Domestic Discipline Contract 1.0

This page contains the Domestic Discipline Contract my husband and I signed on April 15, 2020. My husband and I have since decided jointly to cancel the contract, but to keep the general idea of either of us being subject to spanking discipline when the other believes it warranted. Just in my case without all the legalese, detail, and ritual of the contract (which we found confining). However, researching it, writing it, discussing it, signing it, all gave a real boost to the idea of my husband taking me in hand, which is what I ultimately wanted, and let him know what I was truly craving from him.

Much inspiration (and plagiarism!) was taken from Our DD Contract updated to DD Contract v3.1 by Jennifer of the blog Domestic Discipline, Jenny Style!. Thank you.

The final sequence of events leading to this Contract are detailed in the following blog entries:
  1. Julie Spanked for Being Irresponsible
  2. Emotions After a Real Punishment Spanking
  3. Embracing Female Domestic Discipline
  4. Julie's DD Contract
  5. Contract Signed!
And, because it's very notable and is now burnt into my mind, not so long afterwards I was spanked by my husband in front of my Mom and Dad who thought it was "cute": Honesty is the Very Best Policy

Table of Contents
  1. Purpose
  2. Definitions
  3. Effective Date, Term, and Renegotiations
  4. Duties and Obligations
  5. Discipline
  6. Maintenance Sessions

Whereas David and Julie voluntarily and without pressure from the other or from anyone else, wish to enter into a loving, caring, and consensual agreement regarding their obligations to one another for the Purpose stated below.


To Establish a caring, consensual, fair set of obligations and duties that will have a positive impact on the life of Julie and David by codifying and reinforcing their commitments to one another with the purpose of helping Julie live the life she desires for herself, thereby allowing her to love life, every moment, and every day. Julie and David agree to always be bound by the Agreement without exception, during the term of this Agreement.

  1. Transgressions: Violations by Julie of her Duties and Obligations
  2. Discipline: A result of Julie's Transgression. Other commonly understood terms for the same include but are not limited to "correction", "punishment", "consequences", "spanking".
  3. Spanking Discipline:A form of Discipline involving mainly the striking of Julie's buttocks.
  4. Cornertime Discipline: A form of Discipline involving having Julie stand quietly and immobile with her nose in the corner in timeout for a set period of time.
  5. Maintenance Session: A set time when Julie and David may review things that have transpired since the previous Maintenance Session.
  6. Maintenance Spanking: A more sensual spanking designed to excite Julie preparatory to her masturbating during Maintenance Sessions.

  1. TERM David and Julie agree to these terms effective April 15, 2020, and these terms remain valid until changed by Renegotiation. The next scheduled Renegotiation Date is in six (6) months, on October 15, 2020, and any changes, suspension, or termination of this Agreement are subject to the Renegotiation Stipulations.

    1. Renegotiation Stipulations All terms and conditions of this contract remain in effect until commencement of the Renegotiation Process. David and Julie shall meet on the stipulated Renegotiation Date to discuss renegotiation of this Agreement. If the parties are unable to meet on the Renegotiation Date, both parties must mutually agree on an alternative Renegotiation Date. Any alternative date must be set no later than 1 month later. Failure to meet by that date will result in automatic renewal of the contract under its present terms and the Renegotiation Date will be reset by one full year. If future Renegotiation Dates do not result in completion of the Renegotiation Process, the contract will continue to automatically renew in one-year increments in perpetuity. If either party purposely avoids a Renegotiation, this contract can be terminated with cause by either Julie or David 1 month after the Renegotiation Date in the year the Renegotiation was avoided.

    2. Renegotiation Process / Suspension and Resumptions of Discipline
      • The Renegotiation is to review this contract and update it as necessary. It is not a review or critique of anyone’s performance under the contract. Such performance reviews are exclusive to Maintenance Sessions.
      • At the prescribed date and time of the renegotiation, the parties will meet to discuss the changes they wish to make. The meeting will begin by David declaring "The Renegotiating Meeting is now in order." Upon that declaration, the terms of this contract become suspended. Julie is free to express herself in any manner, no longer bound by any of the terms of this Agreement. This allows Julie to speak freely and frankly and fully express herself without concern of punishment, retribution, or any other negative consequences.
      • While Julie is free to speak without conditions, Julie understands the importance of maintaining an environment that is in keeping with the love and respect she desires for herself and her relationship with David. Julie will speak first and discuss what has worked well and what can be improved. Allowing her to speak first recognizes that this Agreement is ultimately her Agreement that she is in control of.
      • David will then speak and dialogue will continue until all changes in terms have been agreed upon and a new contract is signed by both parties.
      • When signed, Julie will then declare, "This Renegotiation Meeting is now over and I am bound by our new Agreement."
      • If the meeting must continue into a second or subsequent meeting, then David will declare, "This Renegotiating Meeting will continue on {stated date and/or time}." Upon that declaration, the suspension is over and all duties and obligations are in full effect until David calls the next Renegotiation meeting to order.

  1. General Duties and Obligations
    1. Julie shall, at all times, adhere to all aspects regarding her moral commitments she has made under this Agreement. She shall defer to David’s judgment as to the interpretation or application of any Discipline.
    2. David shall strive to reflect the spirit of this Agreement and never hesitate to hold Julie accountable to her promises she made to herself. It is Julie's expressed and unqualified intent to be responsible to David for any and all of her Transgressions. Julie wishes, requests, and demands that David address every Transgression with appropriate Discipline as quickly as possible. If Julie feels David is performing otherwise, she will respectfully discuss it during Maintenance Sessions.

  2. Julie’s Duties and Obligations
    1. Respecting David as her Disciplinarian
      • It is Julie’s duty and obligation to be unquestionably obedient to David in matters pertaining to Discipline and do what she is told without hesitation and without body language that David may interpret as rude, dismissive, or that conveys that Julie is in any way inconvenienced by David's Disciplining of her, or is in any way displeasing to David.
      • Julie must always respond "Yes Sir" or "No Sir" when having conversations with David regarding Discipline or this Agreement, or, at her discretion, at any other time and in any other situation.
      • Sexual Obedience: After having been Disciplined, and for a period of not longer than 24 hours thereafter, and at their next lovemaking session which Julie may not unreasonably delay, David may ask for any sexual act to be performed upon or by Julie, and Julie cannot refuse, regardless of the act.

    2. Physical Self-Care:
      Julie must look after her own physical well-being;
      • Julie will exercise regularly (in a manner, regularity, and duration as determined by Julie and subject to change for good reason from time to time).
      • Julie will maintain a responsible diet, and will maintain her weight to within 5 pounds of her target weight at all times (target weight to be determined by Julie and subject to change for good reason from time to time).
      • Julie will not consume alcoholic beverages to excess. David shall be the sole judge of what constitutes excessive.
      • Julie will maintain her grooming so as to be hair-free beneath her eyebrows, including but not limited to her underarms, legs, and pubic area.
      • Julie must take particular care to maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene especially insofar as her anal/vaginal area are concerned due to the possibility of exposure during Discipline to David or potentially others.

    3. Housekeeping:
      • David and Julie shall mutually agree on which housekeeping chores are to be performed directly and specifically by Julie, which may vary from time to time by mutual consent.
      • Such chores shall include but are not limited to preparing a healthy supper for the two of them on 2 out the four days M/T/W/R
      • In addition, Julie will not behave in a manner that increases the household chores such as leaving trash on tables or counters, leaving dishes or cups out on end tables, or in the sink, towels on the floor, etc

    4. Safety:
      • Julie must not engage in activities that increase the risk of accident, injury, or sickness to herself or others as determined by David and at David’s sole discretion.
      • This includes but is not limited to any traffic violations whether ticketed it or not, a "zero tolerance" policy for drinking and driving, leaving a pan on the stove, texting while driving, using the cell phone in other than hands free mode while driving.

    5. Ladylike Comportment
      • Julie should strive to comport herself as a lady at all times, through grooming, dress, posture, physical grace, and limb positioning.
      • Julie should strive to be kind, polite, and caring in all circumstances and with everybody she interacts with.
      • Julie should avoid speaking swear words, directed to herself, to others, or to the universe in general.

    6. Kink:
      • Julie commits to continue to engage in kinky activity with David, and to preserve her Fem Domme persona with the same spirit and enthousiasm as she has always done.
      • Any scening done, either as a top or a bottom, bears no connection whatsoever with the Domestic Discipline referenced by this Contract, but is expressly for the purposes of freely expressing each their own and their joint kinky sexuality.
      • From time to time David may request to be disciplined by Julie for his own transgressions, or such may be suggested by Julie. Such discipline is not covered within the bounds of this contract and may be delivered from Julie to David in an ad-hoc manner.
      • No activities within any such scene will result in Discipline (other than failing to meet the obligations of this clause).
      • No Discipline imposed upon Julie by David in the context of this contract will in any way impact a subsequent scene one way or another.

    7. Oral Sex:
      • Julie commits to developing her skills at delivering oral sex to David through research, consultations with those more expert than she, and diligent trial and error practice.
      • Julie further commits to never again spit out into a sink, toilet, or tissue David's ejaculate under any conceivable circumstance.

    8. Going Potty:
      • Julie commits to always remembering to go potty before travelling, and not to drink excessively so as to fill her bladder before or during a trip.

  1. General Guidelines:
    1. David's Authority: Julie grants David full and ultimate authority to determine the appropriate Discipline Julie is to receive. David may use his discretion to provide any Discipline not explicitly defined or explained in this Agreement within reason.
    2. Disputes: If Julie feels her Discipline was not consistent with the intent or spirit of this Agreement, she is to say nothing at the time of the Discipline and accept it without complaint or use her Safeword to modify or stop the Discipline. She can then use the next Maintenance Session to discuss her concerns about the Discipline she received.
    3. Safewords: Julie can use the safeword "Red" when receiving Discipline. Use of the safeword will not subject Julie to additional Discipline for her use of the safeword. The use of the safeword instructs David to stop. David and Julie will discuss whether or not the Discipline can resume in some alternative form. It will be at Julie's discretion to resume; else it will be considered complete and After Care will commence. Julie agrees to not use the safeword unless absolutely necessary, and never for the purposes of merely avoiding Discipline.

  2. Types of Discipline
    • Understanding that Julie wishes to be punished in a fashion similar to when she was a child, but more intense owing to her age, Julie's Discipline shall consist almost exclusively of Spanking Discipline and Cornertime Discipline.
    • Julie fully acknowledges and accepts that as a grown woman, her Discipline must be both painful and embarrassing to be effective, and that both aspects play an important role in the Discipline, including the disclosure of such Discipline, or the possibility of such Discipline, to others, at David's sole discretion.
    • Julie's state of undress during Discipline shall be at David's sole discretion and may depend on the circumstances under which Discipline is administered. Julie acknowledges that this may include without limitation bare bottom and fully nude, regardless of those present.
    • David, at his sole discretion, may apply Discipline in a public location, or a location where family and/or other witnesses are present.
    • During Discipline, David may require Julie to don embarrassing garments, such as sexually provocative outfits (e.g. short skirt, no panties), schoolgirl outfits, or clothes in the style of those worn by little girls, up to and including the wearing and required use of diapers. This may be extended to beyond the end of a Discipline session, or precede the start of Cornertime or Spanking Discipline, for a period not greater than 24 hours, and Julie may be required to go out in public or receive visitors while so dressed.
    • Spanking Discipline will consist of repeated strikes to Julie's bottom area, which for greater clarity includes mainly her buttocks, but also the insides of the cleft of her buttocks, her thighs (back/front/inner), and, more incidentally, her anal/vaginal area.
      • David acknowledges that his open hand is more than adequate to deal with Spanking Punishment associated with most Transgressions by Julie,  Julie and David's joint expectation is therefore that the majority of Spanking Discipline will be Over-The-Knee (OTK), to the lower bared buttocks, with David's open hand alone.
      • However, at David's sole discretion, greater punishment for severe or repeated Transgressions may utilize other domestic implements such as hairbrushes, wooden spoons, sandals or slippers, David's belt from around his waist, the punishment strap, or the Delrin cane. It is expected that these implements be only rarely required.
      • Other than OTK, alternative positions may be used at David's sole discretion, and include without limitation straddling the knee, straddling some device such as a sofa arm, bent over grabbing knees or ankles, bent over a sofa or other such device, face down on the bed with hips bolstered, or on her back with legs elevated ("diaper position"). Julie may be required to maintain her legs spread open at David's sole discretion so as to allow David access to Julie's inner thighs and/or vaginal area for Spanking Discipline.
      • Julie acknowledges that during Spanking Discipline with bared buttocks, it is inevitable that her private areas, including vagina and anus, be somewhat exposed. Julie further acknowledges that such exposure is part-and-parcel of Spanking Discipline, and must submit to such exposure with good grace. Such exposure can be maximized through choice of position (such as legs spread, bent over, straddling the knee, or diaper position), and Julie accepts that such embarrassing exposure is part of her Discipline and to be accepted as such, regardless of those present as witnesses.
      • At David's sole discretion, he may invite other interested participants to apply Spanking Discipline to Julie on his behalf, including, without limitation, Julie's Biological Father.
    • Cornertime Discipline will generally consist of Julie standing facing a corner with her nose touching both walls simultaneously, her hands down by her sides palms open and touching her legs, without movement, for a time deemed sufficient by David.
      • Alternatively, Julie may be made to face a wall in a like manner, nose touching the wall, potentially holding up a coin or slip of paper with her nose.
      • Hand and foot positioning may be varied by David at his sole discretion.
      • Cornertime Discipline may be imposed on Julie regardless of who is is there to hear it being imposed.
      • Julie may be required to carry out Cornertime Discipline in the presence of family and others, or in a generally public location.
      • Cornertime Discipline will be in whatever state of undress David so instructs, regardless of those present to witness it.
      • Julie must remain still and quiet during Cornertime Discipline. Any violation will result in Spanking Discipline followed by a full repeat of her Cornertime Discipline, potentially for extended time, in less comfortable positions, and with the loss of additional clothing if any remaining.

  3. Discipline Timing/Location:
    David will strive to promptly administer all Discipline. When David determines it is not possible to quickly administer Discipline, it will be administered as soon as reasonably possible. Julie agrees to be subject to Discipline at any time, at any place, without regard to how public or private it may be, regardless who else may be present, or the state of undress of Julie required. If David is comfortable administering the Discipline at a given time and place, Julie must accept the Discipline in that given time and place. When Discipline is provided at home and David directs Julie to go to their bedroom, it will follow the Discipline Ceremony as per Section V.5.; otherwise, it will follow Section V.6.

  4. Discipline Integrity:
    Discipline shall generally be given in a calm, purposeful, and resolved manner, with the exception of lectures. Julie expressly desires David to be as stern and serious as he chooses when lecturing her. David shall determine the type, duration, and intensity of the Discipline necessary for Julie to be Reflective, Remorseful, Surrendered, and Embarrassed. Julie's demeanour and body language shall be consistent with being Reflective, Remorseful, Surrendered, and Embarrassed, and is subject to David's interpretation. David shall perform appropriate After Care to mark the end of that Discipline.
    1. Reflective: Sufficient discomfort should result so that Julie is reminded to reflect on her duties and obligations and how she could have avoided her Transgression. In addition to the discomfort, David may lecture Julie, either before or during the Discipline, so that she may properly reflect on her Transgression.
    2. Remorseful: Julie should feel remorse, not sorrow. Her remorse is expected to be for both letting David down but mainly for letting herself down for failing to uphold her Duties and Obligations.
    3. Surrendered: Julie must be physically and emotionally surrendered while being Disciplined, granting David complete ability to deliver the Discipline. This means no pulling away, pushing David's hand, or in any way interfering with the Discipline. Unless instructed otherwise, Julie will avoid eye contact with David. If she is standing, her head and eyes should be facing downward with her hands clasped behind her back.
    4. Embarrassed: Julie should feel embarrassment at having Transgressed and having to be thus subject to childish punishment more appropriate to a toddler than to an ostensibly grown woman. Julie should additionally feel embarrassment that her Discipline may be discussed openly with others, and may be witnessed by others, that childish tears may be shed, and that her bared breasts, buttocks, and anal/vaginal area may be required to be justly exposed to others in the course of her receiving her Discipline.
    5. After Care: David is to comfort Julie by cuddling her and maintaining a comforting mindset with affirming words of love and commitment. No lecturing during After Care as all the focus is on expressing love for Julie and reassuring all is forgiven.

  5. Discipline Ceremony: (when Julie is directed to go to her room to be Disciplined)
    1. Upon entering the room Julie will disrobe completely.
    2. Julie shall proceed to perform Cornertime Discipline until David arrives.
    3. Julie will not make eye contact or even acknowledge David when he enters the room. Julie is to remain silent and await any command. On rare occasions David may demand that Julie retrieve an implement or he may have already selected one. David will then call Julie over.
    4. Julie is to remain silent and kneel down in front of David with her eyes open and her head bowed.
    5. David speaks first and asks Julie to state why she is being Disciplined. Julie must look up and into David's eyes and accurately state why. If she does not know or is inaccurate, David may choose to increase the severity of the Discipline. When Julie speaks she must speak clearly, calmly, and matter-of-factly so that David can easily hear.
    6. David shall thank Julie for recognizing her Disobedience. David may begin or continue to lecture Julie.
    7. David will instruct Julie as to the position she must take. David will then administer the Discipline and may continue lecturing throughout. Discipline shall start with Mild Spanking Discipline to the buttocks as a form of warm-up, and then proceed to the actual Spanking Discipline itself.
    8. David may assign further Cornertime Discipline at his discretion, at a location within the house of his choice, before ending her Discipline with the After Care (Section V.4.3).

  6. Immediate Discipline: (when David administers Discipline on the spot, without sending Julie to her room)
    1. David will provide Julie instructions regarding a location suitable to him to provide the Discipline, including on the spot where she stands. She is to follow David's instructions regarding the opening, raising, lowering, or full removal of any or all clothing and as to what position she is to take, regardless of how embarrassing or immodest it may be.
    2. Julie is not to object or speak. She is only to immediately comply without regard to the surroundings.
    3. David will deliver her initial Discipline. Immediate Discipline is Spanking Discipline given without warm up, with strokes that are in quick succession and continue as long as David wishes. The intent is to create a sort of "Shock and Awe" such that Julie knows that she may be subject to quick and immediate Spanking Discipline the moment she Transgresses.
    4. David will ask Julie why she is being Disciplined. David will administer additional Spanking Discipline if Julie is uncertain or incorrect. Additional Spanking Discipline may include further removal of clothing, changes in position to increase embarrassment, or the addition of implements to intensify the Spanking Discipline. David will then explain to Julie why she earned the Discipline.
    5. David may lecture Julie as he deems necessary and will then apply Spanking Discipline to Julie a final time.
    6. David may assign Immediate Cornertime Discipline, which Julie acknowledges may involve displaying bared spanked buttocks regardless of those present, before proceeding to After Care (Section V.4.3).

  7. Maintenance Discipline: All Maintenance Sessions will begin and end with Spanking Discipline at David's discretion. These are not intended as punishment, but as a reminder of Julie's submission. While not for punishment, such discipline can nonetheless be as severe as David believes Julie requires to put her into the correct submissive head space for a Maintenance Session. Julie will be allowed to masturbate to completion during each Maintenance Session at David's discretion.


Maintenance Sessions are held on-demand by either party at the next available opportunity, but no later than one month after the commencement of this Agreement and after each previous Maintenance Session, and no more often than once per week. The purpose is for David and Julie to meet to discuss the events of the previous period and for Julie to receive Maintenance Discipline both at the beginning and the end of the Session. The Maintenance Session will consist of the following order of events.
  1. David will have Julie join him in the bedroom and advise her it is for their Maintenance Session (or alternate location as directed).
  2. Upon entering the room Julie shall disrobe without instruction from David and will remain fully nude throughout the Session.
  3. David will administer Spanking Discipline. The purpose of starting the meeting with this Spanking is to remind Julie that while the Maintenance Session allows her to ask questions of David, she must maintain respect and a matter-of-fact tone to avoid a Transgression. 
  4. David and Julie will embrace and Julie will speak, reaffirming her love and respect for herself and for David.
  5. David will instruct Julie to kneel down in front of him. Julie will then seek clarification for any of the events of the prior period she will have noted. Julie must do so from a point of wanting to clarify so as to perform better in the future. She shall not whine or be argumentative and her tone will remain matter-of-fact. Julie must keep her inquiries to things that occurred in the prior period only as all previous issues were closed as of the last Maintenance Session. David and Julie will then have a dialogue regarding the issues Julie raised. Julie will remain respectful at all times. Any violation of the norms in this clause shall constitute a Transgression, and may be punished on the spot with Spanking Discipline, followed by a resumption of the Maintenance Session.
  6. David may bring up any concerns he had during the prior period where he believes Julie may want clarification or bring up anything else he wishes to address. He will never express disappointment in her performance for the week as all Discipline will have been given and thus those issues are resolved and closed.
  7. David will ask Julie to self-report any Transgressions during the period for which she has not been Disciplined. She must present them matter-of-factly, no excuse or reasons. Just state the Transgression. David will thank Julie for staying true to her commitments and self-reporting her Transgressions. David will determine appropriate Discipline for those self-reported Transgressions.
  8. David will administer any Spanking Discipline necessary regarding self-reported Transgressions.
  9. After all Transgressions have been dealt with, David will place Julie across his knee and administer a Maintenance Spanking so that she has some sensations to see her through her self-reflection time. This Maintenance Spanking will be a spanking, but may include sensual stroking, digital clitoral stimulation, digital anal/vaginal penetration, and breast and nipple stimulation.
  10. Following this stimulation, Julie will be given corner time for sexual self-reflection as determined by David.  Unique to this corner time, Julie is allowed to touch her vagina, breasts, buttocks and anal area, but may not climax. David may choose to leave the room, stay, or come and go during her corner time.  When corner time is up, she is to go to the bed or any other such location as David may direct, and masturbate to climax freehand or with toys of her choice. David may stay present during her masturbation but will remain silent and away from her immediate proximity. After Julie’s orgasm she is to relay to David with complete honesty and no omission what images and thoughts she masturbated to.
  11. Julie will kneel in front of David and looking him in the eyes will recommit herself to her duties and obligations and her hopes to meet her expectations for herself for the coming months.
  12. David will then take Julie across his knee to receive her final Discipline Spanking of the Session. This is to remind her again of the commitment she has made to meet her Duties and Obligations to herself.
  13. David and Julie will embrace and cuddle as per After Care (Section V.4.3) procedures.
  14. David will call the Maintenance Session to an end.

(comments welcome below)


    1. Marvelous! Other than I think it s/b a two-way street!!

      1. Nah. I'm the one who craves it, and David has to do most of the work.

    2. “After Julie’s orgasm she is to relay to David with complete honesty and no omission what images and thoughts she masturbated to.”

      Mmm that should be fun.

      I read all of ddjennifers blog too, and love the relationship of trust they have. Such a kinky couple, but clearly one that love each other deeply.

      1. Yes, inspirational. It was Jenny's masturbation clause, but I added the "good girl" spanking and the self-pleasuring during Cornertime. And the "confession" afterwards, I'm looking forward to my first Maintenance!

    3. I am honored my contract could serve as inspiration for yours. I know it seems long but it has served me and my husband well for five years now. I believe it is the reason we were successful in adopting this lifestyle in a way that has fulfilled us beyond anything we initially imagined. May your journey be equally fulfilling!

      1. Thank you Jenny. Could not have written the Contract without you. You give good guideline.

    4. "Sexual Obedience: After having been Disciplined, and for a period of not longer than 24 hours thereafter, and at their next lovemaking session which Julie may not unseasonably delay, David may ask for any sexual act to be performed upon or by Julie, and Julie cannot refuse, regardless of the act."

      You realize this is the buttfucking clause, don't you?

      1. Oh yes. And face fucking, ass licking, ...

    5. This is very well done and thought out. It may be something I try to use in the future

      1. As applied to yourself, or a girly girl?

    6. In all seriousness, aftercare also has a safety element of the sub "coming back down to earth" so to speak, so there is a calming down cooling off coming back into normal modes of thinking. If one a professional they don;t just let you leave after a scene they make you wait 10 minutes or so , because there could be automobile accidents or slips or falls or other perils Perhaps some sort of 10 minute rule after a scene or something to cover not driving a car or being in traffic /transportation in a sexual daze.

      1. Is a good practice for sure. We do that already, though, and it is natural for us, so no need to spell it out.

    7. embarrassing outfits, modified corner time hands on knees, Elbows on knees. Embarrassing speech , pacifiers, naughty Rhymes asking for a spanking, bringing out the retro aspect. videos for Spanking tube

      1. All of those things are possible in the general clause, but my intent is to focus it more on bare bottom discipline. Though after David added my "Going Potty" clause, I was severely tempted to add in "diapering" explicitly, but wound up not doing so.

      2. Added in "embarrassing outfits" including diapers. Thank you.

    8. For now myself but in future as well when married

      1. No sense right now though cause I have no one but definitely need it I can see myself slipping and having hard time stopping

      2. I was glad when it stopped but after a few months of not having it I realize I need it

    9. I know it mentions any state of dress or undress during your discipline julie, but I would consider adding a specialty attire clause. The diaper folks will probably light right up here but that’s not exactly what I mean.

      Something to the effect of: “it may be necessary to further Julie’s embarrassment and feelings toward being a naughty little girl, through the use of “little attire”. School skirts, knee socks, pink gingham dresses, ruffled ankle socks, Mary Jane heels.

      You’ll notice quite a difference in the way you feel if you’re attired in something like this, versus your army green, cargo-type pants being pulled down or jeans and a tee.

      Your experience will be more amplified emotionally. Even if you had one or two dreaded “spanking outfits”. Already laid out in your bedroom when you’re sent there, knowing you must dress and then take up your position in the corner.

      Hugely impactful!

      1. I like it. There is no mention of David controlling how i dress, which is deliberate, though for the sake of punishment, I think he should be allowed to. Could include, for example, short skirt / no panty discipline in addition.

    10. If I was David, I would be super enthusiastic about this. While a contract can’t anticipate or spell out all the possible issues that might be encountered, every direction discipline can take, and all the methods a disciplinarian will invent to maximize effectiveness at a particular moment, your contract lays the groundwork for many new positives for your life in the coming months and, hopefully, beyond. For a husband and wife, this creates an intimacy deeper than you’ve known. The connection must be tighter and more focused, the involvement in each other’s lives more consistent, honest and unequivocally open. No secrets, no ambiguity. You are telling him in black and white that you need him, belong to him, and trust him completely. The benefit I see for David is that the contract gives him a license and real level of control. With control he can fully embrace responsibility for taking his girl where she wants and needs to go. You’re the author of the contract, you have your safe word but, still, in practice, he will be taking you in hand. Your safety, health and happiness is the genuine goal of discipline, but it’s creatively implemented for maximum impact on your girl boner. The two sides of that priceless coin are what make properly disciplining a wife so rewarding.

      1. Yes, I've always believed in super open communications, and I wanted to really spell out what I wanted from this, and hand him the controls. It does turn me on, but also frightens me!

    11. Ms.Julie, you had mentioned the tendency to swear a lot.    If that's something you would like to improve on,   maybe it could be  included in the contract too?  ( Hopefully for verbal utterances only, so we can still enjoy your cussin' here.)

      1. You're right! I was going to put it in but then we forgot to. I am way more liberal with cuss words than he, and he winces when I speak like that. I will add.

      2. Added! Along with a whole "Ladylike Comportment" clause, which is the bigger issue for my husband (only found out by quizzing him on this!).

      3. Definitely addresses the swearing and then some!

      4. Yes. If I didn't think I'd get spanked enough before, this clause basically gives him carte blanche! ;-)

    12. "Shock and Awe" discipline, a public shower of swift smacks on bare thighs, is certainly a good way to keep awake the little girl inside the accomplished woman.
      The contract is there. Everything is now in the hands (sic) of the father figure.

      More discipline: being made to wear particularly unpleasant thick hessian panties for a week can be irritating for the skin and the mood.
      Without forgetting an atomic wedgie from time to time. :-)

      1. Yes, I'll probably wear shorter skirts now that summer is approaching, and knowing I could be smacked!

        I think I'll pass on the "hessian panties!"

    13. As regards Point 4 Paragraph 4 in he integrity section.
      It will be interesting to note the progression of the Embarrassment aspect as regards the Integrity Clause.
      Some of the techniques will surely be old standbys but others will be newly developing as the submissive becomes used to to or even immune to certain stimuli.
      There may be advances in the area of Public display through technological means such as video or chat or there may in the future be visits to witnesses perhaps even as a surprise.
      There may also be trips to shops to purchase outfits or items designed specifically to heighten the feelings described in 4/4. Accessories that " redden the upper cheeks" something as simple as the wrong type of slippers, or age inappropriate hair styles or accessories. Shoes, dresses, the possibilities or endless, As this borders on the kink aspect of the relationship the accessories can enter the realm of absolute shame wear and something like a T shirt with the wrong slogan, an ankle bracelet with the wrong charm can serve to heighten the blood flow to the upper extremities quite effectively.
      I believe that it is only a matter of time before the 4/4 clause takes precedent after an adjustment to the new routine and this area will be a rich ground of exploration for the top especially with the added fuel of the information from the weekly maintenance "vision questing "of the edging of the submissive. Anything from hair ribbons and pigtails to an anklet with a slut charm, porn star slippers or Mary Jane shoes, instructions to a pedicurist to match polish to lingerie for a photo shoot. Simple effective techniques like removal of privacy have also been well established in the household. I am sure the readers will be eager to hear all about it.

      1. Yes. I had to come to grips with what I meant by "spanking". Is it just smacking my butt to make it hurt? No, it's a lot more, and the "lot more" can be summed up by the one word "embarrassment". I am genuinely embarrassed on multiple levels with this whole thing, which is the point. It also turns me on (more after the fact than during, I must say!), but while I would never want to do this without the "turning on" aspect, other than that, being turned on after the fact is incidental to the goal of delivering discipline, and in this case embarrassing discipline.

      2. The embarrassment in summation, is what we were discussing in a previous post, it winds up being nurture, which in turn leads to being a turn on, and finally a bond, due at least in part to the present kink obscuring the past trauma. The discipline is an ideal and noble on it's face but at the same time in praxis the trauma is the itch that is being scratched. Maintenance and scenes and playtime AND embarrassment are the collective remnants of unresolved issues that run the gamut from trauma to childhood to subconscious desire which is exactly why something as base as simply issuing pain with a stick would be woefully unsatisfactory. The embarrassment clause may turn out to be one of the main pillars of the entire structure.I think all of the other blogs struggle for this thread that you have managed to express into a plank of the contract

      3. We never talk directly enough about the importance of embarrassment in spanking. It should be embarrassing. Good and embarrassing.

    14. Wow.
      Seems a pretty watertight contract. I hope you do not regret what you have wished for.
      I hope we get to share your masturbatory confessions.
      Stay safe

      1. Well, I'll have six months to sort that out. I am not putting myself and my husband through all this nonsense not to give it a fair chance.

    15. Love it.
      A possible correction though- “Sexual Obedience: After having been Disciplined, and for a period of not longer than 24 hours thereafter, and at their next lovemaking session which Julie may not unseasonably delay,”
      Shouldn’t the word used here be “...unreasonably delay...”

    16. Printing now! Signing tonight after yummy steak dinner I'm cooking for my man. Wish me luck!!!!!

    17. "Julie acknowledges that this may include without limitation bare bottom and fully nude, regardless of those present."

      So many possibilities. This is the most exciting, hottest legal text ever written.

    18. Thank you.. most enjoyable contract I've read. (ok, I've read some other DD ones, but don't recall them all that well, lol!)
      I'm glad that Julie still can maintain a "Top" position from time to time, as stipulated separately from this discipline. And, have to say the Potty clause is a good one! Makes complete sense... and I suppose some problems will end up needing correction with this one, lol! kiss, sara elise

      1. Thanks! The "Going Potty" clause was something David insisted on. He chose the wording and would not sign unless it was in their verbatim.,I knew he was bugged by that, but geeze! 🤣😊😂

    19. No mention in that contract of your periods, any requirements David might have, or care requirements you might have. I went back again and looked and I suppose it could be covered in:
      "Julie must take particular care to maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene especially insofar as her anal/vaginal area are concerned due to the possibility of exposure during Discipline to David or potentially others."

      Initially, I simply took that to mean grooming and cleanliness.

      Considering that you are menstruating 20% to 25% of the time, if I were your husband, I would have included a paragraph about it.
      For one, your period would not be cause to postpone anything in this contract. You would be required to use internal protection when you are going to be pussy whipped. (Trust me, there is a lot of splattering and it makes a huge mess if you don't) When you misbehave on your period, your use of tampons would be suspended and you would be required to wear a pad like a little girl.
      Also, I would require that you begin to use a menstrual cup.. (can you imagine how embarrassed you would be to be bending over the couch at your Mom and Dad's house for a spanking and having your tampon string hanging out for everyone to see???) Once you had gotten the hang of it, I would have the sole discretion to decide what method of protection you would get to use when you are being disciplined. I may decide that you are going to be spanked in front of people and I want the added embarrassment of your string showing. Or I may decide that I am going to spank your pussy and want nothing in the way. Or if you have been naughty, I may decide to treat you like a little girl and make you wear a pad.
      Regardless, if I were a signer of that contract, it would have been addressed.

      1. I guess I sort of swept it under the carpet. But of course you're right. David seems blissfully unaware of my periods, except if he wants sex. I do use tampons on my period, and you're absolutely right. What would happen if David spanked me in front of my Mom and Dad, and I had a tampon string hanging out of me???? Earth, open up and swallow me now. It is possible, of course.

    20. This was from 1.5 years ago.......

      "juliesp 20 September 2018 at 13:53
      Yes, I need to start "free bleeding" on him now!

      Blantrye7 October 2018 at 23:22
      You can use that next time you need to "turn the tables" on David again.

      juliesp11 October 2018 at 09:54
      yes! "

      Had you followed through with that idea when you were dominating Mistress Julie, than David would be very aware of your periods, maybe even educated about them, and not just when he wants sex.

      That would have been a blog entry I would have loved to read about. An opportunity missed Julie...... or is it?

      1. I did not. The thought of it is kind of... hard. As a girl, your period is rather embarrassing, and it's a bit hard to get over that!