Wednesday, January 11

Writing Lines

Seems like everybody was interested in reading about my sister and I. Thank you for all the hits and all the wonderful comments! I wonder what it is about bringing my sister specifically into it (as opposed to other women) that excites men so much? For me, it's a bit of extra naughtiness, for sure!

I spoke with david about the experience at some length. He said it was a constant humiliation-fest from the moment I mentioned it to him until the moment Sue left. That's about 3 hours of intense humiliation. He said he was feeling almost sick to his stomach, the butterflies were so strong. He also said he was nearly in tears, not from the swats, but from the humbling, but that he loved it all. He said the worst/best part was when I had him that diaper position, with me holding one ankle and Susan the other, and lectured him on who's in charge. He said that the fact we were both fully clothed, looking down on him, while he was basically naked and "on display" after having had his ass beat so thoroughly was what did it.

I also spoke with Sue on the phone. She told me that it was fun. That it's like david is a toy we can play with, like the dolls we used to play with as kids. I asked her if I should set up another session, but she said she'd rather it just occurred spontaneously when she was dropping by. For example, if I needed to punish him anyways, and she was there, she would love to help out. Or if he was being punished for something, she could just drop in and tease him for it. I planned an encounter like that for this past weekend, but it didn't work out. More details below. She did tell me me that she gets it better now. That it is kinky fun for all concerned, but that it also changes the way the marriage works for the better at the same time. She said it makes him a better man. I can’t agree more!

Since I wanted to focus my blog on the whole Sue thing during the holidays, there was quite a bit of spankings and such that I did not blog about. At Christmas, david bought me a riding crop. I love my riding crop! It's a bit like a cane, in that I can put some nice stripey marks on his butt and thighs, but it also has the leather bit at the end, and I can use that to smack all sorts of different and very sensitive parts on him. I took it for a spin the evening I got it. What a way to end Christmas! I stretched him out nude on the bed, ass up over pillows, legs spread, and must have spent at least a half an hour cropping him all over. I also had him lie face up, and used the crop on his nipples, tummy, thighs, and privates. I like that this is the first implement I have where I feel I can use it on his balls without endangering a possible future family! It also fits nicely into the crack of his ass for whipping him in there, which is fun.

Rebecca and his training went on a bit of a hiatus over the Christmas season. What I did see was a bit of a disappointment, though. I had not been around for his training sessions (work). I had the "b&p time-out" annotation next to my initials. Rebecca did not even ask david what it stood for! Boo! His last grade before the holidays was actually an 'A'. I think she was just trying for a good Christmas bonus from him, the tart (just kidding!). Had to give him a blowjob for that.

She was here on Monday, and david revealed that he had not even been keeping a food diary over Christmas (as I suspected). He thought he had a "holiday off". Rebecca therefore did not give him a grade and told him she would let me deal with him. I am wondering whether I should give him a break, or treat it like an "F"? I'll let you know what I decide on Saturday.

Sue was by for dinner on the weekend. I was planning on finding some excuse for spanking david after dinner. You know what he did? When I told him to clear he said "I don't see why only I should do the clearing". What was that? I'll tell you what it was. It was his deliberate attempt to manipulate me into giving him a spanking in front of Sue. I was going to anyways, so I was pissed off at him. I made him sit at the end of the table, gave him a sheaf of ruled paper, and told him to write out 200 times:
I must not try to manipulate my wife and her sister into giving me a spanking by deliberately misbehaving.
He was writing as Sue and I cleared, he was writing as we were chatting in the living room, and he was still writing when Sue left an hour later. That'll learn him!


  1. Terrific post Julie. It must have been awful to sit and write for an hour and not be spanked.

  2. Lines are very useful when you use them in place of a spanking. Being mouthy could lead him in a taste of the soap. I bet his food log is going to be bad this week. You sure do like leather!

  3. Well!
    I like how you handled the backtalk.
    However, I would give him the holidays off. All work and no fun makes your hubby a dull or unhappy boy. I'll go farther and say that *for me* short of a docs orders I'd never enforce strict dieting during the November-December holiday months. You have nearly 11 months to get him used to healthier eating, a trainer, a sister, and a belt.

    Have fun :)


    Give Sue my regards.

  4. That will not learn him at all in my experience.

  5. I think that yours is the HOTTEST F/M blog on the net right now!! I find your blogs extremely fascinating!! Keep up this GREAT writing; you have a lot of descriptive skills!! Can't wait for pics or a vid or two WHEN appropriate!! Have you joined Fetlife??


  6. Hi Julie
    I love your new punishment! I am having some girl friends over for cocktails on Friday. I am going to dress sissy in a single cloth diaper and see through plastic panties for all the gals to see. However after he wets I am going to make him write lines. Perhaps "I need to ask my Mistress for permission to wet my baby diapers"! 200 times? Thanks for the idea.

    Goddess Gretchen

  7. Hi Julie, check back to "spanked by my sister?"
    I think I would hate to do lines, especially in public. In a way you have MADE me do lines, as well as be caned. You made "Slipper lover" get punished as well!!
    Just a word on a riding crop. "Katies Crop" she did not like the blotchy marks left by that leather bit at the end. She cut off the outer skin! of the crop, and the end leaving a very swishy rod (with handle.) She warms this by tucking it in next to our hot water tank, which makes it very flexible. Or you can make it cold (outside) for a stiffer rod. As they are not very long she is very accurate with it. Johnxx

  8. Julie,

    That is wonderful, just fun as well but can't wait to hear what he does and how well he does it, lines include penmanship!!


  9. Julie,

    Thanks for the update. Now that you are also looking at alternative punishments, don't overlook classics like mouth soaping for foul language. And david seems ready for more anal punishments like ginger root or hot sauce. Can't you just see him naked in the corner bouncing up and down in front of you and Sue while his little bottom hole is on fire?


  10. joey: yes, he was not happy about that at all. He was going to backtalk, but I cut him off and told him that he either writes those lines or he won't get spanked for a month. He wrote them!

    suffie: hmmmm.... washing his mouth out... have not tried that yet!

    clarence: I like the way you think, though I'm not sure I'll let him off completely. Perhaps he should start the year getting re-acquainted with the belt?

    linewriter: I gather you have some experience in this matter, ha ha! But I beg to differ, he missed out on his co-sister spanking, so that might do it. Oh, and the writing out the lines did not seem to turn him on at all, I might add.

    bob: Why thank you! I have a whole world of BDSM I have not yet explored, and am looking forward to exploring it all and then writing about it!

    Gretchen: Nice idea! How about diapering him in the morning, give him lots and lots of water to drink all day long, and then check his diaper in front of your friends? If he is wet, change him, give him a spanking, and make him write "I must not wet my diapers" 200 times. Ha Ha! (this is fun, dreaming up all these horribly humiliating things to do to our boys!)

    john: I checked, sorry I missed your comment there. I want to hear all about your nude beach spanking, naughty boy! I can see why Katie might do that, the spanker at the end would prevent a really deep cut, I am sure. She sure is super strict, isn’t she?

    ron: david's writing is horrible. Barely legible. Perhaps I should get him one of those old Grade 1 penmanship exercise books to practice in instead of writing lines? You know, writing out each letter 50 times in cursive. How humiliating would that be??

    ken2: hot sauce up the keister? Oh My! It would be fun to see him bouncing up and down, clutching at his poor abused anus, but are you sure he won’t be rolling around on the floor in agony? Wouldn’t want that! And what would I ever tell the paramedics when they showed up? "Sorry... a little accident with the hot sauce... blush blush blush!"

  11. Hi
    the penmanship book is a good idea.
    You could also try a dip pen. They are really tricky to deal with.

    i shouldn't even suggest this but have you thought of colouring in? That is a much worse.

  12. Julie,

    That kind of manipulative behavior is common with newbies subs. Your were right to nip it in the bud in the manner you did. As time goes by, he should notice that there are plenty of opportunities for him to screw up naturally without even intending to. Such is real life. Plus, there is the deeper reality - you don't need an excuse to spank him with or without your sister. All you need is your own whim to do so. He would be wel advised to let nature take its course - the spankings will follow when they will. But when they happen, they will be all the more intense because they will be sincere and not manipulated. I have to wonder if Sue was also a bit disappointed that there was no spanking (due to his manipulation). Perhaps her disappointment can provide a fertile field for a future spanking, even if indirectly. On my own experience there are two ways you can go. You can either deny a spanking entirely (which is the path you correctly chose), or, you can give the kind of spanking that amounts to "be careful what you wish for" and beat the ever loving shit out of him (you and Sue can still do that if she is open to it). Either way, or both ways, you win.


  13. lw: I think he would enjoy colouring. I would!

    marc: Thank you, marc. That's what I was thinking as well, but I'm happy that you've confirmed it for me. Sometimes I don't know what's going on in my boy's twisted subbie brain, and appreciate the "inside track" I get from comments like this.

    As to Sue, as a matter of fact, when I spoke with Sue afterwards she said she was disappointed she did not get to see him spanked or spank him herself, which I thought was a great sign from her that she is very ok with it all. I told her, with a bit of a giggle, that if she wanted to spank him, she should just go ahead and do it. She said she didn't really feel she could do that. I dared her to initiate a spanking herself (double dared, in fact), and told her anything she did to him at all was fine by me. In fact, I told her she should try to shock and surprise me, and I will love watching it. She's coming over tomorrow afternoon, maybe she'll take me up on it? We can only hope! I would love to draw her in deeper and deeper... (evil grin).

  14. Julie,

    What you said to Sue is exactly what a Domme should say in my opinion. Without question...from what I can tell...she has a dominant streak in her too. It is natural and normal she would be cautious about crossing certain lines at first - because she doesn't know yet where the lines are to being with! But now that you have explained it and given her permission to express herself, so to speak, well...that should make for some interesting experiences for all of you - and an incredible minefield of potential mindfucks for "poor" David (lucky guy). Truly, I hope she takes you up on your offer and takes the initiative to have her way with him. Assumiing she does, I don't think he will find the "need" to manipulate anything in the future - he will have more than he can handle - which may be exactly what you want...him on his toes at all times unsure of what might happen next.


  15. marc, I hope she will too. What fun we would have double-teaming david like that, rather than me always arranging things. Hoping she will surprise me.

  16. Julie,

    Something tells me she will "surprise" you - which will probably not be a surprise at all. After all, she has already expressed disappointment over not being able to spank him that last time...and she is coming over to you house this afternoon. Don't you think she is hoping for another chance? The thing is, I believe (and I might be wrong), is that she is waiting for your permission in certain does not know yet what his limits are (or yours either for that matter). In a best case scenario, she will spank him long enough and/or hard enough until he eventually cries out the safeword. Then she will know his limits and have a framework to work within. Until that happens, it will be a mystery to her. So, perhaps it would be wise to encourage her, ahead of time, to push David so she can find what his limit is. After that...let the fun begin. One more thing about limits, I have learned the hard way that merely saying the safeword does not always mean the spanking is finished. Often, Cleo will merely take it back a notch but continue on nonetheless. That is a mindfuck for a sub - especially the first time it happens. Try it - you'll see what I mean.

    Lastly, I have to say this...David is a very lucky boy. Very. And I suspect that you are a very lucky Domme too. If you read the comments on our blog you will read numerous comments from subs and Dommes alike who, correctly, state how lucky I am too. And I truly am and I am very appreciative of the awesomeness that is my Bride. ZERO complaints from me. That said, one of the deep fantasies I have always had is the very thing that you, your sister, and your husband now find yourselves in. The beauty of it is that it seems to meet the needs of all three of you. Sue wants to spank David. She gets to. You want some help and the fun of double-teaming David is appealing to you. You get to. And David...well...I don't think there is such a thing as a sub who would not give his right nut (literally) for that kind of experience. And he just might get what he wants too...and then some (if you and Sue play your cards right - LOL).

    Enjoy the afternoon and I hope you all get to get what you each want.


  17. Hello Julie,
    I am Mario from Italy, My wife & I live a similar life style like you & David, I get spanked every day before bed for any misdeed I may have done (for this she just uses her slipper - a blue Brazilian flip flop with a rubber sole that hurts a lot).
    Every weekend she evaluates my behavior and punishes me for big misdeeds either with her wooden scholl sandal or heavy jeans belt depending on the type of bad behavior.
    Sometimes if I she spots me with a major bad thing she just takes off her slipper or shoe and hits me very hard worse if we were in kitchen she would use the wooden bread board she inherited from her mother
    She recently read your post on Sue spanking David with you, last Sunday her sister was visiting us and as we were preparing to go to cinema I told them I am not in a mood and will not go, they both got too upset (her sister is already in bad mood for weeks after she discovered her husband is cheating on her and is in process of divorce) so my wife said I am bad and her sister said all men are then my wife told her that she has effective way of keeping me in line and I ended up with both taking off their sneakers and spanking me very hard

  18. marc: david does not have a safeword. Should he do you think? I think I know him well enough that if he yells out "I'm injured, please stop" that I would! He doesn't get an "emotional" safeword as far as I'm concerned. But I like it as a training mechanism for Sue. Give him a word to say when he thinks Sue is spanking him hard enough, and that way Sue can make it a challenge for herself to get the word.

  19. Hello mario,

    You must tell us more about your wife and sister spanking you. Did they make you undress at all? Did they take turns? Were you over their knees? Do tell, please!

  20. Julie,

    At this stage of developments with your sister now involved, it would probably be a good idea, for the reasons you and I both stated. We have always had a safeword and for many years we considered it to be binding (if I used it, she had to either stop or at least take it back a notch). I rarely used it, but it came in handy a couple of times. A few months ago we decided that the safeword was no longer binding on her - she could ignore it or not - entirely at her discretion. The thing is that I trust her entirely, so if a scene gets a bit carried away and I use the safeword, I am quite sure she will err on the side of caution, even though she is not "required" to technically.


  21. Hi Julie,
    I took your advice and made siisy sit in his drenched diapers for 18 hours! When I changed him in front of my girl friends his ass and groin area would red with diaper rash! The spanking was brutal over the rash. He was crying just like the big baby he is.

    Goddess Gretchen

  22. Hi Julie,
    My wife first pulled e across he lap pulled downmy trousers and proceeded to spank me very hard for two or more minutes I was squirming a lot so she asked her sister to hold my legs and continued the punishment then she said that her sister should also punish me because I was bad to her also.
    Her sister initialy hesitated but my wife asked me to beg her to spank me or she will use the rubber hose to spank my bottom and feet hard , at once I started begging so her sister took off her sneaker too and started spanking me though not as hard as my wife.
    Then my wife put me in diaper position and they spanked me together with their sneakers for a long time then her sister said she needs to put her sneaker back on because her foot got cold, my wife did some thing dreadful as she told her sister that the best way to warm her foot is to put it on my glowing bottom, her sister said no so my wife for the first time in our life put her foot on one of my butt cheeks and told her sister that this is very effective and invited her sister to warm her foot on my other butt cheek so they did and every now and then they said my bottom is not warm enough and spanked me till it is warm again then they put their feet again this lasted for almost another half an hour then they sent me to bed without supper.

  23. Inspiring idea Mario, perhaps Julie & Sue should warm their feet on David's butt in these cold winter nights
    Perhaps even take it further by warming their toes inside his ass hole

  24. Julie, Is david left handed? If so, find an oldfashioned straight pen, the kind you need to dip into ink.(Of course you would also need to find a bottle of ink to go along with it) Make him write his lines without making any spatters or digs in the paper. He also should be punished somehow for having a "blue hand" at anytime during his efforts. Somebody above suggested an old handwriting exercise book (Palmer Method) and he should follow those exercises. Pure torture, believe me. I am a charter member of the "Blue Hand Club" He would really suffer. If he is not a southpaw, perhaps he should be "encouraged"

  25. Oh Goodness, I missed some comments back here!

    marc: I think I'll not give him a safeword.uldn;t know what to do if he used it frivolously!

    Gretchen: you are terribly evil giving your man diaper rash, and then changing him in front of your firends so that they could see his rash (and no doubt smell his leeky pee as well!). But a man who wets his diapers deserves a good hard public spanking, rash or no!

    mario: your wife and sister are very cruel to you. A half hour of diaper position spnaking with a hard shoe! You must have been sore for a week. I love it!

    Hi Amanda: good idea to give him a toe fucking!

    Observing: Thank you for the reference to the Palmer Method. I will seek out the appropriate exercise books and equipment. I think the punishment for blue hands should be blue balls. A cock stiffening teasing followed by a cropping to his testicles, and then he can put his cock and balls between his legs, thighs together, and sit on his balls while he repeats his exercises. Ha Ha!

  26. Lines are a great punishment.Check out the online detentions at for example. There is also a also Group about it "written punishments". You can discipline someone pretty well using those techniques. I wish it was more popular within the spanking scene.

  27. I only have one word here : WOW !!!! who's the boss now mister, let him stew :D

    1. Evil grin. I know why you liked that post. I think dan tries to top from the bottom. Next time he tries it, put him in the corner for an hour, fully dressed, holding up a coin with his nose, and then DON'T spank him.

    2. Bob fullertonaustin30 January 2018 at 16:52

      Laura recently gave me only 100 lines to write , but sternly stipulated that each line had to be a different color. Ie, 3 colors total! Red ,blue and green! it was quite tedious changing pens each line so I taped all 3 together and was able to write 3 lines at a time.. I finished in 1/3 the time and it was fun putting one over on Laura.. But I stupidly left the duct-taped pens on our coffee table. And she put two and two together and was really pissed... So she gave me the mother of all spankings using all her implements including my frat paddle... and then I had to write 5000 lines using the same system. which equaled 200 pages. This was for cheating and lying , which are her pet peeves. It took me a whole week to accomplish. I had to stop periodically because of the cramping of my writing hand.. I'll never lie to her again! We have a milk crate in our bedroom and Laura has it filled to the top with all the lines I've written over the years. The milk crates are stackable and with a grin a laura has placed an empty crate on top saying: "The way you've been misbehaving lately you'll fill this new empty crate in no time"

    3. Wow, 5,000 repetitions! You've got quite a lady in charge! Ouch!

  28. Sissy Jamieanne5 March 2014 at 13:55

    Certainly an apt punishment! You are clearly not to be trifled with!

  29. And he HATES lines. He has not repeated the offense since!

  30. Damm,after Miss read this i get lines very often most 300-500 times....hate it.Thank you Julie...