your place. Yes, you may be crying like a little boy already, but you'll be crying and blubbering like a baby before we're done, and begging me to stop. You'll lose all your dignity. Your wife and daughter will never look at you in the same way again after you've been hand-spanked on your bare bottom to tears by a real man."
There it was. There was to be no reprieve from an embarrassing to-tears public spanking. He would be completely emasculated.
Jim pulled back his hand and brought his heavy palm crashing down across my naked bottom cheeks, covering both cheeks with his one hand.

"ARGHHHH!" I cried out at the force of the blow.

Victoria's eyes bulged when she saw how hard I was spanked.  But instead of feeling sorry for me she noticed a tingling in her crotch.  I could see her reach under her skirt and start to touch herself! In fact, both Mom and Daughter were transfixed at the scene in front of them.

"Look, Mom," said Vickie, "Jim has him so far bent over you can see his asshole and all his hairless little junk between his legs."

I knew she was right. I could feel the air on my fully exposed asshole and on the backs of my balls!

Jim brought his hand back and hit me a second time and with even more force. I heard myself screaming at the top of my lungs. Holy shit! Is this what a spanking from a MAN was all about? Holy shit! Help! It felt harder than any spanking I had received from my Mistress. This was not just a spanking, this was a punishment. Jim started to spank me with an array of intense slaps to both cheeks.
Only now does he truly realize what a spanking from a man entails. Prior to this he had only played at spankings with women, he thought he knew what a spanking was about. He was being taught a lesson at how a woman experiences a forced spanking from a strong male hand. The experience itself feminizes him.
Tears were coming from my eyes. "Please Jim! Please don't! No! Please!" I was begging as I wriggled on his lap and kicked my legs in about as humiliating a display as it was possible for a grown man to make.

"I'm not finished yet," Jim said. "I'm not convinced that you're sincere. Not to mention that you're going to listen not only to me but to your wife and daughter as well."

"Yes, yes. I will, I promise," I pleaded with him, desperate for my spanking to stop!

"Still not good enough," said Jim.

Jim pulled back and with years of racket sports experience behind him he let loose with a barrage of hits.  My ass and legs were beet red and starting to blister.  I was desperately trying to get loose from his grip, but Jim was so much stronger than I!

"Please Jim! Please stop!" I begged.

"Call me 'Daddy', and promise you'll be an obedient little girl," said Jim.

"Please... Daddy!" I screamed out as he continued spanking me. "I promise! I promise I'll be a good little girl! I promise Daddy! Please! Please! I'll be obedient Daddy! I'll do anything you say!" Tears were streaming from my eyes and I was truly desperate for my spanking to end.

"You say you will do anything we say, sissy?" asked Jim.

"Yes, I promise!" I answered, not realizing, nor caring at that moment, what I was signing up for.

"Well," said Jim, pausing my spanking momentarily but keeping me across his knee, red ass uppermost. "I'm not gay, but I think you need to be taught how cock is a tool to reinforce the status of an Alpha Male."

Oh no!

"What do you mean. Jim?" Victoria asked as she was still touching her pussy under her skirt.

"Well, let me show you," said Jim.  "billie, I'm going to let you up.  Then you are going to kneel in front of me facing my crotch.  Do it now or I'll blister your ass some more and then you'll do it anyways.  So, your choice."

I slowly and painfully got off his lap and knelt submissively in front of him, tears in my eyes, my ass and legs so sore! I had no fucking choice!

I could see my daughter Victoria looking on with her mouth open and eyes fixed on me.

"OK, now unbuckle my belt," said Jim.

"No, please don't make me do it," I begged.

Jim slapped me really hard across my cheek and the slap echoed throughout the living room. My ears rung and my face burned painfully hot from the slap.

"Now, sissy, unbuckle my belt," said Jim calmly.

I had no choice. I raised my hands and unbuckled Jim's belt.

"Ok, now the zipper," he said.

Victoria couldn't turn her head away from me. She couldn't believe what was happening in front of her. She was soaked from the scene and her fingers were still gently working her pussy watching the scene unfold.

"OK, now pull my pants down."

My wife called out: "Go ahead cocksucker I want to see what happens next."

I pulled down Jim's pants and he wasn't wearing any underwear and his giant cock was hanging down in front of my face.

"Oh, shit," said Victoria, "I think I know what's going to happen next.  Go ahead Sissy Daddy, I want to watch my Sissy Daddy giving head to a guy."

"Yes, it's quite the entertaining scene, Victoria, isn't it?" said her Mom.

"Ok, sissy," continued Jim. "I want you to show everyone in the room who is the Alpha Male here.  Put it in your mouth."

I looked at his cock dangling there, and then looked over at my smirking wife and daughter. I just couldn't. This was too much to demand. The game was over! "No I can't do that in front of my family," I said forcefully.

In a flash Jim grabbed me, put me back over his knee, and spanked me with such force both Mother and Daughter winced.  The spanking was long and thorough. It was to be a full ten minutes of additional agony across his knee. I was being taught to never, ever, disobey the Alpha Male. At one point he made me straddle his knee and spanked the insides of my thighs. I could feel my penis and testicles pressing painfully into Jim's steely-muscled thigh as he spanked me. I was writhing, straddled across his knee like that, my cock rubbing into his leg.

"Oh Daddy! Stop humping Jim's knee like that. And don't think we can't see you rubbing your hard little hairless cock and balls across his thigh. You look like a little tart!"

It was true. The spanking was so intense that it must have looked for all the world like I was humping Jim's knee, trying to get myself off!

Then he spread my cheeks and spanked me inside my butt crack and even directly onto my asshole! Right in front of my wife and daughter! No!

Jim paused. "Now, are you going to get on your knees and suck me off?" asked Jim, "or do I have to take my belt off?"

"No, please. I'll suck you off Jim, please, no more spanking!" I said to him.

With that admission both women laughed at the scene.

"Well, I guess resistance was only temporary, huh dad?" said Victoria. "Go ahead suck him off, I want to watch him cum in your mouth."

I got back on my knees and put my hands on Jim's ass for balance.

"NO!" said Victoria. "No hands. I want you to suck it with just your mouth. That's how my boyfriends make me do it."
Ha ha! Cocksucking lessons from his daughter. A few days ago Victoria would never have dreampt of speaking so openly about her sexual exploits, but she had at this point clearly lost all respect for her Dad, so felt no constraints whatsoever. It also rubbed it in for billie that his daughter had rough sex with boys whether he "approved" or not, and what she was required to do to them.

I put my hands behind my back, opened my mouth, and leaned forward to take Jim's huge member into my mouth.  I was thinking, what did my daughter mean "that's how my boyfriends make me do it????" But I knew I needed to do a good job or I'd be spanked again! I started to go up and down on the head of Jim's cock.

Again I speak from experience, once you've been spanked long enough and hard enough, the threat of a further extension of your spanking becomes extremely motivational!
Victoria came off the couch and pushed my head onto the cock, making me deep throat it.  When she let go I tried to take my mouth off to breathe, but then she just pushed it back onto it again, gagging me.  The action forced me to be bobbing up and down on Jim's cock.  She continued to force my head up and down.

"Wooo, this is so hot," said Victoria.

"Yeah, cocksucker do it. Keep going," said my wife.

"Who would have thought this morning that by tonight I would be forcing my father to suck on my mother’s boyfriend's cock in front of me?" pondered Victoria as she continued making me deep throat Jim's shlong.

"It looks like you're enjoying yourself," said my daughter to me (I clearly was not!), "so I'll just let you finish on your own."

Jim pushed his hips forward to get more of his cock into my mouth.

"That’s it," said Jim, "he actually seems to be quite good at this."

"You go Dad, suck him off.  That will be a memorable event for me."

"Yes, billie.  Go to it," said my wife.

"Mom, this is making me so horny. Is it ok if I ask Jim to take me right after?"

"You'll have to give Jim a few minutes to recover, sweetheart, but he does have a lot of stamina! Maybe we can work something out," said my wife to my daughter.

I heard this and stopped sucking and said, "No, you can't do that to my daughter, please..."

Jim grabbed me by my head and stuck his cock right back down onto his mouth and started to move it in and out again, face fucking me hard and fast. "No backtalk, bitch, or it gets worse," said Jim to me as he pistoned his giant cock in and out of my mouth between my well-pursed lips.

"OMG, look at him fuck his mouth.  Jim, please cum in his mouth and on his face... please.  I want to see my Dad go all the way!"

Jim continued to go in and out until he announced he was ready to cum.

He held my head so that his cock was in my mouth as I struggled to get away. Then I felt his cum shooting into my mouth and down my throat!

After thoroughly creaming my throat, Jim pulled out and shot several massive loads of sperm onto my face, then wiped his cock on me.

"Oh, that felt good, little cocksucker," said Jim.

"OMG, hey Dad that was so hot.  Did you like the taste?"

I'm sure I looked totally humiliated now.  With my head down, red-faced from the slap, red-assed from the spanking, and cum on my cheek and down my throat. I rubbed my jaw as it ached so much from holding my mouth so widely open and for pursing my lips so tightly and for so long.

"Clean me up, slut," said Jim looking down at me. I had to lick and suck all the remnants of sperm off his softening cock.

I think that taught billie his place pretty well. That was pretty humiliating, right? But is it yet the Ultimate Humiliation? I still don't think so...
"Ok, cocksucker," said Jim. "Go up to the master bedroom and stand with your nose against the wall bare ass and wait for us. We'll follow you upstairs."

As I started trudging up the stairs I could hear my daughter make a plea of Jim. "Jim, please, I would really like you to take me tonight.  You can do anything you want.  Use any hole you want.  I want to be yours, to be taken."

"I think that can be arranged," said Jim.

They walk up the stairs behind me and follow me to the bedroom where I have scurried ahead, bare naked, to put my nose against the wall.

"Why don't you ladies get undressed while I lay down on the bed and recover from sperming little miss cocksucker's throat," said Jim.

They both undressed, eager to show Jim their sexy bodies. It was humiliating knowing they were both stripping naked at his command.

Jim watched the scene from the bed and was again hard as a rock. He motioned Victoria to come lie on the bed next to him. He touched her thigh and slowly rubbed her leg. She responded by opening her legs.

"Sissy, come over here," Jim said to me.

I walked over tentatively, not knowing what would happen next. I was presented with the sight of my own daughter naked and legs spread!

Jim went into missionary position between my daughter's legs. "Take my cock and put it into your daughter's pussy," he commanded me.

"Please, no..." I begged.

"Do it, or you know what will happen, and you won't like it."

He meant another spanking across his knee. My ass couldn't take another!

I took ahold of Jim's huge hard cock and pushed it into my daughter's tight pussy.  She is tight, but so wet it just slid in all the way and she gasped.

"OMG, that feels so good," said Victoria.

"Go back to your wall, faggot," said Jim, "but face the room and watch your daughter get fucked. Stroke your cock but don't cum or you'll get my belt across your ass and wish you hadn't."

I went to do as I was told, and started stroking my cock.

Carrie was also watching the scene and was happy for her daughter to be serviced by a real man. After several minutes of Jim fucking my daughter, my wife came to get me and brought me back to the bed. She had me sit down and held my head close to the pillow so I could watch my daughter being fucked closeup by my wife's new next door boyfriend. She told me to keep stroking as I watched.

Meanwhile Jim was bringing Victoria to her climax.  She arched her back as he pounded her pussy.  She exploded with an orgasm and fell back on the pillow.  After a while she looked up and realized that Jim was still hard.

"Jim, thank you so much for that.  It was a wonderful experience but you still need relief.  What can I do?"

"I’m ok.  I'll cum again soon enough," he said. "It's important to make sure little billie remembers his place. I'm going to cum in his ass."

"OMG, Jim," said Victoria, "you're so big, I should know! Are you really going to make him do that?"

"Yes, it will cement the relationship and establish who the boss is."

"But your cock is so big, won't it hurt him?" asked Vickie, having experienced it in her hot wet cunt.

"Yea, it probably will, but so what, right? He needs to learn his place once and for all, and my cock is going to teach it to him, just like it did for you and your Mom, little girl."

"Yes, Sir," said Victoria, melting at the Dominant Alpha.

Oh no, I thought. It would be the ultimate humiliation to have Jim fucking my ass while my wife and daughter watched!

"billie, turn over and put your face on the pillow and your ass in the air," said Jim. "Victoria, Carrie, grab his arms and keep his head down."

Vickie and Carrie positioned me on the bed and soon I was face down with my head and arms being held by my daughter and my wife.

"Carrie," said Jim, "get the lube, and lube up my cock and his asshole."

She jumped up off the bed leaving my daughter to hold me down, and did as she was told.

"Prepare him with your fingers, Carrie," said Jim.

I felt my wife lube my hole and start finger fucking my ass. I struggled under my daughter's weight.

"no, no, not this!" I begged. "Please!"

"billie, settle down," said Jim. "If you don't stop struggling I'll give you the belt and then you're going to get it in the ass anyway."

Carrie continued fingering my ass with one finger, then two and then three.

"Ok faggot, you're loose enough," said my wife to me. "Get ready to be fucked by a real man for the first time in your life."

"No, please it's too big it will split me open!" I cried out.

"Don't be such a pussy, billie," Carrie told me. "It's likely to hurt a lot but I think that turns you on...doesn't it?"

I didn't answer.

"Fuck him Jim" from my wife.

"Yes, I really want to see him take it up the ass," from Victoria.

Jim pushed in slowly, "Working the head in is the hardest part."

I couldn't help myself. I yelled in pain about the intrusion but Jim was on a mission to subjugate me so he pushed on.

"Relax, or it's going to hurt more," my wife told me.

Jim then pushed it half way in to me and paused. I managed to relax a bit and then he pushed it all the way in, to the hilt, splitting me! My ass gyrated with the impalation, and I moved around to the extent I could to minimize the asshole pain.

"OMG, he has a 10" cock all the way up his ass!" exclaims Victoria. "And look, Mom, he's acting like a girl in heat moving around and pushing back against Jim's cock like that!"

"Yea, I guess his orientation of being straight might need to be changed," said my wife. They both laughed. "Jim pound it as hard as you can. I want him to be walking bowlegged for the next week.  He already won't be able to sit after the spanking you gave him today!"

Jim was clearly aroused by the tightness of my ass and started pounding, but after he came earlier in the day, it was going to take more time.

Carrie and Victoria were both watching with rapt attention as Jim fucked me completely into submission. I was gripping the sheets and crying big wet tears as Jim let me have it, fucking me as if I were a lady!

"Please Jim! Please! Just cum into me. It hurts so much!" I couldn't believe I had been reduced to begging for a sperming up my ass from a man!

"Oh no, little lady. This is a punishment fucking, which means it goes on for as long as I say it does."

I collapsed onto the bed. Jim followed me down and lay on top of me as he continued ramming his cock into my ass.

After about 10 minutes of solid fucking, I started to panic. It was happening! My ass was in agony from the pounding it was undergoing, but I was also starting to simultaneously feel a tingling in my cock. Oh no! No! This couldn't be happening. No!

I tried to hold it in. It would be too embarrassing to have my wife and my DAUGHTER even see me cum from my punishment ass fucking from a guy! I continue to try to hold it, but the waves started hitting me.

"NO!" I scream out. "No! Please! Not that! PLEASE! NO!"

The women were confused, but Jim knew exactly what was going on.

"Yeah, Baby," he said, addressing me as he would a girl, "It's 'gonna happen whether you want it to or not."

"No! Please! STOP! Please! Before it happens! Please!"

"It's 'gonna happen. It's how you're going to learn your place. Take it. Take every last inch, slut boy."

"Mom, what's happening?" asked Vickie, wondering what was going on.

"I'm not sure, darling," said my wife.

"He's about to cum," said Jim as he kept fucking me. "Cum like a little bitch in heat from my cock."

"Can you believe that Mom?" said my daughter. "I mean, I thought we were just teasing him calling him faggot like that, but I think he really is one!"

"If he cums from just cock up his ass, he for sure is one," said my wife.

Jim kept pounding me and it started happening! I desperately tried to hold it in, and begged Jim not to.

"Please Jim!" I cried, "Don't do that to me, please! I don't want it! PLEASE! Not in front of my wife. Not in front of my daughter!"

"Oh, you want it, bitch," said Jim. "I'm gonna make you cum like a girl with my cock up your ass."

I kept trying to hold it back but it was too much, and so when finally I orgasmed violently my cum shot out of my cock, warmly soaking the sheets, and I let out a cry of distress, "NOOOOOOOO!" I said as I twitched and shook in full orgasm with Jim's massive cock sunk full into me.
Ahhhhh! There it is! The ULTIMATE HUMILIATION!!!!

"Oh My God, he's actually cumming Mom! Cumming from the cock! Look at him twitching and writhing, like it's a female orgasm!"

Now that I had been completely humiliated by Jim's big cock, he shot his load deep up into my ass as the cherry on the cake.

"Wow that was really hot," said Victoria, breathlessly.

Jim slowly pulled his massive cock out of my ass, spreading my ass cheeks wide as he did so. I could feel my asshole gaping widely open as his cock left me, my cheeks held apart by Jim's rough, strong hands.

"Look at how open that hole is!" exclaimed Carrie.

"Yeah, and how filled with cum. It's starting to ooze right out," added Victoria.

Jim rolled off me, grabbed me by my hair, and rolled me onto my side so the women could see the full depth of my shame.

"OMG! Look Mom! Dad came all over the sheets just from being fucked in the ass!!!! Dad, what a slut you are.  I guess we now know what you like."

I looked down at where my crotch had been moments before. There was a massive pool of my own creamy white cum that my cock and balls had been mashed into as Jim came into my ass.

"He was rolling around in his own cum as Jim finished in him!" said my daughter. Both Carrie and Victoria burst out laughing.

"I guess you have some laundry to do tonight, sissy boy!" said my wife, referring to my thoroughly cum-soaked sheets, as she and my daughter laughed uproariously again.

My humiliation was utter and complete.

So there we go, that is what I consider to be the Ultimate Humiliation for a guy, to be made to literally cum from an Alpha Male's cock fucking his ass!

Now, to find a solid Alpha to take my davie-babie in hand like that...


  1. J'adore que la fille soit mise a contribution de la punition du papa, et en soit la témoin de son humiliation...

    Autant, qu'avec mes filles, je leur donne la honte de les fesser devant toute la famille, ce qui est arrivée ce week-end, deux culs nus exposés aux regards, surtout aux plus jeunes qu'elles, ce qui les mets dans les conditions de petites filles, sauf que leurs chattes révèlent leurs excitations d'adultes, mais autant lorsqu'elles me fessent, elles prennent leur revanche, en jouant avec mon anus, et mis au coin avec le manche du martinet dans mon trou du cul, et je dois terminer ma leçon en me masturbant devant elles !!!

  2. This one definitely hits me! As billie I would be completely crushed, destroyed. 
    Being helplessly manhandled in such ways and then betrayed by my own cock,  how could I look my wife and daughter in the eyes after that?
     But would my cock start to  stiffen again  when recollecting  later?
      The experience for sure fucks  billie's head even deeper than his ass.  It fucks my head as well. 

    1. Helplessly cumming as you get dicked down... mmmmmm.

  3. Rogering here, hopefully there was a follow up session,where the wife got to use her large strap on dildo on the husband and the hunky male from next door took care of Victoria and her other hole.

    1. All combinations you can dream of, yes!

  4. I dont know....for me the daughter being involved is a huge turn off. I mean thats a line that I would never let cross even though its fantasy. Not that I am submissive, but sex is something I wont ever discuss with my parents or my kids. Maybe I am a bit old fashioned haha.

    This must be quite humiliating - Hubby used by bull while wife listens on phone:

    1. I always put myself into the daughter role, and am very turned on by the thought.

      Hot video!

  5. Will david ever consent to playing with a guy?

    1. I hope he will. It's a big fantasy of mine and I really truly think he is being selfish in not accommodating me, after all I do for him.

    2. No self respecting man would share his girl with another guy in a setting where he is submissive imo. Idk maybe I am narrow minded, but I am not sure if these guys who are cucks actually have self esteem? Maybe David would be more open to being the dominant guy with a submissive guy you both can use...

    3. I don;t want that. That does not turn me on. I want to see my husband dicked down by a real guy. What's the BFD? He takes my cock all the time.

    4. Maybe he isn't bi-curious.

    5. Frankly I think its hotter as a fantasy than as reality. Its like me jerking off to ballbusting videos. But if any girl slaps my balls in real life, am throwing her out the window lol.

      Here is a video from Toronto:

      See how awkward both dudes are even with the pretty girls? Thats how it will be in reality. IMO.

    6. Very sorry its not David's gig. Hopefully he'll come to it. However I must say, as a self respecting man, there is nothing that I would enjoy more than to be spanked and arse fucked by my wife's hunky lover!

    7. He's definitely not bi-curious, but it's something I want.

      Yes, very awkward in the video. David would be just like that! Ha ha!

      Exactly, Mark! Why can't David not even pretend for me?

  6. When I read this I put myself in billie's place, and I wanted to become violent and possibly bash Jim's skull in? I guess you do have the ultimate humiliation story right here.

    1. That wouldn't have ended well. Jim would have whipped the skin off your ass.

    2. I am a martial artist. I am a brown belt in BJJ and I also box. Jimmy boy can try! buhahahaha. Maybe there will be a role reversal where I take him down and put my balls in his mouth just because I can!

    3. Well Jim is a twelfth degree black belt in BJJ and a Muai Thai world champion and outweighs you by 50 lbs of solid muscle. We'll see whose balls goes into whose mouth ;-)

    4. I am God. As soon as jimmy whips out his dick, I make it disappear. There goes jimmy boy's fantasy!

    5. Oh well, you win in that case.

    6. Hello God! Big fan of your early work. I was wondering, with your infinite powers, could you make a dick so large even you could not suck it? And then could Julie have a try? Thank you! ✌

    7. My plan for Julie is to keep her just a bit naughty so her husband has plenty of reasons to spank her silly. But I'll make sure I keep her pussy wet and needy before and after her spankings.

    8. As a long-time lurker (naturally) I can assure you he has plenty of reasons to keep her pretty little bottom redder than mine! Bless him, though, he's doing your work! Maybe I should lend him my pitchfork... Or maybe he can find something else to poke her with! 😈

    9. I think we can team up on this one. DM me.

  7. Wow, this hot, I am not really in the Bi aspect but being punished and humiliated in front of my daughter is huge fantasy of mine. Thanks.

  8. WC here

    You naughty naughty girl.

    I would like to have both of you with your bare bottom up in the air

    I have to admit that your kinky little imagination makes my dick tingle:)

    Your fan as always


    1. I would like that, Sir.

    2. WC here

      There’s not much I enjoy more than really tanning a cuckolds bare bottom. The little wife telling her hubby “just wait till your father gets home!” Really laying into their bare bottoms always makes my dick rock hard…….that dick always ends up in their bottoms! Often while I jerk them off and make them cum like a good little sissy. Don’t worry your pretty little head….the naughty wife gets the same treatment. Here’s a assignment for you. Stick your finger deep up David’s bottom and make him squeeze your finger as hard as he can. Tell him that you have been assigned to tighten up his ass for my cock. I bet he spurts all over himself…..

      Naughty girl!

    3. Oh my gosh!
      Well THAT made by pussy tingle, Sir (I had to reach down to rub it).

    4. WC here

      Did David read this comment? And stop masturbating! You are a very naughty girl.

      Get your vibrator off your clit!

      Naughty naughty girl

      Behave like a proper young lady……

      Or suffer the consequences

    5. WC here

      You might have to be put in chastity……

      Unsupervised wife masturbation leads to a selfish wife

      He is working all day


      There you are fantasizing running around the house naked getting your clit off


      There’s probably no dinner on the table

      Chastity could be the only answer …young lady

      Behave yourself:)

  9. Best humiliation for me is standing nose in corner while the Alpha pleasures himself with my wife. I can hear her, but I’m not allowed to see. I’m then made to clean her up, whichever hole the Alpha has filled with his juice. I must lick her clean and swallow every last drop of his sperm.

    Then I toss a coin to decide how I’m to be used by him, heads or tails…..

    Heads I swallow every drop straight down, tails I let it drip into a bowl and lick it clean.

  10. What woman does not enjoy making fun of it. My wife has always made what she consider funny comments. My mother-in-law when she spanked me the first time, told her daughter, hope it grows up. One friend of hers told me she enjoys seeing my red spanked bottom, and sorry she missed the spanking, as for your play toy, your not alone. She did get to see me getting a spanking, by accident, dropped in when I was being spanked. She enjoyed seeing me kicking, squirming, my pants and underpants around my ankles and then facing the wall. Jack

    1. I'll add this, a true traditional over the knee spanking will get any males attention. My wife has recently said your articles are very good, interesting, some she would do, others not. She most enjoys me wanting to rub while facing the wall, enjoys giving me a bath after a spanking and most proud when others see me in my jammies as she calls them during the day time, they know I have been a naughty little boy and got a spanking. I truly don't believe any woman would not want to have control over her husband. When I told to strip, I do so quickly, when I'm going to be spanked, front room, bedroom I do not talk back. Yes I've been told my penis is small, but when you have a sore, warm, stinging, red bare bottom, don't care. I have said spankings help me, and so thankful my wife understands, but no matter how much they help, I'm squirming, pleading, kicking over her lap just like a naughty little boy. Jack

  11. To Me Hulmation be beimg threat with good spanking by one female or 2 female same time in freont of other people even withg threat or scolding with a comment like some one should take your pants down and give you a good spanking even something like you should been spanked given a goosd spanking

    then being force or have female take my pants down bare my ass in front of everyone taken over her knee/lap or bent over to get my spanking i earn hard while everyone watch seeing my batre ass etc

    1. Yes, that is very good humiliation as well!

  12. Such a good story! I think you nailed it with the ultimate humiliation, I think the only way to worsen it would to be make it even more public... send pictures to friends/neighbours/coworkers/family members perhaps, and/or step out in public with your husband and your boyfriend, and make sure everyone knows what's going on!

    1. Make him stand on the street corner in a pair of white short shorts and a frilly short-sleeved blouse, with a sandwich board that reads "I am a cuckold. My wife's boyfriend is making me stand here like this while they have fun together."

  13. The ultimate humiliation? It's definitely up there for a hetero guy, but the trouble with a situation like you've described is that a true sadist can always make it worse. What if billie was forced to jerk a guy off whilst being fucked? What if he had to feed himself a bowl of shit with his free hand? What if the thing was filmed and put up for free on the internet, to What if he then had that address tattooed across his face?

    Of course, in these instances (and yours), no matter how awful billie is treated, he can always take solace in the fact that he was coerced and over-powered, that he had no choice and that anyone else in the same situation would have done the same thing. If I were to witness billie's mistreatment I wouldn't feel derision for billie, but sympathy.

    TLDNR: The most humiliating thing I can think of is being caught naked, masturbating to one's own reflection in the mirror. ✌

    1. Hi Tanky! Nice to have you back!!!

      MOST of us try to draw a fine line between sexy humiliation and "wtf???". Ha ha!

    2. Nice to be back! Though to be honest I never went away, I just didn't have much to say!

      And you know what's WTF for you is sexy for someone else! Those are definite fetishes for some groups of people... Though probably not all at once!

      There are definitely guys who would rather eat shit than be forced to take it in the ass until they came in front of their teenaged daughters. There are definitely gals who would find a man eating shit to protect his daughter's innocence sexier than a man being unwillingly buggered to climax. Takes all kinds!

      The mirror thing is worse because no-one is forcing you and it shows deep levels of weirdness!

      I did once read a two page spread in a magazine where they got a quick soundbite of a bunch of different fetishists with different out there fetishes. The guy who liked Roman showers was the stand out, he was clearly embarrassed and basically said "Look, I know it's disgusting and I feel embarrassed for liking it, but it happened once by accident and felt incredible, and I've been hooked since." That was the gist of it, I'm obviously paraphrasing, but the takeaway was that he was utterly humiliated but still following his bliss.

      I've heard the same thing a lot from girls in dirty diapers, *hint hint*...

    3. Well, yeah... I think you're about to learn something here! A Roman shower is when a girl throws up on a guy's dick. His story was a girl was blowing him, gagged on his dick, threw up on it, and it felt incredible. I find that more believable than a guy saying "You know what, honey, blow jobs are great and all, thanks, but what did you eat for breakfast?"

      So yeah, accidental discovery that he had a very niche fetish, acknowledged it was disgusting but decided to chase his bliss anyway. Good for him, I guess!

  14. I did not think this would turn me on. You go right on the edge and over. Ok with my wife... OK ... my daughter ? No.

    1. It's a fantasy. What if it was a hot fantasy daughter, not your real one?

  15. And then Afterwards He Had Been humiliated to much, He waited for Jim to be unsuspecting and Beat him Up with a Baseball bat.

    1. I think we need to work on the concept of "fantasy" here. :-)

  16. I’m 55, switch, and very bi curious. I wish you were my neighbors! I’d love to make this scenario a reality.

  17. I love it when Jim spanks bill until he screams out : "Please... Daddy! I promise I'll be a good little girl!". "Little pantied billie". It is an abject shame when you feel your male body betraying you and your penis hardening as another male fucks you really hard really deep in front of your wife and daughter and you can't stop yourself from getting off and cumming.

    Not ultimate, just pretty humiliating ceremonial.
    (all persons fictitious)
    My wife never puts on makeup when we are invited for dinner at our son's in-laws.
    A servant precedes us to the living room. Our daughter-in-law and her parents are there with our son who comes to hug us, always a little embarrassed.
    Our daughter-in-law's father and his wife don't come to shake hands with us. They don't invite us to sit down.
    Our daughter-in-law hands her father the list of faults committed by her husband (our darling son) including his inadequacies in the bedroom. He tells his stepson to come and lie across his knees. He calmly lowers his pants and panties, then quietly rolls up his sleeve. In less than ten minutes, our son is transformed into a screaming and pleading six years old little boy. He is led to the corner, facing the wall.
    We then get the usual scolding from our son's mother-in-law for bringing him up so badly and as a result, we each get a bare ass spanking until we too are in tears. The fact that they are immensely rich and we are quite poor means that no attention is never paid to our gender.
    For the next hour, lined up facing the wall, our little family, sniffing and full of snot, offers our hosts the humiliating spectacle of our punished asses.

    1. Well, you really should have raised him better, just saying...

    2. I don't think we spoiled our son.
      On the contrary, he always remained polite and obedient to his father-in-law. No doubt they have a certain "class pleasure" in spanking our naked rumps, but, at the same time, they are not such bad people, they can be generous.
      They're talking about finding work for my wife by hiring her extra to serve when they're having big parties.

    3. Maybe she can suck cock in the cloakroom?

    4. Does your daughter-in-law like everyone to know that her husband and in-laws are regularly spanked by her father or is it a secret?

    5. She's a mischievous girl, but she's not mean.
      Her father employs people who belong to our distant family. It amuses her that they are informed (in particular by the butler) that we are spanked regularly. They call us « The red rumps ».

  18. Nailed it! If anyone could come up with a humiliation fantasy it's you. You're the best.

  19. For me the ultimate humiliation happened this Spring. Mistress took me to a sex shop. She found a pretty sales woman and asked for her help. Mistress introduced me a Sophia, my submissive male name. And told the sales woman she was shopping for a strap on, large dildo, paddle, and some lingerie.

    Mistress took me around the store and was very explicit about what she would be using the sex toys for, frequently asking the sales womans advice. And relieving our sexual Dom/sub relationship.

    In the lingerie section Mistress held up various outfits on my body and made sure other customers could tell they were for me. Of course Mistress made me pay and thank the sales woman for her help. Finally Mistress told her we'd be using the strap on and paddle tonight when we got home for several hours of fun.

    I was completely humiliated and embarrassed. A few weeks later Mistress made me go into the same store and find the same sales woman to buy a large dildo. Obviously the sales woman knew it was going to be used on me. Boy was I embarrassed once again.

    1. That is pretty humiliating! I have done same with david, it is VERY blushy for him each time.

  20. Loved all this, and comments, especially the idea of a dual ass dildo for slut subby and wifey to prepare for the real man.

    As a "straight" always dude, my fantasy here includes you keeping me in chastity for 2 weeks, you wonderfully treated and orgasm every night to tease me during.

    Maybe I'm under your hubby too, and he is in chastity, til he succumbs to these fantasies of yours.

    He doesn't want dick, so neither do you, as you say.

    He gets no sex and I am your whipping boy til he consents to pleasing your bf..

    -Dreaming Of Your Instruction
    (btw I cant' get any dates recently, but I have finally a pen pal/friend/dom lady through a date site. I hope she keeps being a bit as exciting and powerful as you! ty)

    1. Good point. Maybe a little orgasm denial and sex withdrawal would encourage him.

  21. The ultimate humiliation for Billie (and any man?) would be that Jim cut off his little nuts and bury them in the forest. It is irreversible.
    They are giggling when they heard his high-pitched voice!

    1. Some guys have these castration fantasies. Hard to act out though, because you can only do it once!

  22. I hate to be that one.....
    While the story is hot and appeals to my natural submissive the root of it is a horror story....
    No matter what he's done should be subjected to physical torture followed by oral and anal rape....
    I don't care for stories of forced sex....never have,,,,
    Sure my wife has humiliated me in front of others but there's a line that we've never crossed....I have never been forced to do anything that deep down I didn't want to!!!

    1. When I write, I think of myself, where deep down I really want all the bad things to happen to me as a sub. So while Billie complained, deep down he really wanted it, as evidenced by his orgasm at the end. That's how you should read it, in the spirit written.

  23. Well for me that story is way over the top and a non-starter. I guess my humiliations would be very mild. The first time I was spanked at a party. Then she has this nasty habit of saying in the presence of several random people, like at her work where they know me, that I'm feeling better now that she gave me an enema. Or even worse announcing that she's going to give me one. I think that's borderline involving others in your sex life but she says that's since they're unaware that there's anything sexual about it it's okay. She has made comments in front of several select people in a joking way that "I ought to give him a spanking." I suppose some are suspicious. Her daughter knows I'm spanked and has heard a few but has zero interest which is why I probably don't find it humiliating.

    1. Methinks the lady doth protest too much...

    2. I hope the “laundry” started as completely lapping and sucking his mess clean and thoroughly off the sheets while everyone watched and laughed.


  24. While under Obedience Training with an online Miss, I was asked by another online man what I would do if ordered by her to suck another man’s cock.
    I had never disobeyed Miss, and this was never discussed nor set as a hard limit.

    I’m straight so this was a tough one.
    I would need photo proof so a third party would need to be present.

    This led to all kinds of hypothetical scenarios and wild fantasies but (luckily) it never occurred.
    My ultimate resolution was that I would have to find a gorgeous pair of Shemales; one to break my oral virginity and one to run the camera.
    Although it never happened to me, it might be a scenario you could pursue in your stories?


    1. Too bad, sounds like it might have excited you!

    2. The prospect of such humiliation was definitely spine tingling.
      I imagined I would have to be rated on how enthusiastic and eager my job was, or how pathetic and poor, and I would be spanked accordingly by them, for a punishment for poor performance, also on camera….