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The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo (fiction by Julie)

david asked me if I would be interested in role play games with him. Hells yes! I loved acting in high school plays. It's fun pretending to be somebody else. He suggested strict nurse, or strict teacher, or some such nonsense. I thought we could get more creative than that.

We have just seen "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (Twice! once in Swedish on Blu-Ray, and then the uncannily similar thing from Hollywood on the big screen. I thought both were good but give the edge to Sweden.) If you have any interest in women dominating men, that is the movie for you! Even my plain vanilla friends are wildly cheering Lisbeth when she gets back at her rapist by tasering him, stripping him, putting him in bondage, shoving a dildo up his ass, literally kicking it in, and then tattooing "I Am A Rapist Pig" on his chest and belly. Go Lisbeth... I think... wow... gulp...

Anyways, I have a little butterfly tattoo on my lower tummy (I always joke that if a man gets that far, the butterfly points him home!) I wanted to role play a somewhat milder form that we called "The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo". I sat down with david, and we collaborated on the major plot points, wrote a little outline, studied our parts, got our props, and played our scene. It was fun! I even got to wield a big ass dull metal knife david has from some martial arts he does.

I have taken our role play, fleshed it out into a story, in the process rendering it into a fictionalized account for your reading (and my creative writing) pleasure. I was inspired by fiction dedicated to me from Clara's blog.  I hope you enjoy my first attempt at kinky femdom writing. It's very late, and I need to go to bed!

The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo
by Julie (with story ideas from david)

Julie Jameson looked at the paper in front of her in disbelief. Her paper did not deserve a 'D', It was an 'A' paper, 'A+' more likely! It had a note from Professor Smith beside the grade: 'See Me'. She certainly would.

After class, Julie emailed the professor to set up an appointment to discuss her grade. When he answered her that it would be most convenient if she dropped by his home office, Julie was instantly suspicious; however, she also knew exactly what to do.

Julie belonged to a sort of 'sorority'. Really a Cyber-Sorority of like-minded college-aged women banding together to make sure lecherous male Professors would not get away with sexual harassment of female students. Julie therefore had many resources and much online advice to draw upon, and prepared herself completely for her visit.

Julie showed up at the appointed hour at Professor Lecher's house. Unbeknownst to him, Julie was recording every word that was about to be spoken. She would play along until she had absolute incriminating evidence. Then his ass would be grass.

The Professor ordered her in. As Julie suspected, it soon became very clear to her that the only way she would get the grade she deserved was if she put out. Her sisters had prepared her well, however. She knew exactly what she needed him to say to make a legal case. It was going to be a bit humiliating until she got what she needed, but then, oh my!

All through the tiresome and predictable preambles Julie could not get what she needed. It came down to her having to play along. The Professor made her strip to only her little panties. For some reason the lech wanted her in her panties, not bare. He fondled her bare tits and her pantied ass. He made her spin around, bend over, dance and pose, and generally put on a bare-tittied panty show for him. All the while, Julie kept trying to get him to say what she needed. He got so close, but it was not quite enough, and she wanted to be sure to nail him completely.

"Nice little butterfly. Points right at your cunt, you slut!" said Professor Smith, referring to the little tattoo of the butterfly on Julie's abdomen.

The Professor then pulled her over to his couch, yanked her across his knees, and started slapping her ass saying "bad little girl". OMG, thought Julie, this pervert is into spanking ass! He wanted her to call him "daddy" and promise to be a "good little girl". Gross. Julie gritted her teeth and played along, lulling the pervert by doing exactly what he wanted, and even wiggling her tight ass provocatively as he whacked away at it. "Bad little sluts need their panties taken down," said Professor Pervert.

'Great,' thought Julie, who hoped it wouldn’t have to get this far. She was on her period and had a Tampax stuck up her vagina. Maybe it would turn him off.

Professor bared her butt and immediately caught sight of the feminine product up her pussy. "Is it that time of month?" he asked sarcastically as he tugged playfully on the Tampax string (tug a bit harder, bitch, thought Julie to herself, and you'll get a nice surprise on your pants).

"Bad, bad, girl. You're too little to play with Mommy's tampons. You need a good hard spanking from your daddy for being so naughty!" said the Professor as he renewed the ass-whacking, this time on her bare butt, while Julie squirmed and grimaced in pain. She tried waving her pussy in his face to hopefully get him to move on. This perverted ass slapping was killing her.

"Professor, Sir, can you please stop hitting my ass? I'll give you a blowjob or something. Then maybe you can give me the mark I deserve, ok?"

"To get the 'A' you deserve, you little slut, you not only have to take a good hard mouth fucking, but then I'm going to put you on your back, put your ankles in the air, pull out that tampon, and pound your slut pussy until you're too sore to get the tampon back in again. Then I'm going to bend you over and fuck you up that tight little asshole so hard you beg for another sore-pussy pounding. THEN, after you beg real nicely for that cunt banging like the dirty little whore you are, THEN you'll get the 'A' you deserve, on THIS paper. We'll have to see about the next one."

Bingo, thought Julie. Julie dropped his junk, stood up, and pulled her panties up. "Where are you going, bitch!?" demanded the Professor. "Need to get something, 'sir'." said Julie. Julie went to her bag, opened it, looked inside to make sure the digital tape recorder had captured the last minute, and then stopped the recording. She picked up a fucking vicious-looking 6-inch blade. She turned to the Professor with a six-inch knife in her hand, and started walking slowly towards him.

The look of panic in the Professor's eyes was priceless. He tried jamming his private parts back into his pants as he stumbled backwards, away from the wild-eyed student. He tripped backwards onto the couch and Julie quickly closed the distance, put a knee on his belly, and held the knife to the side of his neck. With her other hand she grabbed at his exposed ball sac and squeezed. "None of that's 'gonna happen, 'sir'. In fact, I'm going to make you my little bitch and see how you like that."

The Professor grabbed for Julie's knife hand. Julie squeezed his balls so hard he cried out in pain and tears ran down his face. "Let go of my hand, bitch, or I'll crush your balls to jelly." He let go of her hand. "Pull your pants down." The Professor squirmed out of his pants and underpants as Julie maintained her grip on his balls and kept the knife at his throat. "Kick them off. I want YOUR slut ass bare"

When he was bare from the waist down, Julie removed her knee from his stomach and grabbed a fistful of hair, keeping the knife at his throat. "Turn over, bitch!" The Professor turned over as Julie maintained the grip on his hair. Then she stood up, pulling the Professor by the hair with her, keeping the knife at his throat. "Over to my bag." They walked over. "Down on your belly, worm." The Professor got down, and Julie followed him, putting a knee on his lower back. Julie pulled out a set of handcuffs from the bag and snapped them onto his wrists. She then straddled his bare ass and used the knife to cut his fine shirt off him, baring him completely.

Julie dismounted and said. "Get up. Sit your ass on the couch."

Handcuffed and bare, the Professor did as he told, eyeing Julie and her dangerous-looking knife. Julie was still only in panties, her proud breasts bare, Amazonian in her power.

"What's your first name?" asked Julie.

"d…d…d…david" stammered Professor Smith.

"Actually, I don't care. I'll call you 'bitch'. So, do you enjoy sexually harassing powerless girls, bitch?"


"bullshit" said Julie as she stood, one foot up on his coffee table, staring at him. For a long time she said nothing, just fondled the knife. Then she started throwing the knife, tip down, into the Professor's wooden coffee table, again and again.

"You have something to say, bitch?" asked Julie, seeing his expression each time the tip of the knife embedded itself into his expensive coffee table.

"Well, ah, if you don’t mind not…"

"Shut up, bitch!" Julie continued tossing the knife.

After a while, Julie asked "So what's with the daddy's little girl whack my ass shit? I mean that's fucked up. That shit fucking stung. You know before I do anything else I have to get even with you for that shit. You know that, don't you?"

The Professor nodded.

"But I didn’t bring anything to beat your ass with. Where's your kitchen?" asked Julie.

The Professor glanced towards a door.

"Don't move, bitch, or I'll cut your balls off." warned Julie.

Julie went rummaging in the kitchen and found a largish hardwood spatula that looked like it could do some damage.

Julie came back into the room carrying the spatula. "Time for an ass beating, bitch!"

"no, please!" begged the Professor.

"Shut the fuck up!" said Julie as she sat beside him on the couch, grabbed him by the hair, and pulled him across her knees. With his hands cuffed behind him he had little say in the matter.

"So you like spanking ass, eh? Let's see how you like this." said Julie as she started beating at his bare ass with the heavy wooden spatula. Julie did not "warm him up" or anything of the sort, she started in on the beating hitting his ass as hard as she humanly could with the heavy wooden spatula. The Professor immediately started screaming in pain.

"Yeah! Scream, bitch, scream. It's fucking music to my ears!" Julie continued the merciless ass-beating, until she was in lather. "You like that shit you mother-fucking perverted bitch?!?" The Professor struggled mightily, but Julie easily held him across her knee by his manacled wrists. Once her arm was done, she pushed him away from her, rolling him off her knees and dumping him unceremoniously onto the floor at her feet. "That's one fucked up ass, Professor Bitch," said Julie, flushed and breathless at the intense beating she had just doled out.

The Professor sobbed into the carpet, his face turned away from Julie, his bare beaten ass displayed to her. His ass was indeed fucked up. Where it wasn't an angry red it was black and blue. The marks would not fade for several weeks, she judged.

"Wittle Baby cwying from his spanky?" mocked Julie. She went to him, grabbing him again by the hair and making him look up at her, the knife again at his neck. "Say, 'I been a bad wittle boy and deserved the spanky mommy gave me.' Say It!"

The Professor looked up at his student's eyes, her bare breasts prominently visible above him. "Say It!" screamed Julie, as the knife cut his skin.

" been a bad wittle boy and deserved the spanking mommy gave me!" said david, terrified at the small cut and trickle of blood he felt running down his neck.

"Yes. That's right you little fucking bitch. You do what I tell you," stated Julie.

"Yes. Yes" said the Professor.

"Yes, fucking, Miss, you worthless piece of shit." corrected Julie.

"Yes Miss. YES MISS!" said the Professor.

"Good. I think we understand one another." said Julie. "Go sit that beaten ass back down on the couch." The Professor did as he was told, grimacing in ass-cheek pain as he moved and sat.

"Now, bitch, I need you to listen to something." said Julie as she went to her bag to get the recorder. Hitting the play button, the Professor heard his own words played back for him:

"To get the 'A' you deserve, you little slut, you not only have to take a good hard mouth fucking, but then I'm going to put you on your back, put your ankles in the air, pull out that tampon, and pound your slut pussy until you're too sore to get the tampon back in again. Then I'm going to bend you over and fuck you up that tight little asshole so hard you beg for another sore-pussy pounding. THEN, after you beg real nicely for that cunt banging like the dirty little whore you are, THEN you'll get the 'A' you deserve, on THIS paper. We'll have to see about the next one."

"No!" wailed the Professor in disbelief.

"Oh yeah. Your ass is grass, bitch!"

"Please don't send that to anybody! I'll do anything!" begged the Professor.

"I know you will. First though, we need to make sure this is safe…" Julie walked to the Professor's desktop computer. "What's the password, bitch?"

"spankpussy. One word." He answered.

"Pervert." Julie plugged the digital recorder into the USB slot of the computer, transferred the audio file to the hard drive, and then emailed it off the premises. "All safe and sound." She said.

"That file is now with a girlfriend of mine who knows exactly where I am. If she doesn’t hear from me, she's calling the cops and broadcasting that clip. Do you get it?"

"yes, Miss"

"Stand up and turn around." She walked behind him and uncuffed his wrists. "Fuck. Look at those bruises. I did a number on that ass! Now sit on it again, bitch."

The Professor sat.

"This is how it's 'gonna work" started Julie. "Me and my girl-pals, we have a sort of club, you might call it. We take care of each other, and take care of your kind of shit. We've sentenced you to a punishment. If you take it, then you're on probation for five years. After five years of good behaviour, we destroy the evidence."

"Five Years?!?" exclaimed the Professor.

"Shut up, bitch," answered Julie.

"What's the punishment?" asked the Professor.

"It doesn’t matter. But I will say that you won’t be injured and you'll be able and free to work. We won’t cut off your balls, in case you were wondering, unless you give us a reason to," clarified Julie. "But you won't be getting off easy, either. And probation can be a bitch! After all, your ass should be in jail for ten to twenty, and I guarantee it will be, if you don’t take your punishment from me and my girls. Oh, and you should know, we've recruited into our club a couple of former students of yours, Marny Kennedy and June Warren, ring a bell?"

Professor Smith paled. The two girls Julie had named were both girls he had forced to fuck for grades.

"You'll be happy to hear that Marny and June have both agreed to be probation officers for you. So what will it be, bitch? Take it from me, or take it from the Judge. Oh, and if you decide to take it from the Judge, we might still decide to fuck it all and cut off your balls anyways."

"I'll accept the punishment from you," Said david

"Then time to get dressed, bitch. The punishment fits the crime, you nasty little sexual harasser. We intend to have you experience what you put women through first hand. I brought a sexy bra, panties, stockings, garter, and fuck-me heels for you to wear. We need you to feel like a woman before what happens next."

David reluctantly started dressing in the humiliating feminine garb. He thought to himself that if this was the worst of it, it wouldn't be so bad.

Meanwhile Julie also dressed herself, putting on a spandex top and shorts. Over the shorts she put on a large and intimidating strap-on dildo. She then pulled a WebCam from her bag, and hooked it up to the Professor's computer. She then set it up to broadcast the images and sounds from the room.

"Now, how are you coming with your lingerie, bitch?"

David saw the strap-on dildo, and started sweating. He was starting to get the picture of what his punishment would entail. He didn’t like it one bit, but he figured he was still getting off easy. And he'd figure out some way of getting even with these sluts.

"Oh God. Pathetic. Get the seams of your stockings straight at least, and make sure your garters are hanging nice and straight. Get your heels on now. Stand up straight. You don’t have your frilly little red bra on yet. Put it on. No. No. The right way. Reach behind you and fasten it properly. Inspection time. Let's see. Not bad. Not bad at all. A bit of makeup needed. Pout nicely. There, some bright red lipstick goes nice. Bat your eyes closed. A little eyeshadow, liner, and mascara. Now just a bit of blush on your cheeks. Very nice. You make a pretty little girl, you know. Are you ready for the show?"


Julie clicked a key on the computer.

"And we are live! Hi ladies! Welcome to the next episode of bitch Professors who sexually harass their students! This little lady standing here is Professor David Smith of the Geography Department of BumFuck University. Professor Smith has attempted sexual harassment on three women that we positively know of, and God knows how many we don’t know of. As you'll hear on the accompanying recording, Professor Smith has a particularly foul mouth, and obviously likes to give it rough. As a new twist this time around, Professor Smith has developed a fetish for ass beatings, pretending he's 'daddy' and smacking his 'little girl's' bottom against her will. Delightful, I know. Turn around, and pull those panties down in back, bitch, let our audience see that marked up ass of yours. As you can see, ladies, I've already given him his punishment for that little bit of perversion, but for you probation officers out there, remember that he likes beating girls' asses against their wills, so I would suggest a good hard ass beating on every visit. Pull your panties up, bitch, and get down on your knees."

"The first thing our big, bad sexual harasser wanted was a blowjob. No, more than that. What did you say on your recording? Oh yes, you wanted me to 'take a good, hard mouth fucking' to get the grade I actually deserve. Well let's pretend I'm the sexual harasser and you’re the sweet innocent little girl he's taking advantage of. You certainly look the part, and I seem to have the necessary equipment! So let’s get busy, bitch! Time for a good hard mouth fucking. Open up. Open wide. Purse your lips. I don’t want any teeth on my dick. Nice lipstick. You're turning me on. Hold still. Get ready. Get ready for your mouth fucking. And in it goes! Woooh!"

David gagged as Julie's big cock penetrated deeply into his mouth and down his throat. Julie grabbed the back of his head, and started thrusting into and out of his mouth, banging the butterfly on her abdomen into his forehead over and over again while her large cock penetrated his mouth. After pounding his face for a full minute, she let up. The Professor gasped for air. Drool was dribbling all down his chin, soaking the floor.

"Now work it, bitch. And if I don’t think you’re trying I'll throat-fuck you again."

David worked his mouth up and down the length of the dildo. He did not want another throat fucking. He thought he would die from the first one!

"I'm losing my patience, bitch! You can do better than that. Remember a porno you watched and pretend you’re the girl in it. Let's see it."

David thought back to a pornographic video he had seen and became more energetic on Julie's dick, bobbing up and down, slurping loudly, licking with his tongue, taking the balls into his mouth, and so on.

"Good bitch!" said Julie. "What do you say, girls?" asked Julie to the webcam, can this slut give head or what?" On a hundred computer screens around the world, the girls could only agree. They revelled in the sight of this sexual harasser on his knees, humiliated in feminine lingerie, being forced to give head, completely against his will, to one of his female students. Sweet justice and more to come!

"Now what's next, bitch?" asked Julie. "What did you say I would have had to take next?"

"a… a… fucking in your pussy?" asked David.

"I believe it was a 'pounding' to my 'slut pussy', but close enough. But what am I going to do with you? You were born with that birth defect you call a cock. No pussy to fuck. Have you any suggestions what I can pound with my big fat dildo, bitch, in place of a pussy?"

"my… asshole?" enquired David.

"Right the first time, bitch, I'm impressed. University-grade intellect. Get on your back, straighten your legs and grab your ankles. I want those legs nice and high, braniac."

When David was in the required position, Julie pulled the panties up to around his ankles, and looped them around his shoes to tie him up a bit. David's ass and asshole became visible, as were his shrivelled cock and balls.

"Time for your pussy pounding!" said Julie as she knelt in front of him. Using only the lubrication supplied by his own mouth from giving the dildo head, she pushed the tip up against his anus and then drove it to the hilt in one firm thrust, eliciting an ear-splitting scream. Julie then pushed back on his upraised legs, practically bending him double, as she proceeded to give him the pussy-pounding he had intended she receive.

"please ahhhhh, ahhhh, not so hard! Please! Please!"

"shut up, bitch, and take it." Said Julie.

"Not so deep! Please!" begged David.

"Balls deep, bitch, it's the only way I ride!"

"nooooo!" wailed David as he received his pussy-pounding medicine in front of the webcam audience.

After an eternity, Julie pulled out and then pulled david to his feet. She conducted him over to the couch, and bent him over the back of it.

"What's next, bitch?" asked Julie.

"No please. You've already done that. Please no!"

"I asked what's next, bitch?" reiterated Julie.

"An ass fucking!" wailed david.

"Exact words, bitch?"

"I don’t know!" said david.

"Your exact words were, 'Then I'm going to bend you over and fuck you up that tight little asshole so hard you beg for another sore-pussy pounding'. And you also called it a 'cunt banging'. Hey, your choice of words, not mine."

Julie jammed the dildo up his back passage good and hard, and continued his public punishment.

"Please stop, please!" begged david.

"What do you have to say to get me to stop, bitch? You know. I just told you." Said Julie.

"Oh God. Please Miss, please may I have another, p...p…pussy pounding?"

"No. Another 'sore-pussy pounding'." Corrected Julie.

"Please Miss, please may I have another, sore-pussy pounding?!?" said the increasingly frantic david.

"What else".

"Please may I have a cunt banging, Miss?"

"Wow. I didn’t think you would want another after that last one, but ok." Teased Julie. "On your back again, legs up."

"Oh God!" wailed david, doing as he was told.

The missionary style pussy-pounding cunt-banging was repeated once again, using his oh so sore asshole as a surrogate once again.

David was then hauled up and made to stand facing the camera, panties at his ankles, his makeup running.

Julie addressed the camera. "So here we have Professor Smith, dressed as a whore and fucked like one against his will. So Professor, what do you think of forcing women to have sex against their will now?"

"it's not good" said the Professor.

"No it's not, is it. And will you ever be doing that again?"

"No Miss, I promise I won't. I swear it!"

"Well, that ends another episode of bitch Professors who sexually harass their students. But that doesn’t end the Professor's punishment, does it ladies? No indeed. Check back to the site to see how the rest is coming along. See you later, babes!" With that, Julie walked over to the computer and shut down the broadcast.

"What do you mean that that's not all the punishment?" asked david worriedly.

"You have a month of penance that I'll describe, a little appointment I need you to keep to get something done, and then if you do that, the punishment is over and the probation can start." explained Julie.

"What penance?" enquired david.

"First a gag in you. We don't need to hear you during penance. And then I want your wrists tied behind you. Like that. Won’t want you accidentally reaching forward. Come over to this wall. Put your little high-heeled feet here. Now bend forward and hold up this quarter against the wall with your nose. That's it. And then I have a tampon here. You were having a little fun before with mine, so a Tampaxing is going to be part of your penance. It goes right… up… here!" There we go!

"This is your penance pose. Every day for a month you need to get home before 7pm. Gag yourself. Put a fresh Tampax up your ass. Dress yourself up in your hose, garters, heels, bra and panties, and then you hold that pose. I'll put a mark on the floor for your feet and another for your nose. When I'm not here, you pull down your own panties and you hold your hands behind your back. Before you start, there's an app you start on your computer so that the webcam can broadcast it. We'll be checking on you.

"I also have a timer here. We set it for three hours of penance, starting right now."

"mmmmmm!" exclaimed david.

"And if you drop the quarter or move from position, you need to add fifteen extra minutes to the timer.

"And remember, it's a full thirty-one days of penance, with today being day one. You can expect to be extremely sore by the end of your three hours. That's what we want. It's punishment, and it's in female lingerie to remind you of what you are being punished for.

"Now, while you're doing your first penance, I'll explain the final part of your punishment. I'm sticking a card into your bra cup. It's a card for a tattoo parlour. You ask for Clara. You go there wearing the lingerie you're in now under your clothes, and your tampon, of course. Then she's going to give you a pretty tattoo on your left butt cheek that I've designed for you.

"The parlour has little areas towards the back. You'll be in one of those. You strip to your bra, panties, garter and hose. Then hop up face down on Clara's table. She'll pull your panties off and you'll have to spread your legs so she can get between your cheeks for my tattoo. You'll look so pretty in your frilly bra, and the garters and stocking will frame your ass so nicely for Clara's work. And of course you'll look so silly with a tampon in there! There are curtains that can close off the area from curious onlookers. You won't be having any of those. I want everybody in the store to see you getting your tattooing on that bruised little ass of yours, and see you in your lingerie and tampax and know what a sissy slut you are.

"I'll be leaving you now, but be sure to think of me whenever you look at your ass in the mirror for the rest of your life!"


  1. Miss Julie - What a wonderful story! i love stories in which a Woman beats the shit out of a man, renders him helpless, and humiliates him. david is so lucky to have an authority figure and Domme Wife such as Yourself!!


  2. Oh my goodnes, what an incredible story! Thank you so much for writing it. I loved every word. Tampax, eh? Wish I'd thought of that!

  3. Beautiful and well-written.


    1. Proud to have been an inspiration to an excellent tour de force of filth and kink. My own "Julie" will have to seek new heights of imagination now.

  4. Great story Julie! I am going to take your advice about diaper shopping for my sissy. We are going tomorrow and I will let you know how it goes.

    Goddess Gretchen

  5. Oh Julie! You've outdone yourself...a "Tampaxing!" I'm sure every sissy submissive just loves the term!


  6. mike: thank you - as I wrote this I realized what an incredibly foul mouth I have! Would I really do that to a sexual harrasser? Ya Ha!

    Clara: I did that to david during the role play! I stuck a Tampax up his pantied butt and teased him but good - "little cotton tail" I called him. Give it a try on one of your bad boys.

    clarence: thank you very much, but I'm not sure if "beautiful" quite describes it for the general public. Ha Ha!

    j: thank you for your inspiration. I was thinking my blog would only be real life, but it was great to be "freed up" to do some creative writing. Now i have an outlet so that I won't be tempted to embellish!

    Gretchen: can't wait to hear about it. OMG how humiliating will that be for him!!!!

    ron: my pleasure - what were your favourite bits?

    rw: yes indeed. I can't wait to do that to david in front of Sue! Evil grin! I can hear myself now: "It looks like you need a good Tampaxing, mister, to teach you your place, right in front of my sister. Now get those pants down!"