Wednesday, January 12

OMG! I got my bum smacked in front of our Filipina maid!

How embarrassing - I got my rear-end smacked, justifiably in anger, by my husband in front of our long-time maid!

She's a Filipina lady, Maria, about ten years older than us, who has been coming by once a week. She does our laundry, vacuums the house, changes the bed linens, cleans the kitchen and bathrooms, dusts, put things away, that sort of thing. She's quite Christian and very friendly. She really likes us as clients, because we chat with her like real human beings (apparently, unlike some of her other clients), and always thank her, every time, for her efforts. She was also grateful that we kept her employed all through COVID where most of her other clients did not.

She's been through all our drawers, so we have no secrets from her. Sometimes we accidentally leave spanking toys or spanking picture magazines under the bed, and she tidies them up, putting them in a neat stack, as if to say, "I know what you two kids get up to!" She's definitely been inside the bedside drawers where we keep the paddles, vibrators, and strap-on dildos. She also is aware of David's lingerie drawer and the 2XL panties. Once, when a pair made their way into the laundry basket, they found their way back to David's drawer. She has never said anything about it, and seems to like us regardless.

Well, a couple of weeks back she got the COVID. She had a bit of a cold (it never got worse than that) and tested positive on a PCR test. She was double-vaxed and boosted and always insisted on wearing a mask. As soon as she found out she cancelled that week with us (we paid her anyways - sick pay). She was back two weeks later.

She still had a mask on.

Most of the time, she is not even that near us doing her work, yet she still wears a mask. She's been triple vaccinated, yet she still wears a mask. She's now had COVID and recovered from it and has natural immunity, and she still wears a mask. Both of us have made it clear to her that she need not wear a mask around our house for our sake, and she still wears a mask. I hate it, because it feels like such a "master-servant" sort of thing (I feel the same way in restaurants with all the patrons gaily unmasked and all the servers and kitchen staff masked and suffocating).

This whole thing was a bit top of mind, as literally the day before I was in a back and forth with Lion on his blog about people respecting other people's risk assessments and values around COVID (see the comments section of Good Advice Without Politics). Of course, I felt I had the "high ground" on this one. Arguing everybody should respect everybody else's choices. But it has since been dramatically brought home to me that while I expect all of you to respect my assessments and choices, I won't at all respect yours if I think they're dumb ;-)

Maria had just arrived. David and I were downstairs finishing up our breakfast. We said hi. Of course she was wearing her mask, but she had just come in. She went into the basement where she leaves her coat and purse and changes her shoes and such.  She was heading upstairs to collect the laundry. She still had her fucking mask on!

I engaged her.

"Maria, you really don't need to wear a mask here. You're triple-vaccinated and now you've even caught and recovered from COVID so you have natural immunity also."

I couldn't imagine doing the cleaning in the mask was at all comfortable for her, and I wanted to reiterate that it was perfectly ok with David and I if she chose not to, and also educate her a bit on natural immunity in case she didn't know. And also I felt guilty about having my maid masked up when we weren't.

"No, no. I want to make sure you're safe." She said, in her cheery, lilting Filipina accent.

"But that's my point, Maria, we're completely safe. You're immune. You won't get it again, and you therefore can't pass it on to us. No way."

"Better to be safe..." she said.

Ok, I lost my temper a bit...

"No, Maria, that's just not being smart."

"Julie!" David exclaimed, sounding a bit outraged.

Oh oh. He was just around the corner and had heard the exchange.

He strode towards me and said, "apologize for what you just said to Maria."

"I didn't mean to imply you were stupid. I just meant to say that since you ..."

David grabbed my arm, spun me around, and smacked my jean clad ass right in front of Maria and said "No! You didn't mean to say anything. Maria makes her own choices and you have nothing to say about it! Now apologize properly."

Oh fuck! I know embarrassment is a kink of mine, but there was nothing kinky here. It was just pure, burning, unadulterated, shaming, embarrassment. I felt myself blush and started to form the words for an apology when he smacked my butt again, "Apologize!" he repeated.

Ok, ok, I'm getting to it!

"Maria, I'm sorry I said what I did. Please do whatever makes you feel most comfortable."

Maria's eyes went wide with surprise at this entire interchange. But not scared or angry. Just surprised I thought. 

"I also apologize for my wife's behaviour, Maria," David said, calmly.

"No, no, no. Is fine. I no mind. I just do the mask because it's safer, you know?"

"And that's perfectly fine, Maria. Thank you for being concerned for us," he said.

"You're welcome," she said, still a sing-song in her voice and continued upstairs.

Looking back now,  I can't believe I blurted out exactly what he wanted me to, just like that, and just because of two slaps to my jeans-clad bum. That's embarrassing!

It's also, of course, after the fact and thinking back on it, super exciting for me to have that done to me publicly like that. It's the sort of kink I crave. David knows this, and knows that it's "fair game" to correct me like that in front of others. That was explicitly part of our now defunct DD contract, but lives on in spirit. I felt like an absolute child being corrected like that by him, and in such a way, in front of our maid. She can't ever unsee that, you know? Me, treated as a child.

David turned to me. "After Maria is gone you and I are going to have a good long discussion about being polite and respectful to people, and then I'll give you plenty of time afterwards to think about that."

Oh no. It was code for a spanking and cornertime to come. And it didn't sound like it would be a light spanking or a short cornertime. I knew that I deserved it, though. I nonetheless felt very embarrassed, despite the oblique language David used, to be told I would be spanked and cornered while Maria surely could hear.

Briefly jumping ahead, after it was all over, David and I talked about it. I asked him if he had been scening me. He said he had not. He saw red as he listened to me berating Maria for her choices, and thought, as head-of-household, that he would not have it. I had granted him disciplinary rights, and public disciplinary rights no less, so he used them.

It ran through his mind to give me my spanking there, on the spot, in front of Maria, but quickly discarded that as he did not want to offend her that way. But he did think a stern verbal correction and one or two smacks to my clothed ass in front of her would do me some good. I asked him what he would have done had I stuck to my guns and not apologized? He said he didn't know, but that it was a good thing for my butt that we didn't have to find out. Thy made my pussy tingle...

Of course, a bit of me was sorry we didn't find out. It's the way my brain works. But he was legitimately and visibly angry with me, and a bit scary, and it never even occurred to me in the moment to not obey him. Angry male energy, from the man I love, directed at me, is powerful. A random angry male would just get my hackles up and make me want to fight back. But when from a man I love and respect, who rarely raises his voice... yup that's some potent Daddy energy there.

When I was thinking about it later, reliving the days events, I knew what he should have done in that event. Dragged me by the arm to the living room. Pulled my jeans and panties down, thrown me across his knee, and hand-spanked me until I was howling (he did do that to me, but not until after Maria left). Then he should have stood me in the corner, hands at my sides, my nose touching both walls, with my pants and panties both around my ankles, making sure my spanked bottom was on view. He should have kept me like that for the entire four hours Maria was there cleaning. She would have been in and out of that room, tidying, vacuuming and dusting, as I was being punished that way. I'm sure she would have felt sorry for me, but if her employer and the man of the house put me there, who would she be to question it?

At any rate, not withstanding, a bit later I approached Maria, changing our bed linens, in our bedroom. She had never seen David strike me, and I was worried what she must be thinking. I started the conversation with another apology.

"I am really sorry I said what I said, Maria. Will you forgive me?"

Maria has this charming, lilting, Filipina accident. She says David's name, DavEEEEd, and my name, JulEEEE.

"Oh, no problem Julie. I know I'm too careful, but I want to make sure you and David are safe."

"And, ummm, you know how he hit my bottom like that?" and I made gesture of hitting my own bottom with my hand. "I asked him to be more the man of the house with me, so it's ok, really. I deserved it. He never hurts me at all."

"Like a children?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"Yes, sort of like a child," I agreed. And then, well, we were talking about it anyways, so I pouted and added, "He told me he's going to give me a spanking after you leave..." I illustrated the word "spanking" for her by reaching behind and lightly swatting my bum cheek several times.

Then she laughed and said, "Oh... I hope spanking not too hard!"

Think about that a moment, as I am now. She did not object to the fact of his giving me a spanking. Did she think he was justified? Or did she think it was his "right" as my husband, to spank me? Or did she just assume we were playing kinky spanking games? Was she concerned I would be beaten?

"No, it won't be too hard." I said, reassuring her. "How's your nephew doing?" I asked, changing the subject, wanting to re-normalize the conversation, and we started chatting about all our family members as if nothing had happened.

But yes. She got it alright. "Like a children." I know she's very into Christian things, and I know aspects of the Filipino culture can be a bit macho. So maybe the concept of the man being the head of the household was not so foreign to her? And I know she was brought up in a strict household with a very Christian Dad, and as a girl she was kept a very close watch on by her Father and brothers. We had never discussed corporal punishment, but it would not surprise me if she was spanked, maybe even well into her teens?

I was wondering what the prevailing culture was regarding this in the Philippines in the 70s and 80s when she was growing up. Doing some research, I saw a study from the early 80s that said something like 84% of Filipino children were subject to corporal punishment from their parents.

I also found the following article written by a much younger Filipina woman in 2019.

Bianca Carague

She grew up well after Maria in the 2000's. This is her article:

Tsinelas: The Filipino Symbol of Discipline and Punishment

Here's an excerpt:

Just imagine an old lady in a patterned duster, her face scrunched up, back bent over, briskly walking while fiercely wagging a slipper over her head…..haha!

In my childhood, though I only have happy memories of it, I was no stranger to corporal punishment. I would get spanked in the bum when I answered back. Sometimes, even worse, I’d get threatened with a belt if I lied or fought with my sister.


Throughout my childhood, I was no stranger to rubber slippers and sometimes thick belts used by my parents to discipline me and my sister.

So if that was still going on in the 2000's, I imagine 30 years before it was worse. If there's any Filipinos who can confirm, please let me know in the comments.

David and I had both been working at our respective desks while Maria was cleaning. A few hours later we heard Maria calling up. "All done! See you next time!"

"Bye Maria!" I called down. "Thank you!"


And then I heard the door close and Maria outside rolling the recycling bin down the driveway.


What must she be thinking???? She knows, without a doubt in her mind, that I'm to be spanked "like a child" after she leaves. Will she tell her husband? Of course she will. You don't keep stuff like that from your husband. Will she gossip about this crazy white woman at her Church? I trust her not to name names, but she might tell that story, right? The thought of that is soooo embarrassing. Sometimes, when she's in a rush, her husband comes by to help her out. Will I blush next time I see him like that? Him knowing my husband spanks me, like a child????

I don't mind Maria knowing. When I spoke with her she felt like a much older sister, or a young Aunt. She knows our secrets. Maybe she won't tell anybody at all. Maybe that's the maid's code? Somehow her knowing about my spankings makes us a bit more equal, you know? She's employed by my husband. I'm disciplined by him.

She didn't mind talking about it with me. She didn't even find it that unusual, really. She was not shocked, or concerned, or anything like that. Maybe she was spanked as a girl, growing up, until quite old? Based on that article above, I'm willing to bet Maria was no stranger to having her bum beat, potentially well into her late teens. Hence perhaps her comfort with the concept of David punishing me in a like manner, and the certain sense of sisterly connection I felt when we discussed it?

Maybe. Maybe I'm not giving her enough credit. Maybe she knows it's a kinky game for us? And maybe she understands it can be some of each, and that the asawa (wife) will have additional "wifely duties" to perform after her disciplining?

It's all so embarrassing... All this from a couple of bum smacks and a sharp correction.

My spanking didn't happen right away. I decided to make a really nice dinner for David, and got it all prepared and even the dining room table set for two (we often chaw down just on the kitchen peninsula).

"You think this is going to save your little ass?" he asked me with a smile.

"No Sir," I answered demurely. "A little bit, maybe."

"Maybe a little bit," he agreed, smiling. We both knew what was up after dinner.

Once dinner was over I shooed him into the living room without letting him touch a dish, and even poured him a Scotch. Our best: eighteen year-old single malt, neat, with a drop of water. I busied myself in the kitchen, cleaning everything up.

Ok, so when I'm made to feel submissive like this, the 1950's housewife comes out. I get all domestic and everything.

"Done with those dishes, young lady?" he called from the living room into the kitchen.

I was done. A few minutes ago. I was just fussing around, rearranging our cutlery drawers.

"Yes, Sir."

"Then get your little butt out here. You know what has to happen now."

Oh. My. God. Those were his exact words. "You know what has to happen now." Has to happen. No choice in the matter. No reprieve. Inevitable. It has to happen.

I knew I was getting a spanking. I was aware of it all day, while working, more while preparing dinner, more while eating dinner, acutely when tidying up after dinner. The closer I got, the more butterflies in my tummy. When he called me in, and put it that way, the butterflies in my tummy went crazy. I became soooo nervous. I didn't want to go out to him! I knew I was going to be punished. Punished the way I asked him to punish me every time. Not lightly, like I told Maria I would be punished, knowing then that was a fib, but truly punished. Punished in the way I crave, which was a way I would not like. It was going to be a minimum of five minutes of blistering spanking leaving me in tears.

I was pretty sure he would spank me "only" with his hand. He reserves wood or leather for more serious stuff (e.g., had I not obeyed and apologized right away, it would have been a paddling for the ages!). But I truly don't think he realizes how hard his hand is. He thinks a hand spanking is him letting me off easy. He teases me afterwards about how much I "carry on" during my spankings. I think it's because my hand spankings of him are a joke. I can only approach "punishment grade" with an implement, and a fierce one at that. Now I've told him, and I think he appreciates intellectually, that his hand is much harder than mine. But he's never felt it! And when he sees me "carrying on" he thinks I'm "letting it all out", like he does during a spanking. Capable of being stoic and holding it in, but helping it along a bit to get it out. And then he thinks my butt just reddens super easily.

No! I'm not "letting it out". He spanks it out! No, my butt does not redden easily. He reddens it! I've never really told him that, because I don't want him taking it easy on me. And I'm not concerned writing this here. Even if he reads this he'll still assume I'm being a Drama Queen over a little hand spanking. I like it that way. I like that he does not seem to appreciate his own strength. I like that, in his mind, he is being merciful and "letting me off easy", but that I live in fear of even what he thinks of as his "easy" spankings.

I have to force my feet to move towards him. I'm sure I was looking contrite. I was certainly feeling it.

He reaches over to me and unfastens my jeans, unzips them, and pushes them down. Then he reaches for my panties, and pulls them down as well. My bare pussy is level with his face.

"Tell me why you're being punished."

It's a ritual for us. Having to stand there with my bare pussy on display, my keeping it completely smooth, it all makes me feel like a little girl.

"Because I was rude to Maria and didn't respect her choices."

The pre-spanking, bare pussy, admission of guilt is very potent. I am in no doubt whatsoever what the consequences for my misbehaviour is to be.

"That's right," he said as he pulled me gently down across his lap. He was seated on the couch, and he lifted me so my kegs and chest were both supported. This is more comfortable than bent double across his knee on the spanking chair. David always says he chooses the way I'm to be made uncomfortable. I had a bit of makeup on and my hair done up and I didn't want to mess that up so kept my head raised.

He rubbed my ass a little and I gritted my teeth, knowing what was coming. Then he began spanking me, and OMG, I'll never get used to his paddle-hand! When I'm being punished he goes right into it at whatever force he decides is "punishment grade". For a play spanking there are ups and downs and modulations and strokes and caresses and pussy touches along the way, and yes, a few breathtakingly hard strokes. For punishment, it's just PURE PUNISHMENT, start to end.

Long before it ends I'm crying out and begging and apologizing and promising to be a good girl. My nose starts running and my tears start forming, and before he's done with me, he always makes me cry like a little girl across Daddy's knee.

I never used to cry this easily. I never cry like this when we play. It's the one time I really can cry my eyes out: while being legitimately punished by the man I love so much.

Why would any girl want to be treated this way?!?? I don't get it. I'm literally terrified of my spankings. In the moment, I'll do anything to make it stop. As I go across his lap, I am questioning my life choices. He's always fair but extremely firm with my disciplinary spankings, and I really really regret whatever I did to land me across his knee. And afterwards I am in a humble and receptive state of mind, tears in my eyes and my bum on fire, and vow never to repeat that behaviour again.

The spanking is over. I have no idea how many strokes or how long it was. While it was going on, time was completely frozen and the spanking was never-ending. As soon as it was over, it felt like no time at all had elapsed.

I feel it was right. It was right that I was punished like this. I guess that's one reason I keep the arrangement up. I was rude and obnoxious to a friend and an employee of long-standing. I deserved it. I felt better having paid the required price. I even felt better knowing that Maria knew that I was to be spanked like this. Next week I'll go apologize to her once more. I'll rub both my cheeks and tell her that my David did give me a spanking for it.

I wonder if she'll ask any questions about it?

David helped me to my feet and held me as I cried and apologized again. He had implied cornertime earlier:  "I'll give you plenty of time afterwards to think about it." He sat and helped me out of my jeans and panties and socks. He pulled my T-shirt up and off, and removed my bra. He led me to the corner and gently pushed my face towards it. I know he insists on my nose being in contact with both walls, right in the corner. To do that I have to move my feet a bit away and arch my back to get my nose fully in there. Of course, that sticks my bottom out into the room, and it feels like it displays my pussy and bumhole from behind.

"Ten minutes, then you can apologize to me," he says. I was expecting more. Ten minutes is still a long time for a hyperactive girl like me, but better than 30 minutes, or an hour!

"Cross your hands behind your back where I can see them," he adds.

Oh blush! He knows I can't help touching myself when I'm being punished like this.

He stayed in the same room, sipping his Scotch and reading his book as I cooled my heels. At least Maria wasn't doing the vacuuming around me with me naked and cornered and my bum in this state. I was thinking that as I was standing there. I played out the scene in my head with Maria watching it all, then me being required to stand in the corner for four full hours as she came and went, and...

"Stop your fidgeting," he said.

Ohhhhh! I could feel my pussy totally dampening from the accumulation of everything today, and I longed to touch it.

For me, the cornertime is some of the most embarrassing thing for me. My agency has been completely removed from me. I dare not wriggle, or move, or complain, as I know he will not hesitate to pull me out of the corner, spank me again, possibly a paddling, and then restart my cornertime, from the beginning, with time added. I can't help but think I'm a grown woman and this cannot be happening to me! I know he sits there, self-satisfied, knowing my behaviour has been corrected.

I heard David coming up behind me.

"You're done. Thank me for punishing you."

I turned around prepared to say my apologies one more time, but his cock was out of his pants!

Oh. I knew what was expected of me, and it wasn't a verbal thank you, rather, an oral one.

I got down on my knees and gave him my best possible pornstar grade blowjob. As he approached his climax he clamped my head and fucked my mouth and then came into me and said, "Apology Accepted!" Oh no. He had "accepted my apology" by giving me a mouthful of cum which I dutifully swallowed. Now I was horny as hell!

I cleaned up his cock with my mouth, getting the last drops out, licking his shaft completely clean, then gently putting him away. He guided me up and gave me a big hug. He turned me around, gave me a swat on the ass, and told me he was going to stay down here and read a few more chapters, and I should to go to our bedroom and masturbate.

I felt the flush as the blood ran into my cheeks. "David, no..." I said, embarrassed.

"I'll give you a choice. You can either go upstairs and masturbate now, or I'll give you another spanking, just like the last one, and then you go upstairs to masturbate. Choose."

"Ohhh... I'll go masturbate now, sir..."

"And make sure I hear it when you cum!" He yelled up after me as I was headed up the stairs.

I went upstairs, prepared the Hitachi, and lay on the bed with my head propped up on the pillows. I started just by fingering myself, using my own wetness to lube my clit. I thought about the day's events, reliving them and their kinkier variations. My Mom and Dad dropping in during my four-hour cornertime. An extra spanking from Daddy as I ran from the corner, covering myself desperately, as David let them in. Then Daddy putting me firmly back into my corner. Maria's husband dropping in to pick her up. Maria explaining to him why her employer's wife was in the corner with a very red bum and no clothes on.

I turned on the Hitachi and pushed it against my pussy and clitty. Something wasn't right. I moved the pillows from under my head to under my midsection, turning around so I was ass up and bent over. I was lying directly on the Hitachi. I spread my legs open. I imagined David removing his belt, with Maria in the room, and whipping me with it! I reached one hand behind. I touched myself to feel how soaking wet and exposed my pussy was. It was completely wet and open as David whipped me mercilessly with his belt. I felt my bottom hole. Oh no! It was completely open and on display as well for my whipping!

I imagine David saying, "Are you embarrassed, young lady? Good! Spread your legs more so Maria can see what a naughty, naughty girl you are while I whip you!"

A switch is flipped and instantly it's my Dad alone in the room with me. He's the one whipping me with his belt. I plunge my hand into my cunt from behind, the Hitachi still going against my clit. I pull my pussy open. It's Daddy pulling my pussy open after my whipping. "I'm going to teach you your place once and for all, young lady!" My fingers pump my pussy imagining it is Daddy's cock!

"OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK," I scream out as I cum violently, grinding my hips into my Hitachi, knowing David will have heard it all, knowing that he will read this, and know for sure what a filthy, dirty, perverted, sick, slutty, whore he married...


  1. He should have you using a buttplug for the next day maria is there, so you will remember to be a respectable spanked wife little lady

    1. 😢 seems reasonable...

    2. I like the idea of you using her iPad in the living room when Maria comes in to clean it. Almost immediately she notices a greased up butt plug and a large pink dildo.

      "Where would you like me to put these, Julie?" she asks.

      Julie stands up and bends over, lowering her jeans and her panties. "I think we both know where you should put them," she says, fingering her eager pussy.

      Maria frowns. "I think you need a lesson about leaving your toys laying around when you're not playing with them. I think I'll tidy here, then ask David to teach you."

  2. One thing I wanted to point out is that just because you are immune, doesn't mean you cant pass the virus along. There is no physical barrier to stop the virus from entering your system. So you could still infect someone else. Which is why masking indoors makes more sense than, vaccine proofs/status.

    Vaccine proofs are absolute shit. Its designed to arm twist people into getting the vaccine whether they like it or not. A vaccine protects you, not other people. Infact if Maria was unvaccinated you and David wouldn't be at any greater risk since both of you are vaccinated. The only thing vaccines do, is that if you get sick your symptoms are going to be milder.

    All that said, even masking and taking precautions dont seem to work. I am atm getting over Covid and am double vaccinated. Nothing serious, just a mild fever (actually feverish feeling, not even an actual fever), mild body discomfort, some cough, sinus congestion etc., It relieved in 3 days but the suckiest part is that I have now lost my sense of taste and smell. Smell particularly. Everything tastes like hot or cold water. Ughhh.

    1. It's Omicron now, with an estimated 0.01% IFR. There's more risk crossing the street.

  3. From now on you should keep a camera around and take pics of your corner time, whipped butt etc, for us to see.

  4. Your mouth just continues to get you spanked, doesn't it? Seems fitting that it got a load of sperm after your cornertime. A nice blowie is a good way for a spanked wife to thank her hubby for keeping her in line.

    I think David was right to wait to give you your spanking after Maria left, no need to make her needlessly uncomfortable. But since she now knows you are a spanked wife, if you legit earn another punishment spanking while she's around, you might get it with her at least in the house next time. But no need to push it.

    Although it is amusing that after all those trainers being exposed to David getting spanked (and some getting involved), now it is your turn to be humbled in front of someone you've hired.

  5. I didn't intend on carrying on a debate that long lost its interest, but since you decided to resurrect it again, let me try to explain why wearing a mask makes sense even amongst the supposedly immune.

    The COVID virus can exist in nasal passages of people who are asymptomatic, even supposedly immune. The latest mutation is particularly contagious and doesn't respect vaccination or previous infection. You cleaning woman was simply being careful. I have no idea what the probability of infection would be without her mask. I do know it is reduced with it.

    Here in the US, the current recommendation is not only to mask, but to use a high-quality mask like a N-95. No matter how silly you think it is, please respect those of us who want to do everything we can to protect other people and ourselves.

    You deserved that spanking. We are friends, but sometimes I don't understand how insensitive you can be.

    1. When the risk drops sufficiently, which it has with Omicron, time to get back to normal. I respect that you disagree, and you can do as you wish. I'm done with it.

    2. I'm sure a lot of doctors and nurses and other front line workers would love to be "done with it" too. Too bad they can't be.

    3. Too bad our idiotic government, over the past 18 months, did not do a damned thing to increase the number of ICU beds, doctors and nurses, increase nurses pay, and on top of that fires a bunch of naturally immune nurses for choosing not to take the vax. Currently, about 10% of the ICU beds in Ontario have patients there either because of or simply with COVID. Major issue is that the downstream care homes are not taking them because nobody did a damned thing to set them up for it either. Despite BILLIONS of dollars spent. Utter government ineptitude.

    4. It takes a min of 2 years to train a new nurse and several times that a new doctor. It takes millions to construct or remodel physical space to create ICU beds. Expanding capacity was never going to be a solution though I can see how thinking that would make you feel better by deflecting blame.

    5. You miss the point entirely. What measures were taken to improve the standard and capacity of care in the intervening 18 months, with billions upon billions of dollars spent? It looks like it's gotten worse. They did not do a damned thing to increase the quality of life for nurses. They did not raise their pay. They did not introduce minimally trained nurse-helpers, they did not increase admissions, they did not fast track nursing education, they did not open immigration to nurses. Your position that nothing possible could have been done is absurd, you government apologist.

    6. No, I get your point. I just think it is wrong and designed to deflect the blame to something acceptable to you.

      I never claimed nothing could be done. Just that building capacity is a very limit solution. In fact, the most effective solutions, vaccines and vaccine mandates, masks, and testing are ones that the political right have rejected. Hence your deflection.

      BTW - a quick search will show you that nursing salaries have risen, that hospitals have brought in many different kinds of staff, including staff who typically do not provide patient care, and more. Much has actually been done to help health care workers and capacity. Sadly, these stopgaps can't address the underlying problem of a multi-year pandemic with a large portion of the public that is "over it."

    7. "political right" - it has nothing to do with politics. Why do people like you bring politics into every discussion???

      You speak with such awe-inspiring certainty, and yet all those measures have done a crap job. Florida, as an example, is doing every bit as well or better than most lockdown and mask-happy states (certainly dramatically so when you adjust for age and obesity). You're ignorant and are parroting what you've been told.

      ICU and nursing/doctor shortages are a long-standing issue in Ontario due to persistent underfunding of an incredibly inefficient and wasteful health care system. Any residual Covid at this stage is not the issue. Draconian policies that fire unvaccinated nurses and send them home for 10 days with the sniffles is the problem.

    8. You literally brought government into it in your first response to me.

      I would love to discuss Florida with you. Having lived there and worked in FL govt for 20+ years I'm pretty familiar with it. But apparently I am just an ignorant parrot and government apologist (whatever that means) so I think the chance of a productive conversation seems pretty low. But hey, maybe you'll earn another spanking so I guess there's that.

    9. Government not= politics. You were the one who associated "right wing politics" with a point-of-view on the science and an appropriate government response.

      And don't get huffy with me. You were the one who started the insult-fest going with the whole "deflecting blame" nonsense that is completely a personal attack and not at all discussing the issue, so you can just get off your high horse. If the conversation is "unproductive" it's because of your political and personal-attack reaction.

    10. Vaccine mandates, vaccines and masking my ass. I mask everywhere, am double vaccinated and currently getting over covid. lol. Its useless.

      We will never be "over it", because the government and their sponsors in big pharma wont ever let it end. The pandemic is their cash cow. There are always those who leverage a crisis to make money.

    11. I agree. If lockdowns, masks, and forced vaccinations ever made any sense, they are making less and less sense, while the advocates of these measures seem unable to admit that the situation is changing and doubling down on their authoritarian stances, angry, as is the commenter above, that everybody is not kow-towing to their tyrannical authority. (such as in France, Australia, and Quebec Canada)

    12. Check this out:

      She is defining 3 doses as fully vaccinated now. Am sure this will be the direction the govt is heading.

      Will you get the 3rd dose if it is mandated in ontario?

    13. Also motherfuckin Quebec is asking for a tax on unvaccinated people. Just give them independence already lol.

    14. For someone who spent a lot of time defending this proposition:

      "Right-leaning folks assume that left-leaning folks have good motives but are misguided in their approach, whereas left-leaning folks assume that right-leaning folks have evil motives."

      Comments like this flow from your keyboard quite easily.

      "...doubling down on their authoritarian stances, angry, as is the commenter above, that everybody is not kow-towing to their tyrannical authority."

    15. My position has been that the risk of COVID (for me - fit and youngish and supplementing with vitamins) was low, and the risk of the vaccine was also low. But, the gov't effectively mandated the first 2 doses so I took those irrespective of my choice (I would have leaned towards doing it, though). If they effectively mandate a booster, I suppose the thinking is the same, except if I had my druthers, I would not take a booster, as the residual risk posed by Omicron I assess, for me, is lower than the vaccine risk (YMMV).

      Those two statements are not in opposition. Because the left (many, not all) beleive the right is evil, they are angry, willing to be authoritarian, and willing to impose draconian measures no matter what their opponents believe.

      We are altogether safer with a government composed of people who mainly believe their opponents are well-intentioned but misguided, than one who believes their opponents are evil. I will vote for the former every time as my most important issue.

    16. You believe the statements don't contradict because you believe your negative perceptions of the other side are right and their negative perceptions of you are wrong. Unsurprisingly, they believe exactly the same thing. Few are willing to consider the plank in their own eye and that is a recipe for social and political failure.

    17. Sounds like we have common ground.

      Let's both agree that anybody defaulting to calling the other side "evil" as opposed to "well-intentioned but misguided" is doing it wrong.

      I'm willing to say that about you and the leftists. Are you willing to say that about me and most on the right including Trump supporters?

    18. I try, though not always successfully, to separate disagreements on policy from personal differences and vice versa. I've worked for decades in government, mostly in FL, mostly under GOP leaders. Some are great people. Some are assholes. A few actually qualify as evil, at least to my mind. That's true for the Democrats I worked with as well. Yet I served them all equally, even those I disagreed with. Yes, I agree we should avoid assuming the worst of those with whom we disagree or throwing out blanket stereotypes or caricatures of the other tribe. That includes taking care in throwing around terms like fascist, authoritarian, marixst, and socialist so commonly misused in today's vernacular.

      Where I struggle in the conversation is reconciling this laudable sentiment with your vigorous defense of sterotyping the left's perceptions of the right's motives while throwing out pejorative terms about the left. It is not just about one side calling the other side 'evil,' it is about assuming negative motives and attributes of the other tribe. Calling the other side angry, tyrannical, authoritarian is really just a mirror image of what you feel the left is doing wrong. Yes, both are wrong. Neither side as a group has the moral highground and generalizations that suggest one does are, almost always, self-serving rationalizations.

    19. In my opinion, the ones getting people fired from their jobs, locked out of restaurants, shutting down businesses, confined to their homes, massively fined, because they do not wish to take a new medical therapy, regardless if they have natural immunity or other conditions that preclude them taking it, and is now shown to not significantly slow the spread of Omicron or protect others, then those are tyrannical and authoritarian (even though I believe their motives are good).

    20. Different anon here. I actually agree with OG anon here. I think Julie is also right in calling these measures tyrannical and authoritarian, because that is what they are. However she could not call these authoritarian actions "left wing". I dont think it is a left wing thing to impose authoritarian rules on people, but rather a failure of common sense governance. You could along the same vein call the patriot act (enacted during the gop rule) tyrannical and authoritarian, because thats what it was. But again, it wasn't a right wing thing, but rather a senseless overreaction to a national crisis. Same as what is happening now.

    21. I agree with your stance on covid and the vaccine. Same here.

    22. I agree that both left and right are capable of being authoritarian and tyrannical. The religious right for sure has those inclinations. Also the warmonging right after 9/11 with patriot act and all that. CURRENTLY, it's coming from the left is my only point.

  6. 2XL panties? I guess David is much bigger than me in more ways than one! It may get me in trouble, but Julie, I think in this case, you were wrong and got what you had coming, while also being right. You’re right that masks and vaccines don’t work. But the people that think they do shouldn’t be shamed for their beliefs. I don’t go around ripping masks off faces. Likewise, those that try to force me into mask wearing or taking medicine I don’t want are in for a fight! Finally, I’m kind of amazed at how many fantasies you managed to fit into one masturbation session, with me, I usually haven’t even hired a cast or developed a plot outline before the movie is over! - david

    1. I agree I had it coming. I need to learn to better respect the judgments and choices of others, even when I believe them to be damaging to society and batshit crazy.

      When I masturbate, things jump around in my head. Free associating. One thing leads to another and I freely jump to whatever turns me on more, and in a short time period.

  7. I confirm getting the slipper growing up in Philippines. It was from Mum, Grandma and aunts whenever I am naughty.
    It was a always on clothed bottom unless it is during bath time.
    Belt was from dad for large misdeeds.

  8. A very well deserved spanking! It was nice of you to give her the choice to take the mask off, but naughty to think you know better and to call her for it. I don't usually like people (okay, men!) apologising on behalf of their partners, but given your relationship and your mindset with these matters it was well-played, like an embarrassed parent forced to apologise because their child literally doesn't know any better!

    Can't believe you two perverts actually own printed spanking magazines! Did you order them online or get them from a store?

    I think one of Maria's chores for the next month should be giving your naughty little tush with her Tsinelas. "Laundry on, dishwasher running, now to spank Ms Julie's pale ass so I can look at my handiwork whilst I hoover around!"

    I know I mentioned it months ago, but I would definitely get you wrist cuffs with bells on, so I would know for sure when you were misbehaving!

    1. I agree I deserved it. And yes, I very much felt like a child as he corrected me.

      David has a stash of vintage spanking mags he bought from second-hand book shops in the late 90s. I should take pics and blog about them sometime.

      Yes, one of the maid's extra duties!

      The constant jingle at unexpected times would drive David mad.

    2. It would be like living in the Christmas episode of a sitcom!

      So those porn mags have had at least three sets of owners; yours, the second hand shop owner, and the original purchaser? Your church-going maid deserves hazard pay for touching them! When I was working at a charity store someone once donated a used purple dildo. We didn't try and sell it.

      I once saw an ad online, Christ knows where, maybe when I was looking for an actual job? But it was from a man, or maybe a married couple, who wanted a maid to clean their house and then get in bed with them for a spanking afterwards. It struck me as funny because after that they listed stuff like "Must have experience polishing brass" and "Must be willing to dust everywhere, including skirting boards." If you're buying a twp-for-one cleaner and sex worker then it's probably a seller's market, beggars can't be choosers!

    3. I never thought about the hands those mags passed through. But rather than being grossed out, I am oddly turned on by the thought of dudes masturbating all over them...

      Ha ha! I appreciate the thought. I once hired a personal trainer for david. Did not get a lot of responses, but did get one, and that was all I needed! Her qualifications as a personal trainer were very secondary (though she turned out to be ok in that department)

  9. It's refreshing for me to see you get your ass whipped when it really deserves it. This time you really deserved it. It's too bad Maria didn't get to witness some of that spanking. It would be good for her to see.

    1. I'm disappointed also, but she's not going anywhere and we're building her tolerance! I'm kinda fantasizing about being bare bum in the living room corner with her here...

    2. Yeah good thing if you were on display their bottom in the corner with your spanked ass glowing. Having her come by as she's doing her work knowing that you were naughty would definitely put you in your place

    3. I'd be so humiliated! I'm sure David would explain to her beforehand the reason for me standing there with a bare bum. Maybe he'd ask her to keep an eye on me as she works to make sure I keep my nose right in the corner and tell him if I don't!

  10. Spanking magazines mentioned, I've purchased them, served a purpose. An older woman I was dating by my mistake not putting away asked me about it, she was holding the magazine. She was not a bit happy and when I admitted to masturbating, she said lets see how much you enjoy a spanking. Will have to admit it was a spanking to remember, especially when she pulled down the pans and underpants. Sitting was hard, but I thanked her. My wife never saw the magazines, have shown her the blog, and her spankings get your attention, Spanked in front of others, several times. Jack

    1. This was the only way to control my urge prior to meeting a woman who understood and knew I needed to be spanked. The worse spanking was just after our marriage caught in the bathroom masturbating reading a couple of magazines I kept for emergency. Well once she finished spanking my bare bottom, I had to show her no more magazines, every drawer was checked. I was then given another spanking, faced the wall in the frontroom, naked. Jack

  11. I can so relate. i worked with a lady who grew up in a filipino family. One day the subject of child rearing came up. She without any coaxing said she and her sisters were spanked well into their teens with a flip flop , belt and hand. She the described it was the procedure - waiting in their rooms then having to drop their pants and go over the knee of Dad or Mom. She said it so casually!! You should as Maria if she was spanked!!!

    1. I'll raise it next week when I talk about my spanking!

  12. Holy Shit!! From the Maria thing to your personal thoughts that kept replaying in your mind throughout the day to your needed spanking and the combination of fantasies during your masturbation session. You write so freely I felt what you were feeling and thinking. Then your imagination and creativity during your shameful cumming all alone with such sick thoughts, I love it.

    I crave for my relationship to have that kind of dynamic to be corrected like that when I’m in the wrong in front of a guest. Both my wife’s mom and best friend are gorgeous and highly intelligent blondes. They are so smart and beautiful that it’s intimidating. I don’t cry easy but if I had been corrected like that in front of one of them I would’ve easily teared up out of utter embarrassment just like I did when my much older sister would correct me as a kid.

    I have a reoccurring fantasy of being spanked in front of my my mother in law. My mother in law is a total milf with bleach blonde hair and a figure like the mermaid Ariel (she has the sexiest tiny waist). On Tuesday she was watching our baby. I came home from work and she stayed for most of the night. I had a chore that I hadn’t done after days of my wife reminding me so I asked my mil to watch the baby for a little longer while I did my chore. She is fully aware (and subtly supportive) that I get spankings so after I was done my chore I said “Thanks so much. I was supposed to do that days ago so if it wasn’t done when she gets home I would get a spanking tonight”. She always smiles when we talk about my spankings so she smiled back at me saying “when mama’s not happy ain’t no body happy!” Later that night my wife was helping my mil do her nails the way my wife does it with her uv light nail lamp. I was doing dishes as we were all talking and I was got a bit testy (I’ve been in serious need of a spanking lately). I openly disagreed with my wife on something and she brought attention to my rudeness in my back talk. My mother in law looked up from her nails and with a smirk exclaimed “yeah, looks likes someone is cruisin for a bruisen”. She actually said that! I felt my dick pulse in my shorts. There was even a gleam in her eyes. My wife just gave me a look that I translated to “you better cut it out right now”. That was it but I fantasized while masturbating that night about receiving the spanking I desperately need with my mother in law gladly watching and commenting as I freely cried my eyes out, able to let it all out.

    1. I think your MIL is actively angling to watch you get spanked. And why not, you have such a cute butt!

    2. Thank you! I think she is too…

  13. Nice. Daddy's girl.
    You hold the high ground.
    Two slaps on the buttocks and an apology, but your maid is only a maid and Filipino. You think you are superior to her socially, financially, culturally and intellectually.
    In addition, you imagine her as your sister in corporal punishment, which immediately makes her an ally rather than an enemy.
    Take these four adverbs and attribute them to a mother-in-law for example, delighted to see you spanked in front of her by your husband, her darling son,
    She hates you and she is always delighted when you are humiliated.
    You hate her too, but she always has the upper hand.
    She is superior to you socially, financially, culturally and intellectually
    Now, you don't wet anymore down there but you cry with rage when the spanking begins to become unbearable and you, frantic. You hate her disdainful and satisfied smile when she comments on the color of your butt!

  14. You sure got your comeuppance, young lady. You got your bum swatted, for real, in front of your maid, and you were made to apologize to her. All day long as she was working she knew you would be getting a spanking that evening. I'm sure she could imagine it on your bare bum with, as you say, additional duties to perform afterwards. I wonder if that thought made her cheery?

    The description of your spanking is very evocative. I'm not sure you've ever shared your inner state so much when writing about a spanking. It really came across how truly scared you were of his hand spanking. And therefore how crazy this kink of yours is, that despite that you continue to put your ass on the line as a voluntarily spanked wife.

    I've seen that cute bum of yours wriggling and reddening under his palm in that little movie you posted. It did not look like it was that hard, but your reaction and the colors said otherwise. I imagine this spanking was that times five? No wonder you were contrite afterwards. Nothing sexier than a punished, sorry, crying, red-assed wife (not that I would know from first-hand experience!)

    You certainly did seem to get off easy with only ten minutes of your nose in the corner. I'd have given you more.

    Sending you upstairs to masturbate alone was a good touch. It acknowledges that you payed the price in fanny pain, and also that you find it sexy to submit to him like that.

    Will David be disappointed when he reads you didn't cum to the thought of him railing you? I think he needs to remind you who has fucking rights over you.

    Brilliant episode. Thanks for posting!

    1. My pleasure bob. Thank you for the compliments on my writing, and for saying my bum is cute... I hope David reads that last part of your comment...

  15. Lorsque vous parlez de votre papa c’est souvent de David que vous parlez, mais vous parlez aussi de votre vrai papa, et avec la traduction souvent je ne sais plus de qui vraiment vous parlez …

    Dans votre dernier paragraphe, il me semble que c’est de votre vrai papa dont vous parlez, et si c’est de sa bite, dite vous que vous n’êtes pas plus pervers que ceux, qui comme moi et d’autre le font avec leurs vraies filles fessées (adultes il va de soi, et consentantes) car mes filles sont les premières à me le demander de les prendre par tous leurs trous, après la fessée pour calmer leur désirs et excitations …

    C’est la même chose lorsqu’il arrivent qu’elles me fesse ….

    J’espère qu’un jour votre fantasme sera la réalité pour vous, et ce jour la sera pour vous inoubliable, extraordinaire, de jouissance …

    1. I can see why the translation is confused, because I, almost deliberately, confuse the two in my mind myself, switching back and forth between my husband as Daddy and Daddy as Daddy!

    2. c'est ce qu'il me semblait, il faut pour que votre esprit soit libre de toute confusion accepter la réalité et faire ce que vous avez envie de faire avec votre vrai papa, avec la complicité de votre faux vrai papa david ...
      et vous vivrez alors, un moment merveilleux ...

  16. It’s perfectly possible to get covid twice. You should also have been spanked for getting your facts wrong.

    1. Anything's possible. You need to compare that to other risks you routinely take, such as crossing a busy street.

  17. I am very familiar with Philipino nannies and cleaning ladies. In the summer I would see them all the time when I went for a walk through my neighbourhood park, pushing strollers with children who were clearly not their own, and I've even gotten to know one or two of them personally. They seem like hard-working morally-upright folks who've been raised to be good Catholics and perform their duties conscientiously. I can well imagine that your particular cleaning lady has other customers who have been just as disrespectful as you were, and who have not faced any consequences. In fact it's probably business as usual. And so I can well imagine that your cleaning lady takes no little satisfaction in knowing you were spanked for what you said to her. So interesting how other people knowing about your spankings and approving of the fact that you get spanked by your husband like that reifies the whole thing - somehow makes it seem more real - that it is witnessed, and echoing in someone else's mind. Great story. Keep up the minor misbehaviour young lady and there will be plenty more spankings to come! - Frank

    1. She is never made to feel "less than" in our house, but it's no doubt the same satisfaction any of us would feel at being insulted and then having the perpetrator spanked!

      And yes, absolutely it "reifies" it (good word, BTW, I had to look it up: "make (something abstract) more concrete or real"). If it's confined just within the relationship, there's always the tint of play. When it extends out like this, it makes it very much more real for me!

  18. Once I came home when a lady from Ukraine was cleaning our place (she visited us once a month). My girlfriend sniffed and said, "Haven't you been smoking today?" "Hmm, just one" I replied shyly. She said loudly and sternly, "Again? Have you forgotten already? Great! You're going to have a hard spanking on your bare ass again!" The cleaning lady smiled and said something like "ooh, I can hear everything!". It was really embarrassing!


    1. Did she get to hear your spanking???

    2. Unfortunately not. I got it later. But another time our friend (named Julia) staying with us for a few days heard me get spanked :)

    3. Cool. How did that happen?

    4. Well, I was seriously guilty then, and all week, every night I was spanked. Julia visited us and she slept with us for two nights. My girlfriend saw no reason why I should avoid punishment this evening. Julia was already in her bedroom and we were in our room. My girlfriend reminded me of my bad behavior and picked up a horsewhip. She made me bend over and expose my bare butt. Like every night, I got 15 strokes. Julia could hear the horsewhip hitting my bare ass. She could also hear my "awww sorry!" Julia knew I was getting spanked before. But it was the first time she had heard it live. The next morning we were drinking coffee and at one point she asked, "I guess you had a spanking session yesterday, right?" I turned red in my face and my girlfriend explained that I had a punishment: daily spanking all week. Julia asked what I had done and agreed that the punishment was well fair. Then she asked me if my butt hurt a lot. She was curious and amused. My girlfriend hesitated for a moment and then asked Julia would she like to see the punishment. Julia confirmed. That same evening I got spanked and my girlfriend told me to stand in the corner with my bare ass. Then she went for Julia and they came back together. I couldn't turn around, but I could hear them laughing and making comments like „what a red ass." I got the second part of the spanking in front of Julia. It was very embarrassing and very exciting. In the end I was standing in the corner again. Then the girls went to the kitchen to drink wine and they told me to go to sleep because I didn't deserve to play with them :)

      Sorry for my poor English


    5. Thank you! Reconfirms that the majority of women, assuming trust is present, are delighted to see a man being spanked by his wife!

    6. It is true. Several of my experiences with "vanilla" friends prove this. I have the impression sometimes they get more involved than women from the bdsm world who are used to it and sometimes a bit "blase".

    7. A few girls saw me get spanked. Much more was known about it. My ex-girlfriend liked to tell her friends about it. She knew it embarrassed me. Sometimes this topic of conversation came back in a completely neutral situation: "What about your spanking? Are you still naughty?" Neither of them reacted negatively. It was fun and interesting for everyone. One friend, a declared feminist, was simply fascinated and asked for details ;-) How often do I get, how much, with what tool, on bare ass always or not etc. My girlfriend talked about it without embarrassment, and all I could do was listen with a red face.

  19. Maybe David needs to go shopping for a new pair of chanclas.

  20. If she wears a slipper while cleaning the house, you and David can walk around wearing socks, then David can ask her to lend him one (just 1 slipper either the right or left one) to discipline the naughty. Then you two go into a room and he slippers you as she listens behind the door.

  21. Just be glad he didnt take you over his knee and gave you good spankng in front of maid while over his knee have you appolgize to maria

    she would gotten front row view of your spanking see you spanked like little naughty girl i know you did get good spanking after left

    doubt she would tell anyone about your and david spanking life keep her self i cant wait see what happen next time she come over wonder if mention it

    Last thing going say bet you at time never thought of spanking or being spanked by husband when u said what did to maria did that cross your mind

    1. No, I had no thought whatsoever that what I was saying to Maria would earn me a spanking. Though in retrspect, I did deserve it.

      I feel disappointed now that I wasn't given the spanking on the spot, but it was still the right call not to!

      Maybe some other time David can give me a morning spanking and Maria can walk in on us.
      Maria: "Hello!"
      David "Oh, hello Maria, come on in and don't mind us. I'm just giving Julie a good spanking."

    2. ahh ok it does seem like by your respond when david smack your butt in front of her Maria you never thought of spanking

      i read heard some female or male are not thinking behavior or attiude could lead to a spanking Until the partner mention it or smack them on butt

  22. Pah, I'm sure Maria has seen/experienced/dished out far worse in her time, as you alluded to in your piece.
    If you ask nicely, perhaps she might enlighten you as to her own experience with thick belts and rubber slippers, and then David can perform a little re-enactment in front of her for your true punishment...

    1. I am going to try to get up the courage to "compare notes" on real-life spanking experiences...

  23. Loved that he made you suck his cock before het let you out of the corner. He probably got hard seeing your red ass sticking out into the room with your pussy and asshole on display. If only Daddy was there to see it.

    1. When I'm totally bare in the living room (of all places) I am acutely aware that if anybody were to come to the door, I would be seen. I'm 100% sure David would keep me like that for my full allotted time, though the blow job he would have deferred till the bedroom!

  24. Does she know that you spank David? If yes, ask her to buy you a rubber chanclas (Philippine style) to use on David's and.

    1. I suspect she does based on some femdom magazines she once saw and his lingerie collection, and the strap-on dildos! Ha ha! It was probably me getting spanked which was the surprise.

  25. Who is the person whose you would hate that they find out that you are a spanked wife ?

    1. Literally nobody, as I am proud of that status!

    2. Babae, itanong mo sa asawa mo, baka alam niya...

  26. Ooh, Philippines chanclas is going to echo on Julie's ass soon. Or perhaps David's ass.
    Poor Julie, the rubber slippers hurt a lot.

  27. I remember getting the slipper from our Philippino neighbour when playing at her house with her son.
    Can't say I am stranger to spanking but my mom used the hair brush.
    This thick dense rubber slipper was much worse, especially when she hit with the heel part of this wedge slipper.
    Another time, it was a thin rubbers slipper, it still hurts but not as bad.

  28. Would you or do you see yoiur self getting a spanking from Maria or not for something said or did

    Maybe you should ask her how she feel about Corpal Punishment or adult doing this type of stuff

    1. I don't know if I want to be that bold with an employee...

    2. Yeah, be careful especially she has been with you for years and you want to keep her.
      Max. Borrow her slipper to spank David or get spanked by David.
      Or safer ask her to buy you a Philippines style spanking slipper to add to your toys that she knows about, perhaps get a bit kinky and ask her to give you her own slipper as you are in hurry and give her money to buy a new one.

    3. Max is likely too much :-)

  29. I once got a spanking for pinching the maid and squeezing her boobs.
    She ran out of the kitchen and complained to mom who immediately punished me if front of her using her slipper, unfortunately she was wearing her scholl wooden soled sandals
    I started wailing from the first smack and was in tears by the 8th. I got around 20 in total.
    This scholl is the harshest slipper ever, she usually used her rubber soled home slipper which though hurts but not as bad.

    1. Well you were a VERY naughty boy and deserved that, and more.

  30. Eager to see how things evolve on the Philippines style spanking front

    1. I doubt we'll have much evolution there. But i will raise it a bit.

  31. Ooh mum's slipper, this brings back memories.
    My ass clinches whenever I see a lady taking off her slipper.

  32. Well, this is a difficult dilemma for me.
    First, I fucking hate wearing a mask, I KNOW that it doesn't stop the spread of anything. It's stupid, controlling, imagery bullshit.

    I completely agree with you Julie that Maria can't infect you guys and you are completely safe with her unmasked. And, she is safe from you infecting her.I have had service workers at my house several times over the last 2 years, I always invite them to be unmasked if they feel comfortable with it, most have gladly performed their service without mask.

    I also work in peoples homes and businesses, if they invite me to unmask, I readily and happily do. If they prefer that I wear the mask, I will.
    Now, with that all said, I had to ask myself, how would I and my wife handle a similar interaction.
    In our 13 years together, we have quite well maintained the practice of supporting and praising each other in public, criticize in private.

    My wife does occasionally, gently remind me to tone down my political rhetoric, unless I'm in company that all completely agree with our political philosophy,(which is most the time) then we build on each other. MAGA! LET'S GO BRANDON!
    OH, sorry, I got off topic.

    Alright, Julie, you may have come on just a tad over zealous with poor Maria. I 1000 percent agree with your message, but I think your audience and timing were off.
    David's reaction in your particular situation seems to have been appropriate.
    I cant personally transition quickly from political brain to kink brain. They are both passions, both valid, and separate compartments.
    Spanking is just a part of sexual foreplay, not punishment for my wife and I.

    1. Maybe I was too aggressive with her, but really...

  33. Someone saw you in Toronto today !

  34. and a little later with your husband, David...

  35. You have far too many opinions and should’ve been made to hold, show and swallow his cum. Poor retention of your husband’s precious cum would be very disrespectful. Also good Stepford wives never rinse afterward.

    1. Not getting punished for my opinions. More for those interpersonal skills!

  36. Awaiting a Philippines style spanking Julie.
    Perhaps you can plan other countries spanking nights each night using a country's most popular spanking implement / position.
    Every now and then prepare for a certain country spanking night.

    1. Interesting theme! I'm sure I don't much about most country's spanking practices though.

    2. Google it same as you did this time to know Philippines.

    3. Well now you have Philippines (the slipper similar to the one in the photo you showed)
      Japan, it is the cane (bamboo mostly) or a switch (peeled one) on the calves rather than the ass.
      England, it is the slipper (but more of a qym shoes / sneakers style) and the cane (famous 6 of the best).
      Scotland, it is the tawse
      Korea it a bastinado with a ruler or yard stick with person on a chair kneeling so that his feet are exposed to be beaten
      China, it is those long (oar like) wooden implement on the ass mostly sleeping on the stomach.
      Brazil, it is the flip flop (ipanema mostly or haviannas though ipanema is more effective) mostly otk, or standing with you bending him on your leg.
      Germany, it us spanking with birkenstock slipper/ sandal. Or a bastinado with the person sleeping on his stomach and his feet stretched.
      Turkey, it is falaqa on the feet with a cane or switch with the feet tied to a stick sleeping on his back on the floor and the legs held upwards presented to the cane / switch.
      Syria, it the falaka similar to Turkey, but the feet beating could be also with a heavy rubber hose. Also the slipper (any kind) is popular there.
      Lebanon, it is the slipper any kind and switch mostly a spanking but could be falaka as well, the new thing is that they could beat feet with a slipper.
      USA and Canada, you already know.

    4. Martinet with wet straps on thighs and nettles deep in pussy in France.