Tuesday, January 3

Husband Spanked by my Sister!

Sister spanking husband? Check that one off the list! Woo Hoo! And hopefully many more to come.

Before I start in on what happened, I wanted to take a moment to thank everybody who made suggestions and offered advice, both in the comments of the previous blog entries and by e-mail. It was all gratefully received! Some of the ideas I will likely take a pass on, other have been put firmly on my "to-do" list, and others I did incorporate. But thanks to all of you equally!

Let's start with a little recap. As I described in previous blog entries, I have been hemming and hawing about including my older sister Susan ever since I started spanking david. We have always been extremely close, and there was this giant new thing in my life. I was feeling disloyal and dishonest towards her not sharing it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel compelled to share details of my sex life with my sister, but this is more than sex, and has become important to me. End of the day, I explained our domestic situation to her, and she accepted it with grace. Later on at family Christmas she gave us a signal by gifting my hubby a set of wooden spoons, at which point she told me privately that she knew my little game concerning her (she is very smart!), and that she would be happy to "lend a hand" if called upon. We discussed boundaries on the phone, and set up a first date to jointly spank david for 3pm today. david only knew that Sue was coming over. Nothing else was confirmed with him.

Andy over on his Someone's gonna get it blog posted a Strict Julie and her sister Susan entry containing images of slutty teenagers he imagined were Sue and I. I found a photo on Google Images that is somewhat closer, so you can imagine a bit what we look like together.

Not us - but 75% similar (Sue on the right - taller and slimmer than me)

I started the day finding myself quite nervous about the whole thing, in a good, sort of tingly way. I kept having to pinch myself as a reminder that it was actually going to happen. I could only imagine how david would feel. I had the whole thing planned out in my head in advance. I had decided to not go too overboard this first time. Just getting his bare butt spanked by Sue while I watched would have been amazing. I also had a few plan B's and C's if things were working out that would take it a bit further.

I got the proceedings going an hour and a half beforehand. First I sat him down and reminded him that Sue was coming over at 3pm. I told him that it was going to be for a discipline session. Sue would be watching me spank him, and then she would be spanking him as well. I asked him how he felt about that. He blushed, but said that he wanted it, and was suspecting that it was coming. I explained some of the ground rules to david: there would be no sex, Sue and I would be clothed at all times, and that he was not to touch Sue at all with his hands. I also informed him that I expected him to be on his very best behaviour, and to do everything either Sue or I told him to. He was squirming deliciously as I said this to him.

I especially told him that it would not just be a giggly, pit-a-pat spanking for fun. I would be going hard on him, and I was going to encourage Sue to do the same. He was in for a real disciplining, because all fun aside, I wanted Sue to know that is what he is now subject to. I had decided that above all else this was important to me.

What excites me about the situation is that I can demonstrate my control over david to Sue, and that I can share with her that new found power and control I now possess. If it was just a light little spanking, then I would feel like he was controlling me, and moreover controlling me to the extent that I would get my sister roped into his little kinky game for his jollies only. I wanted to show Sue it was more than that. I had tried to explain this aspect of it to her before, and she seemed sceptical, but this time I would show her. If she freaks about the hard spanking, well so be it. I don’t want to involve her under any other terms (although I'm sure david would).

david thanked me profusely for setting this up, and told me it had always been a fantasy of his to have Sue and I dominate him together, even before he had first asked me to spank him. Even if it meant a very sore bottom, and a lot of humiliation, he was still extremely grateful to me. Good boy.

I told david that I wanted him to prepare himself by having a hot bath, and scrubbing himself thoroughly all over, and I meant all over. I told him that I was not sure what parts of him would be exposed to Sue, that we would see how she feels about it, but I wanted to make sure he was super clean and scrubbed no matter what Sue chose to look at. I drew a very hot scented bubble-bath bath for him (hot enough for me - way too hot for him!) and told him to get into it. It was funny watching his nose wrinkle at the scent, and then watching him try to get into the hot tub.

I had been giving some thought to how I would present david to Sue when she first came in. I landed on bra and panties as my choice for how he would be dressed.

I decided this for a few reasons. I know that the bra and panty treatment humiliates him the most of anything I have yet done to him. I wanted him to be very much in a totally submissive space when Sue came in, and I figured that would do it.  Secondly, when I first told Sue about things, I shared with her the fact that I dress him up in women's underwear to humiliate him, and she was very clearly intrigued by that, so I thought she would enjoy it. Finally, he would still be clothed. His private parts and even his nipples would be covered, so she would not be shocked or grossed out by nudity hitting her in the face. On the other hand, he would just be one panty-lowering away from being nude. I am hoping she will be very amused seeing him in bra and panties, and it will set the stage right away for her to be dominant towards him, as she has up until now treated her brother-in-law as an equal.

I laid out david's outfit for him on the bed, and told him that after his bath I wanted him to change into the bra and panties, bring his folding spanking chair, and sit in the middle of the living room by 2:30 pm sharp. He didn't like that and tried to beg off. I got quite a good dose of pleading, which secretly turned me on no end.

I ended it by reminding him to be obedient, and that if he was not going to be obedient I would call off the whole thing, and that would be his last chance to ever get a spanking from my sister. I reminded him that he needed to take the good with the bad, and that I was in charge, not he, and soon Sue would be as well. Poor boy was in a very conflicted space. The absolute last thing he wanted was to be presented to my sexy sister dressed like that, but on the other hand he was not about to let his chance to be dommed by us two sisters slip through his fingers.

As a result, I got an inevitable meek little "yes dear" out of him. Too late to avoid at least a bit of a punishment. I told him to stand up, and put his hands against the wall in the tub. There was a little plastic hairbrush in the bathroom, and I spanked his soapy little bottom a dozen or so times to remind him who's in charge, and get his head right. I then inspected him and, even though he was very clean, I used the Loofa on his private parts and between his bottom cheeks to pinken them up a bit. He hollered, especially when I Loofa'd the tip of his penis (Ha Ha!), but was very hard nonetheless. He also smelled very nice, if not a bit feminine!

After that, I let him rinse and dry off in peace, and went downstairs. Before too long I heard my little boy coming down the stairs, get the folding spanking chair, and set it up in the bright, sunny living room. When I went in, he was looking darling, all freshly scrubbed and in his black and red lingerie. He had neglected to stuff his bra, so I got some Kleenex and filled out the cups with it. I instructed him to sit up straight, hold his knees and ankles together, and rest his palms on his thighs, and to stay like that and think about what was going to happen to him for the full half hour until Sue arrived.

As he was sitting there, I got the middle one of the three wooden spoons that Sue had given david at Christmas, and laid it out on the coffee table in front of him. I told david that he would be spanked with that, and so he got to enjoy contemplating how that spoon would feel on his butt, especially after my lecturing him on Sue and I spanking him "for real".

david sat there like a good little girl. I had to come back in once or twice to adjust his posture. It seems my boy has trouble sitting like a lady for a half hour even though he was dressed in lady's underwear.

Sue was a few minutes late, so that built up the suspense a bit more. Then the doorbell chimed. I saw david take a very deep breath. I went over to answer it.

Sue was looking a little nervous as well, I'm happy to report. The first thing she said was "so, we're really going to do this, right?" I told her I had not changed my mind. She asked if I was sure. I asked if she was. Turns out we were both sure we wanted to do this. Yes, the conversation was as awkward as this! I took her coat and hung it up. She was nicely made-up, and was wearing a dress with hose and heels, as was I. I escorted her into the living room, where david was sitting in his bra and panties.

The first thing Sue said when she saw him was "oh my!" or something like that with a little laugh in her voice. david closed his eyes, tilted his head downwards and blushed furiously. You may recall how I've said previously that david is a bit of a blusher. Well my goodness, if his face wasn't as red as a tomato! That blush of his is a totally reliable telltale. I can always tell if he is fibbing to me by his blush. I can also tell when he is absolutely mortified, and he sure was just then. Even Sue commented on his blush. I think she said "how sweet, you're blushing" or something like that.

Sue mentioned how I had told her about dressing him up like that, but that she couldn't picture it before. Now she sure could! I told her that I dress him in bra and panties, and sometimes even with stockings and heels, as part of his discipline, to remind him who wears the pants in the family (I love using that phrase, even though I was in a dress!). Sue asked what he had done wrong today. I told her that he was a little angel today, and today's discipline was all about reinforcing with him who is in charge. Also, I told her that we needed to take her Christmas present for a spin.

I told david to get up and serve us some white wine I had chilling in the fridge. As our little serving slut poured, his big erection tenting his panties was pretty plain to see, but neither of us commented on it. After david had served I told him to go stand in the corner.

Sue jumped in and asked for a little turn from david first. I echoed the sentiment, and we watched david turn 360 degrees. "Slower" she said. david turned around more slowly. Sue mentioned that his exercise regime seemed to be paying off, as he had a very cute butt, and nice strong looking arms and legs. We discussed david's body a bit as he stood there. I pointed out that there was still a bit of fat around his middle we needed to work on. Sue then commented that david seems to be very excited to be dressed in women's underwear, about to be spanked. I agreed. david blushed and said nothing of the clear reference to his panty-tenting erection. What could he say? The proof was in the pudding. I released him off to the corner then as Sue and I sipped our wine.

Our conversation then turned to his discipline. Both our eyes were on david's pantied butt standing in the corner. I suggested that I spank him first with my hand, and then Sue should inaugurate the spoon on his butt, and then I would finish him off to remind him to whom he belongs. Sue thought that would be all fine.

I went to get david. I ear-marched him over to the chair, sat down, and pulled him over my lap. I rubbed his pantied backside a bit and quizzed him on who was in charge in our house. He gave all the correct answers of course. Me, me, and me! I told him that even though he knows the right answers, I need to be sure to remind him every now and then in a more forceful way to make sure he does not forget. I asked him if that was fair, and he said that it was. I looked over at Sue, and she gave me a thumbs up! I then started hand spanking him over his panties.

I have taken to warming david up a bit before his spankings. If I lay right in with a wooden implement, his pain threshold is very low and he is in agony from the first hard smack. If I warm him up first, I find I can spank him harder and longer. So I spanked the seat of his panties and his bare lower cheeks with my palm until they were glowing. I made eye contact with Sue and she was clearly enjoying the spectacle of her brother-in-law being disciplined like this across my knee.

Sue asked if he was going to be allowed to keep his panties up for his spanking. Perfect I thought! I asked if she was ok with me lowering them, and she told me not to be bashful on her account. So I immediately lowered the backs of his panties to just beneath his cheeks, and was rewarded with a plaintive little wail of humiliation from david. I started spanking his bare bum with my hand. I asked him if he was proud of himself, being so pussy whipped that he was being given a bare-bottomed spanking from me in front of my sister? He said "no ma'am".

I wanted to leave a bit of an impression so I spanked as hard as I could, until my own hand was stinging. I got a bit of little grunts and fanny wriggling from david for my efforts. I asked Sue if she would like to have a turn? She said sure.

I pulled david's panties back up his cheeks and made him stand. The little darling was still hard as anything. Sue and I exchanged places. I sat on the couch and watched the proceedings with great interest. Sue pointed to her lap and told david to get across. He did so, and I could see him moving around across her lap, trying to settle his erection somewhere safe. Sue gave me a little smile and a wink as david lay across her lap. She no doubt felt his erection across her thigh as I had.

She rested her hand on his butt and asked david if she should pull down his panties for his spanking as I had done. That little minx said "yes ma'am" to her! She didn’t hesitate, and pulled his panties down to just below his cheeks as I had done. She then started spanking his bare bottom with her hand. Thinking back on it now, the master plan was for her to inaugurate the spoon, but in the moment we forgot to get that part straight and he got another hand spanking.

I can’t describe how I felt watching Susan spank david like that. First of all, he looked ridiculous in his bra, with his panties banded around the tops of his thighs. I was not at all jealous watching her dish it out. I was feeling almost smug if that makes any sense. I felt the world was somehow right watching Sue spank him.

Sue did a great job, and tried to match my spanking intensity with her own. She even said, "I bet I can spank him harder than you". I told her to try if she thought she could. She ramped it up some more and really laid into him nicely. david was "ow"ing a bit from the spanks, and squirming as he had done for me. Sue asked him which of the sisters spanks harder. david was diplomatic and said "you both do." She then pulled his panties back up and asked if I wanted to break-in the spoon on his bottom. I told her sure and she had him stand up.

I took the spoon and changed places with Sue. I asked Sue if she thought he should lose his panties for this part? She said "by all means". With david still standing beside me, I told him to put his hands on his head, and I very slowly lowered his panties. Just an inch at a time at the back, then at the sides, then at the fronts, and then around again.

At a certain point his bottom was bare and his panties were at their highest at the front, where they were still covering and hung up on his erection. But his lower abdomen and pubic hair were quite visible. I turned him to face Sue like that, pubic hair and all. "Should he lose them?" I asked. "Definitely!" she answered.

I slowly slid his panties along the length of his cock and around the tip. david gasped as he was exposed like that. When his cock sprung free, Sue said "nice!" I then slid the panties down past his knees to his ankles.

I asked Sue what she thought. She looked right at his erection and said that he seems to be enjoying his spanking far too much.

I pulled him across my knee and started spanking him with the wooden spoon. I didn’t hold back at all, and had him "ow"ing from the first. First time I had used the spoon. It's different than the hairbrush. The spoon is much smaller, and each time it hits you can sort of see its outline on his butt. I found I had to use more wrist snap than I was used to with the hairbrush. Once I got the hang of it, it started being pretty darned effective, and he started kicking his legs and screeching, and his panties went flying off his ankles. Always a good sign that I'm getting the job done! I paused and asked Sue to get his panties, please. She got up and grabbed them. I told david to hold them in his mouth as he was making too much noise. Sue stuffed them in there for him. He still made a fair bit of noise, but it was muffled by the panties, half in and half hanging out of his mouth. After a while I asked if Sue would like to take the spoon for a spin on his butt? She asked if it was ok to keep going, no doubt because his butt was very red and somewhat messed up by now. But there was no deep bruising so I said "Hell yes! he can take a lot more than that!"

I stood david up and stood up myself. "Look at that" I said, pointing to david's limp penis. "Not enjoying your present?" Sue asked, sarcastically. He could not really answer because of the panties stuffed into his mouth. Then she sat, pulled him across her lap, took the spoon and picked up where I left off. I encouraged her to smack him harder. She did two or three increasingly harder ones, and the last got a real rise out of david, stiffening up his body across her lap. I went behind david and knelt, holding him with an ankle on either side of me, spreading his legs. I encouraged Sue to smack the backs and insides of his thighs, which she did. I had to hold hard to keep him from moving. As Sue smacked him there, she had to be careful to avoid his prominently displayed balls.

Her wooden spoon spanking was a bit of a disappointment, as I did not think she spanked him nearly hard enough. I think she was feeling sheepish because of the redness and the marking. She suggested that I had better be the one to finish him off.

david was again made to stand. The darling still had his panties stuffed half in his mouth. I took them out and threw them onto the couch. This time I folded up the chair and put it to the side, and told david to lie down on the carpet on his back. david seemed confused by the order.

I had decided earlier that if Sue allowed me to strip his panties off, I would give him what is referred to as a "diaper position" spanking. I had never done this to david before, but I have seen pictures on the Internet. I get a lot if inspiration from reading blogs, and this one came from Spanked in the Diaper Position on D's Naughty Boy Spanking Blog. There was an image of two women spanking a man in this position, and one of the commenters said that this one was his clear favourite. The position looks simple enough, and I imagine is highly, highly embarrassing especially with another woman present.

I told david to put his legs up in the air. I grabbed one ankle and asked Sue to grab the other, and we bent him over backwards. I slipped a pillow from the couch under his butt to make it easier for us to keep him up there. In this position, his penis, balls, and bottom hole were all very exposed. I was glad I had scrubbed him so thoroughly earlier! Holding an ankle with one hand, I gave him a dozen or so good hard swats to his butt and thighs with the other. This seemed to really make him suffer, I guess with his skin pulled tight over his butt cheeks like that and his legs spread. Sue had a perfect bird's eye view of his nether regions as I spanked. His crack was nice and spread open, so I was sure to pinken up those places we had missed earlier inside there.

When I was done, but we were still holding him bent backwards, I asked him who's the boss in our family? "You are! You are, Ma'am!" he yelled out. "Good boy!" I said as I patted his balls. We could see his cock visibly starting to stiffen again as I made him say who was in charge.

Once we stood him up, his penis continued to stiffen. Sue and I watched it kind of inch its way upwards in little jerks. Our little comments of "would you look at that", and "tsk tsk" did little to slow it down. Ha Ha! I went over and grabbed his balls again, and that made him stiffen up even more. Holding him by the balls, I told david to thank Sue for spanking him, which he dutifully did. I told david that from this point onwards, Sue has my full authority to spank him whenever she wants to and for whatever reason at all. david gave me a "yes ma'am" as I squeezed, and Sue added "so you better behave when you’re around me." and david gave her a "yes ma'am" as well. I squeezed his balls a bit and he moaned in pain. By this point, his cock had again swelled up and was straining towards the ceiling.

I had one more little humbling I had planned for him before our session was over, however.

I told david he may go upstairs now and take off his bra and get changed. Just as he was leaving the room I said, oh, but first, I want you to jerk off. "What, here?" he asked, looking a little aghast. No, I said, I wanted him to jerk off in the bedroom. He looked uncertain. "Do it!" I ordered. "Yes ma'am," he said, and he turned to leave. I stopped him again, "you may jerk off to the centrefold of that Playboy magazine you have under the bed." "Yes ma'am" he said.
"One more thing," I said. "I don’t want you thinking about having sexual relations with her at all, I want you to imagine you are across her lap, getting a spanking. ok?" "Yes ma'am" he said, and he scurried upstairs. Sue was looking very amused at his little plight.

When he left, Sue turned to me and just said "Wow". I asked her if she enjoyed that. She said that she did, that she could see what I meant by how empowering it was, and that I got a very obedient little husband out of the deal. I agreed with all that. She said she was surprised that his butt was beaten so bad, but right away afterwards he seemed fine and was right back to being turned on. I said that I told her he could take a lot more than that. Sue then asked if I thought he was upstairs now, jerking off? I said I was sure he was, and asked her if she wanted to go up with me and catch him doing it? She declined, saying she thought we had done enough for the one day!

We sat, sipped our wine, and chatted some more, and gradually the conversation moved away from david and his discipline, and back to our more regular topics. After another half hour, david came down the stairs freshly showered and dressed nicely.

I got him a glass of wine and asked him how he felt. He said "very, very embarrassed, but I was very, very turned on". "How's your butt?" Sue asked. "Sore!" david said. "but not too sore to jerk off to Miss December?" Sue asked him. "not that sore" he answered with another blush. She then said, with a smile on her face, "you know you'll never live this down with me, don’t you?" david said that he knew that, and he was glad it was her. I asked him if he was feeling even more submissive towards me now, now that I had disciplined him in front of Susan? He said he definitely felt that, and felt pretty submissive towards Sue as well now.

We chatted a bit more and then Sue had to go. Hugs and kisses at the door, and that was our first co-sister domming experience. Amazing, and to be repeated!


  1. Wow! Sounds like you had a fantastic time, and so did David. As a submissive man I have been punished in front of witnesses but I could never imagine being punished by other family members. Perhaps now that your sister has a taste for it you can continue with other scenarios, here's hoping.

  2. david has a whole new life. Two very sexy ladies calling the shots. I am sure he will be over Sue knee many times. I know that he will love you even more every time his bottom is sore and red. I hope the wine was good. What about the dinner? I hope Sue was fine with everything. I know you were did you get a little wet during this whole thing? I hope after Sue went home you made david take your panties into his mouth.


  3. Bravo à vous deux Julie et Susan.
    Meilleurs vœux à vous trois.
    Bloavez Mad 2012!


  4. This is a great posting and I'm so excited for you. What fun !! The look on your husbands face must of been priceless to say nothing of your sister. I can only imagine where this will lead. It's also wonderful that you now have someone to share this with. I have to reread this post and will comment more but bravo, this is just great.

  5. Mistress Julie,

    This was very hot (one of the hottest things I have ever read).

    Thank you for sharing.


  6. A lovely piece of work! Your excitement is contagious, and it's no wonder that your sisiter got into it so well. There's something special about disciplining your husband in front of other women. I've done it often with my Dom girlfriends present, but never in front of a family member. I suspect that this is merely the beginning of a very interesting time for all of you.

    BTW, do you have david thank you for his disciplining in any way besides verbally? For instance, does he kiss your feet or your spanking hand, etc? If not, I'd certainly recommend adding such a ritual to your sessions (it's like icing on the cake, psychologically speaking) and it would be fascinating to see how your sister would react to having her feet or hands kissed in gratitude after she spanked david. Just a little suggestion.

    Keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing.

  7. You and David are to be congratulated! Your sis seems to like things also. I would not be suprised when she is told to JO infront of the both of you. Sure seems like a lot more to come.

    submissive husband

  8. I also spank my sissy husband in the diaper position with my girl friends watching. However when I am done he goes back into his diapers and pink rumba panties! I find diapers to be more humiliating then womens panties.

    Goddess Gretchen

    1. Why oh why? Can't I find someone who would humiliate me with diapers and spankings...... I have searched for so many years.


    2. Gretchen, meet babycplay, babycplay, meet Gretchen!

    3. Would love to.......

      I see you are in Canada.... Alas! i am in UK.... maybe i need a holiday in Canada :-) Here I am come and get me xxx babycplay at nitebear dot com

  9. An excellent blend of reinforcing your mutual love with David, your dominance of him, and expanding your lives and your sister's by including her into the lifestyle. You are truly an inspiration.

  10. Extremely hot story, you told it very well, I enjoyed every word.

    Again david is one lucky guy. and I know he appreciates and loves you very much!! I know how I feel about my Wife when She spanks me Herself, and when She lets Her Girlfirends spank me.

    I think it would be great to hear from david and how he feels about all this, and what he personally felt during the spanking from both, you and Sue.

    Happy New Year


  11. Not only are you a creative and capable disciplinarian, you give quite a vivid account of your adventures.

    That was an amazing spanking and such an intimate thing to share with your sister... and all of us. Thanks you.


  12. VERY FASCINATING indeed!! I also would appreciate David's "take" on this experience!! Also, do you think that your sister would humiliate David in front of your family or in public??

    Loving your blog,


  13. Kia Ora Julie
    Just wonderful! Not only executed beautifully but beautifully told to us as well. Perfect!
    I am hooked on this unfolding story and am one of those people that DOES check every day to see what the latest news is.

  14. Fantastic post! There is a real enthusisasm that comes through in your words. I'm looking forward to your future adventures!

    Thanks for sharing,


  15. Wow, I had to read it again just to make sure I had missed nothing.
    HI Julie You are now demonstrating the awesome power that you have. Sue hopefully is now relishing the fact that she has the power to discipline David or at least get him punished when ever she feels like it. I can see he is going to have to behave for evermore or suffer!
    I've said before, an involuntary erection is just so embarrassing, even more so when the offender is nude. I have never been in the "diaper position" or made to masturbate after correction, that is strictly not allowed, (I've wanted to). I can only imagine lying back with my legs in the air with everything on show, how humiliating that must be! Then coming downstairs after "being naughty" to face you two. I'd be lying if I said I never masturbated, but the consequences of being caught in our house doing that would be a very sore bottom. Kate, sorry Miss Whiplash would certainly mention it to our friends, (SQUIRM)

    For certain this week Julie, Mr Smith is going to demonstrate his impatience behind the wheel. Susi normally comes down on Friday, I shall volunteer to pick her up from the station. I admit my errors re my comments, although I'm not in your hands, you will be holding the remote control! I will not let you down, promise. John xx

  16. Hi Julie, hope you got the last comment, you are AWESOME. Thank you for sorting me out and ordering me to be punished, I'm SURE it will work!!
    Here we go, "Dirty Paws" at last. I'm sure it is quite tame after your afternoon on Monday!

    My cold shower, was not too cold, I risked Katie coming up, and got away with it. My erection had gone down, by the time I went downstairs in my dressing gown. They were all eating in the kitchen, Kate said "Take that off and get in there" pointing to the "summer room" there's no heat in there. It was freezing. The cane hurts much more on a cold bottom. (something to remember Julie if you ever switch or birch David outside) Kate had pulled the large sofa away from the wall. I saw the dreaded cane still soaking by the patio doors. I stood waiting for them to finish eating. I could hear them laughing and joking, but not what they were saying. Finally they come in, "Can we go in the lounge?" there's a roaring fire in there! "If you're cold I'll soon warm you up" Katie laughed. She picked up the cane, wiped it with a tea towel, and flexed it in front of me, Soph ans Susi were now looking on gleefully. "I am going to THRASH you boy, you will stay in position, or I shall repeat this at bedtime" I gulp. She slashed the cane hard on the arm of the sofa, leaving a wet line, a little water sprayed up. "You are getting six for playing with the dog after I told you to stop, and twelve for getting Susi's jeans muddy, have you anything to say?" I turn to Susi, and appologise, saying I'm sorry, she replies that I will be very very sorry in a few minutes. As I've said before Kate draws these sessions out, she prolongs the time before the punishment starts. If we'd been on our own, she would probably just make me undress, go upstairs and bend over the bed, following me up and caning me there and then...
    Don't want to lose this, back in a minute John

  17. Mr Smith again, Hi Julie here we go.
    Finally after about 10 minutes of being told off, naked, cold Kate says " I want you to get over the arm of the sofa, push your chest and face into the seat, and get your bottom up, now BEND OVER" I lay over the sofa, it is really cold as well, I got right over and thrust my bare bottom up into the correct position. "Perfect, now stay in position" she runs her hand over my cold bottom, "Feel that" she says. "He's freezing, poor boy, and look at those marks" (from the last time) says Soph, she slaps me a couple of times, "This will warm him up"
    Katie lays the cane on my shivering bottom (it also is cold and wet) Then Thwack, I gasp, the first one is always a nasty shock, even though I have been through this hundreds of times before. Kate canes hard but not excessively so, each stroke cuts into me, with about 20 seconds in between. She knows she can make me loose position at any time with 3 or 4 quick really hard slashes to the thighs. On this day, she calmly administers what she feels to be a just punishment. She is not angry even if she pretends to be! The wet cane will bend a bit so you have to flex it straight again. After twelve of the very best, she pauses, rubs my bottom which is now wet, from the water in the cane. After a minute or so she starts again, the last six are harder, and she always finishes with a beauty. I MUST stay in position, until she tells me. "Get up, boy, put your hands on your head and get in the kitchen" It's over, my bottom is very red and sore, and I know there will be raised welts. The Girls depart to the warmth of the lounge, while I, still naked wash and tidy up the kitchen. When I joined them Katie tossed me a T-shirt, and told me to come and sit beside her, tapping my willie with her hand, and make sure HE behaves.
    HE did, (the coward)
    Once again great post Julie, and I will practice my driving skills! later in the week, John xxxx

  18. Wow!
    Thank you so much for all the comments, guys and gals! Though there are many, I want to answer each one individually, so please bear with me.

    Simon: I am definitely going to keep Sue involved. I think that if david does something that needs punishment, I will hold off until a half hour before Sue is due to pop by, and then she can walk in all breezy as he is nursing his sore butt in the corner. The possibilities!

    suffie: the wine was a New Zealand white Chardonnay called Oyster Bay (one of my faves). After Sue went home, we had sex, then we had a light bathrobe supper of leftovers!

    Frenchy: Je ne savais pas l'expression "Bloavez Mad", mais maintenant que je fais! Bloavez Mad a toi aussi!

    QG: you imagine right! I was in control and neither of them really knew what to expect, so I spent a lot of time looking at both of them. It will be a lovely memory forever! My next blog entry I'll tell more about how david and Sue felt about it (I have discussed it with both of them since).

    SH: Ranks among the hottest things you have ever read. Yay! Yay for me! Thank you! I just keep doing more and more outrageous things because I have also rediscovered a love for writing that I used to have as a teenager, and now I need the experiences to fill the tank of my writing!

    Lady Grey: It is special. It's addictive, actually. Spanking him alone does not give me nearly the same heart-pounding thrill. I was lucky that I had Sue "handy". Not everybody is so lucky as to have a non-judgy sister like I do. david did spontaneously kiss my feet once, after drying off my legs with a towel after my morning shower! I like the idea of "forcing" him to do it. It must be humiliating to bend right down to the floor, and have to kiss the toe of my elegant high heel shoe. Then Sue's as well. Great suggestion. Thank you!

    subby-hubby: I think it would be fun to make him jerk off for our amusement. It is allowed in the "ground rules", after all. That will be his punishment next time for having an erection in front of Sue, just for you!

  19. Goddess Gretchen: Thank you! I can see how that would be more embarrassing. Poor davey! I had not thought of diapers for him. Wouldn't it be fun to have him running around the house in his diapers with Sue there? I'd make him drink lots and lots of water, and then not let him out of his diapers until he pees in them in our presence. (I am a "golden shower" girl - tee hee - got to be at one point I was so addicted I could hardly cum without peeing at the same time - but that's a different story! That was before david, and I have gotten over it, but maybe I should re-take it up for his benefit. I have never peed on david, come to think of it, he does not know this about me, oh my!)

    ron: I am glad you picked up the loving aspects of it. I do it out of love. I feel like a Christmas elf, spreading happiness and kinkiness around me!

    james: I have been pumping david for his feelings during his little show, and will follow up soon as I can with a post on that.

    jeff: Thank you. I like being "extremely hot", at least in a literaty sort of way if nothing else!

    andy: Y O U A R E T O O!

    bob: I am sure she might do a little discrete and deniable humiliations in front of the family (e.g., giving him wooden spoons as a Christmas present!!!). I would love to take Sue on a vacation with us to a far away place, and see what mischief we can get up to in public! I'm thinking beach spanking, anybody?

    gary: Be Well also. That you for your nice words, I really, really appreciate the feedback!

    RR: my mission is to spontaneously inspire a creation from you!

    john: diaper position was exceptionally humiliating for david. He has told me that was the worst part, actually, humiliation wise. And thank you very much for completing your tale. I love that your most excellent writing appears on MY blog. I am honoured, john. I am also looking forward to your remote control punishment! Oh, and I think you should start masturbating more, it's not healthy for a boy with such an over-developed sex drive to hold it in like that (besides I can only imagine Katie's girlfriends laughing at your penis pulling antics). Ha Ha!

  20. I think if I had been as hard as you describe your husband was, I would have exploded during the "Who is the boss" Q&A. That kind of discussion tends to push me over the edge.

  21. Hi again Julie, what a fantastic response you get to your posts, and all those weird and wonderful ideas. I've been thumbing through various blogs (spanking) for about the last 6 months or so. Your writing compelled me to open up with some of my experiences. To tell you of what it is like to be the one being punished. Also being punished in front of others. My big interest is "what it is like to be the punisher". I wanted to know how Kate feels. Kate uses discipline to correct my wrongdoings, I know she feels there is no reason why she should not also enjoy it at the same time. The primary purpose is to infict some pain and humiliation. The fact that it is also erotic is secondary, (although obviously stimulating to both of us).
    You want me to masturbate more. Your remote control would go through the roof if I did that, and got caught!
    Before we lived together, Katie had me bent over the kitchen table for a caning. After She told me to "wank" by rubbing myself up and down on the towel over the table, i.e. no hands. I could not do it, it just did not work, she slapped me several times, even threatened to cane me again. No, the old thing just went limp. I have never done that in front of anyone, funny but I can't!
    Katie loves her canes, I love her, and I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch her. See her face, as she calmly lashes my bottom. You see various clips on blogs of (strict) ladies spanking bottoms, very few look real. Well of course they are not. Susi has taken some pictures of Kate in action, with her phone, but they don't really capture her look. Never mind I do look back at her sometimes when I'm bent over, so I do see her lovely expressions. "TURN ROUND BOY" whack, but only for a few seconds!!
    I am honoured to have written on your blog. Bye for now John xxx

  22. anony: david got his talking to on his back, with Sue holding one ankle above his head, and me the other, nicely spread. We were all dressed up, but he was bare but for his bra. Ha Ha!

    john: you obviously love your lifestyle, so that is the great gift you have been givien. It seems there are many men out there who would love to be routinely punished by several attractive women, but you won the lottery!

  23. LOL, OHH NOOO, not on my account Julie. I have my own issues at home to deal with!

    But can't wait to hear how you raise the bar for his submission next!

    Submissive Husband

  24. Ms. Julie-
    Wow. Another excellant, well written and ... well... just plain HOT post.

    You are a very talented Lady, and I think you can tell that your readers are very greatful for your generousity in sharing this part of your life. Oh, and I know that david is one very lucky guy.


  25. Amazing and your husband is the luckiest man on this earth.



  26. Hi Julie,

    A great post! And what an experience for david. I bet family get-togethers will be much more interesting for the three of you from now on.

    I wonder how Sue will find ways of teasing david in public that no one else will be able to catch on to. It might be fun for the three of you to go to a restaurant so you can have a "coded" conversation overheard by others that sounds innocent but is not at all that innocent.

    I notice that you were not able to put all the many suggestions into effect for this time (understandably!) so there is much to look forward to in the future.

    I was wondering if you ever got the chance to experiment with the toothpaste (or hot sauce idea).

    Looking forward to your next adventure!


  27. That's very impressive. I guess I'm lucky that Molly is not that close to her out-of-town sister.


  28. As a submissive male who has had many experiences at the hand of my Mistress, I believe Goddess Gretchen has the right idea. He will be much more embarrassed wearing his diapers in front of Sue. some of the best options are Bambino disposables, with their cute baby prints. Also look for Babykins in Canada; great cloth diapers and plastic pants - which he will have to wash of course.

    Have you considered placing david in a chastity device? I am often locked away in a CB6000s and boy does this keep me docile and under control.

    Great blog Julie. Cannot wait to hear what your lucky little david will get up to next.

    1. Hi Anon I to am submissive to my mistress, she keeps me in panties in the daytime and double nappies and plastic panties at night. My peter is kept taped back between my legs so I have a "nice girlie shape" although as mistress keeps reminding me its so small its useless to her. I have no body hair, her sister ( a beaautician) took care of that permantly straight after we married. I have to sit to pee, and if my nappies are wet in the morning I get six strokes from mistresses riding crop. At home I am only allowed to wear panties and a "Pansy" tee shirt and sometimes if She's had a bad day she puts me straight into my nappies which is when i get the crop the following morning as i am always wet. I get very embarassed when she invites her friends round, then she makes me wear high heel shoes with frilly ankle socks and calls me her little tart. I hate the plastic panties and nappies they are so babish and humilitaing when she decides to change me in front of her friends for bedtime. Be happy anon at least you have something to put in a CB6000s all I get is more sticking tape,a very sore bottom and more humiliation.

  29. Hi Julie, It's 1.15pm Friday, not sure what time it is in Canada. I'm picking Susi up at 7pm and going straight to meet Katie in our local Pub, I think the first thing Susi will say is something about my attitude towards female drivers, I reckon I'll be in trouble!!in about 6 hours. John xxx

  30. Hi Julie, very quick one, I did it !! just been sent upstairs to shower and then ... John xx

  31. Your husband is SUCH a lucky guy. I envy him so much!

  32. Anon said that your husband is a lucky guy, and I totally agree. But than I start to think if I could have done that, I really don't know. In my fantasies, I firmly believe that I could do it but to actually do it??? Before I die, I'm sure that I would love to experience this so that I won't have to be envious of him.
    Really sweet post, ma'am and I'm sure that all of the men had very hard C***'s and are probably taking cold showers.
    Thank you for the post and pray that you will keep it up. (no "pun" intended) LOL

  33. Hi Julie, Just a quick one before "the ladies wake up" I hope you are satisfied, justice has been done, and seen to be done. Although only Susi was present, I felt you were looking on with pleasure. I will explain later how I set it up. But just so you know, I got 18 with Kate's thin cane (switch) on my lower bottom and thighs, "to remind me next time I drive" !!
    John xxx ps very sore and well marked this morning

  34. subby-hubby: My mind is hard at work on it!

    ken: Thank you! I saw the video of Cora paddling you, and I thought that was extremely hot as well! And I feel I know you much better now, especially your little bare bottom.

    ron: Thank you for the WOW. He is very lucky, but so am I.

    ken2: yes, family gatherings will definitely have an all-new dynamic. Ha Ha! I am thinking resort vacation and take Sue along. imagine the mischief we could get into together! I have not tried the toothpaste yet. Thank you for reminding me - I guess I still have to experiment on myself first - oh dear...

    mick: I was lucky I have such a good relationship with my sister, and that she was so open to it. Would not counsel involving sisters in general!

    anony: diapers, eh? I will give that some serious consideration.

    anony2: he is lucky, and so am I

    jellybeany: Your attitude was a lot like david's. First I had to decide I wanted to do it, and then I had to make sure Sue was good with it. After that, it was david who started double-guessing the whole thing. But I knew that he wanted it, so I made him go through with it, and it turned out great, but he was sooo embarrassed during it!

    john: Good! I'm glad you were punished so well. 18 strokes "down there" sounds like it was very appropriate. Be careful what you write from now on, and no more procrastinating with your accounts of your exploits. Next I want to hear about the first time you were ever punished in front of another woman.

  35. Hi Julie, That's a hard one (as the actress said to the bishop) do you mean, as a young teen I had a few switchings from a prefect at boarding school. Also I was spanked nude at the beach a long time ago. Mostly for similar reasons (peeping!)
    The first public thrashing Kate gave me was in front of Soph, as Described in my first comment to you. I'm not sure if you want teen or adult? John xxx (marks are going down a bit now from Friday)

  36. i barely sit here after paddling from wife but as eager as she strictly disciplines, i'm desiring situations u've created w ur hubby. ur blog lit my fire.

  37. You both are and very inspiring. By the way, love the panty spankings!!


  38. john: tell us about your nude spanking at the beach!

    anony: I am gald your wife keeps your butt nice and sore with her paddle. I agree, she should step it up and really give you something to worry about!

    ron: david hates them! He'd much rather just get a spanking in his boy clothes, but he doesn't get to decide that, now does he? The panties for him are my particular turn on, and add nicely to his punishment, don't you think?

  39. Julie,

    OMG! I just discovered this blog, thanks to Suzanne (All Mine), and I am SO glad I did. I will surely add a link to your blog on our blog.

    First of all, you are a very good writer. As you described the scene I could almost see myself in the room, watching it. I admire your writing skills...as well as your obvious skill when it comes to this new lifestyle. Kudos to you. Seriously.

    Secondly, while I have been spanked by a couple of friends of ours and by my mother-in-law none of those experiences came close to the extent of what Sue did to your husband. He is one lucky guy and I can only hope that one day we will do what you did. Knowing us, it is only a matter of time...but really...what you and Sue did...wow. Again, kudos to both you and your sister.

    Thirdly...this is a bizarre coincidence...just last night I confessed to my Bride that I had a long standing, yet unfulfilled, fantasy about being forced to masturbate in front of an audience ("being forced" is the key phrase) such as you described in your story. While your sister declined the offer, at least this time, the fact you offered it to begin with...well...that alone was a huge turn-on to me.

    I love this blog.


  40. Hi marc! I'm adding a link to your and Cleo's blog as well. You guys are great! You look very silly in panties with your private parts all dangling out. I LOVE it! I am looking forward to reading all of your entries and getting caught right up.

  41. Julie,

    I am VERY glad you think I look silly in panties with my private parts all dangling out! I think I look silly too, and so does Cleo. That is exactly the point of it. The moment I start thinking it is not silly will be the moment when Cleo stops forcing me to do it. All of which tempts me to pretend I like it so she will stop doing it. But that lacks integrity so I am much better off if I just shut the heck up and go with the flow and let her decide when enough is enough.

    Honestly, I love your blog, and so does Cleo (she read some of it tonight for the first time). I am about half way through it and so much of it reminds me of ourselves on certain levels. Of course, just like you and David, we are all kind of newbies to this thing.


  42. Thank you, marc, and welcome to my blog Cleo. I have been reading yours as well and love it. marc does go overboard on photos, I love your writing! Make him write more as well, with a paddle to his bottom if needs be!

  43. Julie,

    Funny you should mention that I should write more. Just this morning I was given the task of writing something for the blog - or else (translation: it will involve paddles - LOL). As for the going overboard on the photos...there was one recent post that was certainly going overboard (and it was Cleo's post, btw), but in our defense, we had just spent a shitload of money...a few hundred dollars, and she was anxious to show off the fruits of her labors. Interestingly enough, we received a fair number of private emails from various friends and they were pretty much split down the middle as to just how many pictures are too many. Apparently there is an audience for LOTS of pictures and, conversely, an audience for fewer. We get it. Ordinarily, we try to find a balance, even though every once in awhile we might get too graphic on certain posts, and too "wordy" on others. More than likely, the number of posts with excessive pictures will be decidedly small. But it happens. Thank you for your kind words about my writing. Again, like with the pictures, my writing style isn't for everyone. But it is what it is. I hope you enjoy the post I am about to write - I have a pretty good idea as to what it will be about.


  44. marc: I know, I read that on your blog, so it was not a coincidence, silly! I will head over and read your latest blog entry now.

  45. As a man who is both spanked and petticoated (see www.petticoated.com) by his wife I have to say it is exciting to hear about another man forced to wear a bra and panties. In addition to a bra and panties I am required to be completely dressed as a Woman while doing my housework. My normal attire every morning is a bra and lacy nylon panties, either an open bottom girdle and stockings or pantyhose, a short pencil skirt, a frilly blouse and 3 3/4 inch high heels. You might consider that for david, as well as making him purchase his own feminine clothing. Nothing is as humiliating or embarrassing for a man than to take a package of panties to the check out and have the salesgirl know that they are for you! If you want to start him out slow you can have him call and order his clothing over the phone as it is a little more anonymous.


  46. mike,

    I just posted a new entry where david and I bought him some frillies that I am sure you will sympathise with.

    I must say, you are highly feminized by your wife. I am wondering, does the feminization extend into the bedroom? By that I mean does your wife make you bend over for her strap-on and/or take it in your mouth. That is something I have my david do, and I am wondering how common it is.

    1. Hi Julie I to keep my husband in panties 24/7 soon as he's home he gets dressed in bra, white blouse and his pleated skirt and sometimes holdups. I have trained him to wear 3 1/2" heels and for a week each month he also has his tampon in his bottom. I keep him as fem as possible.

    2. I approve!
      Especially of the tampon up his butt during your period. Makes them much more sensitive to our issues...

  47. Julie

    Alas, after 35 years of marriage i can tell You that strap ons are one thing She is not into. i do though expect that She will at some point scrub my butthole with mint toothpaste, hopefully with a "soft" bristle toothbrush! i was thrilled to read of davids embarrassment at the lingerie boutique as i know the heart pounding excitement such an experience brings. my Wife has always said that if you control a mans dick you control the man and one way She loves to do that is to "petticoat" me. i am not permitted to wear make-up or a wig while dressed as a Woman and we have mirrors throughout the house because She wants me to constantly see myself and know that i a man who has been forced by a Woman to dress like one and that i have no say so in the matter. And She has at least 200 pictures of me dressed up that She keeps in a safe deposit box as insurance. You should make david buy at least one complete outfit of his own to do his housework in. i know you will like it and i'm sure he will too.


  48. mike: I am looking forward to you receiving those soft bristles up your bumhole!

  49. Julie, my wife and I have been following your blog and I have posted to you before about her inclination to up my humiliation. She had spanked me at her sister's house but in another room so my sister in law knows I am spanked. One of the things I agreed to was that she would decide when and where I am spanked and because I trust het I have never worried to much about being spanked in front of witnesses who might be offended or for that matter friends that I wouldn't want to know. I also agreed to a no safe word arrangement as al of my spankings are punishment. My sister in law is 10 years younger than me, unlike you there were no discussions about me getting a spanking in front of my sister in law or her spanking me. She gave me a terrific strapping and put me in the corner hands on head. I was mortified and then she told me that from now on her sister could discipline me at her disgression

    My wife purchased a leather strap on a wood handle from the UK and she keeps it in her purse. Last weekend while visiting her sister she told me that I had earned a spanking. I thought ok off to the bedroom again like last time but no. She told me to stand in front of her there in the kitchen where she unfastened my pants and lowered them and my underpants to my ankles. I was sure I would get an erection but when she pulled out the strap I stayed limp as she lectured me.

    1. Oh my gosh! That is so hot. "A terrific strapping" just like that from the younger woman, and then given carte blanche with your bottom! Lovely.

  50. Regarding pictoral representations of what two sisters having their way with a sub male might be like, this one probably represents what your David would wish for (lol)!



  51. I posted recently about getting spanked by my wife with her sister watching. It sounds like David really liked your sister and you spanking him. While I have agreed to allow my wife to spank me I always dread it and always am really bruised and sore for a day or two. While having her sister watch added to my humiliation it was clearly something my wife enjoyed. I think my sister in law was surprised by how much she liked seeing me controlled. I am concerned that they will want to included others maybe their mother? My wife has told me of the bare bottom spankings she got from her mom and I might have to draw the line there. My wife and sister in law are really strong dominate types but nothing when compared to my mother in law!

    1. I don't think the line is for you to draw, young man!

  52. I wish i could experience that . My wife knows i wear her panties everyday . She dont like it much . I wish she would spank me and control me . I know she told her sister and friends about the things i wear even though she denies telling a soul . I tried to stop wearing her panties and i cant . I spank myself for it every Friday morning .

  53. Sissy Jamieanne5 March 2014 at 13:37

    Your David is certainly dominated and humiliated by you, but I'm sure he loves his life just as it is! Now, that said...if Miss Susan needs her own pantied bottom to paddle, I'm available (bet I'm not the first to volunteer for that)! I'm just starting on your blog and reading entries somewhat randomely, but I must say...I'm certainly enjoying it very much! Thank you!

    Sissy Jamieanne

    1. I'm afraid "Miss Susan" prefers real girls to little sissies, but that is not to say she does not get amused spanking david's pantied tush!

  54. my mother and i caught my husband sucking himself. from that day fwd we have kept him in chastity. after 2yrs we decided to allow himself a little fun. we released his belt, shaved his bikini area and slapped his ahole with an 18"wooden ruler until he began to leak. then we told him we would allow him to blow himself but only if his mom and sisters were allowed to watch. he hesitated to answer positively so we strapped the belt back in place. maybe next yr.

    1. He must be flexible to be able to do that. Don't wait a whole year, give him a chance before too long, I would love to hear about that scene!

  55. so much about men being spanked and humiliated what of us girls often shamed at being chastised by our mother in laws and their daughters simply because we were still young when married and unable to preserve our dignity?

  56. Why do you feel the need to dress him in bra ( does he have titties? I guess not!) and panties. I too am punished but as a little boy, not a girl. I am not allowed body hair and my clothes are those that small boys wear. Not just in the house either!

    1. It's not me. It's him. He HATES the bra and panty treatment. That's why he gets it!

  57. But would he not hate being dressed and treated as a little boy just as much? What did you decide about his body hair? You and your sister both said it should go but I don't think you gave us any more detail. Did it happen?

    1. No, he gets to keep most of his body hair. Just 0 around his cock and balls and ass (and crack) at all.
      No, the little girl treatment humiliates him way more.

  58. Principal adjoint de collège à Marseille.