Tuesday, January 17

My Sister and a good Toothbrushing!

As I recounted in my Writing Lines post, my sister Sue was over for dinner last weekend, and we were both all geared up to do something naughty with david when he blew it by deliberately acting up to "earn" himself a spanking. I made him write lines instead, which made him a very unhappy boy (mainly because he missed out on getting dommed by us in a more substantial fashion).

When I spoke with Sue afterwards she said she was disappointed she did not get to spank him. I told her that if she wanted to spank him, she has my complete permission to just go ahead and do it. She said she wouldn’t feel right doing that. So I dared her to initiate a spanking herself and not to worry about it so much. I challenged her to surprise me, and told her I will love watching it, whatever she chooses to do.

The upshot of this was that Sue came over this past Sunday, and did indeed spank david, although it was a pretty meagre spanking by my standards. Fortunately, I had some more, ahem, "interesting" ways to discipline david planned for after Sue was done with him.

As it happened, Sue had me worried she wasn't going to do anything by waiting practically all evening. In fact, she waited until the exact same time as last week, just as we finished up dinner and david was getting up to clear (I suspected she might do something then, so I had not given up all hope).

She told david to hold up a moment. She said that last week she and I wound up clearing dishes while he was writing lines. She asked him if I had punished him for that yet?  He said that writing out lines was the punishment. Sue disagreed. She said writing out the lines was punishment for deliberately misbehaving, not a punishment for not actually clearing. Looking it up now, david's exact lines were.
I must not try to manipulate my wife and her sister into giving me a spanking by deliberately misbehaving.
So she was absolutely right. Point Susan! I guess she was paying attention. More than david who wrote it out 200 times, anyways!

She went on to ask him if he thought that it was fair that he did not receive a punishment for making us do his work? david said she was right, it was not fair.

"How does Julie usually punish you for something like this?" She asked him. I was entertained. I wasn't going to jump in and answer. I was wondering what he would say.

"She usually gives me a spanking with the hairbrush," he said in a soft voice, barely audible. Aha! His old friend the hairbrush. That's what he first asked me to spank him with. I guess he still kinks out over that.

"Then you better go get me the hairbrush." Sue said, as if speaking to an infant.

david made a cute little "ohhhh" noise and then went upstairs to get the hairbrush. Sue gave me a look and asked "is that ok?" I told her "you go, girl!"

david came back and handed Sue the hairbrush. She took it from him, smacked her palm with it, and said "pull down your pants, leave your underwear up."  david dropped his trousers. He had on his boys underwear and his shirttails covered those up. Sue pushed her dining room chair away from the table and said, "go on, get across my knee." david draped himself submissively across her knee. This was great!

Sue sort of flicked up his shirttails in what I can only describe as a nervous gesture. Then she rested the hairbrush on the small of his back and very delicately, with thumb and first finger of either hand, peeled his undies down to just beneath his bum. Yes!  Then she picked up the hairbrush and started spanking his bare bottom with the back of the wooden brush.

I know that brush can do some damage, but once again Sue's spanking was way too gentle, and david just lay there across her lap not really reacting at all to it. But I really did not want to say anything, as Sue initiating a spanking of david, and a pants-downer to boot, was just great in my books. I was certainly not going to criticize her at all!

Before very long she was done. She pulled his undies back up his bottom and said "I hope you've learnt a lesson". david stood up, pulled up his pants, and said very nicely "yes ma'am", although he had not learnt any lesson at all from that tiny little spanking! Well I was planning on adding some more myself, and that's when david helped me out considerably.

Sue asked him if he was going to be happy about clearing the dishes now? david gave an answer that had both of us incredulous. He said "Well, I won’t ever be happy about it..."

What! I thought. Was he trying again to manipulate us? Unbelievable if so! "Exactly what do you mean by that?" I jumped in and asked him directly, ready to put a stop to things and have him write out those same punishment lines from last week, only this time until his fingers bled! "I mean, I'll do it, I'm just not going to enjoy it, of course, but I'll do it because I have to." He was looking very panicked as he said this, seeing the look in my eye (I was always good at "that look" when I'm mad, even before I started spanking him).

I calmed down and thought things through. I know david, and on balance I didn’t think he was trying to manipulate us. It's just the way his brain works. His statement may have been strictly true in his mind, but it is hardly the right attitude. He can say very stupid things and insist they are "logical".

No, I told him patiently, you enjoy clearing the dishes because you enjoy knowing that Sue and I can relax. He said yes, that was what he meant. I told him that was not what he said, I very much doubted that was what he meant, and what he did say displayed a very poor attitude. I asked Sue if she agreed with me, and she said she absolutely did. Turned out I didn’t need to truck out any of david's other misdeeds during the week to justify punishing him as he had just got himself into a whole heap of trouble all by himself.

I told him I didn’t think he had learnt his lesson at all from Sue's spanking, and he needed another spanking, much more strict and from me this time, to make sure he learns it properly. "Strip!" I told him. "Now. Bare naked. Not a stitch for your spanking." david was a little shocked with my ferocity, but did as he was told with a meek little "yes dear".

Sue and I watched him strip bare, and we were both angry with him. I was angry because I still thought that maybe he was trying to manipulate us. Sue was angry because she picked up on my emotions, I think. What made me angrier, given my suspicions, was what we saw when he was nude. He was hard. He tried to cover himself but I slapped his hands away and told them to keep them by his sides. I also told him he should be ashamed of himself for always having an erection.

I grabbed him by the ear, and threw him across my lap (big boys go so easily across your lap when you have them by the ear!). I asked Sue for the hairbrush, and I started in on david's butt and upper thighs. No warmup! I had him howling from the first smack. I can tell you, he did not just lie there passively across my knee. He was bucking and yelling like a banshee (sorry... I guess that's not PC anymore!).

Sue stood there with a bit of a "yikes" face going on, but did not tear her eyes away from my strict spanking. I gave him about a hundred or so in a couple of minutes, and his butt was red and bruised. Half-way through I threw my right leg over the backs of both of his as he was squirming so much I thought he might fall off. He was really helpless after I did that and he had to endure the rest of his strict haribrush paddling from me without kicking his legs at all.

While still across my lap I asked if he liked clearing dishes now? He said "Yes ma'am, I love it!" I asked him why did he love it so much? He answered because he loved that Sue and I did not have to. "Don’t you forget it!" I told him as I smacked him hard another couple of dozen times.

Honestly, I could have controlled myself more, but I didn't feel like it. I used the emotion of the perceived manipulation to really let him have it. I think I scared david and Sue!

Sue said "Wow. My spanking was nothing like that, was it? Is that how hard he wants it?"  Funny thing, david was lying right there, across my lap all bare as she asked me. So I told david to answer. I told him to tell Sue if he needed his spanking to be that hard. He was again on pretty thin ice, but he managed to say the right thing, "when I need to learn a lesson, yes ma'am". Sue then said, bless her heart, "I see I need to spank you harder next time." Absolutely!

I wasn't done with him yet, though. I had planned a very humiliating little additional punishment for david, and I was going to do it come hell or high water, whether he deserved it or not.

One of my commenters, "ken2", responding to my request for suggestions regarding what mischief Sue and I could get up to the first time suggested the following in this comment:
While you want to refrain from rear end penetration this time, you can still enhance the exposure off his little pucker. Have him spread his own cheeks to show it off while over your lap (or Sue's). Then apply a dab of menthol toothpaste. That should result in some delightful pucker winking for your entertainment. (For a more intense sensation use a drop of hot sauce!)
I answered him as follows.
Toothpaste on his bum hole? My my, what will they think of next! I have a love/hate relationship with this sort of suggestion. I would love to do it to him, but I feel like I would need to know how intense the experience is first, so I hope it makes you nice and hard knowing I will have to try it out on myself (in private, thank you very much) first, and I blame you!
Yes. Sigh. I did try it out on myself. All you boys may now jerk off to the thought of me with toothpaste up my butt!

This is how it came about. As soon as I woke up in the morning I thought about Sue coming over later, and I started thinking about things to do to david in front of her to keep it lively, to shock her, to have something to write about, to demonstrate my total control over david in front of her, and to feed my naughty exhibitionist tendencies. A few things came to mind, but nothing perfect. I got up to brush my teeth, and that's when ken's suggestion came to mind. I practically laughed out loud imagining me brushing toothpaste into his bum hole in front of my sister! I'd even get her to hold his cheeks apart as I did it! Perfect, perfect, perfect!

Only thing was, I didn't want it to be a joke. I would only do it if he was going to feel it. Only one way to find out ahead of time. I brush with a whitening paste, and I wasn't about to try that out on myself (or him!), but david has his tube of regular right there. I took a quick look around to make sure he was not around. I squeezed a bit of the toothpaste onto my finger, thought I should wet it a little, and then stuck my finger up my bum and spread it around in there.

Oh My! It felt minty fresh, in a very unpleasant sort of way! I endured it for about three minutes, long enough to know what it felt like, and to be pretty sure it was safe. I was sure hoping the burn would not stay! I got into the shower and washed it all out with a lot of soap. It's very strange. It's uncannily similar to having toothpaste in your mouth. That cool fresh feeling works down there also. Very very strange, and very, very, unpleasant. After it was all washed out, however, I was almost as good as new (but still knew something had happened down there, and was reminded of it gently all day long, in fact). No lasting effects, but very hard to take while it's going on. Perfect! The things I do for science.

Anyways, so there was david, lying nude across my lap, with a very well-spanked bum on display. I told him that since he didn’t like clearing dishes, his punishment would be for him to watch Sue and I clear the dishes, and he could feel bad about that. Sue argued with me, saying "hold on there, I think he should clear the dishes, just like he is!" (she meant all bare naked - Ha Ha!). I told Sue I had a better idea.

I asked her if she could possibly fetch me the big tube of regular toothpaste up in my bathroom, along with the old worn out toothbrush next to it. She looked at me skeptically. "Trust me," I said. She shrugged and went to get it. david asked "what are you going to do?" sounding a bit worried. I smacked his bum for an answer and told him to mind his own business (I guess it his business, but who cares). I unhooked his legs, but kept him draped over my knee as Sue got the toothbrush and paste.

When she brought it for me, I undid the lid (not putting the lid back on his toothpaste is a spanking offence - one I've doled out a couple of times already) and squeezed out a generous dollop onto the brush. I asked Sue to pass me a glass of water that was on the dinner table, and dipped the brush briefly in it. Then I asked Sue if she could please hold his bottom cheeks apart for me. "Oh, you wouldn’t!" she said to me. "I certainly would!" I said back to her. "Is it safe?" she asked. I assured her it was safe, but plenty unpleasant. He would know he was being punished. I told her I researched it on the Internet (only a half-truth. Ha Ha!) She shrugged, and bent at the waist and pushed his cheeks apart. "The things I do for you," she said. I very gently used the brush to push the toothpaste into his rear end.

david started kicking up a little fuss of "no, please"s but he stayed in place for this little bit of humbling humiliation at our hands. Ha Ha!

It kept coming off at the entrance, so I had to push it in several times that way. Sue was very enthousiastic about her job, getting a firmer grip and pulling him wider apart as she saw I was having difficulty stuffing all the toothpaste into his hole. She made his bottom hole spread as wide as it possibly could for me by manipulating his cheeks.

Feedback from him afterwards was that this was a new most humiliating thing in his lifetime. Yes! Score! I know it is, but why is the butthole such a shameful thing for him? I'm just glad he has one, and that he gets so deliciously embarrased when my sister spreads it wide and stares at it while I ass-fuck him with a toothbrush. Ha Ha!

Once it was all mostly in, I again very gently pushed the brush in and gave the insides of his bottom hole a gentle brushing, all around. Around and around in there, back and forth, and up and down. david said "oh no!" and "ouch!" or something along those line as the bristles of the toothbrush were going in. Sue did a wonderful job holding his cheeks nice and wide. She had a nice bird's eye view of his brushy penetration and even offered a few helpful suggestions such as "go in and out a bit more," and "how about on the outside there?" She was getting into it alright.

I got a little more toothpaste, and brushed it around the outside with a little scrubbing action. "Ouch, ouch, ouch" was all david could say. His little brown hole became a little white hole!

When I was done, I said "I think we can throw this out," referring to the toothbrush. I got david to stand up, left him with Sue, and went into the adjoining kitchen to toss it out. When I got back, david was looking rather pained and squirming around. Sue was holding her nude and violated brother-in-law steady with a grip on his upper arm. "It hurts!" he said. "Good," I said, "it's meant to."  He then said, "but it might hurt me down there," looking worried. I took his face in my hands and said, "trust me." I wasn't going to leave him like that much longer than I had done to myself, so I was quite confident he would be fine.

I took him by the arm to the kitchen and made him stand against the wall, hands on his head, facing out. "You can stay there and watch Sue and I do your work for you." I told him. Not surprisingly, his penis was completely limp, and he was doing a little wiggle-dance for us the whole time, which was very amusing because his little limp penis did a dance all its own, as did his testicles each time he squeezed his thighs tightly together and then released them again.

It took us five minutes or so to clear and load the dishwasher. Sue made a few joking comments, and asked david how the toothpaste up his bum felt? All he said was "It hurts ma'am. Ouch. It hurts!" He kept wiggling the whole time and wouldn't stay still, but his feet did stay where we had put them, and his hands did stay on his head, so we didn’t mind.

Once the dishes were cleared and in the dishwasher I asked david if he had learnt a lesson? He said yes ma'am he had. And what is that lesson, david? "That the reason I enjoy doing chores is because I know you and Sue won’t have to do them." Very good.

I told him that when I allow him to, he may go upstairs into the shower and wash the toothpaste out of his bottom hole. After that I wanted him naked, face down on the bed, bent over three pillows, because I was not finished with his little bottom-hole yet.

david looked very pained at that, expecting a dildoing from my strap-on up his abused bottom, and no doubt embarassed that I had said that in front of Sue. I imagine Sue thought the same. Actually, I was planning on applying some cream to his bumhole if he needed it (he didn't). But they didn't need to know that!

"Go ahead," I said, and he darted up the stairs like his bum was on fire (and I guess it was!).

Once he was gone, Sue turned to me and said, "I hope he's going to be ok. You are so bad! I'm so bad to help you!"

I said "He'll be fine. I tried it on myself first." Her mouth dropped open. "You didn't!" I told her I did, and it burned like the dickens, but no harm done. Then I asked her, "but did you have fun?" She hesitated, then said one word, "yes," and hid her face in her hands.

As Sue was leaving we could hear that the shower was still on. I joked with Susan that I bet he's having anal sex with a bar of soap right around now! Ha Ha!

That was amazing, and I would say that it is now pretty much official that david is my and my sister Sue's beeyotch!

P.S. Thank you ken, for the inspired suggestion.


  1. Julie, It just goes to show you no matter how long you are around you always can learn something new. I never heard of toothpaste being used. Sounds wonderful. On your next trip to the market pick up some ginger root. Shave it down to the shape of a dildo and insert for some fun. It won't burn, at first. LOL It certainly should help with the pesky erection problem he seems to have in front of your sister.

  2. Both my Mistress and myself have been enjoying your blog since we found it a few weeks ago. I'm nervous that she may decide to emulate you on some of your punishments, though. Ouch!

  3. Ms. Julie,

    Very ingenious, diabolical, and absolutely lovely.


  4. Oh what a wicked woman you are - meant of course as a compliment. I am sure glad, I have no sisters in law.
    Very entertaining post. :-D

  5. Wow! This is the first entry i've read on Your sight...incredible!...my Wife is in total charge of our relationship as well...and spanks me "ferociously" as well whenever She wants...and/or whenever She feels i deserve it! She never holds back...much as you described!...She does incorporate anal play in a Femdom way....but never as a punishment....yet!...i'm afraid to...but i'm also excited about sharing this post and Your site with Her!...That is unless She's already been here before!...Thanks Ms Julie!...i will be back!

  6. Great Post, loved every word of it, I bet david helps clean up from now on.

    Glad your sister is so helpful, he is a lucky man.


  7. Dear Ms. Julie,
    Thank You for such a wonderful description
    of dominating Your husband. Thank You again...
    a sub male

  8. Julie,

    Another great post--and a most humbling experience for david.

    Glad I could be of help. Not all embarrassing punishments have to be spankings. Can't wait for you to try spanking him just before company arrives and making him stand in the bedroom corner with his pants down as he hears them arrive!

    Keep up the good work.


  9. Hi Julie,

    Another fine and inventive post. I am glad your sister is getting into the spirit of things. My guess is that david will be glad some of the time and not so glad at other times...oh well...such is the life of a sub - the good and the bad.

    Now toothpaste - that's a good one I hadn't heard of before although it makes perfect sense considering something that Cleo does to me often. One time we were playing with a close Domme friend of ours (who is also a switch). It was merely a playful session, nothing too heavy - she was teaching Cleo some of the ropes (pun intended). In any case, out of the blue, she took some Binaca breath spray and spritzed herself a couple of times in her pussy and squirmed like crazy for a few minutes. She is a switch, after all. In any case, a day later she told us it is effective when sprayed in the butthole too. That's all Cleo needed to hear. Before I knew it, I was spread wide open with a couple of spritzes as deep as possible. I jumped up about a foot in the air. She grabbed me, spun me around and gave me a couple in my peehole. Holy shit!!! I just started jumping up and down spinning like a top. I amuses the hell out of her and she likes to do it just for the "fun" of it. Often before sending me out to work in the morning. It wakes me up more than coffee!

    I concur exactly with QG's advice. Shaved ginger root is very devious. Be sure to carve a deep notch at the back end (for the sphinter muscle to grab onto - you don't want that sucker slipping up inside and be unable to easily retrieve it - although it might make for a funny story at the doctor's office - LOL). Being spanked with ginger root up the ass is a strange experience. At each swat the butt muscles involuntarily clench...and with every clench the ginger root gets squeezed harder, thus increasing its effect.

    This blog gets better and better.


  10. Kia Ora Julie,
    Well reading that is the highlight of my week. Fabulous in every way!!!! This is a truly wonderful unfolding journey and I'm so, so hooked!!!

    What next - checking back every day to find out....

  11. Hi Julie just a quick one. I feel you have just punished me again. You KNEW I would try it with the toothpaste!!
    I did after my bath last night, only the teeniest bit. I left it in. Kate did not know, and told me off for wriggling about in bed.
    It did not last too long but so very interesting.
    I love the fact that you are now doing what you want. The humiliation David must have felt, having two ladies examining his parted well beaten buttocks. AWFUL! Then to be scrubbed with toothpaste, not just a little, like I had gingerly (pun!) dabbed on. It's 6 15am here so I'll keep this short.
    If David ever complains when he is kissing you, that your breath smells of garlic or wine. Hop out of bed, dab a bit on, then say "KISS MY ASS" !!
    I love your posts.

    I wonder how many of your readers had sore bottoms after reading this. I bet I was not the only one!! John xxxx

  12. Dear Ms. Julie,

    Thanks for the wonderful post. If you have two hairbrushes
    that have a flat face, hold one under his p*nis, have him
    close his eyes,and then come down from above with the other!
    For spanking, you can get a wire brush that painters use to
    clean brushes. The brush can be used on his bottom. Be careful
    though, it would be easy to do some real damage...
    Clothespins on his nipples can also be fun.

    a submissive male

  13. Good job I like reading fiction because that's all that is. Sorry folks, too good to be true. Great tale though

  14. Anony,

    I respect that in your experience things like this don't happen, but for david and I, and for many other couples engaged in this sort of thing with whom I am corresponding, we actually do make it happen.

    In fact, I work very hard at trying to make my husband's fantasies come true for him (and for me). I have worked patiently to get my sister to the point of participating, and this in turn is based on a lifelong amazing relationship with her. And believe me, it took a lot of guts to get this going!

    Anony, if you are a woman and have these fantasies, there is no reason in the world you cannot act them out. Based on my recent Internet experience, there is no shortage of submissive men dying to be dommed like my david is. Yes it takes courage to do some of these things, and especially to have a public outing or involve a third party, but suck it up because the thrill is worth it! You just need to do a bit of studying by reading Internet blogs, and asking for ideas, and putting them all together as I have done. Be careful, of course. It's not that hard in the end to make these fantasies come true for your man, it only seems so at first.

    If you are a man, I feel for you, as willing wives and gf's who really enjoy this as much I do seem to be in short supply. On the other hand, you could have a session with a very enthousiastic professional, such as Ms. Clara (see my blog role). She would be only too happy I am sure (provided you ask nicely), to involve her mother, spank you soundly, and push toothpaste up your bum!

    We do not do this "for real". David is not actually my slave. If he says stop we would stop. If he says slow down, and don't get so crazy carried away, I would. But I plan out my little scenes, and I then act them out, and I then write about what happened. david doesn't know exactly what is coming, but plays along, and that's how we keep it so exciting. He's a big strong fellow. If he wanted to, he could turn the tables and spank me and my sister no problem at all!

    So, no, it's not "real" in that I am not this horribly controlling wife with my husband constantly under my heel. Think of it more as "performance art", with Sue and my husband needing to constantly improvise to keep up with me!

  15. Now that I've got that off my chest, I can respond to some positive people, which I really enjoy!

    QG: The toothpaste was amazing. I have heard about the ginger root, and will put it on my shopping list. I think this time I will experiment on david only, and ask him what it feels like!

    jem: I hope she does! I get great ideas from other blogs and people who comment here, so she should feel very free to reuse any of my old recycled ideas,

    rw: I enjoy being called "diabolical". Thank you!

    odin: I'm sure your partner can drum up a friend or two to show you off to!

    k: welcome to my blog, and thank you for showing up! your wife does sound ferocious. I enjy being "ferocious" as well, as it gets a lot of things out of the system and feels marvellously empowering to spank a man like that!

    james: I hope he's learnt this lesson, as I have many, many more to teach him and am getting tired of this one! Sue is amazing, I agree.

    subby male: very correct Captilization. I approve! You may masturbate as a reward.

    ken2: Thank you, thank you, thank you! The toothpaste idea was inspired, and worked out so incredibly well. Sue and I had him standing there, all bare naked, with his hands on his head, as his butt BURNED. I'm glad I tried it first, because I knew how much he was feeling it, and that made it so much better. He's a little shame artist, so I'm sure he squirmed more than he needed to for our benefit, but with that up your butt, you do feel like squirming, no doubt!

    marc: that spritzer sounds pain-full! I am gald Cleo subscribes to my philosophy of trying things out first. Ha Ha!

    gary: awww... thank you. I love being your hishlight!

    john: Bad boy! You should have used more toothpaste. Didn’t your mommy teach you that? Did you wind up telling Kate why you were squirming so much?

    subby male: whoa there! I need that penis of his in good working order! But I think I could find a use for those clothespins...

  16. Hi Julie, NO I did not dare tell Kate, it was only a teeny bit.
    In response to your reply to "anon" David may well be capable of over powering you. I'm sure I could with Kate, but it will NEVER happen! As for telling Kate to stop, well I do! that's never worked either. You know what happened when I ran upstairs, and that was years ago!!
    I would love to apply a little toothpaste to Katie's bottom, obviously I would be caned, but HOW can I do it sort of accidentaly??
    I can't get it out of my mind how you had David in such a position, totally bare, his bottom must have been so red, then a TOOTHBRUSH!! so cruel, but so deserved. John xxxx and x

  17. Oh, I so enjoyed that! You wonderfully wicked woman. This would make a marvellous 'distance discipline' challenge. Perhaps next time, a little toothpaste in his Jap's eye too, for a little extra pain and humiliation? (Do you say Jap's eye in Canada, or is it a British thing? His urethra, I mean!)

  18. Dear Ms. Julie,
    Or should i address You as Mistress Julie? i am delighted
    that You approve of my capitalization. Are You Mistress, in
    control of the household finances?

    You could use a Q tip with toothpaste to make a deposit in the opening of his p*nis. Do You consider "his" p*nis Yours? You could use bobby pins as nipple clips, very handy and easy to use. Are You in control in the bedroom? Do You call him by a Feminine name? (This can be very humiliating to a male) You could give Your (his) p*nis a Feminine name!

    Thank You for being so dominant and diabolical,
    a sub male

  19. Hi Julie,
    I am a Turkish sub husband, my wife does not spank me on my bottom but gives me falaqa (If you do not know it, it is beating the soles of the feet usually with a cane), her Spanish cousin calls it bastinado.
    She says that spanking is not good punishment as falaqa and is not convinced by it
    I was recently in business trip in London and decided to try spanking so I went to professional Dom who spanked me with hand, paddle, belt, I wanted to try cane and tawse but she warned they will leave marks but I insisted to get at least few strokes of each to taste, she said the minimum is 6 strokes for cane and 12 for tawse to have a real feel for them, as I paid a lot for the session , I decided to get along, they were really painful.
    When I was back home, my wife notice the marks, after some time of falaqa, I confessed. She had me take 2. days vacation along with weekend, these were 4 days of hell:
    She slapped my face all the time (not with hand ad usual) but with her slipper.
    In the morning, she spanked me with the cane severly, so that I would not be able to sit and get lazy on my chores
    I had to do all house work and clean the toilets and shine her shoes
    In mid day, she fucked my ass with her fingers after dipping them in hot sauce
    At night I get severe falaqa so that I will sleep and not get out of bed as it will be painful to stand on my feet
    Only the last day of vacation, I was not punished in order to be able to go to work the day after

    This was a couple of months ago, since then she never spanked me again (forgot to tell you, during said punishment, the spanking with cane was severe that my bottom always bleeded in the middle of it and she did not stop until she feels I was about to faint)
    The falaqa of course is as usual (not as severe as punishment days) what never stopped though is every time she needs to slap my face she does it with her slipper
    Turkish sub

  20. Love your blog and stories. I'm a submissive male but alas not in a FLR. I get my needs seen to by professional disciplinarians. I have great fun too.

    Thank you

    from dwcdesires.blogspot.com

  21. What a great and unique way for a Woman to humiliate a man!!! It's hard enough for me to imagine having menthol toothpaste shoved into my butthole, but to have my butthole "scrubbed" with toothpaste by a Woman using a toothbrush would be a total and absolute humiliation! OUCH!! And humiliation of a man by a Woman is a great thing.

    Also, Julie, I want to apologize for capitalizing my first name when I sent you an email the other day. I hope you can forgive me for being so inconsiderate.


  22. Julie,

    MANY thanks for this wonderful post and Your wonderful blog. As a husband who is exploring a more intentional female-led-relationship with an amazing Wife, Your blog is a source of inspiration, excitement and definitely some great ideas. Keep up the good work, i await Your next post with bated breath.

    1. Hi Julie,
      I read Tutkish sub post, why don't you try this feet spanking on David, I think it could be interesting With Sue holding him for you, I have checked some Bastinado (falaqa) sites, believe me it is a humiliating thing to lie on your back and have the legs tied to a stick and raised up to be beaten with a cane or another way is to lie on your stomach

  23. Hi Julie, I noticed Mike (above) sent an email, how do you do that? John xx

  24. Wonderful blog, too many inspiring ideas, I have just tried spanking with my husband, he spanked me with his hand, although painful as his hand is big and heavy but all in all it felt very good.
    Then Inspired by you I asked to spank him, Surprizingly he accepted as if he was waiting for it, as we do not have any specific spanking implements and my hairbrush is one of those light plastic one, I spanked him with my hand but I saw it was not having any impact on him, so I took off my slipper and proceeded to spank him with it as my mother used to do to me & my sisters, After a while he started to squirm lightly, but still not as what I did while he was spanking me earlier, I picked a heavy wooden spoon inspired by Sue, things started improve but still not as I want, then I remembered that Brazilian flip flop we bought last summer for the beach, it had a rubber sole, I used it on my giggling nephew & he was in tears after a few swats, so I went & got it and spanked him with it, shortly he started squirming and kicking off.
    I told him to lie on his stomach & I mounted his back so that he can not move and spanked him hard (not much effort though was needed as the flip flop hurts like hell), I did not let him off until he kissed my feet
    Maria from Spain

  25. Terrific post. The best one yet. The high point for me when when you ordered him to "Strip! Bare naked!" in front of you and your sister. imagine being bare naked in front of two gorgeous fully-clothed women. One, his mistress-lover, and two, his sister-in-law soon-to-become, surrogate mistress.
    I got hard each time I read it. The toothpste part I didn't need. The harsh spanking was erotic enough. Keep it up, Julie!!1

  26. I must comment again. I can not stop thinking about your last spanking session . It was incredibly hot. I am talking ONLY about the spanking part, not the paste.
    Keep the spanking of him with your sister participating coming

  27. john: how terrible that you would even THINK of doing that to Kate "accidentally". Shame on you! But thank you for the comment regarding how humiliating it must have been for david. I try very hard to think of the absolute "worst" things I can do in that regard, and I am glad you agree!

    Clara: Yes. Good idea for "distance education". You could ask for photos with the toothbrush still stuck in there. And no, Jap's eye is a new one on me!

    asubmaley: Actually, come to think of it, capitalizing and lowercasing all the pronouns makes me woozy. Please stop doing that. To answer your questions:
    I am in control of the finances, and have always been since we were married. We have a joint account, so I can see whenever he takes money out of the machine, but I do not quiz him about it.
    I do not consider his penis mine. He is allowed to play with it without my permission.
    I am in control in the bedroom whenever I want to be (which is mostly).
    I have referred to him using female words when I dress him up and spank him ("such a bad girl!") and agree with you that it is a great way of humiliating him. I like the idea of naming his penis with a girl's name!

    turkishsubey: you certainly do like living dangerously!. I would not mess with your wife if I were you!

    pete: and I think there's nothing at all wrong with that! Ms. Clara, for example, seems to have a genuine interest and love of spanking the male derriere. I would gladly pay her to spank david while I watch! You have a very nice blog. I have added a link to your site.

    mike: Hi mike. I was about to order you to punish yourself for your wayward capitalization by toothpasting your bumhole, when I read in my email that you have already done so! Good boy.You are now forgiven.

    adoring: thank you for your kind comment. I followed your name and found your brand spanking new blog. Welcome to the blogosphere! I have linked you in my blog role.

    anony: yes, smacking the soles of his feet seems like an interesting change of pace, especially if he is bare all over.

    john: hi john, if you look at my "About Me" you'll see my email address written as "strictjulie at gmail" (I do that because I understand one does not want to post up an email address directly or else spammers will automatically "harvest you" which sounds scary!) You have to figure it out from there!

    Maria: Sounds like you are a natural, like me! Time to start taking more control of him. He will love it! You should tell us the story of your giggling nephew sometime. And keep posting back and tell us about spanking your man. It's good extra humiliation to have him written about on the Internet, even if he is anonymous.

    anony: "The best one yet" ahhhhh! Thank you!! I lost my temper with him a bit, and that really inspired me to beat the crap out of his butt. I don’t mind that you "didn't need" the toothpaste. david didn’t need it either (or wants it ever again!), but he had to take it, nonetheless. That's what's nice about being the dominant partner. You don’t decide, WE DO!

  28. Wasn't implying a dom-sub reversal. Just saying the spanking was shameful and stimulating enough to read about. Not that reading about the other thing was bad

  29. Hi Julie,
    It seems you are right about my husband loving it, guess what he brought me for my birthday; a scholl sandal and bath SPA set including a wooden bath brush. I will use them pretty soon I guess and sure will tell you about it

  30. About my giggling nephew, last summer at the beach I took him and his 2 sisters in a small boat where he kept on giggling despite several reguests and warnings from me as he was about to topple the boat, then he moved from just giggling to jumping on the boat that was eventually toppled, after reaching the beach with me helping the young sister and as soon as we reached our umbrella I saw my beach slipper which I immediately used to spank him hard & shortly he was in tears

  31. anony: I knew what you meant. I just can't resist an opportunity to be dommie!

    Hi Maria! Some "gifts". Sounds like they are more for him than for you, but on the other hand, good of him to buy you the tools you need. As to your young nephew, I don't think anybody could argue that he got what he deserved, while further confirming your status as a "natural".

  32. Hi Julie,
    Yesterday while having a bath with my new bath SPA kit, my husband entered the bath room saying he needs to pee, I told him to use the other bathroom, but he proceeded to pee in the toilet wetting the seat, I told he is bad boy and to bend over the bath tub and used the bath brush to spank him hard then completed my bath asking him to clean his mess and to come to the bedroom afterwards
    Shortly he followed me in the bedroom & brought the bath brush with him (good boy), I told him put 3 pillow and lie on bed, his bottom was perfectly ready, I spanked him hard with the bath brush, he started squirming & kicking so I threatened to get the flip flop, immediately he got still and I continued his spanking with bath brush until I felt he had enough.
    Afterwards we had the hell of a sex

  33. Hi, I am Turkish sub, my wife came home after shopping and saw me squandering food all around and staining my clothes, she told me that since I am acting like a naughty boy she will treat me like one, she put me on her knee, bared my bottom, took off her flat ballerina shoe and spanked me hard with it.
    It was painful but not terrible as the cane.

  34. Hi Maria
    I read your post, just a question which hurts more the bath brush or slipper
    Turkish sub

  35. Can any body tell me where to get a good spanking slipper?

  36. Amazing Julie... perfectly and deliciously amazing... awesome. LOL LOL Bru hahaha! I loved it and I think slubby needs to learn a lesson in this way for not doing the dishes that I told him to do. Oh, he will do the dishes... bruhahahaha.

    Thank you for writing and sharing in such a delightful way.


  37. Hi Turkish sub, this depends on the type of slippers, for example my hOme slipper (a light foam flip flop) hurts less than bath brush but the rubber flip flop hurts more.
    But any way I think Julie and other experienced Spankers Know better and sure can give better opinion

  38. Good spanking slippers can be found in many places, a scholl slipper (especially classic / old models with wooden soles), a rubber soled flip flop (Especially Brazilian made), leather sole slippers (examples are Portgalian, Greek, Italian made ones), of course the British plimsol, a flat shoe with suitable plastic / rubber sole, a Converse trainers / sneakers, a leather sole sandal. In conclusion any footwear with a stinging sole that is easy to hold in your spanking hand will do, the trick is in the way you apply it, the same slipper can spank lightly or leave real damage depending on the way you use it.
    This was what my mother told my American sister in law when her children started getting naughty, as she told my mother that sometimes she needs to give on the spot spanking rather than fetching the hairbrush from the bedroom, when my mother told her to use the slipper she doubted the slipper's effectiveness, my mother gave her a long lecture (above is what I can remember of it) and when one the children misbehaved that day my mother spanked him for her with the slipper, ever since my sister in law uses the slipper along with hairbrush

  39. Maria: I like how dominant you are. When I beat my man, as you do, he gets so cute and submissive I feel like just hugging him to death!

    turkishsubey: A very correct punishment for some very childish behaviour. Sometimes we just need to make a point with you boys. A very embarrassing trip over our knees works wonder, without needing to give a hard beating always.

    Cleo: While my david seems to get off on the shame of the situation, the penalty is standing there for 5 minutes with toothpaste burning his bottom, and then spending the next half hour being very intimate with a bar of soap trying to wash it all out! He has asked me to please never do that again, but he had to admit he was not injured by the experience so the toothpaste stays in my repertoire.

    anonoy and Maria: I have zero experience with slippers. I once went to try and buy a pair of spanking slippers but got very frustrated. But Maria's little guide to spanking footwear has encouraged me to try again. But my goodness Maria, we can see where you get your dominant streak!

  40. Hi Julie,
    I am in a very nice vacation in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt, the resort is 5 stars, full board with drinks including beer & local alcohols at a cheap price less than the cost of a much less luxurious vacation in my own country.
    Any way my husband given that beer & cocktails are free drank a lot and started pinching & grabing out fellow Russian tourists, I took him to our room, tied his hands & legs with bed sheets then used my Bbeach flip flop till his bottom was dark red with black & blue spots.
    Next day, he was very polite, then at Lunch he drank a lot again so I told him to drink coffee and go under shower in the room, a while later I followed him, the house keeping maid met me on the way & told me that some guests are cemplaning from my husband and that one of them is considering filling a complaint to the police, I asked her to get me to this lady to whom I apologized deeply and got her off the
    police idea, she told me that in Singapore they handle these thing with teenagers in a very cruel Bway, that is the cane, the lady was so decent and of course she did not have any idea about the idea she gave me.
    I saw in the bazar some very nice oriental dancing sticks, the shop keeper told me that the light ones
    covered with glossy paper are for lady dancers
    because they are lighter and easy to handle being
    made of rattan. This was very lucky, immediately I
    bought one and went to the room to find my
    husband just sobbering up, I told him about the
    police story and he was very worried then I told him
    about the lady statement regarding Sinfapore and he
    thought that it will be difficult to get from her so I told
    him that I will do it so I bent him over and gave him
    6 strokes it was very effective. Poor guy thought this
    was condition for lady not to go to polIce.
    That evening I tIpped the housekeeping maid for
    helping me sort it our with the lady and asked her
    what would have happened if she went to police, she
    told me not much as he did not rape her or even
    attemp to and both parties being foreigners police would have tried to sort it out through an appology.
    I asked her what happens in Egypt, she told me usually this could result in a fight between the harraser and passing by people, if it reaches the police it could be sorted out by an apology or if it goes full way to court it could be a small prison term or fine serious thing is rape where it could reach death penalty. She told me that if this happened to her she would have beaten him with her sliipper explaining that women especially in lower social classes use their slippers in fights especially against men as it is very humulting to a man to be beaten with.a slipper by woman.
    I got very interested and asked more information, she explained that almost all parents in Egypt use slipper to discipline children only some fathers could use belt or stick, water hose, cane for very serious misdeeds, so most Egyptian women are used To using their slippers in beating, I asked if she does that she said of course she has just beaten her son this morning.
    It seems that they are not familiar with spanking but the just beat the whole person any where avoiding sensitive parts usually for children focusing on bottom, thighs, may be arms if they try to push the slipper away.
    I plan to ask her about some slippering tips before we leave

  41. I met the housekeeping maid again and asked her to help me discipline my husband the way she would do if he had harassed her, but she refused as this could cause losing her job, and she tried to flee from me thinking I am crazy.
    I explained to he that in fact I can not find a good spanking slipper for my children and think she can help me if as she said slippering children is so common to mother in this country. She thought I was questioning her story so did he best to prove right, she told me the best ones were the old chinese cheap ones but are difficult to find now as same price better looking ones are now produced by chinese but promised to get me one, I asked her to get me 5 or 6 good spanking one. She told me this could cost around 10-15$, I gave her 50$ as down payment, she gave it Back saying 10-15$ is the total cost not cost per slipper so I gave her $20 and asked her to get me some. She commented that my flip flop is good for spanking but a bi expensive costing $10-20 (same business part but difference in top but for spanking it is the same sole) the price was cheaper than in Spain despite being the same Brazilian flip flop so I asked her to get the slippers she had in mind and show me the shop that sells the Brazilian flip flops
    Will tell you what comes up tomorrow

  42. Maria,

    You've been busy at your resort. david and I have been there as well. Great diving! It was before I started spanking him, so did not have as much fun as you are having! Looking forward to what happens next.

  43. Hi Julie
    The housekeeping lady brought me 6 slippers ranging between solid plastic and whipy soles, I have to say at least 4 of them are more painful than my beach flip flop which my husband dreads a lot,
    Any way I tried them all on his bottom and he had problems sitting during dinner and did not go to the pub after dinner but straight to bed avoiding any contact between his bottom and the bed
    Forgot to tell you that they cost only 1-3$ each and I left the rest of the $20 as tip
    I also have to admit that the good results on his bottom were due to some slipper swinging tips I got from the lady (she spanks better than any one I know including my mother)

  44. Hi Julie
    I took my husband to the Flip flop shop, in fact it sells a variety of beach slippers & sandals, hats & beach bags any way they had a big variety of Brazilian flip flops including wedge ones, I picked 4 models (all same rubber sole material but different thickness) I got my husband to choose the colours, I bought 6 in total (4 wedge ones of different thickness
    & 2 flat ones). I also saw a Greek leather sandal there, I bought a light brown one with very whipy leather sole also bought a transparent solid plastic slipper, thus we managed to get all these for a bargain price of $ 100 including 2 gift hats for us
    I plan to use them tomorrow as my husband bottom is still very sore from last slippering which I later followed by 6 cane strokes when he was reluctant to come with me to the shop

  45. Well keep at him, Maria, and make sure his bottom and legs are red and sore all vacation. Make sure to buy him a tiny little bathing suit so that he can show off his beaten bum cheeks proudly on the beach.

  46. Since every domme should herself experience a spanking will David get to spank your sister. Just a thought..............

    1. Ha Ha! I would like to give her a good spanking! Does that count?

  47. Hello again Julie , really enjoying reading your blogs and thanks for the replies on the comments, really appreciated. I am unable to find your your e-mail address here to write you more privately , since dan is following your blog as well......?

    1. Top right corner.
      Just strictjulie then the little @ sign, then gmail.com.
      Loking forward to exchanging emails without your pesky male listening in ;-)

  48. SissyJamieanne6 March 2014 at 05:53

    So delightfully hot! Your imaginative discipline of David is wonderful...He's lucky to have you to make him toe the line...and you're lucky to have Miss Susan to help you (what a wonderful relationship you and SIs have)!


    sissy jamieanne

    1. Ah yes. Your comment reminded me of this toothbrush punishment... must get that out again..

    2. sissy jamieanne8 March 2014 at 05:58

      So happy I could be of use, Ma'am!

  49. I once agreed to have some ointment for muscle soreness applied to my bottom (anus) and some was also inserted it was a slow build up and once the paddling started the heat increased