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This is for Strict Julie!

Peaches finally got his own video clip store going and created his first videos made with the help and suggestions from all of us in the post Help Make a Spanking Video. I closed that post by writing,

The most important thing is that your debut better feature the most epically blistered butt we have ever seen from you! 😈

I had forgotten I had written that when Peaches sent me the finished product a year later (!). I watched the two-part video from beginning to end, and was very surprised when, right towards the end, Lola looked straight at me, smiled, and said, "This is for Strict Julie."

This is for Strict Julie!

She then totally layed into his diaper-positioned bum with the heaviest strokes from possibly the worst implement of the entire (impressive!) video. Here is a clip of that part of the video Peaches sent me to post up for you guys:

Peaches' new video store is located here:

Simply Discipline

There was a lot of influence from us that went into the videos. For example, here was something I mentioned in the body of the post:

It should be something horribly embarrassing for the boy. A lot of whining and begging and pleading "please no, please!". I like the spanking to be thorough. Lots of kicking and wailing (but not too much struggling to hold into place - that gets old quickly). Cheeks pulled wide apart to spank the delicate skin inside the crack. Mustn't miss that part, especially with the girls watching. Or legs spread very wide so that the paddle can be applied to the inner thighs, where it can do a lot of good.

We certainly got all of that in spades!

And, from a reader:

The position causes his penis to bounce when she does so, offering no place for him to hide it. She notes it directly, holding her finger just under the head, asking him why this obscene display is occurring. He can only whimper and offer silly meaningless explanations. Assaulting his ass, thighs, and pulling his cheeks apart to reach his crack and anus, she adds pink to his complexion. Keeping an eye on it though, the erection has not left, and even seems to have gotten stiffer. Is that a drop of moisture on the tip?

Peaches is erect throughout his spanking, and this is a theme running all the way through. He also has his bum pulled open quite a lot for some of that super-embarrassing "inner cheek" spanking. His thighs, including the super-ouchy inner thighs, also catch it.

I suggested this scenario in the comments:

My go-to is dirty dishes left in the sink when it's his job to rinse and load the dishwasher. Many handy kitchen implements. Ending with him in an apron doing the dishes with a very red bottom on display as wife stands there, paddle in hand, supervising.

Peaches responds enthusiastically:

I'm up for the kitchen scenario! Especially the ending of me exposed in an apron!

And that was what the video turned out to be, as Peaches explained at the time:

Lola and I are very grateful to Strict Julie and her wonderful readers for the outpouring of support and suggestions for the video we shot today. It went VERY well. We took Julie up on her suggestion of a "dirty dishes in the kitchen" scene. Lola thoroughly blistered my bare butt with various wooden spoons before taking me into the bedroom for caning, strapping, and the bath brush, along with a good dose of CBT. I now have the hefty task of editing it all together, which I expect will take a few weeks. We thank you all again, and all praise to the divine Strict Julie!!!

One commenter, Alan, suggested as follows.

What I would like to see them do is adopt a role (Dd is much more appealing than schoolroom fantasies) and improvise with it, adding realistic dialogue and working through a script until they have a real product, cinema-vérité in a phrase. Good film is much like writing as Julie knows, much revising editing and do overs until it's complete. This one could be the first of a series for them all with dialogue, believable narrative and authentic material. Start a revolution!

Peaches totally agreed:

Thank you Alan. I am very much on the same wavelength as you. I'd love to do something more extensive and serious, comprising serious disciplinary spankings with serious character and lifestyle elements, plus a little comic relief. I am a formally trained actor with an extensive resume, as well as directing and producing credits. I'd love to merge my vanilla creative side with my kinky side.

I think that after you view the videos you will agree that this effort is a very fine first start in this direction. It shows the sort of interaction typical of a real-life married couple into DD and FLR.

As has become customary for me, and with the permission of Peaches, I will review the video with key screengrabs and let you know my thoughts as we go.

The first video of this two-parter, Spanking in the Kitchen, starts with Lola entering their apartment in her just-home-from-work clothes and discovering a mess in the kitchen. Her eyes immediately go to it.

It's not a huge mess, but enough of a mess to set her off when there should be no mess, at all.

Why does Peaches do this? When he knows there will be consequences??? When confronted he says it was a mistake, that he was just getting around to cleaning it up. He is sounding very pitiful, very sorry. Lola, and us, know the answer: Peaches is craving some Domestic Discipline, and this is his way of letting us know. Lola says as much, out loud. Peaches will never admit to this, as it ruins the dynamic, but we all know. A limited amount of dirty dishes in the kitchen is a cry for attention. And if he wants attention, well, he'll get some. Lola opens the kitchen drawer and pulls out a nice domestic implement: the much dreaded wooden spoon.

The smile and her body language says it all: "Oh, he wants to play does he? Well I want to play also!"

My husband david and I have done this exact scenario (it was why I suggested it). Earlier in our relationship he was "in charge" of keeping the dishes off the countertop and out of the sink and into the dishwasher. We had that "rule" because it gave him an opportunity to ask for a spanking without asking for one. I completely recognize the strategic amount of messy dishes, so easily put away, and yet not put away. I would get a big smile on my face as well, just like Lola. And if he wanted to play, well I was almost always in the mood to give him more than he bargained for, and then would be amused by how meticulously spic and span the kitchen would be for the next couple of weeks (although that was not really what it was all about). Sensing the exact same energy in Lola here.

Lola calls him over, gives him a scolding, and then has him bring the spanking chair over. The punishment will take place at the scene of the crime.

Peaches is blurring his face in the video, though he seems to get a bit lazier about it later on. In fact, for much of his initial scolding he blanked out to black his half of the screen, which was not cool (Peaches!). I don't mind the blur so much, but I do like to see the submissive body posture that would go with the submissive little vocalizations as he was being scolded. But it was only briefly, and other than that brief moment the blurring did not disturb the flow for me at all.

Lola makes Peaches drop trou.

Of course he's wearing his tighty-whiteys. Of course he is. It should be a law that all spanked boys wear tighty-whiteys. Just look at him. I mean, I'm embarrassed for him!

When I watch a malesub video like this, I like to imagine I am the close friend next door invited to stay and watch. I get wet imagining myself in that position. I imagine sitting back with a cigarette in hand, watching with a smirk on my face.

"You ridiculous little man, now you're going to get it..." I feel my pussy dampening at the thought of it.

She makes him pull his undies down a bit. I am still imagining my reaction as her friend. Oh my! Oh ha ha ha ha ha!

She has her husband... actually... locked! In a chastity cage! Oh, this is too good! Well I guess this is one man who doesn't fool around on the side, or even get to jerk off at all! This is great! She sits down and unlocks him. She doesn't want that cage snagging on her nylons like last time.

She takes him out of his cage. An extended and somewhat painful looking experience from what I can see, getting that rapidly erecting cock out of its cage.

 And then getting the cock and engorged balls out through the fixed metal ring.

And all of this especially humiliating for him in front of me, the hot neighbour girl.

He immediately springs to a full erection that Lola carefully examines while scolding him for his lack of penile discipline.

Lola points out he seems to be leaking a bit. I guess an extended lock-up followed by a bit of a handling will do that to a guy? She gives it a smack or two while I watch with her wooden spoon.

Imagine if you're the husband and you're so freely handled and teased like that by your wife in front of the neighbor, all your secrets exposed? Would you feel shame? You should. Especially because you're about to be spanked with a wooden spoon across your wife's knee until you're howling for failing to do your kitchen chores.

He has to go right over her knee, with his shameful penis clamped between her thighs...

[I love the dual camera angles provided by the editing] And after so long in chastity, would you be able to not ejaculate, when put in this position?

You better not ruin her work clothes!

She spanks him first with her hand, then with the wooden spoon, then with a larger wooden spoon, and then with the holed spatula.

I wanted Peaches to suffer for his art, and there is no question but that he did. Just look at that red bum and his desperate attempts to escape his comeuppance!

As the voyeur, I am embarrassed that the "man of the house" is having his ass rightly reddened by his angered wife across her knee, and that he is yelling and carrying on like an absolute toddler. This "man" will forever more be diminished in my eyes for the childish display he's giving me.

Along the way, they incorporated some nice inner cheek spanking, as per our wishes...

You can hear the embarrassment in Peaches' voice as this is being done to him. In my voyeur role, his embarrassment seems very genuine and feeds my POV.

After Peaches' OTK spanking, he was stood up and made to fetch the stool into the kitchen and bend over that.

It's cute the way Peaches clutches onto Lola's calf during his spanking. She gives him some real zingers in that position that cause his legs to quite uncontrollably fly up!

Look at that poor boy. No dignity at all. You can see his penis and testicles dancing around between his legs, completely powerless to keep those most private places hidden away from me during his paddling. What a spectacle he's making of himself. At one point he reaches behind to rub both cheeks. This exposes his bumhole briefly. Lola gets the evil idea to make him spread those legs and hold those cheeks open for us.

He does this with whimpering embarrassment, thoroughly exposing those relatively untouched inner cheeks to her spatula's tender mercies.

Again I am imagining myself the voyeur on this domestic little tableau. His wife does not even bother hiding his embarrassing bottom hole from my view. Indeed, she's positively making him show it off to me, an almost complete stranger to him, to deepen his humiliation and teach him a lesson he will not soon forget.

She finishes him off over the stool with one of the most intense unrelenting paddlings I have ever seen that has him yelling, crying, squirming, and begging incoherently before Lola is done with him. Here is where a woman like Lola (and I count myself amongst her number) separates herself from the rest. As the paddling intensifies, and he suffers more and more, the smile on Lola's face just gets bigger and bigger!

The still cannot do this paddling justice.
You must get the video!!!!

Lola ends this part of his spanking and makes him go over to the dishes and put his head into the dirty, dirty sink.

Look how much darker, dusky red his ass has become by now, with those telltale white bullseyes in the centres. If you thought the most intense paddling you've ever witnessed was the end of it, well, you'd be completely wrong. Lola lays into him again with the wooden spoon and has him crying out and dancing. She changes position and secures him in the arm-over position as she continues his scolding and his punishment.

This is the point well beyond which many submissives would be happy to call it quits. They'd be absolutely satisified, well past satisfied, with their spanking. I've been at this place many times myself, and brought my husband there many times as well. It's also the point at which you realize that you do not call the shots. Lola does. It will be over when she says it's over, and not a moment before.

And Lola is indeed not done. She holds him by his tail and continues his paddling...

Lola seems to have a good grip on the situation.

Poor Peaches!

As the voyeur, I am tittering in amusement at how he dances around, restrained by his cock, as Lola punishes his rear end. Can you imagine a more complete humiliation?

She pulls him back from the sink by his cock and makes him strip his shirt off. She sits on the stool and takes him across her knee once again where she gives him more of the paddle. I am imagining Lola asking me if I think his cock needs to be paddled? Absolutely! It's disgraceful that it's still erect, after all this spanking. It needs to be taught a good lesson. Lola obliges by pulling it out, laying it across her thigh, and paddling it for me.

She stands him up and lectures him some more, including about his naughty penis which she smacks.

At the end she makes him put on his little apron and start in on those dishes as she goes to their bedroom to relax as he goes hard to work.

A well-tamed, pussy-whipped, husband!

When she leaves, Peaches takes a moment to rub those sore, sore cheeks and do a little spanky dance for us.

I imagine at this point I stub out my cigarette, get up to leave, head on over to Peaches and give him a slap on his ass and tell him he better not let Lola catch him rubbing that ass when there's dishes to clean, and take my leave.

For a bit of "live action", here's the preview gif from the clips site.

And here's the preview video.

But you're going to be missing an awful lot if you don't go and buy the full 30 minute video here: Spanking in the Kitchen.

Wrapping this part up, I love how completely over-the-top Lola is about the dishes. We all know it's not about the dishes, of course. It's about Peaches getting up the nerve to request Domestic Discipline from his loving wife. As strict wives, it is then our duty to give you more than you asked for. We want to make sure there is no doubt at all that you are completely satisfied with the discipline you received, not left wanting more. And more than satisfied, we want to make sure you don't even consider asking again for quite some time. It's not that we don't enjoy spanking you, we do, it's just that it's not "job well done" unless we achieve that. We want the fear of another session to dominate your thoughts for the next week or so, so that you'll be simperingly eager to please us so as to avoid another discipline session. But then, of course, the craving starts. And the craving to be disciplined, and the fear of the discipline, balances, and you behave. But eventually, with no reduction whatsoever in the fear, the craving takes over and I'll find those dirty dishes in the sink once more, and we'll repeat the process. And this time I will invite the cute neighbour from 2A over to see!


But of course, after discipline comes bedroom time. And this brings us to part 2 of our saga, the immediate aftermath called Discipline in the Bedroom.

This is a private session. The neighbour is not invited in. But I like to imagine I am the Invisible Girl from Fantastic Four (who has to get naked to be invisible, btw!) who snuck into the bedroom and is watching from exactly where the camera is positioned.

We sense the discipline is no longer about Peaches. This time it's about Lola. Peaches got the discipline he craved in the kitchen. Lola dished it out, and was happy to do so, but she got herself worked up in the process. But only halfway worked up. For a girl like Lola, she needs the whole nine yards until she is sexually satisfied from doling out the discipline (much like myself). Does Peaches drag his feet going into the bedroom? No. He knows his Mistress needs more from him, and he is prepared to suffer for her dominant sexual gratification.

My husband is not like this when dominant. He gives me my discipline, and then he wants to fuck. With me, I'm much more like this. I go and go and go, until my eyes glaze over and I get a sexual shudder at his beating. I almost cum from it, but I can't quite. But I get more and more sexually excited, and when I'm at my peak, then he gets his beaten ass between my legs and tongues me to the most fabulous orgasm; or I sit on his face and have him stick his tongue deep up my asshole as I shudder to an immense climax with my Hitachi. And in this mood, I don't really give a shit about his orgasm. He can go to sleep hard and needy for all I care. This is my reward. It's about me now. This is the vibe I get from the bedroom part of Peaches' and Lola's scene.

It starts with Lola alone on the bed eating Bon-Bons. Peaches comes in with his apron on and Lola asks if he is all done with the dishes. She then notices that he still seems to have his erection. She gets him to lift his apron so she can inspect it.

She has some fun with it, making Peaches' knees shake and then getting out a small flogger and using it on his cock.

Look at that naughty erection, straining up towards the ceiling like that. Oh!

She has him kneel on the bed and gives him the three-tailed strap.

She does not go easy on him, and continues his beating even after he collapses onto the bed.

Lola is getting herself more and more worked up as Peaches suffers for her. She switches instruments to the Delrin cane and stripes his ass and thighs. Nasty!

She definitely seems to be enjoying Peaches writhing down there under her cane. She has him turn over and stripes the insides of his thighs. You foot fetishists will enjoy that she places her bare foot on his face as she takes this angle:

She strips off her nightgown and continues his punishment in the nude. She has a great body!!!

At one point, as the caning is intense, Peaches calls Lola "Mommy" and tearfully says how much he loves her. Peaches responds with "I love you too," while continuing to beat him.

She puts away the Delrin cane and gets out a thick wooden-looking one, paying particular attention to the crease where bum meets thigh, and down the backs of his thighs.

Lola next sits on the bed, has Peaches raise his legs, and finishes him off with a pure hellfire of a bath-brush spanking! Midway through this is where she says, "This is for Strict Julie". Love it!

I particularly enjoyed her grip on the situation here.

Finally his beating is over. She gets some cold cream and soothes his ass.

She then pulls him under the covers with her for what I presume will be some serious snuggle-bunnies!

Delivering a humiliating beating like that to a stretched, but willing, submissive partner, will definitely get my juices flowing. For me, it's an intense kind of foreplay and always leads to a wonderful orgasm after his tongue gets busy down there.

Here is the preview gif of this video:

And here is the preview video, with sound:

Once again, you can purchase both these videos, and some more even (and no doubt more yet to come), right here:

Simply Discipline

Congratulations Peaches (and Lola too, of course!)


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    2. I ready for your response, but I showed my wife, she smiled, said at least she posted a real woman giving a sound spanking. I can relate to dancing around rubbing my bottom, kicking off my clothes. The only difference would be my wife said prior to doing the dishes i would be facing the wall, no rubbing, no talking, 15 minutes if not longer, than forget the apron, do the dishes while she holds the bath brush to insure I do them right. Jack

  3. Dear Strict Julie,
    Well, I am simply overwhelmed! Thank you so much for your brilliant and exciting review. I’m so happy to have pleased such a very special lady as yourself.
    I read your post as I was riding a bus through midtown Manhattan, and I could barely contain my joy. I wanted to jump around and shout out, “Julie likes me! She really likes me!!!”.
    Lola, too, was very pleased, and said that your review was “wonderful”.
    Thank you for writing with such passion, detail, humor, and imagination. The idea of you sitting there watching my humiliating spanking both embarrasses me, and thrills me, deeply.
    Thank you also for all your support, both last year and now. As we all know, you and your readership were absolutely essential elements in the making of it.
    I will always cherish the memory of the gift of your participation in this project.

    1. Thank you Peaches, for sharing your punishment! And thank Lola - you're a lucky man!

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    Browsing through the store, I felt a special tingle when I saw Lola exposing her panties as she pulled up her skirt for Peaches’ spanking. Is is just me that gets a thrill from a peek at panties? I also loved the nice touch of Lola breaking the fourth wall by acknowledging Julie. Now I’m faced with the mental experiment of “would you rather” have Julie spank me or have her witness my spanking? I think I would have to try it both ways to be sure!

    I truly regret that my wife’s watchful eye will prevent my purchase of this production.

    By the time I finished reading your review, I had quite a bit of leakage in my underwear. I quickly locked on my cage before my thoughts became an unauthorized action. Once I was safely locked away, I felt a sudden urge to clear off the kitchen counter and sink!

    1. If only that were true! But past experience with her discovery of my dirty secrets paints a different picture. Her fantasy is not for a spanked, submissive, panty-wearing spouse. She wants me to be a strong, masculine, “manly” man! So I try to be that for her. At least one of us should have their fantasy fulfilled, right? The secret parts of me are just for me and one special partner in crime! - david

    2. Take her across your knee and give her what's for then!

    3. Or maybe you should be across my knee for trying to get me in trouble! ;-) david

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    1. Yes, you can tell they have a lot of experience with one another. Very tuned in.

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    1. Hi b - I got this comment 5 times and only published one of them. Comments only show up after I publish them, fyi.

      Yes, all those things. But I disagree. In the bedroom is a different matter.

    2. Sorry Julie. I used my ipad, and have no idea why it was sent five times. My main windows computer is down. hopefully my apology won’t pollute your inbox. If it does I’ll come to Canada for a beating..

    3. No worries! Easy for me to deal with, just thought you might want to know.

  15. I, of course, agree, especially when the Domme is in great shape, as Lola is. To me, she looks like a Goddess.

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