Friday, January 7

Husband Spanked and Ejaculated by Sister and Friend

Yes it happened, my husband david received his Christmas gift from my sister Sue and her partner Amanda: a spanking followed by an ejaculation at their hands while I watched.

They came by specifically to do this. How fun is it to be able to tell your husband, "Sweetheart, Sue and Amanda are heading over to give you your Christmas spanking and hand-job. Are you excited? Go get yourself cleaned up, your bumhole specifically."

For background, it's been a Christmas tradition for a while for my sister to gift my husband a spanking and a hand job for Christmas. Her current partner, Amanda, has played with us once before and was happy to join into the gift.

When they came in we all settled into the living room. Sue and Amanda had coy little smiles. They were clearly planning on enjoying themselves. david looked like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Where should we do this?" asked Sue.

"Right here in the living room," I said. Sue, Amanda, and I pushed the furniture to the side, clearing out a big space. I placed one armless spanking chair in the centre of the room. "How do you want him?" I asked Sue.

"Birthday suit!" said Sue.

"Yes!" Agreed Amanda.

"Strip, david," I said. "Completely bare naked."

"Right in the middle of the room," said Sue, pointing there, as we all sat in the spectator couches we had pushed to the edge.

He went to the middle of the room, looking embarrassed and with a big blush, and started taking his clothes off in front of us. He got down to his grey underpants and hesitated.

"All the way..." encouraged Amanda. It was nice that she was engaged. He pulled his undies down, kicked them off while hunched over, and stood back up covering his genitals with his hands.

"No covering up. Let's see you," said Sue.

david moved his hands to his sides. He already had a big erection.

"Excited to see us?" asked Amanda, rhetorically.

"I think that boy needs a good hard spanking for perving on us like that," said Sue.

Sue walked into the kitchen, opened a drawer, and took out her favourite wooden spoon.

She walked back into the living room. "I was going to go easy on you this time, but seeing that massive hard-on you have for my Amanda... well, this will teach you a lesson," she said, holding out the big wooden spoon.

I looked over at david. He looked nervous, shifting from foot to foot, hard penis bobbing, testicles dangling, in a room with three fully-clothed women. Sue, with that wooden spoon in her hand, meant david would soon be wailing like a baby across her knee (she is fierce with it, trust me!).

"david, you should be ashamed of yourself," I added. We all stood there watching him, tsk, tsk'ing as his erection pulsed to his heartbeat, only getting harder and harder, and began curving up towards the ceiling, the tip engorging to become a huge mushroom head, deep purple coloured.

"david!" I scolded once more. Amanda giggled at the sight, holding her hand to her mouth to try to stifle it.

"Oh, you are in for it!" declared Sue.

Is this not every boy's embarrassment nightmare? To be completely nude with a straining hard-on betraying your thoughts to three unamused, fully clothed women? Like, at school assembly maybe, just hardening and hardening as all the girls in your class laugh at you. The pretty girls would all see how totally pathetic you are. Then, in front of the entire school, to have that erection spanked right out of you by the female principal across her knee on stage. Having to stand back up afterwards, sobbing like a baby, hands on your head, facing the girls, showing how your penis is no longer any kind of threat.

Sue sat, pushed her dress up a bit towards her hips, and pointed to her lap.

"Over," she said, "and don't you dare cum on my dress." Given the obvious straining firmness of his erection, he looked like he just might.

david went across her lap. Sue spread her legs a bit to allow room for his penis between her thighs, and then clamped them together, trapping his hard cock in place.

"I'm going to enjoy this," she said, rubbing the hard wood of the spoon over his bare ass and thighs. "You're never this hard with just your wife or me. I can't believe you're perving on my girl. Getting an erection right in front of her. Where she can see that disgusting thing bobbing in the air in lust. In case you didn't know, she's not interested." She lifted the spoon and began spanking him with it.

"Ow! Oh! Owwww! Ouch! Ahhh! Ohhh!"

david vocalized right from the first spank. He was not being warmed up at all by my sister. It was straight into a punishment-grade spanking!

Amanda winced and said, "I can't believe he enjoys this."

"Ahhh! Ohh! Please! No! Ow! Ouch! Sue, please! Ow! No! Stop! No! Please!"

"He has his safeword if he needs it," I reminded Amanda.

Sue was really roasting his rump with that spoon. I guess a handy doesn't come cheap. I didn't think she was really annoyed with him regarding Amanda, but maybe a bit?

He was jinking around a lot over her lap so she leg-locked and hammer-locked him (a favourite move of hers - one I taught her).

"No! Please Sue! I'm sorry!" Cried david, knowing that this positioning meant he was due for some serious spanking.

Sue continued as david yelled out and wailed, locked into place, unable to escape the blows in the least way even. Sue did not neglect the backs of his legs this time, painting them crimson red as well.

"Nooo! Ohhhh! Please! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Poor baby!

Sue finally stopped spanking him.

He was a fully broken man. His ass was fiery red, white centres, starting to bruise up a little even. He had made a fool of himself begging and wailing like a six-year-old as he was spanked. He was still snivelling as he lay there locked across Sue's knee, fearful more might yet come if he wasn't perfectly obedient now. How embarrassing and emasculating for a grown man to be put into such a situation across a woman's knee, with witnesses to his shame.

"Are you sorry for perving on my girl?"

"Yes! Yes! I'm sorry!"

"I mean, your cock was so fucking hard I thought you'd cum just looking at her!"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Is your cock hard now?"

"No! Not at all. Please!"

"It's a limp little dick now, isn't it?"

"Yes Ma'am!"

She asked both of us what we thought.

"Very thorough," I said.

"Holy shit," said Amanda.

Sue impressed me with the way she was totally carrying the scene! OMG!

Sue put down the spoon and ran her hand across his ass, admiring her handiwork, and asked him, "now, we don't want that boner popping right back up when you catch sight of Amanda again, do we?"

"No Ma'am," he answered.

"Well what shall we do about it?"

"I... I don't know Ma'am?"

"Of course you do. You better say it, or you might not get it."

"A... handjob Ma'am?"

"Pardon me?"

"A handjob, Ma'am?"

"Correct! And I'm going to keep you right here across my knee for it. Push your junk out the back so I can reach it, and then squeeze your legs together to keep it there."

Sue unclamped him, david raised a little, adjusted himself with one hand, and settled back down across both her legs, his thighs pressed tightly together, his semi-limpened penis and testicles sticking out the back.

"Oh no!" Amanda said, observing his lewd showing. "That does not look comfortable!"

"Could you get me those rubber gloves, please? And some lube?" Sue asked me. I knew just what she was asking for: the yellow rubber kitchen gloves!

I went to the kitchen to get her the gloves, handed them to her, and then went upstairs to get the lube and a bath towel to go under him to protect my carpet. When I came back, Sue had one of the gloves on her right hand, and Amanda was holding the other, seated on the couch. I handed Sue the lube and put the bath towel on the floor under david, and went to sit as well to enjoy the show.

"Ask me for what you need, david, so you won't get erect in front of my girlfriend again," said Sue.

"Oh... ahhh... ummm... could you please... ummmm... rub me?" He asked hesitatingly.

Sue smiled, dribbled lube onto his cock and started rubbing his penis with her thick yellow gloves.

"Rub you here?" She asked unnecessarily, massaging his growing cock. "Do you think you need something up your bum while I do this?" She asked.

"N... n... no Ma'am, thank you, that's ok..."

Sue stopped rubbing him and said pointedly, "david?"

"ok... we'll... yes Ma'am." Sue knows him well.

"So ask me for that, then," she instructed him as she continued rubbing his cock.

"Oh! Please may I have something up my bum as you... do that."

"I've discussed this with Amanda already. Would you like Amanda's finger up your bum? Let your punishment fit the crime?"

"Oh no! I'd be too embarrassed..."

"david?" she asked, pausing again.

"I mean, umm, Y... yes please. If Amanda wants to..."

"Ask her, then."

"Oh, geeze."

"Ask her."

"Please... um... Amanda. Miss Amanda. Ma'am. Would you please... um... put your finger up my bum?"

"Why?" Asked Sue.

"So I can ejaculate so I'm not hard in front of you again..."

"A worthy cause," Amanda said. "That erection was really huge." Amanda put the other glove on her left hand, and went over to where david was bent across Sue's lap. She stood at his head, looking down at his ass. Her legs were spread, allowing david's head to be between them.

"It's ok, hold Amanda's ankles," I told him, as he seemed to have trouble figuring out where to put his hands. He took a light hold of Amanda's ankles. I knew david would get extra turned on by this. He always likes grabbing my ankle during a spanking.

Amanda bent over him. She and Sue worked together to spread his cheeks, dribble lube into his hole, and then hold him open.

Poor boy had no privacy left at all. Sue and Amanda were seeing a view of him only his Doctor should ever see.

As they held his hole wide, wide open, Amanda pushed her yellow-kitchen-gloved index finger into his asshole, working it to its full depth as david moaned at the intrusion.

"I can't believe I'm sticking my finger into your husband's asshole!" she said to me in disbelief. "I've never given anyone a Christmas gift like this. I hope he likes it."

"Oh, he does," I assured her. david was positively squirming in embarrassment across Sue's lap, his asshole thoroughly penetrated as it was.

Sue's ungloved left hand was on his near cheek, pulling it open, Amanda's ungloved hand crossed over to his far cheek, pulling it open, so there was an absolutely  clear view of her gloved finger pumping in and out of his asshole.

"Amanda!" I said in mock outrage. "You're finger-fucking my husband's ass!"

"I know!" she said. "Where's his prostate?"

It was a bit of a geometry problem, given their orientations. I remember it as a "come here" motion when I'm facing his cock. "Right at the end of your finger, ball side."

"Oh, I feel it. Round and smooth."

"Ohhhh ahhhhh" moaned david as Amanda massaged his gland.

"He's really anally erotic, I guess?"

"Very much so. He likes his ass penetrated more than most girls like their pussies penetrated. I call it his boy-pussy."

"Ha ha! Boy pussy."

Meanwhile Sue was rubbing his cock with her lubed and gloved hand. Sue would occasionally add lube either to his asshole or his cock, then go back to spreading him open.

I thought it was all delightful!

Sue was in no rush, and when he was clearly becoming over excited from the dual stimulation she let go his cock and let it twitch in the air until she thought it safe to continue. I was wondering if she intended to ruin it. But then all of a sudden it looked like she was determined and started rubbing it more quickly and forcefully, clearly aiming for a cum.

"That's it, baby," I said, "do a nice spurty for Aunty Sue and Aunty Amanda."

I saw Amanda clamp her legs around david's head as they continued.

"Oh no!" said david. "Please, Aunty Sue, Aunt Amanda. Not like this! Not right in front of you. Not down... the... backs of my legs. Please! No! Please! Not with Aunty Amanda's finger up my bum. Nooooo!"

David gets into this "fantasizing" state as he gets close, spontaneously imagining the scenario that I twigged in his mind by referring to Sue and Amanda as his Aunties. I thought I would add fuel to the fire.

"No, david. This is what you get when you've been such a naughty boy, getting an erection looking at your Aunty Amanda. You're going to get your balls completely emptied right in front of all of us, just where we can see it perfectly. You're going to be shamed to your very core, young man."

"No! I'm sorry! Please! Not this!"

"Oh yes," Sue says, getting into it, "As your punishment I'm going to make you disgrace yourself right down the backs of your legs for your naughty, perverted thoughts about your Aunty Amanda. Right in front of all of us. And especially in front of your Aunty Amanda."

"And with my finger fucking your bum," added Amanda as she really pumped in and out.

It was all too much for david and he yelled out "nooooooo!" as he spurted his white goo all down the backs of his legs.

"I'm feeling him cum from inside his ass!" said Amanda with delight. "Ouch! He's grabbing my finger with his asshole!"

Sue continued to milk the last drops from his penis and shake it out onto the backs of his legs.

"You naughty boy," said Sue. "Hopefully this will keep your Aunty Amanda safe for the next hour or so."

"Keep him there. I'll get some paper towels to clean him up." I went to the kitchen to get a few and came back and cleaned off the mixture of cum and lube coating him.

David stood up off Sue's lap looking spent. Sue and Amanda were both taking their gloves off and grinning like little Cheshire cats.

"You're right, that was fun!" said Amanda. I guess Sue had to convince her that jerking off boys was a fun activity (that has always been Sue's position, even when she was ostensibly straight in high school - when she didn't want to do more, she ended her dates with a handy because she loves seeing the boys lose control).

They went to drop their gloves and wash their hands. I had david face the corner.

"That's a spectacular ass, if I do say so myself," said Sue, coming back, referring to the coloured mess she had made of my husband's behind with her wooden spoon. She went over to him in the corner and felt his ass, giving it a hard grab, pinch, and slap.

"Come here," she said to Amanda. "Feel how hot it is."

Amanda went over and put her hand on his ass as well. 'It's just radiating heat. You better never spank me like that." I knew they had explored a bit, but it was good Amanda being open about it. Sue has always been with slightly subby girls.

The ladies said they had to go. I thanked them for their gift for my husband, and then made david give them each a hug and peck on the cheek as a thank you as well.

After they left I crooked my finger at my husband and said, "bedroom duty, Mister!", and he wasn't the only one who got to cum that day in our household!


  1. Very hot stuff! And he got spanked first this year, I seem to remember all that being the order he prefers it! Very lucky indeed!

    Though I don't think he's the only lucky one - I imagine if Sue had given you a wetness check she'd have found cause to take you across her lap for a round with the spoon herself!


    1. Nice slipper spanking!
      Though Sue with my big wooden spoon was literally more impressive.

    2. This is not a proper slipper spanking, this is more of a hand spanking

    3. Second half was all slipper, all the time.

  3. My wife is visiting her best friend this weekend, the home to myself. This could not come at a better time, I read it, and then like David I stripped, sat on the toilet, read it again and starting stroking my erection, and exploded, had a mess to clean up, hoping I got it all. I'm so glad my wife is gone, won't show this to her, she doesn't care to read all. Thank's, just wished I was the naughty little boy, standing naked waiting for the spanking and being drained. Jack

    1. If I can add, no matter what a male wants, the female will give most of the time, but what the male forgets is that the sexual needs will benefit both. I like how women can make a man feel so little, so naughty, and in truth they are getting more from it than the male. Jack

    2. Oh, while the women enjoy it, I think something like this is definitely for the man!

    3. As I told you my first adult spanking was standing naked, while the older lady I was dating was sitting with hairbrush in hand. I had a boner and she smiled and said not for long. Yes I got what I always wanted, but she said afterwards she felt really good also. Jack

    4. Sure, it's fun to spank the boner away. Feels like an accomplishment.

  4. Wow Miss Julie. What a lucky man your husband is! It was so vivid the picture you painted of your husband standing there naked in front of the three of you with his erection growing. You're right, I've had wet dreams of that situation. And then the, artifice I guess, of assuming he was hard just because of Amanda and spanking him and jerking him off for that. I like when there's a reason for a spanking like that. And it sounded fierce all right. Then the way you seamlessly switched it into an Aunty/ Mommy scene (another BIG fantasy of mine), just great spontaneity. Bravo! Would love to be your husband. The lucky duck.

    1. Thank you, bob. Sometimes scenes just flow nicely, and this one very much did. David is in seventh heaven over the experience, despite the sore bum!

  5. I doubt David got hard because of Amanda, it is Sue. Sue is the best.

    1. I think Amanda enjoyed it that we made out that david got so hard exclusively for her, but Sue is the gorgeous one, for sure, and spanky!

    2. I guess your ass could testify how spanky Sue is. 😉

    3. Exactly! Fierce. My husband and I commiserate about that damned wooden spoon in her hands!

  6. Is Amanda pretty? She would have to be very pretty to make the male inside him overpower the subby spanking addict.
    It rarely happens to me when I like a lady just for vanilla sex not for her pretty feet or strong spanking character.

    1. Pretty in the girl next door sort of way, but not model-like, like Sue.

  7. “Protect the carpet”. I got a terrible spanking once from my wife for an unexpected cum spurt on the carpet. Not my fault. Unfair. Very hard to control cum squirt direction and distance.

    1. Sure. Is that the same reason there's piss on the seat and dribbling down the toilet?

    2. Both are spanking offenses for sure.

    3. Yes! I need to get on that. Every time!

    4. To admit it. But it is well deserved. Making messes like that is something that deserves a hard belting or worse. What would you do?

    5. Delrin cane. 6 of the best while bending over, hands on the piss-wet toilet seat, then he licks it up.

  8. Amanda really has a strong index finger for a beginner! With two fingers it might have been easier for her; you know, the second finger helps the other when you are finger-fucking an ass...

    1. Yes. She squeaked as his asshole clenched around her when he came.

  9. He should have swallowed his mess

    1. It's so hard when it's down the backs of his legs. Much easier when I catch it or it's in a nice little glob on his tummy.

  10. Curious question. After dominate with him you want do it more, or you want spanked? How him?

    1. Good question! Have to think about it...

      I don't think one is related to the other. My craving to get spanked builds the longer I have not been spanked. I wouldn't say I crave spanking him, but I feel if I have not spanked him in a while I'm not doing my "wifely duty" because I know he craves it also. Once I start in, I always enjoy it though, and it does turn me on to do it.

      With him it's much the same, though he gets a real itch to spank me after a while, and I better watch out!

  11. You should have put his red glowing ass to good use like warming your feet. Or Amanda consumed all the heat generated by Sue's spanking to warm her hands while fingerings him.

  12. It sounds like David received quite the spanking. I'm surprised that Sue didn't consider giving him the 'handy' first due to him being so arroused by Amanda. That certainly would have increased the punishment. It was also nice to see Amanda so engaged in the process.

    Is there a spanking from Amanda coming in the future. If David appears with a raging erection again she could require him to relieve himself in front of her and then have him spend some quality time over her lap while you and Sue provide coaching to her as she spanks him. I'm sure it would make a memorable impression. :-)


    1. I'm hopeful Amanda will "pick up the brush" so to speak.

  13. My wife must have me trained, I showed her this post, told what I did. She smiled, found evidence in the bathroom, glad I told her. I have taught you pretty good she smiled, and then said do you remember the video of the woman with her husband on her lap and she was milking him. I said I showed her that. You are not going to are you. I was soon naked on her lap, she stroked it slow and then fast. The spanking hurt like hell and she said she was pleased I came forward, but she will not tolerate that behavior. The bath brush landed hard, and I was soon a total mess. I stood not facing the wall, but with my back to the wall. I was praying that no one would see me, and I got lucky no one did. Jack

  14. I still hold that the spanking and manipulation received at the hands of these two will be the best.

  15. Who is more sexy Paula or Amanda?

    1. Paula is a walking hard-on manufacturing machine.
      But Amanda has more the girl-next-door quality.

  16. I love feet and getting spanked. My wife is understanding, she spanks me from time to time and lets me kids her feet all the time.
    Sometimes when any of us is late working (we work from home), the working one works and sleeps in the other bedroom.
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    She laughed and said, I won't comment as I don't really get it how can a man leave boobs and ass to focus on feet but to each his own.

  17. Bonjour Julie

    Votre petite phrase « Comme, à l'assemblée de l'école peut-être, juste endurcir et endurcir alors que toutes les filles de votre classe se moquent de vous. »

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    1. What a great schoolteacher you had!

    2. Oui ça ne fait plus maintenant, dommage car elle m’a appris à aimer la fessée, et si aujourd’hui je fesse encore mes filles c’est probablement grâce a elle qui a su comprendre que j’aimais ses fessées, et qui m’a tout appris comment les faire, et comment en avoir du plaisir…

  18. By dint of being all the time gently fucked in a family setting, your husband could become flabby.
    Rent him for a week as a cleaning lady to a gang of gay bikers.
    (if the tables should turn, this also applies to you)

  19. Simply Sue is the best.

  20. Which SpankingTube video did you use to illustrate your posting?
    The lady using the spoon to spank the guy. (Three pictures)
    I tried to find it on that site.


    This reminded me of Sue spanking david

    1. No, this is not the video referenced in the above posting.
      Nice action indeed.

    2. Lola and peaches make fun stuff.

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    1. Nice that you have an outlet. Make sure you keep it a secret!