Saturday, January 28

An Odd Request

I probably shouldn't blog about this. It would be very embarrassing for david for you all to know his slutty little sexual preferences. Oh well. He's my slut, I'll blog about what I want concerning him.

We were watching TV at night and I told david I'm going to bed. He looked up at me and asked "take me to bed?"

I took him by the hand and led him around, like a little boy, as I put the house to bed.

We got to the bedroom and he bent himself over the bed. I smiled and smacked his bottom a couple of times.

With his head buried in the bed sheets he asked "could you..."


"Could you, please... use your hand?"

"I suppose I could"

"With a dildo up my bottom?"

"Bad boy!"

I went to the bathroom to get ready. While I was away he stripped and bent himself over some pillows. He stuck his cock and balls up behind his thighs and closed his legs tightly. What a sight!

"Really? Like that?" I asked.

"Yes. Please." He said.

"I'm going to have to spank you first." I told him.

"Ok" he said, as if he had a choice.

Before I started spanking him I got some baby oil from the bedside drawer and let it flow onto his lewdly exposed cock, balls, and ass; and massaged the oil in.

When he was glistening, I got a wooden paddle from the bedside drawer and started smacking his ass. I was careful not to hit his balls though they were a tempting target. I did squeeze them a bit with one hand as I spanked him with the other.

I put some nice colour in his cheeks. He moaned nicely. As he was squirming from the smacks he let his slippery cock and balls fall back between his legs.  I scolded him and he quickly put them back where they belonged. I told him to make sure he keeps his legs pressed tightly together or he'll be getting a long hard belt whipping instead of a handjob from me tonight. I spanked him some more.

When his butt was nicely pinked I put my paddle away and went back to massaging his cheeks, his cock, and his balls.

"You won't forget the dildo?" He asked.

"How silly of me."  I had forgotten it.

I got my largest dildo and some lube. I poured some lube onto his asshole and massaged it into his anus. I finger fucked him. Then I put some more lube onto the dildo, and pushed it in. He moaned like a woman as he was penetrated.

I got some more oil and started rubbing his penis with my right hand as I played with his dildo and balls with my left.

He was moaning and humping the pillows as I hand-jobbed his cock from behind.

I said, "You know you should be ashamed of yourself. Imagine if my sister could see you like this."

He moaned and stuck his ass up higher. He liked that kind of talk.

"Should I have Sue over and show you to her like this?"

"no..." he said, moaning and humping.

"I think I should. I'll make you explain to her how you like it. And then we'll come up here and you'll give her a demonstration."

"no... oh no... no please..."

"Oh yes you will. You'll stick your cock and balls out like this and beg me for your rubbing. I'll oblige and rub your naughty slutty cock until you explode down the backs of your legs."

"no no no"

"Maybe I'll ask Sue to give your cock its milking instead of me?"


"Yes! You'll cum like a slut in my sister's hand."

As I rubbed, he put his hands up against the headboard and his feet flutter-kicked the bed, bending only from his knees to keep his cock and balls from falling back between his legs. He knew I was serious about the belt whipping. Besides, he enjoys kicking like that, showing off what a little girl he can be.

"Maybe more than just my sister? Maybe Anne and Patricia would enjoy seeing what a slut you are? Or that little dental hygienist you're so fond of? Hmmm?"

"Oh... No... Oh.... Oh!!!!!"

He shot his load down his legs. The first spurt was unusually large and went almost down to his ankles. The remaining spurts creamed his thighs down to his knees. He screamed as he came and shook the headboard with the palms of his hands. I'll bet he'll be hard in his pants and blush like a girl the next time he gets his teeth cleaned!

"Don't move" I told him.

I went to get a warm washcloth to clean him up. He moaned in pleasure as I did that, as I cleaned the cum off his legs, as I cleaned the oil off his cock and balls. As I removed the dildo and used the washcloth to thoroughly clean his anus.

There. That's how my bad little boy likes to be gotten off. Isn't it humiliating for him that you know that?


  1. I think every submissive male might have some "non-kinky" fantasies about other women in their lives, where they play the traditional male role. To have their real lives exposed to these women might be one of the highest forms of embarrassment and humiliation. So nice that you know how to push David's buttons!

    sissy terri

  2. What David said was, "Please don't throw me in the briar patch Brer Mistress."

  3. terri: actually, I hadn't thought of that. I am always assuming that he fantasizes about getting a spanking from other women. But now that you say it, he might well be fantasizing about being a "real man" with them, and not tell me. I will softly cajole it out of him, and depending on what he says he might be be due for a long hard session with my strap while looking at a picture of a man fucking a woman to remind him of why he's being punished.

  4. Sounds like a fun night.
    Good on ya.

  5. I pray that you two always will love eachother so very much as to give eachother such pleasure as this. You are a wonderful woman. My wife teases me about telling or showing other people when she spanks me. Her words always make me explode too. I envy your husband that you actually have involved your sister. I hope my wife finds that courage soon. She tells me there are several people she trusts enough. (Hurry up!!!)

  6. ron: I do believe that brer david was born and bred in that briar patch!

  7. Julie,

    You are a plethora of ideas for us Female Dominants!



  8. Hi Julie, We are married for 22 years and used to do the same things you are doing. Spankings, early bedtimes, lingere shopping having to tell the saleslady the panties were for me was so humiliatingly hot. Anyway about 4 months ago she just stopped everything. I hope you never get tired of this

  9. Very hot Julie! Very sweet as well! You two sound a lot like my husband and I! He too can be such a squirmy-hot little girl. And a naughty little boy-slut all at the same time! I love hearing how other women than myself can be dominant, and lovingly accommodating to our men at the same time! Alas, today, my hubby is having a day of punishment that he so richly deserves! And me, well, I'm getting such pleasure from it in the meantime! Reading this post has inspired me to humiliate him a little further through out the course of his suffering today! Thanks for the inspiration girl! My husband and I are really enjoying reading your posts!!!

  10. Very interesting Julie, he is so fortunate to have you, but keep your belt handy, I am sure he will be needing it soon!

  11. Wow, just amzing relationship, am jealous but thanks for sharing a very hot story.


  12. Suzanne: we inspire one another!

    spankedhubby: Awwww! She ought not to have stopped spanking you. You simply must have a talk with her abd explain how important it is to you. Communicate!

    Q: Hi Q! If those Q-twin pictures on your blog are anything to go by, we could be sisters, sister! I also love your way with words 'squirmy-hot little girl' is EXACTLY what david is!

    overlap: I am feeling the need to really belt whip his naughty butt!

    ron: thank you, ron

    1. That is always your call Julie, if you feel the need then it should happen asap.

  13. Thank You, THANK You, THANK YOU !!!
    I'll be lucky just to get a spanking tonite.
    Perhaps if I could make a small contribution.
    Having bought more than my share of lingerie, it is ALWAYS far more embarassing when my wife is not around- you might want to observe from a distance or not at all. ( I usually buy all my wife's underwear as well) Once when my wife and her mom were on their way to a wedding and both realized thay needed black half-slips. I went ahead and picked tham out for the ladies and they paid for them, not really exciting, but somewhat different.
    Alas, you are far too kind! david should be doing his own rubbing, while supervised. My wife is thankful that she no longer gets messy hands. And....david should be snacking on all that cum. It is VERY unpleasant as a post cumming exercise-trust me. I once read where a wife froze multiple cums and had hubby enjoy a large frozen treat. I'm sure your devious mind will add considerably to my humble offerings. -Gary

  14. Hi gary,
    You are very welcome.
    Interesting that it's more embarassing when she is not around - I thought you could pretend it was a gift - when I'm there, the salesgirls KNOW it's for him. Ha Ha!
    I agree that it is funny watching him tug on his own penis - reminds me of the monkeys at the zoo. I do enjoy making him eat his own cum, but a cum-sicle is a new one on me!

  15. Nice sharing of a very intimate encounter. Is that david's behind pictured above with his cock and balls on display? If so, they look pretty pink like they have been....manipulated! If that is not his equipment, then you found a perfect pic on the internet to illustrate the evening! Thanks for the story and the image!


    1. Not david. he would get very suspicious if I started snapping pics of his bare little bum!
      That image is from Google Images, but it was at a different angle and no evidence of any spanking.
      Fortunately I'm handy with Photoshop to redden up those buns a bit! But the penis and balls I did not adjust at all.

  16. This scene has happened so many times to me! (except that I'm not necessarily the one suggesting the dildo or plug...)

  17. I have just recently found your blog, have been reading from the beginning and have greatly enjoyed all that I have read so far.

    Something that you might want to keep in mind for the future for something like this,, especially if you are feeling devious is what is referred to as Post Orgasm Torture. Though this would greatly work much more effectively if you were to have him severely and very securely tied/restrained.

    Having him on his back or tied to a chair where his legs are spread out really far. Then masturbate him with oil as you did here to cause him to have an orgasm. Yet when he has an orgasm, instead of stopping, continue to masturbate and massage the head of his penis for as long as it is that you devilishly wish to torture him and put him in agony. Example video here,,,

    Or maybe sometime when your sister is over and he is going to be spanked, and yet gets hard at the prospect of being spanked in front of or by her,, you or her do this to him, and then follow it up with an extremely rough spanking for his misbehavior.

    1. That's a nice idea. I think I would enjoy spanking him limp in front of Sue!

  18. Just found your blog and am devouring it. Personally I think I like reading about these more sensual spanking, I find them very erotic, possibly because they're the kind of spanking I like to give and get. I'm also a huge fan of hot bottoms being rub with cool lotion or similar, for me the "aftercare" can almost be more fun than the spanking -almost! I'm assuming you and David do aftercare but you just don't blog as much about it. Pity for me as it's part of my kink but can't have everything and it can be very privet.

    1. We're not huge on the after care. It's something i need to learn more about.

    2. I think it's very important and there are a lot of players and writers how say the same and see it as part of "safe, sane and consensual", it's making sure your both okay and good after play as well as during, mentaly and emotionally as well as physically. And it's not just for the sub, doms need care too and both parties can find them self unexpectedly "dropping" from the high after a scene and that can feel terrible and sometime only hit hours or days after play.

    3. I think I have that part covered as just part of our regular loving relationship. But if i was playing around, i totally can see that.